DC Super Hero Girls (2019) s01e21 Episode Script

DC Super Hero Boys (Part 2)

1 [theme song playing.]
When super me Becomes super we Suddenly, magically Pretty automatically Crushing it side by side Look out, world We're Super Hero Girls Now that we're together Gonna get that super life! Wow! [Ursa.]
People of Earth, this is General Zod, your new emperor.
His planet, Krypton, is gone.
He must find a new planet to rule.
And well, this is it.
So Kneel before Zod! [all gasp.]
Look, you guys, if we can't get these three clowns back through that portal before it closes, then we all better get used to kneeling.
Now, you miserable peons, all of Earth will suffer unless you bring me the heir to the House of El.
- Supergirl! - [Zatanna and Batgirl.]
No! [Batgirl.]
What are you doing? [Supergirl.]
If it will save the people of Earth, I turn myself in.
And you are? Are you Are you I'm Supergirl! Kara Zor-El? My mom sent you to the Phantom Zone! Never heard of you.
I want the son of Jor-El! Bring me Superman! Kal? Why does this keep happening to me? Look, dude Trust me, I'm just as good as Kal.
So, zip your lip and take me prisoner.
Or me and my gal pals are gonna kick your butts - back through that portal! - [Hal.]
We're gonna kick their butts back through that portal.
- InvinciBros! - [InvinciBros.]
Yo, Bros! Hike! [woman exclaims.]
[Hal yells and grunts.]
Ha! [exclaims and whimpers.]
- Uh - [Hawkman grunts.]
- [exclaims.]
- [yelling.]
- [gasps.]
- [all exclaim.]
[all groaning.]
Well, boys, that was just very embarrassing for you.
[neck cracking.]
What do you say we show these superhero boys - how it's done.
- Yeah! How is it done? You, um You know, just And - Get 'em! - [all yell.]
[girls exclaiming.]
[girls grunting.]
[all groaning.]
If they will not bring Superman to us, then we must draw him out.
[people screaming.]
The son of Jor-El has till the count of ten to kneel before me.
One! [people screaming.]
Oh, no! Two! [people continue screaming.]
Supergirl, can't you just call your cousin or something? - Okay, okay, fine.
- [dial pad beeping.]
- [line ringing.]
- It's ringing.
He never picks up.
He Hi, Kal! Kal, listen, you have to come home stat! Zod is back! Yeah, but the last time, I was joking.
And this time, it's totally real! He's literally standing right in front of me! [line clicks.]
Kal, hello? Kal? Hello? Uh, bad connection? [Zod.]
Three! [people screaming.]
The portal is closing! What are we gonna do? - [Zod.]
Four! - [metal crushing.]
- [giggling.]
- Wonder Woman, you have to snap out of it! We need you! Five! - [metal smashes.]
- [people screaming.]
I know what to do.
Steve! I got a hankering for some donuts.
I am on it.
[whistling tune.]
Donuts? Really? [Wonder Woman whispering indistinctly.]
Wonder Woman? Must work together! [Hal.]
All right, Wonder Woman, let's see some of that courage-in-the-flame stuff! You call the play and we'll follow.
Right, guys? [all.]
Yo, Bros! And girls.
First order, we pair up.
And then we send these demons back from whence they came.
- [Green Arrow.]
Yoo-hoo! - Hmm? [rock music playing.]
[Green Arrow exclaims.]
- [squishing.]
- [Green Arrow groaning.]
Ooh! [metal creaks.]
[people exclaim.]
Hey, Ursula! Is everything in the Phantom Zone made of trash bags or just your outfit? - Huh? - [Batgirl.]
Ursula! Hey, Ursula, who did your hair? Calendar Man? 'Cause it's dated! My name is Ursa! Ha! Nice shot, Ursula! Your aim is just as on point as your boots.
Missed again! [growling.]
- [squishing.]
- [Green Arrow groaning.]
[laughing gleefully.]
[people screaming.]
[Wonder Woman yells, grunts.]
[Wonder Woman yelling, grunting.]
[Supergirl yelling, grunting.]
[Wonder Woman yells.]
Um, Ms.
Woman? [Supergirl yells and grunts.]
- [groans.]
- Ms.
Girl? I'm ready to help, just let me know when you want me.
Just stay there, squirt.
Do not move from that spot.
Hey, wait up.
So sorry.
There's the Kryptonite! - [alarm beeping.]
- [gasps.]
Oh, so, you want me to - Hurry! - [exclaims.]
[continues grunting.]
[continues grunting.]
What's wrong, Wursa? - This relationship moving too fast for you? - [blows raspberry.]
One the contrary.
[inhales, blows.]
Whoa! I find the pace glacial.
And now for the grand finale.
[Green Arrow groaning loudly.]
[Green Arrow.]
Oh, I am slain! [exclaims gleefully.]
Ta-da! Not a scratch.
I think he expected some gore.
Get back inside.
Are you mad? [growling.]
[yells incantation.]
Enough! - [exclaims and groans.]
- [grunts.]
[grunting, groaning.]
You've lost, Kara Zor-El.
All of Earth will kneel before Zod.
Zod! Oh, yeah? Yeah.
Now, kneel! - [scoffs.]
- [Ursa.]
Or run like a coward.
That works, too.
[all laughing.]
[all coughing.]
What? What's this? [gasps.]
Oh, my gosh, you guys! I was all like, "Ah!" And he was all like, "Just go under the door.
" And I was all like, "Oh! Kryptonite! Whoa!" - [laughs.]
Um - [growling.]
Oh, sorry, sorry.
Now! Ha! Huh? [Batgirl grunting.]
Hey, Ursula! You're looking a little green! [gasping and whimpering.]
Hmm? - Grr! - Wait, what's that behind your ear? [groans.]
Thank you! You've been terrific.
Ha! [yelping.]
- [Wonder Woman yells.]
- [gasps.]
Dude! [Zod.]
Foolish children, even Superman knows that Zod is a force of nature.
Only another force of nature stands a chance against me! Good thing we got one of those! Hey, Aqualad! Heads up! [yells.]
Go for it, squirt! [grunting.]
[Zod yelling.]
Ha! Take that, sucka! Huh? [laughs.]
[all cheering.]
We did it, Mom.
We got him.
It was touch-and-go for a while I thought I was really gonna let you guys down coming back without sprinkles.
But then the lady found some more in the back, and the day was saved.
[giggles, sighs.]
You know, when you really think about it, if Steve hadn't left to get those donuts, then Wonder Woman never would have had the idea to get the Kryptonite, and that "Kneel!" guy would have totally taken over the world.
Steve Trevor did it again! [boys.]
Yo, Bros! [girls groan.]
[theme music playing.]

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