DCI Banks Aftermath s03e02 Episode Script

Strange Affair (2)

1 It's Roy.
I've got myself into a bit of trouble and I need your help.
Helen? Senior rank.
You're in charge.
You're kidding? Jennifer Lewis was over 20 miles from her home.
Why do you suppose she had your address? I'm not sure.
Search team found this in Jennifer Lewis's desk drawer.
"Carmen, an elite companion.
" Roy's not a killer! I know my brother.
Why? I don't know.
By who? I don't know.
Well, you'd better get out there and bloody well find out.
I can't be involved in an investigation into my own brother's Yes, you can.
You're the boss.
I thought you were the boss.
You're police.
You can't even find out I'm going to start lunch.
Arthur, there's a clean kit in your bag.
You can't let the people down.
Keep an eye on him, Alan.
You know he dotes on Roy.
Always has.
Roy Banks.
One shot to the head from the same gun used to kill Jennifer Lewis.
Which rules out Roy Banks as her killer.
Why not shoot them together? Why risk taking Roy five miles away? What if Roy fights back and escapes? Or there's witnesses at Halton Quarry? Forensic accountants' report on Exotic Companions.
And as you can see, there's a connection to the Berger Lennox clinic.
Shut the door and sit down.
Where there's prostitution, there's organized crime.
Most of these 'exotic companions' are foreign.
Smuggled illegally into the country and then exploited for all they're worth.
I'm sorry you've been thrown in at the deep end but you see what we do here? The people behind this and this you get to look them in the eye and make them pay.
Full briefing at 1pm.
Come on, lads! Get stuck in! DI Morton.
It's Alan Banks.
DCI Banks.
I was well, just checking in, really.
What's happening? With? The inquiry into the murders of Jennifer Lewis and Roy Banks.
Tommy! Get stuck in! DCI Banks, I'm sorry for your loss.
I really am.
But your personal connection to one of the victims means I'm in no position to discuss details of this inquiry with you.
That was NOT offside! It was onside.
Look, come on, Helen.
I've made a full witness statement.
My brother's no longer a suspect.
He's a victim and there's the issue of your emotional involvement.
That is no longer an issue.
I didn't know my brother.
Not really.
We weren't that close.
OK? I'm sorry.
I can't help you.
Thanks! What was that for? It was never offside, you stupid old twat.
You should be in a care home! You ever ref'd before? Bleeding disgrace, you haven't got a clue what you're doing! Oi.
OK, everyone, this is now a double murder inquiry.
Both victims shot from the same gun.
So we're focusing on Roy Banks' business dealings.
You've all got a copy of the forensic accountant's report.
As well as being an investor in the Berger-Lennox clinic where Jennifer Lewis worked, Roy Banks also owned a majority holding Exotic Companions.
Roy was involved in the marketing end of a prostitution operation, the website.
But who supplied the girls? Roy and/or Jennifer became a liability or a threat, so they were taken out? Whoever's running the vice end of the operation, they're gonna to be at arms length, hard to pin down.
So we start with Gareth Lambert.
His alibi for the night of the murders checks out: He was with his wife.
But Lambert, as Roy Banks' business partner, is a key witness.
We question him closely.
Plus I also want an aggressive examination of The Berger-Lennox clinic, Exotic Companions and all other related companies.
Any names that come up in management, investment.
Full background profiles, OK? You shouldn't have done that.
People have it hard on this estate.
It's no excuse.
People like me or you can't just walk away from people like them.
The world needs referees, Alan.
You can't blame the people.
It's the places they were dumped in.
And when Margaret Thatcher wiped out all the industries industries north of Watford.
Your grandad didn't fight in the war for Churchill or the empire or any of that.
He fought so that you could go to university.
Instead of joining the Yeah, I know, Uncle Tommy's got the scars from the picket line.
The police were there to intimidate the miners.
A private army for the capitalist system.
So why didn't Roy, property developer and venture capitalist, ever have to listen to this? Because Roy was a good lad.
Now, you listen to me.
Roy's death looks like an execution.
A professional, pre-meditated execution.
It gets worse.
Roy's girlfriend, not his fiance, but the girl Roy had on the side, she was shot dead too.
A nice, decent girl who got involved with Roy and Dad What did you say about Roy? I said too much.
And I'm sorry, Dad.
