DCI Banks Aftermath s05e05 Episode Script

Ghosts (Part 1)

Why wouldn't I be? I've been trying to ring you all night.
I never hear the phone.
(SIGHS) That's because you've got it switched off at the wall.
~ (PHONE BEEPS) ~ Must've been done by accident.
Could be these er new pills.
Look, I need you to answer when I call, Dad, cos if you don't Well, I start to worry ~ What pills? ~ Doctor gave them to me.
Well, what kind of pills? Dad? (PHONE RINGS) Banks? SPEAKERPHONE: "Boss, you're needed.
We've got a body up on the moor.
Looks like a stabbing.
" ~ How's your dad? ~ (SIGHS) I keep going round there.
Trying to keep an eye on him, but he won't let me.
Well, maybe he's just proud.
Too old to be proud.
Well, if you're that worried about him, maybe you can get him to move in with you? Any news on you and David setting up home together? Actually, he's withdrawn his offer.
Oh, you're kidding! Why? It seems he wants something a bit more permanent.
He's asked me to marry him.
I haven't said yes.
I've told him I need a few days to think about it.
~ OK.
~ I thought you should know.
~ Absolutely.
~ Boss? Body's over here.
When you're ready.
He's been here a few hours.
Looks like a stab wound to the chest, which could have hit his heart, but we should wait for Pathology to confirm that.
~ Do we have a name for him? ~ Josh Tate.
20 years old, lives in a flatshare in the city centre.
~ Student? ~ Second year of uni.
There's something on his hand.
Yeah, looks like a nightclub stamp.
We're gonna check it out.
Question is, was he killed here and rolled over, or are we looking for another murder site? Probably the latter, given that he's lost so much blood from the stab wound.
We've had the dogs out.
No blood, but they did track a scent back to the layby.
~ Probably where they parked up.
Are we looking at tyre prints? ~ Yeah.
RADIO: "Come in, Ken.
Got an address for the parents.
Sarah and Matthew Tate.
Cottage a couple of miles outside of Harrogate.
" Well, we'll divide into two teams.
One over to the parents' house.
We'll need them to ID the body.
Get Family Liaison to meet us there.
And the second one to look at the flatshare.
~ Ken and I can do that.
~ No.
Helen, I want you with me at the parents' house.
Ken, go with Annie.
Matthew Tate? DCI Alan Banks.
This is DI Helen Morton, Eastvale Police.
Is your wife here, Mr Tate? Sarah? ~ It's the police, love.
~ What do you want? Maybe we should speak inside, Mrs Tate.
I don't want you in my home.
I think we should let him in, Sarah.
(SOBS SOFTLY) When did you last see Josh? It was a few weeks ago.
He er He came home for the weekend.
It was Sarah's birthday.
And you haven't had any contact since then? ~ A few texts, maybe.
~ But nothing more? You know what they're like at that age.
~ Don't touch that! ~ Sorry.
Sarah, for God's sake.
Do you know any of Josh's friends from university? ~ He didn't really talk about them.
~ If you like, Mr and Mrs Tate, we can arrange for one of our officers to come and stay with you.
We don't want police here.
We will need one of you to help to identify the body.
I'll do it.
We can both go, love.
I'd rather do it alone.
Flat's owned by a Spencer Foster.
He's a student, too.
What sort of student owns a flat? A gift from his parents for starting uni.
All I got was a toastie-maker.
(DISTANT MUSIC AND GIGGLING) (Someone got lucky.
We're looking for Spencer Foster.
Spence? Can we come in? I'm DS Cabbot.
I mean, I saw him yesterday morning.
He was heading out as I was getting up.
~ Did he say where he was going? ~ Er probably off to the lab.
~ The lab? ~ Josh was doing Biochemistry.
One of his tutors had given him a job.
He was super-smart.
~ And you are? ~ Melanie Thomas.
Spencer's girlfriend.
~ How well did you know Josh? ~ Only through Spence.
I come round a lot, so I guess he was a mate.
Is there anyone who Josh didn't get along with? Anyone he argued with? He really didn't inspire that kind of passion in people.
He was quiet.
Half the time, you'd forget he was there.
What about other friends? Girlfriends? Er Josh didn't really bother much with girls, did he? He wasn't gay or anything, just didn't seem that interested in them.
~ And where were you last night? ~ Why are you asking that? It's a routine question.
Well, we were here.
All night.
Takes you back, doesn't it? What, you went to university (?) Funny (!) No, really, you are.
Fancy a cider and black later? Josh was an exceptional student.
He was smart, focused, conscientious.
Was he working here yesterday? Sort of.
He was only here an hour or so.
He had to leave around 11.
