DCI Banks Aftermath s05e01 Episode Script

What Will Survive (Part 1)

~ What's this? Vinyl? (MURMUR OF CONVERSATION) ~ Nils Frahm! How did you know? ~ You said you liked it.
About six months ago! Thanks, Annie.
Hey, is that your mum and dad? Oh! Yeah.
~ Is she taking you to the cleaners? ~ Every shop on the high street, ~ and back home again.
~ You got my pork scratchings? ~ Why not just have a tub of lard? ~ Junk food's not as bad as you think.
For instance, these give you one percent of your RDA - that's recommended daily allowance - of riboflavin.
Yeah, and 100 percent of your crap-food allowance.
Just excuse me one minute.
David! ~ You're early.
~ Conference call was cancelled.
~ David! ~ You don't mind me crashing the party? ~ No! Good to see you.
~ You, too.
~ I'll be right back.
~ Top right.
I wasn't sure what to get.
I wanted, actually, to get you - I said we'd only get you the wrong thing.
~ Or something you already had, so - ~ That's great, Mum.
~ It's a bit impersonal.
~ It's lovely.
Happy birthday, love! Well, thanks for coming, you know - both of you.
Where? Right.
I'm on my way.
Bloke working on the railway was relieving himself.
~ Looks like a fox dug her up.
~ No ID on her, no wallet, ~ no phone, nothing.
~ How long's she been in there? Not long.
A day, maybe.
See if anyone matching her description's been reported.
From the contents of her stomach, I'd say time of death was between 12 and 14 hours ago.
And, of course, blunt-force trauma here and here, consistent with her striking, or being struck, ~ by something heavy.
~ And that's what killed her? The first one, no.
Just knocked her out, I'd say.
That one killed her.
What makes it interesting is that traces of soil were found in her lungs.
Between these blows, they tried to bury her.
~ While she was still alive? ~ Looks like it.
~ Then they finished her off.
~ What are our chances of ID-ing her? Not much to go on.
No dental work, so no records to compare her to.
~ Great.
~ Still, it's not all bad news.
She had this tattoo on the base of her neck.
It must mean something.
Find out what, Annie.
If she had it done locally, someone might remember her.
From the traces found on her fingers, she'd been handling acetone, shellac and ethyl methacrylate, substances found in nail bars and spas.
Maybe that's where she worked.
If so, someone's gonna miss her.
~ There are nail bars everywhere.
~ She had a receipt in her pocket, ~ a chippy in Castleford.
~ That's where we start.
~ That's 20 miles away from where she was found.
~ 25.
That's every nail bar, salon and spa within a ten-mile radius.
~ Ken, you're with me.
~ I was on missing persons.
Now you're on nails.
~ (KNOCK AT DOOR) ~ Preliminary forensic report's in, sir.
We've got carpet fibres on her jersey.
Grey, nylon cut pile.
Could be from a car.
And a male hair from under her fingernail.
Still has its root, ~ so chances are it was pulled out.
~ Any match in the DNA database? ~ No.
~ What about swabs? ~ All negative, oral and vaginal.
No sperm, no lubricants, no spermicide.
She hadn't had sex - well, not recently.
Thanks, Tariq.
It's the Cross of Liberty.
The tattoo.
It's Estonian.
I've called 27 tattoo parlours.
None of them have heard of it.
She probably had it done there.
~ If she's Estonian, others might remember her.
~ It's a small community.
~ Yes.
And they have a social club in Castleford.
You're very chipper this morning! No sore head? I'm a year older, but my powers of recuperation have remained undimmed.
I know partners weren't invited.
I'm sorry if David - ~ He didn't.
~ I don't want this to be a problem.
~ It isn't.
~ Good.
He makes you happy, David? I mean, before, he wasn't around, ~ and then he WAS around ~ Yeah, he does.
And it's right for Isla.
I know it's only been a couple of months, ~ but she's she's happy, cos I am.
~ Good.
Looks like Katrin.
Do you know her surname? She only came here occasionally.
What happened? She was murdered.
How well did you know her? I-I didn't.
She didn't talk much.
She would come in for a beer sometimes.
Did she come in with anyone? A boyfriend? I never saw one.
She seemed lonely.
Can you think of anyone who'd want to harm her? She got into a fight.
I know that.
There is this guy who yells at us sometimes outside.
"Eastern European scum, go home," things like that.
~ And when was this? ~ Couple of days ago, just around the corner.
Katrin really went for him.
That's the lot.
My feet are killing me.
I could do with a mani-pedi.
~ Manicure and pedicure.
~ I know what it means.
They had a leaflet.
