DCI Banks Aftermath s04e05 Episode Script

Bad Boy (1)

(DANCE MUSIC) (CAR HORN) (TYRES SCREECH) (HORN CONTINUES) (TYRES SCREECH) (ENGINES ROAR) (METALLIC CRASH) (BREATHING HEAVILY) (SCREAMS) What the hell are you doing?! (YELLS IN PAIN) I'm sorry I cut you up! Lesson learned, yeah? (GROANS) (CHOKED) No! (SCREAMS) (SOBBING) (CAR DOOR SLAMS) We can't leave him here like that, not now he's seen us.
Please (GUN COCKS) (SOBS) (GUNSHOT) (GUNSHOT) (SOFT JAZZ MUSIC) (LAUGHTER) Yeah, all right, all right.
Maybe the lasagne was a bit burnt Next time, I'll cook.
Oh, next time? You're pushing your luck! You know, Tracy's out for the night.
Mum's staying over with Isla.
So game of Scrabble? (DOOR SLAMS) Dad? I'm home (SIGHS) Hey, Tracy.
You're back.
You're not a DCI for nothing! I thought you had a date.
Er don't let me spoil your fun.
I'm just gonna go upstairs and listen to some proper music.
It's fine, I was leaving anyway.
No, you Stay.
You have my room.
I'll sleep on the sofa.
It's fine, I'm not 12.
I know you two are shagging.
Er hey! Chance'd be a fine thing! Come on, stay.
She's fine with it.
She's been stood up.
Now she feels like a gooseberry.
She's pissed off.
Trust me.
Talk to her.
(SIGHS) (SOFTLY) See you later.
(SIGHS) (MUFFLED ROCK MUSIC) Tracy, are you OK? Yeah, I'm fine.
You're probably better off without - (MUSIC GETS LOUDER) (YAWNS) Late night, was it? Hardly slept a wink.
She means with the baby.
What else could she mean (?) There's a Mrs Juliet Doyle here to see you.
Your old neighbour.
She's very upset.
I've put her in your office, out the way.
That was nice of you! If I'd been blessed with a bedside manner, I'd have become a nurse.
The NHS was spared.
Juliet, what's wrong? It's Erin.
What's happened? We brought her up well, didn't we? (LAUGHS) Of course, put us to shame.
Tracy used to want you and Peter to adopt her, do you remember? (LAUGHS TEARFULLY) Now, come on.
I can't help unless you tell me what the problem is.
(SIGHS) I was cleaning her bedroom this morning, when something fell off the top of the wardrobe.
A shoebox, wrapped.
With a tag on it.
Well, it's her birthday in two weeks.
I know she's been seeing someone.
The paper had torn so I thought, 'Well there's no harm in having a peek to see what he's bought her.
' What was in the box? A gun.
Where is it now? Peter's put it back on top of the wardrobe.
Does Erin know that you found it? No.
She was in the shower.
I told Peter not to mention it.
J-Juliet Who is it that she's been seeing? (SIGHS) I don't know.
(SOBBING) She won't tell me.
She doesn't tell me anything.
It's gonna be fine.
(KEYS RATTLE IN LOCK) (DOOR RATTLES) (PHONE RINGS) I told you not to call me.
Have you changed my locks? First you take my bar, and now - I had nothing to do with that.
You know why I'm doing this, Jaff.
I told you yesterday.
You don't work for me any more, so why should I pay your rent? (SPEAKERPHONE) Where's all my stuff? Where the hell am I meant to live? Not round here, if you know what's good for you.
Oh, please, I'm s- (HANGS UP) Too clever for his own good in the end.
So Are you ready to fill his shoes? It's a big leap for a dole bum from where were you brought up again? Deptford.
Look, if you don't think I'm up to the job - Beggars can't be choosers.
You think you can just pop round there and saunter out with a potentially loaded gun? The majority of allegations regarding firearms turn out to be either imitations or air guns.
