Davy Crockett s01e03 Episode Script

Davy Crockett at the Alamo

When you wish upon a star Makes no difference who you are Each week as you enter this timeless land one of these many worlds will open to you.
The happiest kingdom of them all.
Promise of things to come.
The wonder world of nature's own realm.
Tall tales and true from the legendary past.
Presenting this week from Frontierland And now, Walt Disney.
During the past season, we've presented two stories based on the life of Davy Crockett of Tennessee a man whose courage, whose humor and exploits lifted him into the legend class.
In tribute to this great American folk hero we now present the third stow in the Crockett trilogy "Davy Crockett at the Alamo.
" Born on a mountaintop in Tennessee Greenest state in the land of the free Raised in the woods so's he knew every tree Killed him a bear when he was only three Davy, Davy Crockett King of the wild frontier Fought single-handed through the Injun war Till the Creeks was whipped and peace was in store And while he was handlin' this risky chore Made hisself a legend forevermore Davy, Davy Crockett The man who don't know fear He went off to Congress and he served a spell Fixin' up the government and laws as well Took over Washington, so we heard tell And patched up the crack in the Liberty Bell Davy, Davy Crockett Seein' his duty clear When he come home his politickin' done The western march had just begun So he packed his gear and his trusty gun And lit out a-grinnin' to follow the sun Davy, Davy Crockett Headin' out west again An exercise in elementary perception ladies and gentlemen.
No chicanery is involved, no natural laws are violated.
See for yourselves.
Neither voodoo, hoodoo, nor Hindu.
Prestidigitation, ladies and gentlemen.
An old and honorable art.
Now, watch the little pea.
Now you see it and now you don't.
Who will try his luck? Well, a man wins, a man loses.
The fickleness of fortune, ladies and gentlemen.
The hand is not necessarily quicker than the eye.
You there, buckskins, you look like sharp lads.
Here's your chance at edification and profit.
Don't reckon I hold much with gambling, mister.
A woodsman, a longhunter, and far traveler such as you troubled by moral scruples? I don't figure gamblin's out-and-out wicked if that's what you mean.
But it sure as tarnation is foolish.
Oh, come, come, come.
Foolish to win handsomely as my sharp-eyed friend here did a few minutes ago? Well, now, Mr.
Thimblerig I never gamble for money, but I might just take one go to see which of us treats the crowd.
Oh, she lies there does she, hawkeye? Very well, let's see.
Always like to do my own peeking, Thimblerig.
Why, you I reckon you didn't catch my friend's name.
It's Davy Crockett.
Davy Crockett? Now, how about that treat? Nothin' I like better than a good loser,Thimblerig.
I'm hoist on my own petard.
Brought low by the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.
Belly up, boys.
The drinks are on me.
Oh, there you are.
Hey, Davyain't you gonna get no sleep? I been doin' some thinkin'.
Me, too.
You know, we're pretty far down the river.
Ain't it about time we decided where we're going? Always have had a pretty good idea.
Where? "Texas independence threatened.
"General Santa Anna vows to expel settlers.
" Texas?! Why, we got the whole tarnal country to choose from and you gotta pick There's the Rocky Mountains with valleys no man ever set foot in.
And there's the Santa Fe country stretching clear out to California and Oregon, with thousands of miles of rivers and forests just teeming with game and you have to head off for Texas.
There's nothin' there but a mess of trouble.
Americans in trouble.
A bunch of crazy fools that are trying to take on a whole army.
They're so far away from the rest of the country they know they ain't gonna get no help.
Bunch of rock-headed idiots that won't quit 'cause they think they're right.
How soon you reckon we'll be headed out that way? Right after we get to Little Rock.
You gonna turn in? I reckon.
Why, in me day, no finer thespian than I ever trod the boards.
Ow! And now behold my lowered state.
A magnificent birthright flung willfully into the gutter.
A superb inheritance of mind and body squandered recklessly in the muck of the common herd.
Talent dissipated, courage abandoned character destroyed.
Gentlemen! Gentlemen! The very ones for whom I've been waiting.
You know, sir, 'tis truly written hope springs eternal.
Now I've been thinking that I might yet find redemption in the company of some peerless paragon of manhood and virtue such as yourself.
You, too, of course.
In other words, you sorta want Davy to be your backbone.
Backbone? That's putting it rather bluntly, sir.
I am in point of fact offering the colonel my incomparable companionship.
Me and Russel are figurin' on headin' down Texas way.
That ain't no country these days for a man with wobbly knees.
There are times when cowardice is a virtue, my dear Colonel.
It makes choosing a course so very simple.
Now, I know nothing of this Texas of which you speak but I do know the fury of the outraged minions of the law and as a consequence, I fear what lies behind me far more than the unknown which lies ahead.
