Dark Blue s02e08 Episode Script

Shell Game

I got money, I got cars I got clothes, 'cause I'm a star but don't got you it's you I want you I want you I got money, I got cars I got clothes How come I never get to come over to your place? Huh, Devin? 'Cause I told you I'm separated.
And I live with my brother.
You better be separated.
'Cause I don't want any trouble.
I don't want none neither.
Holdin' on to you what the hell was that? Eva, are you there?! Where you going? Where you going? That's my brother! C.
Just got shot! He's not moving! Come on! He's not moving! He in the street! Grab the keys.
Meet us out front.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Hang in there.
: where's your sister? C.
, come on! We're gonna get some help.
Hang in there! Come on! Go in the car! Get up! Hang in there, c.
Drive! Drive! Drive! We were just all hanging out, just all out there chillin'.
A car full of Mexicans drove up, asked c.
A few questions.
They started shooting.
You ain't know none of them? No, I ain't know none of them.
Well, did you get a look at the shooter, at least? No.
I told you a thousand times, you got to be careful about who you socialize with.
Come on, sis.
'S okay.
I've known him my whole life.
I hope he lives, but c.
'S a drug-dealing punk.
What I'm gonna say to the police, huh? You tell them exactly what you saw.
That's what you tell them.
What about the bag? Look, I can't get jammed up in this heroin business.
Colleges get nervous about this.
Was it your gym bag? Hell, no.
Then you'll keep your mouth shut.
No! God, no! Please! DARK BLUE why? Why did it happen to my c.
? It's confusing, it's heartbreaking, I know.
But we will persevere, and we will win this fight against senseless violence.
I promise.
My assistant will call to discuss funeral arrangements if that's okay with you.
Thank you.
Thank you for everything.
I'm so sorry.
Walter shell.
Oh, I know who you are.
Devin Wright.
I appreciate your help.
I don't know how much we helped, but we did the best we could, Mr.
May I speak with you in private, Devin? Of course.
Times like this The most important thing is to protect the legacy of the deceased and the reputation of our community.
I follow, sir.
It's a complicated world out there for young brothers.
People do things to get by, to provide for their families.
It's wrong, it's illegal, it's shameful, but Matters like this should be dealt with privately If you know what I mean.
I do.
I understand there was a gym bag.
Yes, sir, um The gym bag was in the street.
Is that right? And, you know, I don't know what I should do with it.
Well, if it could make things easier for you, I could have one of my men pick it up.
Shell? As in Walter shell? It's unbelievable, man.
Walter shell is a dirty dude.
Well, maybe he's just being protective of the kid's reputation, that's all.
No, Carter, it didn't look like that, man.
I got a look at him, you know? I looked in his eyes.
And this eva woman? Uh, she's a friend, you know? I see her from time to time.
That's it.
She know you're a cop? She know your real name? No.
And she lives in the projects.
Carter, she's a good woman.
I'm just trying to understand the facts.
That's all, ty.
What's up with the luggage? I'm taking a midnight cruise to Mexico.
Shuffleboard, bingo, buffets, skydiving, jet skiing The whole nine.
Really? Come on, ty.
Clean yourself up, and I'll see you in the office in about a half-hour.
You got it.
See you there.
Walter shell? Wouldn't be the first community savior to be a lying scumbag.
Were you always this cynical? Let me think.
Yeah, I don't like the sound of this eva thing.
Puts ty in a tricky position.
That's one way to look at it.
And the other way? It's ideal.
He's already in.
Plus, shell thinks that he's a little dirty for turning over the heroin anyway.
Ask me, it's close to perfect.
You sure this makes sense? It's only temporary, right? Till you find a place.
I know.
It just feels a bit premature.
It's it's gonna be great.
Walter shell has two priors Assault in '87 and cocaine possession, '89.
After that? After that, he got rich selling doughnuts to the poor.
And it looks like he started investing in various charities and foundations.
Flanking himself with fancy politicians and friends.
- He's got an FBI file, too.
