DCI Banks Aftermath s04e04 Episode Script

Piece of my Heart (2)

- No, it was good.
I didn't quite get all of the plot and it was too long.
And really noisy, but it was quite good.
There you go, grandad.
OK, so, the babysitter's fine.
I've got, wow! Two whole hours.
- Drink? - Bite to eat? Come on.
Thank you.
Not much choice with the white wine, I'm afraid.
- Who cares? Cheers.
- Cheers.
- CROWD: Whoo! - Aw, shit! MATT: Must be a power cut.
Right, we need to talk about the tape.
I know all about it.
I know what's on it.
And I'm going to get hold of it.
I'm going to get to the truth because I was brought up to believe in truth and decency and justice and all that stuff.
It's just the way I am.
Love makes madmen of us all.
Isn't that what they say? (GROANS) Thanks, Alan.
That was nice.
Nice? Look, maybe next time we do go for a meal? Yeah, I'd like that.
Night, Annie.
(KISSES) (KEYS JANGLING) ALAN: Annie! Can you get the babysitter to stay longer? Yeah.
There's a major incident.
(SIGHS) I'll drive.
The victim was renting it.
Body was found by the caretaker.
He came to check the victim was OK after the power went down.
His name's Martin Soames.
He found the body but He'd traipsed all over the place in the dark.
It's a very compromised crime scene.
Tariq, do you have an ID for us, yet? Victim was using a hire car.
His name's Matthew Barber.
33, lives in London, journalist.
KEN: Boss.
Crime scene's ready.
Well, we don't need pathology for time of death.
The power went down at 9:15.
We were in the pub.
What time did the caretaker find him? 9:45.
But how'd you know he was killed after the power went out? Candle on the floor.
Must've fallen in the struggle.
KEN: We'll do our best with trace evidence, but it's messy.
TARIQ: Boss, down here.
There's a computer plug and battery pack, but no laptop.
No sign of his phone or wallet, either.
- Robbery gone wrong? - There's no sign of forced entry.
(CAMERA CLICKING) Looks like we've found the murder weapon.
OK, check it for prints, but let's not hold our breath.
We've got a bit of a bipolar killer.
Desperate struggle, serious violence, but still has the presence of mind to clean the murder weapon and ransack the victim's personal effects.
The victim's father's outside.
Jack Barber.
What? The guy who's running for police commissioner? You know him? We passed in the night, career-wise.
But everyone admired Jack Barber from a distance.
- ALAN: Can I help you, sir? - Well, yes, I hope so.
Er, my son is staying at that chalet.
My name's DCI Alan Banks.
This is my colleague, DS Cabbot.
- There's been a major incident.
- Major incident? Is my son I can't seem to get hold of him.
His phone's gone dead.
That's all I can say for now.
I'm sure you'll understand, Mr Barber.
Why don't you go home? We'll call you as soon as possible.
Yes, yes, of course.
I I understand.
You couldn't have done anything else.
We can't give him special treatment.
Poor man.
(ENGINE STARTING) (TYRES SQUEALING) - Oi! Hey! Hey, wait! - What's that? Stop the car! Stop! Police! ANNIE: Come on.
(HORN BLARING) What's he playing at? - Number plate? - Too much spray, I can't see.
I still can't see but left hand tail light's broken.
Annie, careful.
Annie! Shit! (TYRES SQUEALING) (CRASHES) Annie! What are you playing at? You could have killed yourself.
- We've lost a suspect.
- You've got a young child.
I'm a cop.
Not your girlfriend.
Sorry about last night.
I got carried away.
My fault.
You were being a police officer and Well, I'm sorry.
I wasn't thinking straight.
Come on, then.
Do your bloke thing.
- ALAN: (CLEARS THROAT) Morning, team.
- Oh, morning, boss.
DS Cabbot.
(PHONE RINGING) Matthew Barber.
London-based investigative journalist.
Over the last five years, he's been running exposés of miscarriages of justice, official corruption, organised crime groups, financial impropriety.
This is a man with a lot of enemies.
We'll need to get through every investigation he's worked on.
ANNIE: OK, but it's probably something he was currently working on.
His computer and phone were taken.
The killer wanted to stop whatever he'd uncovered getting out into the public domain.
Or maybe it was just plain robbery, his wallet was also taken.
Hmm, that could be to misdirect us.
ALAN: Why was Matt Barber renting a chalet in Yorkshire? I want every minute of every hour accounted for.
Where did he go? Who did he see? Ken, get everyone tasked up.
Usual avenues, friends, family, work, colleagues.
Thanks, everyone.
I understand there was a motor vehicle incident last night? Yeah, there was a car fleeing the scene.
Annie and I pursued, but we didn't apprehend.
Did you get a number plate? A make? It was a blue-black Merc.
ANNIE: Brake light broken.
Left side.
I was on call, you know.
ALAN: It was a foul night, Helen, and I thought Ken, Tariq, Annie and I could handle the crime scene.
I notice you both logged onto the case at exactly the same time.
You have been busy.
Yes, DI Morton.
DS Cabbot and I went to the pictures last night.
KEN: Boss.
ALAN: Ken? There's an Elizabeth Lester here to see you.
Who? Owner of the chalet Matt Barber was renting.
You asked her to come in? Yes.
Annie, can you liaise with the Met? We need to find out about Matt Barber's London life.
- Helen? - DI MORTON: Yep.
Ms Lester, thank you for agreeing to come in and see us.
