Date A Live (2013) s01e09 Episode Script

Raging Nightmare

1 That was really close.
Are you hurt anywhere? Mana? Right.
I guess you'd be surprised.
Oh dear, imposing on our date.
Don't you have any manners? I'll tell you the details later, Nii-sama.
I'll put an end to this quickly.
Kurumi! Stop it! Don't kill her! Shido-san, you really are kind.
Why? Why are you acting like nothing's happened!? You just killed somebody! She's a Spirit, Nii-sama.
And it's because I'm already used to this.
It's something that's given to everything in existence, but it cannot be bought.
People let it waste away without a thought and then mourn its passing.
They meet their end when it is exhausted.
And what would that be? dare mo ga utsumuku machi 誰もが俯く街 In the streets of a forsaken town, (Date A Live) A dry wind blows through, kawaita kaze fukinuketeku hikari motometa hitomi Eyes which search for the light (Date A Live) utsuru no wa zetsubou dake Show nothing but despair.
dare ni mo todokanai sakebi Screams which reach no one.
Find themselves within my hands! sagasu sono te de tomete nani mo kamo kowareta sekai de In this world where everything is broken, wake mo wakaranai mama ni わけも分からないままに Where I can no longer tell what is happening, fureta yasashisa ga mada kowakute I am still scared of the kindness you touched me with.
ana no hiraita kokoro no sukima 穴の開いた 心の隙間 Will you be the one to fill the gap that has opened in my heart? 埋めてくれる人は君なの? umete kureru hito ha kimi nano? erande Date A Live Choose a Date A Live I think you've already heard about quite a bit from Master Sergeant Tobiichi.
Episode 9 Tempestuous Nightmare Just consider what you saw today as a bad dream and forget about it.
How can I? She doesn't die.
Nightmare, Tokisaki Kurumi, is a special case even within Spirits.
No matter how many times I kill her, or how I kill her, she always appears somewhere else, as if nothing ever happened, and starts killing people again.
That's why I continue to kill her as many times as necessary.
Over and over again.
Over and over and over again.
Just stop it please! Don't say that you're used to it.
You've only desensitised yourself.
This is something only I can do.
Wait! Mana! Damn! Why? Why huh? We're aborting the operation! We're extracting you with the Fraxinus! Shido, can you hear me? Shido! Shido, where have you been? You're hurt.
What happened? What's the meaning of this? Sorry, did that hurt? No Sorry! Shido! Tohka.
Are you all right? Yeah Then, let's go! What's got into you? Our date isn't over yet.
Give me that red bean bun! Sausages! Soup dumplings! T-Thanks.
Next up is that place over there! Hey! Tohka, I don't really have that much money on me right now.
Don't worry! Reine lent me this magic card! A black card? Really? Reine told me about me all about Kurumi and Mana.
I see.
I have to prevent Kurumi from killing anyone else.
I don't even know how to approach her now.
Kurumi might be a Spirit, but she's too different from you and Yoshino.
That's where you're wrong, Shido.
Huh? Kurumi isn't so different from me.
You were there for me.
You saved me.
Just like today, you asked me out on a date.
You showed me how beautiful this world could be.
If you hadn't been there for me, I might have become just like Kurumi is now.
If I had to name a difference between Kurumi and I, it would be that I had someone who stretched out their hand and stood beside me.
Thank you, Tohka.
You just reminded me of something important.
You aren't scared any more? Just a bit now, I guess.
It's okay.
I'll protect you, Shido! That's reassuring.
Of course! Shido, can we enjoy the view for just a little longer? Sure.
Oh, Shido-san.
Good morning! Good morning.
Itsuka Shido! You've got guts to come to school after what you did.
Gross! Stop! Just leave Shido alone for now.
Gross! I'm a little surprised.
I was almost certain you would take the day off.
Yes? I've decided that I want to save you.
What an odd thing to say.
I won't let you kill any more people.
I won't let Mana kill you again.
Really? Shido-san, I'm going to test whether or not you really meant what you said.
The Ratatoskr organisation.
I can't believe you and Nii-sama are working for such an organisation.
I see you did your homework.
What are you after? Itsuka Shido.
