DC Super Hero Girls (2019) s01e20 Episode Script

DC Super Hero Boys (Part 1)

1 When super me Becomes super we Suddenly, magically Pretty automatically Crushing it side by side Look out, world We're Super Hero Girls Now that we're together Gonna get that super life! Wow! Just like the others.
We've got a tagging crew on our hands.
That's six so far.
They're spread all across the whole city.
And now they've defaced Metropolis' most iconic landmark.
Vile fiends.
We Amazons recognize when a rival clan intends to invade.
Yeah! Creeping in on our turf? Not on our watch.
Unless my bat-sleuthing skills deceive me, these tags seem to be appearing at specific times in specific places.
If I can just triangulate these coordinates, we'd be able to predict where the crew is gonna strike.
Metropolis Shipyards.
Touche, Bumblebee.
Which is in Sinister Slum.
It's seedy.
It's filthy.
It's scary.
It's just like back home We're here.
And if my calculations are correct, the new tag should show up any second.
Right in here! Uh anybody see a light switch? What was that? Ooh, I'm so scared.
Seriously, you guys, these punks are no match for I'm okay, I'm okay Prepare yourselves, sisters, for these are no petty criminals.
To battle! Eek! Eek! Ooh.
Ah, the lasso.
A wise choice.
That was weird.
Wait a second Green Lantern! Green Lantern? What are you doing here? And why do you have the same name as her? Uh it's like, super complicated.
Hold on.
You know these ruffians? I know that ruffian.
But I had no idea he belonged to a vicious gang of vandals.
Ha! We're not a vicious gang of vandals.
We're a vicious gang of heroes.
Green Lantern! Yeah.
The Flash.
Green Arrow.
Super Hero Girls, meet the And Aqualad.
Oh, um, hey, Aqualad.
Maybe a couple beats faster next time, okay? This is why rehearsal matters.
Super Hero Girls, meet Da Invincabros.
Yo bros! So you're the Super Hero Boys.
No, Da Invincabros.
Yo bros! And we just caught you taggers red-handed.
It was we who subdued you! Us? We're not the taggers, we're investigating the taggers.
Sheesh, what's up with your friend, Jessica? Ah! Ix-nay on the ame-nay, Al-hay Wait a minute Jessica Cruz? From school? Well, it was a real nice secret identity while it lasted.
Thanks a lot Hal! Hal Jordan? The dumb jock? That's me.
It is you.
Oh, don't be so bland and overly dramatic.
Bland and overly dramatic? Zee Zatara! My onstage nemesis.
And you are? Behold! It is I.
Uh yeah, I don't, uh, should I know? Oliver.
Sorry, I just I meet so many people O-Oliver Queen? I was Tristan to your Isolde? Seriously, how can you not remember me? What? Batgirl is Barbara Gordon? Hey Barbara Gordon? No way.
You mean, uh Candy-Cake Triple Ripple Tower with rainbow sprinkles Barbara Gordon? Barry Allen, from Sweet Justice! Yeah, it's totally me.
I'm Karen Beecher! Uh, who's Karen Beecher? Um, me? Bumblebee? Who's Bumblebee? Ugh! This is taking too long.
The birdie is Carter Hall, emo guy, spends all his time in shop.
Water kid is the water boy for the football team, Garth what's-his-name.
How could you tell? Your mom writes your name on the inside of your clothes.
Aw, Mom! I'm Kara Danvers, Wonder Woman is Diana Prince.
Oh, yes, makes sense.
Yeah, that makes sense.
So wait.
If you guys aren't the taggers And you girls aren't, then Whoever is has taken us for fools.
Whoa! Oh, irony.
You cunning mistress.
Oh, yeah.
Now I remember you.
Enough! Bumblebee, can the Oracle inside your phone device predict where the next mark will appear? Uh-huh.
Right here! Comrades We must set aside our differences and find the real villains.
Together we could be an unstoppable army of heroes, but only under the right command.
From birth I have trained in the Amazonian art of war, where my courage was forged in the flames of battle.
Allow me to lead us, and we will surely triumph! Uh, look, you got a great outfit, but no thanks.
Very well.
Then we shall not share the location.
So there.
Yeah, no offense, we already kind of have a leader And he's done all sorts of cool war junk, too.
So Really? Was his courage forged in the flames of battle? Well, uh, actually he goes to a military academy, so that's basically the same thing.
Military academy? Hello? Sorry, I'm late.
I tried taking the rapid bus, but I guess it can only go as fast as traffic, right? Oh, well, live and learn, live and learn.
Oh, hi, Diana.
What you got there? The LexBucks by Centennial Park? Yes! Steve Trevor does it again.
Well, looks like we'll be the ones solving this case, ladies.
Oh, yeah? Not if we get there first.
Hey! They seem nice.
Give it up, ladies.
We got the Flash! You also have the Flash's metabolism! Gotta refuel.
I'll catch up.
How many calories do you burn? In kilojoules.
Is it mostly carbs? What's your basal metabolic rate? I have so many questions.
Ha! Double fault, Green Lantern.
Don't know what that means, Green Lantern.
Okay, can we stop this name thing? I'm Green Lantern.
You're Green Lantern Girl? Green Lantern-ette? Oh, I know, Green Lantern Babe! Ugh, you better hope I don't catch you.
I shall outpace you, Birdman.
There's nothing you can do to stop me.
Hey, sure beats the bus.
" I'll "bee" seeing you, honey.
Sorry, sorry, sorry.
Ooh! Sheesh.
Racing me.
Seriously? Well, well, well.
Good evening, Ms.
'Sup, kid.
I suppose Da Invincabros, Yo Bros, would want me to stop you.
I understand.
Do your worst.
That's it? Trust me, it would've been so awesome in the ocean or, like, a big community pool.
Hey, hey, we all made it safe and sound.
Yay us! According to this the taggers' next target is in this alley.
So, looks like it's a draw.
Well done, Super Hero Now! - We were here first.
- Look! Hey.
Ya know what I'm thinking? That that's not graffiti.
What is it? Ursa? Non? Kneel before me.
Cover me.
Council member Alura Zor-El.
Come to grovel before your new Emperor? Seize her, Non.
End your insurrection now, General.
Tell Jor-El and his men to stand down.
That was no bomb, Zod.
All of Krypton is collapsing on itself.
Do you really think a force field can hold us? No.
I don't.
You'll all stand trial for your crimes.
But until then enjoy imprisonment in a Phantom Zone.
- Mom? - Kara! Who were those people? Where's Kal? Don't worry about them, they can't hurt you where they're going.
And your baby cousin is somewhere safe.
Now it's time for you to join him.

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