DCI Banks Aftermath s02e05 Episode Script

Cold Is The Grave (1)

- That's me knocking off, Judy.
- Cheers, Tony.
You do a great job.
Back Monday.
Job ain't finished.
DCI Banks Cold is the Grave Season 2 - Episode 05 Part 1 So, Born Suspicious.
What do you think? A carjacking at gunpoint in broad daylight.
In front of a witness.
All for an eight-year-old Transit van.
- Right.
- Just follow the light.
That's it.
Grimes? DS Cabbot, DCI Banks.
Yorkshire Major Crimes Unit.
Major crimes? Oh, we take carjacking and gun crime very seriously, Mr.
Going by the skid marks, looks like he lost control.
No sign of another vehicle being involved.
So where's our carjacker? He's fled the scene.
But we've got blood-stained prints all over t'cabin.
Yeah, all right.
Your attacker.
Beyond average height and build, was there anything to distinguish him? Not really, no.
He had ascarf over his face.
I was terrified.
It's all a bit of a blur.
What do you think he was after? Ken? My van, maybe? Brilliant.
Thank you.
We've got your van.
Crashed into a ditch out on the B451.
Unfortunately, your attacker fled the scene.
Fortunately, he left his prints.
I'll drop you at the station.
Get those prints fast-tracked.
- Call me if you get a hit.
- Where are you going? - Bit of me time.
- Me time? How come you get me time and I don't? Because I worked harder at school.
- Thanks for coming.
- Sir.
- Please - go on through.
- Thank you.
Beautiful house.
It's a blessing and a curse, Alan.
Two weeks ago, the boiler packs up.
This week, it's a rat infestation.
Least of our problems, Gerry.
Alan Banks, this is my wife, Rosalind.
- Mrs.
- Hi.
You wanted a favour, sir.
It's it's about our daughter.
She's disappearedfrom her boarding school in Ripponden.
She was about to sit her A levels.
She dropped out.
- She's missing.
- She's not missing, Ros.
We have had the odd phone call.
I'm sorry.
I don't quite understand.
Are you asking me to find her? Because, unless a crime's been committed It's a personal favour we're asking.
I found her last night.
Sort of.
I begged Gerry to get you.
I've seen you on the news.
You're his best detective.
Soshouldn't be too much trouble getting her back, should it? Excuse me.
Yes, Annie.
We've got a hit on the prints from the crashed van.
One Charles McKay.
I know him from my time in Intelligence.
Charlie was on our books for a while.
I quite liked him, the cheeky little sod.
But he's small-time - shoplifting, house-breaking.
He wasn't into the rough stuff.
Guns and violence.
Well, if he did it, he did it.
Go and pick him up.
Not so easy.
We have got nine addresses for him here.
Well, go round them all and call me when you have him.
Yes, Boss.
I've just got to switch the computer on.
Gerry can't deal with this.
And you found thishow? She won't answer my calls, so I tried Facebook, Twitter.
So I did a search on Misty Martin, her old Sims avatar name.
Martin's your maiden name and she had a cat called Misty? Your first pet plus your mother's maiden name is your porn star name.
Typical Emily.
I'm Fluffy Carmichael - Sorry.
- She's too young for this.
She's not like I was.
She doesn't know anything.
I mean, technically, there isn't anything illegalin this.
- It isn't exactly hardcore.
- Please.
Can you just bring her home? I can't force her to do something against her will.
If it was your daughter Tracey, isn't it? You'd bring her home.
You've done your homework.
We don't let just anyone into our family business.
Emily isn't my daughter.
What are you saying? Someone else's child, you don't give a shit? Gerry's useless.
I need help.
Please? I'll need a copy of that.
Head and shoulders'll be fine.
Thank you.
Just to be clear, Alan.
There can be no use of police time or resources.
And I'd appreciate it if you kept all this to yourself.
If you can pack a bag quick, you could be on the 1:15 to London.
I've got an armed carjacking on my desk, sir.