It's awful, Mr Barber being murdered like that? What makes you think he was murdered? Martin Mr Soames, the caretaker who found the body.
He told me.
He's in a dreadful state.
We'll need a list of everyone with access to the chalet.
And anyone who's been there within the last three months.
Have you there yourself in that time? Uh, yes.
Then we'll also need your prints and a DNA sample.
Liz Forbes? Yes.
I really enjoyed Your first two albums were really good.
I still listen to them.
Oh, thank you.
You haven't recorded anything since.
I suppose I've outgrown the music business.
I'm sorry, this might seem inappropriate, but the last track on your first album, Dark Eyed Boy, just as it's fading out and there's a sound, an instrument that comes in, is it a zither? Er Well, yes.
We played it backwards to get that feeling of Yearning? Loss? Yes.
Ms Lester? My business name.
I have to be discreet.
- Over-zealous fans.
- Hmm, I can imagine.
Thanks, Tariq.
Would you like to sit down and get your breath back? I'm sorry.
It's just That was Liz Forbes! DI MORTON: No, never heard of her.
Why am I not surprised? OK, look, she was never huge.
But she made two great albums in the '90s.
Really complex adult stuff, folk, jazz influenced, but more than the sum of the parts.
I don't understand.
You know that I'm passionate about music.
Everyone's passionate about something, Helen.
What are you passionate about? Punctuality? - Mr Barber.
- Alan.
- This is my colleague.
- DI Helen Morton.
It's this way, sir.
(DOOR OPENS) (DOOR CLOSES) OK, sir? Sir? It's Matthew.
I last saw Matthew on Friday afternoon.
About 4:00, at the chalet.
Er, he seemed fine.
Nothing was worrying him and I didn't notice anything untoward.
Sir, if you went to the chalet, then Yes, I know, I know.
You'll need fingerprints and a DNA sample.
I'm sorry for your loss, sir.
Thank you.
Alan, there's no need to worry.
I'll not be pressurising you for any special treatment.
ANNIE: So far we've pulled 27 sets of prints.
We've identified some of them.
Matt Barber, the cleaning lady, the caretaker, - Martin Soames and Liz Forbes.
- Oh, your new girlfriend.
Um, I've got a list of people who've stayed in the chalet for the past six months and I've actioned TIEs.
Helen, Jack Barber.
We'll need a full statement.
Why was his son in Yorkshire? Also Matt Barber, his personal life.
Girlfriends, boyfriends, whatever.
As for his professional life, Annie, you and I are booked on the 8:00 a.
To London.
I didn't just assign you to this so that we could be alone.
No-one's saying you did.
Except DI Morton.
I mean, I've never seen Spock so tickled.
Respect for your fellow police officer, please.
- She's enjoying this, you know.
- Enjoying what, exactly? Making us squirm about something she thinks is going on, even though it's not actually going on.
It doesn't matter if it's going on or not, because people think it is going on.
Is it? Is it what? Going on? It's complicated.
Us? Or Matt Barber's life? Both.
Mr Barber's ready for you.
JACK: Well, there was the odd girlfriend, nothing serious.
And no-one at present as far as I'm aware.
Course most of his friends, well, they're in London.
And what about his professional life? Well, I'm afraid I can't help you there.
You see, Matthew was very discreet about his work.
In some ways, we were in the same line of business.
Righting wrongs, serving justice.
It's the way I brought him up.
And what about his mother? Would she be able to He hasn't seen his mother in 30 years.
I brought him up by myself.
You see, when he was young, I was really quite worried about him.
He was so little and vulnerable.
Was that the last time you saw your son? Friday, 4:00 p.
M, at the chalet? Yes, that's right.
We chatted a little.
Leeds Rhinos, the state of the nation, my campaign.
Why was he in Yorkshire? - Well, I live here.
- Yes, but he didn't stay with you.
He came all the way from London, for whatever reason and he stayed in a chalet.
Not with you.
Are we done here? ANNIE: It's not so much a brick wall as ALAN: Too many leads.
Matt Barber was busy with a lot of different things.
We've got everything here.
Offshore tax evasion, legal action against the police, the John Gaunt case, health service outsourcing John Gaunt? - Where? - Here.
(MURMURING) John Gaunt, John Gaunt.
John Gaunt.
Here, here we go.
John Gaunt.
He was a guitarist with a band called The Crystal Kiss.
- Never heard of them.
- He was murdered in the late '80s.
- And? - And That is Liz Forbes.
JACK ON TV: what drives me is the same thing that's driven me through 30 years of front line service.
I believe in fairness, I believe in decency.
I'm not interested in power for power's sake.
I'm interested in the power to protect us all from organised crime.
At the moment, we are using a 19th-century structure to combat what is a 21 st-century problem.
Slippery sweet And I'm tasting defeat The subtlety The Crystal Kiss released one single, Marginal Love, in 1988.
Got to number two in the charts.
Then, while rehearsing in this house, this guy, the bassist Martin Harford, had a fight with John Gaunt, the guitarist.
Now, John took a tumble down the stairs and died.
Martin did five years for manslaughter.
Crystal Kiss's moment had gone.
Footnote in pop history.
Sorry, but why is this relevant? Wasn't our victim working on lots of projects? Yeah, but he was murdered in a chalet that he was renting from Liz Forbes.
And the lovely, fragrant Liz Forbes was the lead singer of The Crystal Kiss.
