DCI Banks Aftermath s05e04 Episode Script

Buried (Part 2)

1 Single gunshot wound.
I think my sister was being disloyal to her husband.
~ You sacked Marcus Leyton suddenly.
Had you found out about the affair? ~ No! Small bruises here on her jaw and cheek.
She fell a couple of weeks ago.
I wasn't here.
~ Is it Marcus Leyton? ~ I'd say he was shot first and Anaan makes a run for it.
The killer shoots her once in the back.
So, Marcus Leyton was Steven Cadley? Right up to the moment that he entered Witness Protection.
Steven agreed to give evidence in return for a new identity.
Hardgreaves got five years.
You knew where he was.
You knew he changed his name to Marcus Leyton.
You had a score to settle and you sent someone to do it.
I think we have ourselves a witness.
~ Did you get a good look at the killer? ~ Of course I did.
Jacky Mullen.
We already know that he's done muscle work for Lewis Hardgreaves.
He's ex-army and was discharged after being diagnosed with PTSD.
He's already killed two people.
We've got to find him.
~ Have you got everything? Start putting them in the car, please.
~ Time to go.
~ Can't I stay with Dan? He'll look after me.
~ Sorry, that can't happen.
We've moved the eye witness and his daughter to a safe hotel until all this is over.
~ He left his fishing licence.
~ Mullen must've used it to trace Dwyer's address.
Until Witness Protection get their act together, we're in charge of their safety.
Lewis Hardgreaves.
He knew Steven Cadley had become Marcus Leyton after the court case that put him away for five years.
That gives him motive.
He also knew Jacky Mullen, the killer.
We can't prove he ordered the hit.
If he did.
There's also Raheel.
Did he know his wife was having an affair with Leyton? Is this the act of a jealous husband? We can't rule out that Raheel paid Mullen to shoot them.
Where are we with Mullen? Been onto Nottingham, checked addresses.
We've got his picture to every news channel with warnings to the public to not approach.
We're tracing his mobile.
~ What about relatives? ~ Single parent died five years ago and he's an only child.
We've dug out a baptism certificate.
~ Where's she? ~ Nottingham.
~ Have you spoken to her? ~ Not yet.
You and Ken go to Nottingham, speak to her face-to-face.
~ If she has any idea where he is, I want to know.
~ OK.
So, Mr Hardgreaves, can you tell me what you were doing with this newspaper clipping? The one I'd thrown away? Someone sent it to me.
~ Who? ~ No idea.
It's not like it came with an accompanying letter.
Someone just sent it to you out of the blue? Is that right? ~ That's right.
~ Why would they do that? ~ To get on my right side, maybe? ~ I'm a good friend to have.
~ If that were true, why would they send it anonymously? You got the clipping.
You knew Steven Cadley had changed his name to Marcus Leyton.
You ordered the hit.
I got the clipping.
I decided I didn't give a toss and I put it in the bin.
Why would Mullen kill Cadley unless you ordered it? Maybe he had a problem with Cadley from way back? Who knows.
Isn't that your job? Interview suspended 9.
~ He's laughing at us.
~ Yeah.
There's no point charging him with conspiracy.
Not until we get proof he hired Mullen.
That's another hour of my life I'll never see again.
We're wasting our time.
She could've gone on holiday.
Let's just give it a bit longer.
Once she knows we're police, she'll warn him off.
What if we're not police? Premium Bonds? Yeah, Mr Mullen's mum bought them for him 30 years ago.
~ And he won? ~ Yeah, it's just sitting there unclaimed.
Jacky's mum put you down as a contact.
Jacky will be pleased about this.
He's always running short.
~ It's difficult times.
~ Can't ever seem to hold down a job.
Not after he got out of the army.
He was in Afghanistan.
We were so proud of him.
But when he got back He'll be made up about this, though.
Is that him? With my Kelly.
They were together for ages.
They've got a little girl.
Made for each other, they were.
At least that's what I thought.
~ Does she live locally? ~ No, she moved away a few years ago.
What's this got to do with Premium Bonds? ~ Press the button! ~ I'm pressing it.
~ You're not.
(CHATTERING) ~ Everyone OK? ~ We're skydiving.
~ Yeah.
~ She's teaching me.
~ Because you're rubbish! ~ I'm not rubbish at it.
~ Down.
Quickly! ~ I'm pressing it.
~ You're rubbish at this.
~ Give me it! ~ Yeah, you finish it off.