I'm sure DS Cabbot can handle it.
I'll cover for you.
Couple of days leave of absence.
Just find her.
Let me know where she is.
Your wife wants me to bring her home.
Rosalind can be a little unrealistic sometimes.
If she wants to come home with you, fair enough.
If not, you tell me where she is, I'll deal with it.
I know you think I'm a pen-pushing careerist, and perhaps I am.
But none of that stuff matters.
I'll do what I can, sir.
Hurley? - Brian Hurley? - Yeah.
Found this on your website.
The full, topless version.
It's glamour, yeah? Not topless.
Do you know where I can find her? Sorry.
We don't give out personal details to overzealous fans.
That would be unethical.
I don't think you understand.
I'm her fatherand I need to find her.
I remember her.
Just give me a minute so I can find her address.
She was actually staying with a mate of mine.
Ruth Walker.
Can I help you? Sorry.
I'm trying to find this girl.
- Misty.
- Yes.
- And you are? - Alan Martin.
Her father.
Ruth Walker.
I think you'd better come in.
Dying for a pint.
Seven addresses, still no Charlie McKay.
Arthington Viaduct.
Shit! Nutter! Hello? Charlie? Open up, please.
Hello? Shit.
Shoulder number 274.
Reg number 20779.
I need a duty officer.
- That car.
What was it? - Merc.
Silver Mercedes saloon.
Scramble ARVs.
We need apprehended.
Do not approach without firearm procedure.
- Arthington Viaduct.
- No.
No licence plate.
- I need the works here now.
- Urgent.
20 mile radius.
Shit! Yeah, she er She did live here for a while, but In the full version of this she's topless.
Her mother and I are worried sick.
You you seem like a nice man.
She came along to the club I work in, looking for a job.
Straight off the train from Yorkshire.
I felt sorry for her, said she could stay here till she got on her feet.
Couple of weeks later, I get home from work early and I find her in bed with my boyfriend.
Seems an odd thing to do, to take in a complete stranger.
Look, I don't have any family, so I shouldn't worry about Misty.
Girls like her tend to to land on their feet.
Last I'd hear, she um She'd moved in with some guy.
Barry Clough? He owns some bar up in Clerkenwell.
Barry Clough? Thank you, Ruth.
I wasn't that serious about Joe.
The boyfriend.
It's just er People always tend to disappoint you, don't they? - It wasn't Misty's fault.
- Thanks, Ruth.
His hands were tied.
One shot to the head.
Close range.
Some kind of gangland execution.
Or made to look that way to blindside us.
You sound like the boss.
When's he showing up? Dunno.
Not answering my calls.
We've got fresh footprints and tyre tracks here.
Wheelbase measurements match your silver Merc.
You didn't even get a partial? Sorry.
Didn't realise we were driving into a murder scene.
You had anything else? The victim is listed unemployed, but the search team found wage slips.
He was a kitchen porter at Nick's Diner on Portland Street.
Win, footprints and tyre tracks.
Ken, Charlie's workplace.
Annie? What's happening? Charlie McKay, the guy who hijacked the van.
He's dead.
One shot to the head, close range.
Hello? Are you there? Yeah.
I'll be there first thing tomorrow.
Tomorrow? He was shot in the head.
It's a cat 1 murder.
Rydell will be asking where you are.
- I'll deal with Rydell.
- OK.
You're the boss.
He never writes, he never calls, and then he wants a favour.
I've got the Barry Clough dossier at my fingertips.
No footprints, all unofficial.
He lives here.
A um bar owner music business impresario, importer of antiques - but that's just a front.
Known associate of several high profile drug dealers.
But Barry always stays at arm's length.
I personally think that Barry Clough is a violent, predatory thug.
With a disturbing penchant for very young girls.
Why are the Yorks Constabulary so interested in Barry Clough? My boss.
Chief Super Gerald Rydell.
He wants me to find his daughter, bring her home.
