DCI Banks Aftermath s03e06 Episode Script

Innocent Graves (2)

Ellie Clayton, last seen after attending a weekly workshop.
KEN: Run by an Owen Pierce.
Local uniform reckon it's a meeting place.
Was Ellie meeting someone last night? Had Ellie ever done that? Lie to her parents she was with you when she wasn't? No boyfriend at all? There was nobody.
Simon Harris.
Daniel's business partner.
I caught Ellie bunking school with this older lad.
Did you talk to the Claytons? I promised Ellie I wouldn't.
Owen liked porn.
He got a bit creepy.
He started making me feel a bit nervous and when I tried to end it, he wouldn't take no for an answer.
Hundreds of men own leather jackets.
It don't make him a killer.
Trust me on this.
You weren't in the park on Friday night.
Why then are there traces of Ellie's blood on the jacket you were wearing on that night? If detectives were in any part of Mr Pierce's house unaccompanied all evidence may be deemed inadmissible.
Did you leave the room? Yes, I did.
Mr Pierce, you are free to go.
(THEME MUSIC) (SCRUBBING) (PANTS) (EXHALES HEAVILY) All the evidence pointed to Pierce yesterday and still does today.
I take full responsibility for this investigation therefore any disciplinary action No need for any sword falling.
Not yet anyway.
But, you shouldn't need me to emphasise the kind of scrutiny we're now under.
There's murmurings of a PCA inquiry.
The Claytons are owed blood.
In the absence of the killers, ours will do.
I'll talk to them today.
Do that, but there's only one way this all disappears.
A bullet-proof case against Pierce.
And quickly.
I've got complete faith in this team but you'll understand I can't be seen to be leaving you to it.
We all have bosses.
Everything absolutely by the book from here, Alan.
MADDY: "My darling Owen.
"I'm so glad you're holding yourself together in prison.
"Do you remember how you used to comfort me when we were together? "I wish I were able to be with you to comfort you now.
" I know how you feel about Pierce but the team needs to know we're together on this.
We are together about wanting this killer caught, aren't we? Yes.
Well, let's concentrate on that.
(LOW BUZZ OF CONVERSATION IN BACKGROUND) Right, everything we've got on Owen Pierce however small comes back on the table, apart from the Forensics obviously.
Sir, uniform have had a call from Owen Pierce.
KEN: Boss.
Your tone suggests you were about to apologise.
Yesterday was at least as much my fault as it was yours.
Let's concentrate on putting things right.
For everyone's sake, OK? And when we get there, let me do the talking.
KEN: Pierce has reported a break-in.
The house was trashed and stuff nicked while he was in prison.
(CONVERSATION IN BACKGROUND) We never did establish where those fibres under Ellie's nails came from.
Where did Pierce say he was parked, again? Behind the theatre.
Where there's no camera.
You know, if I'd almost committed perjury yesterday first and foremost, do you know what I'd do? Resign? No.
Make Ken resign.
I'd forget everything else.
I'd put all my energy into catching whoever killed Ellie Clayton.
Let's watch it again.
(BIRDS TWITTERING) PIERCE: What do you want? Well, you did call the police.
About seven hours ago.
I assumed I was being ignored.
I've cleaned it all up now, haven't I? Not quite.
It's always a challenge even to the best of spellers.
It's a shame you cleaned.
There's not much we can do now that you've corrupted the evidence.
Oh, don't worry.
I've had a crash course in police procedure.
Sorry, what? What happened to you two over? Have you been demoted already? Is that why you're investigating break-ins now? No.
We thought we'd make an exception for you .
so that we know exactly where we all stand.
I know exactly where I stand.
The fact that you're free now proves absolutely nothing.
I know that.
Well, know this, Mr Pierce.
Any crime committed on any woman in Yorkshire from now on and yours is the first door that I will knock.
You have no idea what you've done to me, do you? No idea.
Courtesy of prison.
