DCI Banks Aftermath s03e01 Episode Script

Strange Affair (1)

It's Roy.
I've got myself into a bit of trouble and er I need your help.
And it's not my fingers in the till, if that's what you're thinking.
I made a bit of a mess and I wouldn't bother you, but there's no-one else.
Call me back as soon as you get this.
I need your help.
-resynced by anonymous Don't half go on a bit, don't they? 20 minutes on the one tune? Musicians come from all over the country to play in these sessions, you know.
Gimme Take That, flashing lights, a pint of Stella.
Any day.
This is nice.
Another? A whisky.
Two Ms, two Ts, two Es in committee.
Millibars, not millilitres to measure air pressure.
Carbohydrates contain carbon, hydrogen and oxygen.
Don't forget the oxygen.
And MJ, you're doing your best.
That's the main thing.
And remember - two puffs on your inhaler before you go to sleep.
Tight ship, eh, Helen? Of course.
I'll leave you to it.
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
I've been thinking, Alan.
About the baby and everything.
And I just don't know how I'm going to dump her at a nursery every day when she's only six months old.
All new mothers think that.
It's easy to say that, but now it's almost here, I'm worried I might not be, you know very good at the whole parenting thing.
Oh, come on, Annie.
You'll be a great mother.
What? Nothing.
Alan Banks.
You'll learn a lot from him.
Knows how to put a team together and keep it together.
I'm just not sure that I'm a team player.
You're the most accomplished, most rigorous, most dedicated officer I've ever had under my command.
But you've got to fulfil your potential.
This move is good for you.
It's the right move.
And it's right for me.
I need you in Major Crimes.
Well goodnight, then.
Annie? What is it? Nothing.
Have you taken your folic acid? Shut up! What? Stop being so understanding.
What do you want me to do? I don't know.
Be judgmental.
Look at me like you look at one of your suspects.
Tell me I have screwed up my career, screwed up my whole life.
Tell me you're jealous! OK, I get it.
I'm pregnant.
Everything's changed.
We're work colleagues.
No more, no less.
We move on.
Good for you.
Well, put this in one of your compartments.
I don't want to be your work colleague.
So, after I've had the baby, I won't be back.
All right? Goodnight! Annie Newhope Cottage, Grantleigh.
Should've kept it in your pants, mate.
It's not mine.
It'll be a soft landing.
I'll make sure Banks eases you in gently.
Thank you, sir.
Any time.
How did it go? I start tomorrow.
Annie, come on.
Pick up.
I'm sorry about earlier and You know, since you told me you were pregnant, I have been keeping my distance and Call me back, will you? Just Keep that, mate.
Oh shit! "You have one new message.
" "Message received today at 20:34.
" Hi.
It's Roy.
I've got myself into a bit of trouble and er I need your help.
Fingers in the till again.
And it's not my fingers in the till, if that's what you're thinking.
I'm in a bit of a mess and I wouldn't bother you, but there's no-one else.
Call me back soon as you get this.
I need your help, Alan.
You're through to Roy.
I can't come to the phone, but if you'd like to leave a message, I'll call you back.
" "Hi.
You're through to Roy.
I can't come to the phone, but if you'd" Where's the boss? He'll be here in a bit.
Who's that? Dunno.
- Morning, everyone.
- Sir.
Where's Banks? Er, I haven't been able to locate him, sir.
What? He left a message.
He's got a bit of personal business to attend to.
Well, tell him to forget that and get back.
I've tried.
But he's not answering his mobile or landline.
This is DI Helen Morton.
She's covering your maternity leave, Annie.
Helen? Senior rank.
You're in charge.
You're kidding.
Well, you can't do it.
You're off on maternity leave next week.
So get back to the office and get a murder room set up.
And find Banks.
So, when are you due? Six weeks.
It's best.
DS Jackman, DC Blackstone.
Could you walk me through it, please? How does she know our names? Alan.
Where are you? She was found at 7:15 this morning by a couple of walkers.
Car's registered under a Jennifer Lewis.
Driver's license photo confirms it's her.