She's shacked up with Barry Clough? Shit! Does he know that she's a senior cop's daughter? Maybe not.
She's using a different name here.
When it gets hairy you call me.
You do not wanna be taking on Barry Clough with both hands tied behind your back.
- I'm looking for Chris King? - Yep, that's me.
Just a routine enquiry.
We're running some checks on a part-time employee of yours.
Charles McKay.
Yeah, where is Charlie? Hasn't turned up.
Right little chav.
I should never have given him the job.
- He's dead.
- He's dead?! Have you had these put in recently? - Couple of months ago.
- Who's your upholsterer.
Guy named Tony Grimes.
Morning, Tony.
This is my colleague, DS Ken Blackstone.
It's good news, Tony.
We've found the guy who hijacked you.
- Charlie McKay.
- OK.
Bad news.
Charlie McKay's dead.
Shot through the head at close range.
Charlie McKay worked at Nick's Diner as a kitchen porter.
You did some work there recently.
Sure you don't know him? I just get into those places, do my thing and get out.
You see, I'm thinking that when Charlie robbed you, you recognised him, decided to take the law into your own hands.
Where were you, Tony, Wednesday evening between six and eight PM? Answer the question, please.
I was here working.
Alone? - Yeah.
- That's not good, Tony.
I've got a suspect in the Charlie McKay case.
Anthony Grimes.
You OK there, sir? Yes.
I'm looking to have a word with Misty.
I believe she's a friend of Mr.
Not her father, are you? I'm a friend of her father's.
Alan Banks.
Niall Gilbert.
- Misty hasn't been - Barry should stick to women of his own age.
His young girls Why don't you come this way, Alan? We'll get this sorted out.
Of course, if you are here to make trouble .
I will break your legs.
- Party? - Intimate gathering.
Alan Banks.
Friend of Misty's father.
Short for Mysterious, you know Her parents are a bit worried about her so I've gotta go.
OK? Misty's dad.
If he's so worried, why didn't he come himself? He's got a bit of a temper.
Didn't trust himself not to lose his rag.
Fathers and daughters.
You know.
I don't.
- Misty? - Misty! Visitor! She will know who you are, won't she? Hey, Misty.
Long time no see.
You got a hug for your Uncle Alan? No.
And tell Ma and Pa I'm OK.
Well, they are worried about you.
They saw the full version of this.
I think it's empowering.
Come here.
Listen, Alan.
If she wants to be a model .
I'm supporting her all the way.
It was your mum who found this.
She's gone to pieces.
Tell my mum and dad you saw me and I'm fine.
I'm at the Metropole in Bloomsbury if you change your mind.
Goodbye Misty Martin.
A pint of bitter, please.
- Hello? - Have you found her? Yes.
Thank God.
Is she OK? Is she with you.
She doesn't wanna come home.
But I know where she is.
I can give you and your husband an address.
And then you'll have to deal with it yourselves.
Then why can't you bring her back? Because he asked me to locate her.
Tell him where she is and he'd do the rest.
He can't do anything.
Gerry's hopeless.
I want her home.
She's in trouble.
And you just walk away.
I can't believe that.
I thought you were a decent man.
Please! I'm I'm falling apart here.
I'll have her back tomorrow.
Good to see you, Bernard.
I've got a whole new generation in night clothes.
Beyond the boutique nightclub thing.
So, what were you talking about? She calls ME a toxic wreck.
She is the toxic one.
He's a prat and he's mad.
Men are just rubbish, aren't they? - Sorry! - You haven't got a drink.
Get a drink.
I'll catch you in a second.
And then I can't remember what I'm saying.
Maybe I can help you out a little bit.
Excuse me.
First thing tomorrow morning, pack your bags.
I'm throwing you out with the rubbish! Party! It's OK, Mr.
She's coming with me.
Where do you think you're going? You forgot this.
Get out of my house! Piss off, Barry.
You do not talk to me like that.
- Goodbye! - Yeah, goodbye.
I won't forget you.
