DCI Banks Aftermath s02e06 Episode Script

Cold Is The Grave (2)

(TYRES SQUEAL) Charlie McKay, the guy who hijacked the van, he's dead.
We've got Tony Grimes on suspicion of the murder of McKay.
I didn't kill him.
Tony will help us solve this, if he wants to or not.
You're gonna use him as bait.
This is my wife, Rosalind.
Mrs Rydell.
It's about our daughter.
She's missing.
Find her.
Let me know where she is.
She moved in with some guy.
Barry Clough? She will know who you are, won't she? She's coming with me.
Get out of my house! I know your little secret! Whoo! (GIGGLES) I saw Niall Gilbert.
Are you absolutely sure, Niall? Right here, right now? He's following me.
This is about what you know.
Barry's little secret? She's been beaten to death.
(GASPS) We need to talk about Emily.
This is not Ruth Walker.
This is Emily Rydell.
(OMINOUS MUSIC) Why Emily?! Why our daughter?! (MUTED SPEECH) Are you there? Can you hear me? "Yes, Annie?" Rydell's been put on leave of absence.
Ron McLaughlin has taken temporary charge and he wants a word.
First thing.
Alan? Sir.
I've inherited Rydell's post, not his attitude, OK? So, Charles McKay shooting? We've got a surveillance operation in process, which I believe will yield a result.
Keep your eye on the ball.
Can't be seen to be giving priority to the Emily Rydell inquiry.
DS Cabbot emailed me with her initial thoughts on the case.
Very dedicated young woman, I like that.
I think.
Ah, here she is.
Emily Rydell? In the cubicle where she was found, the door was locked from the inside, which raises questions.
After she was beaten, how did someone escape? No-one heard anything.
Coroner puts time of death around 10pm.
The club was nearly empty then.
We're trying to trace Ruth Walker.
Who's she? A friend of Emily's.
Emily had Ruth Walker's debit card on her when she was found, hence the initial misidentification.
DCI Banks supplied us with an address for her in London.
Superintendent Rydell asked you to seek out his daughter in London? That's correct.
It's not professionally responsible for a senior police officer like you to be doing "homers', is it? Chief Superintendent Rydell asked - Chief Superintendent Rydell was wrong to ask you, but you were wrong to accept.
Particularly when your unit was involved in a Cat One inquiry.
Now, I trust your personal involvement won't compromise this investigation? No, sir.
I want twice-daily updates.
Found it under a seat.
She had Ruth Walker's card in her make-up bag.
If Emily used the card, we can trace her movements.
And since the card was found at a crime scene, we should be able to access Ruth Walker's finances and movements.
I'll get a warrant.
Is there anything else you haven't told me? About what? You? Emily? Rydell asked me to find his daughter.
I went to London, I brought her back.
Yesterday I met her at the Midnight Bell pub, one o'clock.
Emily turned up around one-twenty.
She left around one-twenty-five.
We're over witness statements.
Re-interviewing anyone from the night club who we think might have seen something suspicious.
Ruth Walker.
London reports she hasn't been seen at her flat since Thursday morning.
There was bad blood between Emily and Ruth Walker.
So, why did Emily have Ruth Walker's bank card on her and how did it come into her possession? I guess we have to find Ruth Walker to get to the bottom of that one.
Niall Gilbert.
No previous.
Independent security consultant.
Ex military, Special Forces.
Emily claimed to have seen him yesterday in Leeds.
Suspect number three, Niall Gilbert's employer, Barry Clough.
You've all got copies of the profile on Clough.
Emily was shacked up with him in London, briefly.
Now, it's my guess Emily knew something incriminating about him so he killed her or he had her killed.
Who walks into a nightclub, into the ladies toilets, beats someone to death in a locked cubicle and walks out unnoticed? The Invisible Man? (SNIGGERING) Forget the murder mystery stuff! This happened! Emily Rydell suffered a traumatic and painful death! Now, there is an explanation and we're gonna find out who's responsible and we're gonna put them away, OK?! Let's get to it.
Boss, Tony Grimes's surveillance and ARB is in place.
One for the team, DS Cabbot.
Big bowl of humble pie.
(SIGHS) Thank you.
