DCI Banks Aftermath s04e06 Episode Script

Bad Boy (2)

We can't leave him here like that.
And now he's seen us.
Now, we suspect that Jaff Kitson, or you, shot Richard Martin and stole his car.
I'm really not into carjacking.
- I've retained the gun.
- What?! You sign over what I'm due - half your assets - you'll get it back.
So, are you ready to fill his shoes? The property needs to be secured and the rogue weapon shut down.
Police! - Stand back, sir.
- They've got my dad! This debacle necessitates an internal enquiry.
Annie's leading the investigation.
- The door slammed shut.
- We couldn't see anything.
I didn't check Peter Doyle's medical records.
I take responsibility.
Sadly, this could well be the end of DI Morton's career.
- All you do is lecture.
- So I don't have the right to an opinion? Tracy, love, when you get this message, will you call me? - Your dad's a cop? - He's a bloody DCI, no less.
- So, where are you taking me? - On the ride of your life.
'Hi, this is Tracy, leave a message.
If your luck's in, I'll get back to you.
' Tracy, this is Dad.
Just call me.
Hi, Alan.
24/7 Speedy Cabs picked up Tracy from your cottage at 12:45 this afternoon, and dropped her at Merrion Street at around 1:15.
All CCTV coverage along the street from one o'clock onwards.
Yeah, she had an overnight bag.
Did she say where she was going? No.
Look, if you've had a row, might she have gone to her mum's? No.
I checked.
I need the boss.
Ken wants you.
Tracy's phone is somewhere in the city centre.
She received a call from a pay-as-you-go number at 10:46 this morning, and a text message, same number, an hour later, saying Saying what, Ken? 'Pack something sexy.
' Alan, where are you? Alan? We've lost him now.
Mr Kitson, open up.
Got the warrant to search Jaff Kitson's flat.
Too late.
Jaff Kitson's laptop - see if there's a link to Richard Martin.
Richard Martin is a single DJ from Byford.
No connection as yet.
Jaff Kitson and Al Jenkins, they're more than just business partners.
They're close pals, but they run a man off the road, they shoot him and then they stash the gun.
Why? Tracy's phone's still live near the Merrion Centre.
That doesn't mean she is.
Get uniform down there, Ken.
Occupational hazard.
Thinking the worst because of what we see at work.
It's what I fail to see, that's what gets me.
We're not mind readers.
My son ended up in the cells, remember? I hate to bring this up now, but you broke into Jaff Kitson's flat with no warrant, meaning evidence found on that laptop could be inadmissible.
Do you think I give a shit?! Sorry, Helen.
Every parent of every missing child that I've ever given assurances to, I had no idea what they were going through.
I need to talk to you in private.
Alan, Helen .
could you come with us? Peter Doyle has taken out a civil suit against the Chief Constable for negligence.
I'm sorry to have to tell you this, but according to the Professional Standards report, the blame lies with you, Helen.
There's liability on the part of Yorkshire Constabulary.
'Peter Doyle's unlawful shooting was the result of a failure of intelligence support.
DI Morton sent the Armed Response Unit into an extremely hazardous situation without alerting them to the fact that the house was being rewired, and with the power cut off, the hallway was in darkness, and Peter Doyle was using a walking stick.
' And the officer who fired the taser is absolved of any responsibility? No, I'm not having this! I'm as unhappy about this as you are.
I have the utmost respect for you, Helen, but my hands are tied.
Until this legal case is over - I'm on paid suspension.
I'll clear my desk.
Helen, you can't take this lying down.
But if I'm to blame, what can I do? I don't think you are.
This is all about Trethowan protecting his team, lobbying the ACC and using you as a scapegoat.
But why would an officer of his calibre do that? It was an accident.
We've only got their version.
You didn't see what went on in the house.
No, I didn't go in there.
Well, neither did Trethowan.
Well, not until afterwards.
What? Yeah.
After I called the crime scene team, I went to find Trethowan and he came out of the house.
He did, yeah.
I'm almost sure of it.
Excuse me, sir.
You might want to see this.
Helen, I'm sorry.
I really am.