- Yeah.
Who doesn't? There are lots of allegations Mostly drugs but nothing solid.
So what are we waiting for? Proof this guy's actually worth investigating? You know, guys, I can take a run at shell directly.
I've been working that neighborhood a few months now.
Neighborhood or the chicks? Tell him you're looking to expand your laundromat company and that you need investors.
In the meantime, let's check out the Compton heroin scene and figure out who's calling the shots and see if he's connected to shell.
It's the truth.
Shell? Come on, man.
He's a legend.
Half the damn buildings are named after his ass.
Doesn't mean he's not slinging "h," right? Could be.
I don't know.
I never heard nothing about that.
Yeah, okay.
So what have you heard? Who's in charge around here? It's tough to say.
There's lots of gangs.
Lots of ghetto politics.
You know.
All right, look.
Party favors, all right? I want you to give these to all your boys.
Hey, hey, hey.
But you make sure they know where you got it from.
Dean, you out of your mind, man? This is Compton.
People are not just gonna stick around and let some white boy move product on their turf.
What's your meaning? They're gonna come looking for your ass.
That's the point, dummy.
Get it out there.
What you looking at? You were telling me about the dude.
You ever have a conversation with him? No.
Like I said, I don't know the man.
I've seen him around town here and there, but that's it.
He seemed like a pretty cool dude, you know? I was just wondering if he was legit, that's it.
Why are you so curious about him? Just wondering if he could help out with my business You know, maybe his wallet.
Well, he's got lots of cash, that's for sure.
But Is he legit? Who knows? Yeah, who knows? How about Joshua? Is your brother legitimate? Yeah, Josh is a he's a good kid.
You know, he runs with a rough crowd.
But there's no way around that, not around here.
Has he ever been locked up? He ever been arrested? No.
Doesn't own a gun either, unlike you.
You know, if you're a businessman, why the hell do you have a gun in the back of your damn pants? Because I own a business that ain't necessarily located in Beverly hills, miss eva.
It's dangerous, you know, so I carry a piece.
I don't date criminals, d.
I don't screw them either.
Lucky for me I'm a businessman.
'Cause I like screwing you.
Looking for some tar.
How much you want? Two grams.
Yeah, you know, I want some quality, though.
I don't want any of that crap I bought down here last time.
Best stuff west of Afghanistan.
Got my word on that, too.
Your word.
I feel so much better.
It's the truth.
Is it dean's stuff? Dean? Yeah, he's a white dude.
Works out of an auto shop on 86th street.
Word is he's got the best stuff.
White dude slinging smack around here? You tripping, sexy.
I want dean's stuff.
Hey, you guys ever hear of a white dude named dean? How you doin'? Put that gun on the deck right now.
Ever see what a shotgun does to somebody's face? Easy.
There we go.
Who sent you? That's all we want to know.
We want a name.
Come on.
If you don't have one, that's cool.
But we will have to shoot you.
Last name.
People just call him Malcom.
Get the hell out of here.
There's got to be an easier way to do this.
Easier, yeah.
Faster, no.
I was eighteen.
Poor Uneducated.
Like many of you, I made mistakes.
But I was able to turn my life around and become a productive member of this community.
It is my great pleasure to present to you the Walter shell community center! Mr.
It's really nice to see you again, man.
Devin Wright.
I remember your name, young man.
Walter shell never forgets a face.
Especially the face of a smart man who understands the societal complexities of the world.
I appreciate that.
In fact, I actually wanted to talk to you about my business.
Well, right now I own some laundromats.
And of course I'm trying to expand, so, uh I'm kind of coming to you for help, perhaps.
Are these laundromats in urban areas? Right here, sir.
That's good.
In fact, I could actually send you the business plan, if you don't mind.
And, uh, thanks again for, uh Being so prudent with respect to that young man's horrific death and the circumstances surrounding it.
Well, to be honest with you, sir, I kind of understand that side of the world, too.
"That side of the world"? Yeah.
I'm an entrepreneur.
