Dark Winds (2022) s01e06 Episode Script


Sorry, Father, I didn't get your name.
Benjamin Tso.
Who was this agent that came in
and talked to you?
I got his card, pour it over.
What's this? Whitover ordered me
to get rid of that.
Leaphorn: What have you
noticed about Benjamin, our priest?
- Chee: No glasses.
- How 'bout this one?
- Glasses.
- James Tso.
Get outta the car!
Nakai: What's this? Leaphorn:
What? You don't know?
Your partner killed his own grandfather.
You, took off on a horse.
Left me in a gun fight with two cops.
There's nothing here for me.
I'm here.
- Make sure to come.
- We're the Buffalo Society.
Join us. Be a member
of the Buffalo Society.
Are you committed to a just
future for the Navajo Nation?
Are you committed
to a profitable future?
Boycott Vines. Stop the mines.
- Stop the mines.
- Boycott Vines.
Make sure to come.
You got something against the white man?
You're not the type
of patronage we're looking for.
You mean Indians?
White men don't get to say "Indians."
Why don't you keep moving?
You mean all the way back to California?
First National Credit Union
in Stockton, August 23rd.
- Sound familiar?
- Never been to Stockton.
Ah, well, I don't blame you.
Smells like oil and cow manure.
I'm sure you feel right at home there.
Hoski, right?
What's your real name anyway?
Your partner wouldn't give it up.
What do you want?
I want in on the next one
The one you got planned
for that bank in Gallup.
That's the major leagues there, Tonto.
I don't know what you're talking about.
I'm just a righteous community activist.
Well, the grand jury won't think so.
See, your helicopter pilot
the getaway driver
turns out he's a degenerate.
Had boxes of pictures of young boys.
And they weren't the kind you find
at a Sears Portrait Studio.
Anyway, this scum of the earth,
he decides to make a deal.
So he drops a dime on you.
And who's going to believe
the word of a pederast?
Well, you'd be surprised
what an all-white jury
will hear when it comes to
putting an Indian behind bars.
Sorry, there I go again.
way I see it, you got two choices.
Fed pen
or you cut me in.
I'll even set you up with a new pilot.
- Who?
- His name is Chip Woods.
And he could land a bird
on salad plate in a snowstorm.
Look, man, I could give
a rat's ass about your cause.
But you're good at robbing banks,
and I'm good at making
sure you never get caught.
- I don't trust white men.
- Me neither.
That's why you
and I are gonna be friends.
Where's Bernadette?
What's with you all today?
She just slipped out of here
with that bilagáanaasshole.
- Who?
- That bigwig FBI guy.
Where are they headed?
I think she said something
about Canyon de Chelly.
Hey, anyone ever tell you
you're too beautiful be a cop?
Only everyone.
What about you?
Uh no.
No one.
This is Officer Manuelito, copy,
but you're coming in broken.
- What was that about?
- Cattle rustler.
Come on.
Wait a minute. This is the
place we found the helicopter.
Yeah, well, they didn't get very far.
I'll be right back.
All right.
All right.
Oh, fuck.
There's an APB out for us by now.
I'm sure they got a checkpoint
set up in and out of the rez.
Yeah, that's why they come in handy.
We can use them to get out.
- You come back to us.
- You, get out!
- Please don't go.
- You come back.
Everyone's looking for us by now.
Some bilagáanafamily in a fancy van
Wave us right through.
Come on, go.
We don't have a fancy van.
We will.
It's okay. It's okay.
It's okay. It's ok
You're gonna to drive to Flagstaff,
and then you're
gonna go see Devoted Dan.
Ask him for the van.
Dan? What van?
He'll know the one we're talking about.
And if that van's rocking,
you still better be knocking.
Okay, Flagstaff, Dan, the van, van.
Flagstaff, the Dan van.
Flagstaff, the Dan van.
- Okay.
- Be back before noon.
Then me and my friend and you
and your two little ones
will load in the back of the van,
and you'll drive us out of here.
And we'll all live happily ever after.
What if something happens?
W-what if I don't make it back?
Then only some of us
will live happily ever after.
What if he just goes to his second wife?
When he comes back, we'll blow the cave,
create a diversion,
and make our way to the border.
Then what?
They'll pay for our brothers
at the mine.
Hand me those rocks.
Yeah, we'll seal him in.
We got him trapped.
Give me those rocks.
- Bernadette!
- Chee?
Boy, am I glad to see you.
Where is she?
Well, we split up,
and I got all turned around.
Everything looks the same out here.
Why are you here?
