DCI Banks Aftermath s01e02 Episode Script

Aftermath (2)

House is owned by Marcus and Lucy Payne - young marrieds, no kids.
Our people kicked the front door in, find Lucy Payne bleeding on the carpet - she'd been assaulted.
She's in hospital.
Suspect, Marcus Payne, goes for PC Morrisey with a machete.
By the time the paramedics arrived, Dennis was dead.
Ritual strangulation, torture.
Then there's that.
One of these five girls is still unaccounted for.
Now find me that missing girl.
Just bring her home, eh? Just so I'm clear, Janet, you hit Marcus Payne on the wrist with your baton and he dropped the machete? Yeah.
This is as vicious a beating as I've seen.
I think the culprit should be arrested.
Annie's from Professional Standards.
You'll remember them as Complaints and Discipline, Alan.
You don't have to put it with it, Lucy.
It's none of your business! Marcus Payne's dead.
Yeah, I know.
I need to find Leanne Wray! I can't do it.
(SOBS) It's OK, Lucy.
Don't touch me! Six hours ago.
He never fully regained consciousness.
You told me he was gonna pull through.
I was wrong.
But we all get it wrong sometime, don't we? We'll need to book in a full post-mortem as soon as possible.
What? This is now a suspicious death and Janet Taylor - Forget all that! How can I forget that? Cos five girls are gone - four dead, one still unaccounted for.
With this piece of shit dead, we need to figure out how we find Leanne Wray, not (MOBILE PHONE RINGS) Sorry about this.
Yes, Win? Sir, Arlene Brown, Leanne's best mate, she's positively identified the green VW as the vehicle that took Leanne Wray.
I'll liaise with the Coroner's Office.
Get him ready for the pathologist as soon as poss, like lunchtime.
Sir? Hold the witness there.
I'm on my way.
Now he's dead, if this thing goes to court, Janet Taylor becomes a heroine.
I don't want that.
Payne may have been a killer, but we're not a bunch of rednecks.
She was fighting for her life - Payne had sliced open her partner.
If she admits to it, we can deal with it internally, avoid criminal proceedings.
Confession and resignation - that's as good as it's gonna get for Janet.
Get the post-mortem and get a confession.
Arlene? I'm Detective Chief Inspector Alan Banks.
Your witness statement, you say the car pulled up and Leanne went over to speak to the driver, yes? Yeah.
Leanne got in the back of the car and then she went.
She got in the back of the car? That's not what it says in your original statement.
It just says she got in the car.
It doesn't say back or front.
Think carefully, Arlene.
Did Leanne get in the back .
or the front of the car? Back.
Now, I'm Leanne, all right? Now, before I get in the back, I'm talking to someone in the car.
Now, am I like this .
or like this? Like that.
He had an accomplice.
Man, or woman? I don't know.
It were too dark.
All right, Arlene.
You've helped.
You've helped a lot.
There were two of them.
So if she's not in the house, where is she? Payne can't tell us, but his accomplice can.
Who is it? Lucy.
You saw the set-up in that house.
He drives his victims home, parks up at the side and takes them straight to the cellar.
We know he abused Lucy, controlled her.
She's terrified of him.
So terrified, she helped him abduct those girls.
She was probing me to find out how seriously injured Payne was.
Because if he's alive, he can contradict her, incriminate her.
But we have another suspect - Jackie Wray.
Five girls disappear, all heading home alone after a late night.
Payne and his accomplice get them in an isolated spot, offer them a lift.
Best way to persuade them into a car is to have a woman with you, especially a young, pretty girl like Lucy.
Two blokes? No chance! I'm not ruling it out.
I'll have another crack at Lucy, see how she takes the news that her husband's dead.
Ken, I want you to run all the rogue prints from Payne's house against Jackie Wray's.
We find the accomplice, we find Leanne.
There was no resistance, no sign of defensive wounds to his hands or arms.
It's very simple - Marcus Payne was killed by a series of repeated blows to the head, while either kneeling or sitting.
(SIGHS) Sorry about earlier.
We'd just lost him, I shouldn't have taken it out on you.
I could do with a favour.
I need to re-interview Lucy Payne.
I'd feel more comfortable if there was a female officer present.
Last time I looked, you have eight female officers on your team.