Is that Tracy? What's going on? She's been seeing Jaff Kitson.
Now, the boss can't get hold of her.
Tariq, rewind that.
I want to see who the driver is.
Right, pass on the car details to ANPR.
Helen, please don't go anywhere.
We're going to sort this.
Annie, come with me.
Tracy bumped into Erin and Jaff in a bar about three weeks ago.
Jaff got Tracy's number.
He promised he could find her work.
Erin thought something was going on, but Jaff talked her round.
He must've liked Tracy to start with.
He liked Erin Doyle, but, last night, he threatened to kill her.
He's an arch manipulator.
Tracy fell for him because I took my eye off the ball.
Alan - All I know is she was under my roof, in my care.
I should have kept her safe.
What? What if he's taken her because of me? Where's Jaff Kitson? Haven't you found him? Don't piss me about.
We know how close you two are.
Sorry, I can't help you.
Jaff Kitson has taken my daughter somewhere, and I've no idea where.
Now, this may be a game to you, but she means the world to me so tell me where he is, or, I promise you, I will do whatever it takes to bring you down because I'm not walking away from this.
And this time, neither are you.
Empty threats and no real evidence.
Some things never change.
Now, you can arrest me or bugger off before I sue you for harassment.
I don't blame you for bricking it.
The boy's not right in the head.
Come on.
Your little plan with the gun backfired, didn't it? Have you learnt nothing from me? Yeah.
Not to trust you.
See, the thing is .
you are in a hole.
And I'm the only one who can get you out.
You need me, old man.
And you always have done.
Come on.
What are you up to? Is that? Mm-hm.
DCI Banks' daughter.
Now, you can exchange her for the gun in return for the original deal, which was half your assets.
I bet he'd do anything to get her back.
I've just heard.
I'm so sorry.
I can't imagine We'll do everything we can to find her.
I don't want to pull rank, Alan, but in view of the fact that this case is so personal to you now, you should step back.
No, please, don't do this.
It's for your own good.
If it were me, I'd be going out of my mind - You can't take me off.
I let this happen.
It's my job to find her and bring her home.
How did I know you were going to say that? Look, I've got Helen to worry about.
I can't afford for you to go off the rails.
Just don't do anything stupid.
They've found Richard Martin's body.
I've got to go.
Why did you lie to us about buying the bar from Jaff Kitson when it was Al Jenkins that sold it to you? Why didn't you tell us that? I should warn you that both men are suspects in a gun crime, possibly murder.
I bought the bar off Al, but the money went into Jaff's pocket.
Al Jenkins isn't the kind of man to give something away for nothing.
Yet you end up with the bar, Jaff Kitson ends up with the cash.
Well, I thinkthat maybe Jaff was blackmailing him.
It's you I'm interested in.
Al Jenkins' new flavour of the month.
I just work for him.
No offence, but why would Al Jenkins replace a skilled businessman like Jaff Kitson with an unemployed amateur from Deptford? He must have been pretty desperate to put you in charge.
You better drop this! Now I'm even more intrigued.
Ah, Superintendent Trethowan.
DI Morton.
I'm sorry about the outcome of the inquiry.
Why, when you got away with it? Got away with what? Whatever happened in there, you went back into the Doyle house after the event.
In the moment, I'd forgotten, so I didn't say.
But there's no mention of it in your statement.
No, that's because it didn't happen.
But I saw you come out.
Well, no-one else did.
It's rather convenient for you to start imagining such details now.
You've been under a lot of strain.
In fact, I'm not entirely sure you should even be here.
Why would a policeman's daughter get involved with someone like Jaff Kitson? Because she's a policeman's daughter.
They're not Jaff Kitson's prints on the cartridge of the gun.
So, whose are they? Ken.
They aren't Jaff's fingerprints.
I'm checking Ident One for a match.
Sort out a warrant for Al Jenkins' arrest.
It looks like he took quite a beating.
Punched and kicked and shot twice in the chest here.
I'd say he's been dead about three to four days.
Looks like a nine millimetre to me.
Tracy? It's Al Jenkins.
I'm standing at Richard Martin's grave.