After further investigation, we're fully satisfied that you were not involved in the unlawful killing of Charles McKay.
So, you're free to go.
OK, thanks.
Shouldn't you be at home with your family, sir? The Emily Rydell case.
Do we have a cause of death? You know I can't discuss that, sir.
You seen this man hanging around your house the last couple of days? Maybe hanging around Emily? When she got back from London, did she mention someone called Barry Clough? No.
Are these people suspects.
Was she murdered? Please, Alan, I need to know.
Did somebody kill her? I can't discuss that.
Rosalind seems to have left me.
I'm sorry to hear that, sir.
Emily was the smiliest little baby.
She was always laughing.
You do anything for your kids, don't you? There's no limits.
Come inside.
I'll ring for a taxi.
(POLICE RADIO) "In position at Tony Grimes's lock-up.
" Here we go.
Eyes on target.
Repeat, eyes on target.
(RADIO) "Entering storage facility.
" "Eyes on target.
He's got some sort of package.
" (BREATHES HEAVILY) Eyes on target.
Target exiting storage facility.
All units, stand by.
Silver Mercedes appears to be following target.
Tracking both vehicles.
All units, target now on plot.
Target now on plot.
No sign of the silver Merc.
Do you think we've been compromised? No, no.
We're still in business.
Target vehicle two turning into courtyard.
Target vehicle two entering courtyard.
That's Niall Gilbert.
Now, we need to wait until he's inside.
We need them both together.
"ARV on standby, wait till subject is inside.
" Now! "Strike, strike! All units, strike!" (DOOR SQUEAKS) Listen, I were gonna return this.
It were Charlie's idea, he made me do it.
He made me - (CRAS) Get down! Down on the floor! Down on the floor! Put your hands behind your back! Keep looking at me! Room secure! Room secure.
Come on.
(TUTS) You? Me.
My money.
Won it on the horses.
Lots of small bets.
Tony's a mate.
Been looking after it for me.
Eh, Tony.
Get 'em processed.
So, Niall Gilbert.
Is he in town to kill Tony Grimes.
If he is, that makes him the prime suspect in the murder of Charlie McKay.
But he's also employed by Emily Rydell's ex boyfriend, Barry Clough.
Whether Emily was the victim of a random attack or a motive driven murder, she knew something incriminating about Barry Clough.
Is that the connection? She knew Clough had Charlie McKay executed.
Ken, still no weapon in the Charlie McKay case? No, boss.
We've got to make these two talk.
You were here in Leeds the day Emily Rydell was beaten to death.
She saw you.
A, I don't know who Emily Rydell is and B, I was back in London.
Was Emily a threat? Did she know who killed Charlie McKay? Who? Last Wednesday night, when Charlie McKay was murdered, where were you? I don't remember.
I get these blackouts, you see.
Post traumatic stress disorder.
It's all in my military records.
You're good, you know the drill.
But your mate, Tony, he's an amateur.
It's just a matter of time, Niall.
You and Charlie staged the hijack of your van.
You took a couple of smacks in front of witnesses to convince the cops and criminals it was all genuine and Charlie got killed.
And you wanted us to think it was you killed him so we'd keep you in custody to protect you from the people you and Charlie ripped off! I'm right, aren't I? This money you and Charlie stole, who does it belong to? No, I can't, I - Come on, Tony! 25 grand in here, your share.
25 grand to Charlie.
That's a lot of money.
Whose? No, I-I-I can't.
I Right, interview suspended ten-fourteen for comfort break.
All right, Tony, we're off the record now.
Off camera.
So, whose money? Tony! Barry Clough.
It was stupid what me and Charlie did, trying to rip off Clough.
We need you to go on record, Tony.
No, no way.
I'll point you in right direction but I won't testify against Clough! No chance.
Two people are dead.
We've got nothing.
We need you to talk.
We need you to be a man and do the right thing.
Come on, Tony.
We'll keep you safe.
You didn't keep Charlie safe.
How did Clough know it were Charlie nicked his money, eh? He's right.
The only people who knew Charlie had hijacked the van were us.
So, someone inside this building leaked it.
Computer Crimes Unit.
