DCI Banks Aftermath s01e01 Episode Script

Aftermath (1)

'The father of teenager Leanne Wray, who went missing a month ago, has again appealed for information as to her whereabouts.
' 'East Yorkshire police refused to formally link the disappearance of a girl from the north of the city with four other girls who have gone missing in the past year, and there is speculation that a serial killer is responsible' 'Families of the five missing girls local MPs and community leaders are today demanding answers from the police as to why the investigation appears to have reached a dead end' '.
the disappearance of yet another teenage girl, local schools and youth organisations are joining to warn young women of the dangers of walking alone' (DISTANT SCREAM) VOICES ON POLICE RADIO 'Control to 2646.
Come in.
' 2646, Control.
'Domestic dispute reported at 27 The Hill.
Can you respond?' 'There in five minutes.
' Dennis? Yeah? Domestic.
Joyriding and a domestic in one night, eh? Lucky us.
SIREN Try this one, Janet.
How d'you know ET's a feminist? Go on.
He looks like one.
Uh You're laughing.
I'm not laughing.
SIREN There it is.
Here we go.
That's it.
Hello? Anyone in? What? Dennis.
It's OK.
You go.
I've got her.
It's OK, love.
You're OK.
We're here.
I'll check upstairs, yeah? Yeah.
2646, Control.
'2646, go ahead.
' I need an ambulance at 27 The Hill.
Unconscious female with head injuries.
'Control to 2646, received.
' Nothing.
What about in there? Yeah.
Hiya, love.
You're safe.
Can you hear me? (MOANS) Can you tell me your name? Janet? (MOANS) I'll be back in a second.
The ambulance is on its way.
Janet! (Come here.
) Police! Can you open up, please? (Jesus Christ!) What the Aargh! SIREN APPROACHING (MOANS) (JANET SHOUTS) Down here! Hello? Please! He's bleeding! Please, God, help him! Extend the crime scene that way as far as you can, right? Win.
Thanks, boss.
Is it the girls? We think so.
Go on then.
Neighbour there calls the police cos she hears screams.
PCs Dennis Morrissey and Janet Taylor respond.
Thought it was a routine domestic.
And? I think you'd better see for yourself, sir.
Right, everybody out.
Ten minute break.
The house is owned by Marcus and Lucy Payne.
Young marrieds, no kids.
Our people kicked the door in and found Lucy Payne bleeding on the carpet.
She'd been assaulted.
She's in hospital.
They say she'll be able to talk by tomorrow.
The PCs come down here in pursuit of a suspect.
Again, they force the door.
Suspect Marcus Payne goes for Dennis with a machete, slashes him several times before he's disabled and cuffed by PC Taylor.
By the time the paramedics arrived, Dennis was dead.
Marcus Payne's in hospital, getting treatment for head injuries.
Kimberley Myers.
Marcus Payne taught her at school.
His car fits the description of the abduction vehicle.
My guess is, once he abducted them, he took them out of the car straight through here, unseen by neighbours or passers-by.
He didn't record anything.
That's a live feed.
All the standard serial killer traits are present and correct.
Hardcore - very hardcore - porn.
And there's that.
(SIGHS) (RETCHES) Oh Ah You know, I thought - well, I hoped - you know, five girls gone, maybe there was some connection we'd missed.
Maybe they'd all met up and gone off to Thailand or somewhere, you know, we'd find them lying stoned on a beach somewhere.
(SIGHS) Sir? OK, Win.
Get the artillery.
That's only four bodies.
Kimberley Myers and three others in his storeroom.
So one might still be alive.
Yeah, or hidden elsewhere in the house.
I'm just being realistic, sir.
We'll have to take the house apart, and the garden.
How long before we get IDs? They've x-rayed the teeth in situ.
Late afternoon? I'm going to the hospital.
I thought Payne was still in a coma? I'll wake him up.
BABBLE OF QUESTIONS Banks? What's going on? How do you know about this, Jackie? Is my Leanne in there? My little girl? Is she in there? I can't say anything at the moment.
We don't have confirm- Can't say at the moment? Pursuing lines of inquiry? Months we've had this crap! Five lasses missing! I'm trying, OK? All right.
'Speculation is running high that a violent incident in the early hours in the northwest of the city may be linked to the disappearances' RADIO OFF Excuse me - you can't go in there.
Really? I need to speak to him.
I'm afraid you can't.
He's in a coma.
He's just had emergency surgery to relieve the subdural haemotoma.
I'll have to go in again to remove several skull fragments.
When do I get to question him? I don't think you understand me.
This is as vicious a beating as I've seen.
