DCI Banks Aftermath s02e04 Episode Script

Friend of the Devil (2)

'Annie, a body's been found up on Eastvale Moor.
' It was Lucy Payne.
Lucy Payne's in prison for life for the abduction and murder of five girls.
Justice failed.
Her name is Hayley Daniels.
One witness, a newsagent said he saw Randall going into the alley at 8:05.
But you said Randall reported the body at? 8:15.
So what did you do in those extra ten minutes, Mr Randall? Elizabeth Waring.
I was a doctor in a trauma unit.
I went back cos I thought Hayley had a boyfriend.
I went into the alley to see if she was meeting him.
Mr Austin, where were you on Saturday night? I was out with friends, why? Can you give us their names? Actually erm I was in, sorry.
I told you, these bastards aren't here to help us! Mr Randall, you are under arrest for the rape and murder of Hayley Daniels.
Shouldn't we have men on the alley, sir? I think he has a point.
Same as Lucy Payne.
Quiet! OK now, come on, come on.
DC Templeton was off duty, so what was he doing in the allies? You can't think that Kevin Templeton was there to rape and murder Chelsea Pilton? He was in the right place at the right time.
Come on! I'm just saying we can't rule it out.
Yes, we can, sir! Kevin was upset by the Hayley Daniels case, that's why he was in the alleys.
We seem to be forgetting that Kevin was murdered.
Kev's throat was cut.
The same way that Lucy Payne was killed.
Annie, it's hardly the time.
Kev's murder should be part of my investigation.
We can't link those two murders when we haven't even had the post mortem.
We're wasting time! Wake up the whole bloody town if you have to, now go.
DS Cabbot, you stay.
One of my officers has been murdered.
If you ever try to co-opt something like that for your own ambitions again, you will be out.
Thank you.
(QUIET SOBBING) Why did you tell me he had his throat cut if you weren't going to back me up? Cos there's nothing TO back up.
I don't know anything for sure, neither do you.
Look, I understand that this is about the boys closing ranks around Kev, but is that really more important than catching his killer? Two people with their throat cut, are you really going to tell me that's a coincidence? This man came out of the darkness at me and I'm like that's who killed Hayley Daniels.
So, I try to run but I tripped.
So I'm on the floor, thinking, "Right, I'm dead.
" There was suddenly this other person and I know this is difficult, Chelsea, but we really need to know.
This other person he was suddenly right up behind the man and dead quick they reached round his neck and there was tons of blood and he fell down And after the man fell down, what did the other person do? Turned around and walked off.
The other person you saw, Chelsea, do you think it was a man or a woman? It was too dark, I don't know.
Did you see the face at all? No.
I can't be sure, but I think there was a scarf or something, covering everything except her eyes.
You said "her".
Did I? I don't know why, I didn't mean to.
I could hardly see anything at all.
Honestly, I don't know OK.
The man who died was he going to kill me? No, Chelsea.
He was there to protect you.
No, Chelsea.
He was there to protect you.
Homicidal sharp force injury obliquely traversing the throat.
Cause of death, haemorrhage from the right common cartoid artery.
Thankfully, death would have been instant.
We all feel the same.
Could er, Kevin's wound have been caused by the same weapon that killed Lucy Payne? Er, highly unlikely.
The wound which killed Lucy Payne was incised, linear and clean with minimal tissue damage.
As you can see here, there are lacerations, abrasions and significant tissue damage.
Lucy Payne was killed with a thin, sharp-edged blade, in my opinion, DC Templeton was killed with a serrated knife.
There are other differences, too.
The wound which killed Lucy Payne was superficial.
It severed only the jugular vein.
This wound severed the oesophagus, the trachea and cut into the vertebra.
The attack on Lucy Payne was controlled.
This wound suggests rage.
You can really tell all that? It's my job.
Anything else? Yes, based on the angle of the wound, I think that the killer was the same height as DC Templeton.
That, plus the force of the attack, suggests that DC Templeton was killed by a man.
So you can look at a wound and tell if it was inflicted by a man or a woman? Yes.
Because there was strength and rage, it has to be a man? No woman could be angry or strong enough to do something like that? Is that what you're saying? Yes.
That's what I'm saying.
Annie, there isn't any evidence that Lucy Payne or Kevin Templeton were killed by a woman.
