Date A Live (2013) s02e08 Episode Script

The Promise to Keep

1 K-Kurumi They're going to The Time-Devouring Castle?! Wh-What did she do?! Is she a Spirit as well? And she hasn't been mesmerized by my music, either.
But I have the ability to seal a Spirit's powers.
I will not let you seal my powers! If you did, then just like before I will resume my concert right now! A lone human continues his journey to save a Spirit, to bring the Spirit to his side the Spirit who had subdued many other Spirits.
Fate: Does everything happen for a reason? Fate subete wa hitsuzen? Like the encounter that brought us together (together) Hikare au you na deai (deai) Binding my story to yours Tsunagaru story If I never understand this beating in my chest (up to you) Nee kono mune no kodou rikai dekinai nara (up to you) The only way I can go is down Kono mama ochite yuku dake Saa erande So make your choice Let's begin this thrilling date! Suriru na de-to hajimemasho Every time we talk, every time we touch, every time we laugh, I'm reminded Hanasu tabi fureru tabi warau tabi mezameteku Of this love that I won't ever give up Kono omoi kesshite yuzurenai kara Because I've never wished to stay by someone's side as much as this Hajimete konnani sunao ni soba ni itai to omou kimi ni deaeta kara I want to believe, Date A Live Shinjitaino Date A Live Episode 08 A Promise to Fulfill Miku! What a revolting sound.
That vile noise you call your "voice" is sullying the eardrums of me and my Spirits.
You truly are sickening.
You've gone past being just an annoyance.
You are a pest.
Would you kindly shut your trap, Mr.
Talking Trash Can? Hear me out, Miku! I need to go save Tohka— the girl that was kidnapped as I ran away from here! Please, I— I thought I told you to shut your trap! Gabriel! March! Wh-What the Now, this is a surprise.
Mere humans caught in my shadows should not be able to move.
What do you think of that? Aren't I amazing? My Gabriel does more than just mesmerize people! I don't need him alive.
Go get him, my beautiful girls! Take that man's pathetic life and end it while I watch! No, no, no.
You mustn't gloat over such a small triumph.
After all, you do not stand a chance against me! Kurumi! Fear not, Shido.
I shan't take their lives.
Summoning: Raphael: Raphael: El Re'em! El Nahash! Thanks, Kurumi.
Think nothing of it.
Kaguya Yuzuru After all we went through, this is what it's come to.
I will not let anyone harm my beloved older sister figure! Warning: If you show any further resistance, I will have no choice but to exterminate you.
I won't let you lay a finger on Onee-sama! Yoshino Give it up! Your puny guns are useless against the Hurricane Maidens! Show yourself, Zafkiel.
Now, Shido-san I will give you some time alone with Miku-san.
Best of luck trying to persuade her not to interfere with your search for Tohka-san.
Zafkiel Aleph.
I'm counting on you, Kurumi.
Of course, you can leave him in my hands, Kurumi.
What was that?! What is with you?! Boo.
Look out, Kurumi! Kurumi What are you I've fulfilled our promise, Shido-san.
Now, it's up to you to get her to make a promise.
We have nothing to talk about! I don't even know what this place is meant to be! It seems that I can't even use my powers here.
Worst of all, you are only two paces away from me! I apologize for deceiving you.
But please, keep the others out of this! Let go of the control you have over— Silence! Close your trap and zip it shut! Did you really think I would listen to you after what you did to me?! Miku, just listen to what I have to say.
You should remember Tohka, that girl who was with me on stage.
I'm sure you've figured out that she's also a Spirit.
A Wizard from DEM kidnapped her.
I need to go save Tohka, and I can't do it without you.
Pardon? I don't know if I can save Tohka with just Kurumi's help.
But if you help too, I might actually have a chance! I refuse.
Why should I? Miku! Stop talking! I've had quite enough of hearing your voice! You're lying! You're deceiving me! You're a human! You're all too selfish for your own good! You could never really care that much about someone! Why do you resent humanity so much? Weren't you— Excuse me for interrupting, but your time is up.
Kurumi! O-Onee-sama! You're all right! Relief: Thank goodness.
Shido-san, can you stand up? I have only so much time to spare.
We will soon have to retreat.
Hold on, Kurumi.
I just need a little— I will kill anybody who opposes Onee-sama! Yoshino Do you understand the situation now? Zafkiel Aleph.
I'm sorry, Kurumi.
I couldn't get her to make me a promise.
In fact, I made her even angrier.
And you gave me so much help, too.
My, who would ever think you would be so considerate? I'm honored.
Would you give me a pat on the head? Well, it didn't seem as if she would actively try to stop us from saving Tohka-san.
We also managed to show her that I do pose a real threat to her.
I guess so.
But What're you doing? I heard you trying to befriend Miku-san in my shadow.
Do you think me too weak to get past that Wizard? I-I wasn't I'm joking, of course.
We don't know what the enemy has in store for us.
It was very smart of you to try to expand our forces.
But my You're such a terrible liar, aren't you? Ah, yes.
