Date A Live (2013) s01e05 Episode Script

The Freezing Ground

1 Come on Tohka.
Tohka Just listen to me.
Tohka Tohka Tohka Tohka Tohka Tohka Tohka Tohka Tohka Tohka Tohka Tohka Tohka Tohka Tohka Leave me alone.
Tohka Tohka Get lost already! Idiot, idiot! The rain is like the girl.
Sometimes it falls gently, sometimes it's transient, and sometimes it falls with force.
It's nothing more than H2O, and nothing less than H2O.
However, the rain this evening may be a little cold.
dare mo ga utsumuku machi 誰もが俯く街 In the streets of a forsaken town, (Date A Live) kawaita kaze fukinuketeku A dry wind blows through, hikari motometa hitomi Eyes which search for the light (Date A Live) Show nothing but despair.
utsuru no wa zetsubou dake Screams which reach no one.
dare ni mo todokanai sakebi sagasu sono te de tomete Find themselves within my hands! nani mo kamo kowareta sekai de In this world where everything is broken, wake mo wakaranai mama ni わけも分からないままに Where I can no longer tell what is happening, I am still scared of the kindness you touched me with.
fureta yasashisa ga mada kowakute ana no hiraita kokoro no sukima 穴の開いた 心の隙間 Will you be the one to fill the gap umete kureru hito ha kimi nano? 埋めてくれる人は君なの? that has opened in my heart? erande Date A Live Choose a Date A Live Sorry, but I'm going to get straight to the point.
Episode 5 The Frozen Ground Can you tell me why it is you're so upset? Is it because Shin went to meet another girl? W-Why would you bring up Shido? Oh? Is he unrelated? I don't know.
Even I don't know why I'm feeling this way.
Yoshinon? Calm down.
I won't do anything.
What happened to your puppet? Are you looking for it? It's not my place to decide who Shido can meet or kiss, but when I saw that, I don't know why, but it felt really painful.
Then, when that rabbit said Shido cared more about her than me, I felt so hopelessly sad, and scared.
Is there something wrong with me? I see.
You lost it after AST attacked you yesterday? There you have it.
Any idea where it is? We're analysing our mission footage.
We want her feelings to be focused solely on you, so we can't support you directly.
We'll support you as much as possible with the search though.
All right, let's go look for it, Yoshinon.
M-My name isn't Yoshinon it's Yoshino.
Yoshinon is my friend.
Yoshino? I see.
Hang on.
Use this.
You might already be wet, but this is better than nothing.
No problem.
I'm fine.
Go ahead and use it.
There's nothing wrong with you at all.
I think we need to clear up this misunderstanding though.
Misunderstanding? That kiss was the result of an accident, and there isn't a bit of truth to what she said about Shin caring more for her than you.
But Shido If he didn't care about you, he wouldn't go so far as to put his own life on the line to save you.
Tohka! Yoshino, are you hungry? How about taking a break and getting something to eat? It'd be a good chance to ask her a few questions.
I guess you're right, but all of the stores in the area look like they're closed.
Do you want to come to my house, Yoshino? I can tell it's really important to you, but what is that puppet, Yoshinon, to you? Yoshinon is my friend, and he's a hero.
A hero? Yoshinon is the ideal I aim for.
He's what I want to be.
He's not weak and hesitant like me.
He's strong and cool.
What you want to be, huh? I like you more now though, Yoshino.
Something wrong? That's the first time anyone's ever said that to me.
If you planned that, it was pretty good.
We've finishing analysing our mission footage for the puppet.
Hey, Yoshino.
Why don't you fight back when AST attacks you? Is there a reason for that? I don't like things that hurt.
I don't like scary things.
I don't think they like things that hurt or are scary, either.
Yoshino, you're But I'm so weak and cowardly that I can't be alone.
When it hurts and I'm scared, and it won't go away, I can't think any more.
If that were to happen, I'd probably do something bad to everyone.
That's why Yoshinon is my hero.
Yoshinon tells me it's okay, when I'm scared.