"Cuticle treatment.
Leg and foot massage with hot oil ~ to nourish dry skin.
" ~ We need to widen the search.
According to Immigration, a Katrin Vesik arrived three weeks ago.
28, address in Pollu, a small town outside Tallinn.
Her mother's been contacted.
She's flying in to ID the body.
And I've got a lead on the bloke that Katrin hit.
His name's Shane Harris.
Watch this.
That's Katrin Vesik in Castleford High Street.
Bit of verbal from Harris.
Bloody hell! That'll learn you! Yeah, that's Katrin.
~ How long had she worked here? ~ Not long.
A couple of week.
~ Did she mention any problems? ~ No.
~ Boyfriend trouble? ~ No.
~ Money worries? ~ We didn't talk.
~ Through there, Robbie.
~ I'll need to speak to everyone who works here.
~ Well, we're pretty busy.
~ Somewhere quiet, please.
~ Shane Harris? ~ No, I'm Brad Pitt.
DS Cabbot.
This is DC Lang.
We want a word.
~ Yeah, well, I don't.
~ Won't take a minute.
~ Just wanna ask you a few questions.
~ Let go! ~ Calm down.
~ Don't touch me, you filthy Paki! Argh! Are you all right down there, Brad? She just went for me.
She was crazy.
I wasn't doing nothing! ~ Apart from telling them all to go home? ~ I had a job once.
I was a mechanic.
Got all my qualifications, NVQs, the lot.
Worked in a little garage, yeah? Pretty soon, I was the only one speaking English.
Poles, Czechs, you name it.
Then my boss wants me to take a pay cut! I say no, and guess what? I get replaced by a Bulgarian who's cheaper.
And how was that Katrin Vesik's fault? ~ Where were you Tuesday night? ~ You don't think I - ~ Where were you, then? ~ At home! ~ All night? ~ Yeah.
~ Anybody verify that? No.
Listen, I might want people like her out the country.
I don't want 'em dead! ~ I didn't know her.
~ Even though you work with her? I don't do nails, just shampooing, sweeping up.
We're meant to chat with clients, not each other.
~ Still, lunchtime? On your break? ~ No.
~ Not even a quick chat? ~ I told you! I got to get back to work.
Yes, of course.
I'm leaving now.
~ Katrin Vesik.
I ran her name.
No-one's reported her missing.
~ OK.
But SHE made a report.
She filed a missing-persons report on her sister Annika, here, three weeks ago.
She was looking for her sister? ~ Yeah.
~ OK.
Well, see where that leads you.
I have to go to hospital.
My mum's had a stroke.
Excuse me.
I'm Alan Banks.
I'm looking for my mother.
~ Your father's with her now.
~ Good.
Have you made arrangements for removal, ~ or would you like us to do it for you? ~ I'm sorry? We'll have to conduct an examination, just to determine the cause of death.
~ Ida Banks.
She had a stroke.
~ Yeah, but then she Didn't your dad call you? It happened half an hour ago.
It was very quick.
There was nothing we could do.
I-I thought you'd been told.
I'm really sorry.
Dad? I wasn't here.
I went to get her some water.
I never even got to say goodbye.
Your funeral directors can take the body tomorrow after the post-mortem.
Here are some useful numbers and organisations if you or your dad need to talk.
Thank you.
Um, we have your mother's belongings.
Dad will want them.
Er He doesn't wanna leave her.
Is that OK? Yeah, it's fine.
We'll look after him.
I'm sorry for your loss.
(Thank you.
) Alan! How's your mum? Hey! She died, Annie.
Oh, no! I'm so sorry.
Katrin Vesik's mother's arrived.
She's with a translator.
~ I can do the - ~ No, no.
She's travelled all this way.
Come on.
~ Mrs Vesik, this is DCI Banks.
~ (TRANSLATES) Thank you for coming.
(SOUND MUFFLED BEHIND GLASS) ~ (SPEAKS ESTONIAN) ~ She was going to study medicine.
~ (SPEAKS ESTONIAN) ~ A scholarship.
~ (SPEAKS ESTONIAN) ~ This is Annika's fault.
~ The sister? ~ (TRANSLATES) ~ (SPEAKS ESTONIAN) ~ She was always in trouble.
~ (SPEAKS ESTONIAN) Then drugs.
~ (SOBS) ~ Take your time.
~ (SPEAKS ESTONIAN) Soon after that, Annika came here.
~ (SPEAKS ESTONIAN) ~ For a while she kept in touch.
~ She just stopped? ~ (TRANSLATES) ~ Yes.
~ (SPEAKS ESTONIAN) ~ Katrin was worried.