(PHONE RINGS) Say nothing to anyone, report back directly to me.
Speak to you later.
(DOOR OPENS AND CLOSES) Yes? "It's Rosalind.
" What can I get you, sir? Double espresso, please.
Is this where you're staying now? I had to get away from Gerry, so I came here.
Who cares? Sir.
It was you rather than your husband who wanted me to look for Emily.
Why? It was like he didn't want to rock the boat, or something.
I see.
Did Emily tell you anything about what happened in London? I thought she'd tell me in her own time.
I didn't know she had so little time left.
Did she tell her dad? No, I don't think so.
She was different with Gerry when she came back.
She was distant.
Look, it's not my place but maybe you shouldn't If I sober up, I'll die.
Some of the papers are saying she was beaten to death.
Rosalind Who killed her, Alan? I have to go.
(DOOR OPENS) DS Cabbot? Yeah.
Here's the Charles McKay case.
What do you wanna know? Right.
I need details of everyone who accessed the report on this case.
Names, dates, times.
Print out everything you've got.
Good stuff, Judy.
That's it.
(LAUGHS) Mr Clough.
DCI Banks, Yorkshire Major Crimes Unit.
Welcome to Leeds.
I had a feeling you were a cop and if you're here to talk about Misty - Emily.
Emily Rydell.
Giving you a statement.
I was in London all week, witnesses and everything.
Ditto, Niall.
We're not holding Niall on suspicion of killing Emily Rydell.
We're holding Niall on suspicion of killing Charlie McKay.
Mate of one of your employees? Tony Grimes? Your cash courier to this van got hijacked by Charlie McKay, who was subsequently executed.
Who was it told you it was Charlie ripped you off? I don't know what you're talking about.
Did you know Emily was the daughter of a senior police officer? She was Misty Martin to me.
Like I said, short and mysterious.
But disposable.
The wheels are coming off, Barry.
Just a matter of time.
Well? I'm so sorry about Emily.
But listen, Mum, I'm here for you, OK? Don't! OK.
It's OK.
They don't want you! Mrs Rydell! Stop that! Get off her! Go away! I'm calling the police! Go away! Go away! (SOBS) Sir! We're keeping Ruth Walker in for questioning.
She has an alibi for the night of Emily Rydell's murder.
Queens Hotel bar, all night.
Right, check it out.
But even if it holds up, she still has to explain her bank card at the crime scene.
That tells its own story.
She made a withdrawal last Saturday afternoon.
Which places her in Leeds on the day of the murder.
Ruth lived in Ripponden for six months last year.
What? Where Emily went to school? Also a background check.
Turns out Ruth used to work in a bar owned by Barry Clough.
That and Ruth doesn't wanna press charges against Mrs Rydell.
Quote, "My mum's been through enough.
" Unquote.
What? You're Ruth Walker's mother? Ah! I gave her up for adoption when I was 17.
I told her I didn't want a relationship with her.
She's been stalking me.
Trying to destroy my family.
She's vicious, Alan.
Vicious and manipulative.
She's capable of anything.
You talked Emily into moving to London.
You introduced Emily to Barry Clough.
Did you tell Clough who she really was? Oh, yes.
Boss, I've got the printouts from the Computer Crime Unit.
Is it bad? Yeah.
Oh, shit! Yes? Boss, you're both needed at Emily's postmortem.
It's urgent.
Still don't see it.
Ruth Walker got into the cubicle and beat Emily to death? You don't see it because Emily was not beaten to death.
Cause of death was asphyxiation caused by the paralysis of the neural pathways that control breathing.
All this trauma was caused by violent contact with her surroundings.
Walls of the cubicle, the cistern, the floor.
If you look here you can see she was thrashing around.
Violently and uncontrollably.
Some kind of fit? She was epileptic? No.
Toxicology in chemical analysis confirm it.
Emily Rydell died of a seizure caused by poisoning.
Somebody adulterated her cocaine with strychnine.
Strychnine, difficult but not impossible to get hold of.
Used in animal research into anti-seizure drugs.
Pest control products.
Vets administer as a stimulant.
Sometimes used in alcoholism.
Dr Glendinning is compiling a full list.
This wasn't some spontaneous attack by a random mad man.