Jesus Christ, Jacky! Tell me this isn't true.
~ You can't stay here.
You've got to go.
~ No! It's gonna be all right.
~ How? ~ The police don't have anything.
No-one's gonna talk.
It's all just gonna blow over.
You turn up here out of the blue ~ Mum? ~ Not now, love, all right? ~ Why are you arguing? We're not arguing.
We're just having a little disagreement, that's all.
Why don't you see if you can get five of those bull's eyes in a row for me, eh? Go on.
We could go away, the three of us.
Start again, be a family.
I've got money.
~ I know I've not seen a lot of Hannah but we've got time - ~ You want to be a family again? I need it.
Just go.
~ But - ~ Now.
There's an ex-girlfriend, a Kelly Hollins - H, O, L, L, I, N, S.
Address in Leeds.
(SIRENS WAIL) ~ (BANGING AT DOOR) ~ Police! Open up.
~ He's not here.
~ Well, where is he? ~ I don't know.
He's gone.
Front bedroom - clear! ~ When? ~ About an hour ago.
~ No-one here, sarge.
I can't believe it.
I mean, what the I kicked him out.
I couldn't have him near Hannah.
Did he say where he was going? ~ So, when did he turn up? ~ The day before yesterday.
Said he wanted somewhere to kip just till he got back on his feet.
Said he was making a fresh start.
Gave me £500.
I hadn't seen him in ages.
I couldn't.
~ It was too painful.
~ You should have called us, not given him time to leave.
He's still Hannah's dad.
He's killed two people.
We have to track him down.
We've had a sighting of Mullen at the Trinity Centre.
~ He went shopping? ~ Apparently he bought a Calor Gas stove.
~ So he's either going on holiday ~ Or gone to ground.
Follow it up - CCTV, witness statements, anything.
Also the day Anaan Kamel got those bruises on her face, ~ Raheel said he was in Sheffield.
~ He was in the middle of a trial.
Except according to his bank records, he made a withdrawal from an ATM in Leeds at 7.
So, why did he lie? Her brother admitted hurting her.
Well done, Tariq.
~ The night your uncle hurt your mother ~ What about it? ~ Your father was away.
~ That's right, in Sheffield.
He was actually here in Leeds.
No, that can't be right.
~ So, you didn't know? ~ No! (DOOR THUDS) ~ Is there a problem? ~ I'd like to ask a few questions about that night you said you spent in Sheffield.
Could you leave us alone, please, darling? It's fine.
The phone's now synched to the tracking system.
~ All set.
~ Thanks.
He won't answer.
Even if it's you.
Please just call him, get him to meet you.
~ (DIAL TONE) ~ "Please leave your message after the tone.
" ~ (BLEEP) It's me.
I feel bad about earlier.
Call me.
OK? That's good.
You did great.
~ I came back to get a file.
~ From Sheffield? I needed it in court in the morning.
It just seemed easier to come and get it than to have it couriered.
~ So, what did you do then? ~ I worked on the file.
Had a sandwich in the office.
Then, because it was late, I checked into a hotel here in Leeds.
~ Why not just go home? ~ Because it was late.
I knew I had to be up early.
I didn't want to disturb Anaan.
She wasn't expecting me.
It just seemed easier.
~ Which hotel did you stay in? ~ The Kirkgate Plaza, down by the station.
Yeah, I know it.
(PHONE RINGS) All right, just keep calm.
Keep him calm.
Keep him talking.
Just get him to meet you.
Jacky? Yeah.
Listen, I need to see you.
I'm worried about you.
Hannah's worried about you.
Are you still there? I should've stayed away.
You're right, I've ruined everything.
I (SOBS) ~ Tell Hannah I'm sorry.
~ It'll be all right.
Jacky, please.
Jacky, come home.
You threw me out.
Now you want me back.
Why? I-I changed my mind.
Have the police got to you? ~ Have they set this up? ~ Jacky - ~ Who's listening? Jacky, this is DCI Banks.
Listen, I want to help you but this has to end now.
Please don't make it any worse than it already is.
Jac ~ Tariq? ~ Lost him.
So, Raheel was in Leeds but stayed in a hotel? ~ Do you believe his story? ~ I don't know.
He's a barrister.
He tells stories for a living.
I'm looking into it.
~ Premium Bonds! Whose bright idea was that, then? ~ Don't look at me.
It's a good job I wasn't around while you were hatching it.
Ingenious though.
However you're joining Tariq tonight in the hotel looking after Geoff Dwyer.
