DCI Banks Aftermath s04e01 Episode Script

Wednesday's Child (1)

That's gorgeous, boss.
Trout? Sea bass.
So tell me about your new lady, Kenneth.
Owns a fruit shop.
Well, so long as you're getting your five-a-day It's lovely out here, boss.
Quiet place to think, Ken.
Cheeseburger with onions, please.
And one of those skewers with pitta bread for Michael.
- What? - You suit an apron.
Are you trying to do small talk, Helen? Would I? Ah.
The guest of honour.
Meet Isla Rose Cabbot! Aw, she's gorgeous! All right, Ken, you getting broody? She's got your ears, boss.
Get in the car, Kyle.
Come on.
Do what he says.
Get in the car.
Kyle? I'm fed up with it, Steven.
Yes, I cut the crusts off.
No, it's not crab paste.
Ben, the fruit does not come back today.
OK? Coming in at a quarter past 12:00 on a school night? I was just round at Ryan's.
You were drinking, son.
Grounded for a month.
She's wasting her time.
Steven Steven! You come back here right now! Feeling a bit worse for wear, boss? Just a touch.
Did you and Michael enjoy yourselves? Yes.
Where's Annie? Sorry I'm late.
Got held up at nursery.
Boss, we've got someone downstairs.
Interview room 1.
It's serious.
He's on his way.
- Morning, Sarge.
- Morning.
We cleared you a desk.
They've taken my son.
My little boy's gone.
They They came to my door and said that they were social workers and they were taking Kyle They've given me a number.
But it doesn't work.
It doesn't work.
Katy Kyle has left his phone at home, so I can't get a hold of him Katy! Just take your time.
Now, tell me what's been happening.
Your son.
How old is he? He's 11, but And the people who took him.
How many? There were two.
A man and a woman.
They showed me some ID, but I didn't see.
- It all happened so fast.
- But they gave you a number? Yeah, it's dead.
It's not a real number.
It doesn't work.
Are they I mean, do you think that Do you have the number, Katy? DS Cabbot.
There may still be fingerprints on here, Katy.
Annie, can you check the number for us? Did they say where they were taking Kyle? Or when they'd be bringing him back? No.
They just said that they were taking Kyle to a place of safety.
So they knew his name? - Yeah.
- Are you sure, Katy? They definitely mentioned Kyle by name? Yeah, yeah.
And me.
They knew my name.
The number's dead.
Look, please.
We need to get out there and find him please.
- Where is he? - We will, Katy.
But I need you to talk to me.
Now what time did they show up? Uh, it was about quarter to 11:00 last night.
I kept trying the number because I thought it would work at 9:00 this morning, when their office is open.
So Katy, this is DC Ken Blackstone.
He's gonna take you upstairs, somewhere a little bit more comfortable where you can make a full statement and give a complete description of the two people that took Kyle.
OK? Do you want to come with me, Katy? You're doing really well, Katy.
Thank you.
Social work have no record of Kyle or Katy Heath.
Neither do we.
At the best, it's some kind of administrative failure.
At worst, a child abuse ring.
Posing as social workers? It's high risk.
But if it is that and they knew Kyle's name, it was obviously planned.
Well, if it's a false alarm, we can always de-escalate.
But if not, we're looking at a Cat A enquiry of suspected child abduction.
Annie, what with your new circumstances, I'd understand if you didn't want to be thrown in at the deep end on this one.
DS Cabbot's not the first police officer in history to have a baby, you know.
DI Morton.
I need the duty officer at regional.
CAT A priority enquiry.
Suspected child abduction.
She right.
I'm fine.
I know I'm new to this motherhood thing, but if someone turned up at my door late at night, even if they were real social workers, and tried to take Isla away I'd be kicking and screaming the place down.
She just stood aside and let her son go? I'm getting bad dreams again.
You'll be OK? But I keep waking up and I I can't breathe.
It was never going to be easy.
But it's what brought us together.
We chose this, Chelsea.
I never forced you to do anything.
Did I ever force you to do anything you didn't want to do? No, you didn't.
But I'm just not sure it's right.
Do you trust me? Chelsea? Do you trust me? Yes.
So you're happy these are a good likeness? Yeah.
Just to reiterate, Katy, what age was the man? 40s.
And she was younger.
30s maybe? Annie get these circulated to the media.
What about Kyle's father? - We're not together.
- Does he see Kyle? One day a month.
We don't get on.
He never wanted Kyle and I tried to block access.
- On what basis? - He's a criminal.
- He's been in jail.
- What for? I don't know.
Fraud or something.
He's not a good role model for Kyle.
Right, we'll need a name and address.
Paul David Cain.
I'll action a TIE.
Katy, is there anyone you'd like us to call for you for support? I don't really have many friends.
And I don't mix with the neighbours, so What about, you know, a boyfriend? When you're on your own I don't want different men coming in and out of Kyle's life.
Sure, I understand.
- What about family? - No.
Aren't your parents around? I don't get on with them.
Never have.
Moving around all the time.
My dad was in the army.
A cook.
We were never in the same place for more than a year.
Weren't your family in the military, Helen? Oh, my father was in the RAF.
Ground crew.
I hated my childhood.
Couldn't get away from home quick enough.
I loved my childhood.
Sorry about the mess.
Just don't touch anything.
We'll need a picture of Kyle.
Um Maybe in his room? So, Katy, you open the door.
- Where was Kyle? - In his room.
- Is this him? - Yeah.
Oh, this is good.
He doesn't even like football.
Well, he does now.
In fact, he's a Leeds United fanatic.
He looks happy.
So you didn't take this? No, it must've been his dad, cos that's where he lives.
We're going to have to make a public appeal.
This kind of thing is invaluable.
So you opened the door.
Katy? Sorry.
