Dark Winds (2022) s01e05 Episode Script


Did you know they're reopening
the drill site?
We don't have anything that you'd want!
Is it all there?
Every penny.
Did you bring a token?
You need to take a look.
Father Benjamin Tso.
Do you have any other family
that need to be notified?
I wanted to thank Lieutenant Leaphorn
for burying my grandfather.
You are a blessing to this community.
Tell me who's hurting you.
Frank Nakai
It's the name she gave me.
She thinks she's encountered
a dark spirit.
I know I did.
Why'd we come here?
People who care about me are worried.
They think I'm too close to this case.
- Speed.
- All right, here we go.
Let's sell some cars, Jesus!
Every good gift is a gift
from the heavens above,
cometh down from our Father of Lights.
James 1:17.
I believe that every
bounty on this Earth
is a gift from our Heavenly Father,
and He wants us to live
a comfortable life.
Let us pray.
Little boy blue,
you're blowing too late ♪
Little boy blue,
you're blowing too late ♪
Oh, Father, in Jesus' name,
we thank you for this vessel
and all of its blessings.
Its leather interior,
its 7.7-liter engine,
and its remote control convertible top.
In Jesus' name, we thank you.
So come on down to Devoted Dan's,
where I'm devoted
to three things: one, our Lord;
two, my wife here, Betty,
and my little blessings;
and three, selling you a glorious car
at an affordable price.
- We got it.
- Okay.
- All right.
- We got it.
Well done.
- Thanks, Daddy.
- Well done.
Aw, thank you, darlin'.
Honey, that was perfect.
Say, listen, I got
a little, uh, work to do,
so I'll be back later tonight.
- Okay?
- Okay. All right.
- We'll see you.
- Can we get ice cream, Ma?
You two be good.
Do your homework.
Now, honey, I told you to stop asking
about the darn ice cream.
Let's go. Get out.
So how did I look, huh?
Like a million, Papa Bear.
Oh, you.
Okay, it's clear, darlin'.
Come on. Come on, now.
You're gonna love this.
This is what I call my second office.
Okay, Okay.
It's me. Get over here now.
Yeah. I just seen something.
- Oh, my gosh.
- Ah!
Hey, what the hell?
Wha-what's going on? What are you doing?
This is private property!
Take her inside.
- What? No hey.
- No.
- Let her go, come on.
- Let go!
Who are you?
The chariots rage in the streets.
They rush to and fro.
The appearance that of torches.
What is this, some kind of rain dance?
Book of Nahum, chapter two, verse four.
The words of your vengeful God.
Okay, what do you want?
I want to save your soul, Dan.
Mostly, I want you
to launder money for us.
And that truck we'll take that truck.
They say charity
provides life
for those spiritually dead.
Consider this your rebirth.
Damn it.
Fuck me.
It doesn't matter. I don't really care
if he needs care, but I need to see him.
I-I understand.
I don't think you understand exactly.
Here you go, honey.
What, no love for me?
Look, I need to get Nakai
back to Flagstaff
for questioning, and she's saying
he can't be released
until he's on the mend.
She is my wife.
Well, then maybe you
can talk to her for me.
Even if she were talking to me,
I still wouldn't do it.
Call me when he's on the mend.
You got a warrant?
Geronimo went off last night
and shot at an FBI agent, okay?
That is federal jurisdiction.
That may well be the case,
but right now,
he's a Navajo citizen
sitting in my custody.
I'll be back this afternoon.
I will alert the press.
Hey, be happy for once, man.
You caught the bad guy.
I didn't invite you here.
I know.
I'm headed out of town,
and I wanted to say goodbye.
Well, goodbye, then.
That's it?
What? You got what you came for.
Okay, fine.
This is why no one's
ever been in your trailer.
You make it so hard for people.
At least I know who I am.
I know where I belong.
There's nothing here for me.
I'm here.
I'm here.
I'm sorry.
Just go.
You know, for the record,
my clan is Todich'ii'nii.
Thank you.
I need access to Nakai
as soon as possible.
He's in the ICU.
Can he walk?
You can't interrogate him.
He's been under anesthesia.
He's on painkillers.
Yeah, but can he walk?
Well, then he can leave the hospital.
That's a nasty crash.
We found a similar wound
on a local petty thief,
Raymond Begay.
Forensics guy estimates
that they were killed
at least three weeks apart.
We also found this
down near the south bank.
Oh, let me guess. Same caliber?
We got it last night
down at the Tso hogan.
All right, follow these bodies
back to Flagstaff.
See if you can get ballistics
to match those holes to that casing.
Yes, sir.
Congratulations, Chee.
I put in for your transfer to D.C.,
just like I promised.
5K bonus and your own office.
You leave on Tuesday.
Thank you, sir.
Well, you do good work here, Chee.
Listen, I need you to collect
everything we have on the Big Rock.
