DC Super Hero Girls (2019) s01e22 Episode Script

Frenemies (Part 1)

1 [theme song playing.]
When super me Becomes super we Suddenly, magically Pretty automatically Crushing it side by side Look out world We're Super Hero Girls Now that we're together Gonna get that super life! Wow! [roaring.]
[people screaming.]
[all yelp.]
[all gasp.]
Huh? [Wonder Woman.]
The days of terrorizing this planet with your evil schemes are over, Starro.
After a long and perilous quest, Bumblebee has located the Hatorei crystals! Once these crystals are joined, we shall have the power to send you back to the dimension from whence [cell phone ringing.]
Hang on.
Sorry, gotta take this.
- [beeps.]
- Hello? Nah, I can totally talk now.
It's been for-evs! [muffled speaking on phone.]
Guess where you are? Hmm I don't know, Gotham Zoo? Gotham Comics.
No, Gotham Zoo.
You're in Metropolis? [gasps.]
You moved here? [gasps.]
You'll see me in school tomorrow? [gaps.]
I've never gasped so much in my life.
Oh, Harls, this is the best news since ever.
I can't wait to see you.
[all groaning.]
Hooray, you beat Starro.
Starro beat us.
Over and over again.
We only just managed to send him to another dimension.
I hope that other dimension's okay.
Bottom line, we lost.
Well!, pfft.
We may have lost that but we won at life because my best friend is moving to [yells.]
Metropolis! [Bumblebee sighs.]
[yelps, groans.]
[all laughing maliciously.]
It appears Selina Kyle has acquired some new friends.
Did somebody say "New friend"? No.
I said, "New friends.
" Plural.
Yay! Leeny-Beanie.
Babsy-wabsy! [laughs maniacally.]
Are you just getting here? Gotta be fashionably late on my first day.
Everyone, this is Harleen, my GBFF.
Gotham Best Friend Forever.
Oh! It is our pleasure to welcome you to [grunting.]
Ah! Hand buzzer.
Classic Harleen.
Isn't that high-larious? You have not changed a bit.
Not true.
I got a new flower [glugs.]
Whoa! a new whoopee cushion and I got this here invisible ink Ugh! [annoyed grunts.]
That's the one with the super permanent industrial ink.
Argh! [laughs.]
So funny.
But you got to save some jokes for after school Harley-Barley.
Uh after school? Yeah.
I thought we could give Harleen a tour of Metropolis.
Doesn't that sound fun? It would be our honor.
See youse all then then.
What are you doing? I can't get that out with magic.
- She is cray-cray! - The worst 20 seconds of my life and I've been to the Phantom Zone.
It is our divine duty as hosts to offer hospitality to this new guest.
Plus, she is very important to Barbara for some reason.
Therefore we must make an effort.
[laughs mischievously.]
[laughs mischievously.]
What do those things do? How come ya hit that button? Which pigeon are you? That one? That one? - [chicken clucking.]
- [beeping.]
Not very good, are ya? [annoyed grunt.]
[Harleen gobbling.]
[exclaims in disgust.]
[woman on screen.]
The Legion is trying to keep us apart.
Uh do you do you like this series? Love it.
That's why I read all the spoilers.
[bees buzzing.]
You gotta manage your finances better, babe.
So happy I can't feel pain right now.
Babs has to know what a disaster that was.
Whoo-hoo! So? Best day ever? Ah! I knew you'd love Harleen as much as she loves you.
Which is why I booked activities for us for the entire next year.
Boop! [cell phones beeping.]
I know what you're thinking.
Why stop at one year? We could do five years.
Or 50 years.
Ooh, we should make sure we get old and die on the same day, and can have one big besties gravestone.
I'll invite Harleen over and we can figure out what it'll say.
Um you, uh You want to tell Harleen about our secret headquarters? I do not believe that is prudent.
Super not prudent.
Huh? Why? Um because, because, um, because There aren't enough chairs.
- [Jessica.]
Aw, too bad.
- [Diana.]
Aw, too bad.
If only we had the chairs.
Can't sit on the floor.
So dirty.
Do you not want to hang out with Harleen? - Of course we do.
- Where did you come up with that? - [Jessica.]
Oh no! She's great.
- [chuckles nervously.]
Lasso of Truth! How 'bout now? - Harleen is the worst.
- Worse than a worst.
Just when I thought she couldn't get worse, she got worse.
I do not enjoy her company.
It's like if an evil scientist wanted to create the most annoying person ever, they still wouldn't come close to competing with her.
Harleen has been trying so hard to be friends with you guys and this is how you repay her? Babs, we didn't mean Yes you did mean.
You meaned a lot, You mean meanies.
And I'm sorry, but if this is how you're gonna treat my best friend, then, then, then maybe we shouldn't be friends.
[all gasp.]
- [Jessica.]
Babs, no.
- [Diana.]
We are so sorry.
Whoa! Ooh, Babsie, look.
A Space Joker versus Caveman Batman one shot variant cover.
What's the matter? It ain't in mint condition? Hey, Freckles, what kind of shop you running here? No.
It's not that.
It's just My Metropolis friends are being jerks and, and we can't hang out with them anymore.
But it's okay.
It'll be just you and me against the world.
Just like it was in Gotham City.
Aw, Babsie-Wabsie We can totally hang out, if that's what you want, Or we could go for a nice drive in the country with some girls I met.
It'll be fun [grunts.]
Home run! Grand slam! [all laughing manically.]
You okay, Babsie? - Yeah, sure - [bat thuds.]
Um, just so I understand, we're destroying mailboxes so we can replace them with nicer, better mailboxes, right? No! We're destroying them because they're wooden stumps of death that people stuff full of other dead trees.
Babs, honey, don't you listen to Pam.
We're doing this because it's fun.
[tires screech.]
[all laughing maniacally.]
Stop the car! [brakes screech.]
I, uh just remembered I have, um I have a library book I need to write for the library.
So people can read it.
Because you gotta have books for the library.
Otherwise, it's just a big empty building, I guess.
I think they bought it.
Okay, let me call my dad.
Maybe he can take us to the movies or something.
Babsie I, uh don't wanna go to the movies.
Oh, well what do you want to do? Come on, these mailboxes aren't gonna smash themselves.
Sorry, Babsie.
I'll, uh, see ya tomorrow, all right? Oh, okay.
[girls laughing manically.]
All right, Harleen.
Your turn.
Smashing mailboxes is nice and all, but you wanna have some real fun? [cackles.]
Now that's how you smash a mailbox.
Not bad, Harleen.
But how'd you like to have some real, real fun? [snarling.]
Youse guys are villains? Why didn't ya say somethin'? [birds chirping.]
[all laugh manically.]
[theme music playing.]

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