They said they couldn't get in and I wouldn't let them.
And then the guy from across the road came back from work.
I don't know his name.
He lives at number 92.
And you let this man and woman in? Yeah, but the guy just shoved me inside and just shut the door.
- Who shut the door? - Um She did, I suppose.
- Did they touch anything else? - I don't know.
Once inside, what did they say? Serious allegations had been made and they were taking Kyle to a place of safety.
And then they took him away.
What did Kyle do? Well, he was upset.
He was shouting and screaming for me.
Please Please find him.
Stop back there.
All yours, Jack.
Fourteen hours missing and counting.
Paul Cain? Kyle's father? He's not at home.
We're trying his place of business.
Uh, he did two years in prison in the late '90s.
Financial fraud.
And 11 months ago, petitioned the family court for increased access to his son.
He was refused.
Wouldn't be the first time an angry father's tried to snatch his kid.
Turning to worst-case scenario.
- Helen - Yeah.
Liz, child protection register, region wide.
Known paedophiles.
Get them traced and interviewed.
Andy, through the records.
Anything with a similar MO, child abductors posing as social workers, anywhere.
And I mean Europe wide.
And, Ken, door-to-door around the estates.
Detailed timeline of Kyle's movements over the last 48 hours.
And, um, Annie? Kyle's school, teachers, classmates.
I want a complete picture of this boy's life.
Routines, phone and social network activity.
Kyle was targeted.
They stalked him, reccied him.
He had some kind of contact with them.
Media Services, boss.
They've called the press conference for 12:50.
Can you get Katy ready? There's a link between Kyle Heath and his abductors.
Let's find it.
I've just heard myself.
One of the parents phoned.
I'll call an assembly.
Tell the children.
Have you noticed any changes in Kyle recently? Changes in behaviour? Routines? Anything to give you cause for alarm? I'm management these days.
I don't really have direct contact with the pupils.
Please God, Kyle's OK.
Can you get me parents' permission to interview his friends and classmates? This is Kyle's class teacher, Mr Forbes.
Joseph DS Cabbot.
Kyle? Mmm, that's a pretty good likeness.
Maybe a bit heavier He didn't look like a social worker to me.
More like a nightclub bouncer.
And the woman? Sorry.
I didn't see her.
She had her back to me all the time.
Katy Heath? Do you know her? No, this side of the street and hers, very different worlds.
We're in the good catchment area here.
That estate's a shithole.
Junkies everywhere these days.
So you were there at the garden gate when you saw them? Yep.
They talked to her for a bit, then went inside.
She invited them in? - I suppose so.
- The man didn't push her? I didn't see that.
- What time was this? - 10:45.
Very precise on that.
I work shifts at the freight terminal.
Home at quarter to 11:00 every evening.
Like clockwork.
And later? Did you see them leaving with Kyle? No.
Did you hear Kyle shouting or screaming? No.
Mrs Harris? Is there something else, Mrs Harris? I don't know I mean, it is terrible what's happened but I'm not surprised.
That boy runs wild.
The mother works nights at that pub in town, Bojangles.
They don't seem to have a babysitter.
The boy's out all hours.
I've seen him come home at 1:00, 2:00 in the morning sometimes.
It's no way to bring a kid up.
Is it OK if I go? I'm helping with the search.
I wouldn't say Kyle's a loner.
Just Disengaged.
So I don't really know much about him.
Have you met his mother? That's the trouble with parents evenings.
The ones that come are never the ones you need to see.
Why did you need to see Kyle's mum? Kyle's intelligent.
Really bright.
I've not been teaching that long, but this kid? He's really clever.
But The truth is he's also an aggressive, disruptive little shit.
OK, thank you.
Bojangles staff rota.
Katy works five nights a week.
6:00 till midnight.
Not what she told us in her statement.
Yeah, well, she also said the man pushed her inside.
But according to him, she just let them in.
So our only witness sees these social workers arrive, but doesn't actually see them leave with Kyle? And our one and only witness arrives at 10:45 every night like clockwork.
Think it was staged? There's a lot of questions here, Helen.
Is Kyle still inside that house? Was he really abducted? Is Katy hiding something? Covering something up? I want you to stay close to her.
Family Liaison.
She's hooked onto you.
Seems to want to bond with you.
We've got a dedicated team of Family Liaison Officers I don't want a dedicated FLO.
I want an investigating officer, you, close to a suspect, Katy Heath.
Katy, I need you to help me understand.
You let these people take Kyle No.
I was shouting and screaming, and the woman held me back, and I was tired They confused me.
Oh, God I should've stood up to them.
I was weak and stupid.
But I thought You thought what? Kyle's dad He's made up some story about me being a bad mother and grassed me to the social.
I mean, he hates me.
It's not even about him getting more access to Kyle.
It's about him getting at me.
Maybe he got these people to take Kyle? He's got the money, you know, although I never see it, even though I'm bringing up his son.
I mean, he owes me.
What he gives me is pittance and Maybe Kyle's father is behind this.
Have you thought of that? We're looking at all possibilities.
I hope he is.
It means that Kyle's still alive.
Could you two leave the house please, Katy? We need to do a full search.
Family Liaison Officer means that I'm your point of contact.
All information comes to you via me.
And anything else you can think of that might help us, you approach me first.
OK? It's lovely out here, isn't it? Hmm.
It's also important that we control the flow of information.
So please, please, don't speak to anyone about I don't have anyone to speak to.
Except you.
Have you got kids? Four boys.
The oldest is 15.
So you're a mother too.
But you think I'm involved in A full house search is routine.
We just have to rule out certain I'm Kyle's mum, I love my son.
Do you really think I'd, what I'd kill him? No.
Do you want another drink? No, thanks.
Bloody hell! Turn that up, please.