When he says that, I really do feel like it's okay.
That's why That's why Um I'll save you.
I'll definitely find Yoshinon for you, but you don't need Yoshinon to keep protecting you.
I'll be your hero.
That's right.
It doesn't matter if she's a Spirit.
I can't just leave a girl as kind as her by herself! Thank you very much.
No problem.
Oh, and sorry about what happened.
I kissed you all of a sudden.
Kissed? When you bring your face close to someone else's and touch your lips together.
Shido, I'm sorry I- Shido, sorry to interrupt, but we've found out where Yoshinon is.
Really? Where? I guess you could say, this is going to be a pain in the butt.
It's that feeling again.
The same painful feeling.
Who is it? It's me, Itsuka Shido.
I can't believe it ended up at Tobiichi's place.
According to our analysis, there's no doubt about it.
We observed Tobiichi Origiami picking up Yoshinon before leaving the scene.
I really don't like behaving like a thief.
Why are you saying this now? We're going to provide you as much support as we can We're being jammed? Kotori? Shido! Tobiichi Tobiichi Tobiichi Tobiichi Tobiichi Tobiichi Tobiichi Tobiichi Tobiichi Tobiichi Tobiichi Tobiichi Tobiichi Tobiichi Tobiichi Tobiichi Tobiichi Tobiichi Tobiichi Tobiichi Tobiichi Tobiichi Tobiichi Tobiichi Tobiichi Tobiichi Tobiichi Tobiichi Tobiichi Um Tobiichi-san? Something wrong? Sorry for wanting to come over so suddenly.
No problem.
Go ahead.
Tobiichi! What's this!? Go ahead.
Go ahead!? Go ahead.
My chest! Tobiichi! What are No? I don't think that's a good idea.
I propose a trade.
In exchange for me getting off of you, I want you to accept one of my requests unconditionally.
What is it? You call Yatogami Tohka "Tohka", but you call me "Tobiichi".
This extremely unfair.
What? I want you to call me "Origami".
Problem? I don't think that'll be a problem.
O-Origami? Shido? Where are you going? I'm going to take a shower.
A shower all of a sudden? Right! The puppet! Sign: No problem Sign: Go right ahead.
Not good.
I can't find it.
On top of that, my cheeks are feeling warm.
Hey! That was qui- Something wrong? Um What's wrong? You're asking me what's wrong? You still haven't restored contact with Shido? There seems to be a very strong jamming signal.
They don't even go this far at AST headquarters.
What is wrong with this girl? There's something I want to ask you.
During the operation, I'm sure I saw you.
What are you? Tobiichi, have you ever tried talking to a Spirit? Completely unnecessary.
I have.
Not just Tohka.
Yoshino, the Spirit you call Hermit, as well.
Extremely dangerous.
You should stop.
Just a quick greeting is fine.
When you meet them, please try talking to them! Of course, there may be Spirits with bad intentions, like you say.
But Tohka and Yoshino are I'm sure how I should put this, but they're both really nice! They're both really kind.
I want to save Yoshino, and I want you to accept Tohka.
On top of that, I don't want you killing such good people.
You're a good person too! None of you are bad people, so why are things like this? This is unavoidable.
Assuming you're right, and Hermit is not looking for a fight, the problem of spacequakes remains.
That's a scramble order.
You need to get to a shelter.
Origami, just one last question.
If, like Tohka, a Spirit lost her powers, you'd stop trying to attack them, right? It's not what I personally would do, but I cannot defy the orders of my superiors and act on my own judgement.
Thank you.
That's all I needed.
All right! Let's finish her.
Zadkiel! Did we stop her? Wha- This is An angel.
She froze their Realizers' Territory? Follow her.
Yoshino! Yoshino! Shido-san Yoshino, I have something for you! You, over there! This is dangerous.
Evacuate now! Shido! If that hits him Sandalphon! Sandalphon! Sandalphon! Please, come out for me! Sandalphon! This is Sandalphon? Shido, are you okay? Tohka, were you the one that helped me? Um I'm sorry about everything.