OK? Great.
Are you going to tell David? Yeah, if you like.
I've got him on speed dial.
~ Sir.
~ Thanks.
Have you still got nothing? You're gonna have to let me go in a few hours.
It's a shame.
Everyone's being so nice.
~ (KNOCK AT DOOR) ~ DS Cabbot.
~ Cheers.
~ Good night.
All right, Geoff.
Where's Evie? Bathroom.
Think she's moved in.
~ Oh! Individual Bourbons.
~ Result! Can I go for a walk? No, you can't.
Just down to reception to stretch my legs.
Sorry, Evie, I can't help you.
(ALARM WAILS) ~ (ALARM WAILS) ~ Shit! Hello.
Is this a test? Right.
It's not a test.
See what's happening.
Hopefully it's a false alarm.
We'll stay put.
(ALARM WAILS) ~ (PHONE RINGS) Annie, what's going on? ~ "The fire alarm's going off.
" ~ "They've evacuated everyone.
" ~ Where are you? ~ We're still in the room.
I've sent Tariq to investigate.
~ "Get out.
It could be Mullen.
" ~ But Mullen doesn't know where we are.
~ You don't know that.
"Geoff Dwyer is the sole witness to a double murder.
Who knows what Mullen will do to silence him?" ~ Just get everyone out now.
I'm on my way.
~ Right.
Come on, we're gonna go downstairs.
Let's go.
Come on, straight down the corridor.
Go, go.
~ Come on! ~ My phone! ~ Leave it! ~ (GUNSHOT) ~ Agh! ~ No, please don't! ~ Put the gun down.
~ Put the gun down! ~ Please, he's my dad! Are you all right? (SIRENS WAIL) Yeah, one shot confirmed.
OK? And we'll bring them in.
~ Thank you.
~ Annie? ~ We're OK? ~ Mullen? ~ Yeah.
~ Anything? ~ Nothing.
Are you OK? He was going to shoot us.
I don't know why he didn't pull the trigger.
Right, what have we got? We have recovered the Golf he was using abandoned.
~ It was stolen ten days ago.
~ Forensics are on it now.
I want all reported car thefts from the last 24 hours.
If he's stolen one car, he'll need another.
Maybe we'll get a licence plate.
Anything else? Anaan Kamel pawned some jewellery.
It was in her file.
The pawn ticket was sellotaped to some paperwork.
It was an eternity ring and bracelets and she got £8,000.
~ When? ~ The day before she died.
~ Any sign of the cash? ~ No, not yet.
Not unless she's hidden it.
Or she took it with her to pay off Steven Cadley, the bloke she knows as Marcus Leyton.
~ There was no money at the scene.
~ But Jacky Mullen was carrying cash.
What's the betting it was Anaan Kamel's.
OK, is that it? Let's get to it.
Only me.
Don't get up.
Now, I know how sad you were at the thought of leaving us so I've had a word with the magistrate.
Now I've got you for another 36 hours.
See, I can be nice too.
Raheel Kamel said he was in Sheffield the night his wife was hurt by her brother.
That wasn't true.
He claimed he returned to Leeds, worked late before staying at the Kirkgate Plaza.
No record of him checking in and nobody recognises his photo.
~ So, what's he hiding? ~ Something he didn't want his wife to know.
Excuse me, are you Helen Morton? ~ Yes.
~ Can I see some ID, please? ~ Boss.
Witness Protection now have Geoff Dwyer and his daughter safely under wraps.
~ Good.
~ How are we getting on with our stolen cars? ~ Still putting it together.
~ Still? Is this some kind of joke? ~ It's just been a bit hectic in the last 35 minutes since you first asked for it.
~ Keep me posted.
(KNOCK AT DOOR) Man in the ladies.
(SOBS) Helen? Tell me what the matter is.
I don't think that's true.
(SIGHS) How do you know I'm not just busy? I'll take that chance.
I'm not going until you tell me what it is.
Divorce Michael served you with divorce papers? (SOBS) I had no idea You never said.
Why would I? Open the door, Helen.
What happened? (SOBS) We aren't really a family.
Well, not any more.
Michael said he wanted some space, you know, time to think things through.
He works from home so he is with the kids much more than me.
So it just seemed right that I should move out.
You make it sound like a business proposition.
Most things are, aren't they? ~ One way or another.
~ When was this? Five weeks ago.
I've been staying at the hotel.
All that time? You never said a word.
I'm sorry about that.