In Hazle Woods.
Who killed him? Where's Jaff Kitson? If he hurts my daughter, I swear - Oh, he won't.
Not just yet.
He knows how much she means to you.
If you want to see her again, I suggest we meet up.
Yeah, I know it.
What the hell were you playing at? Verbally assaulting a senior officer.
Trethowan's made a formal complaint, and you've just made your situation a whole lot worse for the tribunal.
Tell me, Annie, when you interviewed Trethowan, did you give him as hard a time as you gave me? Trethowan went into the Doyle house after recovering the gun and Doyle being brought out.
There's no mention of that in your report.
He didn't tell me.
I saw him come out.
So why would a senior officer go back into the house and compromise the integrity of a crime scene? If there's an innocent explanation - Why did he hide it from me? Trethowan knows I'm powerless because I've been suspended.
He's relying on the fact that no-one will believe me.
Jaff You're OK.
You fainted.
Did I? Where are we? It's just a house I'm overseeing.
I can't remember anything.
Oh, my God .
did you drug me? I didn't do anything.
Well, you did, Jaff.
You must have.
Why? Oh, come on.
Now, have some water.
It'll make you feel better.
Whoa, whoa, whoa! You are not going anywhere, so don't make me do something I'll regret.
My dad, the police will be looking for me.
They'll track the GPS on my phone.
Well, unfortunately for you, I ditched your phone in Leeds.
Oh, come on.
You're the one who wanted an adventure.
This is just a bit of business.
How do I fit in? I'm hoping your dad will want his little girl back.
And preferably in one piece.
Ain't it beautiful here? I used to bring Miranda, my wife, up here towards the end.
She found it comforting that all this was here before she was born, and would be long after she'd gone.
What do you want from me? I want to make a confession.
Sunday night on the motorway, Richard Martin cut me up and I wasn't having it.
I killed him.
Road rage? Yeah, I lost it after years of reigning it in.
Jaff was meant to clean up, but he kept hold of the gun.
They're my prints on the cartridge.
He wanted to exact concessions.
So, if you get me the gun, in exchange for your daughter Jaff gets his concessions.
Why did you keep your prints on the gun? For God's sake, he's got your daughter.
He drugged her and stuck her in the boot of his car.
If you refuse or call back-up, I'll take what's coming.
But once Jaff realises she's of no use to him .
she won't be the first body he's buried.
You've got till tomorrow morning.
According to his medical records, Al Jenkins' got secondary cancer - lung and abdomen.
He's got a couple of months at best.
Boss, go home, get some rest.
There's nothing more you can do here.
We'll call if anything comes up.
We will find her.
'Night, Ken.
It was bad enough when I thought Tracy had gone with him willingly, cos part of me hoped she wouldn't even realise she was in danger.
But he drugged her, Helen.
He threw her in the boot of his car.
If I just tried to stay with her this morning, just tried to talk to her Blaming yourself won't help.
You need to think like a police officer.
What matters is that Al Jenkins has admitted to killing Richard Martin.
A gun that may have his prints on.
You should arrest him.
And risk Tracy's life? So, you trust Al Jenkins over your team? He gave me no choice.
Well, he can't go back and take the gun.
Not now that I know about it.
What would you do if it was one of your children? God knows but there are Standard Operating Procedures for a reason.
Look where they got you.
If you hadn't insisted on following procedure, your career wouldn't be on the line right now.
Annie's right.
I should never have listened to you.
Because now you wouldn't be in this mess.
I still think I did the right thing.
You can't let a murderer walk free.
Whatever's at stake.
Because you cross that line, and it will destroy you.
And I'm truly sorry for what you're going through .
but you need to trust me on this.
I can think straight because it's NOT my child that's out there.
Alan? Alan? What are you doing? I'm looking forsomething.
Anything that might help.
I had to come.
Whatever shit's gone down at work, I'm still your girlfriend AnnieI don't have time for this right now.
I want to help.
Don't push me away.
Hey Alan You need to go.
Is that what you want? - (Please.
) - (OK.
) Al it's DCI Banks.
