Date A Live (2013) s01e01 Episode Script

April 10

1 30 years ago Near the border between China and Mongolia.
The enormous spacequake which struck central Eurasia, caused an unprecedented 150 million deaths.
And dare mo ga utsumuku machi In the streets of a forsaken town (Dead or alive) kawaita kaze fukinuketeku A dry wind blows through hikari motometa hitomi Eyes which search for the light (Dead or alive) Show nothing but despair utsuru no wa zetsubou dake dare ni mo todokanai sakebi Screams which reach no one sagasu sono te de tomete Find themselves within my hands! nani mo kamo kowareta sekai de In this world where everything is broken wake mo wakaranai mama ni Where I can no longer tell what is happening I am still scared of the kindness you touched me with fureta yasashisa ga mada kowakute ana no aita kokoro no sukima Will you be the one to fill the gap umete kureru hito ha kimi nano? That has opened in my heart? erande Date A Live Choose a Date A Live Episode 1 April 10th now, my sister is waking me up in the worst way possible.
Kotori, my cute little sister.
What's wrong, my cute older brother? Get off of me already! You're heavy! GOUF! You said "GOUF"! That's a mobile suit for terrestrial warfare! Hey! Why are you going back to sleep? Wake up! Wake up, Onii-chan! Wake up! Run, Kotori Huh? I've caught the "I have to sleep for ten more minutes, or else I will tickle my sister to death" virus.
Abbreviated as the "T-virus".
What did you say? Run, Kotori while I still have control of myself.
But what will happen to you, Onii-chan? Forget about me! As long as you're safe Hurry! No way Onii-chan! Good grief.
I'm so scared.
The T-virus is so scary.
Calm down! It's your usual Onii-chan.
O-Onii-chan? Don't be scared.
I'm Kotori's friend.
A small-scale spacequake was observed on the outskirts of Tengu City, in the early hours of the morning.
The damage was comparably minor, and none of the residents who live nearby suffered injuries.
The conditions under which the spacequake occurred are still under investigation.
Another one? This one was close by.
Looks like it.
Wide-area vibrational phenomena which have an unknown cause.
As the name suggests, the space itself shakes, destroying everything in the affected area.
It's an outrageous natural disaster.
In the six months that followed the great disaster 30 years ago, numerous spacequakes occurred in places all around the world.
In Japan, the area near where we live was reduced to nothing, by a spacequake known as the Great South Kanto Spacequake.
Nothing happened for the next 25 years.
But five years ago, out of the blue, starting with the newly redeveloped Tengu City, spacequakes started occurring again and are now on the rise.
Furthermore, they seem to be centred around Japan.
Haven't they been especially common recently? I guess so.
I guess this is a bit faster than anticipated.
Hey! We're about to have breakfast! Come on Make sure you eat all of your breakfast, too Of course! I love you, Onii-chan! Any requests for lunch? Opening Ceremony The Deluxe Kid's Plate! Isn't that something from a family restaurant? I'm sorry, but this kitchen doesn't have that on the menu.
What?! Come on! Please Please! I'm begging you, Onii-chan! Deluxe Kid's Plate! Lunch at a family restaurant! Arai Shopping Street A family restaurant isn't something to be that happy about.
Let me be.
Thanks, Onii-chan! So, Onii-chan, let's meet here after school, okay? Sure.
It's absolute.
It's an absolute promise.
Even if terrorists come and take over the restaurant, you still absolutely have to come.
If they do, then we won't be getting any food.
All right all right, be careful on your way to school.
Hmm? Isn't that Itsuka-kun? Aren't they a little too close? So he really does have a sister complex, like the rumours say.
It's absolutely an absolute promise, okay? Even if there's a spacequake, you absolutely have to come! Yeah.
Hurry up and get going.
Good morning, Itsuka.
Hey Tonomachi Glad to see you're doing so well at the start of the new term.
Well, there are rumours about him too.
People say Tonomachi-kun swings both ways Gross.
What's wrong? I think I just spotted the super genius.
But what a coincidence it is for us to be in the same class again, Itsuka.
I really feel that it is our fate to be together.
Oh really? Oh sorry.
My girlfriend is calling.
Oh? Since when? Let me introduce you.
What?! That's a dating simulator! She's no different from a normal girlfriend.
Don't discriminate.
Dating simulators contain all a person needs to know about how to interact with women! They're practically dating textbooks.
Especially when this one, "Love me - My Little Seed", is always running, and you can access it at any time Itsuka Shido Me? Yes.
How do you know my name? You don't remember? Hey who's that? You don't know who the super genius, Tobiichi Origami, is? Tobi ichi Origami? She always has the highest scores in the grade and is flawless at PE.
On top of that, she's gorgeous.
