DC Super Hero Girls (2019) s01e24 Episode Script

Soul Sisters (Part 1)

1 When super me becomes super we Suddenly, magically Pretty automatically Crushing it side by side Look out, world We're Super Hero Girls Now that we're together gonna get that super life Wow! Phew.
If you're thinking of doin' anything besides handing me your purse, trust me, it ain't worth it.
Too easy.
Who are you? One of them Super Hero Girls? All right, I give up, take me in.
Doesn't matter, I'll be back on the street in a week.
I said, I give up! En garde! Ha ha! Excellent work, Nathaniel! Are you kidding? I lasted two seconds.
Yes! And that is twice as long as last time! Does anyone desire a rematch? Sorry, Diana, I think we're all done losing for the day.
I assume you're staying to train, even though you just beat the entire Metropolis Fencing Club? You assume correctly.
Turn out the lights when you're done.
Ah, greetings! Are you new to the club? I joined recently.
I find the simulated combat most invigorating.
Very well then.
We shall let these do the talking.
Your footwork is impeccable.
You are using the Danpei technique, yes? I thought it appropriate, since I don't know your weaknesses.
Now I do.
Why are you smiling? I am clearly better than you.
To give the fencing club a chance, I fight left-handed.
And I am not left-handed.
Well then.
There is something I must tell you.
You are not left-handed either? No, I am.
But there is something else that I am not.
Touche! Oh, it is so thrilling to finally experience a loss! You are incredible.
Diana Prince.
Tatsu Yamashiro.
I just moved here from Japan.
You are the first worthy opponent I have met.
You must teach me how to parry like that one day.
How about now? Watch my left foot carefully Great work! You are quick study.
You are an excellent teacher.
By Cronus, where has the time gone? I must be going.
But it would please me greatly if we could meet for a normal teenage activity.
We could, uh What do you do for amusement when you are finished training? I, uh, train more.
Ha! I as well! All right, it's settled.
We are seeing Exploding Ninja Pirates from Outer Space IV.
It has a good story for me, lots of special effects for Karen, great costume design for Zee, a ton of action for Kara, and Babs doesn't care what we see as long as she can sneak in a bucket of burritos.
Soon, my pretties! Soon! You sure you can't come, Diana? I apologize, but I have already made plans with Tatsu.
Oh, right, your mysterious training partner.
Are we ever gonna get to meet this "Tatsu"? If that is your desire.
Wow, you just came out of nowhere.
It's, um, nice to meet you.
We've heard so much about you.
Direct me to these rumor-mongers, I will ensure they never speak again.
No! I meant, we've heard good things.
From Diana.
Ah, I see.
So! Where are you from? A place I can never go again.
Hey, uh, I didn't think it was possible, but Diana says you like training as much as she does? The strong are driven by discipline, not desire.
Is she not great? Is something wrong, Tatsu? You have not punched me in the face once.
I do not believe I made a good impression on your friends.
What do you mean? Ever since leaving home, I have had trouble fitting in.
People always think I am strange or too intense.
One can be too intense? Exactly! You gave me hope that Metropolis would be different, but it seems that I am once again destined to be a loner.
I love my friends, but I must confess, I, too, often feel out of place in my new home, as though no one truly understands me.
But you do.
And if you understand me, and I understand you, then at least we have each other.
I am glad for your friendship, Diana Prince.
And I yours.
Now let us try most vigorously to injure one another! I didn't hate it, it just felt like a set up for Exploding Ninja Pirates from Outer Space V.
Yo! Quiet for super-ears.
- The jewelry store! - Should we get Diana? No time.
Let's do this! All right, loser! You picked the wrong night to fall asleep mid-robbery? Ah! - Is she - No, she's alive.
I'm actually not sure what's wrong with her.
Okay, this isn't good.
Someone used dark magic.
I mean the real icky stuff to take her soul! Now what? We really can't just leave her for the cops? They wouldn't know what to do.
She'd be stuck like this forever.
Ugh, fine, but you do realize this is just like that scene in Exploding Ninja Pirates from Outer Space II.
And remember how that turned out? The first thing we need is a safe place to keep her.
Oh, so we need to hide a body? No problem.
I grew up in Gotham.
Besides, it's just one measly body You were saying? Now, now what? I don't know about this.
I'm not supposed to have friends in my mom's car, much less soulless supervillains.
Supergirl, stop that! Is that my lipstick? Sorry.
Relax, GL.
Everything's gonna be fine.
It's a short trip to my house, and besides, it's just two measly bodies I'm detecting a pattern.
Now, now, now what? So we have to hide three bodies.
Big deal! Back home I used to hide three bodies before breakfast.
Now, now, now, now what? This week on Make it Wayne Please tell me you didn't buy another boat, Master Wayne.
What else am I gonna use in my new lake? Phew! Mission accomplished.
Supergirl! Come on! Wait.
We're missing one.
Where's Poison Ivy? We left her on the roof rack! Now! Now, now, now, now, now what? What is going on here? What don't you get? We found a bunch of villains missing their souls and decided to stash 'em here until we could fix 'em! Yes, but why are they Oh, heh, my dad got suspicious, so I had to make it look like we were having a slumber party.
Everything okay in here, sweetie? You know it, pops! Just doing makeovers! All right, looks good to me.
What do you expect? He still hasn't figured out I'm Batgirl.
We must discover who is responsible for this immediately! Yeah, duh! But how are we gonna do that? Do not worry.
I have a plan.
This villain is targeting other villains.
We must find the next target before anyone else loses their soul.
- But where are we gonna find more - Villains! Your souls are tainted.
And now, they will be mine.

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