Did he say why he had to leave? No.
What sort of things did Josh do for you? He helped out in the lab, mostly.
Setting up experiments.
Servicing the equipment.
Sorting out my IT.
Some inventory.
You must have got to know him.
Well, not really.
He was only here for a few hours each week, and he kept himself to himself.
Not much of a talker.
Did he mention any problems he was having? Anything troubling him? I was his tutor.
The only thing we ever talked about was chemistry.
I had a look at her file.
~ She's got a file? ~ Mm.
Political activist in the early '90s.
She had a habit of getting herself arrested at protest marches.
Well, that would explain the hostility.
Any progress with you and Michael? Yeah.
I think we're gonna work it out.
That's good news.
(CLEARS THROAT) (SOBS) So, do we have a timeline? Early pathology puts the time of death between midnight and 2:00am.
We need to account for Josh Tate's whereabouts from the moment he woke up yesterday until 2:00 this morning.
His flatmate says he left for the university lab around 10:00am.
The tutor says he left the lab an hour later.
Annie, any thoughts on the flatmate? Bit cocky, but he liked Josh.
Him and his girlfriend spent the night in.
Helen, where are we with Josh's phone? Can't find it, but we're getting his call records sent through.
~ What about his email account? ~ Tech boys are going through it now.
Tariq, have we traced this stamp yet? Yeah.
It's used by a place called Exotica in the city centre.
That's a lapdancing club.
What's he doing at a lapdancing club? Who knows? He's a student.
That place isn't cheap.
20 quid cover charge.
That's what I hear, anyway.
(CAR DOORS SLAM) (ALARM BEEPS) You ever thought about trying lapdancing? I did a bit of burlesque, once.
(BUZZER) (DOOR BUZZES OPEN) Have you seen him here before? Yeah, I know him.
He's in here a lot.
~ How often? ~ Three times a week.
Sits in that corner over there, drinking water.
Was he here last night? Yeah, but only for a while.
~ Did you speak to him? ~ Not that I remember.
Did he speak to any of the girls? He's only ever here for Melanie.
When I met you this morning, Melanie, why didn't you mention that Josh came here to see you? I don't know.
This isn't the sort of job you wanna tell people about.
But Spencer knows that you work here? He knows it's only temporary.
I'm going to university next year.
And does your boyfriend know that Josh was here three times a week? Did Josh have a thing for you, Melanie? I guess so, yeah.
~ Was Spencer aware of this? ~ No.
How did you feel about Josh? I told him the truth.
I love Spencer.
If you were at the flat with Spencer last night, why was Josh here? I don't know.
I told him I'd swapped shifts.
Maybe he just forgot.
(ENGINE STARTS) That black saloon.
Did you see it? What about it? I think it followed us here.
Really? Majority of his injuries occurred post-mortem.
No doubt due to the impact of the fall at the ravine.
Cause of death, penetrating wound to the chest that pierced his heart.
What about the weapon? Narrow, square blade.
Not sharp.
~ Screwdriver? ~ Possibly.
We found gravel particles in his hair.
From the ravine? No.
It's limestone and it's been bleached.
~ A man-made process.
~ I'll check it out.
So, toxicology.
Alcohol in his system, but no drugs.
And there were traces of chemicals on his hair and skin.
He was a Biochemistry student.
I don't think these are the kind of chemicals he'd have found on his course.
This was piperonyl methyl ketone.
What does that mean? PMK.
It's used to synthesise Ecstasy.
Given the amount we found on him, I'd say that's exactly what he was doing.
So much for our shy, unassuming student.
In addition to visiting lapdancing clubs, it seems that Josh might have been making Ecstasy.
It's always the quiet ones.
Making Ecstasy's not usually a solo job.
Tends to be small groups.
He must have had help.
Go back to his tutor, see if Josh and friends had been using the labs.
See if any equipment and chemicals had gone missing.
What have they said about the bank account? He had £2,000 in his current account on the day he died.
That's a lot for a student, but not what you'd call excessive.
Yeah, but three weeks ago, he spent six grand on a second-hand Land Rover.
His dad.
Josh offered to buy it for me.
He knew the old one was finished.
You told me your brother gave you the money to buy it.
It didn't strike you as odd that Josh could afford to pay for it? (SIGHS) He said he had a job at university.
Part time, a few hours a week, but not enough to cover 6,000 quid.
6,000?! Joshwanted to help.
Where did he get the money? ~ From another source.
~ What other source? We think he was manufacturing drugs.
Mostly likely Ecstasy pills.
~ Didn't take you very long, did it? ~ How'd you mean? You can't find who killed my son.
So you start finding ways to taint him.