Boiling water and sugar.
It's a favourite on the landings.
Sugar intensifies the burn.
You did this to me.
And this.
Is that what you do? Take it out on others when you can't face the truth? Take it out on young women when they fail to see your I can't walk down the bloody road! You're not the victim! I'm not the Oh no.
Remind me.
Who is the victim? Ellie Clayton is the victim.
The innocent girl Alright, Ken! I didn't strangle her.
She was the most What did you say? I said she was What did you say?! Outside.
Go on.
RON: Anything? Maybe.
Becca's just left and there's Ellie outside the theatre.
She pauses just slightly just before she crosses the road.
Now, keep your eye on the road surface.
Someone flashes their lights to call her.
She crosses the road towards them but it's not Pierce's car because two minutes later his car appears from the other direction.
Ellie did know whoever picked her up but it wasn't Owen Pierce.
He may have followed her.
Her and whoever she was with.
If Pierce was obsessed with Ellie, seeing her with someone might have triggered what happened in the park.
Becca Smith.
I don't want to get anyone into trouble but If he didn't do it Who, Becca? Owen.
If he didn't kill Ellie I mean, I know what they said in court but, they wouldn't him go if they thought he did it.
Just take your time.
Tell us exactly what you came here to say.
Ellie did sort of have a boyfriend.
Yeah, we know.
Tyler Judd.
When he was with Ellie, he turned up outside school one day and offered me a lift.
I got in but instead of taking me home he drove to the park.
Is that Eastvale Valley Park? He made me get out and we walked past the sculpture.
He said he wanted to have sex with me.
I said no, no way but I tried to turn away and he wouldn't let me.
He got me on the ground and got on top of me.
Did he rape you? I pulled my skirt up and .
made sure he knew he could if he wanted to.
And then (SIGHS) He just .
got up and walked away laughing.
He just left me there like that.
Why didn't you tell us three months ago? You got Owen so quickly and I thought I thought if Ellie's dad found out about Tyler It's not as if they were serious.
I mean She wasn't anyway.
Why make it worse for him? So, Ellie ended the relationship.
Do you know why? She never said.
Do you think it's because he was violent towards her? I don't know but I never told her what he did to me.
Even though she was your best friend? Tyler warned me not to and he still hung around, outside school, at the theatre, always trying to get us in the car.
I was scared of him.
I still am.
(RINGS BUZZER) (GATES CLANK OPEN) ALAN: Daniel, we won't give in.
I promise.
Don't promise anything.
You did that once before, remember? It turned out to be as hollow as an apology would be so please don't.
Let me at least try Where is he now? Back home I suppose? Back to his old life like nothing's happened.
While I sit here, Ellie dead and my marriage being torn apart.
You let me worry about Pierce.
Daniel, look at me.
Can we have a word outside, please? You've taken more time off work.
(SIGHS) I'm pretty much surplus to requirements these days.
But you own half the company.
Not quite.
Not any more.
We planned to give our daughters shares on their 18th birthday.
Me and Simon.
But Lauren's older which means that for some time now on any decision of any import, I can be and have been outvoted.
So you're feeling squeezed out? Honestly, I just don't care any more.
The only thing that bothers me is what Ellie would think about me giving up without a fight.
And you talked to Ellie about problems in the company? Yeah.
And Sophie, too.
My memories of Ellie are all I have right now and they're mine and I'd rather not talk about it any more.
Frankly, I find it quite insulting you feel you've got time for this today.
I'm sorry, Daniel.
How is he? Let's just say I'm glad there's someone here to keep an eye on him.
It's not a social visit.
I've come to pick up a few things of Sophie's.
She's staying with us at the moment.
I tried last night but the timing wasn't great.
Yes, he said you'd had some problems at work.
Tell me, how would you describe Daniel and Ellie's relationship? Close, very close.
Yeah, but not .
unusually so? I'm not qualified to say.
But I can tell you I was jealous of it.