I sell to the people What the people want.
You're an interesting young man, Devin.
Good morning.
I'm friends with My name's Alex.
Rosie, buenos días.
¿como estas? Bien.
Still no word on Malcom's last name.
Do you really think this guy's working for shell? I mean, now what? How do we move forward? Buy-and-busts.
Start at the bottom, flip up to the top.
That's not terribly exotic.
But effective.
I turned a dime bag of weed into five kilos of coke in less than 24 hours.
Not to brag or anything.
I need five grams.
You never heard of Malcom? No.
What about shell? Walter shell? The rich dude? Hell, no.
He ain't got nothing to do with this.
Who's your supplier? You know I can't talk about that.
You know how it is.
Let me break it down for you, Chris.
You're going to prison.
I'm only 15.
I don't care.
Heroin is heroin.
Look, man, I was just helping out.
Cuff him.
You ever been to prison, son? No.
MurderersRapists pedophiles.
Your mama ready for all that? Man, I don't want to go to jail.
Let me tell you how it's gonna be.
Now you give me a name right now.
What's his name? Chris said you're looking for a dirty burrito.
Yeah, that's correct.
Just 'cause I'm a white chick don't mean I like to get played, Dwayne.
That's just the price, baby.
No, the price is two grand.
You know, I should have the a.
File a lawsuit against you Discrimination against white chicks.
Ain't got nothing to do wi that, baby.
It's just business.
$2,200 and call it a done deal.
What you looking at, Chris? What? Nothing.
Where you say you met this chick again? On 86th.
Hey, man Shut your damn mouth, bitch.
Look clean to me.
'Cause I snort it.
Why you so nervous, c? Huh?! Drop the gun.
Punk-ass little bitch! Go, Alex! Go! Go! The lookout took off the lookout ty, chashim down.
Poli! Stop! Freeze! Hands up.
Turn around nice and slow.
You're a liar, man.
You should have told us you were a cop.
Look, man, thaig -t the point here.
Why not? Because you're in trouble.
That's the point.
I didn't do nothing.
Running lookout for a heroin dealer, Josh, ain't nothing.
Look, I needed the money, okay? For school, books.
Coach said I needed to pay my way the first semester and after that he'll give me a scholarship.
Come on, man, you got to stop with all the college basketball.
Stop with that.
It's true.
To be so innocent, you sure do seem to run with a lot of trouble.
I didn't pick where I was born, bro.
I'm born in the same place, bro.
So you can save that bullshit, all right? Your buddy Dwayne is dead.
You might as well have pulled the trigger yourself.
What? That's crazy.
You know I ain't do that, man.
It is.
But it doesn't matter.
Dwayne got killed during the commission of a felony, which means we can charge you with felony murder.
The only way out is to work with us.
So y'all want me to be a snitch, huh? Snitch, rat, punk, bitch pick your term.
But yeah, that's exactly what we want.
Your other choice is to go to jail For a very long time.
Now you inOr out? You really think flipping this kid makes sense? What do you mean? You're screwing his sister, ty.
It sort of complicates things.
Yeah, okay.
I know.
I can handle this, Alex.
What if he tips her off, tells her you're a cop? He won't.
How do you know? Come here, homey.
You gonna tell eva what I do? No.
You gonna tell eva what I do? No.
I swear to God.
I ain't gonna say nothing.
You lying to me? If you tell anyone that I'm a cop, I'm gonna put a bullet in your head.
You hear me? Yes.
Like I said, I can handle this.
You never heard or seen shell talking about drugs? I've never even said hello to him.
Except that night c.
What about a guy named Malcom? I know a dude named Malcom.
Malcom Lee, yeah.
All right, Josh, you're gonna set up a meeting with me and Malcom.
That sounds dangerous.
'Cause it is dangerous, Josh.
If it were easy, you'd be in jail washing some guy's underwear.
How you been, man? Oh, good.
Real good, brother Malcom.
Yeah? Yeah.
I hear you're getting looks over at smcc this year.