That might not be the case here.
The property needs to be secured and the rogue weapon shut down.
It's just easier if I deal with it.
I'll defuse any tension.
Especially as they're old friends.
It's too dangerous.
Erin might not even know the gun's there.
Helen, she's not a criminal.
I lived next door to the Doyles for years.
I won't be diverted from the standard operating procedure because of your sentimentality.
You can't be certain Erin isn't involved.
If she is, her dad's life could be at risk.
You do understand the scale of a response like this, don't you? Do you really want to inflict that on the Doyles? We'd be doing this to protect the Doyles.
I suggest you sit with Mrs Doyle, make sure she doesn't warn Erin and let me monitor the raid.
Ken, log the incident, call in an armed response team, and we'll need a plan of the interior of the house.
Could you run a check on the Doyle family? Erin in particular.
I'd better go.
(SIGHS) Here we go, folks.
Excuse me.
Superintendent Mike Trethowan.
DI Helen Morton.
Plans of the interior and aerial images of the surrounding area.
Have you managed to alert the occupants? The landline's engaged.
I've got another number for Erin Doyle.
Best not to contact her directly.
She's technically a suspect.
Our priority is her safety.
In which case maybe we should raise the risk assessment.
I'll call the landline again.
Folks My colleague, Helen, will get Erin out of harm's way.
Then we can take care of the gun.
Promise me she won't get into any more trouble.
That all depends on whether or not she knew the gun was there.
No, she can't have.
Who does she spend time with these days? Well, she's out drinking all hours with God knows who.
She's out of control.
(MUFFLED) Do you have any idea what you're putting your mother through? (MUFFLED SHOUTING) You're not going to your room! Get out of my way! I'm your father, you'll do as you're told! They're arguing with a possible section five firearm in the mix.
I don't want to aggravate the situation.
What are you gonna do, hit me? Don't you dare - This could soon develop into a hostage situation.
At worst, a fatal shooting.
It's your call.
Erin, get back here! I've had it with you! OK, go ahead.
You don't scare me.
Get off me! Go.
(SHOUTING CONTINUES FROM INSIDE) Erin! Get off me! Open up! Erin, stay there! What's going on? Stay there! (SCREAMING AND SHOUTING) VARIOUS POLICEMEN: Armed Police! Help! Help! (SCREAMS) Dad, help me! Get your hands off her! (ERIN SCREAMING) Get off me! (TASER CRACKLES) (ERIN SOBS HYSTERICALLY) Warburton, give me an update.
RADIO: Man down! Man down! I need medical support! (ERIN SOBS) I need an ambulance at 30 Laburnum Way.
It's urgent.
(SCREAMS) They've shot him! They've shot him! Shit.
Help! Get off me! He had a weapon, a sword or something.
He collapsed.
Alice thinks he had a heart attack.
Yes, suspected cardiac arrest.
What, is that it?! Is that the weapon? I think your officers might have some serious explaining to do.
(SIREN) DI Morton.
I need a scene of crime team at 30 Laburnam Way as soon as possible, please.
Firearm secured, sir.
How is he? They hit him in the chest, electrocuted him, Alan.
I'm so sorry.
I came to you as a friend! We had to follow procedure.
He'd just had a knee operation.
You didn't tell me that.
I didn't expect him to be attacked! I mean you promised me your colleagues would sort it out calmly.
Now he's here.
Erin's in jail - We just wanna talk to her.
Yeah, well.
Wish I'd talked to her, instead of trusting you.
(SIGHS) 9mm, semi-automatic.
Smith and Wesson.
Looks about 20 years old.
As you can see, the serial number has been filed down.
'To my darling Erin, not to be opened until your birthday.
Lots of love.
' Three kisses.
And they say romance is dead! What? Helen, what the hell happened? Th-they were fighting.
They wouldn't answer the door.
Our aim was to preserve life.