Roy was a good lad.
Roy forgot this, when he was here the other day.
I opened it this morning.
Was he involved in all that? I don't know.
Mum, we don't know anything yet.
Get the truth about Roy.
Please, Alan.
Mr Lambert is both upset and distressed at the death of Miss Lewis and is eager to help in any way he can.
Actually, I barely knew Jennifer.
I met her a couple of times with Roy and as I told Roy's brother, I think he was having an affair with her.
You and Roy Banks are joint proprietors of a venture capital company called Lambert-Banks Asset Management, is that right? Lambert-Banks holds substantial stakes in the Berger-Lennox Clinic and in a website called ExoticCompanions.
Look, I'm just a travel agent to trade.
That's my business.
Roy's the money man, the deal maker.
So I just put some cash in and I take a profit out at the other end.
Roy handles the day-to-day running of the fund.
Who's bringing the girls into the country? Who supplies them? I don't know.
I really don't know, I let Roy get on with all that.
Don't ask, don't tell? Yeah.
Look, um, Roy's my mate, so I don't want to say anything that might, you know incriminate him.
But um, the phone call he made to me on Thursday night I didn't tell his brother everything.
He was going on about Jennifer.
She was a loose canon.
She was trouble.
Are you saying you think he killed Jennifer? No.
No, no, no.
Well, I don't know.
Jennifer's dead, Roy's missing.
Roy Banks isn't missing.
He's dead.
One shot to the head.
Just like Jennifer.
Oh, my God! When I saw what Roy was involved in, I should've got a grip of him, I should have stopped him.
God, Roy got in out of his depth, didn't he? What do you think? I'm not sure he's telling us everything but he was the sleeping partner in Lambert-Banks Asset Management.
Roy Banks was the prime mover.
It was Roy who got them into the vice business.
DI Morton.
You're needed in the incident room.
DCI Banks? Where did this come from? Jennifer Lewis' flat.
Desk drawer.
You know as well as I do Snap! Roy left this at my parents' house.
Now, why were both victims carrying this? Is Carmen the reason that Roy and Jennifer were killed? Have you found her yet? No, Boss, been trying the number.
Goes straight to voicemail.
So it's a brick wall? Can I have a word please? In my office.
YOUR office? Your office.
I'm not asking for official involvement Your brother was heavily involved in the prostitution business.
All here in black and white.
Roy had a 70% stake in Exotic Companions.
This inquiry could turn very ugly for you and your family.
My parents Maybe if you had children yourself, you'd understand I do have children.
Four boys.
Four? Well, then you will understand.
If one of your boys turned out like Roy or heaven forbid, died like Roy Well, you'd want to know the truth about them.
The whole of the truth.
My mum and dad are decent people.
It's not just Roy's dead, it's what kind of man he was.
I mean, you need to find Carmen urgently.
She could be in danger.
Come on Helen, there's a big prize here.
Double murder nailed, on your watch.
Maybe you need the help of a loose cannon with a point to prove? You can have no official involvement.
My role is purely advisory.
OK, if you're right and Roy and Jennifer were killed because of Carmen and/or Exotic Companions, something they knew, they shouldn't have known puts you in danger too, doesn't it? But I don't know what they knew.
Yes, but whoever shot Roy and Jennifer doesn't know you don't know what they knew.
So we get them thinking that I do know what Roy and Jennifer knew, via Carmen, and smoke out the bad guys? We'll be watching you, every step of the way.
You know, maybe there was a line that Roy wouldn't cross and that's what got him killed? He got in over his head.
Scramble a MAST Team.
Target's DCI Banks.
DS Jackman? If Roy got in over his head maybe he took the easy way out? Halton Quarry.
I want a marine recovery unit down there.
Roy Banks was shot at point blank range, at this angle.
If he shot Jennifer, then himself, we'd have found the gun.
Roy was killed late Thursday night.
But we didn't find his body till early Saturday morning.
During which time, we had at least 12 hours of torrential rainfall.
"Hi, this is Carmen.
Leave me a message.
" Carmen? My name's Alan Banks.
I'm Roy's brother.
I need to speak to you.
It's urgent.
Listen, Roy and Jennifer told me everything.
Do you understand? So you and I need to talk.
I'll be at.
the Kings Hotel, Harrogate.
Ask for me at reception.