~ (SPEAKS ESTONIAN) ~ So she followed her here.
We'll need Katrin's mobile number and her address.
~ Do you have Annika's, too? ~ (TRANSLATES) ~ No, no, no.
(SPEAKS ESTONIAN) ~ Find my baby girl.
~ (SPEAKS ESTONIAN) ~ I've lost one.
~ Please ~ (SPEAKS ESTONIAN) ~ I can't lose another.
(SOBS) Annika Vesik.
What did she get mixed up in? She was a drug user.
She didn't have much money.
~ You think she's still alive? ~ We're hoping.
Let's check shelters, hospitals, morgues, needle exchanges.
~ Anywhere an addict might go for help.
~ We've got Katrin's mobile number.
It's a pay-as-you-go.
Get on to her provider, Ken.
~ Get them to pull out her records.
~ If we can get Annika's number off it, ~ we might be able to triangulate it.
~ If it hasn't been destroyed.
Thank you, Ken(!) Thanks, everyone.
That's all.
You know you don't need to be here.
No-one'd think badly of you.
~ I'm fine.
~ Right(!) Katrin Vesik's flat.
You coming? ~ (CHILDREN SHOUTING IN DISTANCE) ~ Alan? What do you think we're looking at? ~ Burglary? ~ Dunno.
It's hard to tell if anything's been taken.
Maybe Katrin disturbed them.
Or this is where she was grabbed.
We've looked at both sisters' social-media sites, ~ Facebook, Twitter feeds, Instagram, the lot.
~ And? Nothing so far.
Annika's last post was a Facebook two months ago.
Katrin put up a load of messages about finding Annika, last one eight days ago.
Keep looking.
And, boss Sorry to hear about your mum.
~ Anyway, I just - ~ And I appreciate it, Ken.
~ Anything? ~ The guide book we found at Katrin Vesik's flat - there was a partial thumbprint, not hers.
We ran it.
Found a match.
Jodie Nash.
She's worked at the salon for about six months.
She said she knew nothing about Katrin.
Drug addict.
Got nine months for possession, ~ reduced for getting treatment.
~ We spoke to her drugs project.
She stopped going about four months ago.
~ You think she's using again? ~ I saw recent track marks, so I'd say she's got a habit to feed.
Why lie about knowing Katrin Vesik? Katrin's phone records.
We got Annika's number from the texts, but there's no activity.
Nothing for six weeks.
But we did find this.
On the night Katrin died, she made a 999 call.
Which service - fire, ambulance or police?" "(SOBS) The police.
I need the police.
" ~ "I need to tell them - " ~ "Caller, where are you?" "(SOBS) Oh, God!" ~ "(SOBS)" ~ "If you need an emergency service and cannot speak, please press the five key twice now.
" "(SOBS AND GASPS)" ~ When was that call logged? ~ 22:06.
There wasn't time to trace it.
A few hours later, she's dead.
So she comes over here, she's looking for her sister.
She goes to work in a nail bar.
What happened to her? Why's she calling 999? ~ You think Jodie Nash knows? ~ Well, she's obviously hiding something.
Maybe she was helping Katrin find Annika.
Maybe she knows where Annika is, or at least what happened.
~ You want us to pull her in? ~ No, not yet.
I wanna find out what she does, where she goes, who she sees.
You and Tariq watch her, starting tonight.
I wanna see where she takes us.
I think we're on.
(HORN BEEPS) (DOG BARKS) ~ There's Jodie.
Do you mind if I take these home with me? Help yourself.
If you like, I can phone people, tell them what time the funeral is.
I can do that.
~ I can come up tomorrow.
~ No need.
Don't bother yourself.
Dad Just make sure you shut the front door properly on your way out.
It sticks.
(DOOR CLOSES) A car picks Jodie up at 8:30, drops her at the Royal Cedar hotel.
The car waits.
~ Where did she go afterwards? ~ Back home.
No other appointments.
~ So she's definitely on the game.
~ Maybe Katrin and Annika were, too.
We went back to the hotel later.
No-one recognised them there.
~ The manager was shocked that such a thing was happening.
~ Of course(!) ~ What about the driver? ~ The car was registered to a Michael Osgood.
Hang on! I've seen them before.
They were at the salon, making deliveries.
You're with me.
Annie, pick up Jodie Nash.
Morning, Jodie.
Run! What are you doing? What are you playing at? ~ Let him go! ~ (MOANS) ~ Please.
~ (LAUGHS MOCKINGLY) ~ Shit! Have you told anyone about this? Reported them once before.
The next day they got him on his own, cornered him.
~ He's autistic.