We only have a few hours with him
before the feds show up, okay?
Why didn't you tell me Chee was FBI?
I could have told you that.
The feds have Anna's file
buried over there.
This was a chance to have
someone on the inside for once.
That doesn't explain why you lied to me.
I didn't lie to you.
Well, you didn't tell me either.
Since when do I
have to tell you everything?
Well, I guess you don't.
But you partnered me up with someone
you knew I couldn't trust,
and that's my life on the line.
I'm sorry.
You're right.
I wanted to protect you.
I'm a cop.
I don't need your protection.
I need your respect, Lieutenant.
Where's he at?
Where you two been holing up?
Not the Holiday Inn, I'm guessing.
Wound like that must hurt
worse than when your buddy
left you to die alone out there.
He knows I can't die.
They could.
What's this?
Oh, you don't know.
That's your partner's grandfather.
And that
That's a girl I knew.
Oh, wait, he didn't tell you, did he?
Your partner killed that little girl
and his own grandfather.
He gouged out his eyes.
So much for saving the Navajo, huh?
You wouldn't know the first thing
about saving the Diné.
Couldn't even save your own son.
My son died in an accident.
You're asking the wrong
questions, Lieutenant.
What do you know about my son, huh?
What do you know about my son?
Let me take a look.
Hot car.
It's a old car, huh?
You tell Eddie
if he wants them colts back,
he can pay me the 50 bucks he owes me.
That's not why I'm here.
No, but we're close.
Wanted to thank you
for bringing her back.
Not really necessary.
Yeah, well, never got
a chance to say it, so
Thank you.
That's not why I'm here.
Need to talk to you
about something else.
It's about Joe Jr.
Last time we talked
about him, you shot me.
Yeah, I know.
It was a mistake, and I'm I'm sorry.
I got a man up in holding right now that
claims the rig explosion
wasn't an accident.
I need to know why you didn't
go to work that day, Guy.
We've gone through this.
I don't know what more
you want me to say.
I need you to tell me
what happened to my son.
Just like you need to know
what happened to your daughter.
There was a rumor going around at work.
Some geologist was working on the rig,
started talking about
everybody was getting sick.
Rashes, bloody noses and shit.
I didn't think nothing of it.
I'd noticed guys
coming down with the flu,
but it ain't like none of them
lived the healthiest of lifestyles.
A couple weeks later,
the same guy said they found uranium
down in the well shaft.
Told us to steer clear of work
while they run the proper tests.
I didn't hear nothin'
about no explosion.
I didn't know Joe Jr.
Was gonna be in any danger.
I swear I didn't know.
Who was this man?
This geologist?
Name was, uh, Lebeck, I think.
Listen, Joe.
I said a lot of things to you
over the years
- that I regret
- No, you don't have to
Let me finish.
I said a lot of things to you
over the years
that I really shouldn't have.
I didn't know the pain
you were going through,
losing your son.
You don't have to
explain yourself, okay?
And now
now that I know
I'll never forgive myself.
I'm sorry, Joe.
I'm so sorry.
I didn't know the pain
you were going through.
You're a good man, Guy.
It was my left.
What'd you say?
Your partner's been lying to you.
They've all been lying to you.
What'd you say?
Look who's all alone now.
With nobody to save her.
Look at who's all alone now.
What I need to know
is how a blanket weaver can afford
to drive off your lot
in a brand-new car.
Like I told you,
a man comes here with money
and a list of names.
Okay? I take their old junkers,
they drive a new car off the lot
along with whatever cash
was left over in the wash.
That's illegal.
Yeah, well, so is extortion.
I got a reputation to uphold here,
you know, and I
Look, I am a weak man
when it comes to the temptation
of the flesh.
As well as gambling
and a bit of drinking.
But these guys are squeezing me.
I can't believe it took you
so long to get here.
I don't understand.
Wh you don't?
Well well, then talk
to the other agent.
Okay? I explained everything to him.
What other agent?
He came in a couple weeks back.
Wait, you don't know
anything about this?
You don't know
about those two Indian fellas
that are blackmailing me?
Did one of them have a scar?
Yeah, like his face has been dragged
across an asphalt highway.
And the other wore glasses?
Big thick gold-rimmed glasses.
Yeah, like some kind
of Indian Elvis Presley.
Elvis is Indian.
Yeah, right.
So who is this agent
that came in and talked to you?
Um, I got his card.
Here you go
Nope, that's not it.
Ah, here we go.
Oh, no, that's not it.
Seeketh, and you shall findeth,
sayeth the Lord.
I need to use your phone.
And I take it you want me
to leave my own office.
Elvis is one of ours.
You sure there's, uh,
nothing under the name
Dan DeMarco or Devoted Dan's?
Sorry, sir,
nothing has been filed
under either name.
Actually, since I've got you,
can you pull the Atcitty/Tso
murder case file for me?
