DC Super Hero Girls (2019) s01e25 Episode Script

Soul Sisters (Part 2)

1 [theme song playing.]
When super me Becomes super we Suddenly, magically Pretty automatically Crushing it side by side Look out, world We're Super Hero Girls Now that we're together Gonna get that super life! Wow! [Katana.]
Villains! Your souls are tainted.
And now they will be mine.
Sorry, sis.
I like my soul right where it is.
[attack yell.]
[Supergirl grunts.]
- [all gasp.]
- Supergirl! [gasps.]
What? Well, at least we know where the souls are now.
Let's show this one-trick pony what real magic looks like.
[casting spell.]
Yeah! Whoa! [both teeth chattering.]
Now, now, now, now, now now, now what? [screams.]
Run! [attack grunt.]
You'll never escape my blade.
Soultaker will find you! [sadly.]
My friends I I led you to this.
What have I done? Now, now, now, now, now what? - [lasso chimes.]
- [Wonder Woman grunts.]
I have to save my friends.
To have any chance of doing that I must know what I am facing.
"The Soultaker.
" [fire roaring.]
"A samurai blade forged in the 14th Century [bubbling.]
during a time of war, by the legendary swordsmith, Murasama Sengo.
[arrows whooshing.]
The sword is rumored to have the power to steal the souls of its enemies.
These souls can only be freed if whoever wields Soultaker says the following incantation" [sighs.]
It is written in Japanese Kanji.
Maybe Tatsu would know.
[dial pad beeps.]
[upbeat music blaring.]
[dial pad beeping.]
Diana? [automated voice.]
You've reached the Metropolis Department of Water and Power.
- [music blaring.]
- [loudly.]
Hello, Tatsu.
I was just trying to call you.
[automated voice.]
If you know your party's extension, enter it now.
[blaring music continues.]
Huh? Oh! [loudly.]
My apologies.
[automated voice.]
Turn left on Longshore Avenue - Recalculating - [frustrated.]
Silence! turn left on Butler Street [phone disconnects.]
What are you doing here? I find that training the mind is just as important as training the body.
We are so alike! Why were you trying to call me? I require your help to translate a passage from Japanese.
Why are you interested in Soultaker? How do you know about Soultaker? It is you.
You are the stranger from the roof.
And you are the villain that got away.
I thought we were friends, Tatsu.
So did I.
Which is why I take no pleasure in this.
[object clattering.]
- [grunts.]
- [groans.]
[loud thud.]
Shh Sorry, sorry.
Does that say [librarian.]
Shh [whispers.]
Does that say no loud fighting? It's Metropolis, that's the best we can hope for.
- [embarrassed laugh.]
- Sorry.
We will be quieter.
[whispering grunts.]
You stole the souls of my friends! They were interfering with my mission.
- And now so are you! - [muffled scream.]
Ha! [suspenseful music plays.]
[muffled sneeze.]
[both sigh in relief.]
[both gasp.]
[both sigh in relief.]
Uh, sorry.
We are so sorry.
We are both usually much more respectful of rules.
[wind blowing.]
So it has come to this.
I am Katana! My mission is to find villains and punish them for their evil deeds.
That is what a hero does.
You are wrong about that.
Heroes do not punish, they protect the innocent.
Now, hand over your sword that I may free those you have trapped inside.
You desire my blade? Come and get it.
[wind blowing.]
Ahhh! [grunts.]
[both gasp.]
Huh? [groans.]
You have a good heart, Diana.
And for that reason I will not take your soul.
But you might as well give up now.
You cannot defeat me! [Wonder Woman breathes heavily.]
[shaky voice.]
Perhaps But I will not allow my friends to remain trapped in that sword.
Ahhh! [grunts.]
You do not understand.
To free one soul is to free them all.
You cannot release your friends without releasing the souls of hundreds of evildoers.
And I cannot allow that.
I have met "heroes" like you before.
Your methods are weak and allow villains to return again and again.
My methods actually work.
Take this lawbreaker, for example.
One strike from me, and he'll never steal another car again.
Stop! You cannot do this! You beg for this criminal's soul? [softly.]
Not his soul.
If you continue to act as judge, jury, and executioner, you shall be no better than the villains you punish.
[dramatic scream.]
No! [screams.]
Diana! [whooshes.]
I'm sorry, I'm sorry! I just locked my keys in the car.
This is your car? - You are not a thief? - No! But you can have it, all right? [shaky voice.]
Just don't do that to me! Begone.
- Now! - [gasping.]
What have I done? [blows.]
[speaking Japanese.]
[speaking English.]
In the name of Murasama the maker, I command you all, vacate the sword and return to life! [whooshing.]
- [squeaks.]
- [screams.]
Rats! Rats! [intense music plays.]
[gasps softly.]
I am alive! You released the souls? But why? What you did for that young man inspired me.
You did not punish, you protected.
You were right.
That is true heroism.
What will you do now? Well, I did just free hundreds of criminals.
Someone should probably start recapturing them.
This time, I will do it the right way.
Not as an executioner, but as a hero.
It is the source of my power.
How can I shoulder such responsibility without it? You will not have to.
Soultaker can be a force for good.
But how? We will train.
Ow, my head.
Magic is the worst.
Uh, hello? I'm right here? So Let us never speak of this again.
- Works for me.
- Mmm-hmm.
- Great idea.
- Yeah.
Good call.
Um I don't hate this.
Ugh! [theme music playing.]

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