And you won't forget me.
Cos I know what you've been up to.
I know your little secret! Come on.
Are you absolutely sure, Niall? Right here, right now? Your boss likes to keep things respectable.
Don't you, Barry?! We'll be in touch.
Stop pushing me! Barry! - I know your secret! - Calm down.
- Stop pushing me.
- I'm not pushing you.
I'm just getting you home.
Emily, come on.
Stand up.
- Sorry, Daddy.
- What have you had tonight? - Champagne! - Is that all? - Yeah, that's all.
- Right.
Just Can I have room 106, please? - Hello down there.
- Yeah, all right, Emily.
Let's just get you upstairs, shall we? - Let's go to your room, Daddy.
- Very funny.
All right, all right.
Oh, God.
I must look a sight.
- Have you got a cigarette? - No.
- Is there a minibar? - Yes.
But not for you.
I'm so tired.
What a night.
What a wonderful night! Yeah.
So here's what's gonna happen.
You don't know how lucky you are.
Tomorrow morning I will take you back home.
And then I will deliver you to your parents.
And then, I never wanna hear from you or your f- We need to talk about Emily.
- Oi! - Right.
Hangover's over.
What did you mean last night - you know his little secret? That my mum fancies you.
You think I'm wild.
You should see Rosalind Rydell when she's out after a few shandies.
I tell you what.
She's still got a housing estate temper on her.
That's why men like you drool all over her.
Barry Clough.
What secret? There isn't a secret.
I was drunk.
I was winding him up.
If you know something about him Please let it go.
If there's a problem, my dad'll sort it.
It's what he's supposed to be there for.
And I'd rather confide in my dad, thank you very much.
It's you.
Angry Alan? Angry Alan.
That's you.
Take this, burn it and move on.
No more class A Drugs.
No more psychopathic gangsters.
And no more pinching other people's boyfriends.
- What? - Ruth Walker, your ex flatmate.
She told me you slept with her boyfriend.
What? Ruth didn't have a boyfriend.
Oh, well.
Here we go.
Tears, snot and shouting.
Come on.
- Are you not coming, Alan? - I'm done here.
Bye, Alan.
Thank you, Alan.
- We'll need tohave a word.
- She's home.
Safe and sound.
Thank God.
Let's leave it at that, eh? Eastvale Police Station.
Ah, it's back.
The beige panther But not so smooth.
What's happening? On Facebook or on our cat 1 enquiry Well, we've got Tony Grimes downstairs on suspicion of the murder of Charlie McKay, - the guy who hijacked his van.
- Yeah, I got your message.
Tony didn't strike me as a gun-happy vigilante.
Yeah, I think you're right.
Breaking news from the search of his workshop.
Tony Grimes's statement.
Note the alibi.
And there's this from the search.
This happened on Wednesday evening.
According to your statement, you were at your workshopalone.
I didn't kill him.
I know it's not much of an alibi, but it's truth.
No, it's not.
And it's not the truth.
Is it? When we searched your workshop we found this.
In your jacket.
Restaurant receipt.
Zeppi's, York Square.
A pre-theatre dinner until 7:35PM.
A full 15 miles from Charlie's caravan.
You weren't at the workshop.
And you weren't alone.
We checked with restaurant staff.
Now, normally, we get suspects coming in here trying to fake perfect alibis.
You're trying to fake a crap one.
Why? What are you doing? He's trying to get away! - He's going nowhere.
- Stay still, or I'll deck you! All right! Oi, oi, oi.
- Easy with him.
- Right, get up! Just sit him down.
No rough stuff.
I said enough, DS Cabbot.
Sorry about that, Tony.
That's the second time he's tried to do a runner.
Let him fester in a holding cell for a couple of days.
Then I want you to apologise to Mr.
Grimes and release him into the wild.
But before you do, I want you to scramble an armed surveillance team.
We can't keep in custody without charging him.
He won't mind.
Assaulting a police officer, feeding us a crap alibi.