Now, surely, sir, you'll not deny me the pleasure of your illustrious company.
Well, look, in the morning, don't forget this was your idea.
Don't worry.
In the morning, he won't remember nothin'.
He heard of Houston and Austin and so To the Texas plains he had to go Where land was free and there was room to grow And freedom was fightin' another foe Davy, Davy Crockett And Crockett's company Well, there she is Texas.
A man keeps movin' around all his life lookin' for his own particular paradise.
I reckon I found mine.
There's plenty of room out there for every dream lever had.
Yeah, there's room all right.
Too much of it.
I miss them green hills of Tennessee.
A desolate desiccated desert untouched by the hand of man and God alike.
Well, there's somebody around and they know we're here.
Indians? Probably Comanches.
Comanches? You mean that barbaric horde they call "the Cossacks of the Plains"? Yep.
Same critters.
Hadn't we better be gettin' out of here? Whoa.
What unearthly manifestation is that? Supposin' we find out.
What's the matter, Thimblerig? Ain't you got no curiosity? Very little.
Savages? Sounds like the whole Comanche nation.
Whatever it is, we gotta see it.
We was born too late to see buffalo in Tennessee.
Not buffalo.
There's your Comanches.
Reckon that's what stampeded them.
That Indian's crazy.
He's headin' straight into that prairie-dog town.
Unh! Well, don't just stand there! Give me a hand! Bite off more than you can chaw, Davy? He may not look it, but he's an awful lot of Indian.
Patch him up, he'll make us a real good guide.
I just can't hardly wait to sink my teeth in this buffalo meat.
Your friend's awake.
Think I'll have a palaver with him.
Can the colonel actually converse with that aborigine? Watch.
He says he's hungry.
Thisis speech? Sure.
It's good anywhere.
Only way one tribe can talk to another.
Davy learned it from the Shawnee.
He's telling Davy something about himself but I can't get it all.
Near as I can make out, this Indian's had a hard time.
He's been on many war parties and never got a scalp the medicine man took a shine to his squaw and kicked him out of the tribe and on top of that, his pony fell down and he lost the buffalo.
With all his busted luck you sure you still want him for guide? It's lucky we ran into him.
If we'd kept goin' that way, we'd have lost our hair.
Lost our hair? Gkkk.
Smells good.
Says he's willing to join us and lead us to a white settlement.
How far? One moon to the southwest.
Well, I for one do not trust that perfidious savage.
Well, you better trust him.
He's the only one who knows the trail to the next water hole.
You know, Bustedluck, you might have a sore head but there's sure nothin' wrong with your stomach.
I say, Colonel, Russel, do you really think that filthy green stuff is fit to drink? I don't know.
It's wet.
Buenos dias.
Supposed to be a settlement of Texans down this way somewheres.
Know where it is? You mean San Antonio de Bexar? Yeah, that's her.
San Antone.
It is not safe to go over there, sefiores.
General Santa Anna has already taken Bexar.
If Santa Anna's taken the town, where are the Texans? In the Alamo, an old mission across the river.
Looks like we got here a mite late, Davy.
Let's see if we can make up for it.
You must not go there, sefiores.
The Alamo has been surrounded by a big army and there's many patrols all over.
We got through Injun country without any trouble.
Company, forward! They don't look very friendly.
Let's git.
Cover them! That was a tight squeeze.
You men all right? Yeah, I reckon.
You in command? No.
I'm second.
Colonel Bowie's the commander.
Jim Bowie? The fella who invented the knife? That's him.
Come on.
He's been laid up.
He took a fall helping us mount the cannon.
The fever's been giving him the devil ever since.
Colonel, we have some more reinforcements.
I'll see your men are taken care of.
Thank you.
Colonel Bowie? Yeah? I just brought a company in and I figured I ought to report.
I'm Davy Crockett from Tennessee.
Davy Crockett.
I should've known.
By the great eternal I never hoped to see you in this neck of the woods.
Why not? Half the state's here.
You and Sam Houston.
I should've known you'd show up, too.
Sit down.
Sit down.
I can't get rid of this cough.
Now, tell me, how many men did you bring? Four, including myself.
Four? Two acres of wall to defend.
It'd take at least a thousand troops to man this garrison adequately and I've got less than 200 volunteers including you.
200 stubborn men can do a tolerable lot of fightin'.
Crockett, I'm gonna be honest with you.
This miserable excuse of a fort is our last chance.
If we can't hold Santa Anna here until Houston reorganizes our army Texas is lost.
Well, we'll just have to hold it.
But just between you and me I want to tell you what we're up against.
You know we're practically encircled? They've cut off our main water supply.
All we've got left is a half-dry well.
And on top of that we don't have enough rations left for a good-size family dinner back home.
And for powder? Why, there's just about enough left for a turkey shoot.