Oh, yeah.
Good for you.
Yeah, the coach is pretty cool.
Puts a lots of players in d-1, too.
So work hard.
Stay focused.
I pulled Malcom's financials.
Guess who owns his furniture store.
Company called reverse jam.
So? Shareholders are Malcom Lee and, uh Walter j.
Shell urban development foundation.
Good old Walter shell.
Always looking to help.
So, what's going on, Josh? What can I do for you? Ain't nothing much.
I met this guy.
White dude.
He asked me if I knew someone named Malcom Lee.
It was just like that? Just like that.
Out the blue.
We start talking about the neighborhood, and he just said he moved here from Arizona or something.
Well, what else did he say? He offered me 500 bucks if I can set up a meeting with you.
What am I missing here, man? Well, you're a civilian.
You're a basketball player.
You should be working on your crossover, not setting up meetings for punks named dean.
Cash is cash.
Well, this guy dean say anything else? Yeah, he said he's a businessman.
He just wanted to talk.
Yeah, yeah, I just want to talk, Malcom.
Just want to talk to you, then bust your little punk ass.
If you like this guy dean, that's good enough for me.
Have him give me a call.
You're in.
That was Malcom.
You know, he's a decent guy.
He just apologized to me for trying to have me whacked.
You set the meeting, right? Yeah.
Today, 6:00.
I offered to sell him a brick of my best "h" as a peace offering.
What's up, Josh? Whoa.
Relax! Take a deep breath, Josh.
I said relax.
Meet me at dean's auto shop in 15 minutes.
Apparently Malcom wants Josh to hang out with a couple of his employees and make sure you and Malcom got no problems.
He's gonna hold him hostage in case this deal doesn't go down right.
Like I told you on the phone, I'm from scottsdale, man.
I'm new around here.
I don't know the rules.
Well, the rules are simple, homey.
You want to play, talk to me first.
I sure hope that deal with Malcom goes down nice and easy.
This That's the best there is.
My man.
Put your hands over your head.
Put 'em up! Right now.
Hey, stay in touch, my man.
Police! On the ground! Now! Gun! Get up! Let's go! Come on! Come on.
You're okay.
You sure? Yeah.
It's just me and you.
So, l hedohow r, I tt fe dhofebeo? What about eva? What are we gonna tell her? You okay? Mm.
I don't know.
Can I get you something? Food? Drink? He was a good kid.
He was.
I mean, I I tried to do my best.
I did.
What happened was horrible.
There's no words.
But it was not Your fault.
I don't think so.
You know, there's other ways to go after shell.
What do you mean? If you want to pull out, I get it.
Don't you take me off this case.
Carter, you hear me? I want shell's ass bad, man.
That son of a bitch has spent his entire life snatching innocence and stealing souls.
I want in.
He's pure evil.
I understand, ty, but What about Malcom, shell's boy? You talk to him yet? Maybe he can help.
I asked if he'd be willing to work with us.
He basically said go to hell.
Loyal soldier.
He didn't blink.
He was lawyered up by the time he got to the precinct.
Well, there's worse things than that, Carter.
What do you mean? With Malcom's ass in the joint, shell's got to be open to working with new partners, like yours truly, maybe Devin Wright.
I like the way you think.
Hey, eva.
What are you talking about? No, I completely agree with you.
They can't do that.
I'll be right there.
Eva's at the precinct.
She's trying to find her brother's body.
They're giving her the runaround.
We should be fine.
I talked to the coroner's office.
They said they'd cover us for five days, so Okay.
Five days gives us time.
I'll call you, Carter.
Is he okay? He's been better.
In my experience, unholy alliances usually cause more pain than joy.
Is, uh, our alliance unholy? Yes.
That's why it's so fun.
Oh, I lost my silver bracelet at your house yesterday.
So if you find it, it's mine, not some random bimbo's, in case you were gonna throw it out in case I might get jealou I'll have Rosie take a look for it.
Well What? Rosie's not a big fan.