Roy's been shot.
I don't wanna be next.
You should never have got involved with that man.
We needed the money.
I've booked us on a flight.
Tomorrow night.
But Dr Michael's hasn't I've spoken to Dr Michaels.
We're fine.
Please We're fine.
Carmen? Please, come in.
Have a seat.
Whatever Roy told you, it's not true.
Him and Jennifer, they don't understand.
Why can't you all just keep out of it? And what is it that you think Roy told me? What? Where are you from, Carmen? Eastern Europe? What's that got to do with anything? Well, you're in this country illegally.
Who brought you here? Who provides the properties where you entertain your clients? Who runs you and the rest of the exotic companions No one.
I'm an independent escort.
No such thing.
You're not Roy's brother, are you? Yes, I am.
But I'm also Police.
Chrissake! Where is Roy? Roy's dead.
What? He was shot.
Jennifer Lewis was shot too.
Why? You know why.
It's got something to do with you.
Don't be stupid! I know it's not legal, but we're not doing any harm! I told Roy and Jennifer.
Why is everyone so What's not legal? I thought Roy told you.
No, Roy didn't tell me anything.
He was shot before he could tell me, so you're going to tell me.
What's not legal, Carmen? This.
You all right? That's it, nice and easy.
You just take a seat here.
There you go.
Gently does it.
Can I have some water, please? Listen, Carmen, I want you to come back with me to Eastvale police station Carmen! Carmen! Carmen! Please! Sorry.
She's on her own.
Where's Banks?! Oi! What you playing at? Let's go! You don't go anywhere on you own.
Get in the car! Go around it.
Block it! No! There's another car! They've got another car over there! She's in the other car! Cover it! Cover it! Cover it! Did you get anything? Anything at all? Greeny-blue hatchback, apart from that, nothing.
I've got something.
I've got something! Well, that wasn't a great success, was it? You wanted to find your brother's killer And Jennifer Lewis' killer.
By using yourself as bait to get to the bad guys.
Could've turned nasty for you.
Aren't your family suffering enough? I take full responsibility, sir.
I pressured DCI Banks into it.
I don't believe you.
I felt I needed DCI Banks on this inquiry, and you did promise me his guiding hand.
What have we learned? Carmen's pregnant.
Now Roy and Jennifer knew that and whatever Carmen told them about her pregnancy is what got them shot.
My guess, we find the father of Carmen's baby, we have our killer? Major player? Someone with a lot to lose? You might want to have another crack at Janet Lucas.
Odd, isn't it? A young girl like Jennifer Lewis having a hard copy of this in her desk drawer? I've told you everything I know about Jennifer.
So what about Carmen? Do you know her? No.
Roy Banks? Do you know him? No.
If you don't mind, I have an important issue What's more important than the unlawful killing of I'm sorry.
But I have a 14-year-old girl from a very wealthy family who's just told her parents she's pregnant.
She's one week off the termination time limit.
That's your job? That's your role in this Exotic Companions.
The girls are mostly from abroad.
Illegal immigrants.
If they have health problems, sexual health problems, they need treatment outside official channels.
Since 2009, over £200,000 has been deposited in an offshore account in Monaco in your name.
All payments made by Roy Banks.
You lied to us.
You do know Roy Banks.
My name is Detective Chief Inspector Alan Banks.
I'm Roy's brother.
Roy was shot dead.
Just like Jennifer.
It's to do with Carmen, isn't it? I don't know.
Carmen's heavily pregnant.
Who's the father of her baby? I don't know.
Dr Lucas She wouldn't tell me.
I took money to look after her pregnancy.
From who? Carmen.
She had a lot of cash.
I presumed she was getting it from the father of her baby but I didn't ask, OK? Roy and Jennifer asked and they were killed.
I treat the Exotic Companions girls after hours at the clinic.
I thought I was alone with Carmen but Jennifer was working late.
She saw Carmen pass me some money, asked what was going on and Jennifer got angry about the whole thing.
Then she wanted to know why Carmen, a prostitute, was having her baby.
She wouldn't let it go.
I tried to warn her not to get involved but she went looking for Carmen.
After that, I don't know.
Where are they keeping Carmen? You're looking after her.
You know where she is.
Aaargh! Jesus Christ! Where is Dr Lucas? I need Dr Lucas! Get me Dr Lucas! Armed police! Armed police, get on the floor.