I thought you might like to get involved, informally.
A bit of CID experience.
I've been tasked with investigating the death of Marcus Payne.
And Lucy Payne was in that house when the incident you're investigating took place.
Marcus Payne had an accomplice.
Lucy? Thank you.
I was going to call you.
Why? I don't know, I just feel safe when you're here.
Is Marcus How is he? This is my colleague, Detective Sergeant Annie Cabbot.
You usually come alone! Don't you trust yourself with me? I'm joking.
Sorry, I'mtrying to stay sane.
We have evidence that your husband had an accomplice.
Marcus? No.
He doesn't have friends, he keeps himself to himself.
We both do.
He says that I'm his best friend.
You think You don't think that Is that what he told you? What did he What did he say I did? Marcus didn't tell us anything.
He died earlier this morning, Lucy.
The other night, let's go over it again.
You took him down a cup of tea.
He kept the cellar door locked.
I'd leave the tea outside.
Same routine every night.
I never went in, I .
I was too scared.
I knew if I went in that he'd hit me.
He was in the garage getting something from the car.
He left the cellar unlocked and I couldn't help it.
I looked in and I saw her and I I tried to run away.
Upstairs? Yeah.
But he caught me andthen he hit me.
(SOBS) Why didn't he kill you? You'd just seen a dead girl in his cellar.
He'd killed before, he knew how to kill.
Why not kill you, to stop you from talking? (I don't know.
) It's OK, love.
We're here to help you.
For Christ's sake, do you think we're bloody stupid?! Why didn't he kill you? You lived with him day in, day out.
He abducted those girls, brought them back to your house, kept them alive for days while he raped, tortured, then killed them.
And you didn't suspect a thing? You're telling us you'd never once been to that cellar before the other night? Come on! If you're innocent, if you didn't help him, you discovered he was a killer and rapist, why didn't he kill you? Because Because I .
I promised him I wouldn't tell.
I loved him.
I still love him.
What is it, Lucy? I came as soon as I could.
Marcus died last night.
Maybe it's for the best.
Oh, really? The police, they're saying that Marcus had an accomplice.
They think it was me, Maggie.
No, I wouldn't worry about it, Lucy.
It's .
because they lost Marcus.
They're feeling cheated, so now they're looking for someone else to blame.
I need a lawyer.
I don't have any money - Marcus took care of that - and there's no-one else, Maggie.
You're the only one who knows what I'm going through.
Me? How - He told me about your affair with him.
Boasted about it.
It's OK, don't look so worried.
I forgive you.
You were lonely and pathetic and Marcus feeds on that.
I won't tell on you.
You're my friend, Maggie.
I need £2,000.
If you could write me a cheque.
Like, now.
Thank you, Maggie.
I know, whatever happens, you'll take care of me.
You can go now, I'm tired.
Can I speak to someone, please, like a reporter? I have I know things.
I have information about Marcus Payne.
Win, tell him I've approved that.
Chief Inspector.
One of your people has been talking to the papers.
Oh, no way, sir! Not my team.
Maybe it came from your office.
Now, we've all failed here, Alan, let's not make it worse, OK? I don't know what you - Sir! Excuse me.
DVDs found in Payne's cellar, we pulled prints from them.
Plenty of Marcus Payne, but there's a second set on almost every cover.
Lucy? Jackie Wray.
Sorry, sir.
Marcus Payne's dead.
The PM report on Marcus Payne.
This worries me, Janet.
Three blows delivered to the top of his head, while Payne was sitting or squatting.
You can see the depth of the wounds, the angle of the blows, the position of the victim.
The victim?! How can you call him a victim? I watched him kill Dennis! He raped and murdered those other girls and now you're sitting there, calling him a victim! What's wrong with you?! After you handcuffed Marcus Payne, did you hit him? The man is dead, as a result of a series of blows from your baton.
What do you want from me? Change your statement.
I'm trying to help you, Janet.
I can keep this out of court - an internal disciplinary matter.
But you need to tell the truth.
You and Dennis were having an affair.
It's all over the station.
We need to get this sorted, Janet.
I was fighting for my life, for God's sake.
Dennis Dennis was bleeding.
And it It was all spinning and .
I was really pumped up.
And I hit him.
