DC Super Hero Girls (2019) s01e11 Episode Script

Shock It to Me

1 [theme song playing.]
When super me Becomes super we Suddenly, magically Pretty automatically Crushing it side by side Look out, world We're Super Hero Girls Now that we're together Gonna get that super life! Wow! - [key jingling.]
- [lock clicks.]
Leslie Willis.
I see you let yourself in.
What brings you by? Just saving your newspaper, Lois.
I've got an idea that'll make it at least somewhat readable.
Make it fast.
I got deadlines.
Picture this.
A gossip column written by yours truly.
Not a chance.
What? Why not? Worried I'll upstage the puff pieces you write? Saving cats.
Seriously? Look, Willis.
You got spunk, gumption, bravado, all qualities of a great reporter, but gossip columns are too mean, and not to put too fine a point at it, so are you.
Anything else? [groans.]
[electricity crackling.]
- [yelps.]
- [camera shutter clicks.]
[Willis laughs wickedly.]
Too mean, eh, Lois Lame? Well, the public loves mean, and I'm gonna give 'em all they can handle.
[electricity crackling.]
[camera shutter clicks.]
- [electricity crackling.]
- [thuds.]
[electricity crackling.]
- [door slams.]
- [camera shutter clicks.]
[bell ringing.]
[electricity crackling.]
[camera shutter clicks.]
You deserve better, buddy.
- [electricity crackling.]
- [screams.]
[girls laughing.]
Poor Garth.
Why on the name of Hera do you laugh? Because it's funny.
"Funny"? Is this what the world of man finds humorous? This suffering of others? [chuckles.]
Oh, it's just an embarrassing moment, Diana.
We all have 'em.
And we are all hurt when we are mocked and ridiculed.
Mankind is better than this.
Hey, look! - It's Lois Lame.
- [laughing.]
Hey, Lois.
Bet you wish you had a gossip column now.
Ugh! - [electricity crackling.]
- [Willis laughing.]
[all laughing.]
[girls whistling.]
- Hmm.
- [elevator dings.]
Oh! Things are looking up.
- Or should I say, down.
- [crackling.]
[laughs mischievously.]
The warranty stated these would withstand vigorous activity, but they did not withstand infantry training.
[people screaming.]
[crowd cheering.]
- Out of the way! - [woman grunts.]
What's your problem, lady? You ruined my shot! Your shot? It is you! You are the one behind these videos! Well, contrary to what you may think, I believe that your inter-web theatrical comedy is in fact a tragedy, and mean in spirit.
"Mean in spirit"? [gasps.]
Golly Gee Wilikers! And to think all those poor losers on my website who keep getting laughed at over and over again.
What was I thinking? Well, I am pleased you have seen the error of your ways.
Tell you what.
Why don't you and the other super hero girls watch my, uh, inter-web theatrical comedy tonight for an extra special announcement Just for you.
Indeed we shall.
[captivating music playing.]
Hey everyone out there in Leslie Land.
Tonight I've got a special announcement to make.
Someone so thoughtfully pointed out my channel is mean in spirit.
So therefore I'm retiring.
And handing over the site to new management! I'd like to introduce your new host - [crackling.]
- [thunderclap.]
- [crackling continues.]
- [thunderclap.]
What up, Metropolis? The name's Livewire.
And you thought what Leslie was doing was mean in spirit? Well, you ain't seen nothing yet.
I'm gonna supe things up.
As in super-prank, super-laughs, and super-humiliation.
And Wonder Whiner and the Superhero Girls, just try and stop me! [crackling.]
That did not go the way I expected.
Ha! Seriously? Ms.
Swak Jock thinks she can scare us? Now that's funny.
[rock music playing.]
I'm gonna crush you And I'll enjoy it, too - I wanna bring you down - [guffaws.]
Humiliation's cool And cruelty's how I want to rule - [whoops.]
- [all laughing.]
Watch me go With a million volts With a million volts A million volts A million volts A hundred thousand volts of lightning Pointing at yourself Oh, did I make you sad? I feel really bad - [shudders.]
- Maybe we should call your mom [crackles.]
Too bad she can't help you Now you're weak against my awesome power Don't turn your back You'll never know when I'll attack You won't see me coming, but you so will feel the zap A million volts [groaning.]
"These videos are the best.
SHGs are the worst.
Bumblebee, funniest video ever!" [Karen crying.]
And I'm never ever, ever coming out again! Ever! It's really not that bad, Karen.
[captivating music playing.]
Waddup, Metropolis? Livewire here with a major-razor invite to all my shockateers.
Glen Morgan Square.
Come see my most epic prank yet.
And Super-Lamo-girls, specially you, Wonder Wimp [gags.]
You should come too.
If you dare.
Livewire dares challenge us again? Now that is funny! [chuckles.]
Tell me I am right.
[sigh wearily.]
[indistinct chatter.]
Sisters, why so frightened when so many have come to see us triumph? We're not frightened.
It's just they haven't come to see us triumph.
They've come to see her make fools of us.
Waddup, Metropolis? You ready for the prank night of the century? [crowd cheering.]
So you may be wondering what Livewire has in store for her beloved shockateers? Let's kick things off as the queen of mean memes unleashes some mean memes.
[all gasp.]
Ha! Explains her recycled outfit.
[all laughing.]
I guess Batgirl still needs training wheels.
[all laughing.]
Look, everyone.
We found the cause of greenhouse gasses.
[all laughing.]
Who wore it better? Zatanna or porcupines? [all laughing.]
Looks like bees don't dance, huh? [all laughing.]
But wait a minute.
We're missing one.
Where is Wonder Weenie? Did she have the guts to show up tonight? Come on, Livewire's calling you out.
Come, sisters, our enemy awaits.
Huh? You hesitate? [Batgirl.]
We can't go out there.
Girls, you must believe in people's humanity.
They are good.
They could never laugh when faced with true suffering.
[wind blowing.]
[indistinct chatter.]
Hey! Look who's here! Livewire, your reign of cruelty and humiliation has reached its end.
No, I don't think so.
If anything, it's only just begun.
- [screams.]
- [electricity crackles.]
- Ow! - [all laughing.]
- [screaming.]
- [electricity crackles.]
[Willis laughs wickedly.]
[electricity crackles.]
See, Blunder Woman.
- The people love mean.
- [all laughing.]
Hear them laugh? Laughing at you? You're just a joke to them.
And now, it's time for the punch line.
[electricity crackling.]
- [grunts.]
- [groaning.]
[all laughing.]
[all gasp.]
What's the matter, Wonder Weakling? [all gasping.]
- [electricity crackles.]
- [Wonder Woman screams.]
[all gasp.]
[Willis laughs wickedly.]
[electricity crackling.]
Huh? [screams.]
[all groaning.]
You think your friends will save you? - [laughs wickedly.]
- [all gasp.]
[all groaning.]
That was interesting.
[laughs maniacally.]
Huh? Hey, what gives? Why aren't you laughing? This is hilarious.
Whatever, losers.
If that didn't grab your attention, maybe this will.
- [girl laughs.]
- [gasps.]
- [camera shutter clicking.]
- [Willis.]
Stop it.
- Stop laughing.
- [crowd laughs.]
Stop laughing at me! [yells.]
"Later, losers.
You haven't seen the last of Livewire.
" [beeps.]
[crowd cheering.]
[camera shutter clicks.]
"Shocker in Glen Morgan Square.
Bully gets what for.
" I'll show those losers.
Just wait till I get my shockateers to My shockateers! - [beeps.]
- Where are they going? "Click here for an even better site"? Ugh! [captivating music playing.]
Seriously? [theme music playing.]

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