Yeah, we have daughters.
Had daughters of similar age.
(SIGHS) If only they'd been identical ages things would have been a lot easier.
All Lauren ever says to me is, "Dad, can I have this, can I have that?" Whereas Dan and Ellie .
it was a partnership.
They were like a real couple.
You will get him, won't you? Pierce.
We're keeping an open mind.
(CAR BEEPS) HELEN: We know you gave Ellie a lift the night she died.
Do ya? Yeah.
We've got footage of you flashing lights at her opposite the theatre and approaching the park with her in the passenger seat.
What's the matter? I thought you liked being in cars with women.
No, he prefers being in the driving seat.
Will you stop that, please? I wonder who you've been talking to.
So you drove Ellie to the park, then what? Best thing that ever happened to Becca, this.
Before she was only ever going to be Ellie Clayton's ugly mate.
If you've got CCTV then why are we doing this is a pub car park? We're giving you the chance to explain yourself.
Feel free to deny it again but consider how it might look in court.
(SCOFFS) I'll take my chances in court with you lot.
(LAUGHS) Eat shit.
Alright, so we drove to the park.
So what? You didn't think to mention it under questioning? I was in a stolen car and under probation! Why admit it when you'd already arrested that nonce? Why the park? Cos that's where she asked to go! I dropped her and left, that's it! Why did she stop seeing you, Tyler? Tell you what.
Get a medium and we'll ask her.
I'm asking you because I think you know a lot more than you're saying.
So arrest me.
But best be sure this time 'ey? Do you have the clothes you were wearing that night? Binned them ages ago.
Why would you do that? Cos I'm a fashion icon.
Have to move with the times, don't ya? (CHEWS NOISILY) We done or what? Yeah.
Off you go.
And you lot wonder why I hate pubs.
A search warrant? Tyler lied to us three months ago and he's lying again.
The press are watching our every move do we want to alert them to a new suspect? If we tracked down the clothes he was wearing we could rule him out.
It occurred to me last night if Pierce was obsessed with Ellie and Maddy before her, why assume it started there? I want to go further back.
I want to be able to write Pierce's biography by the end of the day.
Boss DCI Banks.
It's good to see you, Maddy.
Right, well, I've only made a cursory examination so far but everything is all but identical to the Ellie Clayton scene down to the finest detail.
It's almost theatrical, like some kind of sacrifice.
The same killer, or killers, no question.
The bad news is we're going to have to wait a while for the exact time of death.
Overnight temperatures have accelerated certain processes.
However, the good news There is no good news! The potentially useful news is we found a hair under one of her nails.
Is it at the lab? Yeah, it's on its way.
You're quiet today.
I'm justnervous.
(LAUGHTER AND CONVERSATION IN BACKGROUND) I'd have invited you to my place only it's been broken into unfortunately.
I'm sorry.
I wouldn't have minded coming back to yours though.
One step at a time, Owen.
Of course.
Yes, of course.
Your letters I can't put into words what They saved my life, I think.
Well, I always looked forward to your replies.
You know I've been thinking about the future .
and I'm going to make it up to you.
When we're together, properly I am because I'm different now.
Everything is so different I know.
I know it is.
I've been thinking about the future, too.
When do you think we'll be able? Oh soon.
Very soon.
And it will be worth the wait, Owen.
I promise.
HELEN: Did you say Ken was ill? Apparently, the boss sent him home after they went to Pierce's.
He's barely slept since the trial.
I don't think he's the only one.
Spot the difference.
Becca doesn't have a cut to the head.
And the bag.
In Ellie's it looks like it's been turned inside-out, ransacked, whereas Becca's looks like it's been dropped.
Have you heard from the lab? No, we were just (MOBILE RINGS) This is it.
DCI Banks.
Yes, what are the results? (SIRENS BLARING) (ENGINE REVS) (TYRES SQUEAL AND SCREECH) Owen! It's the police! You know why we're here.
