Date A Live (2013) s01e06 Episode Script

Hot Springs of Love

1 This unit 2, we are being attacked from all directions.
Our communications are being jammed.
Requesting back- Medic! Medic! How How the hell did this happen!? Hot springs.
Hot water which flows out from below the surface.
Mankind has been attracted to them since ancient times.
Entering while completely defenceless, and submerging themselves.
All of mankind finds them difficult to resist.
dare mo ga utsumuku machi 誰もが俯く街 In the streets of a forsaken town, (Date A Live) kawaita kaze fukinuketeku A dry wind blows through, Eyes which search for the light hikari motometa hitomi (Date A Live) utsuru no wa zetsubou dake Show nothing but despair.
dare ni mo todokanai sakebi Screams which reach no one.
Find themselves within my hands! sagasu sono te de tomete nani mo kamo kowareta sekai de In this world where everything is broken, wake mo wakaranai mama ni わけも分からないままに Where I can no longer tell what is happening, I am still scared of the kindness you touched me with.
fureta yasashisa ga mada kowakute ana no hiraita kokoro no sukima 穴の開いた 心の隙間 Will you be the one to fill the gap umete kureru hito ha kimi nano? 埋めてくれる人は君なの? that has opened in my heart? Choose a Date A Live erande Date A Live Episode 6 Hot Springs of Love A hot spring? Yeah.
Tohka and Yoshino suddenly decided they want to visit one.
Well whatever.
I'll have the preparations made.
We want to help the Spirits out when they come up with something they want to do on their own.
We're just asking for trouble if we upset them by saying no.
So, where are you planning on going? They say they want to go to a place called Tengu Gokuraku Hot Springs.
Oh, did you say hot springs? How about it? Would you like to leave the ship to me and go with them? As if I'd do that.
What are you saying? What are we going to do if you get sick when we're really counting on you? You need to take a break.
You need to go to the hot springs.
What are you actually after? No, nothing at all I'm definitely not thinking of doubling the number of autonomous cameras.
I'm certainly not thinking of using them to gaze at every inch of your still unripe body! No, not in the slightest! Ah, captain! Have mercy! Not the gulag! Please don't send me to a gulag! I'll give you something only you can do.
When you get to where I'm sending you, spend your whole day digging a hole.
At the end of the day, fill it in, and then dig it up again.
Do it for a week.
Hot springs with Onii-chan, huh? Tengu Military Base No trespassing We've received notice from headquarters.
DEM corporation is assigning us some of their staff as reinforcements.
Unlike all of you, I've heard that she's an extremely capable mage.
Still, I find it pretty inconceivable that a civilian they dispatch could be better than you lot, but you can probably learn something from her.
Got it? Understood.
13 Secret Hot Springs Tour 13 Secret Hot Springs Tour 13 Secret Hot Springs Tour 13 Secret Hot Springs Tour 13 Secret Hot Springs Tour 13 Secret Hot Springs Tour 13 Secret Hot Springs Tour Um master sergeant What! It's about our R&R trip this weekend.
Ah, you mean the famous 13 Hot Springs Tour, with all-you-can-eat delicacies from the land and sea? Um, about that Yes? Due to the recent increase in incidents involving Spirits, the alert level has been raised a level What did you say? Because of that, the trip's been cancelled.
Damn you Spirits! Damn you Spirits! Damn you Spirits! Damn you Spirits! Damn you Spirits! Let me finish, master sergeant.
It's not really a replacement for the tour, but all of the squad members want to thank you for your hard work, so we'd like to invite you to Tengu Gokuraku Hot Springs, just outside the city.
So would you like to have a small party to blow off some steam? This was just something we all thought up.
Fantastic! Great job! I'll nominate you for two posthumous promotions! Wouldn't that mean I'd have to be dead? Relaxation! Hot springs Ah, so great.
Hot springs are so great.
Everyone, I just got the master sergeant's approval! Awesome! Hot springs! I have an objection.