Lives out near Harrogate.
DI Helen Morton.
Well, body temperature and progress of rigor, I'm putting the time of death at between 9PM and 11PM.
Cause? Cause.
Small calibre.
22, maybe.
I'll need that bullet out of her as soon as possible.
Why is the window open? Good question.
No bullet hole.
She opened it herself.
OK, you can get started.
DC Blackstone, crime scene manager.
DS Jackman, you're co-ordinating all investigative actions.
You'd better call this in as a Cat-1.
Sir? Just found that in the glove compartment.
Thanks, Tony.
Annie? Found in the car.
Newhope Cottage, Beckside Lane.
That's Banks' address.
All right.
Leave it with me, Ken.
Leave it with me.
All right? Alan, where are you? Look.
Call me back as soon as you get this message.
It's urgent.
His car's gone.
No sign of anything untoward.
Apart from his mobile phone.
It's been trashed.
Thanks, Ken.
We've got a senior police officer missing.
The same officer's address is found on a murder victim.
We need to be concerned about DCI Banks's welfare.
It seems you were the last person to see him, DS Cabbot.
Didn't your partner mind you spending the whole evening in the pub with DCI Banks? Oh, I don't have a partner.
This is a solo mission.
OK? I'm just trying to establish the exact nature of your relationship with DCI Banks.
What has that got to do with anything? Evidence schedule.
This was found in the victim's car by DC Tony Hamilton this morning.
Signed over to DC Blackstone at 09:24.
DC Blackstone passed it directly to you.
But you didn't log it into exhibits until 10:35.
A delay of one hour and 11 minutes.
You wouldn't have been calling DCI Banks to alert him to his connection to this inquiry, would you? You asked me to find DCI Banks, sir.
I was trying to do that.
It's vital evidence, Annie.
DI Morton, as SIO, should've been made aware of it immediately.
And I thought I should contact DCI Banks first.
He is my line manager.
He ceased to be your line manager and became a key witness at 09:24 this morning, when this was found in the victim's car.
You should know that, DS Cabbot.
And you should know that Alan DCI Banks runs an excellent unit here with an excellent clear-up rate.
You might want to think twice before you start undermining him.
I think it might be best if your maternity leave starts now, Annie.
What? Maternity leave starts now.
I'll clear out my desk.
She's loyal to Banks.
They all are.
Two things you need to do, Helen.
Find Jennifer Lewis's killer and inspire the kind of loyalty Banks inspires.
Can I help you, mate? I'm looking for Roy.
I'm Alan.
Roy's brother.
Bloody hell! Roy didn't tell me his brother was a cop.
Well Roy wouldn't, would he? Malcolm Farlow.
I live next-door.
Have you seen Roy recently? Not for a few days.
Listen, Malcolm, there's a bit of a family crisis.
And I really need to see him.
I've got a spare key to his house.
Roy?! Brrrmm! Oh.
I'm sorry.
Where's Roy? I don't know.
I'm Alan, his brother.
I'm Corinne, his fiancee.
I'm here to kill him! OK, everyone.
Gather round.
Gather round.
Quiet, please! This was found in the glove compartment of Jennifer Lewis's car.
DCI Alan Banks' address.
Alan Banks is now a key witness in this inquiry.
And we will treat him as we would any other key witness.
First priority - we need him located and brought in for a positional statement.
Meantime, if he contacts any of you, you refer him straight to me.
Clear? Jennifer Lewis.
31 years old.
Office manager from Caxton, near Harrogate.
Jennifer hadn't been seen since yesterday lunchtime.
All we know is that she was over 20 miles from her home late last night.
Possibly on her way to or from DCI Banks' house.
Why? What's her connection to Banks? We need to get through the minutiae of her life.
Friends, family, work colleague, associates - all traced and interviewed as a priority.
Dr Glendinning's recovered the bullet from her skull.
Crime scene.
Interim forensics report.
There's not much.
They are still sweeping the car and locales for prints and DNA.
How did the killer get there? How did he, or she, get away? Well, either in the car with Jennifer, which means an escape on foot, or he/she was in another vehicle.