Turn it up! Oh, his son! maybe if Kyle had stayed with me instead of his mother, - none of this would have happened.
- Bastard! Did you hear that? He walked out on me.
He walked out on me as soon as I got pregnant! You bastard! All I'm saying is a boy needs a responsible father in his life.
- Alan.
- I know Helen.
I'm there, thanks.
And now I just want to find my son.
- Do you think Kyle is alive? - Of course he's still alive.
I have to believe he's still alive and I need you people to help me find him.
Now please, I need to see Kyle's mother.
Katy's not here.
You can talk to me instead, Mr Cain.
Sir? They've found something.
Kyle's dad.
Bring him in without any fuss.
Mr Cain, DC Blackstone.
If you'd like to follow me, please? Heroin.
Thank you for coming.
I think Steven should explain why I've asked you here.
What? Your son has been playing bookmaker to his fellow pupils.
And, as we know, the bookie always wins.
So other parents have been complaining.
Steven's been making quite a tidy profit at the expense of his fellow students.
I'm a credit to your maths department.
- Right, that's enough.
- Watch your tone, please.
One more incident like this and I'll have to exclude your son.
I'm sorry.
I can assure you that that won't happen again.
Right, three months grounded.
I'm going to have to leave.
I'll see you at home.
I'm sorry.
Half a kilo of heroin? Bummer.
Bummer? Well, arresting her'd be counter-productive Katy Heath has broken the law.
If she is involved in Kyle's abduction, we can use this to break her.
Katy Heath's not going anywhere.
We've got a big break here.
If she's involved with drugs, maybe that's why Kyle was abducted.
Kidnap and ransom? Helen, Annie's right.
Finding Kyle trumps everything.
- Well, of course - We're not going to arrest Katy yet.
But I need you to find out her explanation for where that heroin came from? Paul Cain's downstairs.
I'll deal with him.
Kyle's school? Anything? Kyle's class teacher, Joseph Forbes.
Described Kyle as "a disruptive little shit", un-quote.
I'm running a full background on him.
He's in his late 20s? Our male suspect is in his 40s.
Yeah, but at the same time, if we're dealing with a paedophile ring, who better to identify vulnerable targets than a school teacher? Katy? I look fat.
I need a word.
I don't know anything about drugs.
Sooner or later, you're looking at a serious drugs charge.
Possession with intent to supply £25,000 worth of heroin It's nothing to do with me.
Does it belong to the people who took Kyle? What people? I don't know Katy! Half a kilo of heroin under your floorboards? There's only you and Kyle in the house.
No friends, no family, no boyfriends.
Who else has been in this house? What else am I supposed to do? I need I'm on my own.
Who else has been in this house? Men.
You told me you didn't have any boyfriends.
I meant no-one regular.
I'll need a list.
Names, numbers.
Are you sure about that? One minute.
Anything? Well, no-one's seen Kyle since school finished on Friday.
Apparently, Kyle was always hanging around with the older boys.
I didn't get any names.
"He's secretive, he's funny, he's a bully.
"He's really brainy, scary, always has a lot of money.
" There's one lad here, his name's Kevin.
I think he knows something, but he's not letting on.
Kevin, it's really important that you tell me everything you know.
But don't worry, you're not in any trouble.
Go on, Kevin.
On Saturday night, coming home from my Auntie Ann's and it was 12:00 at night.
And we stopped at traffic lights and I saw Kyle Heath in Pleasuredrome.
You sure about this, Kevin? It's very important and DS Cabbot is a very busy woman.
Are you sure it was Kyle you saw? Yeah.
In Pleasuredrome.
I was in Birmingham.
I had a meeting at my hotel yesterday.
Lots of witnesses.
I was busy all morning, and then I heard it on the news.
So I cancelled my meetings and I drove straight back.
You moved back to the area a couple of years ago.
Why? My father retired.
I came back to run the family business.
Do you have anything? Do you have any kind of leads? You recently applied to the family court for more access to your son.
Which she blocked.
I walked when Katy got pregnant.
But it was her, not Kyle, I rejected.
And she has never forgiven me for that.
The thing about Katy is When she was young, she was gorgeous.
She was cool and she was quirky.
You know, like a star in her own little world.
And she thought because she was gorgeous and cool, she would always land on her feet and she would never have to worry about the boring stuff like money or where to live.
Or kids.
Some rich bloke, me for example, would take care of all that.
And all I want is a proper relationship with Kyle.
I get one day in every month and even then he can't stay over.
That's extortion, isn't it? Now Katy says she would happily grant me more access if I come up with more child maintenance.
But if I gave her more money, she'd just spend it on herself.
And she's using Kyle to get back at me.
It's not fair on the boy.
He needs a dad.
He needs a role model.
He needs me.
Two years in Hawksworth Prison for financial fraud.
Well, that's got to harden you up.
That's the sort of place where you'd meet people who might be willing, for a price, to kidnap a child.
I've got a business.
I've got employees who depend upon me, who've been working for my family for years.
Do I look that stupid? I tell you this, Kyle would never have been taken from under my nose like that.
I think Katy's involved.
Have you thought about that? She gets all the attention, she sells her story to the newspapers We're looking at all possibilities.
But can I go now, please? I need to search for Kyle.
I need to do something.
Excuse me.
Did you see this boy in here on Saturday night? Around midnight? Don't even think about lying.
He's in here quite a lot.
Spends a lot of money on that one.
- A lot of money.
- What's a lot? 40, 50 quid a night.
Several nights a week.
Have you ever seen him in here with anyone? Adults? A couple, maybe? Not a couple, no, but Saturday night there was a guy with him.
Talked to him for ages.
OK, so what'd this guy look like? I didn't take too much notice.
Could it have been him? Don't know.