There is something I must tell you.
I have found out where Tohka-san is.
Really?! Where?! DEM Deus Ex Machina Industries, Japan, First Office Building.
I'm very pleased to meet you, Princess.
Ah, I'm sorry, Yatogami Tohka.
I work for DEM Industries.
My name is Isaac Westcott.
Shoot, does she not like me? The methods you have used were not particularly pleasant.
Were you the one behind all this?! What are you after?! There isn't much to it, really.
I want your Spiritual powers so I can alter the mechanisms that make this world tick.
What do you The way you exist in this world is far too stable for my purposes, however.
Tell me, what would make you despair? Huh? Any ideas, Ellen? Physical pain seems to be the simplest answer.
Electric shock, oxygen deprivation We could pull off your fingernails or grind out your teeth.
Oh, how about defiling your womanly dignity? Do you have any friends or loved ones in this world? I would just love to see you as one of them dies before your eyes.
Ellen? I believe Itsuka Shido is closest to her.
When I questioned her, I saw the most emotional responses when I mentioned his name.
I see.
We'll continue this once he's here, the— Stop! What are you going to do to Shi— Please be quiet.
Shido The entire area beyond this point is owned by DEM.
The First Office Building is that tall tower in the middle.
Unfortunately, I cannot tell you where she is in that tower.
Tohka's in there? Let us go over our plan.
Once we arrive at the tower, I will summon many copies of myself and raid all the buildings throughout the complex.
That will force their security forces to spread out and hopefully leave the route to Tohka less well guarded.
Yes, exactly.
Now— A spacequake alert?! Effect Alert in Spacequake Spacequake Alert in Effect Effect Alert in Spacequake Spacequake Alert in Effect Alert in Spacequake Effect Effect Alert in Spacequake Effect Alert in Spacequake Spacequake Alert in Effect Effect Spacequake Alert in Effect Alert in Spacequake Effect Spacequake Alert in Effect Alert in Spacequake Effect Spacequake Alert in Alert in Spacequake Effect Spacequake Alert in Effect Effect Spacequake Alert in Spacequake Alert in Effect Effect Spacequake Alert in Effect Alert in Spacequake Alert in Effect Spacequake Effect Alert in Spacequake Spacequake Alert in Effect Effect Spacequake Alert in Spacequake Alert in Effect Alert in Spacequake Effect Effect Spacequake Alert in Effect Spacequake Alert in Spacequake Alert in Effect Alert in Spacequake Effect Effect Alert in Spacequake Spacequake Alert in Effect Spacequake Effect Alert in Alert in Effect Spacequake Spacequake Alert in Effect Effect Alert in Spacequake Effect Alert in Spacequake Effect Alert in Spacequake Spacequake Alert in Effect Effect Spacequake Alert in Spacequake Alert in Effect Alert in Spacequake Effect Effect Alert in Spacequake Alert in Spacequake Effect Spacequake Alert in Effect Alert in Spacequake Effect Effect Spacequake Alert in Effect Spacequake Alert in Effect Alert in Spacequake Effect Alert in Spacequake Effect Spacequake Alert in Spacequake Alert in Effect Effect Alert in Spacequake Spacequake Alert in Effect Effect Alert in Spacequake Effect Alert in Spacequake Alert in Effect Alert in Effect Effect Effect What the hell's going on? Is there another Spirit in the area? I do not believe that to be the case.
DEM are probably the ones who triggered this alarm, which can only mean They must not want anybody see the carnage to come.
Bandersnatches?! Go, my other selves.
My god We don't have time to sit here enjoying the view.
Huh? Change of plans.
I will use my other selves to attack the Wizards and the puppets.
In the ensuing commotion, we will charge straight through their defenses.
Zafkiel Aleph.
Are you all right, Shido-san? Yeah, more or less.
The clock is ticking.
Let's go, Kurumi! Yes.
The First Office Building is this— Mana! Nii-sama! I knew such a cold greeting could only be you.
Did you really think that would kill me? Oh, what a bummer.
I thought I had blown that disgusting smirk right off your skull.
Oh, what an amusing girl you are.
Did your fear I would erase your memory when you only survived thanks to blind luck and me letting you live? Wait, calm down! Well, I suppose this was good timing.
I have my own business with DEM to take care of.
I will leave you with her from here on.
I'm sure Mana-san will get you through.
H-Hold on, Kurumi! Do not worry.
My other selves will continue to keep the enemy distracted.
Farewell, my friend.
Kurumi Kurumi! I don't know what kind of freakin' deal you made with her, but this is for the best.
Come on, Mana Oh, apologies! Take this, Nii-sama.
Can you hear me, Shido? Kotori! You came to your senses? Yeah, barely made it.
Sorry about you know, telling you to die and stuff.
I wasn't myself.
Yeah, I know.
Anyway Oh, good lord! I can't believe it! I can not believe it! This is so inane! There is no way a filthy human—and male scum, at that— would put its life on the line to save someone ever! If he is going to, then I Onee-sama Listen, girls.
I want you to answer me truthfully.