Try telling that to Juliet Doyle.
Just been to see her husband, Peter.
He might not make it.
I'm not saying it was your fault - Good, cos it really wasn't.
You did overrule Alan.
No surprise you're backing him up.
I'm backing him up because he's right.
I'm not gonna apologise for following the rules, especially in the light of some new information.
What new information? The gun's been fired recently.
What's happened to Peter Doyle is unfortunate, but it's better that he was Tasered than shot dead.
Unfortunate's putting it mildly, Helen.
Ken, check out all recent reported shootings.
Annie? Is my dad gonna be OK? We hope so, Erin.
Do you know why you're here? The policeman said something about firearms offences.
Why didn't you answer the door? We were fighting.
He wouldn't let me go up to my room.
That's because he knew that this was there.
9mm, Smith and Wesson, semi-automatic.
Hidden on top of your wardrobe.
Wrapped up as a present.
Your mum found it this morning.
Did you know what was inside? No.
(TEARFUL) Why would he give me a gun? Who, Erin? Who gave it to you? It's important, because it's been used.
Fired, maybe by whoever gave it to you.
Who gave the gun to you, Erin? (SNIFFLES) Jaff.
Jaff Kitson.
Has he killed somebody? Our returns on our initial investment have exceeded even my expectations.
Have I ever steered you wrong before? It's a good site with a strong grid network.
Morning, gents.
I see you've started without me.
Mr Channing will take care of you.
I told you to stay away.
You can't just cut me off.
I helped you build up this business.
You betrayed my family.
Move on and pray that body never gets found.
Or what, I'll be joining it? You haven't dumped the car yet? Do you wanna get caught? I've retained the gun.
What? You sign over what I'm due, half your assets, you get it back.
Is everything all right? You put this idiot in charge, you'll be a laughing stock.
If you're so clever, how come you ended up with sod all? And I want my bar back, as well.
You haven't got the balls to do this.
Oh, yeah? (DISTANT SIRENS) Excuse me, now.
Annie! I hear you've had a baby.
Did someone make a complaint (?) What brings you here, sir? (SIGHS) The fiasco that led to an innocent person being Tasered.
There's gonna be an internal inquiry.
Oh, shit.
I'm overseeing it.
I could do with your help on it.
You know your way around the MCU.
But I'd be investigating one of my own team, amongst others.
If DI Morton did nothing wrong, you'd be doing her, and us, a favour by keeping it in-house.
What if she is to blame? Does the fact that she's a colleague mean she should get away with it? You'd be doing us a huge favour that wouldn't go unnoticed.
(SIGHS) Jaffar Kitson, AKA 'Jaff', moved to Leeds from London five years ago.
Previously worked as a city banker.
Left under a cloud after misappropriating funds.
No charges were pressed.
Now works primarily as a financial adviser.
Grew up in Peckham.
No dad in the picture, mum died seven years ago.
Excelled at school.
He's done well for himself.
According to the database, he drives a smoking hot silver MG TF.
Erin Doyle said he was driving a black Audi T when he picked her up on Monday night.
Tariq, check CCTV around Market Street.
See if you can get a registration.
We found a clear set of prints on the gun.
They're not on file.
The number he gave Erin Doyle is a pay-as-you-go, can't be traced.
They'd only been seeing each other for a couple of months.
Apparently, Jaff would turn up out of the blue, and she was so dazzled by the champagne lifestyle, she never asked any questions.
Classic 'good girl meets bad boy'.
We've all been there.
(What?) The gun had been fired and then wrapped up as a present.
Why? When's her birthday? Not for a couple of weeks.
Maybe it was a safe hiding place.
He was buying time.
I'm going to release Erin Doyle, tell her to contact us if and when Jaff Kitson gets in touch.
How do we know they're not in this together? I'm pretty sure she's innocent.
We need to find Jaff Kitson before he knows that we're on to him.
Find out his friends, his work colleagues, who he hangs around wi- Sir.