I don't have to tell you, Davy that none of this goes outside this room.
Sure, Colonel.
These 200 you got Yeah? Ain't there any more Texans around? Well, we've been sending messengers out.
One did get back from Gonzales with 32 men.
Now, there's a fair-sized force down at Goliad.
We sent a courier out a few days ago but I don't think he made it.
Got a fresh horse? I'll take a crack at getting through.
No, Davy.
We need your breed of men here.
Half-horse, half-alligator.
We both know the amount of powder in the gun is not near as important as the spirit of the man behind the sights.
Half any battle's knowin' you're gonna win.
Crockett, for the first time since I've been here I believe we can hold out.
With old Betsy here and this here Arkansas toothpick of your'n how can we lose? Hey, this ain't no funeral! On your feet and choose your partner! Come on, give us a hoedown.
There's your partner! Sorry to interrupt the frolic, Crockett but Colonel Bowie wants to see us.
How is he? Not so good, I'm afraid.
Shut the door.
Boys, I'm gonna have to do something I never did before in my life.
I'm gonna have to call it quits.
If nobody else'll admit it, I'm gonna have to.
I owe it to the men.
I'm in no shape for command.
One of you boys is gonna have to take over for me.
Well, I know my limitations.
I'm really a lawyer.
I'll be proud to take orders from Colonel Crockett.
Tarnation, man, 'round such military men as you and Jim Bowie I don't reckon I'm much more than a high private.
Why, you're the most famous fightin' man of our time.
In Tennessee, maybe.
But this here's Texas.
This is your country.
He's rig ht, Travis.
You and I have shared command.
You're the logical one.
You take over.
All right, sir.
But what about you, Colonel Crockett? Well, I've noticed you have quite a few Tennessee boys here.
Let me fill out my company with 'em you tell me what you want done and we'll do it.
How'd you like to take over the south wall? That's the most vulnerable.
That'd suit us just fine.
Look at that camp out there.
Every morning there's twice as many as there was the night before.
I bet there's 2,000 of 'em by now.
Georgie, the more targets a man has to shoot at the easier to hit.
What interests me is why Santa Anna called that truce sent for that messenger.
Whatever it is, it ain't good.
With His Excellency's compliments.
Crockett, come down here.
Listen to this, Colonel.
It's so flowery it must have been written by some other attorney.
Roughly translated, it means we surrender on his terms or Well, I ain't much authority on surrendering.
Neither am I.
Moriarty! His Excellency's offered a lot of surrender.
He's waiting for an answer.
Let's give it to him.
Fire in the hole! Hit the deck! They say that war is the most exalted experience a man can endure.
To me, it's the most miserable and untheatrical method of suicide.
Shelled us all night and shelled us all day ain't hit a man yet.
You ain't got nothin' to worry about, Thimblerig.
Ain't nobody gonna hit you.
You're too shifty.
You volunteers better get some food and a little rest while you can.
Sorry, Moriarty.
No rest for the gunners and officers.
Go get some food.
You, too.
Take your relief, men.
I'll get yours for you, Davy.
Some of the boys are getting worn pretty thin, Colonel.
Four days and no casualties yet.
It's incredible.
I wonder how much longer our luck will hold up.
Luck? This ain't luck, it's the hand of Providence.
You really believe that, don't you? I sure do.
So do I, Davy.
Corn and beef for breakfast, beef and corn for lunch.
You call that a service? It's difficult to maintain manly courage on this provender.
Would you care to tempt lady luck, double or nothing? Why not? My stomach sure ain't gonna miss this.
You hold the stakes, Bustedluck and, come, my starving friend we'll venture our fortunes with the elusive pea, eh? Neither voodoo, hoodoo, nor Hindu.
Prestidigitation, an old and honorable art.
Now you see it, now you don't.
Oh, you'd risk your pittance of food for a chance of a full belly, huh? Very well, my hungry aborigine since you thrust the wager upon me choose.
There? How you doin? Keepin' awake.
Hey, Davy, I just found out somethin'.
You know we're sitting here like a bunch of treed possums? We're just about out of ammunition.
There ain't no help comin'.
Knowed that since the day we got here.
Still holding out, ain't we? Since the day we You knowed it ever since then? Colonel asked me not to say anything about it to the men.
You knowed and you figured you couldn't trust me after all the tight ones we been through? - You couldn't trust me?! - George I thought we was in this together! We're both wore out.
Go get some sleep.
All right.
From now on, it's every man for hisself.
What do you want? I gotta see you, Colonel.
Was it necessary to wake me up? Yeah.
You gotta get me outta here.
This is no prison.
You can go anytime you want.
I ain't scared of fightin', but this ain't gonna be no fight.
It's gonna be a massacree.
Not if we get help from Goliad.
But you ain't got it.