You're just desperate to link the two cases.
A woman took Lucy Payne from Mapston Hall It doesn't mean she killed her.
It doesn't mean women don't kill.
Chelsea Pilton thought Kev was killed by a woman.
Chelsea Pilton said she didn't know.
It was her instinct, and it would be arrogant to dismiss it.
Arrogant? And what do you call treating Dr Waring like an amateur? And what were you treating her like? Sir? Someone in reception for you.
Mrs Hargreaves.
Mr Banks.
Mrs Hargreaves.
I live opposite Timothy Randall.
He didn't come home last night.
No, that's because we've charged him with the rape and murder of Hayley Daniels, but thank you for your concern.
I know that, but the news said that Hayley Daniels was killed last Saturday night at 12:30.
Well, last Saturday night at 12:30 I saw Mr Randall putting out his rubbish.
At that time? Does it matter? I would have come sooner, but I thought you were talking to Mr Randall because he found the body.
Not because he was a suspect.
There you are, then.
Proof I didn't kill her.
The only problem is we found your DNA on Hayley's clothes.
She was murdered in my storeroom, I'm sure my DNA is everywhere.
But on top of her body, where the clothes had had no contact with the floor.
I can't account for what happened before I found her, can I? You see, I think you did go to your storeroom to do a stock take and I think you did find Hayley but you lied to us about what time you found her.
I made a mistake as I explained.
You specifically reported finding Hayley's body at 8:15, yet you were seen going into the alley at 8:05.
You didn't make a mistake, something happened in those ten minutes that you went out of your way to hide, Mr Randall.
Did you touch her? No! I don't know what you're implying, I didn't do anything.
You have to let me go! All right, come on, please This is important.
Maybe not to you but we're still looking for a killer.
Did you touch the body? Please, Mr Randall, help us.
Did you touch the body? (SOBBING) I don't know what I was thinking.
I'd seen her in the pub, she was I was looking, nothing else, just looking.
So you moved the clothes? And you altered the position of the body? How was Hayley's body positioned when you found her? On her back.
Arms wide, skirt up.
It's not a crime to look! I put her on her side.
Straightened her clothes made it look like she was sleeping.
I didn't do anything to her.
What you did was alter the evidence at a crime scene.
Because of what you did, we have lost valuable time.
Because of what you did, Hayley's killer is still out there.
One of my officers was murdered so don't tell me you didn't do anything! Sir.
Get him out of my sight.
We're still dealing with three murders.
Mr Rydell has taken Kevin Templeton, Annie and Ken, you're on the body in the wheelchair, Lucy Payne.
We're back with Hayley Daniels, Timothy Randall sent us down the wrong track, the man that we're looking for did nothing to disguise what he done he raped Hayley, murdered her and discarded her with no evidence of remorse or shame.
It was about power, it was about control.
Where are we with the CCTV? We've got no-one going in or out of the alley but some of the bars have back entrances that aren't covered.
I want you to go back round those bars, see if they've got any internal cameras that cover those doors.
We still don't know where Hayley was intending to spend Saturday night.
I still think it might be with her tutor, Malcolm Austin.
Let's start by talking to him again.
Ken, what do you know about knife wound analysis? Worked on plenty of stabbings.
Been stabbed myself two or three times.
You ever come across a pathologist saying a wound was inflicted by a man or a woman? 'Not beyond the classic "men stab upwards, women (MIMICS THEME FROM PSYCH0) - Stab down.
" That was Norman Bates.
That was a man stabbing a woman.
Psychologically, he did think he was his own mum, so but I'm not an expert, no.
Not sure Dr Waring is.
Based on these two wounds, she thinks that Lucy Payne was killed by a woman, and Kev was killed by a man.
I think she's overstepped her competence.
Why would she do that? She's pushy, ambitious and she wants to impress Banks.
Yeah, I'll look into the knife wounds I want you to find out if there's any more open cases with murders like this and then get in touch with some more of Lucy Payne's victims' families.
I don't think there's much point.
Lucy Payne killed five girls, right? Hundreds of people wanted her dead, we've talked to 18 and got nowhere.
Have you got any better suggestions? I was thinking after Lucy was attacked in prison she was put into care and given a false name.