Armed police, get down! Get down there! Get down now! Get down now! Get down! It's OK, Carmen.
We'll get you to a doctor.
Low-rent muscle.
All we can get is that they were paid to keep Carmen safe, through a middleman.
Beyond that, they know nothing.
What is wrong with you people? I told Jennifer Who's the father of your baby? I'm in labour! Leave me alone.
You're fine.
Plenty of time between contractions.
Deep breaths, Carmen.
Keep calm and tell us.
I don't know who the father is.
Right now, we've got enough to arrest you on suspicion of being an accessory to the murders of Jennifer Lewis and Roy Banks.
What? So you better start talking.
Some client.
I don't know which one.
Ugh! I got pregnant, I was going to get rid of it and It doesn't matter.
Of course it matters! Two people were murdered.
Because I told them what I was doing? That's crap! Where's the harm in it? That's not why they got shot.
Ugh! Leave me alone.
So what were you doing, Carmen? Selling my baby.
They've been trying for 20 years.
They just wanted a baby.
That's all.
That's what I told Jennifer.
They get a baby, I get enough money to pay off my debt and go home.
It's business deal.
Everybody wins.
Children aren't property, you stupid Who were you selling the baby to? Gareth Lambert.
Elise, my wife She knows nothing about this.
She's desperate for a child.
We both are.
We were refused for adoption.
Elise had a breakdown.
She weren't getting over it, still eating away at her.
And I told her that the adoption was all above board.
I was desperate.
So desperate that you shot Roy and Jennifer when they found out what you were doing.
Phone logs.
20-odd calls made between you and Roy on Thursday night.
The last one being at 9.
05pm, an hour before the murders.
Roy was about to grass you up I was gonna to grass him up! Go on.
Look, Roy didn't give a shit about the adoption thing with Carmen.
Jennifer was on one.
She was the problem.
She had ethical objections to the buying and selling of babies.
Roy was caught in the middle so he kept calling me and telling me to put a stop to it or Jennifer was gonna go the police.
So that's when I started to play hardball.
I said, 'If you grass me up Roy, I will grass you up and I know where all the bodies are buried.
I know about all the little fiddles you've got going on, the tax evasion, the offshore stuff.
So you get a grip of Jennifer and you shut this down or you lose everything.
' I was desperate to adopt Carmen's baby but I wasn't desperate enough to kill two people.
Look, I hate to speak ill of the dead but this was Jennifer's fault.
We were offering that baby life.
A good life.
Carmen's baby, it might be illegal but it's not wrong, is it? We need to go through CCTV tapes, numberplate recognition on every road between Lambert's house, his office and the murder site.
Also through Lambert's house, his car, his wife's car, his office.
And if we find nothing? It's a co-incidence too far.
Roy and Jennifer shot dead by some third party just as they're about to grass Lambert up? Or Roy and Jennifer were shot by Roy.
We recovered the murder weapon.
It was swept under the water when the rain came down.
Forensic report.
Point 22 Schmidt.
Same weapon used to kill Jennifer.
Jennifer was shot from a foot away, Roy at point blank range.
It's a set-up.
Or you're clutching at straws.
Where are you going? Banks! Banks! We've got Roy and Jennifer together at the petrol station an hour before she was shot dead.
If Roy was going to kill her, why would he call me for help? Roy was caught in the middle.
He couldn't close her down.
Well, if Roy shot Jennifer because he had too much to lose, why did he kill himself? He couldn't face his family.
Mrs Lambert? You gave us a statement affirming that your husband was with you all night on Thursday.
What's happening? Gareth's solicitor called me.
Why are you holding him? We're going to Geneva.
On holiday.
Even though your husband's being questioned? Mrs Lambert, we have Carmen Petri in protective custody.
Who? Gareth's admitted everything to us She's all ready, Mrs Lambert.
Come on, Amelia! We're going on a big aeroplane! You already have a child? Yes.
But you're adopting That's what your brother said.
I couldn't understand.
Why would he think we were adopting? Why do you think we're adopting? I told him Dr Michaels is taking care of everything.
He's found us a donor.
Amelia has enlarged heart syndrome.
We're not going to lose her.
Do you understand? We're not.
I'm sorry, Mrs Lambert.
I'm sorry.