Right, so TIEs on the other two band members, Martin Harford, Ian Bassett.
ANNIE: Harford should be easy.
But after the death of John Gaunt, Ian Bassett left the country.
An only child and his parents died a couple of years ago.
Doesn't matter, I still wanna talk to him.
So pull out all the stops, please, Ken.
Helen, I want you to go to regional HQ.
Seize all the files on the John Gaunt killing.
Annie, let's go and see what Liz Forbes has to say.
Actually, I think DS Cabbot and I should interview Liz Forbes.
Yeah, you should stay here and hold the fort.
With me, DS Cabbot.
ANNIE: So you still live here? LIZ: Oh, I don't see it as morbid.
We recorded here.
We all dreamed we'd live and work here as a band.
Well, I did OK from my solo albums, so, when this house came up for sale, I had to buy it.
I've always loved it here.
Marginal Love.
Album art for the Japanese release.
Quite rare, so I'm told.
Did you know Matt Barber was an investigative journalist working on a story on John Gaunt? No, no, I didn't know that.
Liz, the day that John died, what happened? Uh, we were rehearsing, the studio used to be up there.
I was with Ian.
Then, Martin and John had an argument, it got out of hand.
Martin hit him, John fell all the way to the bottom.
Died instantly.
It was an accident.
- A dreadful accident.
- What were they fighting about? Ah.
I couldn't really tell you exactly.
I was always sort of, um, semi-detached from the band.
You know, brought in to do the wispy ethereal vocals.
Oh, those three boys, it was pretty intense between them.
Love, hate, testosterone.
It's a very volatile cocktail.
ALAN: Ian Bassett.
Do you know where he is? No.
After it happened, he disappeared.
You didn't keep in touch? No.
You see, I've been reading a lot of background material, I know your solo albums, obviously, but I always thought you and Ian Well, Ian was my first proper boyfriend.
So, it was pretty special at the time, but, er, it was 25 years ago.
Another life.
That's what being young's all about, isn't it? So since then, you've not met anyone? No-one significant.
I think long term relationships are too complicated.
ALAN: And Martin Harford? Where is he? LIZ: Oh, poor Martin.
He, er Liz, is there something you want to tell us? Where's Martin? You've already met him.
- There's a lot here, isn't there? - Huh, 1988, ancient times.
Bits of paper were your database back then.
OK? How come Jack Barber's got clearance for the police archive? LIBRARIAN: He's Jack Barber, he can go where he wants.
(MOBILE RINGING) Ken? She's still a really attractive woman, isn't she? - Who's that, then? - Liz Forbes.
She's sexy, in a cool, classy way.
I wouldn't blame you if you still fancied her.
I would, but when she's a suspect in a CAT A inquiry, kind of one of me turn-offs.
And in one leap, he was free.
(KNOCKING) - Mrs Soames? - Yes? - DS Annie Cabbot.
- DCI Alan Banks.
May we come in, please? - Yeah, yeah, of course.
- Thank you.
You'll find him out back with the kids.
Martin Soames is Martin Harford.
The caretaker.
ALAN: One and the same.
Be right back.
ALAN: Mr Soames? Can we still call you Martin Harford? My name's Martin Soames.
Well, we'd like to talk to you about the death of John Gaunt.
No, I'm not talking about that.
I'm not talking without a lawyer.
I want to see a lawyer.
That's That's the rules.
Found in one of Matt Barber's jacket pockets.
Receipt from here.
14:56 Tuesday afternoon, the day he was murdered.
Latte and a pot of tea.
Who was he meeting? - Already on it.
- Great.
How could I forget? Him and the other guy had a right argument.
Practically came to blows.
I had to tell them to cool it.
So this other man? Do you remember what he looked like? Yeah, it was him.
ANNIE: Jack Barber? He lied to us about the last time he saw his son.
If he wasn't who he is, we wouldn't hesitate in designating him a suspect.
All right, but Jack Barber is highly respected on this force.
Troops and senior management.
Exactly why we shouldn't give him special treatment.
Why would he kill his own son? I don't know.
But arguing in public? There's some kind of issue between them.
And the crime scene, no forced entry, the victim knew his killer and it looks like an argument that got out of hand.
Ian Bassett, the guy who disappeared from the band, he got into Hull from Ostend three days ago.
Before Matt Barber was murdered.
Right, we need to find him.
OK, what we have here are two separate lines of inquiry.
Jack Barber.
And The Crystal Kiss.
Helen, go carefully around old man Barber.
He knows the drill and he still wields a lot of influence.
But we need answers.
What were he and Matt arguing about and why did he lie to us? The Crystal Kiss.
Tariq, get a few pairs of eyes and go through that lot.
Annie, you're with me.
Martin Soames.
He's on his way here with his brief.
ALAN: Listen, I've been thinking about you and me working together and dating.
Are we dating? I thought we were Sunday night, you're gonna come round to mine for dinner.
You bring the wine, I'll cook.
Uh, OK I think.
I mean, I'll need to get a babysitter.
Bring the baby.
- Right, I'll arrange some - Bring the travel cot.
"Bring the travel cot"! And they say romance is dead.
Well, let's go and see what the artist formerly known as Martin Harford has to say.
Yeah, let's.
ALAN: DCI Alan Banks.
I'm heading the inquiry into the death of Matt Barber.
- David Hornby.
DS Cabbot.
- Mr Hornby.
I believe I owe you an apology.
The Olsen case? I was a bit hard on you.
