Dark Blue s02e06 Episode Script

Jane Wayne

Oh, God! There he is! There's Carter and Ty.
Which one's holding? It looked to me like ant made the sale and biker took possession.
If ant isn't holding, then why the hell is he running so fast? Jaimie! I'll take ant! You go to the biker! He took possession! Run down there! Citizen! Nowhere else to run, ant.
Put your hands where I can see 'em.
Put your hands where I can see 'em! Just relax, big guy.
We'll be straight.
I ain't done nothin'.
I'm not saying you did.
But since you ran, we need to talk.
Put the dope on the ground.
Put your hands behind your head.
That ain't mine.
I found it.
We'll figure that out later! I'm telling you the truth.
That ain't mine! Listen, ant! What you need to worry about is this gun and me! Now turn around and put your damn hands on the rail! Who's with jaimie? Come on.
I ain't going back! Now, bitch! He's done.
Check him.
Code four.
He's not getting up.
"To a long and prosperous relationship Alex.
" Oh, it was you.
We the first ones in? Yeah.
What's up with you? Uh, it's just, um I've been seeing this woman from the valley.
And up till now, it's been pretty cool and casual.
Oh, she's, uh Goin' "next level" on you, huh? She bought me a gift.
I mean, am I supposed to get her something back, or I don't know.
You like her? Yeah.
You got to get her something.
Ready, guys? Let's do it.
First up, let's say adios to lil ant.
Now, the only reason we were after ant was in order to get to this guy, a mid-level meth dealer named June bug.
The goal was to bust ant, make him roll over and give up June bug.
Wait a minute.
What am I missing here? June bug's some ham-and-egger.
Why are we goin' after him? Because he's the only one who can help us take down our real target A dude named cahill.
Cahill and his guys have been dressing up as d.
Agents and knocking off drug dealers.
So far, there's been three homicides Two dealers, plus an innocent witness.
So, cahill uses June bug to, what, re-sell the stolen dope? That's what our informant tells us.
Can our c.
Get us in with June bug? We can ask.
Wouldn't it be easier to just approach this cahill guy directly? Dean and I can pose as users looking to make a buck.
Cahill's a pro.
I mean, he'd burn you and Dean as cops in a heartbeat.
What about me or jaimie? Maybe a woman wouldn't make him as nervous.
It makes sense.
Well, we could use that as a fallback if my c.
Strikes out.
Why wait? The bureau's taking this personally.
We don't like when crooks dress up as feds.
I say we go for both angles.
You okay? I'm fine.
You sure? What are you saying? I'm not crazy about putting you back in play after you got your clock cleaned.
Like I said, I'm fine.
All right.
Let's talk about the hearing, then.
The shooting board.
When you're in front of these guys, I want you to play the victim.
Tell them that you were scared.
Why? Because they'll be looking for justification of the deadly force that was used.
You start off with the fact that youFelt overpowered, that you feared for your life, statements like that.
Is that what you think, that I was a scared, helpless little girl? The guy turned the tables on me, Carter.
It could happen to anyone.
Why should I play the victim? I wasn't even the shooter.
You didn't pull the trigger, but you caused the shooting.
You split partners and chased after lil ant by yourself.
And when you finally caught him and had him at gunpoint, you didn't call for backup.
I'm not arguing any of that.
Then what's your point? I'm willing to admit that I misjudged the situation.
Hell, I-I'm willing to admit that I screwed up.
But to say that I was scared It's straight-out a lie.
Well, even if that were true "Even if that were true"? What the hell is that supposed to mean? There's nothing wrong With being scared, jaimie.
It happens.
I wasn't scared, Carter.
Petey's a paid informant Mostly nickel-and-dime stuff, but he knows a lot of players here in Filipino town.
Good guy? Yeah.
Yeah, justJust don't give him your damn cellphone number.
That's all.
Trust me.
Hey! "21 jump street" in the house! I like that.
How you doin'? What is this place, Pete? I'm hosting karaoke club, son.
I help out in the kitchen here and there too, but it's all good.
It gives me a chance to spend some quality time with my peoples.
You Filipino? Yeah, dawg.
I probably was in, like, a past life or somethin'.
Hey, you guys hungry? Yeah, you're hungry.
Come on.
Dude, I can't understand a word of that.