Is there anything else you can help me with here? The man went and got cash out.
Over there.
Katy Heath.
Another lie.
- About? - Boyfriends.
Turns out she's had quite a few.
Six men have stayed in that house in the last year.
TIEs on all of them.
Any history of crimes against children or drugs convictions - You might not want to bother.
- Why not? We pulled one set of prints from the cellophane used to wrap the drugs.
Not Katy Heath's.
But they do match a set we found all over Katy's house.
The only set on Kyle's Xbox controller, his computer keyboard, his TV remote.
What? So the heroin's Kyle's? Career ladder for a drugs dealer.
You start at street level as a runner.
Get the order from the salesman, pick it up from whoever's holding, deliver it to the customer.
Over in Manchester, I saw kids as young as nine.
The Drugs Squad have picked up a few kids who are runners on the Elthorpe Estate, but they're hitting a brick wall.
Can't get the name out of who's behind them.
Boss Pleasuredrome.
An amusement arcade on Rotherham St.
Kyle's got a gambling habit.
Blowing 40, 50 quid a night.
Where's he getting that kind of money? There's only Kyle's prints on the drugs stash.
So he's selling heroin, and then he's hiding it at home for someone.
What, his mother doesn't know? But I can place him at the Pleasuredrome between 11:30 and midnight, Saturday, in the company of a man.
I couldn't get a positive on our E-FIT but He used the ATM at the amusement arcade.
Males who used that machine between 11:30 and 12:00 on Saturday night.
Maybe we're asking the wrong questions here.
Not where is Kyle Heath, but who is Kyle Heath? What are we doing here, Jimmy? You didn't say we were coming here.
Lot of things I haven't told you, son.
I don't understand.
He's just a little boy.
How can he be Katy, this is all about finding Kyle.
We need to know where he got those drugs from.
I don't know.
How would I know? You must have some idea.
Do know what your sons are up to all the time? I don't know anything.
Kyle's out most nights, isn't he, till all hours.
No, he isn't.
You work nights.
You don't have a babysitter.
Here's what we know about Kyle.
He's involved in heroin.
- He's got a £50 a night gambling habit.
- What? Your 11 -year-old son gambles.
For God's sake.
I don't know what to do, OK.
I can't cope with him on my own.
I was drunk when they took him away.
I was drinking all night because I worry about him and he won't talk to me any more and I was all over the place.
Kyle doesn't have a father and I can't do this on my own.
But I don't deserve this and I'm getting fed up with you judging me.
- I'm not judging you.
- You think that I deserve this.
You think I'm lazy and stupid and deserve to have my son taken and murdered.
You're changing the subject.
What's going on? Where's Kyle? Where did those drugs come from? I don't know.
I don't know anything about him, but if he's involved in drugs then they will kill him.
And he could be dead.
What's wrong? Nothing.
Annie? Four names.
Four men who made withdrawals from the ATM at the Pleasuredrome on Saturday night.
Bloody hell.
Mark Campbell.
Head teacher at Kyle's school.
I've got him at the Pleasuredrome with Kyle on Saturday night.
Knows the boy, knows his background.
This could be our man.
All right, organise an arrest team.
Assigning me to the school? Taking me off the front line? Good call, boss.
I want you to pick up Mr Campbell discreetly, all right? I don't want that lot over there crucifying the man before we've eyeballed him.
No showboating, OK.
Get this over to Katy, see what she says.
I'm really not sure that I'm the sort of person that Katy's going to form a bond with after Make yourself the sort of person she can bond with.
If you want to question my judgement or have issues with your assignment, talk to me in private, please.
You assigned me to the school to protect me.
I don't need protecting.
It's not fair on me.
Or the others.
- You're overreacting - Oh, come on.
Any other woman coming back from maternity leave and you wouldn't bat an eyelid.
Why treat me differently? Why protect me? Banks.
Where? I'm on my way.
They've found a body.
I don't know.
I can't say.
It could be, but I don't know.
It's fine.
Look, I'm sorry if I was rude to you earlier.
It's OK.
We're all struggling, aren't we? It's not easy, is it? Bringing up boys.
My eldest, Steven They're threatening to exclude him from school.
What's this? What's what? My little boy's missing.
God knows where he is and you're moaning What is this? Share a little confidence with me so you can get close to me and win my trust? You're still investigating me, aren't you? You just won't stop.
This is out of order! I'm the victim here! Who's side are you on? Kyle's.
Something's happening.
unconfirmed reports and we haven't yet received any official comment from police.
But rumours are circulating here that a body has been found somewhere close by.
- Oh, God.
- We think up on Felton Moor which is about six miles from the spot where Is it true? Mark Campbell? DC Blackstone.
We met the other day at the school.
We need you to come with us to the station.
We've got a few more questions we need to ask you.
- Is this about Kyle? - Yes.
You can leave your vehicle, it's fine there.
No news.
believe the body may have been found but this is unconfirmed at this stage.
- It's not Kyle.
- Oh, thank God.
Right, new day.
The boy found yesterday has been formally identified as eleven year old Andre Petri.
First reported missing two weeks ago.
It never came to us.
Early findings suggest he's been dead and buried for 10 days.
No cause of death as yet.
So Andre Petri, Kyle Heath? Any links? Ken? Different schools, but they both lived on the Elthorpe Estate and they're pretty much the same age.
I want you to do the heavy lifting on the Andre Petri inquiry.
Kyle Heath.
Now, putting aside that his mother, Katy, might somehow involved in his abduction, we're looking at two lines of inquiry.
One, sexual abuse.
Downstairs we're already holding Kyle's head teacher, Mark Campbell.
Is this a link to some kind of paedophile ring? Two, Kyle Heath stashed half a kilo of heroin under the floorboards of his living room.