She's never fallen out of the top three in the "Girls who I want to be my lover" ranking, from what I know.
I'm surprised you don't know about the most famous person in the school.
But why does Tobiichi know you? That's what I'd like to know.
Oh! It's Tama-chan! Good morning! My name is Okamina Tamae.
I'll be your homeroom teacher for the year.
Tobiichi Origami.
How does she know me? Why is she staring at me? What's wrong with her? What in the world does she want with me? Itsuka, let's go home together.
Sorry, I've got plans.
Oh, with a girl? I guess you could say that.
It's just Kotori though.
I know.
From what I know, there's no girl who likes you enough to have lunch with you.
That's going too far.
A spacequake tremor has just been detected in this area.
A spacequake warning? A quake is coming? This is not a drill.
Let's evacuate.
It should be safe in the school's underground shelter.
Please evacuate quickly to the nearest spacequake shelter.
Tobiichi? Scanning: Spacequake quantified.
Fault intensity at 3.
Host pattern matched: PRINCESS So she's come.
Spacequake Warning In Effect I repeat.
A spacequake tremor has just been detected in this area.
This is not a drill.
Please evacuate quickly to the nearest spacequake shelter.
I repeat.
A spacequake tremor has just been detected in this area.
Everyone, stay calm! Remember the three D's and head to the shelter in two columns.
Don't push, don't cut in line.
Oh my god, we're going to Die.
I think you're the one who needs to stay calm.
O-Of course.
Kotori should have evacuated as well.
Don't tell me she's still keeping to that promise she made.
Even if there's a spacequake, you absolutely have to come! Kotori, you're not waiting for me in front of the family restaurant, are you? You're safe in the nearest shelter, right? It's okay.
She's just busy with the evacuation, so she hasn't noticed her phone is ringing.
That has to be it.
I'll just confirm her current location.
Acquiring current location .
Just in case .
Itsuka Kotori Near Danny's Itsuka Kotori Near Danny's Hey, Itsuka! I love you, Onii-chan! Why? Thank you, Onii-chan! Why? Why is she so stupidly honest that she would keep that promise, even when the city's in this state? Kotori! Kotori! Kotori! What the What's she doing there? You, too? Have you come to kill me, too? You're here to kill me, aren't you? Then, I'll cut you down now.
H-Hold it right there! There's no way I'd do that.
I wouldn't kill you.
To begin with, who are you? Why do you not realise that your efforts are futile? Why is this girl so strong and yet wearing an expression like that? Tobiichi Origami? Itsuka Shido? What's with that outfit? Coordinates: FJ-1820.
Target: Princess.
Target lost.
Signal from the surroundings is too weak to continue tracking.
What's going on? Confirm target lost.
Long time no see.
We finally meet again.
Who are you? I'm so happy.
But just a little longer.
Please wait a little longer.
I will never let you go.
I won't make that mistake again.
So You're awake.
W-Who are you? I'm the Analytics Officer, Murasame Reine.
Don't worry.
I don't have a license, but I can at least provide some basic nursing.
How can I not worry? Um do you know where we are? This is the medical bay of the Fraxinus.
We brought you here while you were unconscious.
Fraxi unconscious? Right.
I was caught in the middle of a battle.
Kotori! My little sister! I'm looking for my little sister! She didn't evacuate, and she's waiting for me in front of a family restaurant Calm down.
She's fine.
Huh? What? I'm sure there are plenty of questions you're dying to ask, but I'm terrible at explanations.
You should ask the captain if you want to know more.
I've brought him.
Good work.
I'm the Executive Officer, Kannazuki Kyouhei.
I'm delighted to make your acquaintance.
Kotori? Welcome aboard.
And welcome to Ratatoskr.
Entry confirmed.
ANS set.
Release connection.
Good work, Origami.
Captain Kusakabe.
You overdoing it.
This is a monster we call a Spirit, which we just lost track of.
In other words, she disappeared.
And this is- H-Hold on a second! What is it? The captain is going out of her way to give you an explanation.
You should shedding tears of joy at the honour.
For now, I'll give you the special privilege of licking the soles of my feet.
R-Really?! Not you! Thank you so much! Are you really Kotori? What's that? Have you forgotten the face of your little sister, Shido? What happened to "Onii-chan"? I knew you had a terrible memory, but you disappoint me.
Should I call and reserve you a spot in a retirement home? What are you doing here? Where are we? And Right right.
I'll fill you in on the details later.
For now, try and get what I'm explaining into that head of yours.
First, she is a Spirit.
She isn't something that belongs in our world.
Just by appearing here, regardless of her intentions, the surrounding area goes boom! Goes "boom"? Not very bright, are you? In other words, the phenomenon we call spacequakes are a side-effect of Spirits like her appearing in our world.