The window was opened by Jennifer.
Which suggests she knew her killer.
Or she didn't feel under threat.
So, was her killer following her? Service stations, garages, roadside cafes on the main routes between here and Harrogate.
That's a big, speculative sweep.
No, it's not.
Her petrol tank was almost completely full.
So we're within a what? Five mile sweep north-east of the crime scene.
Let's get going.
Yeah, I know it's a bit early.
Roy was supposed to come over to mine last night.
He didn't show.
He's not even phoned.
When did you last see him? Weekend.
You know, I actually allowed myself wedding fantasies.
A 30 grand extravaganza in Mauritius, or something - with the whole family.
He's seeing someone else, isn't he? Listen.
It might not be what you think.
He could be in trouble.
He left in a hurry.
He didn't set the alarm, didn't take his car.
Have you looked round his office upstairs? Cor.
Roy's doing well for himself.
If he's in trouble, that means he might not be having an affair, which is good.
I mean, not good if he's in trouble.
But good if he's not having an affair.
He's wiped the hard disk.
Why would he do that? What's he hiding? I don't know.
But I know where it might be.
The Blue Lamps.
My son's band.
Thank you.
Porn?! No, not porn.
uk Looks pretty high class.
That makes me feel so much better! Er who are these two? Gareth Lambert.
Roy's erm business partner.
You don't like him.
Another wide boy.
And the other one? I don't know.
I love him, you know.
I mean, he's untrustworthy, immature, irresponsible.
But when he smiles and turns on the charm you can forgive him anything.
I'm telling you stuff you already know.
There's 12 years difference between us.
I hardly know him.
DS Winsome Jackman.
I'm just here to ask a few questions.
Do you recognise this lady? Yeah.
She came in last night.
What time? They came in Half eight, quarter to nine? They? She was with a bloke.
They seemed There was a lot of snogging and holding hands.
Can you call your supervisor? I need to access your CCTV hard drives.
Now! Please.
Are you search team? Yeah.
DI Helen Morton.
Who's this? Jennifer's flatmate.
Jennifer was er she was different.
Different? She had erm She was a decent person.
She had morals and principles.
You know.
Why would someone - And you last saw her yesterday lunchtime? Yes.
I knew something wasn't right.
Something was bothering her.
I mean, really bothering her.
I didn't ask.
I should've, but I didn't.
I'm sorry.
What about boyfriends? Don't hold back on me.
It's vital you tell me everything you know.
There was someone.
From her work.
But she wouldn't talk about it.
I think he was married.
I don't have a name or anything.
I'm sorry.
I thought you said Jennifer had morals and principles.
She did.
But she was having an affair with a married man.
That doesn't make her a bad person, does it? And Jennifer worked at The Berger Lennox Clinic in Harrogate.
Client liaison.
Are we done now? Did you ever see her in the company of this man? His name's Alan Banks.
Did he kill her? This is a surprise.
Do you know where Roy is? No.
I've been trying to get hold of him.
I need some financial advice.
Er pensions, investments - you know.
Financial advice from Roy? Who you called a leach and a parasite at Christmas? Yeah.
I really shouldn't drink port.
Why don't you phone him? He's not answering his mobile.
And there's no reply at home, either.
Did you know he was engaged? Yes.
But you didn't tell me.
I didn't think you'd be interested.
When did you last see him? Last Sunday.
He still visits on a Sunday.
No matter what.
And how did he seem? All right? Oh, as usual.
A joke and a laugh, teasing your mother.
You know what he's like.
There's no need to tell Mum about any of this.
I wouldn't want her to worry.
What's going on, Alan? I don't know Dad.
If you hear from Roy, get him to call me on this number right away.
It's my new mobile.
OK? Blackholme Service Station, Thursday night.
There's Jennifer.
She fills up the car.
And there is our guy.
Better copy to the boss DI Morton.
What do you think of DI Morton? I don't think.
I just keep my head down, do as I'm told.
Annie didn't deserve to be treated like that.
Any news from Banks yet? No.
