Dark Blue s02e07 Episode Script

Home Sweet Home

You weren't supposed to go in! Are you nuts?! The back door was open.
Franco, Sutton said case the joint, man, not rob it.
I'm a thief, Devin.
Just like you.
You are the dumbest thief I ever worked with.
You need to relax.
You want some? No, I don't want some.
What the heck is that? I have no idea.
You know, Sutton's gonna love this place, man.
When are they gonna hit it? Real soon.
He's back.
How's the leg? Better.
Stop sending all those flowers and cards.
You told us not to.
That was Reverse psychology.
What happened here? Just sent over from Santa Monica p.
This went down last week handiwork of a home-invasion team.
Led by Jack and Nicole Sutton.
Ty's in with a guy on their crew.
Yeah, how's he involved? Well, Franco's a scout.
And the suttons use a crew to case houses, but they do the actual rip.
They came here a year ago, been jacking wealthy houses about once a month.
Usual pattern.
Started small burglaries and break-ins.
No one got hurt.
Then they started going in when people were home.
And getting off on it.
Last two jobs This.
Is they bust in, make demands, get the money or jewelry, and then pop 'em.
I still think we should flip Bobby Franco, bust him on the break-in.
Franco's a loose Cannon.
We stay on course.
Ty uses Franco to get close to the suttons, then he sets the hook.
Let me guess.
You're the bait.
Alex and I will set up shop in a house, wait for the suttons to break in, then we bust their asses.
So, how'd you get hooked up with Franco? C.
I've been working in Compton on that other thing manages a little jazz club.
It's called "the g cleff, " and Franco's a regular there.
It's Devin.
Everything cool? Yeah.
That was Franco.
Um, I guess we're gonna hang.
Probably meet up with the suttons later.
Stay off that leg, bud.
Don't touch that.
What is it? A thing you don't touch! So, what's in the bag? A stuffed giraffe.
Come on.
It was an innocent question.
You don't have to be a douche.
Are you neurotic or just plain, old stupid? I told you.
It's my son's birthday in two days.
Yeah? Where'd you lift it? I bought it.
You bought it? Lantz, is Sutton coming around? Maybe.
Could be on a plane to Paris for all I know.
I stopped trying to figure him out a long time ago.
What's to figure? I'm a simple man with simple tastes.
There he is.
Inlaid ivory.
Part of that Pasadena hit.
You got a good eye.
I know.
Everything all right with you? Yeah.
I heard you had a run-in with a toy.
Y-you know, you should go to that place and rip it off.
I mean, t-they'd never suspect a thing.
I wouldn't.
Why not? They got Walmart art hanging off the wall.
Sutton, they got a 10-year-old Mercedes in the driveway, out-of-date tags.
Come on.
So what? It's it's it's still a sweet house.
And then there's this, which I found In the garbage.
Uh, it's a bank statement.
They're broke.
If there's anything in a safe, it's empty.
That's good work.
I got an in, uh, with a couple Carter and Alex Bailey.
They own a high-end jewelry store.
Friends of yours? No.
'Course not.
They're regulars at this fancy hotel where I park cars on the side, and, uh They got a lot of ice back in a safe at their house.
How do you know about this safe? I kind of made myself, uh Friendly, I guess you could say, with the cleaning lady.
She told me all about it.
So, anyway, I sat on the house for 24 hours.
Lax security.
No dog.
Nearest neighbor's like a half a block away.
Sounds too good to be true.
They come every single Saturday, Sutton.
Same hotel.
Big-ass Cadillac.
Come see for yourself.
I will.
Good evening.
Don't touch the seats.
And keep it close, all right? A little something for you.
A whole dollar.
Make a copy.
I'm on it, brother.
All right.
Man, is there anything that you won't steal? Free is free, doctor.
Well This is nice.
Nice and horrible at the same time.
You really need to get out more.
Why? So, my sublease is expiring.