Wha She did that? Secondly, this is AST.
They're the Counter-Spirit division of the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force.
When a Spirit appears, they fly over and deal with the Spirit.
To put it simply, they kill them.
Kill? Have you come to kill me, too? Third, there's one other way of dealing with Spirits besides the method that AST employs.
But for that, your help is absolutely necessary.
My help? You start training tomorrow.
I'll have one of my staff do all the procedures tonight, so just go to school as usual tomorrow.
Hold on a second! What do you mean by "training"? What are you trying to say I can do? I didn't ask for your opinion.
I'm accepting nothing but a "yes" from you.
Putting all that aside, I know you're stupid, but why were you there? Did you want to die? I was looking for you! You said I absolutely had to come even if there was a spacequake! I did say that, but I didn't think you were so stupid that you would take that seriously.
Of course I did! The location given by your cell phone wasn't moving from the family restaurant! My cell phone? Ah right, how unexpected.
We're directly above the family restaurant.
What? Disable the filter.
We're at an altitude of 15,000 meters above Tengu City.
This is the aerial battleship Fraxinus.
Um, this is just the second day of the new term, but we have a new assistant homeroom teacher joining us.
I'm Murasame Reine.
I teach physics.
Nice to me- Physics store room Why are you suddenly a teacher here? Mind explaining what you're up to, Analytics Officer Murasame? Call me Reine, Shintarou.
Um, my name is Shido.
I see.
Sorry, Shin.
Are you even trying to get it right? Well putting that aside.
It's far more convenient if I can stay near you as your teacher.
You should have been able to figure out something that simple if you used your head.
You useless bug.
More importantly, why are you here too? What happened to school? I made the proper arrangements.
So are you finally going to explain to me what it is that you want me to do? You'll understand once you get started with this training software.
A dating simulator? This is the one that Tonomachi was playing.
It's not the same.
Look at it carefully.
My Little Shido? Existing on the border between dimensions.
Unknown disaster-causing living organisms.
Both their origin and reason for their existence is unknown.
When they appear in our world they cause a spacequake, which leads to devastating damage in the area.
Exterminate them with weapons.
However, due to their advanced combat capability, this is difficult to achieve.
Good morning, Onii-tan! It's me, Lilica! Looks like things have taken a turn for the worse.
But I have faith that you'll sort it all out.
You'll definitely be able to do it! Hey, Shido.
You wouldn't do anything to hurt the Spirits, would you? But if you leave them be, they'll end up causing more spacequakes.
Then, why don't we try convincing them? Let's try making them like this world.
Like they say, "The world looks better when you're in love.
" In other words, Itsuka-kun In other words In other words you have to date them! Make the Spirits fall in love with you! Get to know each other by talking.
Then go on lovey-dovey dates and make them fall head over heels in love with you.
That's Shido-kun's Itsuka-kun's Onii-tan's mission! There you have it! Best of luck with the training! You saw me yesterday.
Don't say a word about it to anyone.
You should forget about everything you saw yesterday and everything I'm saying to you now.
Are you talking about that girl? Hey, Tobiichi.
Is that girl She's a Spirit.
She's something that I have to defeat.
Are they really that bad? I lost my parents 5 years ago because of a Spirit.
sekai ga owaru mae ni 世界が終わる前に Before the world ends KILL or KISS mada koi no ko no ji mo shiranai no ni まだ恋の「こ」の字も知らないのに Even though I don't know the first thing about love aa, doushite tutorial mo naku jissen あぁどうして チュートリアルもなく実践 Ah, why am I facing my life without a tutorial? kimochi dake flying shite saizensen 気持ちだけフライングして最前線 I'm flying to the front line with nothing but my feelings クールな君弾かれパニック! You bounce me away, panic! kuuru na kimi hajikare panikku! koukando no nami ni furimawasarete 好感度の波に 振り回されて I am at the mercy of the waves of your affection I'm a toy to be played with or even worse 遊ばれてる? オモチャ モチャ それ以下!? asobareteru? omocha mocha sore ika!? It's long way hate shinasugiru 果てしなすぎる There's just no end kimi e no michinori wo 君への道のりを To the road leading to you zensokuryoku de hashiritsuzu keru yo 全速力で走りçšã‘るよ I keep running at full speed mata aemasuka? また会えますか? Will I see you again? Will you believe me? 信じてくれますか? shinjite kuremasuka? koi ni nite hinarumono de 恋に似て非なるもので With something that's isn't quite love SAVE THE WORLD sekai ga owaru mae ni 世界が終わる前に Before the world ends KILL or KISS kimi ga waratte kuretara 君が笑ってくれたら If you laugh for me ureshii no desu 嬉しいのです I'll be happy Episode 2: Close Encounter For A Second Time