A-ha! It's the big brother copper.
I was beginning to wonder if that was a line Roy was spinning to keep me straight.
6th floor.
It's a an odd place for a travel agent.
Well, we're we're not open to the public.
No, I specialise in professional sports tours.
You know.
Football teams, rugby, cricket.
Dwarf throwing! I tell you what, you look like your brother.
Like a five year older version.
I'm 12 years older.
I'm flattering you, old son.
You don't know where Roy is, do you? I can't get hold of him.
No? Well, maybe he's taken off somewhere.
He likes his expensive holidays.
I found this.
In his house.
You don't know who that is, do you? It's me! No.
No, the other guy's a business associate of mine.
It's Laszlo Hristov.
He runs a hotel chain on the Dalmatian coast.
Now, why would Roy have a picture of you, taken like this, through a long lens, as though he, or someone else, were spying on you? Listen.
I don't know how much contact you've had with your brother recently.
But erm I think Roy might be going off the rails.
You see, he's engaged to Corinne, who's a lovely girl.
But there's this woman he's been having a fling with.
Well, he's obsessed with her.
Anyway, the other night, Thursday, he calls me.
What time? Well, me and the wife were watching TV, so I suppose about 9:00.
Anyway, he's not making any sense.
He's out in the country somewhere, so the reception's not good.
But he sounded, to be honest He sounded like he was angry, like he was confused.
He was right on the edge.
Gareth? Elise.
This is Alan Banks, Roy's brother.
Mrs Lambert.
Could you erm wait in my office for a minute, love? Sure.
This other woman that Roy's been seeing.
Her name's Jennifer Lewis.
Jennifer's dead? In suspicious circumstances.
She was murdered.
That's awful.
Can you tell me, Dr Lucas, when did you last see Jennifer? Yesterday morning.
We had a strategy meeting here.
And did she seem OK? Was her behaviour her mood normal? I don't know.
I'm an obstetrician, not a psychologist.
Excuse me.
DC Blackstone? Got a suspect.
CCTV at Blackholme Services.
Male passenger in Jennifer Lewis's car.
I'm sending it to you now.
I understand you and Jennifer Lewis were friends.
Who told you that? Your receptionist.
She's mistaken.
I I don't keep friends.
I'm not good at friends.
You remind me of Jennifer.
You're an obstetrician not a psychologist! Hi.
I was wondering if I could have a word with Jennifer Lewis, please? Do you have an appointment? Er, no.
No, I don't.
I'm I'm sorry.
Jennifer hasn't come in today.
Do you have a phone number where I could reach her? I'm not allowed to give out personal details of staff.
Maybe I can help you.
I hope so.
It's very important that I find Jennifer Lewis.
Why? It's personal.
A word, please DCI Banks.
What is this? Who are you? DI Helen Morton.
Yorks Major Crimes Unit.
Where have you been? We've been trying to contact you? Personal business.
I left a message with Annie, with DS Cabbot.
Be at the station first thing in the morning.
We'll need a positional statement from you.
In connection with? The murder of Jennifer Lewis on Thursday night.
Do you know Jennifer Lewis? Where's Annie? Maternity leave.
Annie's maternity leave doesn't start for another week.
DS Cabbot is on maternity leave.
You haven't answered my question.
Do you know Jennifer Lewis? No.
Then why are you looking for her? It's personal.
We have a suspect in the company of Jennifer Lewis an hour or so before she was shot dead.
Do you know him? Stephen's to be at hockey for 10:00.
It's an away game, so he'll need a packed lunch.
MJ's got a play date at Josh's at 12:00.
And Ben and James can spend the afternoon at your mother's.
I should be able to pick them up before five.
And I thought we could take 'em for a pizza.
Thanks, Michael.
Love you.
Search team found this in Jennifer Lewis's desk.
uk 'Carmen, a classic beauty, is an elite companion, fluent in three languages.
' 'Carmen offers a genuine GFE.
' Girlfriend experience.
'Carmen is available to discerning gentlemen' £250 an hour.
£800 for overnight stays.