You gonna move? From that fed dorm? Absolutely.
I'm thinking About a loft downtown.
You could stay with me if you want.
StayAs in, till I find a place? I mean I mean, I guess I could live with you for a little while.
No, I'm not saying you're not.
I'm sorry.
I don't know what the hell I'm saying.
Yeah, that makes two of us.
SoAnne Barret finally got back to me.
What did she pick? Canary yellow.
We close that, and we are off to Greece.
Can we stay for more than a month this time? Stay as long as you want.
I-I couldn't help but overhear.
You're heading to Greece? I have a house in naxos.
Where are you headed? Santorini.
Ohh, it's terrific.
There's a winery there called halaris.
You really must see it.
You really must.
Take the advice of a complete stranger.
Well Let's not be strangers.
- Carter Bailey.
- Hi.
This is my wife, Alex.
Nice to meet you.
This is my wife, Nicole.
I love your shoes.
Louboutin? Summer collection.
Of course.
I proposed to Nicole at sunset on santorini.
You're kidding? Yeah, well, trouble was, though, he was on the phone at the time.
I was in Milan.
I thought I was losing her.
Sometimes you have to be bold.
How long have you two been together? Three years.
Carter proposed to me at my family ranch in Montana.
It was snowing, no sunset.
I sort of did it on impulse.
Sometimes impulse can be a very good thing.
Look how well it turned out for you two.
To impulse.
Looks like the suttons bought your little "happy couple" act.
They set a time? Yeah.
They got a copy of the keys.
But they're depending on you being home.
So they can force you to open the safe.
We let them through the front door, and then we jam our guns into the back of their heads.
Ty, you and jaimie stay with the crew.
We bust the suttons, and then you take the rest down.
They won't know what hit 'em.
This is gonna be fun.
Whose house is this, anyway? Looks like someone still lives here.
Major dealer about to do 20 at pelican bay.
Wife and two kids.
Feds yanked them out about a week ago.
We have an inventory of what's here? No.
Feds found a million stuffed, in cash, behind the walls.
That's all I know.
How's it look? You see enough? Yeah, you're looking good.
Perimeter set? Yeah, you got three teams of feds hanging around the block.
They're gonna move in on my word.
Everything good with ty, jaimie? It's a thrill a minute.
Franco just saw his dentist this morning.
What do you think the street value of novocaine is, huh? Not much.
UmTell lantz I, uh, had to split, all right? I'm driving up to San Francisco for my kid's birthday.
You going now? Less traffic at night.
Besides, I get some thinking done.
Sutton showed up? On their way.
Guys, this is cousin red he's not really my cousin, but he does whatever I tell him to do.
We have a problem.
W-whoa, whoa.
Easy, there, Chewbacca.
What's the problem? Everyone's coming with me.
W-w-what? Why? Someone's been talking to the cops! And before the night's out, I'm finding out who and making sure he doesn't see the sunrise.
You are suspect number one, new guy.
Why me? I got a pal watching the place.
Anything goes down at the Bailey house, you're dead.
You're crazy, huh? Sutton know you did this? He doesn't know a thing, and he isn't going to.
Why is that? 'Cause if Sutton knew there was a snitch, he'd blame me, and I'd be dead.
Lantz, there's got to be a mistake.
I'd never do anything to hurt you, man.
I'm loyal to you.
We family.
We go way back! Shut up! Everybody put their phone and wallet and piece on the table! Now! Let's go.
Lantz, I'm supposed to be on the road.
It's my son's birthday tomorrow.
Send him a card, varga.
You ain't making it.
Yeah, they think someone in the group might be a snitch, and they just took ty outside.
Is he okay? They just put everyone in the van.
Hang on.
I just lost ty.
Damn it.
They got ty? Lantz took him at gunpoint.
Don't know where.
They think he might be a snitch.
Options? If we arrest them, lantz is gonna know that ty's the rat because ty hooked up this house.