He didn't kill Charlie McKay, but he wants us to think he did.
Because he wants our protection.
He's scared of someone.
So Tony's gonna help us solve this whether he wants to or not.
MAS Team.
You're gonna use him as bait.
Isn't that a bit risky? Not if it nets us Charlie McKay's killer.
- You really are back.
- And I'm bad.
Lose the stubble.
OK, Emily.
What's the problem? This morning, early, when I was running, I saw Niall Gilbert.
Barry's security guy.
He was in a cafe reading a paper.
I don't think he saw me, but He's here in Leeds.
He's following me.
This is about what you know.
Barry's little secret? No.
I was drunk.
I made that up.
- Emily - Please, Alan.
I've been stupid.
I just want to put this all behind me.
Clough won't let you do that.
If you know something I don't know anything.
Stop saying that.
I just I'm trying to hold my family together.
Just tell me what you know about Barry Clough.
I'm sorry.
Alan I can't.
It's my fault.
It's my responsibility.
- I've caused enough trouble.
- All right.
I'll check out Niall Gilbert.
But if you see him again, you call me.
You don't approach him.
Thank you, Alan.
I've gotta go.
This isn't gonna go away, Emily.
I've been stupid.
But I've learnt my lesson.
Bye, Alan.
You wanted to see me, so here I am.
Why are you telling people I shagged your boyfriend? You don't even have a boyfriend, Ruth.
How's about a cheeky line? Get out of drunk free card.
I'm not drunk.
Then get out of reality free.
You know you want to.
Good girl.
Who are you? I am .
the big sister you never had.
We're not done.
Sorry to bother you.
No, no.
Er Come in.
Please, come in.
Take a seat.
Is Emily here? She's disappeared again.
She's supposed to be grounded.
Curfew at eight.
She hasn't come home, she's not answering her phone.
Why would you think she was here? She seemed to have some kind of connection with you.
We need to go official on this, get our people looking for her right now.
Why? What's going on? - Just do it.
- Is she in danger? What happened in London? Because she won't tell us.
Is this something about what happened in London? Ignore it! - Yes.
- DCI Banks, sir.
You'd better get down here.
Slow down.
I ca- - I can't understand what you're sa- - I'm at the Mayflower.
- We've got a suspicious death.
- How suspicious? She's in the ladies toilets and She's been beaten to death, sir.
Is there any identification? Yes, sir.
Her name's Ruth Walker.
Sir? Are you still there? Secure the immediate crime scene.
Give DS Cabbot a ring.
She only lives 10 minutes away.
- Yes, sir.
- Good lad.
- Is it Emily? - No.
But I have to go.
Post an official lookout enquiry for Emily.
- We need to bring her in.
- Alan Just go home and I will call you as soon as we've picked Emily up.
Get hold of the CCTV hard drive.
Seize and secure it.
I want internal, external staff lists.
Shout up an intel report on this place.
Jesus! Win! What do you think? Get a fleet of buses, ship 'em down the station.
Posit them in the gym.
Hold them until we've got statements.
I want TIEs activated.
Anyone who we know was here and we think's left.
And get this music off now.
No-one is to leave.
Right? lan? You did well, son.
- You go home now.
- Thank you, sir.
It's this way.
- Boss? - I knew her.
The victim, Ruth Walker.
How? It doesn't matter.
- Five minutes.
- Yeah.
The door was locked from the inside.
We managed to get it open, but er Boss? Boss.
It's not Ruth Walker.
It's Emily Rydell.
Rydell's been put on leave of absence.
- Sir.
- Ron.
I've inherited Rydell's post, not his attitude.
OK? You do anything for your kids.
Strike, strike! All units, strike! She was Misty Martin to me.
Beautiful but disposable.
How did Clough know Charlie nicked his money, eh? Someone inside this building leaked it.
I'm here for you.
OK? DCI Banks has always envied me.
Sexual relations with his daughter?! Maybe she was gonna tell, so you killed her.