Date A Live (2013) s02e10 Episode Script


1 Love She loves.
She loves too much, yet Fate: Does everything happen for a reason? Fate subete wa hitsuzen? Like the encounter that brought us together (together) Hikare au you na deai (deai) Binding my story to yours Tsunagaru story If I never understand this beating in my chest (up to you) Nee kono mune no kodou rikai dekinai nara (up to you) The only way I can go is down Kono mama ochite yuku dake So make your choice Saa erande Let's begin this thrilling date! Suriru na de-to hajimemasho Every time we talk, every time we touch, every time we laugh, I'm reminded Hanasu tabi fureru tabi warau tabi mezameteku Of this love that I won't ever give up Kono omoi kesshite yuzurenai kara Hajimete konnani sunao ni soba ni itai to omou kimi ni deaeta kara Because I've never wished to stay by someone's side as much as this Shinjitaino Date A Live I want to believe, Date A Live Episode 10 Inversion What the hell? Is that the Sandalphon? No Where am I? Tell me, woman.
What is this place? Huh? Isn't this one of DEM Industries Japan's buildings? I've never heard of such a place.
Now tell me, why am I here? Um, that wizard brought you here.
Don't you remember? Wonderful.
I've never seen such a clean inversion before.
Behold, Ellen.
This holds our dream.
This holds our future.
Time to get to work.
This is the prey you were destined to hunt.
O greatest Wizard of all humanity, claim the head of the evil Dark Lord.
Use it as the first stepping stone of our path.
I know, Ike.
Die, die Die, die Die, die, die, die Die! Mana Mana! Takamiya Mana! You won't beat me! Not this time! With the Licorice I I can Blastark! Not so fast! You're at your limit.
Jessica, you have lost.
Give up— Mana! Mana Adeptus Two! I've always hated you! Jessica One wrong move, and I could Why Why did Westcott-sama and Chief Mathers choose an oriental kid like you?! Why?! I'm so much better than you! A-Adeptus Number Two! You've always been like that.
You are envious, hungry for success, yet always whining like a child.
Your devotion was certainly something to be proud of.
I've always hated you, but you did nothing to deserve this.
Mana! H-Hey, Mana.
Aren't Aren't I strong? Nobody can defeat me.
W-Will Westcott-sama approve? Yes, I'm sure.
Isaac Westcott! Got you! Pierce her, Rhongomyniad! T-Tohka Tohka! I see You're as powerful as he said.
Not a chance! Nehemah.
A-Are you okay, Miku? Y-Yes.
It's not like I tried to protect you or anything! You just happened to be there! Is that Tohka? Thank you for saving me, Ellen.
Of course.
I can't let you die here.
How do you like the Princess? She's nothing like what she was before.
Like you said, she is now a AAA-rank threat.
Really? So, can you kill her? Of course.
No entity in this entire universe can defeat me if I am in top condition.
My wound seemed to have reopened when I protected you.
Although I've suppressed my pain receptors, it may be risky to fight this Spirit now.
I see.
I can't argue with that.
Let's retreat for now.
We have plenty of time.
Are you sure? Yes.
I've gotten good at waiting.
Inverting the Princess was a huge step forward by itself, not to mention our unexpected guest.
We'll be excusing ourselves now.
We'll meet again if you're still alive.
Takamiya— I'm sorry, Itsuka Shido.
W-Wait! What do you know about me?! I know absolutely nothing about Itsuka Shido.
Hey! Now, you two Hey, aren't you two friends? Why did we even come to help this overpowered tank in the first place? I don't understand what's going on! Hey, I don't either! And didn't you have a hole in your chest? How are you even alive? Let's just say I'm special! Sandalphon Why are you able to wield that Angel? Tohka! What the hell happened to you?! Don't you remember me?! "Tohka"? Is that my name? Shido! Shido! Come in! Kotori! Wide-range 3-D surveillance systems back online.
Radar, comm, and command center back online.
Incoming transmission from ground data probes.
All stats are green.
Visual incoming! Now that the roof's gone, the jamming stopped.
What in the world happened? I don't know! Something happened to Tohka while I was recovering! Did that happen because her powers returned? Can I seal them again?! No, it's not her power.
I can't say for sure that you can seal this power, either.
Her affection levels are far from adequate anyway.
Then what am I supposed to do?! We need to draw out the normal Tohka.
Her numbers should return to normal once that happens.
That's our best bet.
All right.
Same drill as always, then? Come on, Tohka.
Let's go home and have breakfast.
If you say you're sorry, I'll get you whatever you want for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
You speak nonsense.
Gabriel Rondo.