Should we stay here? What if they come in shooting? They won't long as they think we're the key to getting something valuable, they'll keep us alive.
What about a safe? They're gonna be expecting one.
I'll think of something.
If I don't, you will.
We're staying under.
No one comes in unless we say so.
You hear me? No one.
Copy that.
Aah! Aaaah! Aaah! Aah! Aah! Aah! Aaaah! Oh, my God.
If it isn't the baileys.
Funny how we keep running into each other.
Jack What is this? Just stopping by for a little visit.
I-I-I don't understand.
You do what I say, and we're gonna have a wonderful time.
You scream, I blast your face open.
Same goes for you.
Now get up.
Get up! You listen carefully, you do what I say, no one gets hurt very simple.
Just just take whatever you want.
Not too tight? I guess not.
Beautiful house, Carter.
Where's the safe? Anyone tries to leave, cousin red lights you up.
Lantz, this is crazy.
I got proof One of you is talking to the cops.
Proof? You think I'm a snitch? You think I'm a snitch, lantz? You too, cousin red? You know how to use that? Come on.
Take your best shot.
Easy, Devin.
If it isn't you, you'll be fine.
Fine? If there's really a snitch, lantz, I will personally help you dead the dude.
Where's the proof? Where's the safe? I don't have a safe here anymore.
You gonna lie to me? He's not lying.
We don't have a safe.
It's too risky.
What if a guy with a gun broke in? Don't be funny, Carter.
You have to hide the diamonds somewhere.
It's in a time-lock safe in our office.
It can't be opened till 6:00 A.
We just got a shipment of rough-cut diamonds from antwerp.
Worth $1 million.
What kind of safe is it, exactly? Why does it matter? It matters because I think you might be lying to me.
I'm not.
It's a cobalt in-floor safe.
Time-lock, time-window, multiple-door control.
Two pins.
Carter and I both need to be there to open it.
You need us alive for that safe.
I told you, I'm not going to hurt you.
And how do I know that for sure? You don't.
I suppose I could force you to give me the pin numbers now.
But if I gave you a fake pin number and you kill us, you're out of luck, Jack.
You're a very thoughtful guy, Carter.
Okay, baileys.
We're staying for dessert.
Come on.
Pick up! Hi, this is dean bendis, Los Angeles police department.
I'm calling you back again.
Can you please return my call? It's urgent.
Thank you.
Hey, who was that? Lantz's parole officer from last year.
And look this is a list of ty's c.
I can't do anything with that.
I'm shooting in the dark.
I think the c.
We want ain't on this list.
What makes you say that? The manager of the g cleff it's a woman.
Her name's eva.
So? Ty's been bangin' her.
Told me last week.
He met her while he was under.
I don't know what the hell she knows or who she really is.
All right, well, go check it out.
On it.
What happens if we can't find ty? Carter and Alex go outside, take them to the store, we run up on them.
No, what happens to ty? Let's just hope it doesn't get that far.
It's you, isn't it? My mom always told me, never trust the quiet guy.
Is it really your kid's birthday, or you gonna go see a cop? Yeah.
I bought him a giraffe, too.
That was my guy.
He just left the baileys' house.
Suttons got in okay.
So it couldn't be me, lantz.
Let's find out for sure.
Pre-paid cellphone.
Found it in my sofa yesterday.
Only people that have been over at my place are sitting in this room.
Three days ago.
Poker game.
One of you Had to have left this phone.
So someone left a phone.
So what? I mean shut up! Only one call was placed out of this.
I traced it back to the Newton division of l.
It's a cop's number, you prick.
No way.
You're going first.
What the hell is this, man? Just say "this is Devin, " and, uh We'll see what happens.
You serious? Dead serious.
Yeah? Yo, it's Devin.
Devin? Who is this? Hello? Congratulations.
'95 chateau margaux.
I could tell you had taste.
So, where have you and Alex been? What do you mean? I mean the dust.