Just tell me the number next to the dish.
Dude's a fool.
We'll order later.
Whatever! So, what's crackin'? We, uh, meeting 'cause of ant getting whacked, huh? Yeah, so, we need to know the chances of getting these guys a face-to-face with June bug.
Bug don't like dealing with new people directly.
Well, I told these guys you've done some work for me before.
If anyone can make this happen, it's you.
Simple, man Just tell him we're buyers you know from out of town you knew back in the day.
It's simple but still solid.
Glad you approve.
Hey, yo, so, let me get this straight.
I get paid for going undercover on bug and taking this cahill dude down? No, no, no, no, no.
They will go undercover and take down bug and cahill.
You get paid to make the introduction, petey.
Nothing more.
You hear me? NothingMore.
" Got it.
Just get June bug to take the meeting, all right? Done and done, Carter.
Ain't nothin' to it but to do it, baby.
Oh, yo Let me call my phone, lock your number in, homie.
A'ight, we're good.
I will regret that.
You have no idea.
See? Now you got a few collapsed veins And God.
Some fresh puncture wounds.
That's what the real deal looks like right there.
I know what it looks like, Dean.
I worked north Hollywood division, remember? I've done arm charts.
I've arrested addicts.
But you never had to pass yourself off as one, have you? You're a real sexy chick But you're hooked on smack.
So it's natural for you to be self-conscious about it, so actually, what you have to do Is conceal this, 'cause cahill's gonna pick up on that.
And that Is what seals the deal.
Thank you.
You sure you're gonna be okay? Everybody makes mistakes, Dean.
I'm fine.
Take it easy.
I'm on your team.
I want you to catch this guy.
And you're gonna catch this guy.
Think jaimie's head is still screwed on straight after what happened the other night? Yeah, chicks are different than us, you know? They take their licks Then they suck it up and move on.
You're right.
They get emotional as hell at first.
But then they move on, fast.
Real fast.
You talking about Melissa? What's up, petey? Oh, that sounds great, man.
Yeah, a lot of fun.
Thanks for the offer.
Look, man, we're a little busy right now, okay? No.
No, we're not.
Do I like mojitos? No, he loves mojitos! Uh, actually I'm more of a cognac man.
All right, man.
Somebody got a date? Huh? Somebody got a date? He will not leave me alone.
I feel like I'm being stalked.
So, according to your informant, cahill and his boys run this place? Utilities are in cahill's name, so yeah.
It's all good.
Just making sure.
The bureau chief is taking it personal because they're posing as d.
They also wear ski masks.
But you don't see the Swiss taking it personal.
Dean, get out on foot, and get a better eye.
You want him that close? Well, it's called "officer safety.
" I think even you feds practice that, right? It's called a double standard.
We take the risk of being burned because you're worried about jaimie.
She took an ass-beating yesterday, Alex.
I just I just want to play it safe, that's all.
How you doing, sweetie? You havin' a good day? How 'bout you help me out a little? You know where can I score somethin' to party with? Huh? What, you don't have an answer? He can't help you with that, okay? Leave him alone.
Oh, really? What are you, his lawyer? You're moving?! Oh.
Say something wrong, did I? I bet if I asked your fat ass where the nearest burger joint was, then you'd have an answer! Hmm? God damn it.
You mind? I do.
You see, I'm the owner of this place, and I like to keep it nice and clean.
The last thing I need is the type of heat a little junkie like you brings with her.
Man, are you a cop or something? I mean, if you are, we can work it out.
Last thing I need is another case.
How you want to work it out, there, honey? Well, I ain't a hooker, so don't even think about that.
You want a bust? Someone bigger than me? Yeah, that's right.
That's no problemo.
I got a few connects.
They move poundage.
Gig like that could get a man promoted.
I ain't a cop, and I ain't looking to get promoted, but I like what I see.
Maybe we can work something out.
Not a cop? So that means I get a cut of the action, right? Of course.
All right.
Why don't you go back inside and let me finish up here, huh? I'll come back to the bar, and we can discuss the details.
He only wants money in marks.
No nickel-and-dime dealers.
He says he prefers money pads but he can move dope through June bug if he has to.
Did he catch sight of your tracks? Oh, yeah.
I sank the hook in deep into this guy.
Don't get too cocky, jaimie.