While he was handcuffed? Janet.
While he was handcuffed.
I don't know how many times.
I I just lost it.
And you're prepared to alter your statement to that effect? There'll be an internal disciplinary hearing, but it stays in-house.
I'm sorry, Janet.
I really am.
Your career's gone.
But not your life.
You have my word on that.
Jackie Wray? What, you found our Leanne? I'm arresting you on suspicion of being an accessory to the murder - What are you talking about? What's going on here? Call Bernadette.
Look at these for me.
All of them.
That turn you on, Jackie? What about these? Hard core porn, ritual strangulation, torture.
Where's Leanne? You told me you were gonna find Leanne.
Marcus Payne took her.
Wh-What, she's dead? We don't know.
Maybe YOU do.
Marcus Payne had an accomplice.
These were found in Payne's cellar, all with your prints on.
No, I don't I don't remember Payne.
I don't remember him! What are you talking about? Of course you remember Payne.
I don't remember him! You're looking guilty, Jackie.
All right.
Look This .
it's knock-off.
I've got a stall down on Eastvale market.
I sell them under the counter, but I don't remember selling them to Payne.
I'm not his accomplice, for Christ's sake! I had nothing to do with it! You sold this to Marcus Payne?! That gives a nutter like him permission to rape, murder and mutilate young girls! Like it or not, Jackie - and maybe not legally - but you WERE Payne's accomplice.
Where's Leanne, eh? Where is she? Cos you're supposed to protect us! So, where's my Leanne, eh? You! You're the accomplice! You and Payne! You killed them! You killed them! Get back in here now, Banks! You and Payne! You kill them girls! You killed them! You killed them girls! Sir.
Lucy Payne.
He real name's Lucy Godwin.
She was one of the children in the Alderthorpe abuse case.
All four kids abused by their own parents.
Classic psychopathology - sex and violence inextricably associated.
Emotionally desensitised.
Drained of empathy.
The abused becomes the abuser.
Lucy's the accomplice.
It's ugly, but it's closure.
You realise I'm gonna have to use all this to break her? This isn't about you, Alan.
I was arrested, held overnight, released without charge.
So, name and shame them.
The task force investigating the disappearance of my Leanne and those four other girls - Chief Superintendent Rydell, Alan Banks - they have failed the lot of us! And then they accuse me of killing my own daughter.
(DOOR OPENS) Got a new girlfriend? I need to talk to you.
You can't keep away, can you, Alan? Is he allowed to talk to me? That depends.
Jessica Ford - Lucy's solicitor.
I was gonna suggest that you get representation.
On what grounds? On the grounds of being involved in the abduction and murder of Samantha Foster, Melissa Horrocks, Kelly Matthews, Kimberley Myers and the suspected disappearance of Leanne Wray.
I wouldn't do anything like that.
Why not? Because it's wrong.
My friend Maggie thinks you're trying to demonise me because you lost Marcus.
Because you're angry you didn't catch him.
Because you failed, Alan.
You only hate me because you hate yourself.
Her friend, Maggie - Margaret Forest - she's responsible for this.
Yeah, I thought she was my friend.
She was having an affair with Marcus.
There's a lot of press gathering out there.
We'll have a car standing by round the back.
Get her ready for two o'clock.
Mrs Forest.
I'm in a hurry.
You released information to the newspaper about our investigation.
Who told you that? Lucy.
She's blackmailing me.
She alleges you were having an affair with Marcus Payne.
Is there something you want to tell us, Mrs Forest? OK.
Cell B.
Annie, this is Jack Whittaker - CPS.
Jack, my favourite DS - Annie Cabbot.
CPS? Janet Taylor's confession you extracted, it's good work.
So good, we can't sweep it under the carpet.
She handcuffed Marcus Payne to the rail and hit him repeatedly with 'tremendous force'.
There was no intent.
That's for a jury to decide.
I talked her into changing her statement.
You told me this would stay internal! This could make your career.
Don't blow it! OK, Jack.
What's the minimum you'd go for? Justifiable homicide? It's not self-defence.
Voluntary manslaughter? How long? 6-to-18 months.
Arrest her, Annie.
DS Cabbot? RADIO: Just keep going, 347.
We'll stop these reporters and catch you up.