- Shall we? - Mr Soames.
After you.
- And the Olsen case.
We got the result.
- Always the last word.
DAVID: 25 years ago, my firm represented Martin Harford when he confessed to the accidental killing of John Gaunt.
He's paid his debt.
When he was released from prison, he changed his name by deed poll to Martin Soames.
He wanted to build a new life.
All above board.
And my client did not talk to Matt Barber about the death of his friend, John Gaunt.
I don't believe you, Martin.
Unless you can prove whatever it is you believe, Mr Banks, this conversation is a waste of time.
Matt Barber was an investigative - There's nothing to investigate.
- Martin.
MARTIN: I got into a fight with John because he wanted to leave the band.
It got out of hand and I lost my temper and I lashed out.
Sounds like the death of Matt Barber.
What's going on here, Annie? Tuesday night, you arrived at the chalet and found Matt Barber dead.
At about 9:45 p.
M, is that correct? - Yes.
- Look, it's all in Mr Soames' statement.
Where were you when the power went down at 9:15 p.
M? As I said We need a positional statement from your client.
Working on one of Liz's other chalets, in Ellesby.
Working? At that time of night? We had guests arriving, first thing.
I work for Liz as and when she needs me.
She, erm Well, she helped me put my life back together, when I came out of prison.
And this property you were working at.
How far was it from Mr Barber's chalet? - About eight miles.
- And you drove there? No, he took a hot air balloon.
A man is dead! This isn't a game, you prick! Matt Barber was a well-known investigative journalist.
He made a lot of enemies.
You're barking up the wrong tree here.
(DOOR OPENS) Good to see you again, Annie.
Look, I don't suppose you fancy a drink later? I've got to work.
You've had a run in with him in court.
It happens.
He's defence, that's his job.
- That's not the point.
- What is the point, Annie? (SIGHS) Nothing.
I'm fine.
It won't happen again.
- Martin, I have to ask you - I didn't kill Matt Barber.
We've still got some issues here.
Sorry, I've I've changed my mind.
After what happened.
That's all the more reason to go ahead.
No, no.
I don't want to go through with it.
I killed John, OK.
End of story.
What? Uh, yeah, yeah, OK.
I'm on my way.
- Mr Barber.
- DI Morton.
You told us that you last saw your son on Friday, but we now know that you actually met Matt at 2:38 p.
On Tuesday.
Now, that's the day your son was murdered.
Now, according to the manager at the coffee shop that you went to, you and your son had something of a row.
In fact in his statement, the manager says, "They practically came to blows.
I had to physically separate.
" Now, Mr Barber Now you see, this is exactly what I'm up against.
Time-serving civil servants with their colour-coded notebooks and their head in the manual.
When I'm commissioner, there will be certain officers who will be find themselves in dog training.
Do I make myself clear, DI Morton? You diminish yourself more than me with that, sir.
(SIGHS) Matthew said he wanted to find his mother.
Now, she walked out on us 30 years ago after I won the custody battle.
She never tried to get hold of him, contact him, not one attempt.
She just abandoned him.
So, well, I know should have been a bit more understanding, but when he said he wanted to find his mother, I lost it.
I got angry.
I got really angry.
And that was the last time I saw him.
Why didn't you tell us this before? Look, if I've broken the law, you arrest and charge me! If not, you stop pestering me! Back in the '90s, I bought a place like this in Spain.
Near Cadiz.
Same architect.
I suppose I was trying to recapture the past too, but it wasn't the same.
This is wonderful, Liz.
I feel like I've come home.
You can't be serious.
Reforming the band? IAN: I feel we have unfinished business.
Do you remember that night, May 10th, 1988? We sold out The Forum, the four of us.
Remember, Martin? I'll never forget that.
None of us will.
I remember us looking at one another.
The world was ours.
Do you remember what it felt like? To be that wanted? You haven't changed, Ian.
That was our perfect moment, Liz.
And John died.
Liz, tell him this is stupid.
I mean, you don't want to reform the band, do you? IAN: Come on, Martin.
There's a huge demand out there for a reunion.
- Who told you that? - A journalist I've been speaking to.
Matt Barber.
What? Your journalist is dead.
He was murdered.
DI MORTON: Nearly 30 years later, and he's still holding a grudge against Matt's mother.
He's bitter.
And I've been asking around.
When Jack Barber was on the force, he was not a man you wanted to cross.
He was famous for his temper.
He had very high standards and occasionally, when people didn't meet up to those standards Yeah, I know.
And you think he's a good and decent man.
But we have to go after him, Alan.
You know, he really tried to intimidate me.
Sometimes good people do bad things.
KEN: Boss! Matt Barber's bank accounts and financial statements going back two years.
- This one sticks out.
- Bertram Mellis? Er, names of the senior partners.
Thanks, Ken.
- ALAN ON MOBILE: Where are you? I'm just grabbing a coffee.
We need you back here as soon as, please.
Are you OK? Yeah, I'm on my way.
What exactly did Matt Barber tell you, Ian? He'd spoken to a promoter who'd sounded out demand and we could do really well.
(SNORTS) He was trying to lure you back into the country.
LIZ: Why would he do that? Martin? The tape.
I told him about the tape.
He got me drunk.
I let it slip.
I'm sorry.
It's OK, Martin.
I'll look after you.
I always have, haven't I, sweetheart? Sarge, Matt Barber's financial transactions.
One in particular, from a local law firm, Bertram Mellis.