~ They do that, too? A couple of days ago.
I'm DCI Banks, Mr Osgood.
~ This is DI Morton.
~ How'd you know my name? We just wanna ask you a few questions.
Do you know Katrin Vesik? ~ (MOANS AND SOBS) ~ Hey, hey! It's all right.
Robbie, it's all right.
We're done.
We're done.
Why did you lie about not knowing Katrin Vesik? What about her sister, Annika? You know her, too? Do you know where she is? You need to start talking.
When do you next need to score, Jodie? I've got .
22 hours, 41 minutes before I need to release you.
How long have YOU got? (SIGHS) Annika worked in the salon.
~ With her sister? ~ She'd gone before Katrin arrived.
~ Where is she now? ~ No idea! Annika was messed up.
Drugs and stuff.
A few of the punters started to complain.
~ She was an escort too.
~ Yeah, until they fired her.
Annika went batshit.
She lost it completely.
She needed the money.
She was just yelling her head off in the street, and ~ next thing I know, she's gone.
~ Where? ~ I don't know! She just wasn't in the salon anymore.
Maybe she left town.
Who are "they"? You said, "They fired her.
" Who? Annika's missing, Jodie.
She could be in real danger.
Her sister was killed looking for her.
Help her while you still can.
Help me.
(GASPS) Did you know Katrin well? Robbie! Is that a Hermann, a spur-thigh or a Home's hinge-back? ~ It It's a spur-thigh.
~ My boys have got a tortoise.
~ We used to give him dandelions.
~ N-N-Not the stems, though.
They're poisonous, aren't they? Does he have a name? Buzz.
~ When did you last see Katrin? ~ A few nights ago.
~ How well did you know her? ~ I met her at the salon.
~ She was nice to Robbie.
~ Was she a prostitute? No.
She wasn't like that.
What about her sister? What about Annika? ~ Yeah, for a while.
~ But not now? And where's Annika now? ~ I don't know.
~ But you were helping Katrin find her.
I did what I could.
It weren't much.
~ What about Robbie? Did he help her? ~ No.
But they were friends! Not like that.
~ Where was he Tuesday night? ~ Oh, come on! We were both here.
All night.
And you can prove that? We had a pizza delivered.
It's hard, though, isn't it - getting picked on.
Still, you got friends like Katrin.
~ How well did you know her, Robbie? ~ She were my best friend.
When was the last time you saw her? ~ (WHIMPERS AND MOANS) ~ It's all right.
~ (MOANS) ~ Don't, Robbie.
~ Who pays you? ~ What? To drive the girls around.
Who's making their money off them? It's all right, Robbie! ~ (WHIMPERS) ~ It's OK.
~ Don't be daft.
~ Robbie! ~ Argh! ~ I was asking him about the night Katrin died.
~ Not anymore, you're not.
~ Who pays you to drive the girls, Michael? ~ I want you to leave.
~ When I get an answer.
Who runs the girls? ~ I need a name! ~ (MOANS) Jason McCready.
Now get lost! ~ (GASPS AND SOBS) ~ Come on, son.
Come on.
I've got you.
It's all right.
It's all right.
Who are you? DCI Banks.
I'm looking for Jason McCready.
Yeah, that's me.
~ Do you know Annika Vesik? ~ Who? ~ She's one of your prostitutes.
~ Escorts.
I run a legitimate business.
I offer adult company for an hour ~ for dinner, whatever.
~ They're prostitutes.
No, cos if two consenting adults wanna take things further, then, I can hardly stop them, can I? ~ You know where she is? ~ I wish I did.
She owes me money.
~ What about her? Do you know her? ~ Should I? ~ That's her sister, Katrin.
~ She worked in your salon.
~ Lots of girls work there.
I said "worked", Mr McCready.
She was murdered.
I'm sorry to hear that.
But it's got nowt to do with me.
Where does all this end up? Pies.
(KNOCKS) ~ Helen? ~ I've been talking to Robbie's occupational therapist.
~ And? ~ On top of the autism, he's got obsessive-compulsive disorder.
He formed a very strong attachment to Katrin Vesik.
What if it got out of hand, she wasn't interested and he lost his temper? The same could be said of Michael Osgood - ferrying all those girls around, lonely, no wife.
I think they're hiding something.
Tread carefully, OK? (CLEARS THROAT) Sorry about your mum.
Oh Thank you.
When my dad died, everyone said, "Oh, it's for the best.
" "He's gone to a better place.
" Only it wasn't, and he hadn't.
I mean, we all know there isn't any you know.
It's all just a construct to help answer basic existential doubts.
Thank you, Helen.