Yeah? Instead of wasting our time on all of this why don't we find everyone who knew Lucy Payne's true identity.
I'm not saying it's better, but it might be quicker.
Yeah, thanks, Ken.
Come on, Mr Austin.
Hayley was 18 years old, you were both consenting adults, you've done nothing illegal.
We just need to know if Hayley was heading to you on Saturday night.
About three months ago, Hayley was having a rough time.
You know, work slipping, maybe dabbling in drugs.
I didn't think she was getting enough support at home so I gave her some extra time.
She developed a crush on me.
Sure it wasn't the other way round? I doubt it was to do with my looks.
Presumably to do with listening to her.
You used that, didn't you? Yes I did.
To help her.
I discussed it with my colleagues and we decided that I continue to give her extra time but log every contact we had to protect both of us.
Then how do you explain the witness that saw you kissing her in the pub? Your witness has got to be Stuart Kinsey.
What about him? Oh, he was obsessed with Hayley.
I don't think Hayley took it seriously but I think he was stalking her.
I think he followed us to the pub, he made hysterical accusations.
Not unlike yours.
You're saying he was jealous? That's why he told us about you? Could be.
Or it could be because it was me who reported him for dealing drugs.
(BANGING ON DOOR) Where's Stuart? Asleep on the sofa.
Please be nice to him! What happened to Hayley hit him really hard.
Stuart! Stuart! Get up! You lied to us about Malcolm Austin.
You lied to us, you supplied Hayley with drugs and you were stalking her.
No I wasn't! I loved her! Tell someone who cares.
Right now, you're the only credible suspect we've got.
What about Jamie Mordern, the barman at The Black Bull? He called Hayley a bitch and went mental at her.
Another attempt to point the blame somewhere else? I swear on my life! Hayley called him a twat and everything, Jamie started screaming, "Get out of my pub! Get out, you slag!" He totally, totally lost it.
Why didn't you tell us before? Because I was the only one that saw it.
He'd know it came from me.
What does that matter? Right now, Stuart, it's in your best interests to tell us the truth.
Stuart, tell them.
Jamie turns a blind eye to me dealing in the pub.
I didn't want to get on his shit list for grassing him up to you.
Kevin's only been dead a few hours! Where's his stuff? (SIGHS ANGRILY) Annie? I've got a DI Les Holt from Scarborough.
He's got an open case victim with a throat cut.
It's from 18 years ago, he wants to talk to you.
Tell him to send the file in.
I'm fine.
Yeah, I've seen you fine.
"Arrive in alleys 11:00 PM, left 4:00 AM.
Nothing suspicious to report.
" He was there two nights running.
He came in late Friday morning, he'd been out trying to protect people I thought he'd been out drinking.
So you gave him a bollocking? Worse.
I gave him advice.
There's nothing you could have said or done.
You're not Superman, Alan.
Win? Stuart Kinsey said the barman lost it with Hayley.
The barman told Kevin "it was no big deal.
" Their two stories don't tie up.
So which one is telling the truth? Hello? Anyone in here? (BOTTLES CLINKING) Jamie Mordern? Yeah.
Can I ask who you are? Police.
Thought you were council, come about noise pollution or something.
Sorry, no offence.
We want to know what happened when Hayley Daniels was in here.
Like I already told your colleague, they all came in late, drunk off their tits, no offence Get on with it.
The bogs were broken, Stuart brought Hayley over asked if she could use the bog upstairs, I said she could but said I had to go up as well.
Why? I didn't want her to wreck the place she could hardly stand up.
Then she just lost it at me.
Can we have a look? Yeah.
What did Hayley say to you? I don't know.
Dickhead, twat, all the usual pleasantries.
What did you do? Probably told her to bugger off or something.
Yelled at her, called her a bitch.
Wasn't exactly what I needed at that time of night.
So you stayed late last Saturday? Yeah, I was on my own.
Some pillocks from Lyndgarth decided to block up the bogs.
I stayed till 2:30 sorting them out.
Why would they do that? They started a fight with some students in the pool room.
Eastvale's version of town and gown, full of sound and fury signifying nothing, if you ask me.
Go to university yourself? I've been.
So why are you working here? Just lucky, I guess(!) OK.
Police, love.
Do you work here? Er, part time, yeah.