I came to pick up half face,
but he got busted out.
- You didn't hear that?
- No.
You know where they are?
If I did, would I be standing
here talking to you?
Yeah, I don't know
where they are either.
Blind leading the blind.
What brings you back out here anyway?
Leaphorn's wife called,
said Joe is in trouble.
You drove all the way
back here to help him?
He must have made
quite an impression on you.
He's a good man.
Yeah, that and a quarter
will get you a cup of coffee.
Do you know why I chose you
over Springer?
- You needed an Indian.
- No.
I needed someone who'd put
himself over everything else
and could speak a little Navajo.
Let's just get the hell out of here.
I'm just making sure he can't get out.
If it's a cop, then there's more coming.
That'll hold him.
Help! They have my family!
Please help me! They have my family!
- How far are they from here?
- Mile
half mile that way.
Get him to a doctor.
Please. Please, you have to get us
Shh, shh.
- Damn it!
- Let's go!
Come on.
We have to get out of here, now.
Get the Mormons,
just in case we need 'em.
They're gone.
Someone took my rifle.
Hey. Hey.
Here, take the kids.
There's a beach
at the bottom of the quarry.
- Wait there for help.
- No, p-please don't leave us.
No, it's okay. I have to go back.
My cruiser's down there. Radio for help.
It's okay.
Go. Just follow the hill down the path.
Go, go.
Thanks for the warning.
- Whitover's on the loose.
- I'm gonna need a weapon.
You didn't have to come back.
I know, but you're here.
- We've got it all.
- Well, that looks heavy.
You need a hand?
What brings you out here?
It's a great night
to catch a couple of bad guys.
The first time I can honestly say
I'm glad to see you, Highpockets.
I'm sorry to disappoint you, Joe.
I'll take that.
And go stand over there.
I'll be taking my share now.
What's he talking about?
- You didn't tell him?
- Tell me what?
He had the goods on us.
I had to make a deal.
He's in on it? You let him in on it?
I did it for the cause, brother!
Killing your grandfather
for the cause, too?
Don't listen to him.
He sells out our own people every day.
Hey, I believed you
when you said you didn't know.
I'm with Leaphorn on this one.
We found your prints
at the hotel, James.
Sorry I couldn't tell you, Joe
for obvious reasons.
Mm, all said and done, I
thought we had each other's backs.
I know.
Me too.
I'm not feeling good about myself.
- But I am in this deep.
- Yeah, you are.
I'm sorry, my brother.
You always said we were
fighting the wrong enemy.
Look, I'm not greedy.
Why don't you take half
that money and get out of here?
I can't carry it all myself anyway.
Now, how do I know you're
not gonna shoot me in the back?
You don't.
Might not be what you
want to hear right now,
but I always respected you Joe!
Step away.
Where's Leaphorn?
Uh, they shot him.
Go check.
Well, they're getting away,
and you stopped me.
I wonder why.
You were just gonna bury Leaphorn, too?
What difference does it make? He's dead.
- What?
- They shot him.
He's gone.
- Leaphorn?
- Yeah. Down here.
Hey. Hey.
- What is that?
- That's evidence.
That is your early retirement.
Well, that's not how
the bureau's gonna see it.
They'll think it's your cut
of the crime.
- How's that?
- So I let it be known
that you were a member
of the Buffalo Society.
- Are you okay?
- Yeah.
It just popped out of the socket.
- Help me out here.
- Yeah.
- Ready?
- Yeah.
Keep talking. I saw the file.
I know I told Springer
to give it to you.
But he's gonna tell
them that you took it
to cover the crimes
of your Indian friends.
He wouldn't do that.
Oh, no? No, he doesn't want
that promotion?
The one you got?
- Whitover's in on it.
- I know. Chee has him.
- Chee?
- Yeah.
You know, it doesn't have
to end like this.
We're a good team.
Lone Ranger and Tonto got nothing on us.
You let this slide,
you can have that promotion,
little something extra
for your mattress.
I don't want your blood money.
You've been taking
my blood money for years.
What's a little more gonna hurt?
How much is in there?
Thank you.
- Hey, what are you doing?
- Going after the priest.
Well, he's probably driven off.
The Mormons said they have a car.
Car, yes. Tires, no.
You never wanted to be here
in the first place.
I had to drag your ass
out here you remember that?
Now you can have everything you wanted.
So what's it gonna be, son?
A haul like this,
coupled with a conspiracy,
three murders
- 10 to 15 in Leavenworth.
- Fine, the hell with it.
Just You know what? Take me in.
You let the chips fall where they may.