Get us out of here! (WHIMPERS) (GROANS) Are you OK? Are you OK?! Get out of the car, Jackie! She killed my Leanne! She killed her! Sir! Sir! OK.
why didn't you catch her, eh, Banks? She killed Leanne! Banks, you've got to Get off me! Arrest her! What are you arresting me for? She killed her! Janet Taylor, I'm placing you under arrest on suspicion of manslaughter.
What? I'm sorry, Janet.
You're under arrest.
You're not sorry! You're just a treacherous bitch! You're drunk, Janet.
So what? You'd be drunk if you - Like you were drunk the night you murdered Marcus Payne.
Lab report! Your coffee was laced with vodka.
You were having an affair with a married man.
And when Marcus Payne attacked him, you clubbed him to death in a drunken rage.
So don't you dare judge me.
Get in the car! How long have you and Marcus Payne been together? Four-and-a-half years.
How's your daughter? How did you meet? In a night club.
Why? What attracted you to him? He satisfied me.
And I'm not easily satisfied sexually.
I bet you're the perfect dad.
You claim Marcus Payne abused you.
Violently, sexually, mentally.
He did that with an iron.
Yet despite that, you were dedicated to him? Devoted? I did what I was told, for my own good.
Including the murder and abduction of Samantha Foster - I bet your daughter adores you and you love it, don't you? Did you ever have thoughts about her when she was a little girl, growing up, growing little titties? Where's Leanne Wray? I've seen the way you look at me.
I don't blame you, Alan.
I do that to men - bring out the worst in them.
Even good men like you.
And really, there's no such thing as a good man.
Believe me, I know it.
And you know where Leanne Wray is, don't you? How would I know that? Alderthorpe.
We know that you're Lucy Godwin.
We also know that you were systematically abused, beaten, raped.
Kept in a cage for the first ten years of your life.
By your family.
They humiliated you.
Your little brothers.
They took away your childhood and made you bitter, vengeful.
Why wouldn't it? Excuse me! And when you met Marcus Payne and he was just like your father, your mothers, your uncles, your aunts, you couldn't help yourself, could you? I need a word with my client! You wanted vengeance on someone, anyone.
On Samantha, Melissa, Kelly, Kimberley.
You did it, didn't you, Lucy? You and Marcus Payne.
You were destroyed, so you destroyed those girls.
You and Marcus, you met - did he see it in you? You saw it in him? The dark stuff? Hmm? You sensed it? You brought out the worst in each other, didn't you? Do unto others as they did to you.
You did it, didn't you, Lucy?! Yes, I did it! Lucy Payne, I'm arresting you on suspicion of being an accessory - No! Lucy, it's OK.
I'm not going! Lucy! Lucy! (ALARM) It's all right.
It's all right.
Calm yourself down.
For Christ's sake! (SCREAMS) Get off me! Don't you touch me! (SCREAMS) No! Please! No! She goes back to hospital, but under guard, OK? But she did this and she's going away for it.
And she's going to tell me where Leanne Wray is! Please! No! No, no! Lucy's confessed.
I'm sorry.
I just moved here to get away from a man - an abusive man - andI just didn't want anyone to know I'd been with Marcus.
If my name came up, my husband would find me.
So you went to the papers? Put the spotlight on Lucy as the accomplice? Well, I suppose I was right - Lucy is the accomplice.
You could have derailed our inquiry.
You've disqualified yourself as a key witness.
It's possible Lucy's defence lawyer will argue, cos of the story you fed the papers, it'll be impossible for her to have a fair trial.
It's possible, because of you, a killer will go free.
Your public's waiting.
(CHATTER AND COMMOTION) Shit! All right! Lucy, this is Dr Keighly.
He wants to talk to you about your relationship with Marcus.
Marcus' world is my world.
When I first met Marcus, it was like he'd .
always known me.
He liked to hurt me.
He liked to control me.
And he understood how much I needed to be hurt and controlled.
I tried to be normal.
Felt all wrong.
Marcus knew that - he smelt it.
He worked on me until I'd do anything he wanted.
You gonna eat the last bit of pakora? Doesn't this bother you? What? Janet Taylor - the way Rydell screwed you over? Yeah.
A bit.
And it's a tough break for Janet, but she did what she did.
Like Lucy Payne.