You force him into close contact with Spirits, without even giving him a weapon.
You're a failure as a little sister.
I'll be taking future matters into my own hands.
That's a pretty bad joke.
Do you expect me to entrust Shido with an evil corporation like Deus Ex Machina Industries? How do you know that? Could you not underestimate me? Deus Ex Machina Industries is a private military corporation that supplies every military and police force, except for Ratatoskr, with Realizer units.
You're a dispatch employee in the AST right now, aren't you? All right! We haven't confirmed Tokisaki Kurumi leaving the school.
The problem is whether or not she will listen to what we have to say.
Huh? Where's Kotori? She had some urgent business.
I'll be the navigator for this mission.
I'll be counting on you.
What's going on? Reine-san! We're analysing it now.
An "evil corporation"? I don't think I can let that one go.
The corporation gave me a reason to live after I lost my memories.
I owe them everything.
Are you serious, after what they've done to you? What are you talking about? I performed an analysis on the saliva from Takamiya Mana's cup.
Extreme amounts of magical energy have been infused into various parts of her body.
I don't think she'll live longer than another ten years.
Could it be that you have no idea? It's me.
What's the problem? Captain, we're detecting intense spirit waves at Raizen High School.
We're pretty sure it's Tokisaki Kurumi.
What did you say? It's a wide-area barrier.
The purpose of the barrier seems to be to weaken any humans within it.
This is Kurumi's doing? Why? S-Shido Tohka, are you okay? I'm fine, but my body feels really heavy.
Why am I the only one unaffected? Because you have Tohka and Yoshino's spirit power sealed within you, it's as if you are protected by a Spirit's divine protection.
In these conditions, the only one who can move unhindered is you.
Shido-san, can you hear me? If you want something from me, feel free to come find me on the roof.
I think you'll want to get here as quickly as you can.
Tohka, take a rest here.
Don't worry.
I'll save her.
Shido Identifier: AST, Tobiichi Origami.
Verification Complete Verification Complete Tobiichi Origami Basic Realizer Device Activation check Basic Realizer Device Activation check Basic Realizer Device Activation check Basic Realizer.
Deployment authorised.
I've been waiting for you, Shido-san.
You used the emergency equipment, didn't you? Give me a situation report.
Extremely dangerous.
Requesting backup.
Origami-san? Where might you be going in such a hurry? Tokisaki Kurumi.
I'm sorry, but I'm afraid I can't allow you to proceed beyond this point.
Shido! Shido Ow Shido My body, move! Move! Move! This is I can do this! Who's there? You're Good evening, Tohka-san.
Kurumi, what did you do? Isn't it wonderful? My Time-Devouring Castle.
It's a barrier that sucks out the time from anyone unfortunate enough to fall into my shadow.
Time? That's This is my time.
I guess you could say that it also represents my lifetime.
My angel also possesses fantastic powers of her own.
Unfortunately, every time I call upon her, she consumes vast amounts of my time.
So every now and then, I replenish my time externally.
What did you say? Oh how pathetic my prey is now.
Ah, but but Shido-san, you alone are special.
After all, in order to become one with you, I came all this way to devour you directly.
If you were after me, you didn't need to do all of this.
Before I devoured you, I wanted you to take back what you said to me this morning.
I want you take take back that nonsense about saving me.
Hey Shido-san, I went out of my way to do all of this because of what you said.
Don't you find me frightening? Don't you hate me? Is it clear to you that I'm not someone you should be treating with compassion? So please, take back what you said.
If you do, I wouldn't mind removing this barrier.
Come on, hurry.
If you take too long, there might be no way to save your friends.
Remove the barrier please, but I'm not giving up on you.
What are you saying? You're hopeless.
I'm sure you know what this sound means.
The spacequake alert? Is Tokisaki Kurumi the cause of the spacequake? A sudden calamitous spacequake.
Is she triggering it intentionally? So tell me, what are you going to do now? I wonder, what do you think would happen to all of these unconscious students, if a spacequake were to occur now? Shin, Kurumi's mental state is changing.
It's almost as if she's afraid of you.
That's it! Kurumi, you said your goal was to eat me.