So let's give cahill whwhat he wants a money pad.
Well, he's gonna want a lot of details.
All right, tell him you have a line on a courier named Francisco.
Alex and I will pose as a married couple bringing cash in from Miami.
In the meantime, stay on petey and set up that meeting with June bug.
Already did it.
The d-man and I, tonight at the karaoke joint.
Love that.
? Para bailar la bamba ? ? para bailar la bamba ? ? se necesita una poca de gracia ? ? una poca de gracia y otra cosita ? ? ay, arriba, ay, arriba ? ? ay, arriba, ay, arriba, ay, arriba ire ? ? yo no soy marinero ? ? yo no soy marinero ? ? soy capitan, soy capitan, soy capit-a-an ? Okay, cahill just bounced.
Obviously, it's a good time to meet with bug.
Chill, dawg.
It's delicate.
Appearances is everything.
Let us take care of appearances.
You just get us in front of him.
I know what I'm doin'.
A'ight? See? Bug's checking us out as we speak.
I already told him 'bout you guys.
This is just the deal we have to do to make him see that you're real.
You know what I'm sayin'? Are you kidding me? You bought a That's $500, man.
I'm hosting the karaoke stage, son.
It's a very important position in Filipino culture.
Y'all seen chillin' with me, you got to look like players.
Man Okay.
I'm going to the bathroom.
You see them honeys workin' the drink well? What about them, petey? They hookers, son! We could bust 'em real easy.
Ow! What's your story? You wilipino? You a snitch? You a cop? Or you just some lying piece of garbage trying to play everybody against the middle? What's with the hostility, dawg? I'm for real, man.
Just ask Carter.
He'll tell you I'm straight.
I did.
He ain't really ecstatic about us working with you.
That's great.
I guess all the chances I take don't amount to nothin' in your eyes, huh? I'm just sayin', man.
So just street trash? Don't play me.
Play you? Man, never.
I swear to God.
Just so you know, my grandfather was a cop.
It's in my blood.
My mom's told me, always follow what's in my heart.
Right now, heart bleeds blue, baby.
Okay, I'll tell you what.
If you make it happen with June bug, I'll see what I can do about getting you a test for the l.
Entrance exam.
But if you fail, petey, I never want to hear you breathe another word about it again.
You got me? That's straight, dawg! That's straight-up, man.
I ain't never had nody do somethin' like that for me.
You're like a brother to me, you know that? Get a room.
It looks like Lou diamond Phillips finished.
Wishes he was Lou diamond.
Bug's wavin' at me.
Y'all ready? Dumb question.
Over here.
A'ight, Ty, Dean Let's get up on stage.
What the hell are you doing? Hey.
Thanks a lot, Lou.
The original Lou.
Why don't you sit down.
Let m.
Petey and his boys show you how it's done.
You ready? Yeah, you're ready! You actually make money from this place? I thought we talked about that.
I take money.
I don't make it.
You just slam? Don't worry about it.
I'm fine.
You could have fooled me.
Listen You want to hear what I got, or you want to sit here and discuss bad habits? 'Cause I bet yours outnumber mine.
Ain't that the truth.
Let me hear what you got.
There's a money drop happening tomorrow.
Guy's name is Frank Taylor.
He and his old lady are flyin' in from Miami posing as a married tourist.
And are you ready to hear the good part? He's gonna be carrying at least a hundred grand.
That's a nice number.
Yeah, I thought you'd like that.
I want at least half and a little something up-front to keep me motivated.
Half? You get 20% and be glad you got it.
Consider this an advance.
All right When they land at a hotel I'll call you with the address.
Answer me this.
How exactly would a little junkie like you know about a high-caliber guy like this? Men Most of them rich Do what I want, when I want.
I'll bet they do.
I'll bet they do.
Yo, don't even sweat, dawg.
Last night at karaoke just wasn't right.
But I'm-a make it happen.
I promise.
June bug: What you need, boy? Hey, what up, bug? Why you keep pressing me to meet these fools? I'm trying to make you money, homie.
These are the two cats I was telling you about.
We slung a little crystal back in the day before they set up shop out of state.
So what do they want with me? I ain't in that game.
Why? He tell you something different? Oh, come on, bug.
No need for the smoke screen, man.
They straight.
I put my life on it.