It might be nothing.
Might not be nothing.
This website, exotic companions - get a full background and let's trace and interview this Carmen person.
Corinne Whitman, Roy Banks' fiancee.
Her alibi checks out.
She was at her mother's.
Stayed the night.
DCI Banks.
Interview with Alan Banks, concerning the suspicious death of Jennifer Lewis.
Commencing 08:41 on Saturday, April the 30th.
Here you are - a written statement.
Everything I know.
Now, can we get through to the incident room and carry on with this inquiry, please? DI Morton.
I am still head of this unit.
And your brother's a suspect in a Cat-1 murder inquiry.
Roy's not a killer.
So I'm afraid the incident room's off limits to you, DCI Banks.
Jennifer Lewis shot once in the head.
On her way, we believe to see you.
We found this in the victim's car.
Why do you suppose she had your address? I'm not sure.
Did she come to your house on Thursday night? I don't know.
I didn't get home until after 11:00.
Because you were in the pub with DS Cabbot? Did you know Jennifer was having an affair with your brother? Yes.
It's all there in the statement.
According to his business partner Gareth Lambert, Roy was obsessed with her.
Roy's not that type.
He doesn't get obsessed with women.
Treats 'em like shit, if you wanna know the truth.
Are we done now? No.
Thursday night.
As you can see, Roy's on his phone at 20:34.
It's Roy.
" "I've got myself into a bit of trouble and er I need your help.
" "And it's not my fingers in the till, if that's what you're thinking.
" "I'm in a bit of a mess and I wouldn't bother you, but there's no-one else.
" "Please.
Call me back as soon as you get this.
" "I need your help, Alan.
" You didn't mention this in your statement.
Halfway down I refer to the phone message.
But not the content.
So, did you help him? I haven't been able to find him.
But you looked for him, even though he's a suspect.
I didn't know that at the time.
But you knew something was amiss with him.
After all, you didn't inform us of your whereabouts yesterday.
As head of this unit, and on call, you should've been contactable all day yesterday.
Well, it's lucky you were here to cover for me, eh? My phone was out of action, I was worried about my brother, I lost track of time.
My mistake.
If you were me, you might think you were trying to find your brother and protect him from the consequences of a criminal inquiry.
Roy's not a killer.
Jennifer's dead.
Roy's missing, having been seen in her car an hour before she was shot.
Plus this.
"I'm in a mess.
I need your help, Alan.
" That could mean anything.
He sounds scared.
And he's looking to me to protect him.
From the consequences of what he was about to do to Jennifer.
One shot to the head.
Looks premeditated, to me.
Roy's not a killer! I know my brother.
Do you? Intelligence sweep through your brother's life.
Open and close source material going back 20 years.
Every credit card purchase, every website visited.
Every business transaction.
Every bet on every dog race, every foreign trip.
So you've turned information into knowledge and extrapolated a full psychological profile on Roy which proves he's capable of murder? He's not a bunch of pixels on your computer screen! You may as well ask me to take a look at you - clothes, makeup, hairstyle - and jump to a whole load of conclusions.
You've led a sheltered life, you had a rather domineering father, who you still look up to.
But you deliberately sought out and married a man the exact opposite.
And now you live in an ordinary, controlled, suburban life, keeping your head down and plodding your way up the career ladder.
Boss! I could say all that.
But I might be wrong.
Because I don't know you.
Roy's a flesh and blood human being in the real, dirty, messy world, which is where we work in this unit.
You need to understand that.
Watch your feet, Boss.
Boys? Give us a minute.
Weapon? No sign.
We've recovered the bullet.
The same calibre as killed Jennifer Lewis.
What did you say about Roy? I didn't tell his brother everything.
He was going on about Jennifer.
Is Carmen the reason that Roy and Jennifer were killed? We found the weapon.
Same as killed Jennifer.
It's a set-up.
Or you're clutching at straws.
Out the way? Police! Get on the floor! If one of your boys turned out like Roy, or died like Roy, you'd wanna know the truth about them - the whole of the truth.
-resynced by anonymous