I'm sorry about getting angry at you for no reason, and I want to apologise to you.
No, that was my fault, but for now, I need your help! I want to help Yoshino! By Yoshino, you mean that girl? So she really is important to you.
More important than me.
No! That's not what this is about.
That girl She’s a Spirit, just like you.
I promised her that I’d save her, but I can’t do it with my power alone.
Tohka, please! Lend me your power! I see… That’s right.
How could I have forgotten? That's the kind of man my saviour is.
Tohka! Get on! We’re short on time.
This is pretty bad.
That blizzard will detect the magic output from our Realizers, and strengthen the angel’s defence.
But if we deactivate our Territory and enter, we’ll be cut to shreds by the ice shards.
The wiring suits won’t give us enough protection.
Even if that were an option, there’s no way we could stop her with physical attacks.
Origami? What do you think you’re doing? I’m going to crush her physically.
Aim for the gap in the barrier that will open up.
So you dodged it.
Yatogami Tohka.
I won’t let you get in Shido’s way.
Everyone, switch targets to Princess! Shido, stop! Are you going to enter the barrier without protection? Are you relying on your powers of recovery? That’s far too reckless.
Stop right now! I heard you weren’t shaken in the least when I was shot.
This is completely different.
This isn’t something that ends with a single shot.
Walking into this barrier is like trying to walk through a whirlwind of buckshot, and if she detects your Spirit power, you’ll be frozen solid! You can’t stop and heal along the way! My Spirit power, huh? Did my powers of recovery come from a Spirit? Shido, stop! Shido! Wait, Onii-chan! Yoshinon… Yoshinon… You called? S-Shido-san… I made it.
That tea really had a kick to it.
I found Yoshinon, just like I promised.
Hey, don’t cry.
Did I do something bad? No, I’m… just so happy.
Thank you… very much, for helping Yoshinon.
Now it’s time for me to help you, Yoshino.
Huh? Um… For that, there’s something we have to do.
Do you remember what I told you about a kiss? I see.
I don’t mean it in a weird way, but in order to help you… Did I do it wrong? No you didn’t.
If you say so, I’ll believe it.
S-Shido-san… what’s… It’s so pretty.
kamisama douka oshiete kudasai 神様どうか教えてください Please tell me, God, ashita watashi wa doko e yukuno 明日私はどこへ行くの Where I am going tomorrow.
My heart freezes, like a glacier, every time I am hurt, 傷つくたびに氷河に変えた kizutsuku tabi ni hyouga ni kaeta kokoro ga netsu wo dashiteru 心が熱を出してる But now I feel its warmth.
kimi wa doushite hohoenderuno 君はどうして微笑んでるの Why are you grinning nando mo senaka wo muketa noni 何度も背中を向けたのに even though I’ve turned my back on you so many times? taiyou ga ima moeochitara 太陽が今、 燃え落ちたら If the sun burnt out now, kono namida ame ni kaeta My tears would turn to rain, このæ™ã€é›¨ã«ã€å¤‰ãˆãŸ dakishimetai 抱きしめたい And I would hold you in my arms.
Strawberry sora ni te wo nobashi tsukamou ストロベリーそらに手を伸ばし掴もう Stretch out your hands, and reach into the strawberry sky, suppakute amai koi no candy wo 酸っぱくて甘い恋のキャンディーを Take this candy of love, that is both sour and sweet.
What’s this? I told you we were building a residence for Spirits, didn’t I? I don’t want to be alone forever, like a strawberry.
ストロベリー永遠にひとりきりはやだ Strawberry eien ni hitorikiri wa yada Tohka’s moving out today, to live here, and now we have an additional guest.
kimi wa moshi ieru nara, ai ni te wo 君はもし言えるなら、愛に手を If you can say it, let’s give love a try.
Y-Yoshino? I’m looking forward to spending time with you.
mou nido to kinou ni wa kaerarenai もう二度と昨日には変えられない I won’t go back to the way I was yesterday.
Me too.
This isn't the end, you know! To be continued! Episode 6 Hot springs of love