Come on, it will be better if you open the door.
Open up now! (BANGING AND CRASHING) OFFICER: Clear! (OVERLAPPING TALKING AND ORDERS) Owen? Shh-shh-shh-shh! (WHIMPERING) (WHIMPERS AND MOANS) (CRACKS NECK) (SOBS PATHETICALLY) Where were you last night at approximately 9:30pm? At home.
Can anyone verify that? For the tape, please.
Do you know Becca Smith? I didn't kill her.
Do you know Becca Smith? In a former life I did.
When did you last see her? It doesn't really matter what I say.
Does it? That depends whether you can explain why several strands of your hair were under the fingernails of Becca Smith's dead body.
(DOOR CLOSES) (FOOTSTEPS APPROACH) Ken, what is it? You've rearrested Pierce.
We're in the middle of interviewing him.
Are you alright? When was Becca killed? You look bloody awful.
Erlast night.
When exactly? Post-mortem pending around 9:30.
You gonna tell me what this is about? He didn't do it, Pierce, he couldn't have because I was watching his house from seven last night right up until you arrested him.
What? I watched his every move for the past 24 hours.
He had a pizza delivered, took the rubbish out and went upstairs a few times but he never left the house all night.
I know you said everything by the book but I was so sure and I thought, "What if he does it again? "It will all be my fault" and I couldn't So if he didn't kill Becca He didn't kill Ellie, either.
(SIGHS) (PHONES RINGING IN BACKGROUND) Where is he now? I told Ken to stay at home for now.
Not Blackstone! I'll deal with him later.
Owen bloody Pierce! We put him in a taxi a few minutes ago.
It'll take more than paying his taxi fare.
Seen this, I expect? Maddy Phillips sold him out to the tabloids.
It's going to make matters even worse for Pierce.
We need the lawyers to start working on an apology of some sort before I reassure two sets of bereaved parents and national media that we are going to catch this killer.
Can you two reassure me? BOTH: Yes.
Of course.
Someone broke into Pierce's house to plant forensic evidence to make us think he killed Becca, therefore Ellie.
And do we think Tyler Judd is bright enough for that? He might not be clever but he's devious and he knows Becca talked to us about an incident that'd play badly for him in court if he's charged with Ellie.
Get a warrant and be discreet.
Ron, what Ken did was stupid and he accepts that but his actions came from an attempt to repair I said later, Alan! You do know your strength is also a weakness, don't you? You're so consumed to right wrongs, it clouds your judgement.
All I've got is my instinct.
What happens when that's wrong? I made a promise, Helen.
I know you did.
Not just to Daniel Clayton.
You're not God you know! Wh-What? Why do I let you talk to me like this? And you're not the only one with instincts by the way.
Nobody else talks to me like this.
It's because we're friends.
I haven't got many because in order to be friends with someone I have to know I can be honest and they will be with me no matter what.
So you should probably decide if you can cope with that.
Let's go and get Tyler Judd.
This is the last of Tyler's known addresses.
Anything that doesn't belong.
Every item of clothing comes with us, OK? Do you think he got wind of Pierce's release and went to ground? ALAN: Excuse me! Hello! Oi! Tyler! (DOGS BARKING IN BACKGROUND) (ALAN GRUNTS) (HELEN PANTS) Move it! (BABY WAILS) ALAN: Stay back, police! HELEN: Move away.
(GATE RATTLES) There's nowhere to go.
Don't! Give it up.
So, why did you run? The police chase you, you run.
Everyone knows that.
HELEN: Where were you last night between nine and ten? The pub.
And? (KNOCKING, DOOR OPENS) Boss (DOOR CLOSES) Found in Tyler Judd's house.
It belongs to Simon Harris.
Your lighter? It depends.
I'd suggest, given the context of your detention this is not the time to start lying about nicking a lighter.
Now where did you get it? OK, we'll tell you.
You stole it from Simon Harris.