Well, even if I was in that game, I ain't looking for no new partners.
Oh, we don't have to be partners, brother.
We're partners.
This can be a straight-up transaction We do a little taste now, and if we all get comfy and cozy later, then we can step it up to the next level on the next order, June bug.
I'm already on the next level, man.
And I ain't lookin' to pull up two broke-ass players I don't even know.
Besides, even if I want to do business, you know I got other pressing issues on my mind right now.
Yeah, yeah, bug's been warring with some Filipino gangsters called the peno re-als.
They just punks.
They just mad because people like the quality of product I be movin', not that bathtub mix they be slingin'.
Well, are you interested in some firepower? We can get you some guns.
What? Like this? No, not like that.
Like something a little more serious than that.
Oh, yeah? What you got? We got fully-autos, man.
Fully-autos? Even suppressors if you want to put in a little low-profile work.
Well, maybe we can make something happen.
What kind of weight you looking for in return? Well, how about this? How about we bring you the firepower and you can tell us what taste that'll get us.
Yeah, I like that.
That's a classy move right there.
Petey got my number.
Why don't you try and make something happen? Yeah, all right.
Hey, my man, d-don't make the mistake of pointing that thing at me again.
You sure this is good? Yeah, it's good.
It's a hotel in venice.
They've used it before.
What's up? You look nervous.
Nervous? No.
Oh, I guess I guess it's the withdrawals.
I decided to cut back on the tar.
Nothing to worry about.
Well Take a little blast of that.
It'll take the edge off.
I never mix.
Speedballin' ain't my thing.
Mm Look at you.
Look at you.
You're a good-lookin' girl.
I'll bet you're a real pleaser, huh? Too bad yourHeroin's got such a grip on you.
You need a place to crash for a-a few hours? I got a I got a room in the back with a couch.
I bet you do.
Nah, I'm not tired.
Just make sure I get a taste of that cash when you rip the guy, huh? Oh, yeah.
You'll get a taste If the money's there.
And I'll cut your throat if it's not.
How'd it go? Good.
Is he as dangerous as they say? Heart of pure gold.
Offered to let me take a nap in his back room.
Sounds romantic.
How about the shooting-team review? Did you follow Carter's advice? I told them the truth, Dean.
I said that I screwed up.
And I told them I let the guy get too close and I didn't wait for back-up.
But that's it.
I didn't play the scared little girl, if that's what you're asking.
I hope that works out for you.
You think I screwed up for not following Carter's advice? Look, Carter's been around the block with internal affairs.
We both know this.
He knows you got to tell them what they want to hear.
If you're willing to admit that you were scared, you get a free pass for practically anything.
I left something for you on the desk yesterday.
Did you get it? Yeah.
It was nice Really nice.
You know, I, uh, made a reservation at this hot, new Italian place In Hollywood Saturday night.
If you're interested.
HeyWe know cahill and his boys will probably get a little rough.
Try not to make a move unless it looks like we're in real trouble.
You got it.
There are gonna be two units parked a few blocks away, so as soon as they leave that room, we're gonna run up on them in the parking lot.
Only if he has the money.
If we don't get him to take it, all we have is trespassing and a simple burglary.
I want a solid robbery case here.
If we put him back on the inside, I want it for life, without.
We're with you on that.
! On the ground! Keep your hands where I can see them! What the hell is this? Look for a plane ticket or something.
This is way too light.
I thought you two were supposed to be high-end.
What you doing in a rat-hole like this? Get him up.
Get him over here.
You, get off me.
Get your hands Now, what's the deal? Whose money is that? Isn't this the part where you're supposed to read me my rights? I'm not saying athing unless my lawyer is present.
It's okay, darling.
It's okay.
I promise you.
Today's your lucky day, Francisco.
We didn't find any dope, so we're not gonna sweat you about the money.
But I don't want to see you two around here again, you understand me? Let's go, guys.
Oh, you'll see me again.
You can count on that.
In fact, I want your name and your badge number, because my lawyer loves filing complaints on heavy-handed cops like you.
So you'll definitely see us again.
Oh, yeah? You're gonna file a complaint, huh? That's right.
Complain about that.
Let's go, guys.
Where are we on the June bug thing? We ready to go, or what? He's just waiting on our phone call.
Let's get that thing going.