The empty garbage cans.
I saw you two days ago, but before that, you were out of town? We were back east.
Doing what? Why do you care? People like you entertain me.
Home-owning Car-leasing Tax-paying suckers who live for snippets of vacation time.
And what the hell are you? I'm a success.
I wake up every day and do whatever I want.
How come you don't have any kids? Doesn't fit.
I have a daughter with my ex-husband.
The boring starter husband.
Lucky you, Carter.
Lucky me.
You two gonna stay married when you get caught? When we get caught? People like you always make mistakes.
Shut up! You don't know me.
Get up! Get up! You got a hell of a mouth for someone with a gun to his head.
Yeah, well, it takes a hell of a lot of courage to pull a gun on an unarmed man, doesn't it? Okay, you know what? You need a time-out.
That's what you need, huh? I'm staying with my wife! Okay, Alex.
You can come with him.
Get up! Move.
Why am I next, you know? W-w-why not varga? I've known varga a lot longer, I doubt it's him, and I don't trust you.
Every time I turn around, you're stealing something.
Yeah, of course I am, you know? Because I'm a thief.
That's the cop calling back.
Answer it.
Yeah, this is Franco.
What's up? Eddie? That you? No, man.
You got the wrong number.
You happy? You know, if I were you, i'd start the next round with guys named Eddie.
Oh, this is too good, man.
This is good.
What? I know who the snitch is, lantz.
All of a sudden, you know? Well, I-I, um the phone it looked familiar.
I couldn't place it until now.
Lantz, three weeks ago, we were all at your house watching the fight.
So? So, Eddie wade was at your house.
I went out back to have a couple smokes, and Eddie wade was on that very phone.
No way.
Eddie's like family.
Is that why's he tapping your 17-year-old niece? That's not possible.
It's true.
Everyone knows.
I'm sorry.
Eddie wade's a punk and a liar.
If you don't believe us, haul his ass in here and find out for yourself.
Hey, Eddie.
It's lantz.
It's very important.
Call me when you get this.
I'll give him an hour to call back.
Get comfortable.
This is where you're spending the night.
Either of you try and come out It won't be pretty.
What do you got? How's your patience level? Low.
Me too.
You know, we could get these cuffs off in a second.
Not till we know about ty.
I know, but maybe we should just talk.
Good one.
Well, if we were gonna talk I might say, "thanks for the move-in offer, but we we barely know each other.
" What move-in offer? "Stay-with" offer.
What do you want to know about me? Not saying I want to know anything.
What's your favorite ice cream? Cherry Garcia.
Where'd you go to High School? Plainview high.
We were the scouts.
What happened to your first marriage? I knew the first two questions were too easy.
It's none of my business.
Where'd you go to High School? Farmington.
It's a prep school in Connecticut.
Mock away, big man.
I'm not mocking.
I like Connecticut.
You do? Yeah.
I shot a drug dealer in Hartford once.
Hey, is this the g cleff? Yeah.
We just closed.
Is your manager around? You looking for me? You must be eva.
Who wants to know? Uh, I'm jaimie.
I'm looking for a David lantz.
I'm his ex-girlfriend.
I'm sure he's told you nothing about me.
He hasn't.
It's kind of an emergency.
Do you have any idea where I can find him? I know.
He's shady.
So you don't have to hold back.
Shady? What do you mean? Nothing.
Sorry to bother you.
You know, lantz always said how much he loved the music here, so I'll come back sometime.
I know lantz does security sometimes.
Comes in here before his shift in his dorky uniform, big eagle on the front.
You know where he works? Some building in the Fashion district, I think.
Thank you.
Appreciate it.
So, you had a great husband, great job, house.
I think I left the Boring starter husband because I missed the action.
The thrill of being locked in a laundry room with me.
So, there's an opening in counter-terrorism In six months.
They're interested in me.
Here? Miami.
Section chief.