Barber received a payment of £15,000 actioned by one of the senior members, David Hornby.
Who? ALAN: Martin Soames' lawyer.
Boss, his prints match set of prints found at the crime scene.
Great, another suspect.
Seems like David Hornby's got a lot of explaining to do.
Annie, you know him.
Annie? Annie! I need a word.
Ken, get hold of him.
Bring him in.
You need to take me off this case.
Why? David Hornby is the father of my baby.
(BABIES CRYING) ALAN: Huh, who is this? Who is this? I think they wanna lynch me.
- Who? - The yummy-mummies.
- Alan, I need to talk to you.
- Right now, her father is a suspect for the murder of Matt Barber.
- Alan.
- So, yes, I need to keep you away from David Hornby.
But I'm not going to take you off the inquiry.
Not unless we arrest him.
Your homework's in my car.
I need you to go through the John Gaunt files with a fine tooth comb, especially Martin Harford's confession.
Alan? Tonight, me and you at yours? What's the problem? All right, we've got some things to talk about but obviously Hornby wants nothing to do with Isla.
(ISLA CHATTERS) He doesn't know about Isla.
When we were dating, he always insisted on midweek.
I guessed he was in some kind of long-term thing.
Of course he was.
David Hornby was married all right.
Extremely married.
With two young kids.
You think I should've told him? He has a right to know.
And Isla, when she's older, she'll want to know about her father.
Do you really think Hornby is capable of killing someone? All I know at the moment is he's a liar.
Why didn't you tell us you knew Matt Barber? We have a bank transfer from Bertram Mellis to Matt Barber, for £15,000.
Authorised by you, Mr Hornby.
I don't believe I'm under any obligation to explain that.
Matt Barber had his skull smashed in! Where's Annie? Her personal connection to you means that she's compromised on this occasion.
It was just a fling.
DAVID: Look my firm are investigating institutional corruption.
The CPS up here in Yorkshire and the police, it's been going on for years.
Between you guys and the prosecutors, evidence has gone missing, statements have been altered.
We're talking root and branch, embedded corruption.
Over 30 years worth of potentially - unsafe convictions.
- How did Matt Barber fit into all this? We needed someone to do the investigative spadework.
Matt was trawling through our case files.
ALAN: And was one of these potentially unsafe convictions Martin Harford for the killing of John Gaunt in 1988? Maybe, I don't know.
There were hundreds of cases to go through.
- And you met with Matt Barber? - A few times, yes.
Once at his chalet.
Thursday morning.
He was one of the good guys, unlike Unlike his father? Let me put it to you this way.
If Jack Barber wins this election, he'll be wielding a lot of power and a lot of influence.
A criminal justice system run by criminals? I'd be very careful making unsubstantiated accusations.
You're assuming I can't substantiate them.
Now, if you want to question me further, you'll require a warrant, which will take you a minimum of six hours to get.
But whichever way you turn it, right now, I'm free to go.
Just a moment, please.
DI Morton.
What do you think? He's got a point about Jack Barber.
- No, I'm talking about - Can we hold him? Not really.
A defence lawyer? If we put one foot wrong on the procedure, no matter how trivial - (MOBILE RINGS) - Get rid of him, then.
- Annie.
- There's no confession.
- What? - The John Gaunt files.
There's no transcript of Martin Harford confessing to the killing.
- You're sure? - 100%.
And the officer who took Harford's confession, Detective Constable Jack Barber.
Thanks, Annie.
Jack Barber? You might be right.
Let's get him in for a chat.
Matt Barber seemed to know a lot about the band, Liz.
About John's death.
He knew there was something not right.
I don't know how but Please, Liz.
It was stupid.
I shouldn't have told him about the tape.
- You haven't told anyone else? - No.
It's all buried.
And we can reform the band? You really want to, after what's happened? Yes, Martin.
I do.
Please, we need you.
I'll do anything for you, Liz.
You know that.
Thank you for agreeing to come and see us, sir.
I know you have a busy schedule.
Yes, well, I hope this won't take long.
Election day tomorrow.
The conviction of Martin Harford for the unlawful killing of John Gaunt, September 1988.
You were part of the inquiry team.
- Well, yes.
It was a long time ago.
- 25 years.
Did Matt talk to you about that case? Well, no, why should he? Well, the killer Martin Harford.
Martin Harford.
Well, he confessed.
It was an argument that got out of hand.
- Why would Matthew - The man who found your son dead? The chalet caretaker.
That was Martin Harford.
You think he killed my son? You took his confession.
So what? I don't remember very much, - pull out the old files.
- We did.
And the transcript of the confession is missing.
You were at the central records library the other day.
What the hell are you suggesting here? That I beat some confession out of Harford? Or that I killed my own son? Are you seriously suggesting I loved that boy.
And now I've got a couple of amateurs sitting here - accusing me! - We're not accusing you of anything.
But what I am doing, and against the advice of my fellow officers, is giving you special treatment.
I'm giving you a chance.
Is there anything that you can tell us that might help us identify and convict your son's killer? I've got nothing to say.
(DOOR SLAMS) DI MORTON: He thinks his police commissioner campaign makes him untouchable.
What he actually wants is for us to let him get away with murder? ALAN: Helen! DI MORTON: Matt Barber was killed after an argument that got out of control.
A killer with a short fuse and the presence of mind and the expertise to tamper with the crime scene.
I want that tape! I don't know where it is.