The file is not here.
That can't be.
Might seem like an unusual
place for a graveyard.
Round these parts,
I guess it's a little odd.
Lieutenant Joe Leaphorn, Navajo Police.
B.J. Vines.
How can I help you?
I was hoping that I could speak to you
regarding the oil rig
you purchased recently.
Of course.
Are you seeing okay out of that?
- Rough day.
- This way.
You know, I guess
I'm just trying to figure out
who would want a burnt-out
oil rig that's been drained.
Drained, yes.
Mined, no.
That's impressive, Lieutenant.
Yeah. Uranium.
When you leased the land,
did you know anything
about the rig explosion?
Not much, really.
I know a few
Workers got killed, and, uh,
got some activists' panties in a bunch.
Which activists?
They call themselves
the Buffalo Society.
They've been recruiting Navajos
to buy up the surface land
surrounding my mine.
Did any of them go by the name
of Edwin Yazzie, by chance?
- Manuelito for Leaphorn.
- Manuelito for Leaphorn.
Go for Leaphorn.
Joe, you gotta get back here right now.
I need you and Sally
to pack your things.
Go to Guy and Helen's.
What's going on?
Nakai escaped.
He'll come here for Sally.
Hey, Sally.
Everything's fine, okay?
- Go back to your room, honey.
- Get some rest.
Did you hear what I just said?
He's not gonna come for her.
- He's the father of her child.
- He will come.
He's not the father.
Then who is?
The Father is the father.
How's that for irony?
Why didn't she tell us that
in the first place, Emma?
She was ashamed, Joe.
It was her mother's boyfriend.
Where are you going?
To do my job.
Let someone else
catch the bad guys for once.
I need you here.
You haven't been here for three years.
- Really? Are we
- Are we gonna do this now, Emma?
Is that what you want? Right now?
I know, it's not the right time.
No, it's not the right time.
Joe, please don't go.
Emma, I can't. I have to do my job.
You say "I can't," but you can.
You can, Joe. You always could.
But three years ago, you sat there,
and you said nothing.
Wait a second, Emma.
You wouldn't let me get a word in.
- That's not true.
- Yes, it is true.
Emma, you pushed him,
and you knew if you pushed him,
he would do the exact opposite.
So it's all my fault?
No, that's not what I said to you, Emma.
And you don't think I know that?
You don't think I replay
that day in my head?
In my heart?
I'm sorry, Emma.
He would have listened to you, Joe.
The last thing that boy would ever want
is to disappoint you.
And you said nothing
when you could have said anything.
You wanted him to go to college,
but you never said it.
Why, Joe?
Because I didn't want him
to go, Emma, that's why.
Oh, Joe.
Emma, I just wanted him to stay.
That's all I wanted.
That was my boy.
Oh, Joe.
- I have to go.
- Joe.
Emma, I have to go.
Whiskey, neat.
what, you just invite me down here
to rub D.C. in my face?
I actually wanted to ask you
about that Atcitty/Tso case.
- What?
- I told him.
I told him you'd be sniffing
around after that file.
- What's this?
- The file.
Whitover ordered me to get rid of that.
Now, why would he ask you
to get rid of it?
I don't know.
And I don't care.
Good luck in D.C.
Navajo Police! I have a warrant.
We have to send you away, Bernie.
Your parents died.
There's nothing here for me.
Grab me. I can get you out.
I need immediate assistance
at Two Point Loma Road.
Get me all the water trucks
and an ambulance.
Where is he?
Who, Leaphorn?
He came tearing in here
about a half hour ago.
Grabbed a bunch of ammo.
Go for Manuelito.
Yeah, who's this?
It's McGinnis.
I think I got something
you and Leaphorn ought to check out.
Listen, I don't got time
for another shoplifter.
No, no. It's about the priest.
Wanda's awake.
She's talking.
You know Wanda.
She's got a whole lot to say.
- I got a warrant for frag
- What the hell happened to you?
Who are you?
I'm FBI.
Well, you're late.
What are you talking about?
The Growing Thunder woman
broke Nakai out,
but I know where he's headed.
What are you holding?
Uh, I got my nine mil.
You're gonna need this.
Let's go.
All right.
Happy to see you alive, brother.
You took off on a horse,
left me in a gunfight with two cops.
How would I know you're alive?
They told me
you killed your grandfather.
Who said that?
The cops?
You believe them?
I don't know who to believe.
Believe in the cause, brother.
How did McGinnis know about this?
Um, his wife was in on it.
They were using black magic
to keep it quiet.
Well, it must have wore off.
something like that.
On the next episode of "Dark Winds"
Why didn't you tell me Chief was FBI?
Every good gift is a gift from
the heavens above.
Navajo Police! I have a warrant!
Be happy for once, man.
You caught the bad guy.
Where are you going? To do my job.
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