She's just quiet.
That's all.
She hates me.
I'm serious.
Screw them! Those damn cops! You know, they want to treat you like dirt! They don't know who the hell they're messing with! I understand.
I know it's frustrating.
Frustrating? I want to see my brother! Who the hell are they to tell me I got to wait five days? They said five days? Here.
Have a drink.
Take it.
How you holding up? Thank you for coming.
You all right? Devin, this is my lawyer, mark Hastings.
- Nice to meet you, Devin.
- Likewise.
Like I said, ain't nobody keeping me from seeing my brother.
I'm filing an injunction this afternoon.
You and Josh will be back together before tomorrow morning.
Chocolate-covered doughnuts Always taste good.
Good times, bad times.
All the time.
Just like your business.
Washing clothes.
It's what people want, no matter what.
Problem is, it's not very profitable.
I mean, how many quarters can a brother collect each week? Yeah.
I hear you.
Well, to be truthful, Mr.
shell, that's exactly why a brother's trying texpand into more lucrative business lines, if you understand what I'm saying.
Such as? Pharmaceutical products.
That's what the people want, no matter what, like you said.
Do you have any experience? Mostly the white powder, t butr inm omething ittle dahier.
Kesa they ac heblis.
Well, I'm always interested in working with intelligent and trustworthy young men.
50% of all profits will be contributed to the Walter j.
Shell foundation.
We have an obligation to support our community.
We need to produce more doctors, lawyers, scientists.
For every life I destroy I save a thousand.
Ask me Look, I'm meeting with shell's guys in three hours.
I say we bust them all tonight, right then, right there.
The clock is ticking.
We need to play this out a bit more.
Get in deeper.
The problem is, eva's lawyer just filed the injunction this afternoon, and so I don't really think I have a chance to get any deeper than that.
Shell knows too many people.
He's too powerful.
It has to be perfect.
We need his fat ass on camera, smiling, holding a bag of heroin.
Got it.
I agree with ty.
Let's not wait too long.
Yeah, I get it.
But if we want this bust to stick, we need more than just a conversation.
I don't mean to be high-maintenance or anything, but I'm getting tired of hiding.
Yeah? I'm sorry.
You find that bracelet yet? No.
I talked to Rosie about it.
How long has she worked for you? Are you suggesting she took it? Just asking.
She's not a thief.
Yesterday I left 10 bucks in my coat pocket.
You set up my cleaning lady? She took the money.
I took it.
I knew you were suspicious, so I grabbed it just for fun.
I mean, come on.
She's been with me for six years.
Just indulge me, okay? You want to set up another trap? Yeah, so I know for sure.
Is this your passive-aggressive way of saying you don't like living here? No.
I just I have a feeling.
We'll set a trap.
Happy? You better be.
Good to see you again, Devin.
You get around, don't you? Where's Mr.
shell? He's not coming.
He wanted me to discuss the terms of his investment.
shell's gonna invest $100,000.
The proceeds will be used to expand your laundromat business into more profitable areas.
Now, Mr.
shell will have absolutely no day-to-day involvement with your business.
I see.
Strictly an investor.
In return, the profits will be allocated as follows.
Shell foundation, and 30% to you.
The terms are non-negotiable.
Got it.
So where do I purchase the product? An associate of his will deliver it to you personally.
So, when do I meet this associate? How about now? I hear we're gonna be working together, d.
It's funny the way things turn out, huh? Well, you know .
Maybe it means we're meant to be together.
I don't like to lie.
But it's Not that easy to tell the truth about something like this, you know? I feel the same way.
Judgment here? Truth is, I got into this to help Josh pay for college.
So, how does this work? I pick up the product, deliver it to you, and collect the cash that's it.
No questions, no conversations nothing.
I'm an errand girl.
You're a damn sexy errand girl.
Your girlfriend's running heroin? I'm just as surprised as you, Alex.
I had no idea.
No idea? Really?! Listen to me, damn it.