Couldwe talk in your office? Right.
I'll hand you over to Chief Superintendent Chambers.
Head of Professional Standards.
I don't think you need me to explain why this debacle necessitates an internal inquiry.
Superintendent Chambers has requested Annie's services.
She has kindly agreed.
What? DS Cabbot is familiar with the unit.
No offence, but how can she possibly be objective? Because she also has experience in professional standards.
We're overstretched and under resourced.
Makes sense.
It's a done deal.
Firstly, I'll need statements from Superintendent Trethowan and the team involved in the operation.
Same goes for the Major Crimes Unit and DCI Banks.
You have my co-operation.
I'm confident my officers acted in accordance with the law and their training.
Well What? I'm not convinced that the intelligence provided by DI Morton was wholly reliable.
DI Morton is nothing if not pathologically thorough.
I'll second that.
The damage happened in the house, caused by your Taser-happy officers.
Damage which key information could have prevented.
If you're trying to shift blame for the incompetency of your unit on to DI Morton, you're a bigger prick than I thought.
Sorry sir.
Our priority is an investigation into the provenance of the gun.
It's been used recently.
Do what you have to.
I haven't got time for this bullshit.
Boss, there's no news on any reported shootings matching the gun.
With a bit of luck, it was just used for target practice.
Helen, listen There's gonna be an internal inquiry about what happened this morning.
The Doyle family, the press and senior management simply won't accept this as an accident.
But that's Superintendent Trethowan's problem, surely.
He's making noises that he didn't receive the full intelligence.
What? But he did.
What did I miss? Knowing you, not much.
Don't worry.
I'm gonna support you all the way on this.
I've never been the subject of an investigation before.
I know.
There's one more thing you should know Annie's leading the investigation.
Don't ask me why.
It's gonna be fine.
(DOOR OPENS) I know you disapprove, but Chambers is my old boss, and he wanted me, needed me for the job.
What did he offer you? Promotion? Ambitious to a fault, eh, Annie? I've never made a secret of that.
But at Helen's expense? She should have let you take the sodding gun, Alan.
So what, now you're gonna teach her a lesson? You think I said yes to get at her? You think I'm that shallow? So why did you, when we're all working so well together? You, Helen, you're part of a team.
Now she's under attack and you're firing the bullets.
What the hell were you thinking? If she's done nothing wrong, she's got nothing to worry about.
You know this kind of thing is Helen's worst nightmare.
The least we could've done is given her our full support.
I had no idea she meant that much to you.
I'm sorry, I ate on the way home.
Force of habit.
You need looking after.
(LAUGHS) Used to my own company, I guess.
Well I'll pack my bags then, shall I (?) You don't wanna be stuck with me.
Married to the job, you know what it's like.
You should be with people your own age.
Having fun.
If you like, I can sub you rent for a while, till you find a job.
Yeah, but I don't want any old job.
I wanna do something exciting.
Actually, I know a guy who's got contacts in events management.
Or I could try stripping! (SIGHS) (Yeah.
) Did you bring the present? I thought we could open it together.
What the hell do you think you're doing, giving me a gun as a gift? Who have you told? My mum found it.
She went to the police.
(HISSES) Shit! Why didn't you stop her? I didn't know she found it! Did you shoot someone, Jaff? No, of course I didn't.
I was just keeping it for a friend.
That's all.
He needed a safe hiding place.
Now, tell me, Erin Where is the gun now? The police have got it.
They raided the house.
They Tasered my dad, gave him a heart attack! I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, baby, I'm sorry.
But did you tell them that I gave it to you? (SOBBING) I had to.
But I didn't tell them you called tonight.
Not that you deserved it.
You used me.
(PHONE RINGS) What's she ringing you for, Jaff? If you're cheating on me after everything you've put me through, I might as well go to the police now - (You do that and I will kill you.
) Morning! Good night, was it (?) Yeah.