The copper should be arrested.
Apart from stabbing one of my officers to death, your patient abducted, raped and tortured at least four young women.
A fifth girl is still missing.
I need to find out where she is, and I need him to tell me.
I don't give a shit if he spends the rest of his life dribbling in a wheelchair.
Wake him up.
Call me as soon as he revives.
Hi! I thought it was you.
I live across the street, no.
Lucy Payne.
Maggie Forrester.
Oh, you're an artist? Just an illustrator.
Children's books mostly.
Another one.
She disappeared a couple of nights ago.
That's three now.
I know it's awful, but I suppose we're safe - we're not blonde.
All of them, they're blonde.
This is Maggie.
Marcus Payne.
Time to go home, love.
Can we give you a lift, Maggie? That wouldn't beappropriate.
Sorry, Maggie.
Come on, love.
We'll start with the autopsy report on Kimberley Myers.
DS Chapman? Death was by ligature strangulation.
She'd been kept alive for at least four days, bound, gagged, and in that time repeatedly raped and forced to perform fellatio.
Socos are still processing the house.
So far Kimberley Myers and three other bodies have been recovered.
We should make headway identifying the victims over the next day or so.
We have a make and registration on Marcus Payne's car.
Ken, re-interview anyone you think might be able to place Marcus Payne, or his car, close to the abduction sites.
We do not drop the ball on this until all the victims are returned to their families and Marcus Payne is on the end of a guilty verdict.
OK? And more important than anything, one of theses five girls is still unaccounted for.
This is still an open, live case.
Now, maybe she's buried somewhere else in the house, maybe Payne kept her alive and incarcerated at another location, or maybe, please God, she's just missing and alive, and nothing to do with this.
Marcus Payne can tell us nothing.
We didn't catch him in time.
And this morning, we lost one of our own.
So we've got a point to prove.
Now, find me that missing girl.
Boss? Press.
Sir? That it? Thank you.
'At the moment, I can confirm at least four bodies have been found at the address in question.
' 'As none of the bodies have been identified positively, I am not prepared to comment on the speculation that they are connected to the disappearances of five young girls from this area over the last nine months.
' (RINGS BELL) Hi, Lucy.
D'you fancy a coffee? II can't.
You don't have to put up with it, Lucy.
I didn't.
I got away.
I came here.
My husband can't find me now.
Marcus isn't like that.
Hedoesn't mean it.
There's a refuge in town.
I can give you the name.
You'd be safe there.
It's none of your business! I can't leave Marcus.
I can't.
Cup of tea? No, thanks.
Who have you been talking to? Maggie.
Oh '.
I am not prepared to comment on the speculation that they are connected to the disappearances of five - ' Jammy.
Sir? Catching him.
Best part of a year's investigation, mountains of money and manpower, then a domestic, and at the cost of Dennis Morrissey's life .
you've got your man.
You've landed on your feet.
That's not how it feels.
This is Chief Inspector - sorry, Acting - open brackets, until we find a suitable candidate, close brackets - Chief Inspector Alan Banks.
Alan, DS Annie Cabbot.
Annie's from Professional Standards.
You'll remember them as Complaints and Discipline, Alan.
Marcus Payne is fighting for his life, under Dr Patterson's care, as a result of a baton attack by one of our officers.
It was self-defence! I'm sure it was.
But we've had a complaint from this Dr Patterson, and we're duty bound to conduct a fair, transparent investigation.
Marcus Payne has killed at least four young women.
That's for a court to decide.
Alan, your crime scene is Annie's crime scene.
Treat her as an equal.
We'll all get along just fine.
Go away.
Sir, I'd appreciate it if you could walk me through the crime scene.
Sir? We've got IDs on the four bodies.
Kimberley, Melissa, Samantha, Kelly.
Leanne Wray's our missing girl.
Phone me tomorrow.
There's no trace of Leanne inside Payne's house.
What, sheshe's still alive? Maybe.
Officially it's a missing persons case.
I don't want to raise expectations, Jackie.
I don't expect anything from you.
I let you down, Jackie.
I let down everyone connected to those girls.
I'm trying to salvage something.
Just bring her home, eh? Lucy.
I'm Detective Chief Inspector Alan Banks.
It's all right.
I know you've been through a lot.
I need to ask you some questions.
Where's Marcus? Can I speak to him? He's in intensive care, Lucy.
He's in a coma.
Last night, it was Marcus who hit you? Lucy, look at me.
Marcus can't harm you now.
He can't touch you.
You have my word on that.
OK? Did Marcus hit you? Why? He There was a girl downstairs.
In the cellar? Mm.