The cahill angle's probably dead, anyway, so It's him cahill.
You got my money, or what? Why? Huh, you don't need to get pissy with me.
I ain't the one who screwed this up.
Well, fine.
I'll come by tomorrow.
We'll talk it out.
What do you mean you'll come by tomorrow? It's better to keep him on the hook than ignore him, right? This guy is dangerous, jaimie.
Do you understand that? I'm aware of that! You need to step back.
Use a little caution.
Are you telling me to shut this down? I think it's best.
You have always told us never to shut down a lead.
Up until now, I have never heard you tell anyone to shut down a lead.
Well, now I am.
Is this about cahill or the incident that happened with ant the other day? Nobody said that.
Nobody had to.
This isn't open for discussion.
Um, I just talked to June bug.
It's a go.
He's ready for us to sell him 10 silenced ar-15s.
You two just focus on the game you're running.
If things start to go south, I got us covered, a'ight? What the hell are you thinking, petey? Give me the gun.
Come on, man! I Give me the gun, petey.
Put the gun down, jaimie.
They're gone.
Put the gun down! I wasn't gonna shoot, Carter.
I was just reloading.
June bug's dead, and so is this case if we don't take another crack at cahill.
Think about what you're asking me to agree to.
Jaimie thinks she can handle him.
Right, she thinks she can handle him.
I don't understand this overprotective-father act you're pulling.
You saw her today.
She was shooting up a storm, put herself in front of that car.
I mean, she's going through some kind of "jane wayne" stage, trying to impress the boys, show us how tough she is.
But I'm telling you right now If we don't put a leash on her, it's gonna get her or someone else killed.
I promise you that.
She was aggressive.
I'll give you that.
But it was acceptable, maybe even commendable, given the fact that her team was under fire.
Face it, Carter.
She's no more aggressive than you, Dean, or Ty.
She's just a chick A bad-ass, ballsy chick.
Um, excuse us.
I-I just talked to petey.
He claims he knows the guy ready to step up and take June bug's place.
Get a name.
We need another way back in.
The best move here is to let jaimie take another crack at cahill.
I disagree.
Let me put it this way The only move is to let jaimie take another crack at cahill.
Ah, things been real quiet in f-town.
Everybody's keeping a low profile since bug got his birthday snatched.
That better include you.
Damn straight, son.
I'm the king of low profile.
Yo, people don't even notice me till I want 'em to.
Like yesterday I mean, you guys seen how I, like, laid out, faked like I was hit.
That's called "playing street possum," son.
I was just waiting for them to get out on foot, walk up on me.
I would have been like, No, no.
That's when you pissed your pants, right? It's a good move.
Pissed my pants? Y-you serious, dawg? Hey, is that what you think, too? I laid in a puddle, a'ight? "Pissed my pants.
" Man, please.
You're cops.
You need to work on your power of observation.
On the phone, you said somebody was ready to step up and take bug's place with cahill.
Me, dawg.
Wait you? Yeah.
I'm-a slide up on cahill, get in real tight with him, bam, give y'all the hook-up.
You out of your damn mind? Cahill will kill you.
So let me get this straight.
Y'all sayin' if, like Even if I'm not scared 'Cause I'm not You know, you're, like, ordering me to stand down, though? Yeah.
Fine, man.
I don't need the distraction.
Hey, I can just focus on taking my l.
Entrance exam, getting my own gold badge, son.
You kidding me? We originally seized this place from an Armenian money launderer.
Any chance that cahill might be familiar with the guy who owned it? None.
The guy was a shut-in and only dealt with Armenians.
When we served the warrant, he was hiding in here.
We almost missed him, but luily the dog alerted us on the bookcase.
The guy spent some serious money on this place.
We can wire into the existing security set-up and get video of the whole transaction.
And It would be a great place for a quickie, huh? Ohh, I like the way you think, you naughty girl.
I got to go downtown and grab the flash money Again.
Be back in an hour.
Big tease.
What the hell was that aut yesterday?! Huh?! Huh?! You trying to set me up?! You working for someone else? Just relax.
If I was trying to set you up, why would I be here right now? Huh? No, anybody should be pissed, it should be me.
I gave you an easy hit, and you just walked away from it.
No, no, no.
It wasn't right.
It smelled like a set-up.