That guy I mentioned is gonna help me get into events management.
The events management guy.
How old is this guy? I dunno.
Are you sure that's all he wants? Cos God forbid he thought I had any actual talent! (SIGHS) You're the one that wanted me to get the job and move out.
I only said that - It's fine, I get it.
You've got Annie and the baby.
Maybe you want one of your own.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Where's all this - And then there's Mum and her new family.
Maybe I should open a creche.
Tracy, what's this really about? (SIGHS) I came here to sort my head out.
And you don't even talk to me.
And when you do, all you do is lecture.
I lecture.
So, I don't have the right to an opinion? No.
No, you lost that right when you walked out on us.
(SIGHS HEAVILY) Just because we've had no reported shootings matching this gun, that doesn't mean there isn't a victim out there that we've yet to find.
And as I'm already one officer down, it means we have to pick up the pace on this.
Er no report on any stolen black Audi TTs as yet.
Ken, the search warrant for Jaff Kitson's flat? The CPS are presenting the report this morning.
Come on.
He networks, he schmoozes.
There must be plenty of people out there who know him.
We could try Mitchell's Bar on Bridge Street.
Jaff used to own it.
An application was made last month to transfer the licence to the new owner, Mitchell Channing.
It seems Jaff Kitson refused to sign the consent form, but they granted it anyway.
Fancy a pint? We're not open yet.
Mitchell Channing? Yeah? DCI Banks.
DI Morton.
We understand you bought this place from Jaff Kitson a few months ago.
You still in touch? No.
We know he refused to transfer the licence of this place over to you.
Why was that? He needed the money, then he changed his mind.
How much did you pay for it? (SCOFFS) We can find out.
I paid in cash.
What's he done? Have you any idea where he might be? Who his friends are? Nah.
I don't hang out with wankers.
That was some outburst yesterday.
Banks should try anger management.
Worked for you, did it (?) Constable Warburton, DS Cabott.
How's Peter Doyle? Still on life support.
I'd just like you to walk us through what happened.
Well, no-one answered the door.
They were arguing.
It was escalating.
So, DI Morton decided to raise the risk assessment.
Myself and Constable Alice Craig entered through the front door.
Constables Gemmill and Miles, behind us, were tasked with securing the weapon.
It was dark, like this.
Yeah, the electricity was off.
Looks like Doyle was re-wiring the house.
We weren't informed that the power was off.
It was a bloody obstacle course.
One of the officers fell over.
The door slammed shut, it was chaos.
You didn't have a torch? Before I could get to it, the girl came running out, screaming.
Constable Clarke was bringing her under control here when the father appeared in the doorway, shouting.
Threatening? Wielding what looked like a weapon.
But was, in fact, a walking stick.
In the dark, it could've been anything.
A baseball bat, a sword.
Constable Warburton, the light, please? Like this? Yeah.
He appeared to be about to attack Constable Clarke, so I discharged my Taser.
And where were you, exactly? Constable Warburton reacted as standard operating procedure - I'm not aware of anything in the SOP that specifies a Taser should be aimed at the chest.
I aimed for the right arm, the one holding the stick but I missed.
The lad's owned up to his mistake.
So I trust, in your report, you'll take into account the mitigating circumstances of his error.
Basically, they went in blind thanks to DI Morton.
After Warby Constable Warburton, after he discharged the Taser, the old guy collapsed, so I gave him CPR.
Did you believe Peter Doyle was brandishing some sort of weapon? Yeah, definitely.
We couldn't see anything.
So in your opinion, Constable Warburton was right to Taser him? I know you guys are tight-knit, Alice.
Your lives depend on it.
I'm the youngest on the unit.
You know, a fast-tracked female officer - Doesn't always go down too well, does it? Exactly.
You've got two choices.
Either be one of the boys or shag around.
Which one did you go for? What will happen if Constable Warburton's held accountable? There'll be a misconduct hearing.