Well? "Well," what? Thoughts? Reactions? Anything? I like Miami.
Let me guess you shot a drug dealer there.
How's everyone doin'? Terrific.
Alex, I was up in your room.
I didn't want to, you know, disturb anything personal.
That's okay.
Can you show me around? Go ahead.
Have fun.
Let me go with her.
You stay here.
Run along, ladies.
You come with me.
I want to show you something.
What the hell are they doing? I don't know.
Taking a tour, maybe.
You sure we shouldn't storm the place? No.
But it's not our call.
What is our call is lantz.
Where are we on him? Fashion district buildings.
Lantz works security at one of these.
Maybe he took ty there.
Is that all you got? He wears a uniform with an eagle on it.
Uh, search, you know, "fashion district" and "security.
" Here.
See? Eagle armor security.
See, they they cover three buildings downtown.
This has got to be them.
It's worth a shot.
Go get 'em.
I like your work, Carter.
What do you mean? Enough with the lies.
I know who you are.
So, who am I? A thief.
Just like me.
How do you figure that? You have an expertise.
You know what makes a superior cut of diamond.
Me I know where people hide things.
In basements? In plain sight.
What are you talking about? What's prettier than this? I can explain that.
Looks like there's about This slip your mind? Why would a legitimate businessman have $100,000 stashed in a vacuum cleaner? Why does it matter? Just take it.
Oh, I will.
What else are you hiding? Fine.
I will check the damn van.
My wife and her glasses.
If only the two could meet.
You got it, cousin red? Something's up.
This might be our only chance.
For what? To rush red and end this, man.
Freak's got a shotgun the size of Rhode island.
Who goes first? I will.
Wait a minute.
Wait a minute.
Wait a minute.
Are you saying Eddie wade's not the rat? I don't know, Franco.
Eddie wade's probably in Vegas.
I'm trying to buy time.
Well, if he's not the rat, then who's the rat? Who cares who the rat is?! Franco, I'm just trying to get out of here! Now, who's in? I spring cleaning? What is this? What's it matter to you? I like to know everything about the people I visit.
I'm in the process of separating.
What about Greece? I thought you two were happy lovebirds.
It's complicated.
Yeah, I understand that.
And you're happy doing this? I know you must think I'm Odd.
All this is your idea.
Of course, I let, uh Jack think that he's driving.
It's easier for me to enjoy the view.
He likes you.
I do, too.
You're strong.
Most women by now would be crying, praying, or calling out their firstborn's name.
But you forgot to mention that.
He's the guy, lantz! He's the guy! H-he's been trying to get us to Jack red! He's he's the guy! Well, come on, Devin.
Let's talk about it.
Lantz, just because I want to get the hell out of here, man, doesn't make me a snitch! Relax.
Franco's the snitch.
What? I had a hunch.
I wasn't checking for glasses.
I was checking your wallets again.
Franco's middle name is Edward.
" Get it? But what about Eddie wade? No, couldn't be.
Talked to the wife.
She said he wasn't even at the party.
He's in Vegas.
Goes there every weekend.
Probably there right now.
That's not a lot to go off of.
It's common sense.
The cop said, "eddie.
" It's enough for me.
So what happens now? What are you gonna do? It's what you're gonna do.
Take him into the locker room.
I don't want a mess on the floor.
I work here.
Why me? It'll make me feel better.
After all, Franco brought you into the fold.
Like I said, the locker room.
Don't make a mess.
It's just costume jewelry, family heirlooms.
Yet you keep them in a safe.
It's theMemories that are valuable.
You sound like a greeting card, Alex.
Don't embarrass me.
Open it.
I told you nothing's in there.
I said open it! Okay.
Take it easy.
I'llOpen it.
Just relax.
Listen to me, you psycho bitch! I'm a federal Agent.
One chance to save yourself.
We've got a man on the inside Devin Wright.
Do you know where lantz took him? Yeah? Uh okay, we're gonna do this slow.