It's not the same! Come on, Alan.
I've had a shit day, so have you.
We're off duty here.
Why are you a cop? Oh, I don't know.
Money's decent and I like everything neat and tidy, OK? Bad guys punished, good guys rewarded.
But I don't live and breathe it, because I don't want to end up like Me? Marcus used me to get them in the car.
We'd offer them a lift.
And then, once were in a quiet road, we'd stop on some excuse.
Marcus would get in the back and knock her unconscious.
Then we'd take her home to the cellar.
Marcus liked me to watch while he raped and strangled her.
That was my role - to watch.
And then I'd help him clean up afterwards.
I felt nothing.
Lucy, can you tell us about Leanne Wray? Professional Standards is a bloody ghetto.
Everybody hates you.
Even when you get it right, you get it wrong.
Janet Taylor being a case in point.
I want to be doing what you're doing.
No, you don't.
No, YOU don't.
I do.
I'm applying for a transfer into CID.
SoI was wondering if you'd put a word in for me.
So this is the sting? You get close to me and - No! .
I sort your career for you.
It's not like that.
What is it like then, Annie? (MOBILE PHONE RINGS) Yes, sir? I'll be right there.
I have to go.
Lucy Payne - or rather Lucy Godwin - has been diagnosed as suffering from a condition known as folie a deux.
That's French, Alan.
Don't be a prick, sir.
Coming from where Lucy came from, Lucy was vulnerable - ripe, if you like - to come under the influence of a psycho-sexual predator, like Marcus Payne.
He groomed her.
His disorder became her disorder.
Lucy was not in control of her actions.
She needs treatment, not punishment.
The CPS agree, I agree, the medics agree.
She was in control of her actions! She's not ill! For God's sake, Alan.
The adults who were supposed to love and protect her abused her, degraded her, humiliated her.
There's nothing to be gained in prosecuting Lucy Payne.
All we get is a media circus.
Another frenzied hunt to find her siblings and cousins - all living quiet lives under new identities - and make them relive their nightmare childhood! What about the families of Lucy Payne's victims? Marcus Payne's victims.
Those families have closure - Marcus Payne killed their daughters.
We've only found four bodies.
Leanne Wray's still missing.
Apparentlyshe put up too much of a struggle when she got in the car, so Payne had to kill her there and then.
Then they had to get rid of the body quickly.
Where? She hasn't told us.
And you're not the person to ask! Annie Cabbot.
A woman's touch.
Lucy will cooperate, show us where the body's buried and you, Alan .
you're taking a month off.
And when you come back, I'm putting you in permanent command of East Yorkshire CID.
You're the least worst candidate I can find.
Found her.
Come on.
Lucy?! Banks! Don't do this! You lied to me, Lucy! Banks, stop this! When I said you were involved in the abduction and rape - Sir! .
and murder of those girls, you said you wouldn't do anything like that.
And I said, 'Why wouldn't you do anything like that?' What did you say? What was your answer? Sir! Just back off! All of you! Why wouldn't you rape, torture and murder those girls? Hmm? What was your answer?! Because it's wrong.
Do you understand what that means? Do you understand what 'wrong' means?! That was Leanne Wray.
She was 17 years-old when you and Marcus took her life.
She wrote awful poetry.
She fought with her mum.
She loved her stupid moron of a dad.
She stayed out late.
She studied hard, because she wanted to be a vet.
She worked in a coffee bar at weekends.
You see, the thing is, Lucy, she wasn't a saint, or an angel, like they said in the papers.
She was an ordinary girl.
Like the others.
Like you, Lucy.
I need you to be better than Marcus and your parents.
Your family, all those animals! See, that .
is wrong.
Lucy, please.
Help me.
Pleasefeel something.
I want to plead guilty.
I did this.
I'm sorry.
(SOBS) Can I have a minute? Thanks.
(SIGHS) What did they offer you? Voluntary manslaughter.
If I plead guilty.
Tell them, 'no deal'.
But I was drunk.
No, you weren't.
Analysis of your coffee.
Hasn't gone into my report yet.
Come on, Janet.
Thank you.
I'm recommending you for a transfer.
To my unit - East Yorkshire CID.
You're ambitious, ruthless and amoral.
Every team needs a player like that.