If you have that much time to waste, you should be training harder.
Don't say that Itsuka Shido Itsuka Shido Itsuka Shido Itsuka Shido Itsuka Shido Itsuka Shido Itsuka Shido Itsuka Shido Itsuka Shido Hello? Um, it's me.
Do you mind if I come tomorrow, to give back the books I borrowed? I don't mind, but why? Um something came up Shido, hurry up! We're going to the Gokuraku Hot Springs! Come on, stop pulling me! Sorry, Origami.
Talk to you later! This is awesome! Oh right, this is the first time in a car for both of you.
There there.
Try not to get car sick, all right? Shido, Shido! How am I supposed to reach you? Why are you okay with doing that for Yoshino, but not me? Shido Yoshino Yoshinon Reine Tohka Hey, weren't you the one who called the passenger seat? But Shido-kun, Shido-kun! Me too! Oh, all right then.
Shido-san, What's that swirly thing? Oh that? That's a barber shop.
Then, what's that? Oh that? But um are you really sure we can use the deployment train for our trip? Don't misunderstand.
Hot springs towel Hot springs towel Sake Light makeup Hot springs towel Favourite washbowl Sake Sake Hot springs towel Favourite washbowl Light makeup Hot springs towel Light makeup Favourite washbowl Sake Favourite washbowl Sake Hot springs towel Light makeup Light makeup Hot springs towel Favourite washbowl Sake Favourite washbowl Sake Light makeup Hot springs towel Hot springs towel Light makeup Sake Favourite washbowl Light makeup Hot springs towel Favourite washbowl Sake Sake Favourite washbowl Hot springs towel Light makeup This is an operational test for the train, as well as periodic inspection for a route that is normally unused! We aren't here to enjoy ourselves! Don't let your guard down and stand at attention! She's definitely here to play.
She's totally let her guard down.
She's not standing at attention.
That's right.
It's just like the master sergeant says.
Voice recorder Tripod Voice recorder Tripod Voice recorder Headphones Tripod Voice recorder Voice recorder Telephoto camera Headphones Tripod Telephoto camera Headphones Tripod Voice recorder Tripod Voice recorder Headphones Telephoto camera Telephoto camera Tripod Headphones Voice recorder Headphones Telephoto camera Tripod Voice recorder Tripod Telephoto camera Headphones Voice recorder Telephoto camera Headphones Voice recorder Tripod Tripod Voice recorder Telephoto camera Headphones You won't get to the hot springs with your half-hearted efforts.
You should be acting more professionally! Hot springs? Hot springs? Hot springs? What happened? I'll check! Hey, what the hell is going on!? I see That was an emergency stop because the tunnel ahead has collapsed.
They're not sure how long it will take to reopen it.
Then there's nothing else for it.
Everyone stand! Yes! We will march to our destination.
Forward! Understood! I'm sorry, Shido.
That was pretty amazing, Tohka-chan! You managed to total the car with your stompi- Don't worry about it so much.
You're not mad any more? I'm not mad.
Yoshino Tohka Shido Reine We've detected unidentified signals behind our group! Hurry up with the identification.
Putting it on the main screen.
It's AST.
AST? Why are they here? Did they detect a Spirit? That's not possible.
Right now, it shouldn't be possible to detect any Spirit waves from Tohka or Yoshino.
We'll figure out the reason later.
They're going to get in the way of our mission if they meet.
We need to issue emergency orders! Hold on! vacation On The captain's currently away.
The executive officer is being disciplined, so he's in no position to issue- This falls under Article 22, item 3: "Transfer of authority in an emergency".
If at least five commissioned officers are in agreement, we can issue the orders.
Raise your hands if you are in agreement! There we have it.
From this point onwards, I, Bad Marriage Kawagoe, will be the acting commander.
How awesome! I'm substituting for Captain Kotori! Emergency orders issued! Deploy the absolute defence field! Use all of the capabilities on this ship to impede the AST troops.