You should have told me.
Why? Couldn't put my marriage back together again.
Especially now.
Looks like Michael wants a lot more space than I thought.
You didn't see it coming? No.
Doesn't make me a very good detective, does it? Could it just be our secret, please? Of course.
Thank you.
Raheel Kamel's car on a double yellow.
~ So, did he get a parking ticket? ~ Princess Street.
He left it there over night.
Nowhere near Kirkgate Plaza.
He said he was working late and went straight to the hotel.
There's plenty of restaurants on Princess Street.
Show his photo, see if anyone remembers him.
SOCOs are still at the hotel.
Ballistics retrieved a bullet.
I'm hoping it's gonna match the one that killed Marcus.
~ Helen? ~ I'll keep chasing Forensics.
~ Thanks.
Raheel Kamel also lied to us about working late at the office.
He spent the evening in a restaurant in Princess Street.
A waiter remembers him.
Here's the till receipt.
~ Two bottles of wine.
Then brandy! ~ Yeah.
~ He had a night of it.
~ Was he with another woman? ~ No, a man.
I'm tired of this.
Let's bring him in.
Nice work, Helen.
~ Is your father here? ~ Yeah, he's just inside.
Raheel Kamel, I need you to come with us.
~ How? Why? ~ I want you to come down to the station to answer some questions.
~ I don't understand.
~ You'll be questioned under caution and free to legal representation.
It's all right.
I'll be home soon.
~ Dad? ~ It's OK.
He was a client.
I couldn't tell you earlier because Because? I had found anomalies in his affairs and I was bound by client confidentiality.
This is the till receipt.
That's a lot of drink for a business meeting.
It was a dinner.
It wasn't a cross-examination.
But it was settled in cash.
Why, if it was for business? Obviously, I didn't want a record.
You left your car.
You didn't stay at the hotel you said.
Where did you spend the night? Please, I've already told you.
No, you need to stop lying.
You've told me lie after lie, Raheel.
I don't know what to believe.
It's clearly eating away at you.
What are you afraid of? This is the time, Raheel.
Tell the truth.
Just tell us.
He wasn't a client.
We spent the night together.
I'm gay.
How do we know that Anaan Kamel had an affair with Marcus Leyton? Well, we found the phone in Anaan's gym locker.
~ Her brother confirmed it was Marcus he saw her with.
~ Neither of which are conclusive! What if it wasn't her phone? What if she'd simply found it? What if the person having the relationship with Marcus Leyton, the one being blackmailed, was Raheel Kamel? Annie, send the phone back to Forensics.
Raheel claimed he'd never seen it before.
Let's see if he's lying.
~ (KNOCK AT DOOR) ~ Preliminary forensics are back from the hotel.
A partial footprint consistent with the prints that we got from the back of Dwyer's house.
They found a mixture of potassium chloride, sulphur, diatomite and silica calcium carbonate.
It's what match heads are made of.
~ Specifically? ~ Yes.
~ Where do they make those around here? ~ We found a disused match factory.
Six cars were reported stolen in the last 36 hours.
ANPR picked one up at a petrol station last night.
~ A mile away from the match factory.
~ Got him.
Requesting back-up - fire-arm and air support.
Suspect is armed.
Units en route.
" (BIRD'S WINGS FLUTTER) (ENGINE REVS) (TYRES SQUEAL) Suspect is in a Mitsubishi 4x4.
~ (SIREN WAILS) ~ November, 1, 4, 8, Mike, Alpha, Hotel.
In pursuit of target vehicle, heading south.
It doesn't lead anywhere.
He's on the viaduct.
Make sure you cut him off at the other end.
"Stop your vehicle! You are under arrest.
" Subject stationary.
Pursuing on foot.
~ It's over, Jacky.
~ Stay where you are.
I'm DCI Banks.
I mean it! Put the gun down, please.
"Suspect is surrounded but still armed.
" Come on, shooting a police officer.
There's no coming back from that one.
There's no coming back anyway.
You don't want to shoot anyone, Jacky.
You don't know anything about me! All that trouble to track down a witness to silence them.
Yet when the moment came to shoot him, you couldn't do it.
I think you've had enough of death, Jacky.
Think of Hannah.
Good man.
Get down! Get down! Get down! Get down! On your feet.
~ (EXHALES) ~ Are you OK? ~ Bit wobbly.
~ You're a bloody idiot! Yeah.
What if he'd shot you? Ah, come on, it's gonna take more than a crazed gunman.