I need you all to understand we treat this case like any other.
Our sole objective is to get Tracy Banks back and Jaff Kitson locked up on a safe conviction.
OK? Annie.
The gun we recovered killed Richard Martin.
Al Jenkins and Jaff Kitson were working together.
If Jenkins' prints match the unidentified partials on the gun cartridge, we've nailed him.
If he's in league with Kitson, we have a direct line to Tracy.
If Jaff Kitson is using Tracy as leverage, why hasn't he issued demands? You think I need reminding, Ken? Thanks, everyone.
Ken's right - there's been no contact from Jaff Kitson.
He'll be in touch.
I'm sure.
Annielast night, I'm sorry.
I was in a bad place.
It's fine.
I just wanted to help.
I know.
I know the inquiry's supposed to be over, but I've dug out more background on the Armed Response Unit, and it puts things in a new light.
I've had fingerprints taken from the Doyle's hallway to see if Trethowan went in there.
I'm waiting for the results.
I need Helen back on the team.
With grouping like that, why did Trethowan fast-track you, Alice? Or is this just an off day? What's he said? He didn't have to.
I had a hunch.
You found your best option - sleep with your boss.
But then I'd expect no less from an expert shot, among the top 5% in the country, with an exemplary record and a glut of trophies.
And, yet, you missed a man's arm from 15 feet.
The lights were off.
The power was disconnected.
You know, I've refused firearms training five times.
Why? Because I don't want to carry a gun.
I really don't want to carry a gun.
Why not? Because I might have to use it.
It must stick in your throat - an officer previously renowned for keeping a cool head, now on record as a loose cannon.
How come you lost your nerve, Mark? Unless someone else did.
What did Trethowan promise you? That I'd hold onto my career.
Now, you give me one good reason why I should let that happen.
When did Constable Alice Craig volunteer to be part of the Armed Response Unit? Six months ago.
Why? And you approved her posting, despite her lack of experience.
She had potential.
How many viable operations had she been part of? One.
I really don't see the relevance.
A few months ago, Constable Alice Craig failed her refresher course.
Why didn't you revoke her authorisation card? She deserved another chance.
Because you were having an affair with her? Is that why she was over-promoted in the first place? Why are Constable Craig's skills being called into question? According to DI Morton, you went back into the Doyle house after Peter Doyle had been evacuated, after the Armed Response Unit had vacated the premises with the rogue weapon.
DI Morton is clutching at straws.
Constable Warburton said you ordered him to take the blame.
He's lying.
It was Constable Alice Craig that missed the light switch, panicked and fired the taser.
She failed to put on the light - that's why it was in the dark.
You have no evidence to substantiate these allegations.
If you're telling the truth, how did your fingerprints come to be on the fuse box in the hallway? You went back into the Doyle house after the event, realised the place was being rewired, switched off the electricity and dumped your Unit's blunder on DI Morton.
I just wanted to protect Alice.
You were protecting yourself because you knew damn well your girlfriend wasn't up to the job.
Well, this puts you in the clear.
Good work.
I'm sorry.
I should thank Sorry, you go ahead.
I should never have taken the job.
I got my priorities wrong.
Let down the team.
But having accepted the job, you did it to the best of your ability.
Saved the day, in fact, despite our personal differences.
And I fully respect you for that.
If I give you a hard time for sticking to the rules, it's only because you make us lesser mortals look bad.
I've just had a call from Exhibits.
The gun's missing.
What? What happened with Helen? She's in the clear.
The gun's gone missing from the Exhibit Room.
Where are you? You're meant to be bringing Al Jenkins in.
He's not at home.
I'm there now.
The forensic accounting report's come back.
Al Jenkins has given Mitchell Channing everything he owns.
Tariq's bringing Channing to the station.
He might lead us to Kitson.
We need you back here now, where you should be.
Call Jaff.
He's taken the gun, hasn't he? No, no, no, no, no, I'll meet you there at 8 PM.
You hand over the documents first, and then I'll hand over the girl.
We are gonna play this my way for once, Al.
This plan won't work.
If my dad gets caught, everyone loses.
