DC Super Hero Girls (2019) s01e31 Episode Script

Scrambled Eggs

1 [theme song playing.]
When super me Becomes super we Suddenly, magically Pretty automatically Crushing it side by side Look out, world We're Super Hero Girls Now that we're together Gonna get that super life! Wow! [Mr.
The egg.
This is your assignment while your regular teacher's out.
I don't know anything about home ec, I'm more of an auto shop guy, so I looked online and this was the first thing I found.
Now, I know you people don't know anything about responsibility or protecting the helpless, but I know you care about grades.
So you're gonna partner up and bring your egg back Monday intact.
Or else.
And don't even think about breaking it and buying a new one 'cause I stamped them all.
All right, here's the teams.
- Diana Prince and Karen Beecher.
- [both giggle.]
Hal Jordan and Selina Kyle.
- [gasps.]
- Hey.
Barbara Gordon and Garth Do you even have a last name? - [gasps.]
- [laughs.]
Zee Zatara and Oliver Queen.
- [both gasp.]
- [both.]
Tatsu Yamashiro and Leslie Willis.
- [exclaims.]
- [laughs.]
Jessica Cruz and Pam Isley.
- [exclaims.]
- [Jessica groans.]
- [Mr.
Carter Hall and Barry Allen.
- [gasps.]
- [groans.]
- [Mr.
Carol Ferris and Doris Zeul.
And, since Doris is skipping as usual, Carol, looks like you're once again - destined to be alone.
- [scoffs.]
Last and actually kind of least, - Harleen Quinzel - Wait What? [Mr.
and Kara Danvers.
- Huh? - We good? Good.
I mean, this is so great! We're gonna get A's for sure! I've been working on 3D printed packing peanuts that are 250% more shock absorbent! And I have raised griffons from eggs since I was 170! - Ha! We've got this in the - [splattering.]
At last! My chance to surpass Diana Prince as valedictorian is at hand! Well, put 'er there, partner! - [egg splatters.]
- [laughs.]
Isn't this exciting! We're going to spend the whole weekend together, hanging out, taking care of our egg Wait, where's our egg? - [burps.]
- Ugh! This is super cool, right? Like, you're Hawkman.
And that means you know all about eggs and birds and stuff, so all you gotta do is keep sitting on that egg 'til Monday.
- Boom, instant A! - [splattering.]
- [groans.]
- Bad call? Bad call.
We gotta switch partners, dude.
"Mister" dude.
I can't work with her, she's got emotional problems.
Lemme be with Carol instead.
Carol is alone [Carol.]
I'm not alone! Listen, you two.
You're both one F away from summer school.
So you either spend the next two days together or you spend the next three months together, got it? [both groaning.]
[upbeat instrumental rock music playing.]
[man whistling.]
We ain't goin' to summer school! We ain't goin' to summer school! So, you won the partner lottery, huh? Relax, babe, we got this.
You're a chick, right, you got that whole nurturing thing? You should try smiling more.
There you are, Hal Jordan! [gasps.]
Hello Selina.
Oh, uh, hey, Carol.
How'd you know I'd be at the mall? [giggles.]
You always restock your athlete's foot cream on the third Saturday of the month.
Now, can you watch Hal Jordan Junior tonight? - I have to work.
- Hal Jordan Junior? [giggles.]
He's just like you, delicate and round and sort of cold.
Oh, uh, look, I got my own egg to worry about, all right? I mean, yeah, Selina's all nurturey and stuff, but she's a few eggs short of a dozen if you know what I'm sayin' Hmph! [groans.]
- Meow.
- [grunts.]
Okay, we can both agree that I despise you, right? Yes.
Wait, what? So, the only way I see this working is if we treat it like an acting exercise.
I'll play the role of Mother, you play the role of Father, and we just have to keep Baby safe until Monday, got it? Of course.
I could play Father in my sleep.
I just need to come up with a tragic backstory - [grunts.]
- Ugh! [groans.]
Hey, guys, how's it going for you? So good.
Garth had this old baby carrier laying around and it's totally gonna get us the A! Yup.
Lucky my mom kept all my baby stuff in my room for me to use instead of getting normal stuff.
So lucky.
Oh, so your mother actually has affection for her offspring? How novel.
So Garth, can I borrow that thing to take the egg on patrol tonight? Gotta introduce it to "The life.
" [gasps.]
No! You can't take her I mean "it" crime-fighting.
It's too dangerous.
He's got a point, Babs.
It's an easy A if you just make it to Monday.
Yes, let's not forget about the grade.
Wouldn't want to mistakenly show we care, would we, Mother? Can we just have [screaming.]
A meal? Oh, well that's just lovely! In front of our friends, too! [indistinct arguing.]
- [screams.]
- No, no, no! The egg is not there! What are we gonna do? Think, Quinzel, think! Hmm [indistinct arguing.]
Hey, Danvers, how bad do you wanna stay outta summer school? [singing.]
Na, na, na, na, na.
Sleep little egg.
[Kara grunting.]
I can't do it.
I can't steal.
There has to be another way.
Like you stealing.
[laughs mischievously.]
Hey! What gives? Looks like someone else had the same plan.
I want you to live life, egg! Live life! No! [tires screeching.]
No! [screams.]
Yes! No! Yes! No! I mean yes! I mean, no! I picked up a morning shift, so I need you to watch Hal Jordan Junior, Hal Jordan.
Okay, you distract her and I'll take the egg.
And all her other stuff.
You don't know the first thing about raising an egg! You'd probably put in a carton and drop it in the refrigerator until Monday if I weren't watching! - [Zee.]
Oh, how dare you! - [crashing.]
You hide behind your big hair and your your alliterative name and you think you can just walk all over me? - [Zee grunts.]
- [crashing and shattering.]
You know, I think I know where there's another egg.
- Right behind you.
- [Oliver.]
You can't hide in there all day, Zee! I will see my egg! [both gasp.]
No! [Oliver.]
Leave it.
- But Oliver you - I said, "Leave it.
" Look at me, Barry.
Look what she did.
A shell of the man I once was.
"Shell," I get it! You guys Does this look okay? I knew it.
Carol's gonna kill me.
I spoke to my attorney.
I've agreed to partial custody.
[both screaming.]
Did you hard boil our egg? Of course I did, you blithering [gasps.]
Looks like we have to face it.
We all messed up.
There's no way any of us can walk into class tomorrow and get a passing grade.
And we're gonna have to hang out like this for months! I know! [Harley crying.]
Why? [Karen.]
Careful! Don't break it! Sucker! [gasps.]
Hey! We're on the same team! [grunts and laughs.]
- [Carter screeching.]
- [groans.]
Victory is mine! [screaming.]
Put junior down, dirtbag! [both gasp.]
Hey! I got it! [chuckles.]
I got the egg, guys! [teacher.]
Good morning, class.
I hope you all had a good weekend.
Let's see what Mr.
Chapin had you doing while I was gone.
Oh, dear, not the egg thing.
That is so outdated.
I mean, who can't take care of a simple egg, right? I hope that assignment didn't cause too much stress.
Let's just pretend it never happened, shall we? [both gasping and giggling.]
Luckily for us, the school mascot Hammy had babies! Now this is a real test.
A living, breathing creature depending on you for its very survival.
I see Mr.
Chapin already assigned partners, so we'll just keep those, shall we? [burps.]
[theme music playing.]

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