Do you have any idea what this could do? I destroyed it.
I'm sorry.
- Don't lie to me, son.
- No.
It's buried.
It died with (DOORBELL RINGS) Hi.
- Liz, we need to speak to Martin.
DI MORTON: His wife said he was here.
I think we'd better come in.
(MUSIC STOPS PLAYING) Lan Bassett? - Yeah? - You didn't tell us? No, it was after you left that he, uh, - appeared.
- And you didn't think to call us? No.
I'm sorry.
You've proved a difficult man to trace.
We know you arrived back in the UK a few days ago, Mr Bassett.
But where were you on Tuesday night? At my hotel suite.
And I haven't been hiding.
Just been abroad.
For too long.
Dark Eyed Boy.
So why have you come back now? I came back to do an interview with Matt Barber.
Last Sunday morning.
At his chalet.
I was shocked to hear about his death.
Mr Soames.
We're actually here to talk to you about your confession.
- Not again.
How many times - Jack Barber, the father of Matt Barber, was the officer who took your confession? Did he apply any undue pressure on you? Alter your statement or threaten you in any way? No.
Mr Bassett, we're gonna need fingerprints and a DNA sample.
And a full statement, OK? No problem.
So? Mmm-hmm.
That's right.
We're reforming The Crystal Kiss.
(ISLA COOING) I thought you had the right to know.
What's her name? Isla Rose.
Isla Rose.
She's a Look at her, she's watching me.
She looks like you.
Look, I'm not some serial shagger.
You caught me by surprise.
That's why my marriage broke up.
I didn't want to break up any marriage.
I know.
I just couldn't just go back to how it was before.
I just couldn't.
I'd like to be a proper father to Isla.
And maybe, for her sake, we could try again.
Ah, Annie.
Right, listen, everyone.
This is no longer a two-strand inquiry.
There is a connection between Jack Barber and The Crystal Kiss.
We just have to get to the bottom of it.
Annie, Helen and I bumped into Ian Bassett at Liz Forbes' house.
He turns up after 25 years and she doesn't even bother to tell us? - Annie, you get his statement.
- OK.
Right, thanks.
(SONG RESUMES) Matt got in touch by email.
He was a fan with a laptop, his words not mine.
And he wanted to interview me.
So you met him at the chalet on Sunday morning? Yeah.
Did Matt refer to the death of John Gaunt? No.
We spoke about the music.
About reforming the band.
Why do you want to reform the band? You know it's an idea I've had kicking about in my head for a while.
And er it seems to have worked quite well for other people.
And we know there's demand out there.
That's how I've been making money all these years.
It's extremely lucrative.
But, you know, when I first picked up a guitar, I didn't start dreaming about making elevator music.
(SOFT MUSIC PLAYING) Maybe it's a mid-life crisis, but I had to come back and reform The Crystal Kiss.
I don't want my dreams to die before I do.
So you and Liz back together again, as a couple? Well, I don't know about that.
Liz was a lovely looking girl and we had a lot of fun, but she wasn't, you know, into the music like me and John were.
Those two solo albums of hers did well.
She must've had something.
Music for dinner parties.
- David Hornby.
- I've told him about Isla.
He wants to be involved with her.
That's good.
That's good? Is that all you can say? What do you want me to say? I wasn't expecting that! Because Alan Banks always says the right thing.
Always does the decent thing, even if it means pushing me towards You think I would push you towards a piece of shit like that? At least his chat up line's better than "bring the travel cot"! - (KEY TURNING IN DOOR) - What's that? (DOOR CLOSES) Tracy? What What What are you doing here? Nothing.
- Hi.
- Oh? Hi.
Annie, this is Tracy.
My daughter.
Tracy, this is Annie.
- Nice to meet you.
- Yes.
I'm sorry.
I should've phoned, but I've packed in Uni.
Chemical engineering's not for me.
And I just thought I could, um, stay here for a while until I'm back on my feet.
I should go home.
- Annie I'm so sorry.
- Can't be helped.
Night, Alan.
(CAR STARTS) Did you say that you'd left Uni? Look, I'm sorry to spring it on you like this, but, (MOBILE RINGS) Yes, Helen? OK, thanks.
Work? Security cameras opposite the coffee shop.
Matt Barber and his father.
Starts off friendly enough.
But then The younger man mentions John Gaunt.
See? John Gaunt.
Can you play it again? Go in closer? The pop musician, yeah, John, John Gaunt.
Jack told us Matt didn't ask him about John Gaunt.
Told us this argument was all about Matt wanting to find his mother.
Can you carry on playing it from here? And what he appears to be saying here is, "Dad there's a tape.
"And I'm going to get hold of it, "tomorrow.
First thing.
"I'm going to get to the truth, Dad.
"It's how you brought me up.
" See? When Matt mentions the tape, it's like Jack's seen a ghost.
He gets angry.
Really angry.
Look at him.
So angry he kills his son? That's a reach, Helen.
A reach? He's lied to us every step of the way.
Makes out he can hardly remember the John Gaunt case and yet here he is, really arguing with his son about it.
Why? And this tape? Does it threaten Jack? Or maybe it threatens his campaign.
What is this tape? I don't know.
But we need to get our hands on it.
(KNOCKS ON DOOR) Liz! What are you doing? I need to talk to you.
I need to talk to all three of you.
About a tape.
A tape that Matt Barber was trying to get his hands on that was vital to his investigation into the death of John Gaunt.