Tell me unh! That's all the money I have stashed.
The diamonds are the most valuable thing I have.
Oh, I still want those, too.
So, 3:30Two and a half more hours, Carter, and then I'm just a bad dream for you.
Your wife know about this money? No.
Really? I tell my wife everything.
It was a side thing, all on my own.
I wish I could believe you.
Alex seems like a very smart woman.
I'll bet you she's in on the whole thing.
Maybe she even knows where more money is hidden.
I told you that's it.
Yeah? I'm gonna have a little conversation with her, find out.
I didn't mean to pin it on you, okay? I was just messing with lantz's head.
That worked.
I'm begging you.
My mom's got the rickets, man.
She's on welfare.
Everything I steal, it goes to her.
That right? So if you kill me, you're killing my mom.
You're not a mom-killer, are you? Aah! Are you the snitch, Franco? Well, yeah! Yeah, you know.
B-but it had nothing to do with this, okay? I've been feeding drug hooks to a guy at the sheriff's department.
It's a quick buck here and there.
You're playing both sides? You're a bigger punk than I thought! It's a business, man! I can get you 10 grand by tomorrow morning, man! I swear to you shut up! It's your lucky day.
Yeah? 'Cause it feels like my birthday, Christmas, and a new Harry Potter movie all rolled up into one.
I ain't gonna kill you, Franco.
Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you! You're gonna have $5,000 in your pocket by tomorrow, man, I swear.
Shut up! Now you listen to me real carefully.
You're gonna do exactly what I tell you to do.
You understand me? I think I found him.
The van's parked on a loading dock inside the Whitney building.
All right, it's done.
Good work.
Want to help me with the body, cousin red? Do it.
Did he beg? Like a 7-eleven bum.
I'll get his legs.
Shots fired inside.
I'm going in.
Hey! Police! Lady, don't shoot! Don't shoot! Don't shoot! Officer! My name is Roberto Franco! I'm a confidential informant working with Detective Larry kiesel! Slow down, guy.
Dean, it's me.
Ty's safe.
My wife in there? She wentDownstairs.
I didn't see her.
Maybe she left.
I don't think so.
We need to talk.
Dean, are you there? Yeah.
Go ahead.
Sutton cold-cocked me in the basement.
You got eyes on him? No, no.
He went upstairs about a minute ago, and Alex is still up there with Nicole.
Listen, Carter, jaimie found ty, and he's safe.
So let's just call in the cavalry, and let's end this thing now.
Not yet.
Let me see Alex first.
Just stand by.
I found what was in the basement.
You did? Uh-huh.
Was that, uh, your idea or Carter's? You want to show me what you found? Let's go to the basement, and I'll tell you all about it.
I just want to know if there's more.
Now, you're a very interesting woman, Alex.
No!! No! Carter! We're not done, Alex.
He's on the landing.
You got a clean shot.
Don't blow it.
Yeah! Oh, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho! She's dead.
We're safe.
You okay? I'm fine.
Jaimie found ty.
He's okay, too.
What a night.
It's okay.
Why'd you raise your hands? What do you mean? After I shot lantz.
'Cause I didn't want to blow a good cover if I didn't have to.
Got a lot of hooks in Franco's 'hood.
More like a lot of ass.
What's up with eva? She's no c.
, is she? Okay, jaimie, she's a u.
an upstanding Citizen.
I'm serious.
I date the girl, and I work her neighborhood.
It's a win-win situation.
What's the problem? No, she's hot.
That's why you're there.
It has nothing to do with work.
That's not true.
Does she even know your real name? You gonna tell her? Hey.
Did you get my message? Yeah.
Everything okay? 'Course.
So, why did you sound so serious on the phone? What's up? You okay? We'll talk about it later.
The offer to stay still on the table? Sure.
Only temporary.
See how it goes.
Good for me.
And Carter? No handcuffs tonight.