I took him down a cup of tea, and I saw her.
I went upstairs to try and get help, but he caught me and hit me.
That poor girl - what was she doing down there? I don't understand.
We found four bodies in the basement of your house.
The missing girls.
We believe Marcus is responsible.
Oh, God! Lucy.
This girl.
Leanne Wray.
We don't know where she is.
Oh, God, oh, God, help me.
(MOANS) I need to find this girl.
Oh, no, no.
Did you ever see her with Marcus? No, he, I No I can't do this.
I can't do it! I can't do it! Lucy, it's OK - Get out! Now! I can't do it, I can't do it, I can't do it! Lucy, it's all right.
It's all right.
Calm down.
I can't do this! It's OK.
Lucy, I need to know.
You need to leave.
I can't do it, I can't do it! It's all right.
It's all right.
Come on.
Let's get you back to bed.
(MOANS) 'We do understand that four bodies have been found in this house.
' 'The house is owned by Marcus Payne, 31, a teacher at the local secondary school.
' 'He was admitted to hospital early on Tuesday morning with severe head injuries.
' 'It was thought he'd got those injuries in a confrontation with a police officer' Right, come on.
On the front foot.
Leanne Wray, the fourth girl.
Your priority in there - find Leanne's prints.
Anything turns up, you let me know.
OK? Now, it's possible we've assumed too much.
Maybe Leanne's not connected to Marcus Payne.
Come on, boss.
Leanne was young, blonde.
She fitted the template.
I throw the ball, you fetch it.
OK? I want you back to basics, Win.
Treat this as a fresh Mispers.
Re-interview everyone surrounding Leanne's disappearance.
Say there's no trace of her in the house.
Where is she? What happened to her? Excuse me.
What are you doing? Examining my crime scene.
No, no.
There's your crime scene.
They're on a tea break.
You've got the place to yourself.
15 minutes.
Then the real investigation continues.
Oh, I'm working on a real investigation too.
Professional Standards? I know it's not frontline So why work there? I want to make DI.
At the price of Janet Taylor's career? D'you know Janet Taylor, sir? Well enough to know she did everything by the book.
And what about Dennis Morrissey? D'you know him too? I know he was murdered by Marcus Payne.
Uh .
if you want to question me, DS Cabbot, get a date in my diary.
Otherwise, there's your crime scene.
Thank you, sir.
(GASPS) Oof! You all right? Yeah.
I'm fine.
I said I'm fine.
Training doesn't prepare you for something like that.
It was instinctive.
I was scared.
Just so I'm clear, Janet, you hit Marcus Payne on the wrist with your baton, and he dropped the machete? Yeah.
Then what? I kicked the machete away.
What did Payne do? He went for it.
What did you do? I hit him again.
Where? What? I don't know.
There was blood everywhere, and Dennis - PC Morrissey? Yeah - he kept saying he was cold.
He was dying.
You hit Payne somewhere, anywhere, as he was about to get the knife? Yeah.
And? He was stunned, so I got my handcuffs and that.
I cuffed him to the rail.
Leaving you free to attend PC Morrissey? Yeah.
Which you did.
Immediately? Yeah.
Dennis My priority was to deal with the immediate threat to myself, in order to preserve PC Morrissey's life.
You and PC Morrissey.
How long have you known each other? We've been colleagues for six months.
No, sorry - I meant not how long had you worked together, how long have you known each other personally? You trained together, class of 2006.
What's the point of asking questions you know the answer to? I just want to get a sense of how close you were.
Why? Why not? What age are you? That's young, to be a DS.
Thanks for your time, Janet.
I'm going to leave you to write up your statement in as much detail as you can remember.
(DIALS) Jim, I need forensic support.
I'm sorry about yesterday.
Did I get you into trouble? The nurses seemed to think you were, you know Oh, no.
I know you're not like thatAlan.
I have to ask you some questions.
It can't wait.
Is this girl familiar to you? Her name's Leanne Wray.
She's still unaccounted for.
Did you ever see her with Marcus? I should have known.
He was spending more and more time down there, alone.
I wasn't allowed down.
I knew if I questioned him, he'd hit me.
No, sorry.
I I didn't see her with Marcus.
You know, I I suppose I always knew there was .
something wrong in his head.
Listen to me.
He's not ill.
He chose to do what he did to those girls.
I'm sorry, Lucy.
There's no excuse.
Do you have children? A son and a daughter.
I wish I had a dad like you.
What am I going to do? I'm sorry, Lucy.
I can't - you know, I'm not - Sir? Yes.
You're wanted in Intensive Care.