I don't know what you're talking about.
What are you doing here? Social visit.
Really? Or maybe you're looking to get your hands on the tape you and Matt were arguing about the other day? It doesn't matter.
I killed him! - You killed Matt Barber? - No! John! I killed John! But it was an accident.
And it got out of hand.
That's what you say.
That's what Liz said in her statement, it was an argument that got out hand.
That's what Ian's statement said, it was an argument that got out of hand.
And that's what you said as well, Jack.
It was When four separate people say exactly the same thing, that's when I get very suspicious.
There's nothing to investigate.
And whatever it is you're thinking, you don't have any proof.
Outside, Jack.
I haven't got time for this.
I've got a press conference.
And we should just let you go? Where's the tape? Who's got it? And what's on it? I have done my bit.
Thirty years on the force and now this election.
I've made a difference.
What've you two ever done, eh? Either of you? Have you found my son's killers? I'm following in your son's footsteps, Jack.
Except no-one's going to take me out before I get my hands on the truth.
You've let me down.
KEN: Sarge, take a look at this.
Lan Bassett's financial records.
I've traced his credit history through most of Europe and beyond.
But then there's this, Ian Bassett is not what he seems.
Swanning around the place dropping hints about how rich he is.
About how reforming The Crystal Kiss isn't about money.
"Ian B, Spirit of the '80s.
" I found a pawn broker's receipt for a guitar in his hotel room.
His credit history.
Bassett is broke.
Has been for the last 20 years.
- He needs the money.
- Hmm.
And Matt Barber was about to derail his gravy train.
Annie, um - What happened last night - Uh, Tracy? No.
I meant, you know, what really happened with you and David Hornby doesn't just want a relationship with Isla.
He wants a relationship with me.
You're not thinking about it, are you? I don't know.
OK? We're screwed.
We should leave.
For good.
- I can't just - We don't have the time, Liz! Do we, Liz? Where is the tape? Did you give it to that journalist? You swore you'd destroyed that tape! You'd better pray it never surfaces! Martin, maybe it's time to make a clean break with the past.
What by running off with your first boyfriend? This is your stupid fault, Martin.
You've done this! You and your big mouth.
All these years, I've been looking after you, putting up with you fawning over me.
Well, I've had enough, I need to get away.
I'm done with you.
Following me around, looming over me.
It's disgusting.
- Martin! Martin! - Leave him, Liz.
(DOOR SLAMS) We really need to go.
(TALKING INAUDIBLY) DI MORTON: Well, it's Martin Soames.
He's the weak link.
Boss? Boss? Martin Soames? You need go and tackle him at his house and get him alone.
- He's the key to this.
- Yes.
Sorry, Helen.
Is everything OK? Do you ever feel you've missed your moment? No.
DS Cabbot.
I've never understood what you see in her.
I mean, she's a decent enough police officer, I suppose, when she controls her more impulsive outbursts.
But I think she might be good for you, boss.
Thanks, Helen.
You're welcome.
Martin! (TELEVISION PLAYING) Martin? Martin? ALAN: Any kind of note? So why now? What finally pushed him? Because we were closing in on him.
Or did he kill Matt Barber? Nine calls to this number in the half hour before he died.
- I've put a trace on it.
- Hold on.
Let's just see who we've got.
MAN'S VOICE: Not again, Martin, you're not getting the tape back.
David Hornby? - MAN'S VOICE: Who's this, please? - Alan Banks.
Are you in your office? - Yes.
- Well, stay where you are.
I'm on my way.
Right, I need Liz Forbes and Ian Bassett picked up.
I'll deal with Hornby.
DCI Banks, I'm in a meeting with another client.
I'm not prepared to discuss Martin Soames.
Martin Soames just hanged himself.
We need to talk.
All right, but not here.
Give me a minute.
Martin? But he was here this morning.
With the tape? The tape that he was supposed to deliver to Matt Barber? Yeah.
Yeah, he must've gone home and got drunk, badly drunk.
He was phoning me ranting about how Liz Forbes had left him and how he had felt he'd wasted most of his life with her, how he felt he couldn't live without her any more and then how he wanted the tape back.
And you wouldn't give it back? That's unfair.
What's on this tape? I'm not prepared to discuss that.
Are you refusing to hand it over officially? I've worked long and hard for this.
One case, one proven instance of police malpractice and the floodgates open.
Jack Barber's my best chance.
And I'd prefer to use the press, not the police, - to bring this into the public domain.
- Forget the conspiracy crap.
This is a straight up right or wrong call.
I don't trust the police.
Does Annie know that? Well, I've known Annie Cabbot for three years now and her core attribute is integrity, wouldn't you agree? So if I go back to her and say that you won't cooperate with us, do you really think there's a chance that you'll get to see her? Or Isla ever again? Thank you.
(RECORDED MUSIC PLAYING) (STOPS MUSIC) (MUSIC STARTS PLAYING) You're leaving us? I've, uh, decided against reforming the band.
This is your car, sir? Yes.
You almost got me killed.
(MUSIC CONTINUES PLAYING) (THUDDING ON TAPE) What's that? (MUSIC STOPS) What's the latest on Liz and Ian? They're downstairs stewing.
Ian Bassett's car's got a broken brake light.
So it was him fleeing the scene that night.
He claims he was there to do an interview with Matt.
Saw the place crawling with police, got scared.
I bet he did.
Right, change of plan.
We're not gonna interview those two downstairs.