The only fingerprints on that stash were Kyle Heath's, an 11 -year-old boy.
Come on, whoever's really running the heroin trade on the Elthorpe Estate has got to be the prime suspect for all of this.
So we need to be all over those streets.
We step up the house-to-houses.
Anyone and everyone with any sort of drug-related form, trace them and question them.
Now we know what we're looking for.
Let's get out and find it.
You'll need me in on the Mark Campbell interview.
You wanted a front line assignment.
I know.
And thanks.
But I brought Mark Campbell in and you've haven't had time to go through his background.
I have.
And if we can nail him - I could take the Andre Petri case.
- What? Can you just stick with Katy? Can you both just do what I asked you? I haven't got time for anything else.
Hanging about an 11 -year-old pupil, drawing cash for them from an amusement arcade around midnight? I didn't take Kyle.
His mother would have recognised me.
- She never went to the school.
- Kyle would have recognised me.
Maybe he went voluntarily after you'd groomed him.
Sunday night.
I took my rubbish out My neighbour saw me.
I can get you her name We're already checking that.
We're checking out every bit of your life, Mr Campbell.
Do you know these two people? No.
Why would I? Well, who better to point out vulnerable, easily abductable children than a head teacher? Wait, stop.
Kyle Heath is anything but vulnerable.
He's too streetwise for his own good.
He's disruptive at school.
His class teacher can't handle him.
I was only trying to help him.
He was out after midnight on his own, for God's sake.
I was trying to get him to go home.
And that was the last I saw him.
He won the jackpot, got his money and got a minicab home.
That's it.
That's That's all I know.
You lied to me yesterday.
I asked if there was anything about Kyle to give you cause for alarm.
You said, "I don't know him.
" I don't know him.
I wasn't stalking him.
I wasn't following him.
But there a reason that you were at the Pleasuredrome on Saturday night, wasn't there? You're often down that way.
Late at night.
I've spoken to the girls who work that street.
In detail.
About you.
Some pretty odd kinks you've got, Mr Campbell.
Please If my If my ex-wife finds out, she'll She'll use it to stop my access to my kids If I was your ex-wife, knowing what I know, I wouldn't let you near my kids.
Right, what I do hurts nobody, it isn't illegal.
Doesn't make me a bad parent.
Andre? DS Cabbot.
- Are you Mrs Petri? - Petri.
English? Do you speak English, Mrs Petri? English? Angela! I'm his sister.
You've found Andre? No! I mean, yes.
What do you mean? What are you saying? You've found him? What is it? What's wrong? Most of the damage is decomposition.
The usual cuts and scratches you're likely to see on a lad of his age.
But otherwise, no obvious signs of physical violence.
Any signs of sexual violence? No.
So what do you think? At the moment, all I can give you is a cause of death from toxicology.
This little boy died from a massive overdose of heroin.
Andre Petri was missing for two weeks.
Where was the press? Where was the coverage? He doesn't fit the profile, does he? Foreign.
Immigrant family.
- Where were we when - I don't know, Annie.
I've said his case wasn't assigned to us.
But it is now and now we have a dead child as well as a missing one.
Oh, you want more good news? Mark Campbell's alibi checks out.
All right, he's not the world's most wholesome head teacher, but it's not illegal.
Which leaves us with Andre Petri.
Died of heroin, Kyle Heath has a heroin stash.
Ken? Crime mapping.
Takes everything on the database and flags it up on a map location.
One year ago, the Elthorpe Estate is flooded with heroin.
But taking in intelligence evaluations, there's been a heroin drought on the estate for the last two weeks.
Two weeks.
Around the time Andre Petri overdosed and died.
And they buried him.
They're decontaminating.
They're closing down the operation.
- I'm sorry to interrupt.
- Helen.
I've got to show you this.
Katy and Paul Cain? - But I thought that - Yeah, me too.
No, she's all over him.
Not together! Look, they're kissing.
She's dressed up, she's made up.
- Clearly trying to seduce him.
- Why? I don't know, but I'm going to find out.
- Gossip.
- Sorry? The overwhelming probability here is drugs.
Someone buried Andre Petri because he died of a heroin overdose.
That someone is holding or has killed Kyle.
Can you stay on Katy? Thanks, Helen.
Thanks, boss.
Gossip? It's a legitimate line of enquiry and in case you hadn't noticed, we're getting desperate here.
Did Andre have money? More money than he should have? Yes.
He was getting money from somewhere.
The missing boy, Kyle Heath? He lives on your estate.
Did you ever see Andre with him? No.
I'm sorry.
Is there anything else you can think of, Angela? Anything about Andre's behaviour, his habits? I don't know.
He changed.
The money.
Even though he was buying presents for us, he got arrogant It wasn't right, the way he was behaving.
- Coming home in taxis and - Taxis? Yes.
Those minicabs.
They're all over the estate.
Kyle gets a minicab from Pleasuredrome.
Andre's been using minicabs.
- It's another connection.
But - It's a cash-based business.
Part of the fabric of the community.
You launder the money as you sell the product.
Eleven-year-olds with cash for taxis.
Pleasuredrome! Elthorpe Cabs! The minicab firm started just over a year ago when the estate was flooded with heroin.
Six partners, four ex-cons.
Three with previous drugs convictions.
Let's go.
Go! Go, get in there! Police! - Go upstairs.
- Hey, nobody move! - Police! - Police! - Police! - Stay where you are! OK, fellas, stay exactly where you are.
We're gonna search the premises.
I'll need proof of ID and we'll want to interview all of you.
Steven's skipped school? He's about to be excluded I'm sorry, Michael, there's nothing I can do.
I'm in the middle of an investigation.
Yeah, no, I understand.
Katy, how are you feeling? It's hard to say really I'm just desperate to get Kyle back.