No, you have to understand.
In the dark, it was bedlam - It must have been, for him to miss Peter Doyle's arm.
Yeah, well, that could be a bit tricky.
I dunno, I'm thinking of leaving town for a while.
London, maybe.
Hey, listen.
I don't suppose you fancy coming on a bit of a road trip with me? Cool.
I'll give you a call later, yeah? All right.
You know what, look, I can show you my new ride.
All right, babe.
We could hear Erin Doyle inside, issuing threats.
She sounded hysterical.
We believed her to be a very real threat.
Superintendent Trethowan was keen to raise the risk assessment at once.
Yet ultimately, it was your decision, DI Morton.
Yes, and I stand by it.
Even though you neglected to tell the armed response team that the Doyle house was being re-wired? How could I have known that? By talking to Juliet Doyle.
It was me that talked to Juliet Doyle.
I was more concerned with keeping her calm than grilling her about her husband's latest DIY project! You also failed to inform the unit that Peter Doyle was using a walking stick, following a recent knee operation.
Again, a detail that's only relevant in hindsight.
The damage was done inside the house.
Damage that could have been avoided had the officer who fired the Taser known that Peter Doyle wasn't in the best of health.
He was using a walking stick, as opposed to brandishing a weapon.
Did you do all the necessary checks? Of course I did.
Including Peter Doyle's medical records? No.
I honestly didn't think to.
That's not necessarily standard practice.
The officer who fired the Taser is merely trying to pass the buck because their incompetence caused a near-fatality.
I can see how I'm an easy target.
However, I didn't check Peter Doyle's medical records, and I take full responsibility for that.
OK, interview is over.
I'll expect a full report on the ACC's desk in the morning.
(DOOR SLAMS) Well, that's precisely why I didn't want you to get involved.
Well, I can't back down now, can I? Can we do something tonight? Take our minds off all this.
What? I can't just switch off when I know that Helen's reputation is on the line.
(DOOR OPENS) We've found a missing person's case relating to a black TT.
Richard Martin, 33, a club DJ.
(SIGHS HEAVILY) He was last seen leaving a gig in Redcar last Saturday, around 2:15am, heading home to Byford.
His car reg was picked up on the system twice.
First, leaving the motorway on to the A672.
3:00am, Sunday morning.
That's the last sighting of Richard Martin's car until here.
About an hour ago.
Guess who's driving? Jaff Kitson.
Nice work, Ken.
Any records of him boarding any flights? No.
I've informed airport security and Tariq's gone over to impound the car.
OK, 3:00am, Sunday morning.
Richard Martin goes missing.
Monday night, Jaff Kitson, driving Richard Martin's black TT, drops Erin Doyle at home, leaving a gun with her.
Then today, Jaff Kitson dumps the black TT at the airport.
If the gun was used on Richard Martin - Why would he hold on to the gun? If Jaff Kitson killed Richard Martin, then why not just get rid of the weapon? Why leave it with your girlfriend? So he could go back and get it? To what end? Kill someone else? What the hell is Jaff Kitson mixed up in? Something else I don't understand Why did you cave in so easily down there? Because I should have asked more questions.
I Maybe it is my fault.
This is new.
White BMW.
Looks like he's trying to run Richard Martin off the road.
Looks like there's two of them.
Look who's in the passenger seat.
Jaff Kitson had an accomplice? NL12 PNZ.
The BMW's registered to Alistair Jenkins.
You're joking.
Who's Alistair Jenkins? Millionaire property developer, head of AJ Ltd.
All-round nasty piece of work, destroys anyone who gets in his way.
Richard Martin wouldn't be the first person to disappear after running in to him.
(SIGHS) DCI Banks.
Can't say I've missed your surprise visits.
Do you know this man? Never seen him before in my life.
Mr Jenkins, where were you on Sunday night at 3:00am? In bed.
Can anybody vouch for that? My wife died last year.