"To Simon, Love Tess.
" And? The man who threw you out of the Claytons'? Where did you get it from? Focus your thoughts, Tyler.
You are currently our prime suspect for the murders of Ellie Clayton and Becca Smith.
Alright, whatever.
That dick went psycho, calling me out in front of Ellie like she was his daughter.
I'm not going to stand for that! So what did you do? Gave it a few weeks and took his car for a spin.
Picked Ellie up from school and made a day of it.
I might have stolen the lighter, I must have done but the other stuff Ellie kept.
What other stuff? The camera, I don't know! I don't know what she's done with it because that was the last time we After that it was just, I don't know.
It was different.
Next time she got in the car she wanted dropping at the park.
Why didn't Simon Harris say anything about his camera disappearing? Tyler Judd returned his car the same day.
Harris might not know his car was ever stolen.
Maybe he just thinks he lost his lighter, but a camera? You'd miss a camera.
Unless he knew Ellie stole the camera from his car.
Maybe Harris was protecting her like when he caught her with Tyler.
Maybe he didn't want to upset the dad.
He would have mentioned that to me when I called at his office.
He didn't hold back when he was describing Tyler Judd.
Maybe he didn't want anyone to know.
But why not? Because of what's on it.
Maybe it's incriminating.
If that's the case, surely Harris would destroy the camera and get rid of the evidence.
Assuming you know where it is.
We're assuming Ellie had the camera on her that night but it's more than three months, been over every inch of ground.
Yes, but not the sculpture.
It's a perfect hiding place.
(ALAN SIGHS) You alright? Yeah.
That would explain Ellie's cut scalp.
Hang on! (GRUNTS) Wait.
There's something back here.
Is it the camera? No, I'm not sure what it is.
It's a memory card from a camera.
That's Ellie.
She clearly didn't know she was being photographed.
But, who took them? Wait-wait-wait.
Can you make that section bigger? Yeah.
It's Simon Harris.
(MECHANICAL WHIRRING AND CLANKING) WOMAN: Mr Harris's office is just down there.
Mr Harris.
Is ereverything alright? Is it Tess? Your wife is fine, Mr Harris.
She's upset but fine.
We started searching your house an hour ago.
She hasn't been allowed to make calls.
You're going to explain Taken on your camera, we found the memory card hidden in the sculpture.
By Lauren I assume.
I don't think so.
Alright I I took some photographs I shouldn't have.
And yes, I'm ashamed.
But does Tess really need to know? I think it might come out when you admit to the murders.
Wh What?! Ellie was blackmailing you, wasn't she, with these pictures? What was it she wanted? To have Daniel made an equal partner again? Why did you kill her before she handed over the pictures? I think you were telling me the truth when you said you were jealous of Ellie and Daniel's relationship, but I think you lied about why.
You were jealous of Tyler, too because you wanted that kind of intimacy.
No! When Ellie found out that you were obsessed with her, you killed her.
No! Your wife gave us the clothing you were wearing the night Ellie Clayton was murdered.
We've got fibres from her nails.
We'll have a match in hours.
It's over, Mr Harris.
You're wrong.
Ellie thought the same as you about what I wanted from her.
But it wasn't about sex and I could have taken it if I was that kind of man.
She did try to blackmail me.
(SIGHS) She got it into her head that I was trying to force Dan out.
I told her, "The last thing I would do is anything ".
to hurt you.
" When I met her at the park she had this cut in her head and I tried to help her but she pulled away.
And that's when I told her.
I told her I loved her.
She laughed at me.
Then you killed her.
Not because, it was an accident.
No She kept turning away.
She wouldn't listen to me.
And there was no reason for her to be frightened but she just started running and I had to stop her.
I couldn't Open that.
I said open it.
Ellie's phone.
I look at her diary.
As if she's still here.
Her whole life is on there.
And you took it! And what about Becca? She was Ellie's friend.