I just want to say to the people holding Kyle, please don't hurt him.
Just bring him home.
I'm a mother, and there is a special connection between a mother and her son and I I know that Kyle is still alive and I know that he's still out there.
I miss my little boy.
Please Please come home, Kyle.
We love you.
We both love you.
I just want to reiterate what Katy's saying.
Katy and I We are working on our problems and we may not be together, but we're still a family and I just want to see my son again.
And you know what? I would give it all up, every penny I've got, just to get Kyle back.
Please bring him back.
No price is too high.
Please, I would pay anything.
That's all I've got to say.
I'm sorry.
I just want to find my son.
That was foolish.
Broadcasting how wealthy you are.
- You should've cleared that with us.
- Why? Because it sounded like you were offering Kyle's abductors a ransom.
I'm sorry.
I That is not what I meant.
- I didn't realise - No.
You're not that stupid.
It was Katy's idea.
She came to see me earlier.
How could I say no? Kyle is my child She's desperate.
We are both desperate.
So now you trust Katy? You told me you didn't want anything to do with Paul Cain.
- You said you hated him.
- It's not what you think.
So what is it, Katy? I love him.
More lies, Katy.
You love his money.
And I think you're using Kyle to get your hands on it.
I wouldn't expect you to understand, cos I don't think you've ever loved anyone in your life.
Like really, properly, loved anyone.
That's never happened to you, has it? I look at you and I can tell.
No passions.
No highs, no lows.
You're so Flat.
How can you be like that? Hello? Speaking.
Yeah, he's my son.
I'm going to have to call you back.
I'm here if you want to talk, Helen.
What's wrong? We're friends, aren't we? I thought we bonded.
- Where's Kyle? - I have done nothing wrong.
I know I've done nothing wrong.
And you know I have done nothing wrong.
So piss off.
Andre used to come in here too.
Kids on their own late at night.
Easy to groom for the drugs trade.
No drugs up there.
But I pulled copies of all the drivers' photographic IDs.
This guy's not been in since last week and no-one knows where he is.
But Our man or what? - OK - James Chivers.
Minicab driver passing himself off as social worker.
I want to know everything there is to know about this man.
Jimmy, this is not right.
Did you see him looking at them? Jimmy, if he's not on side, we can't move around.
We can't get out of here.
I know.
I'll get him on side.
How much would Cain pay? I don't know, Chelsea.
But what I do know is we've got to move.
James Chivers.
Prison record as long as your arm.
- Amy crimes against children? - Nope.
But past involvement with drugs crews down in Bristol.
First offence when he was 10.
Most of his teens in Borstal, 13 of the last 25 years behind bars.
Single mother, absent father.
Just like Kyle and Andre.
But five years ago, after Chivers' last stretch, it all stopped.
Not one conviction since.
Seems like a reformed character, but the whole time, he's setting up his heroin supply network.
He's using kids as runners.
Armed police! - All clear! - Armed police! - Kitchen clear! - Armed police! - Stairwell, clear! - Armed police! Armed police! Bedroom clear! Boss.
I want to action surveillance on Paul Cain.
Surveillance? We don't There is no evidence that Paul Cain's I think he's the victim.
Kidnap and ransom.
And I think Katy Heath's involved.
She's nudging Cain to offer money to Kyle's abductors.
Why do you think we're here, Helen? Elthorpe Cabs, James Chivers.
That's our man.
If Katy was really involved, why would she give us such an accurate description of Chivers? Alan, if I'm right, Cain leads us straight to Kyle.
You can't ignore me on this.
Chivers' house, it's empty.
And the whole place has been cleaned.
Action the surveillance.
DI Morton.
I need you to access Paul Cain's bank accounts.
We should be focusing on Chivers.
If Katy's hidden Kyle to claim ransom money, then he's still alive.
But if Kyle's just some pawn in a drugs war, there's every chance he's dead.
Which would you prefer? You're under enough pressure, Alan.
Don't pile more on yourself.
I've missed you.
Boss, you've gotta see this.
James Chivers seems to spend a lot of time online on a website called ElthorpeRF.
Stands for Elthorpe Residents Forum.
Supposed to be a community resource but most people just go on to rant and complain, even flirt with each other.
And James Chivers, known as Jimmy99 is on there two, three times a day.
Lots of intimate, intense, one-to-one chats, several online relationships, even arranging to meet some of these people.
I've hardly had the chance to scratch the surface of all this lot, but I did trace the IP addresses of his online friends and one name stands out.
Lots of chats on a regular, daily basis.
Lots of flirting too.
Little Miss Kitty.
Katy Heath.
You all right, Kyle? My mum, she told me that my dad doesn't care about me.
But he does.
Your mum I know her better than she knows herself.
You understand? And she's She's weak.
And she's confused.
And she's greedy.
- I just want - I know, Kyle! I know what you want.
You wanna see your dad.
Well, I'll take you to see him.
I'll take you to see your dad.
Helen Morton.
I understand.
I'll be there as soon as I can.
Oh, you've spoken to my husband.
Thanks for calling.
No, I'll deal with it.
As discreet and low-key as you can, it's time to bring Katy Heath in for a formal interview.
On what basis? You've got this all wrong, love.
Get in the car.
Helen, I told you quite clearly.
- She doesn't deserve discreet.
- Deserve? - When do you get to decide? - This puts more pressure on her.
Katy Heath and James Chivers are in this together.
They're extorting money from Paul Cain.
If Jimmy Chivers was a drug dealer? Tens of thousands going through his operation? Why would he get involved in a stupid scam trying to extort money from a small businessman like Paul Cain? It doesn't make sense, does it? They're criminals, Annie.
Of course it doesn't make sense.
But Kyle's still missing, the clock's ticking and we've got one live suspect in custody.