Aye aye, sir! Blocked in by a truck! Collapsed bridge! Thank you for your cooperation.
We are sorry for the inconvenience.
Under construction Stampede! This is odd.
This isn't on the map.
I don't remember a road being here.
The road ahead is a dead end.
The road to the right is also a dead end! Shopping district 500 metres to the left.
The road behind us is disappearing.
There's no helping it then.
Yes! I need you to check the area.
Confirming No shopping district on our left.
Found a route 100 metres ahead and to the right, and another 400 metres along that route to link up with a major street.
Good work.
Everyone, forward! Steamed buns Kotori? What are you doing here? Oh, it's Kotori! Is something wrong? Um it's nothing I'm just watching over you! I'm on duty to make sure you don't mess up.
Can't you do that from the ship? Could it be that you actually want to come with us to the hot springs? As if I'd want to! Don't be shy.
Since you're here now, why don't you come with us? I guess I could make an excep- What's wrong? What the heck is the problem? Sorry, Shido.
Could you go on ahead? Is everything okay? I'll catch up with you later.
Just go already.
Okay then.
Come on.
Why now!? This is tenth time this has happened since you scouted the area.
I'm sure there was a road here when I checked the area from above.
I'm not detecting anything on the vibration sensors or the infrared sensors.
I'm reading nothing on the acoustic sensors as well.
No humans in a 500 metre radius.
The surrounding walls are 50 centimetre, steel reinforced concrete.
I can't stand this any more! I can't stand this any more! Origami! Yes.
Everyone, attention! About face! Captain Huh, did I do something, Origami? No you did not.
The wall spontaneously exploded.
Oh, I guess such terrifying things happen.
I see.
So AST is trying to run interference.
Date Town, change to Battle Mode 2.
You have permission to fire if necessary.
Captain? Why are you there? I'm doing on-site surveillance.
Anyway, confirm the orders.
Date Town entering Battle Mode 2.
We will begin the elimination of the AST unit.
Sticky paste!? What the hell is this? I can't get it off.
Be careful.
Something is after us.
Everyone, on alert! Hurry! The captain is watching.
We must stop them here, at any cost.
Aye! Flower store store Flower store Flower store Flower store Flower store Flower store Flower store Flower store What's this? This is probably a movement inhibition system.
By forming a film with this special fluid, the ground's friction coefficient is reduced to less than 0.
In this way, the movement of the target is inhibited.
What about those things over there? That is likely some kind of sleeping gas.
Our enemy is probably looking to stop us without killing us.
I don't know who they are, but now they've done it! Everyone, the use of riot suppression gear is authorised! Attack immediately! Vegetable stand Steamed Buns Fish stand Flower shop Octobus balls Fried chicken stand Meat stand What the- Yoshinon Calm down, Yoshino.
That's not going to work, Shin.
We have to find Yoshinon to calm her down.
All right.
I'll go save Yoshinon, so hang in there, okay? Shido! That's dangerous! Our targets have broken through the town defences and the labyrinth.
They are rapidly approaching Shido's group! They are in danger.
We cannot stop them in Battle Mode 2.
Your orders, captain? Our enemies have deployed their Territories, haven't they? We can confirm that.
Then I guess they won't die.
You are authorised to switch to Destroyer Mode! Understood! Date Town, weapons free! Use of all weapons is authorised! Stop AST at all costs! 4th Prize 5th Prize Shrimp tempura & Egg Soba Kitsune udon Our staff enjoyed the food graciously after the battle.
Our staff enjoyed the food graciously after the battle.
I'm already covered in sweat.
I'm supposed to be in a hot spring right now! How did this even happen!? That's right I get criticised by the major every day, and the girls under me act all high and mighty just because they're a little younger.
At least let me have the hot springs.
Let me enjoy the hot springs! You took the opportunity to attack us because we were showing restraint! You're a quadrillion years too early, if you think you can stop us humans! Reflect on your sins while you rest in subatomic particles! Put some heart into it girls! It's time for us to enjoy our work! It's time for us to give those bastards their fill of extermination, annihilation, and eradication, before strangling them and massacring them.