I had high hopes for you,
and you threw it all away
to solve the murder
of a dying old Indian,
some two-bit whore.
No one talks about my baby like that.
Ch Chee?
- You're weren't here.
- Just leave the weapon.
- It's gonna be okay.
- What are
Give me the gun.
You can go.
This was the only way.
What do we say? What's the story?
Help me get him into the cave.
Careful. Your arm.
How far away you think
Guy was when he shot him?
Five feet. I don't know. Why?
All right, here.
All right.
Nakai shot Whitover.
You're forgetting one thing.
What's that?
Leaphorn will know.
Let's go.
It's a gift to you
from my tribe.
Give me the gun.
Get in.
What's the plan, James?
I'm tired.
Shoulder hurts like hell.
You got a bullet in your leg.
- You got nowhere to run.
- You're not taking me in.
Yeah, obviously.
You got me dead to rights.
You gonna kill me, too?
Why did you have to come here?
I'm trying to help our people you
Avenge the death of your son.
My son died in an accident.
You and I both know
that's not the truth.
Well, I'm sorry
for your anger and this this rage.
I know it. I feel it, too, man.
- Let me do what I came to do.
- No, I can't.
In a different world,
we could have been allies
on either side of this.
It's your methods, James,
that that put us at odds.
You know what it feels like
to finally make your own decisions?
No nun, no drill sergeant,
no bilagáanaFBI agent
telling you what to do
and when to do it
To do whatever you want
whenever you want it?
It must make you feel powerful.
Yes, it does.
Maybe too powerful?
I'm sorry what happened to you.
I saw what went on
in those schools to those kids
that were taken away
from their families and abused.
I ran away once.
I came here.
I knew my grandfather would protect me.
Instead, he sent me back.
And so you tried to burn
that school to the ground.
I get it. I don't blame you.
I might have done the same.
But it didn't give you a right
to violate that girl
and kill your grandfather.
- Guilt is a wasted emotion.
- But it suggests a conscience.
And I see that you have one.
I'm gonna be a father.
That depends on your definition.
James, wait. Ja
Justice will come
for me, for you.
- They'll pay.
- They'll pay.
Huh? We make our own future.
That's survival. That's our strength.
You're hunting for ghosts, brother.
I'm the champion of ghosts!
They compel me
to fight for a righteous world!
A better world!
Of course. A better world for all of us.
It's just small moments
of beauty, James.
You could still carry a powerful message
from behind bars.
No message more righteous than a martyr.
You don't have to do this, James.
Get out.
You can go to jail for that around here.
Yeah, can't seem to stay out of trouble.
Yeah, I heard you were kicking around.
- Thinking about staying a while?
- It's crossed my mind.
I left the bureau.
Yeah, I heard. What do you have planned?
I haven't thought that far ahead.
I'm keeping my options open - Hmm.
Well, we could always use
your help around here.
- You'd have me back?
- Yeah.
I think I could wrap my head around it.
This place is a lot smaller
than I remember.
It's the world has gotten bigger, Chee.
You got a beautiful place out here.
But I'm not just here on a social call.
I need to know
what happened back at the cave.
I had to protect a friend of a friend.
I respect that.
If I had the chance
to do things differently,
I would have.
I messed up, but what's done is done.
Who else knows about this?
We were just trying to protect you,
trying to keep you out of it.
They excavated the cave.
You said in your report
that Nakai wasn't dead yet
and he shot Whitover in the back
when he tried to make off
with the money,
but then he died later.
Yeah. That's what I reported.
Then you and Sergeant Manuelito
checked the rest of the crime scene.
You heard the explosion,
but you got out
before the cave collapsed.
That was the story.
You speculated that it might have been
the white man, Pete Samuels, who did it.
Who really pressed the detonator?
I did.
Well, that would account
for the missing money, huh?
- "Missing money"?
- Yeah.
They didn't find any money.
You wouldn't happen to know
anything about that.
I didn't take it, if that's
what you're getting at.
I know you didn't
The money was there. I know it was.
You also said there were two bodies.
They only found one.
Nakai's missing.
FBI is being pretty
tight-lipped about it.
But as far as the report goes,
it's your word against his.
I don't see him making
a statement anytime soon.
You're a lucky son of a bitch.
You know that?
I got to get back home.
Emma and Sally and the baby
are waiting for me.
- Joe.
- Yeah.
I, uh
I know.
This land is your land
This land is my land
From California
To the New York Island
From the Redwood forest
To the Gulf Stream waters
This land was made for you and me ♪
This land was made for you and me ♪
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