DC Super Hero Girls (2019) s01e30 Episode Script

Power Surge

1 When super me Becomes super we Suddenly, magically Pretty automatically Crushing it side by side Look out, world We're Super Hero Girls Now that we're together Gonna get that super life! Wow! Give it up, Supergirl.
Can't you see the spotlight belongs to me? Then I guess I better cut the power.
Are you guys okay? Ooh.
Ooh, am I amped up.
Ready for a power surge, Supergirl? Aargh! Whoa.
A grim scene here in Metropolis tonight Woo-hoo! Can you believe it? as it appears, our own Superman Girl is - no more.
- Best day ever! Yeah! Seriously, ladies and gents.
Call me the Kryptonian Krusher, 'cause I just blasted Stupidgirl into obli-vi-on! Woo-hoo! The controversial figure, best known as the kid sister of beloved icon Superman Oh, it can't be.
It just can't.
was new to the city.
Her acts of heroism were often overshadowed by her emotional nature and hot temper.
How will we go on without her? It's like I can feel her spirit with us, even now.
Supergirl! - You're alive! - You smell like fire.
And there she was, Mrs.
Superman, throwing turbine blades, crashing into stuff.
Don't she know how expensive this power plant is? Ugh.
Can you believe I tried to save that jerk? Of course you tried to save that jerk.
You are Supergirl! Now, sisters, let us go to the plant of power and correct this grievous misconception! Yeah! No! So they think Supergirl bit the big one, right? Kicked the bucket? Six feet under? Snuffed out? Oh, no.
They think you are dead.
Well, good, good.
You know, 'cause every time Supergirl tries to help, all they see is chaos and destruction.
They're better off without her and You know what? I am too.
How can you say such a thing? Don't you see? It's a clean slate.
A fresh start.
I get to decide what kind of hero I wanna be.
Are you sure about this? Never sure-er.
Now, what says "super teen"? Hmm Revoekam! Uh, no.
Mm Oh, I love it.
No, I don't.
Now you're just making fun of me.
Please, you don't even like this one.
Not happenin'.
Come on, Zee, you're not even trying.
Give me something new.
That's it! This is amazing! Yeah.
I changed you from blue, red, and yellow to blue, red, and white.
And it's perfect! Thanks, Zee! Okay, got the new look, now I need the new attitude.
What's the number one thing you'd change about me? - Nope.
- I have no complaints whatsoever.
- Not a whole lot.
- Not a thing.
Dudes, I can take it.
Karen, Karen.
There must be something Um, well, uh, perhaps sometime, someone somewhere might have thought you had the teeniest anger problem? Thank you for your honesty, Karen.
The new me appreciates it.
Oh, pfft.
Well, in that case Cool, huh? I got one for all of you.
You're always late.
You crack your knuckles.
You drool when you sleep.
You say things like "irregardless" and "supposebly.
" You mix up your "theirs," "there's," and "they'res.
" You're You know, Babs, the old me would have struck oil with your head by now.
But, not me, no, siree.
The new me ain't gonna go there.
What about Likable Lass? It's got excellent superhero alliteration.
Um, how about Power Girl? I still prefer Good Girl.
You are good, and you're not a boy.
Nothing could be more clear.
Power Girl is pretty clear.
No, no, no.
My new name's gotta have some oomph.
Some kick.
Some girl power, but not that.
Like Power Girl? Ugh, I still don't know what's wrong with Awesome Girl.
Wait, I got it! That was incredible! Please, heroic stranger, tell us, who are you? Who am I? I'm Powergirl! I said that like ten times! Ha ha, thank you.
Thank you, yeah, I know I'm awesome.
Listen, cuz, you think changing from yellow to white is gonna fool anyone? Pfft.
This is just Supergirl in disguise! Uh, actually I am her but from an alternate universe! Yeah! Yeah, it's just like Earth, but totally different.
It's called, um, Earth-Two! Yeah.
Yeah, that's that's it! Earth-Two, huh? Earth-Two! Of course, love it there.
Way better than Earth-Five, am I right? What a dump! Pfft.
- Yeah! - Woo-hoo! Powergirl pulled it off.
I just hope this new identity doesn't go to her head.
So, before the break you were saying that your powers are totally different than Supergirl's.
That's right, Helen.
Supergirl famously had freeze breath.
I, however, have frost air.
Sort of an Earth-Two thing.
Oh, and also we say "supposebly" there.
And on Earth-One, Supergirl used to be on a team.
What about you, Powergirl? Will you be joining a team? Oh, Helen.
Teams are overrated.
I mean, look at me.
Awesome outfit, great name, best non-angry temperament ever.
Powergirl's got it all.
She doesn't need a team.
Anyone have any Kryptonite? Guys, you gotta see this! "How I Did It.
Destroying Supergirl.
A Memoir.
" Yeah, so? So, this "There I was partaking in some lighthearted mischief, but Stupidgirl took it to a whole new level.
Putting all those innocent lives in danger.
Supergirl was a menace, and she needed to be taken down.
" What? Uh, I mean Whatever.
Look, it doesn't matter.
Supergirl's gone.
And Powergirl's better anyway.
Lies! Supergirl was a hero.
She didn't do what she did to be famous, she did it to help people.
And she doesn't deserve to be treated this way.
The name's Powergirl.
And I'm late.
What up, Metropolis? Say hello to your new bestselling author.
Sales are going great, but mama's hankering for a new set of wheels.
I'm thinking something electric.
So, time to write a new sequel.
I'm talking to you, Powergirl.
Let's see if you're as easy to cook as that other blonde blockhead.
Oh, no.
Ahhh! Whoo, the Kryptonian Krusher's two for two! Powergirl's just as much of a loser as Supergirl! Supergirl was a hero.
She doesn't deserve to be treated this way.
You know what? I kinda miss our dear, departed Stupidgirl.
Hey, Electrodweeb.
The name's Supergirl.
Supergirl? What? How? Wouldn't you like to know, Live-Whiner? How is this possible? I fried you both to a crisp.
Something about dying makes a girl think.
Who cares about the haters? They don't know you.
You know you.
And on Earth-One and Earth-Two I'm a hero! An extraordinary story unfolding tonight at the grand reopening of the Metropolis power plant, where the notorious supervillain Livewire was subdued by Supergirl and her Earth-Two counterpart Powergirl who, in a shocking development, announced she was returning home to, quote, "Spend more time with her friends.
" And so, irregardless of my departure, I will leave you in good hands with the coolest superhero in any of the universes, the totally alive Supergirl! Also her hair is awesome.
Good to have you back, Supergirl.
Well, back to everyone hating me, I guess.
Not everyone, Kara Zor-El.
I wanna say thanks to Supergirl for leavin' us a giant mess.
Come back, Powergirl, don't leave us with this stupid I do not have an anger problem, Karen!
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