Where's Kyle? I don't know.
This psycho is obsessing on me.
Victimising me.
I want to make a complaint.
How do I make a complaint? ElthorpeResidentsForum.
You're a regular, aren't you? Little Miss Kitty.
And you've got a friend there too, haven't you? Jimmy99.
That's private.
It's nothing to do with you.
Little Miss Kitty and Jimmy99.
We've got it all down here, your cosy little late night chats.
No wonder your son's acting up.
I bet he hates your guts.
Stay on the subject.
So you spilled your heart out to Jimmy99.
Intimate details.
"I need to be cherished, "sex is important to me.
" Sounds to me like you're coming onto him.
I bet you suffocate your boys with all your rules and routines and your happy family Famous Five shit.
Then you're complaining about Kyle.
"Kyle's a burden.
" Kyle "restricts your freedom.
" And then you're moaning about Kyle's father.
He's withholding money from you.
You even named him.
"Paul Cain.
" Where is my son? You're supposed to find Kyle.
This is Jimmy99.
James Chivers.
God! That's him.
That's the guy.
He took Kyle.
You mean you've never seen this man before in your life? Before he turned up at your door and you let him take Kyle? Where is he? Have you got him? You tell us.
You talked with this man Jimmy Chivers for two months.
You exchanged numbers.
- You arranged a meeting - No! We didn't meet.
He was creeping me out.
And you hatched a plot to extort money from Paul Cain.
I didn't meet this guy.
He was a weirdo, banging on about good and evil - and morals and saving us all.
- Saving who? I don't know.
The Estate, the world, the kids, me, Kyle.
I just wanted a chat with someone cos I get a bit lonely and all I got from this weirdo is a load of psychobabble.
Oh, God, you're right.
I did, I told him stuff.
I told him about Kyle, and he was He was using me to stalk Kyle? I know how you work, Katy.
When you're cornered, you either lie or you change the subject.
It's not going to work.
You even talked Paul Cain into making an offer on TV - to pay a ransom.
- That was Paul's idea.
Come on, Katy.
Where's Chivers? Where's Kyle? It'll be better for you if you tell us now.
If you care even just a little bit about your son I love Kyle! I love my son, and I care about him.
I know you think I'm a bad mother, but it is hard I can't control him and I am fed up of fighting with him.
I knew I know I should get him away from Paul Cain.
I know I should get Kyle away from him, - but - Why? You love Paul Cain.
I know.
But I shouldn't.
But you can't help it with him.
- He does that to people.
- Does what? I don't know.
He draws people to him.
Kyle? All Kyle talks about is his dad.
He's so desperate for a dad, and I can't give him that and you can't get away from Paul Cain on that estate.
His bloody ice cream van's going everywhere, - all hours of the day and - Stop.
We've got this the wrong way round.
Right, let's try this.
Instead of minicabs, read ice cream vans.
Instead of Jimmy Chivers, read Paul Cain.
Suppose the heroin Kyle was holding onto wasn't for Jimmy Chivers, it was for his dad, Paul Cain.
Yeah, it does fit.
Cain's business interests, tax and VAT returns.
When he takes over the family concern two years ago, it's running at a loss.
It's on its last legs.
Twelve months later, big spike in profits and the cash keeps rolling in.
Yeah, exactly.
Cain's the perfect target for extortion.
A drug dealer doesn't go to the police.
And who's better placed to identify him as the perfect target than Katy Heath? She's got motive and opportunity.
Katy Heath, why do you keep going back to Katy Heath? She doesn't know if it's New Year or New York.
There's no way she's capable of Stop undermining me! You won't replace me any quicker! Cain's pulling out cash.
Cain's making withdrawals from different bank accounts.
Tens of thousands.
Sounds like he's in a hurry.
Annie, Ken, follow Paul Cain, let's see if he leads us to Chivers and Kyle.
- We're on our way.
- Helen, my office.
You gonna tell me what's been going on? Nothing.
I'm fine.
It's not Annie's fault or Katy Heath's that your son's been arrested.
I saw it on the database.
Steven Morton.
Breaking and entering.
Boozy party at the old Holton factory.
What am I going to do? Yes.
This just came back from the Andre Petri crime scene.
Three sets of footprints.
Size six trainers.
The same size and make as Kyle was wearing.
Accompanied by a male and female.
Thanks, Brian.
So Andre Petri was buried there 10 days ago.
Kyle's been taken there after he was kidnapped, but before we discovered the body.
Why? If this is kidnap and ransom, why would Chivers break cover and take Kyle to see Andre's grave? I'm on Cain.
Eyes on subject.
Eyes on subject.
Leaving premises, heading north.
Subject one has entered a passage off Miller Street.
Is now on foot.
Repeat, he is now on foot.
I have eyes on him.
Has anyone else got eyes on him? Unit three.
Eyes on subject.
He's heading towards a tunnel that leads up towards Treadgold Street.
Copy that.
OK, I'm heading round there now.
Keep your eyes on him.
Subject has stopped in passageway.
He's on his phone.
Repeat, subject is on his phone.
We'll try to trace, over.
Suppose that we're right.
Paul Cain is the drug dealer, the perfect target, where does that leave us with Jimmy Chivers? That he is what he seems.
A reformed character.
Hardened criminal turned pillar of the community.
A minicab driver.
He knows this estate, but he's seen its darker side and it's got to him.
He wants to save the place.
What did Katy say? He's been banging on about good and evil and saving us all.
- Yes.
- What about the footprints? Well, they're Chivers'.
He takes Kyle to where Andre's buried.
To where Kyle knows that Andre is buried.
I'm just at the other end of the tunnel.
- I see him.
Eyes on subject.
- Unit two standing by, over.
I have a car on approach.
Driver and passenger.