It was a deliberate, premeditated, motive-driven murder, from a distance, which nullifies any suspect's alibi.
I'm listening.
So, we start again.
Suspects one and two, Niall Gilbert and Barry Clough.
Emily knew something she shouldn't have known about their operations so they took her out.
Suspect number three, Ruth Walker.
We know she was in Leeds on the day of the murder.
Did she meet with Emily and spike her cocaine as vengeance on the mother who rejected her? Now we have a fourth suspect.
Chief Superintendent Gerald Rydell.
Go on.
Barry Clough was using Emily as leverage.
Blackmailing, bleeding Rydell for information.
You've got hard evidence on that? Yes.
Rydell's electronic footprint.
This is what Emily knew.
This was Barry Clough's secret.
He was involved in a criminal conspiracy with a senior police officer.
Emily's father.
The dates.
Starts three months ago, about the same time Ruth Walker introduced Emily to Barry Clough.
Rydell had the motive and he had the opportunity.
We can't ignore this.
We're already holding Niall Gilbert and Ruth Walker.
First thing, I want Barry Clough brought in for questioning.
And Rydell.
OK, bright and early tomorrow morning, fully briefed with all our plans in place, we're gonna blitz the lot of them until somebody cracks.
Lot at stake here, Alan.
I'm not enjoying this, sir.
(EMILY'S VOICE ECHOES) Alan (INDISTINCT CHATTING) (ALL VOICES FADE AWAY) (DOOR OPENS) (DOOR CLOSES) We've got a lot of issues to sort out here, Gerry, so we'd appreciate your full cooperation.
Absolutely, Ron.
I want to put this whole nonsense to bed as much as you do.
Copies of our intelligence database going back three months.
As you well know, we led a series of well-planned, intelligence-led drug bust operations which resulted in no arrests, no illegal substances, nothing.
Why? Because someone informed the dealers we were coming.
You left footprints, sir! I do have level three access.
Unusual for a Chief Super to be surfing the intelligence database? Performance indicators were worrying me.
Drug arrests had dropped by 31 percent, year on year.
Prosecutions by 35 percent.
I wanted to find out why.
The van hijacking.
How did Barry Clough know that it was Charlie McKay who robbed him? Because you accessed the crime report which clearly stated that the fingerprints that were lifted from the hijacked van belonged to Charlie McKay.
14 hours later he was executed! I'm senior management.
I like to keep a check on my subordinates.
'Emily Rydell? Emily Rydell.
' I don't know anyone called Emily Rydell.
You were introduced to her by Ruth Walker.
Who?! She told you who Emily really was.
We had a fling.
Short but sweet.
That's it! And I'll say it again.
I was in London all last week.
What do you mean, my alibi doesn't count? I didn't do this.
You've got a lot of explaining to do, Ruth.
What was your bank card doing in there? Well Emily stole it.
(HUFFS) No, no, look.
Look, that's my make-up bag.
And my bank card was in there.
What? What is it? OK, Ruth, I need an honest answer here.
The cocaine Emily was using, it was yours.
She stole it from you.
We're gonna need that verbally, Ruth.
Emily or Misty or whatever, could have been carrying the coke around for weeks.
Anyone could have spiked her coke at any time so unless you find my fingerprints on the strychnine, you're going nowhere with this and you know it.
And you're running out of time.
'Last week, when Emily was returned home.
' When you brought her home! Did you know she was in danger? If you did, you should have warned me.
I did try to warn you! I could have done something about it.
You didn't wanna know! You got Emily back and you wanted to bury the whole thing so as not to rock the boat with Barry Clough! You're becoming emotional, Alan! Last Saturday, did you know Emily had cocaine in her make-up bag? Cocaine that was adulterated with strychnine? You think? I'm here because you think I killed my child? Emily knew about your relationship with Clough! She didn't want to tell me about it because she wanted to protect you.
Because she loved you! I loved her! Oh, I know! You'd do anything for her, wouldn't you? No limits, eh? But Clough played on that.
You didn't want your little girl being dragged into his world.
Topless pictures that turned your stomach! And then what? Porn? God knows what else! So, to protect your daughter, you started to feed Clough information.