Increasing neural activity.
I don't say this lightly, but I'm very hopeful.
It's possible he's coming out of his coma.
Are you OK? My fault.
I wasn't looking.
No, it's me.
I'm, you know, clumsy.
Um, I wanted to apologise for snapping at you earlier.
Oh D'you fancy a drink? I mean, you do drink, don't you? What do you think? Woodcutters, half seven? King's Arms, eight.
Royal Oak, quarter to? King's Arms.
At five to.
RINGING TONE 'Hello?' Maggie? 'Yes?' It's Lucy.
'Lucy Payne.
' Maggie, are you still there? Uh - yes, yes, I'm here.
What is it, Lucy? They told me what Marcus did to those girls.
'He touched me, kissed me, touched me.
' I'm sorry, Lucy.
I wish I could help, but really, it's nothing to do with me.
Why did you want me to leave Marcus? Because he was hitting you.
'Is that the only reason?' Yes! 'Lucy?' Lucy! Been talking to Lucy? I'm sorry.
Poor Maggie.
What we have together, what we do together, is special.
Marcus Payne's reviving.
You're the first copper I've seen rooting for a sadistic serial killer.
Well, I need him to tell me whether or not he took Leanne Wray.
I want him alive.
Why? I want to lay it all out in court.
Humiliate him.
You're not going to do that.
Men like Payne, they're not like Well, they're not like you.
I mean, you're flawed, weak-willed, a bit selfish Is this me or men in general? Oh, both.
Point is, you're human.
To do what Payne did, you have to feel nothing.
Well, he must feel something.
Somewhere inside, it's there.
And I want him to feel ashamed, to feel remorse.
I want him to hate himself so that it hurts, every minute of every day.
I didn't stop him, Annie.
That's all I've got left.
I mean, the thing about me is, I'm a grafter.
And it's a shit job, Professional Standards, the shittest, but I'm like a dog with a bone.
And I'm not gonna stop, cos that's what I'm like at work, but when I'm not at work - Volume.
I should shut up.
Why don't you tell me something about you? My ex-wife's pregnant.
Over there.
Turn right here, will you? SHOUTING Just pull over by these two.
Get off! Don't fucking do that! All right, that's enough, Jackie.
Piss off.
Calm down.
We've not done anything wrong! Leave him alone.
It looked like assault, love.
We were having a domestic, OK? He's been seeing his ex.
Leanne's mother.
This prick told me she might still be alive.
You lied to me! You didn't tell me that! Pack it in.
Who is this, Jackie? Bernadette.
I'm having his baby.
What age are you, Bernadette? 16? Nearly 17.
It was legal.
Do your job and find Leanne.
Oh, don't worry, mate.
I will.
Come on.
What was all that about? (GIGGLES) Let's get you home.
I don't know.
MACHINES BEEP (LAUGHS) In the end, it was the job.
I didn't put enough effort into the marriage, cos I was working all the time Bollocks.
Every copper whose marriage breaks down blames the job.
'Aw, I was working so hard cos I care so much, and I lost sight of the wife and kids, blah de blah.
' But if you really loved your wife and wanted it to be for ever, you would have made it work.
You, my friend, like many before you, used the job to sabotage your marriage.
CD: JAZZ What is this music? It's really annoying.
Miles Davies and Art Blakey at Birdland.
Can I change it? They're arranged alphabetically.
You need to be rewired.
BEEPING BEEP BEEP BEEP It's really quite cosy here, isn't it? If you're happy, I'm happy.
It'd just be a drunken shag.
We're better than that.
I think I'm an amoeba.
Wh I haven't had sex for nearly two years, and the worst thing is, I don't even miss it, recently.
Maybe I'm asexual.
Is that a polite way of saying you never want to sleep with me? Would you be disappointed if it was? Well, I suppose if you're clinically asexual, I've no right to be disappointed.
Perhaps it's you know, a temporary affliction.
What, you think it might be curable? You're a cop, not a doc.
Well, I have done my first aid course.
Basic or intermediate? Advanced.
I didn't know they had Advanced.
They created a special category.
Hello? Right.
When? Thanks.
(ENDS CALL) Marcus Payne's dead.
Yeah, I know.
Like that.
He had an accomplice.
The PM report on Marcus Payne.
This worries me, Janet.
How can you call him a victim? I watched him kill Dennis! Ah, so this is the sting? You get close to me No! .
I sort your career? It's not like that.
What is it like, then, Annie? I came as soon as I could.
What is it, Lucy? BRAKES SQUEAL Are you OK? Lucy! Are you OK? What, you found our Leanne? You failed, Alan.