Miku! Consider yourself lucky.
You were foolish enough to come all the way up here alone for Tohka-san.
I'm going to give you one chance.
Are you ready? Silence.
You fool.
You cannot bind me.
Die, weakling! All I ever had was my voice.
I had nothing else.
Without my voice, I was worthless.
Nobody not a single thing would defend me.
To be honest, I had always wanted to see a human who loved someone more than anything in the world.
If If I had been able to find someone like that sooner, I may have Miku! What the Huh? Yoshino, why are we up here again? I don't know either.
I don't feel too good.
It's like someone's sucking my power straight out of me.
Fire! Weaklings! Off they go like dust in a gust.
Inquiry: Are you all right, Yoshino, Yoshinon? Kaguya-san! Yuzuru-san! I cannot recall what— Master Origami What is happening? Shido Hey Miku, you feeling all right? Why did you Because I promised.
Oh, really? You would really put your life on the line to save me if I ever got in big trouble like Tohka-san is now? Of course! He protected me.
He protected me! This man Shido His promise Shido Shido Shido Is she starting to come back?! Trickster Trying to defy me, human?! Very well.
I shall obliterate you in an instant! That's Behold, the Paverschlev! Paverschlev Miku! Hurry up and run! I want you to keep your promise.
Save Tohka-san! Farewell, human.
What's gotten into you, Tohka-san?! How dare you! I'll be back.
I've got a princess to save and a promise to keep.
She's too strong! Please, Tohka-san! Come back! Tohka! Nehemah Paverschlev! He is gone.
He is finally gone.
That insidious trickster is gone! Not so fast, my servant.
It seems to me that victory is not yet in your hands.
Defense: I must say, our foresight is quite something.
Thanks for saving me.
Worry not, for it was a trifling effort.
Agreement: I am glad that you are safe.
However Yeah.
Do it.
You persistent human Tohka! Toh ka Hey, Tohka.
I'm here to help you.
What What are you— I don't wanna hurt you.
You— What is this man doing? Kissing his enemy in battle? Why? I don't understand.
I'm beginning to feel dizzy.
It's as if I'm losing control over my body.
Every time I hear the name, I feel nauseous.
Shido! Yet it feels good.
Ah, how could I have forgotten? This man gave me my name.
After I became inverted Shido? That's right! What did I— Shido! Are you all right? Yeah, I think so.
How are you feeling, Tohka? Do you know what happened? What? What are you talking about? Never mind, then.
I'll just ask Kotori and Reine-san.
Welcome back, Tohka.
Yes! I'm back, Shido! The riot that occurred in Tenguu city, suspected to be due to some sort of hallucinogen, has been quelled.
Miraculously, there have been no reported deaths.
Witnesses say Looks like this isn't the place, either.
The captive Spirit Where are you? The Next Day Here you are, Darling! D-Darling?! What the hell? I thought you hated guys! But you're special! You saved my life, after all! And what's with the letter? Why do we need to talk in private? Oh, right.
Oh, you're so fast! You're such a pervert, Darling.
W-Wait, I didn't I'm kidding.
The others told me everything.
About sealing your powers? I remembered your promise.
You told me that even if I lost my voice and nobody would help me, you would stay to hear me sing.
Yeah, I will.
You fulfilled that promise.
I'm comfortable around you.
I can believe you.
Even if I lose my voice and nobody wants to hear me sing, all I'll ever need is you.
If that ever happens I'll sing just for you.
Miku Shido! Here you are! Everyone's shouting for Miku and an encore or bonbon core or something T-Tohka What are you doing, Shido?! T-Tohka! I can explain! Hey, Darling.
Yeah? "Darling"? Will you watch the encore? Yeah.
Thank you so much.
I'm going to sing a song that's very special to me.
This is Yoimachi Tsukino's shower head mic ni mitatetewa Holding the shower head like a microphone Bathroom hibiku koe lalala lalala utau La la la, la la la, my song echoes in the bathroom Hankyou suru oto ga nandaka tokubetsu mitai de ureshikatta The strange reverberation made me feel special I can still remember how I felt in there Ima mo ano koro no kimochi chanto omoidaseru Let me sing you a song, and let's sing along Ikusenman ni hirogaru hoshi wo saikou no okurimono These millions of stars in the sky are all I could ever wish for Miku! Miku-tan! Everyone, thank you so much! Thank you, Darling! I love you! "Darling"? Repeat: "Darling"? "Darling"? Something smells! I heard her calling you that backstage.
Shido, what is this "darling" business about? Well, uh Shido? Interrogation: Shido? Shido-san.
Shido-kun? Shido! Look at you, you playboy!