Yeah, OK.
So what now? Now, you back to the station.
Go through Roy's hard drive, Lambert's too, from his office.
I'll bring his home computer in.
Also through Lambert's, Roy's and Jennifer's phone calls.
Carmen's statement, Dr Lucas' statement.
We'll piece the whole story together and we will nail Lambert to the wall with it.
You OK? OK.
Have you come to arrest me? Could you please tell me who this man is with your husband? Dr Michaels.
Dr Lothar Michaels.
Heart surgeon.
Struck off in Germany in 2006 for malpractice.
Did your husband tell you that the transplant was all above board? I knew I knew something was wrong.
All the doctors told us it was inoperable.
But Gareth wouldn't give up.
Couldn't let her go.
And then he finds this Dr Michaels and the whole transplant thing, the donor, the going off to Switzerland.
I knew something wasn't right.
But don't ask, don't tell.
You gave your husband an alibi for last Thursday night.
Hasn't my little girl been through enough? She might have another six months, maybe a year.
She loves Gareth, she loves him so much.
I can't compromise on this.
Neither can you.
Two people have been murdered.
My brother.
And a young woman called Jennifer Lewis.
Last Thursday, you told us that your husband was with you all night.
Is that true? Jennifer wanted to know why Carmen was going ahead and keeping her baby.
So, with Roy's help, she traced Carmen.
Now Carmen told them what she believed to be the truth, that you and Elise were buying her baby.
But Roy, knowing that you already had a child, Roy Roy smelled a rat.
He went to your house and Elise spilled part of the truth.
Roy and Jennifer were shocked.
They wanted to put a stop to it.
You did threaten to grass Roy up, if he grassed you up.
That's why he was bringing it to me.
Roy wanted to blow the whistle.
But he also wanted to avoid incriminating himself.
You followed Roy and Jennifer and you shot them.
Jennifer in her car and then you took Roy to Halton Quarry.
I wasn't close to Roy.
We didn't get on.
But I always thought that one day, when we were older we'd get it all sorted and I'd get to know him properly.
But not now.
Get a grip of yourself.
You shot Roy Banks at point blank range to make it look like suicide.
To make it look like Roy shot Jennifer, then himself.
Elise has withdrawn the alibi.
You didn't get home till 2am on Friday morning.
I was doing what was best for my child.
You were gonna buy Carmen's baby and murder it on the operating table.
That baby was unwanted.
Carmen was gonna to have a termination.
I offered her money.
A lot of money.
So it was just a business deal? Two children were going to die.
Why not save one of them? I can't live without my little girl.
So other people, my parents, Jennifer Lewis' parents, lose their child? Yes.
You're killing my little girl.
Come on.
Let's go.
Would you do what he was doing, to save one of your children? I don't know.
Is that all you can say? It's all I've got.
It's a messy world, Helen.
Michael, are you still awake? Can you stay up till I get home? About half an hour.
I love you.
Having given thanks for the life of our brother Roy, we now commit his mortal body to be cremated.
Earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust.
For our Lord Jesus Christ, who died, was buried and rose again for us.
To him, be glory forever.
Ida? I'll call.
Is it OK if I call you? Nice service.
Very nice.
We thought you might want Roy's motor.
Alan? Roy did things he shouldn't have done.
But there was a line that he wouldn't cross.
And he was murdered because he wouldn't cross it.
You put that line there.
Come and see us when you can, son.
Suits you, sir.
Let me give you a hand.
What's all this? Clearing out my locker.
You OK? Yes.
Think I should keep it? Well, it makes you look like a pathetic old loser but I'm nearly 50.
Who cares? So how's Damian? Lively.
And Damian is a she.
What? I dunno.
You really are OK, aren't you? What happened? You know, I never heard my dad swear or even raise his voice to my mum.
He worked so hard.
Up at 6am every day.
He had his football and a couple of pints at the weekend and, there was my mum, running around after all of us, organizing things for the Labour party.
Roy and I had a great upbringing and I just want everyone to have what we had.
The world needs referees.
You were right.
I am jealous.
This DI Morton, she's just keeping my seat warm.
I'm coming back, Alan.
Bigger, faster, stronger, rougher.
You sure it's not yours? It's not mine.
Why does everyone think it's mine? I'm too old to have more kids.
You're too old for that car.