Were you working Saturday night? Erm no, I erm I I had a touch of flu.
So, just to get this clear, Jamie, Hayley mouthed off at you, and you gave her some back? Yeah.
I'm not proud of it, but you know, I was just trying to help her.
So why did you tell PC Templeton it was no big deal? I don't know.
Probably didn't think of it when he asked.
Thank you.
We got footage from this camera? Yeah, but it didn't give us anything.
Does it cover the cellar doors? Yes, sir.
So, why did Jamie Mordern tell us the truth, but lie to Kev? And the barmaid's scared of something.
Get her address for me, Win, but do it without Mordern finding out.
Kevin Templeton's murderer, the dead girl's father.
You think Geoff Daniels killed Kevin? Doctor Waring's post mortem report.
The attack on Kev was characterised by rage.
Geoff Daniels was released on bail eight hours before Kev was killed.
He goes back into the alleys, he sees Kev walking toward the young girl, kills him in revenge for killing his daughter.
I'll go and talk to him.
Win? (WALKIE TALKIE CHATTER) That car's brand new.
They scratch it, you pay, OK? Right now that's the least of your worries.
Where were you Friday night? Here, of course.
It's a condition of my bail.
OK I nipped out for a quick one at The Railway around 10:00.
Are you honestly telling me that's all you lot are here for? No wonder there's girls out there getting raped and killed.
What time did you get back? Around er, 12:30.
Bit more than just a quick one, then.
Yeah, well I spent a lot of the week shut indoors.
Found this in his boot.
The receipt's dated the same day he attacked Randall.
It's for duct tape and a hunting knife.
There's no sign of the knife.
Doctor Waring, could a knife identical to this one have inflicted the wound that killed DC Templeton? It's not evidence, we bought it ten minutes ago.
Is it compatible enough to be admissible as evidence? Yes.
Alan, charge Geoff Daniels with murder of Kevin Templeton.
Where did you buy the knife, Geoff? Come on, I don't think you murdered anyone but there's plenty of people who do.
All right I admit it.
I got it because I wanted to make Randall pay for raping my daughter.
None of the crap you lot hand out! I mean properly.
But when I got the chance to avenge her I bottled it.
Just gave him a kicking.
So what did you do with the knife? I knew I was never going to use it so I chucked it in the river.
You said you were in The Railway DC Templeton died.
You weren't.
The barmaid in there knows you, said she hasn't seen you She can say what she bloody wants! You went back to your girlfriend's.
Geoff, listen to me.
I think I understand.
You just lost your daughter you're scared you might lose access to your other kids if your wife finds out where you were.
You can risk going to prison for murder or you can face your wife.
You choose.
Is it possible Rydell pressured you into saying the hunting knife was compatible with the wound that killed Kevin Templeton? So you're not only questioning my opinion you're doubting my integrity? I didn't mean it like that.
I'm just concerned that an innocent man may be prosecuted for a murder he didn't commit.
You're sure Geoff Daniels is innocent? He doesn't have it in him.
Do you think anyone knows what they have in them? Somebody raped and murdered Geoff Daniels' daughter, degraded her, took her away from him.
Made him feel powerless and impotent because he couldn't protect her.
He was a victim of this crime, too.
If he thought Kevin Templeton raped and murdered his daughter don't you think he could have found it in him? But to actually physically cut someone's throat I don't think anyone knows what they have in them until something like this touches them.
Sir, can you sit down? Why, what's happened? Humour me.
You're Lucy Payne, I'm going to cut your throat.
I've had enough of knife wounds.
Ah, but you're completely paralysed.
You can't move or talk.
I'm going to do the minimum necessary to kill you.
Right? But stand up, you're Kev.
Try and pretend you're a physically fit cop in your prime.
(LAUGHS SARCASTICALLY) Now I'm on my tiptoes and I use all my strength.
See? No need for two killers.
One killer, two different wounds, because the victims are so different.
If you've got a problem, Annie, just say so.
I think Doctor Waring jumped to unjustified conclusions to impress you.
Because you're the boss.
KEN: DI Les Holt for you.
Open case, 18 years ago.
Did he send the file? He's brought it, he's downstairs.
What's he come here for? DI Holt? Yes.
Les, please.