Passenger looks like a child.
- This could be it.
- OK.
As soon as we see Kyle, we move.
Do not allow subject one contact with Kyle.
I'm standing by.
Unit two standing by.
He's off the phone.
We're on.
He's dropped the money.
Repeat, he has dropped the money.
Vehicle is approaching.
It's not Kyle.
Repeat, it's not Kyle.
With the proximity of the cab office to Pleasuredrome, Chivers could have picked Kyle up countless times.
Got to know the lad.
Formed a real bond.
Sees too many similarities to his own childhood, decides enough's enough, I've got to step in.
I think Jimmy's trying to rescue Kyle.
He's moving off, he's moving away.
I've lost visual with subject one.
Repeat, I've lost visual with subject one.
- I can't see him.
- Pick him up.
Pick him up, pick him up now.
Moving in.
He's not here.
Cain's not here.
No visual contact.
There's a way out.
There's another way out.
Does anyone have eyes on Cain? Does anybody have eyes on Cain? Negative.
It looks like it goes back up to North Street.
He's going to the car! Proceeding to Treadgold Street in case he doubles back, over.
Where is he? Where's his car? Shit.
We've lost him.
They changed plan.
Cain's gone and we've lost him, Alan.
- You've lost him? - He's left the money.
We wait and pick up whoever comes for it.
Alan? Are you there? Yeah, thanks, Annie.
Wait there.
Chivers isn't coming for that money, is he? No, he doesn't want to extort Paul Cain, he wants to judge him.
And if we're right We know where he is.
I'm sorry.
I was wrong about you.
I let them take Kyle that night.
I could see it in Kyle's eyes.
He wanted to go, he chose to go.
And you know what I thought? Why I let him go? I thought I'll get a few weeks without him, a bit of freedom.
A bit of fun, my old life back.
The old Katy, you know.
So I just stood back and I let them take my little boy and now he's gone and it's my fault.
Look at me, Katy.
Look at me.
We're gonna find Kyle.
We're gonna bring him home.
Jimmy? I don't understand.
You will.
What happened here to Andre, that could've been you, Kyle.
You gotta remember that.
This is the real choice now.
I remember when I was your age, Kyle, I made some bad choices.
I lost a whole life.
That's not gonna happen to you, kid.
Let's go, Kyle.
Stay where you are, please, Kyle.
I've dropped the money.
Stop pissing me about.
I'm just getting you clear of any police surveillance.
That's all.
You're maybe not as smart as you think you are.
They're sitting waiting for you to pick the money up.
Have you thought of that? You see this man? For him, everything's a commodity.
Everything is about money.
But this This isn't about money.
You see this man? Your dad? What are you talking about, mate? He walked out on you even before you were born.
That was a mistake, Kyle.
Then he comes back into your life and he drags you into the drugs trade.
That's the only word.
Is evil.
Now, I'm showing you this, Kyle, because I want you to think what kind of father would send out his own son to bury poor little Andre like he's a dog? What kind of man would do that to his own flesh and blood, his own son? Kyle, I sent you out with the lads to bury that boy to teach you a lesson.
Never, ever mess with that stuff.
And you never will, will you? No.
Now, I'm giving the boy a structure and a routine, things his mother could never give him.
But I can.
Me and Chelsea, we could take him far away from here.
He can't go back to his mum, she's not fit, - and you - Come on, Kyle.
Let's go.
He's leading you into a life It happened to me, Kyle.
I chose evil over good It's what we talked about.
Right and wrong.
All right, mate.
I get it.
You've been in prison, eh? You've got the scars, the tats.
I spent some time inside myself.
I've met 100 guys like you.
I work with guys like you.
You know nothing about me, mate.
You've read your Bible from cover to cover.
"I am the way, the truth, the light," blah, blah, blah.
And your missus over there? Some wounded healer you met in rehab, eh? Drawn to your sincerity and your intensity, was she? Like some fly to shit? You don't know me.
Come on, son.
Back to mine? Game of pool? First to 11, eh? I'm sorry, Jimmy.
- Do not smile at me.
- Jimmy! Stop it! Stop, both Jimmy! Stop.
It's over.
Come on.
It's pointless, Jimmy.
You kill him, you go to prison for 20 years.
What happens to Kyle then? Think! You meant well, but it was never gonna work.
Kyle, look at me.
I'm Detective Chief Inspector Alan Banks.
I'm a policeman.
I know your dad's in the heroin business, you know it too.
But right now, I've got nothing to prove it except you.
I need you to tell the truth about what your dad's been doing.
Listen, your dad is destroying your estate.
He's using kids like you, like Andre to do it for him.
You need to go home.
Kyle, your real home.
To your mum.
Now, I know her.
I know she's not perfect but she loves you and she's ready to protect you and look after you if you tell us everything about your father.
I'll tell you.
Good lad.
- Jimmy? - It's all right.
Hi, love.
Thank you.
Come on.
Kyle Heath.
Now that boy's got some excuse for doing what he did, but you? What's your excuse? You don't have one, do you? Because you've got a good home and two good parents and I'm getting sick of having to deal with middle-class You know what I'm supposed to be giving you a bollocking.
Early intervention we call it.
But I'm too tired for that.
Listen, Steven, you're only gonna be a teenager for another couple of years and your mother'll annoy the crap out of you and then you'll grow up and think the world of her.
I tell you, that woman, your mother Everything by the manual.
Parenting and policing.
But you know what? If your mum wasn't there, doing it by the book, where would you be? And where would I be? So, please, just Behave.
Thanks, boss.
What're you doing? Just tidying up.
The whiteboard or the world? Just the whiteboard for now.
I think it's tidy enough.
Fancy a pint? - Oh, I'd love a pint.
I really would.
- Come on.
I'm buying.