And no way of telling if you're gonna get it unless you get a messenger through.
That's what I want to see you about.
Santa Anna ain't got enough men in his whole army to keep me from getting out of this gopher hole.
What makes you think you can make it? I been in and outta bear traps all my life and I ain't lost no toes yet.
- When do you want to try it? - Right now.
I'll have Colonel Bowie's horse saddled up.
It's the best mount in the Alamo.
Now how do I get to this here Goliad town? That's a good question.
Now, look, here's a drainage ditch.
Sort of a sunken road.
and the sentries are asleep and if you have more luck than any one man's entitled to you might get through their lines here.
If you do, the trail to Goliad's easy.
Why, that man's deserting! Deserting? That's your friend Russel trying to make it to Goliad for help.
Russel? If you're worried about Russel, don't.
He's only been gone two days and it's nearly 100 miles to Goliad.
Couldn't make it back, then.
Not yet.
Anyway he'd have to wait for darkness.
There she is.
Gun troop, over there in that draw! Save the big pop gun.
It eats too much powder.
They ain't as far off as they think they are.
Are they, Lafe? Mighty obligin' of them to move in so close, Davy.
Wait! Hold it! Just about a little mite too much windage.
Raise my sights a mite.
I guess you boys just haven't had enough practice.
He said old Betsy'll reach.
That's more like it.
Hey, it's Russel! open the gate! How many men are they gonna send us from Goliad? They can't spare us none.
You tarnal idiot! You were safe! In the clear! What'd you come back for? Just got lonesome, I reckon.
Notched you up like an old razorback.
They can't shoot for sour apples.
We won't get any help from Goliad.
Crockett, I can't keep this from my men any longer.
You better break it to Colonel Bowie.
Reckon he oughta know.
Have him moved to one of those rooms in the chapel where there's more protection.
All right.
Oh, it's you, Davy.
Mighty good of you to keep lookin' in on me.
When a man's laid up, he gets awful tired of his own company.
Yeah, and glad to see a friend's face.
Friend for less than a week.
Pity we didn't meet before.
We could have had some good huntin' trips all right.
Like lookin' for those lost silver mines of yours.
So you heard that yarn, too.
Tell you what.
When we finish this chore we'll go on that search.
I know right where to start.
It's awful quiet out there.
Russel just made it back from Goliad.
Tell me, did he No help.
I brought those men in here.
Reckon I better be with them now.
Gimme a hand, Davy.
Take it easy, Colonel.
I'll get you outside.
Hornbuckle? Contreras? Move the colonel outside.
I've called you all together because it's time you knew the truth.
Russel brings bad news, men.
The defense of the Alamo rests on us alone.
Now, I won't minimize the gravity of our situation.
General Santa Anna has nearly 5,000 men massed against us.
Now, I can't force you beyond patriotism and your own conscience.
While it's still dark there's time to slip off to safety.
I won't blame any man who doesn't stay.
Those who stay cross over the line.
Boys, I don't think I can make it myself.
I sure would appreciate it if some of you would help me across.
Thank you, men.
You'll be better off in here, Colonel.
Besides, you got San Antonio to watch over you.
It's been a long time for us, Georgie.
A lot of years.
Lot of things to remember.
Play us a little tune.
Why don't you play one, Davy? That piece you made up when we was leavin' the green hills of Tennessee.
Figured you'd remember that.
Yeah, I remember.
It's the only one you ever writ.
Fellers like it, too.
Farewell to the mountain Whose mazes to me Were more beautiful far Than Eden could be A home I redeemed From the savage and wild A home I have loved As a father his child The wife of my bosom Farewell to ye all In the land of the stranger I rise or I fall Farewell to the mountain Whose mazes to me More beautiful far Than Eden could be The home I redeemed From the savage and wild A home I have loved As a father his child The wife of my bosom Farewell to ye all In the land of the stranger I rise or I fall And you'd better get a little rest.
It's a capital idea.
It may be our last.
Outpost been relieved yet? About an hour ago.
Everything's quiet, Davy.
They're on us! Here they come! Riflemen, on your feet! They nearly caught us with our britches flapping.
Run up the flag.
Here they come! Yahoo! We're holding 'em! Hey, Colonel, what's that bugle call they were playin"? That's their signal for "no quarter.
" Yeah? Well, they'll be playin' that again.
They've breached the north wall! Let's bring the cannon.
Come on! Load it! Chains! Scrap iron! Use anything! Fire in the hole! Ram it in! Give 'em what fer, Davy.
The storybooks tell they were all cut low But the truth of it is, this just ain't so Their spirits'll live and their legends grow As long as we remember the Alamo Davy, Davy Crockett And Crockett's company Davy, Davy Crockett Fightin' for liberty Next week from Fantasyland comes the stow of some of the world's great fables and the men who created them.
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