~ It gets better.
That much I do know.
~ Thank you.
The McCreadys have quite an empire.
Scrap metal, the salon, meat processing, holiday homes - all legit and above-board, all owned by Maureen McCready, the mum.
~ Jason runs them for her.
~ You think he runs the girls for her, too? (DOGS BARK) (DOGS BARK FEROCIOUSLY) Hey! Easy! ~ Easy! ~ Kitchen! (DOGS CONTINUE TO BARK) Maureen McCready? ~ And you are? ~ DCI Banks.
DS Cabbot.
You better come in.
When Jason's dad passed away, he left me these businesses.
At first I was just gonna sell them.
Then I thought, no.
He'd worked so hard building 'em up, it'd be wrong.
They were his legacy.
Do you see? I don't really have much of a head for business.
Jason, though, is a natural.
~ You sure you won't have one? ~ Fine, thanks.
~ You really should ask him.
~ We have.
Then, I'm sure he's told you.
We've never had any trouble with the law, and I'm not about to start.
Sorry, love.
Never seen her before.
Well .
she was one of your son's prostitutes.
You have a job to do.
I understand that.
And I'm sorry to hear about this poor girl.
But I have five different businesses, each with their own headaches.
I don't worry too much about the day-to-day stuff, hiring and firing and whatnot.
I let Jason do that.
His blood pressure's lower.
(GASPS AND PANTS) ~ Can I help? ~ Pretty comprehensive.
~ Tell me again when it happened.
~ Tuesday night.
~ Late.
~ And you and Robbie were both at home? That's right.
Came out, it was already alight.
~ Anyone see who did it? ~ (LAUGHS) ~ They never do.
~ Robbie home? He's dropping some stuff off at the salon.
~ So, Robbie drives? ~ Yeah.
His problems are more social than being able to do things.
Like making friends.
People confuse him.
Makes him vulnerable.
But driving, he does that well.
~ Just don't use him if you want something delivered quickly.
~ Why? Well, I don't think Robbie's gonna get a speeding ticket any time soon.
~ Just the two of you? ~ Becky walked out on us a few years ago.
We got over it.
Now it's just us.
~ So, what's Robbie driving? ~ My car.
I borrow that from work.
You're lucky they didn't torch both cars.
Mine was in the garage that night.
New brake linings.
What colour carpet did this have? Grey.
Why? Robbie said Katrin was his best friend.
~ And that's all she was.
~ Don't you think he might've felt differently? Maybe misread signs, got confused.
Does he still struggle with his temper? I spoke to his therapist.
She says he lashes out sometimes.
(SIGHS) Robbie likes order.
And when things don't do what they're supposed to do, ~ he gets frustrated.
~ Pens that don't write, scissors that don't cut, that sort of thing? ~ That's right.
~ What about people? I'd like you and Robbie to come down to the station tomorrow.
~ Why? ~ I wanna talk to Robbie.
I'll need him to give a DNA sample.
You may want a solicitor present.
I built this business, Jason - with no help from your waste-of-space father.
He was too busy chasing women! I did it all by myself.
Built the business up from nothing.
And how? By making sure I didn't do anything stupid.
By knowing where to draw the line, and by knowing what stupid nonsense to stay clear of! Tarts, Jason! Police have got nothing, Mum.
I promise.
Don't eat it now.
Take some - ~ (CRACKING EXPLOSIONS) ~ (MOANS IN TERROR) Hey! Robbie, Robbie, come on.
Ssh, ssh, ssh.
~ You wait here.
~ (EXPLOSIONS CONTINUE) ~ (LAUGHTER) ~ Go away! ~ Leave us alone! ~ (ALL SHOUT) ~ Come on, run! (ALL LAUGH AND SHOUT) See you in a bit, Robbie! (OWL HOOTS) (TAPS RHYTHMICALLY) Robbie I'm - I'm sorry.
That's OK.
~ I-I tried to stop.
~ I know.
You You - You You're not mad? Never.
I'm sorry.
You don't ever have to apologise to me.
OK? Come here.
" "You've reached Ida and Arthur - or, should I say, Arthur and Ida.
" "I'm afraid we can't talk right now, so if you'd like to leave a message, we'll talk to you as soon as we can.
" (MACHINE BEEPS) (FLAMES CRACKLE) (SHIVERS) (SIREN WAILS IN DISTANCE) (ALL SHOUT) Hose roll, now! Get some pressure! Get around the back.
~ More pressure! Come on! ~ We're checking the house.
~ Check down there.
~ You got him? ~ You OK? ~ Yeah.
~ There's one more inside.
~ OK.