DC Super Hero Girls (2019) s01e12 Episode Script

She Might Be Giant

1 [theme song playing.]
When super me Becomes super we Suddenly, magically Pretty automatically Crushing it side by side Look out, world We're Super Hero Girls Now that we're together Gonna get that super life! Wow! [bell ringing.]
Ah! [Doris.]
Hey, Beecher.
- Heads up.
- [both laughing.]
Oh, um, hi, Doris.
Fancy meeting you here while I was taking the extra, extra long way to Chemistry class.
Hey, I went to Chemistry class once.
I know where that is.
Tell you what.
Why don't we escort you.
Uh, you guys? Um, this isn't actually the Science building.
"This isn't the Science building.
" You see, Beecher, that's your problem.
You irritate me.
You bug me.
You're a puny little insect.
And you know what Doris does to bugs She squashes them.
Why are you hitting yourself? Why are you hitting yourself? Why are you hitting yourself? Okay, Doris, very funny.
You thought that was funny? Maybe you need a little time to yourself to think about how comedy works.
Get in there and think about how comedy works.
I can do it myself.
That's the fifth time this month.
I don't get it! What did I ever do to her? Nothing.
Psychological profiles of bullies suggest they always target the small and weak.
I meant the small and awesome? Apple? There's nothing awesome about being small, believe me.
But that's all gonna change after today.
You need some new material, Doris.
"Why are you hitting yourself?" [grunting.]
It's classic.
A meathead falling on her keister? Now, that's classic.
Shut it, Leslie.
Uh, ever heard of knocking, dweebs? Uh, Daddy and I are leaving for the science conference now, okay? [mockingly.]
"The science conference, okay?" Fine! Whatever! Have fun with your sporting activities, sweetums.
Love you.
[car door opens and closes.]
[engine starts.]
I gotta pump up.
[suspenseful music playing.]
[chuckles softly.]
Pumped up! Ladies and other ladies, may I present to you the new, the improved, Bumblebee! [humming fanfare music.]
Karen, it is simply divine.
Battle armor befitting a true warrior.
It looks awesome, kid.
What's it do? Well, um, we've added these thin film photovoltaic modules to make the suit solar-powered.
Plus, they make her look like a bee.
I modified the wing mechanism so there's a more dulcet tone to the way they buzz.
Like a bee! And we're working on quartz prisms in the goggles that will emit an electrical sting.
Like a cute little bee.
Which leads us to my biggest upgrade yet.
[hums musical fanfare.]
Here goes.
[suspenseful music playing.]
[orchestral swell.]
[orchestral swell deflates.]
Um Yay? Yeah, you shrunk differently? Oh, no! I thought we finally fixed the growth tech.
I'm not supposed to shrink, I'm supposed to grow.
Aww, but you're so cute small.
Cute and useless.
How am I supposed to stand up to the bad guys when I'm just a puny little insect? It's okay.
I bet we just inverted the zeta thingy when we had to cross-wire that other thingy because we were out of those thingy thingies.
- Remember? - Yeah.
Then let us procure the correct thingies.
Quick trip to the mall, and we'll have the whole thing sorted out.
Well, as much as I hate to miss a trip to the mall, my father and I have a show tonight.
And I'm protesting the show for using animals.
Oh, cool.
We can share a cab.
Hey, don't worry Karen.
I know you'll get it.
All right, then.
Let's go.
Hey, little lady.
Lookin' for the yoga mats? Free weights.
Ah, free weights.
For a dance aerobics class, I bet.
You look strong for a girl.
How 'bout, hmm, oh, some three-pounders.
Do I look like I want three-pounders? [gulps.]
Ready! Step! Huzzah! I survived the mechanical staircase.
The new Gotham glory line of cowls are in! Eee! Yeah, while you guys do your nerd stuff, I'm gonna go grab some chili fries.
Come get me when you're done.
Lead on, young Karen.
Let us do our nerd stuff.
[both gasp.]
[people screaming.]
[man yelling.]
Great Hera.
What is the cause of such mayhem? Puny man.
How dare you insult Giganta? [man yells.]
Now all shall feel my wrath! [grunts.]
Citizens, clear the area.
We shall dispose of this brute.
Come, Karen.
To battle.
But my suit, it's not - [Wonder Woman yells.]
- ready.
Uh where is it? [rock music playing.]
[both yelling.]
Ow! Come on, Karen.
Oh, no.
Let us see how you stand up to the Lasso of Truth.
[both grunting.]
[Giganta grunts.]
The Lasso compels me to tell the truth.
This is humiliating.
Where's that 20 ohm resistor? - Seriously? Hey, meatbrain! - Huh? Over here.
[both grunting.]
That all you got? [Supergirl yelling.]
[laughing maniacally.]
A fight! Tennis, anyone? Yes.
- [grunts.]
- Whoa.
That should do it.
Dang! [grunts.]
- [knuckles cracking.]
- Eh, deuce? Strike! [Bumblebee gasps.]
Hurry, Karen.
This is all on you now.
Let's do this.
[Giganta laughing.]
Hey, you! Huh? Hmm.
[feet thudding.]
Why don't you pick on someone your own size? [inspirational music playing.]
[music deflating.]
Oh, come on! No, no, no, no, no, no! I I'm alive.
And it's all because I'm a puny little insect! Time to sweat the small stuff.
[Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov's "The Flight of the Bumblebee" playing.]
Talk about a little fish in a big pond.
Note to self.
Upgrade stingers.
Eek! [grunts.]
Hey, why are you hittin' yourself? [screaming.]
[car alarms blaring.]
Did I do that? [Supergirl.]
Nice work, kid! You have done Athena proud, young Karen.
Growth tech, smowth tech! Ha-ha, yeah, I [swooning.]
Hey, Beecher, heads up.
Huh? Hey, give me back my ball.
Why don't you come and get it, meathead? - [Doris growls.]
- Crud! [Bumblebee laughing.]
[theme music playing.]

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