I owed Hardgreaves so much money.
And he said he'd clear my debt .
if I killed Steven.
And if I didn't, he'd hurt my family.
I didn't think Steven would be with anyone, you know, when I found him.
What about the witness? ~ Was going after him Hardgreaves' idea too? ~ No.
It was my mistake.
I had to fix it.
~ You can still make amends.
~ It's a bit late for that.
Don't you think? No, not if you help us.
How? We want to put Lewis Hardgreaves away for life.
You can help us.
We just need proof.
Anything you've got.
You do know what happens to people who give evidence against him, don't you? This is your one chance, Jacky.
You can't make things right .
but you can make them better.
It seems that Jacky Mullen was cleverer than you thought.
He had an insurance policy.
"I've given you Cadley's address.
" "Once he's dead, the slate's clean.
You have my word.
" "Of course, if you don't kill him, well, your kiddy's only 12" "Being blind's not the end of the world.
She's got plenty of time to get used to it.
" So Conspiracy to murder with a second offence, .
that's an automatic life sentence, Lewis.
All alone with the real hard men.
How do you think that's gonna go? Still, plenty of time to get used to it.
Hey? Boss, you were right.
The forensics are back.
We've got a partial print underneath Anaan's.
Raheel Kamel.
So it was his phone.
Marcus Leyton was blackmailing him.
~ Pay up or be outed.
He'd lose his marriage, his reputation.
~ That's a motive.
How can we link him to Mullen and Hardgreaves? See if you can put Raheel Kamel in Nottingham before Hardgreaves was sent down.
This is a transcript of a construction litigation that you were involved in at Nottingham Crown Court May 2009.
~ What of it? ~ It was at exactly the same time as the trial of Lewis Hardgreaves.
You were at the same place at the same time as Steven Cadley.
And the man who would order the hit that killed Cadley and your wife.
Steven Cadley went into Witness Protection.
He became Marcus Leyton and he was relocated to Edinburgh.
But after a while, he moved to Leeds.
He got a job at your chambers.
Why did he do that? We met at the trial.
He was very frightened about giving evidence.
He'd been sick.
I'd helped him to clean up, calm down and we Well, it was a long trial.
Five weeks.
That's when we got to know each other.
~ And after he went into Witness Protection? ~ I thought that was that, I'd never see him again.
When he came back, well, I couldn't believe it.
~ So, you gave him a job? ~ And renewed your relationship? Yes.
And you were with him the night your wife was hurt by her brother? Yes.
But then he started to blackmail you.
He went into debt again, just like before.
I thought he'd changed but He threatened me.
I tried to reason with him but he just laughed at me.
~ And you paid him off? ~ I thought I had.
~ And you sacked him.
~ That was a mistake.
I wasn't thinking.
I lost my temper.
It just made things worse.
Because he came back for more? I didn't know what to do.
Oh, I think you did.
I beg your pardon.
I think that was when you hit on the idea of getting Lewis Hardgreaves to do your dirty work for you.
You sent Hardgreaves this cutting.
That was as good as putting a death sentence on Steven Cadley.
I didn't know what to do.
I was so scared.
I wasn't sleeping.
I couldn't breathe.
Then I remembered Hardgreaves.
I thought that if he knew, all of our problems would go away.
I knew it was a mistake as soon as I'd done it.
I tried to stop it happening but I just wanted things to end.
I wanted things to go back to how they were before.
Happy families.
I loved my wife and she loved me.
What you hadn't counted on was your wife being there with Steven Cadley.
How could I? I still don't understand what she was doing there.
She was trying to help you.
She pawned some jewellery - her eternity ring.
Then she arranged to meet with Cadley to pay him off.
She knew.
She didn't confront you.
Why? Why didn't she? I guess that she just wanted the problem to go away.
So that you'd be left with your dignity.
You're right, she loved you very much.
She died because of it.
(KNOCK AT DOOR) It's definitely wine o'clock.
(SIGHS) That would be great but I really should go home and make a start on this.
~ Has anyone ever told you that you're no fun? ~ And old and boring.
It was you.
Home it is.
Yours or David's? Actually, David's asked me to move in with him.
~ OK.
~ Do you think it's a good idea? Phew If it's what you want Yeah.
I'll walk out with you.
It's funny, isn't it? The Kamels.
Marcus Leyton.
All these secrets people keep hidden.
The lies they tell every day.
What would happen if we all just told the truth? Well, you and I .
would be out of a job.