Set-up?! That was an easy mark! We could have taken him for over a hundred grand.
Nobody's setting you up.
Your paranoia's off the chart.
Yeah, maybe you shouldn't caper when you're gacked out on coke.
Listen there were two guys in the adjoining room, and they didn't look like overnighters.
Cops? Well, I ain't sure.
Two men in a hotel room in venice? Come on, cahill.
Maybe if you had stayed around and watched a little longer, you'd have seen a little man-on-man massage.
No, no, no, no.
I don't buy that.
Well The good news is, it's not a complete wash.
The Miami couple, they delivered And I know where they dropped.
Now, how would you know that? It's one of my "gentlemen" friends that's collecting the paper.
You give me half, I'll give you the address.
Whatever you say, sweetie.
But you're taking me there right now.
Oh, no, no.
What if he's out collecting the rest of the paper? No, you need to do it when I say it's right.
Whoa, whoa.
Really? You think I'm gonna let a littleA little junkie like you call the shots? No, no, no.
We're doing this my way, and we're doing it right now.
I think that's a bad move on your part, but Whatever.
At least let me call the guy and make sure he's home.
But you do it in front of me, and you make it short.
Yeah? You go.
Hi, baby.
Yeah, uh, hey.
Are you are you around? Oh.
I was thinking about, uh, cing over and hangin' out for a while.
I don't know.
A half-hour, tops? Okay.
Sounds good.
I'll, uh, see you when you get here.
All right.
Oh, let's do it.
I think he's forcing her to go there right now.
Carter and Alex aren't set up, man.
I don't think they're ready.
And if they get there before we're set up, then there's no damn case.
Yeah, well, you'd better call lieutenant Shaw, 'cause guess what Ready or not, here they come.
We're not gonna get a third shot at cahill.
We got to go to this house now.
This doesn't feel right, man.
I think we take them down now.
She didn't give the panic word, okay? So she's got to have it under control.
I want to trust you, Dean, but she had everything under control with the lil ant situation, right? Until he knocked her ass out and then took her gun.
Ty, she can handle this, all right? Come on.
She's got this.
If you say so, partner.
He just moved.
I-I'm not sure of the address.
All right, you need to stay on her real tight and let me know when she's close.
Okay, Roger that.
Alex, hey.
You need to get here with that flash money now.
What was that? It's an inside thing.
She's gonna stall cahill.
Come on.
Let's go.
Hope you're right, buddy.
Carter wants us to stay tight on her.
What the hell happened? I don't know.
She promised me she'd just get him the address and walk away.
He must have got excited and wanted to accelerate things.
This thing's moving way too fast.
You're the one who wanted to put her back in play right away.
I did, because it made sense and because jaimie's a hell of a cop.
Right behind us.
Let's go.
Make yourself scarce.
Is this all of it? Yeah.
Go, go, go, go.
Forgot to lock the door there, buddy.
Y-you set me up, you dumb little junkie?! Take the money.
Put the girl on the couch.
Make it look like a drug deal gone bad.
You guys aren't cops? Oh, afraid not, sport.
This isn't just a rip.
They're not wearing masks.
This is a kill.
! Police! You all right? Aw, don't be pissed.
It's just crutches.
A couple inches over, you'd have been singing falsetto, brother.
Now get real.
Inches? A couple inches? Collecting workers' comp, my friend Vacation Hey, next round's on me, all right? Nice money clip.
It's the one that headquarters sent down.
It's the crew gift.
Alex put it on your desk.
You got yours, right? We all got one.
Of course I did.
We still on for dinner tomorrow night? Yeah.
I'm looking forward to it.
Yeah, me too.
Ooh! Tiffany's.
It's a gift for my niece for her graduation.
I'll be back.
Something on your mind? Yeah.
And believe it or not, I'm not so great at figuring out women.
No way.
What's this? Lil ant shooting review.
You're clear.
Not only that, I put you up for commendation on the way you've handled yourself on this case.
Hey, what up, my brother from another mother? Hey.
Hey, guess what.
I damn near passed that test today Only missed it by 20 questions.
But don't you worry, Ty.
I can try again in another two months, a guy told me.
Almost, huh? Hey, don't be a hater, man.
Me and Ty, we gonna partner up soon as I pass that test.
Here you go.
Riggs and murtaugh.