She was more besides that! Even if you did kill Ellie, in what, a moment of madness, you still went out and killed another woman in cold blood solely to cover your tracks.
You knew the case against Owen Pierce was collapsing so you had to implicate him in another murder.
You killed Becca Smith and framed Owen.
That That was unfortunate.
Killing Becca wasn't unfortunate! It was callous, cowardly and completely indefensible and you will go down for it for a long, long time.
Dad? Stop! This is the last time we take these down, isn't it? BOTH: Yes! Can I have that in writing? Actually, you can.
Harris's statement is being processed and constitutes a full confession.
I want you to know that I've spoken to the relevant people about DC Blackstone's error of judgement concerning Mr Pierce.
And, we can expect an investigation of some sort.
However, since that error resulted in an innocent man being exonerated of murder we can also fairly safely assume there won't be any lasting damage.
Thank you, sir.
Thank you.
Glen Painter is downstairs.
He wants to talk to you.
Apparently it's urgent.
I'm worried about Maddy Phillips.
I can't get hold of her.
I know she was banking on all this to kick-start some kind of career.
Of course you encouraged her to be realistic.
I'm a journalist not a therapist! But I am here, aren't I? When did you last speak to her? Whenever I heard about Pierce, sometime yesterday.
I told her the story is dead because Pierce is innocent.
Then I tried again later just to check on her but nothing.
What if she's done something to herself? Come on.
Owen? Owen, I need you to listen to me, OK? Owen, we need you to let Maddy go now so that you and I can talk properly.
OK? I'm just going to take Maddy's hand Owen please, don't.
(MADDY WHIMPERS AND CRIES) Why not? Because it will make things a lot worse.
Who for? For me? My life will never, ever be the same again! But it doesn't have to be like that, Owen.
I thought if I could get Becca Smith to talk to the theatre on my behalf then Well, then they'd know the kind of person I really am.
And did you? Did you talk to her? I tried.
I realised it was pointless.
Owen Don't pretend you want to talk to me now! Don't pretend you've got the time to listen to me! I know exactly what you think of me! You made up your mind about me from the very first moment when we met.
No, Owen It wasn't about you.
(LAUGHS DISBELIEVINGLY) That's funny, that's exactly what she said.
That's exactly what you said.
That's a coincidence.
"It's not about you, Owen.
" That's what she said to justify using me.
That's why she needs to be taught a lesson.
She wrote me a letter every week for the first month.
And after that, every day.
She told me how she longed for us to be together.
(MADDY GROANS) Of course it was only when I actually read the newspapers I realised why she'd pushed me to make my replies so explicit.
All I really wanted was to curl up on the couch .
watch TV, have her close.
Only now she tells me it doesn't matter anyway.
Does it? It doesn't matter any more.
Nobody is interested in the story any more.
I don't think she's even sorry! But I am, Owen.
I allowed a personal fixation to cloud my judgement and pollute my instinct.
And for all of the consequences of that .
I am truly sorry.
But it can get worse .
if you have to live with taking a life.
You can't imagine what that's going to be like.
Owen, you're not a killer.
Owen, please! Please! Owen, don't! Don't do it! (MADDY WHIMPERS IN TERROR) Go! (MADDY SOBS IN TERROR) (BREATHES RAPIDLY) I spoke with the community psychiatric team.
Owen Pierce is going to need a lot of support.
Not nearly as much as he'd need if he'd used that knife.
We all need saving from ourselves, don't we? So, I'll drive tomorrow.
Yeah, we'll talk about that over several drinks.
(LAUGHTER AND CONVERSATION) (LAUGHS) Go on! I said you'd never set foot in here.
Fancy you getting something wrong, Ken! (ALAN LAUGHS) What can I get you? No, I'll get them.
I insist.
Does everything have to be a battle? Please let me get you a drink.
Not as your boss, as your friend.
Thank you.
I'll have a vodka and tonic.
No ice or lemon or any of that nonsense.