Including the name of the man who robbed him.
Charlie McKay.
And that's the undisputed truth, isn't it?! DCI Banks has always envied me.
Undermined me at every turn.
I asked him to do a favour for me, in good faith.
And he uses it as an opportunity to attack me and my family.
This is bollocks! Emotional again, Alan.
My daughter is a murder victim.
With this man leading the inquiry into her death, I don't see how myself or my wife will ever get justice or closure.
Doesn't look good, Ron.
Wouldn't happen on my watch.
Where's your conscience? Where's yours?! I saw how Emily kissed you! You were having sexual relations with her, weren't you? Is that the best that you've got? Outside! He's trying to derail the investigation.
Destroy my credibility as a witness.
Sexual relations with his daughter?! What's he talking about? Sir The Metropole.
I just took a call from DI Richard Brownlow, London.
The Metropole Hotel, Bloomsbury, London, last Thursday? The night porter remembers you.
And he also remembers Emily Rydell spending the night in your room.
I'd just rescued Emily from Barry Clough's.
He was threatening her.
The kid was paralytic.
She had nowhere else to go.
Get yourself off the premises! She was calling you "daddy".
As a wind-up! I did not sleep with Emily Rydell.
You sure? Was she gonna grass you up! Is that why you killed her?! It's a reasonable assumption! You'd be making the same assumption if you were in my shoes! You're the benchmark here, Alan! I look up to you! This makes you no better than me or anyone else! (SQUEALING) 'Alan!' DCI Banks's behaviour has clearly compromised this whole inquiry.
I wouldn't go that far.
You have no hard evidence of direct contact between Barry Clough and myself.
You have no hard evidence to support the sick idea that I murdered my child.
I'm ready to go home, Ron.
I need the keys to your house.
Why? Because, I think There is no easy way to say this.
I think that your husband may have killed Emily.
Gerry? How? Strychnine poisoning.
Strychnine? The rat poison at your house.
I think he may have spiked Emily's cocaine with it.
(SHUDDERS) Oh, God! Rosalind? It It was Ruth.
She She was telling me what she'd done to Emily.
How she wouldn't stop until she'd destroyed my family.
What are you trying to say? The day Emily died.
Ruth came to the house.
She was haunting me and stalking me.
She was never gonna stop! She kept telling me about Emily's coke problem and how she'd got her into it and Oh, God! Take your time.
She went to the toilet.
And it was right there in front of me and the rat stuff was there.
And I was angry.
And I mixed the rat poison with Ruth's cocaine! I just meant to make her sick.
I didn't I didn't think it could kill.
Alan, please! Please tell me that I didn't Please tell me I didn't.
Oh, God! No She was, she was my baby.
Alan, please.
Please, Alan.
Tell me I didn't.
I'm sorry.
I can't help you.
(SOBS) No.
Rosalind? Well, talk about justice.
You set out to kill the daughter you reject and you end up killing the daughter you love.
You pay for your sins, eh? It isn't funny.
Oh, it is.
It is pretty fucking funny.
This isn't funny! Because you wanted revenge on Rosalind, because you lured Emily to London, because you introduced her to Barry Clough! Because you rubbed Rosalind's nose in it, this happened! You lit the fuse, sat back, watched the bomb go off! Not funny, Ruth! 'Mr Rydell?! Mr Rydell?!' (HAMMERING) 'Mr Rydell?!' 'Sir?!' Mr Rydell?! (COUGHS) Did he leave a note? Full confession.
Admits he was blackmailed by Barry Clough.
Admits he was part of the conspiracy to kill Charlie McKay.
Enough to arrest Clough? Enough to arrest Niall Gilbert? He left tapes.
All his calls to Barry Clough.
We've got them both.
The undisputed truth.
What? That's what he said at the end of his confession.
"This is the undisputed truth.
" (SIGHS) You OK? No good, no evil, just a bunch of men and women getting in a mess.
How do you clear it up when you're part of the mess? That night at the hotel, with Emily.
I know you didn't sleep with her.
You probably sat up all night listening to your crappy jazz music.
But I couldn't bury it.
Do you know why? Because if I did, I'd be letting you down.
You're still my benchmark.
You always will be.