Right, so you think my case is connected to this? Every police officer has one case that won't let them do, don't they? I think that mine has a lot to do with the murder of Lucy Payne.
It's quite a tale.
I was hoping I could tell you over a pint.
Scarborough, 18 years ago.
Four young women, raped and badly cut up.
Three dead, one raped and cut as badly as the others but by some miracle survived.
And the connection is? Well, a few years after the first attack we found a man murdered down by the beach.
His name was Greg Eastcoat.
When we searched his flat, we found four locks of hair, pinned to a card.
One of the locks of hair belonged to the girl who survived.
Her name was Kirsten Farrow.
Couldn't she identify him? Ah, you see, this is where it gets interesting.
After she was attacked when we interviewed Kirsten Farrow she couldn't remember a thing about the man or the attacker at all.
Repressed memories, we were told.
And you didn't believe her? I had my doubts.
And when Greg Eastcoat was killed we looked for Kirsten Farrow to see if seeing his face might jog his memory.
And did it? We never get the chance to find out.
We looked, but it was like she'd vanished off the face of the earth.
So how does that relate to my case? Greg Eastcoat had his throat cut with a surgical blade.
I think Kirsten Farrow knew he raped her, and she would have known how to slit Eastcoat's throat.
She was a medical student at the time.
Very bright.
Very bright future.
The rapist cut her here and between her legs.
Lots of scarring, lots of stitching.
The doctor who examined her said the damage was so bad that she'd never be able to have sex again.
Or children.
Greg Eastcoat raped and murdered young women.
Lucy Payne was complicit in the rape and murder of young women.
Kev could have been mistaken for the person who raped and murdered Hayley Daniels, the alley was dark, poorly lit.
They all had their cuts throat, all in significant places, someone is trying to make a point.
I think Kirsten Farrow killed them out of revenge because Greg Eastcoat raped her and tried to murder her.
Ken, your idea about trying to track down the people that knew Lucy Payne's real identity Just doing Mapston Hall, sir.
Have you checked out the people who treated Lucy after she was attacked? Doctors have access to files, Kirsten Farrow was a medical student.
Good work, Annie.
There's no criminal history on the barman, Jamie Mordern but there's a lot of police involvement with the family when he was a kid.
Oh yeah? His dad was in and out of court dozens of times for assaulting Mordern's mum.
The mum always withdrew the allegations even though it was her who called the police.
I love working in the pub, Jamie's great.
Well, most of the time he is.
And the other times? Well, he can get a bit annoying before his dad calls from Florida.
Why does his dad call from Florida? I think he's retired there.
And what does he call Jamie at the pub for? Jamie's dad owns the place.
Calls every night to check the takings and look, I shouldn't be saying this.
It's nothing, really.
You said Jamie can get annoying before his dad calls? Well, no, not really.
I I mean if we're behind on takings, he can get irate when his dad calls but honestly, Jamie's fine.
Does he get abusive? No.
He gets bossy, but anybody would be with the boss breathing down their neck, wouldn't they? Why were you scared when you saw us in the pub? I wasn't.
Listen whatever trouble you think you're in I can help you if you tell me what's going on.
(SIGHS) A year ago, I went travelling round France.
Jamie asked me to bring some cigs back for him to sell in the pub.
I said "no" but he just kept going on at me.
So I did it.
I thought that would be the end of it.
But? Every couple of months, I'd have to drive over on the ferry, and get him some more.
What do you mean you have to? Jamie tells me to.
What would he do if you didn't? Hi, thanks for coming.
I have a new suspect for Hayley Daniels' rape and murder, a Jamie Mordern, but I've got no evidence.
So, I want to know what I should be looking for? The trauma unit I worked in dealt with face and spinal injuries.
But you have an insight.
Not really.
Some of the patients have been raped.
I think you're being modest.
So I was thinking if Jamie had been beaten by his dad is it possible that he might hate his mum for not standing up to his dad in court? I think he'd hate his mum for reporting his dad to the police.
I don't understand, it was the dad who was abusive.
Yeah, but isn't that how it works? Jamie would have been terrified of his dad, but would at the same time identify with him as an image of power.
So he might hate the mum for betraying that? Acting out his rage at her by raping other women.
And the only way he'd know how to feel like a man would be by imitating his dad.
Classic psychopathology of the rapist.