Then stop the spacequake, or else I'll jump from here and commit suicide.
Using yourself as a hostage? Such a weak threat.
Go ahead and do it if you can.
I can't believe you just did that.
Are you stupid? That makes it clear.
I'm a valuable hostage.
Will you stop the spacequake? While you're at it, will you remove the barrier as well? If not, I'll bite my tongue and die.
What is wrong with you? All right.
One more thing.
There's more? Kurumi, can you give me a chance to start over? You're still saying that? You're a nuisance.
You wouldn't know unless you tried.
You might come to enjoy our peaceful, everyday lifestyle.
If that wasn't the case, there's no way you could have enjoyed our date.
But that's not It's possible, if you give me a chance.
You might have to spend the rest of your life atoning for your sins, but Kurumi, no matter what wrongs you've committed, that's not a single reason why I can't save you! I Shido-san, would you really That won't do.
I can't have you being led astray by his words.
Kurumi I I Okay, okay, I understand.
Go to sleep.
Good grief.
Kurumi, why? I guess I might have been a little too naive when I was young.
It's about time we put an end to this farce.
Mana! Yes.
It seems I've come just in time again.
Impressive as always.
To be able to cut through my Astral Dress so easily.
However, I can't have all the fun of killing you.
Come, Zafkiel! Dalet.
That's a pretty impressive restoration ability.
That's not what it is.
I just turned back time.
Now let's begin.
Fine with me.
I'll just kill you, as I always do.
Do you still not understand? There's no way that you can ever truly kill me.
I'll slit you from the throat! Aleph! Mana! Zayin.
That's useless! Mana! Kurumi.
Mana! Nii-sama.
Please run.
Shido! Shido! You two! Oh dear, I guess everyone's here now.
How dare you run in the middle of our fight!? I won't let you get away again.
Oh no, this is so scary! There's so many of you trying to attack a frail little girl like me, but I'm actually serious today.
Aren't we serious today? What do you think? What the heck is this? This is fun! This is my past.
Let's play! A look into my history.
These are all me from different time axes.
Do you understand now why you could never truly kill me? I have no idea what's going on! Now, let's put an end to this.
Now all the obstacles are out of the way Oh wait, I need to carve despair into your heart, so you don't try to sway me again.
No, you wouldn't! Surely many people would die this time.
Stop it! What was that? Didn't you know? You can annihilate a spacequake if you hit it with a tremor of a similar magnitude as it begins.
That is Kotori? I'll have you return my power for a while, Shido.
Burn, Carmael! Now, let's begin our date.
monokuro na watashi no hibi モノクロな私の日々、 In my monochrome days, totsuzen kimi ga araware 突ç„君が現れ You appeared suddenly.
The gusting cold wind changed.
冷たく吹いていた風が変わる tsumetaku fuiteita kaze ga kawaru kenmei ni kimi ga hanasu 懸命に君が話す You tried your best to talk to me.
kotoba no imi yori zutto 言葉の意味よりずっと And more than the meaning of your words, tsutawattekuru mono kore ha nandarou 伝わってくるものこれは何だろう What is this that you have conveyed to me? ima made deatte kita hitotachi to chigatteiru 今まで出会ってきた人たちと違っている You are different from everyone I've met before, You don't try to steal my heart, but you wipe it clean.
心を奪うんじゃなく白としている kokoro wo ubaunjyanaku shiro to shiteiru Feel me moshikashite kimi dake ga もしかして君だけが Perhaps you are the only one, watashi no nemuri samasu hito 私の眠り覚ます人 Who can wake me from my sleep.
kodomo no koroi ni sukidatta ehon no purinsu mitai 子供の頃に好きだった絵本のプリンス見たい Just like a prince in the picture books I loved as a child.
Touch me I'm happy, but something bothers me.
よかったけど気にした yokatta kedo kinishita furerarenai tobira ga aru 触れられない扉がある There is a door that I can't touch.
so no te de sotto nokku shite その手でそっとノックして I knock on it gently, kagi wo hazushi 鍵を外し And I unlock the door.
onegai Save My Heart お願い Save My Heart Please save my heart.
Episode 10 The Spirit of Flame (Ifrit)