What is Shido to Tohka-san? Do you really think he cares that much about Tohka-san? Nah, he's shallower than a kiddy pool! He's just spewing BS, that's what! Gross! I told you to answer me truthfully.
You know I don't like liars.
I honestly don't know what's going on between them.
They aren't dating, but they aren't just friends, either.
They're together pretty much all the time.
Tohka-chan always looks so happy when she's with Itsuka-kun, and Itsuka-kun seems to care about Tohka-chan a lot, too.
Gross Gross.
Then, if he had to put his life on the line to save Tohka-san, what would Shido-san do? Shido-san wouldn't hesitate for a moment if it meant saving Tohka-san.
I am certain that Shido would do that.
That lunatic would happily sprint headfirst into the fires of hell for somebody, just like he did for us before.
Agreement: He is certainly "special.
" I am sure he would do absolutely anything for Tohka.
I will do anything it takes to save Tohka! No, I can't let you do that.
What are you talking about?! They took Tohka! Isn't DEM the corporation we hate that's trying to kill Spirits?! You think I don't know that?! Why would I ever let my brother walk into that death trap?! Can't you be a little more rational?! You need to worry about yourself as much as the others! And just let them kill Tohka?! No, we need to prepare before we can save her! We don't have the time! Kurumi is keeping the Wizards at bay for us.
This is the only chance we'll get! Please, Kotori! I promise I'll bring Tohka back! Please! Dammit! It's not like I can stop you anyway, huh? You got that right.
Come on, I've been your sister for more than a decade.
There's going to be some sort of jamming in the tower.
We can only help you from the Fraxinus while you're outside.
That's plenty.
Sorry about this, Kotori.
You better be.
Since we've both got this idiot for a brother, let's get this done together.
Well, not that my brother would ever scurry away from a situation like this.
If we're going to do this, it needs to be perfect.
Tohka comes out in one piece and you and Mana, too.
Anything else and we've failed.
Got it.
Now let our Let our Let our date begin! No! You can't, Origami-san! Let me go.
If Shido's in peril, I need to help him.
But you just can't! They suspended your ID! You aren't even allowed to use a Wiring Suit, let alone a CR Unit! Then I'll use standard equipment.
I can smuggle a rifle out of here.
You can't be serious! You won't survive a fight with Wizards and Spirits without a Territory! Not to mention how Itsuka Shido-san attacked DEM with Nightmare He's an enemy of the AST! All the more reason for me to go.
Now that I have lost everything, he is my last beacon of hope.
If he dies, that will truly be the end of me.
Please, let me go.
And if I said that I would kill myself if I did? You would never do that.
You know that it would hurt me.
I I envy that man so much.
I wish you cared that much about me.
I do know something that might help, although it depends on whether or not you can use it.
Let's go, Nii-sama.
This is just crazy.
This building is humongous.
I wish I at least knew which floor Tohka is on.
If anywhere, she would be in a facility for quarantining Spirits.
It should look similar to the quarantine room on the Fraxinus.
Mana! Yeah, yeah, quit your worrying.
Is that White Licorice?! Wow, I'm surprised you know about that, but that's not quite right.
This is another prototype designed using similar technology to the White Licorice.
It's a DW-029R, dubbed "Scarlet Licorice.
" Mana! Shido! It's too dangerous! Don't go in on your own.
Wait till Mana comes back! The guards will have regrouped by then, and I'd only be something else for Mana to worry about out there! Sure, that makes sense, but Hey, Shido? Shido?! An intruder! Who are you?! How did you get in here? Freeze! Freeze, or I'll shoot! Say that before you shoot! Dammit I need to get to Tohka! Tohka Tohka Tohka Tohka! An angel? Yeah, that's right.
We're going to save your master.
Your wish created that Sandalphon.
It's up to you to make the wish come true.
Get out of my way! Tohka Tohka Tohka! This is the tale of a long, long journey Sorewa sorewa hatenai tabi Kimi wo sukuu yuusha no monogatari Of a hero who left home to save you Aru otogi no kuni tabidatsu wa yuusha From a land of fairy tales, a hero set off on a journey Sougen kakenuke mezasu wa ohimesama Passing through the grassy plains to find his princess Makkura na doukutsu kaze fuki areru yama koeteku Overcoming pitch black caves and stormy mountains His sword held high Tsurugi wo kazashite The flame of courage burns in his eyes Hitomi ni utsuru yuuki no honoo Yami no te wo furi harai kimi no te wo nigiru "I'll cast off the clutches of darkness and take your hand in mine" Ima datte yume datte tsurugi wo te ni "Always with my sword in hand" "I'll break through the darkness to find you" Kimi no koto mitsukeruyo yami wo saite Taoretatte tsurakutatte makenai kara "No matter how hard it is, I won't ever give up" Kono te wo gyutto tsukamaete "So come and take my hand" Kienai yuuki no honoo ga (Dead or Alive) The eternal flame of courage (Dead or Alive) Sekai terashite iru Fills the world with light Episode 09 The Truth About Miku