She lives in the projects, works in a bar, her brother hangs out with drug-slinging gangbangers who get shot in drive-bys, and you had no idea that she might be dirty?! Just because you're poor don't make you dirty.
That's not the point, and you know it! The point is, I fell for a girl that I thought was a cool girl.
I'm just as shocked as you.
Don't give me this innocent cub scout bullshit.
What is your real problem, Alex? You've been screwing a chick for weeks who doesn't know your damn name, that you're a cop! Everybody calm down.
We'll figure this out.
Figure what out? It's over.
Over? What are you talking about? We can't make a case against shell.
Ty's testimony is meaningless.
He's got conflicts all over the place.
All right, all right.
So we'll build a case that doesn't rely on ty's testimony, that's all.
How? I'll figure it out.
That's how.
You got my word on it.
Your word? I don't think it's as valuable as you think.
You have 24 hours.
That's it.
You got yourself into this mess.
Now get yourself out.
You hear me? Like I said before, we need this prick on camera.
You understand that? Good.
You're beautiful.
You okay? Yep.
Never been better.
Well, um, we'll talk later on, okay? Yeah.
What the hell is that, Walter? What the hell is wrong with you?! You don't bring that stuff in here! My first deal and eva gets pinched?! My first deal?! You a rat? You a cop? Whoa, whoa, whoa.
What?! Eva got busted? When? of a damn doughnut shop, and you tell me why there's blue lights everywhere! Huh? You tell me that! You Better watch your tone, son.
Or what? You gonna arrest me, Mr.
officer? How do you know you can even trust that eva bitch?! How do I know she's not gonna flip on me?! You ain't got to worry about none of that.
Why the hell not, big boy?! Because when people in my organization get busted They get dead.
You telling me you got the stomach To kill for one of these bricks here? You think I've made millions selling smack 'cause I ain't got the stomach to kill some skinny bitch?! Please! Her little ass will be dead by the time I sit down to eat my steak dinner tonight! And I promise you I promise you something else, brother.
That little piece Of filet will still taste damn good.
Hey, how you doin'? L.
Please put your hands up in the air.
You're under arrest.
I'm the cop, Walter.
And I'm the savior of this damn community.
There's no way in hell they'll convict me.
Is that right? Your word against mine?! Problem is My words count for a lot more! You're right.
But your words don't count more than videotape.
Yeah, 'cause the problem is, he's got a video camera in his hat.
They make them real small these days.
It's unbelievable.
All right.
Take him.
I've made millions selling smack 'cause I ain't got the stomach to kill some skinny bitch?! It's incredible.
Really hung himself, didn't he? The good news This case is foolproof.
I mean, ty's got shell on camera, admitting to murder, selling heroin.
Nobody can get out from under that, not even shell.
We got lucky.
I talked to Captain maynard this afternoon.
I asked him to suspend you two weeks, no pay.
Should've told me about your conversation with maynard.
I suppose you're right, but But what? I wasn't in the mood to be talked out of it.
Ty got himself into a tough situation, no doubt.
But things happen on the street when you're trying to make cases.
It's not all lily-white and by-the-book.
But he got the job done.
That's what matters.
Not to me.
What matters to you?! That's what I'm trying to figure out.
What your bosses think? Is that why you suspended him? To save your own ass when things get ugly down the road when shell goes to trial? You really think I'm gonna blow up my career over ty's dick? I have no idea.
Which closet is mine? The big one.
How much is the rent, anyway? I want to help out.
I own the place.
It's free.
So, did Rosie take the bait? No.
Well, that's great.
She quit.
Quit? She made us.
"I know Alex thinks I stole the bracelet.
"I didn't.
"I also know she left money on the nightstand, "hoping I'd steal it.
"I'm an honest woman.
"I believe in God.
"I don't steal.
" Well, just 'cause she left a note doesn't mean she's innocent.
Well, I, uh, found this on the floor this morning.
Your brother's still alive.
What? He's moving to Florida, eva, to live with your cousin.
What the hell are you talking about?