No woman could ever replace her.
So who was driving your BMW with Jaff Kitson in the passenger seat? Jaff Kitson? Your financial adviser for the last five years.
Not my car.
Really? It's got your numberplate.
Richard Martin had his car run off the road by your BMW.
Jaff Kitson then dumped Richard Martin's stolen Audi T before attempting to hide a gun which had been recently fired.
Now, we suspect that he, or you, shot Richard Martin and stole his car.
I'm really not into carjacking.
But you are into violence and intimidation.
Whatever I was into none of which was proven - Only because your victims always withdrew evidence.
Usually from a hospital bed.
In fact, the last bloke who crossed you vanished without a trace.
I'm a changed man.
That's why I gave Jaff the boot last week.
He'd become too volatile, out of control.
He's got a spare set of keys for the Beemer, too.
Seems I was right to let him go.
If he gets in touch, you'll be the first to know.
Would you mind if I took a set of prints, Mr Jenkins? Yeah, I would, actually.
Why would they run a DJ off the road in the early hours of the morning? And why was Jaff Kitson cocky enough to swan around in his stolen Audi T until today? He thought he'd got away with it.
So, what's changed? Do you think someone tipped him off that we'd found the gun? Who knew, apart from the Doyle family? We need to talk to Erin Doyle.
I wanted Erin to answer the door rather than go back to her room.
(EXHALES) I thought it was Alan, you see.
Next thing, these thugs are breaking in.
Erin ran out.
I went after her.
Did you have your walking stick? Eh? One of the officers said that you had it raised in the air.
Did you see anything, Erin? No.
They pushed me to the floor.
It's hard to remember.
He's not long come round.
He's still a bit confused.
I'm not surprised.
Especially when the lights were out.
What makes you say that? You were re-wiring the house.
Yeah So you'd switched the power off.
I'd had a cuppa.
Whether I'd turned the power off after that I really don't know.
He hit the wall here Was forced to stop.
Jaff Kitson nicked his car - And rolled up in Eastvale with a gun which had been recently used.
Call the support unit.
We need to search for a body.
There are more questions to ask in this inquiry, sir.
Do you have any evidence? No, but if you give me more time - When you took this on, you assured me you could be completely unbiased.
Anyway, I didn't form the impression that DI Morton is someone you feel a personal loyalty to.
No, no, I don't, but - Well, then, you have to accept that the results of our inquiry will hold her entirely to blame.
(SIGHS) What will happen to her? Sadly, this could well be the end of DI Morton's career.
Have you seen Jaff Kitson or spoken to him since Monday night? No.
Can I check your phone, please, Erin? Why, do you not trust me? Trust works both ways.
If you're lying, it may lead me to think you knew you were hiding a potential murder weapon.
No, I didn't, I swear.
Jaff texted me last night.
We met up in the city centre.
Did you tell him we'd found the gun? Yeah.
I give him what for, and then I just left him there.
Do you know where he is now? No.
Jaff Kitson may have shot and killed this man.
If you're lying to us again, we'll have to arrest you for perverting the course of justice.
We're trying to help you, Erin.
Jaff Kitson is a dangerous man.
Are you in love with him? Is that why you're protecting him? Because I don't think he loves you.
I think he's using you.
He did love me! He told me, and that was before he gave me the present.
And if he has gone off me, it's your Tracy's fault.
Tracy? What's Tracy got to do with it? She stole him from me! She rang him last night when I was with him.
He probably shagged her right after he threatened to kill me.
(SOBS) (ANSWERPHONE) Hi, this is Tracy.
Leave a message.
If your luck's in, I'll get back to you.
Tracy, love When you get this message, will you call me? Please (SIGHS) I am so up for this.
My dad's being such a dickhead.
How come? He keeps interrogating me.
Once a policeman Your dad's a cop? He's a bloody DCI, no less.
So, where are you taking me? On the ride of your life.