Well, no-one more than him, right? Would you really kill me, Jaff? Doesn't all this prove I'm capable of anything? Jaff will hand your daughter over to me in exchange for these documents, which guarantee I'll give him half of my assets.
He thinks I'm taking her elsewhere to meet you in exchange for the gun.
So, you keep out of sight, and, once we're clear, arrest him.
Over the past month, Al Jenkins has been withdrawing from all his off-shore accounts, and on Tuesday, he transferred all his money, property and assets to you.
Why? You'll have to ask him.
Is it a money-laundering scam? Is Al Jenkins using you? No, he's not using me.
I know you're not long for this world, and good riddance, frankly, but why are you so desperate to not get caught when you'll be lucky to see a remand hearing, let alone do the time? Why kill a man in cold blood after years of getting grunts to do your dirty work? It was on my bucket list.
And was giving everything you've got to Mitchell Channing on your list? You said Jaff Kitson was blackmailing him, but you've got his fortune in your bank account.
Al wanted someone to take over the business.
Why would he trust his empire to an inexperienced stranger? I'm not a stranger! You've known him less than two months.
He's terminally ill.
I know! I never asked for a penny.
I'd give it all back just to spend time with him.
He may be a mean old bastard, but .
he's my dad.
I thought I couldn't have kids.
Then my son tracks me down after a, somewhat forgotten, one-night stand.
That's why you didn't give us a set of your prints, because they wouldn't match the set on the gun.
They're Mitchell Channing's prints on the gun.
But why would he kill Richard Martin? He was wound up by that little prick who was meant to be looking after him.
Jaff Kitson? See, he loved his wife.
He didn't want anyone to know that he cheated on her.
I mean, I'm not even allowed to call him dad.
And he still loves me.
He'd do anything for me.
We'll need to take a set of your fingerprints.
Mitchell had not long found me.
I didn't want to tell him I was dying.
They were out in my car, and Jaff told him out of spite, knowing it would devastate him.
And right out of nowhere, this guy cut Mitchell up and he saw red.
He gets out of control, like I used to.
He'd just had the worst news of his life.
He beat the guy up.
And that's where Jaff saw an opportunity.
He told Mitchell to shoot the guy, finish him off.
Mitchell just did as he was told? He killed a complete stranger? Mitchell isn't the brightest.
No match for Jaff Kitson.
He knew he'd have Mitchell's prints on the gun.
So he hid it in order to blackmail you.
Knowing that if I did anything to him, the gun would surface and go to the police.
On Erin Doyle's birthday.
Jaff never knew his father.
For five years, he'd been like a son to me.
And then Mitchell showed up, a chip off the old block.
All he had to do was look after my son.
Instead, he turned him into a killer.
Mitchell Channing, I'm arresting you on suspicion of the murder of Richard Martin.
You'd better go.
There he is.
Right, come here.
Why couldn't you have looked after both of us, Al? I would have.
Hand her over.
This is the end, Jaff.
Tracy! Major firearms incident.
Centenary Park.
Emergency services, now! Dad? Please Dad? Tracy.
Are you OK? I am so, so sorry.
I won't let you down again.
Not ever.
I promise.
An unauthorised firearms operation? I had to win Al Jenkins' trust to get my daughter back.
And Constable Mark Warburton gets nothing more than a slapped wrist Yes, sir.
And, ultimately, it's all about the outcome.
That sounds about right, sir.
Go home.
How did it go? He's a pragmatist.
Well, I still don't approve.
I wouldn't expect anything less.
That's why I need you on my team.
You and Annie.
She understands how much I value you.
What about how much you value her? You do know she's in love with you? Is Tracy all right? Yeah.
I wish you'd told me about the gun.
I would've let you take it.
That's why I couldn't tell you.
That's why I asked you to go.
I don't understand when I stopped being your mate, someone you could confide in.
I love you, Annie.
I just need time to think about my daughterthink about you.
I just need more time.
I'm not a very patient woman, Alan.
I'll understand if you get tired of waiting, but I hope with all my heart Boss? Major incident.
They want us to attend.
I'll drive.
Bagsy front seat.