Thank you.
Alan it's good to see you.
And you.
Jamie's background, the way he controlled the barmaid, now his takings were down, he's feeling like a little kid because he's about to be bollocked by his dad and that's when Hayley lays into him.
He has to reassert control.
Yes, sir, that's his motivation.
But he couldn't have got out of the pub without being seen.
Both exits are covered by CCTV.
Win? How does he get his illicit fags in there without being seen by cameras? Get support down here to cover the alleys.
Let's flush him out.
One second, mate.
You're becoming quite a regular, what can I get you? You've been allowing people to deal drugs in here.
Stuart Kinsey told you that, did he? We're going to have to close the pub down.
And we had to let your dad know.
Yeah? What did he say? Has he not called you? Not too happy about it.
But you can talk to him yourself, he flew in this morning, he's on his way to the station.
I'll give you a lift if you like.
Yeah? Yes Right (SOBS) Pity you didn't shed any tears for Hayley.
You're under arrest for the rape and murder of Hayley Daniels.
(RECITES CAUTION) Geoff Daniels didn't kill DC Templeton.
His alibi just walked in and is sitting downstairs.
DC Templeton's murder should have been yours from the start.
Thank you.
Thank you! Dad Geoff? Ken? Does Kev's wound look different in these two photos? Yeah.
How could that happen? DS Cabbot.
I'm sorry I doubted your conclusions but I think they were based on faulty evidence.
How do you mean? Well, this is a crime scene photo of Kev.
This one was taken right here at the mortuary.
I think the wounds look different, what do you think? I mean, is it possible that the wound somehow could be damaged when the body was removed from the crime scene? I've seen it happen.
Thank you for bringing it to my attention DS Cabbot.
Annie, please.
Ken? Boss.
Heard you caught Hayley Daniels' killer, well done.
Where's Annie? Went to the mortuary.
Yeah? What for? There's a discrepancy between the crime scene photo of Kev and the mortuary photo.
Did you find out who treated Lucy Payne after she was attacked? There were two of them, sir.
Both male, in their 60's.
Nothing suspicious about either.
She was also taken to a specialist trauma unit for the damage to her spine.
So, the wound that killed Kev could have been inflicted by the same person that killed Lucy Payne.
Let's not jump to conclusions.
I believe they were both killed by the same person.
A woman named Kirsten Farrow.
18 years ago she was raped and nearly killed by a man named Greg Eastcoat.
I think she cut Eastcoat's throat, and now she's done the same to Lucy Payne.
Why would she do that? I'm not certain.
I think it started as revenge and became some sort of crusade.
Well, I hope you find her.
Are you close? No, she seems to have disappeared.
So what do you know about her? She was an outstanding medical student.
After the rape she told the police that she couldn't remember anything about it.
You don't believe that? No.
I think I understand that after Eastcoat attacked her she would have felt dirty worthless ashamed alone with it forever.
You don't forget something like that.
You've been raped.
Yeah, I have.
Erm I never told anyone that.
I'm so sorry.
Are you OK? Yeah, I am.
I was thinking about Kirsten Farrow.
I don't think I can help you.
I think I understand her rage, her need for vengeance.
What happened to me was nothing in comparison.
Eastcoat cut her repeatedly, mutilating her so she could never have children.
Always hiding.
How could she bring herself to actually do it? Destroy her own life by killing him.
Don't you think her life was already destroyed? You know why she killed him.
To make him pay.
What about Lucy Payne? She couldn't even She could remember! That's what they do, you must know that! They relive every moment, every thrust! Every cut! How could anyone let her live? If Kirsten was driven to murdering three people could she also have somehow got to the evidence altered the wound on Kev's body so we didn't suspect her? You understand, don't you? I did it for you.
And for every other victim who didn't dare.
You know why it had to be done.
You killed our friend Kevin.
You murdered an innocent man to feed your vengeance.
I thought he was the one that raped Hayley! Wrong! He was there to bring Hayley's killer to justice.
To stop them from killing again and again, and that's the difference.
Justice tries to stop the killing.
Vengeance the killing never ends.
Look after yourself.
No No! Kirsten! Help! (SOBBING) You did well in there, Annie.
Right, thanks.
Why have you never mentioned it? What? You use what you can, Alan.
I made it up.