If you have any ammunition left, I'll shoot it up your ass! Having fun? Say it's fun! What the hell is this? No Spirits have appeared, so why is this happening Damn you all for always screwing with us.
So you want to meet with the Spirits? I'd like to see you give it a try.
If you're lucky, we might find one of your bones left, after they're done with you.
You think you're going to be young forever!? I'm trying to keep my skin looking young, even with all this stress and sleep deprivation! Don't you dare look down on women! I'm almost 30!? Hell no, I'm still 27! I'm still nowhere near 30 at this age! Where is this voice coming from? It's pretty creepy.
This is Hermit's Release your Territories, or you're going to be frozen! Understood! Are you all right? Hang in there.
You aren't hurt that badly.
Here it is.
Stop! Stop the attack! S-Shido!? We have communications interference.
Analysing explosion epicentre.
We have video! Are you okay, Shido? T-Tohka Isn't that Princess? Captain, Princess has appeared.
We need orders.
She's not responding.
I'll do it.
But with our combat readiness now It doesn't matter.
This is a perfect chance.
Thank god.
Why is Princess here all of a sudden? Was this all the work of a Spirit? They can pull off something like this? We really can't let our guard down.
Ah, I feel so refreshed! That's so scary.
She's so scary.
We're finally here.
We really had to go through hell to get here.
It's been a long journey.
No need to hold back.
Left face! Everyone, forward! Where is Shido? I guess the hot springs aren't going to work out.
Captain, I have something to report.
Kannazuki? What now? While I was digging a hole, as you ordered, Kannazuki has discovered a hot spring! He has gained 100 EXP! Kannazuki has discovered a hot spring! He has gained 100 EXP! Kannazuki has discovered a hot spring! He has gained 100 EXP! Kannazuki has discovered a hot spring! He has gained 100 EXP! I managed to open up a hot spring! Kannazuki has discovered a hot spring! He has gained 100 EXP! Coed Bath Kannazuki Hot Springs How is this? Does it feel good? Is this helping you with your fatigue? I heard this helps with muscle aches too.
Are you okay? Sorry for causing you so much trouble today.
Is that why you're all doing this? Well relax and get those cobwebs out.
I still have a ton of things for you to do.
This is a great hot spring.
sekai ga owaru mae ni 世界が終わる前に Before the world ends, KILL or KISS matta toi no ko no jumon shiranai no ni 待った問のこの呪文知らないのに Even though I don't know the magic word, for this question I have, Ah, why am I facing my life without a tutorial? aa, doushite tutorial mo naku jinsei あぁどうして チュートリアルもなく人生 kimochi dake flying shite saizensen 気持ちだけフライングして最前線 I'm flying to the front line with nothing but my feelings, kuuru na kimi hajikare panikku クールなキミ弾かれパニック You bounce me away, panic! I am at the mercy of the waves of your affection.
好感度の波に 振り回されて koukando no nami ni furimawasarete asobareteru omocha mo jya sore ika 遊ばれてるおもちゃもじゃそれ以下 I'm a toy to be played with or even worse.
It's no way! hate shinasugiru 果てしなすぎる There's just no end, to the road leading to you.
kimi e no michinori wo キミへの道のりを zensokuryoku de hashiritsuzu keru yo 全速力で走りçšã‘るよ I keep running at full speed, mata aemasuka? また逢えますか? Will I see you again? Will you believe me? shinjite kuremasuka? 信じてくれますか? koi ni nite hinarumono de 恋に似て非なるもので With something that's isn't quite love, SAVE THE WORLD sekai ga owaru mae ni 世界が終わる前に Before the world ends, KILL or KISS If you laugh for me, kimi ga waratte kuretara キミが笑ってくれたら ureshii no desu 嬉しいのです I'll be happy.
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