We're gonna put Liz and lan back in the recording studio.
Just give me an hour to get set up and then we hit him them with this.
(SONG PLAYING) So we've managed to retrieve the infamous tape.
Now maybe it was Martin just holding onto this for a rainy day or maybe it was to keep you close to him, Liz.
A sort of subtle blackmail.
"Look after me or I go public with this.
" So deeply in love with you, Liz? Well, even back then.
Doesn't take his eyes off you.
So, he was holding onto this tape.
It was from the night that John died.
You were trying to record a follow up to Marginal Love.
This was your moment.
A surprise hit single riding high in the charts, but you had nothing to back it up with.
And nothing in the can.
A Lesson for the Lonely Heart.
That was the track you were recording.
Take nine was the one that interests me.
(PLAYING SONG) Turned out to be a recording of the last moments of John Gaunt's life.
(SONG STARTS PLAYING) So there's all four of you, in the studio.
Liz singing, Ian on keyboard, Martin on bass and John Gaunt on guitar.
- Listen.
- (FEEDBACK ON TAPE) See, that's when John's guitar is thrown down and starts the feedback.
- And then there's footsteps.
- (FOOTSTEPS ON TAPE) (THUD ON TAPE) A studio door being opened.
Then just a few beats later, - there.
- (KEYBOARD STOPS) That's when the keyboard cuts out.
- More footsteps.
- (FOOTSTEPS ON TAPE) Except it wasn't Martin following John out.
It was you, Ian.
So now the only people left in the studio are Liz and Martin, just vocals and bass.
But of course, you kept your headphones on but this tape picks up everything that was going on outside the studio.
- Someone crashing down the stairs.
(SHUTS TAPE OFF) - Proves nothing.
- I don't see how this involves me.
Oh, but it does, Liz.
Martin only agreed to cover up for John's death because you asked him.
You knew he was hopelessly and unconditionally in love with you.
And you only asked him because you were hopelessly and unconditionally in love with Ian.
Martin killed John.
Ask him again.
He'll tell you.
Martin hung himself earlier this morning.
He took his own life because you said you were leaving him, Liz.
You said you and Ian were leaving because we were closing in on the truth.
It's obvious.
Martin committed suicide because he killed Matt Barber.
I love you.
Come on, Liz.
Ian doesn't care about you.
That's why he left all those years ago after you'd tidied up his mess.
Houses in Antibes? Yachts on Lake Como? Upmarket cruise ships? Bollocks.
This, Liz, is the real Ian Bassett.
'80s revival stuff in cheap bars and hotels.
Ian came back to reform The Crystal Kiss because he was desperate for money.
- Ian? - Grow up, Liz! The Crystal Kiss's moment has gone.
You were one-hit wonders, end of.
Twenty-five years hoping and waiting and three people dead.
John, Martin, Matt Barber! All to preserve a teenage dream.
- Ian is a killer.
- Not true.
What you're going to hear now, and what you've never heard before, is an enhanced digital version.
(PLAYS RECORD) The music is being faded out.
You hear John falling.
Then other footsteps coming down the stairs towards him.
Maybe it was an argument that got out of hand when you knocked John down the stairs.
But he didn't die immediately.
No, he was still alive, so Ian followed him down and finished him off.
You suffocated him, Ian.
You were the heart and soul of the band.
You wrote all the songs, but what was it that you told me, Liz? Love and hate and testosterone.
It's a dangerous cocktail.
You saw a chance to get rid of your best friend, your main rival, and make a grab for all the song writing royalties and you went for it.
You wanted the money then and you want it now! You can't prove that.
You don't have a witness.
Oh, my God.
- It's not true, Liz.
- You told me it was an accident.
You told me and I did everything for you and it was a lie.
- It was all a lie.
- I didn't ask you to do anything.
I gave £30,000 to that policeman, I made poor Martin confess and And you did what, Liz? Did you kill Matt Barber? I didn't want him to destroy you, Ian.
I just lashed out because I loved you.
Can you believe it after 25 years I'd still do anything for you? God help me.
RETURNING OFFICER: And I hereby declare Jack Barber duly elected to the post Police Commissioner.
(CHEERS AND APPLAUSE) Sir, Liz Forbes has admitted to killing your son.
You took a bribe of £30,000 from Liz Forbes, 25 years ago, to accept Martin's confession at face value.
Liz will testify in court against you, Jack.
Look, I'm going to say this to you just once.
25 years ago, Matthew's mother tried to take him from me to America.
I was going to lose him forever.
But I needed money, money for lawyers, money for private investigators.
And Liz Forbes offered it to me.
And if I could go back in time, I'd do exactly the same thing all over again.
I'll take myself down to the station.
No, sir.
We won't be doing things your way.
We need to make it legal and everything but, I want you to have regular contact with Isla.
A proper relationship with her.
- For life, David.
- That's brilliant.
And what about you and me? I don't have a plan.
I I don't know.
PR? Event Management.
I'm still processing my future.
And what does your mother have to say about all this? Well, she's not happy.
But she understands.
So, while you're processing your future, what you gonna do in the meantime? I'll get a job.
Bar work or something.
(DOORBELL RINGS) We're not finished.
I need to speak to you.
I was hoping you were free sometime to finish our dinner? What about David Hornby? It didn't work out.
I'm sorry.
- Really? - No.
I'd better get back for the babysitter.
Annie, we could be waiting and hoping for the rest of our lives.
Unless we create our own Moments.