~ Nobody's tainting Josh.
~ I've seen it before.
You make it look like Josh had it coming, and that way, nobody cares that my son died.
I care, Mrs Tate.
And you? You're pathetic.
What kind of man lets his son buy him a car? Ecstasy? Are you sure about this? Would Josh have had the knowledge to process something as complex as that? Well, it's not on the curriculum, but yes, Josh could've worked it out.
Was he close to any other students on his course? Why do you ask that? Josh may have needed help if he was making Ecstasy.
~ He was usually alone.
~ Could he have used your lab? No.
I always monitored his lab time.
Plus, I don't imagine it's the sort of process you could easily hide.
~ What about chemicals, equipment? ~ What about them? ~ Could he have sourced them here? ~ I keep a very strict inventory.
But you said Josh did the inventory.
Dr Calcutt, Josh had a lot of money in his bank account.
~ He didn't need a job.
~ I don't understand what you mean.
Maybe the only reason he took the job was to get access to your chemicals store.
Josh was a friend, and he would never have abused my trust.
(CAR DOOR SLAMS) (ENGINE STARTS) So? Which part of that last speech stood out for you, Sarge? "Josh was a friend.
" Let's get Forensics down here.
I want a team to go over Calcutt's lab.
(ALARM BEEPS) ~ Helen.
~ Michael, what are you doing here? ~ You're not answering my calls.
~ Well, things have got a bit hectic.
We need to talk.
Better come in.
You haven't appointed a solicitor.
Well, it's early days.
No, it's not early days.
You've been stalling for weeks now.
Maybe I haven't had as much time to get used to it as you have.
I'm sorry, I shouldn't have ambushed you with the papers.
No, you really shouldn't have.
Nevertheless, we do need to start the process and try and get on with our lives.
It's unsettling the boys.
Well, moving house'll really unsettle them.
That's not gonna help, is it? Helen The boys want to stay at home.
I spoke to my solicitor.
She thinks I should go for custody.
It makes sense, since you've moved out and I'm the primary carer.
But I'm their mother.
Which is why you need to think about what's best for them.
What's best for them is that they stay with me.
I'm sorry.
I wish it wasn't happening to us, but it is.
And we can't ignore it.
Please, get yourself a solicitor.
No I don't understand.
I'm their mum.
Surely, the judge will agree that I should have joint custody.
But I only moved out because he asked me to.
Because that's what he wanted.
If I'd known he was planning this, I'd have stayed where I was.
Sorry, I-I'm gonna have to call you back.
~ That's not for me, mate.
~ Oh.
~ (CAR DOOR OPENS) ~ That's cos it's for me.
~ (SIGHS) ~ Thank you.
(CLEARS THROAT) You know, you were a lot better at this undercover lark back on the Crime Squad.
~ It's good to see you, Helen.
~ What are you doing here? ~ I'm working an investigation.
~ So why are you following me? Whatever it is you're working on, it might cross over with my case.
~ Cross over how? ~ I can't tell you that.
Oh, come on, Martin.
You're not MI5.
How can I make sure we don't tread on each others' toes if you won't tell me what you're doing? You're outside Exotica, so whatever it is you're working on must be linked to there.
So who is it? What, the owner? Is it Liam Fallon? You're looking at him? I can't tell you that.
What's the score with the hotel? How do you mean? You not with Michael any more? I've gotta get going.
See you around.
His name's Martin Hexton, the undercover officer we used back when I was in the Crime Squad.
Since then, he's been with the Met's SCD-11 unit.
~ So, what's he doing in Yorkshire? ~ He's not saying, but I think I think (TYPING) .
he's investigating Liam Fallon.
~ Melanie's boss? ~ He definitely seems to be interested in him.
Before buying the lapdancing club, Fallon served a year for posession of cocaine.
At the time of his arrest, he had links to a number of big London drug gangs.
So if Hexton is looking into him, it could be that he's active again.
So you think Fallon was working with Josh? He had experience, connections.
He knew Josh from going to the club.
Which could explain why Josh was at the club when Melanie wasn't there.
If Hexton was investigating Fallon, then why was Fallon not flagged? I don't know.
I called Hexton's unit, left a message.
Still waiting on someone to get back to me.
We should talk to Melanie.
If there's something going on between Josh and Fallon, she might have seen something.
She's due to come in to make a statement, isn't she? Postponed.
Ill, apparently.
She's staying at her boyfriend's parents'.
Well, then maybe I'll make a house call.
Where are you going? I can do this on my own.
~ You might need backup.
~ To interview a lapdancer? I've met her.
You haven't.
She'll respond better to a familiar face.
Then I'll take Helen.
You're not taking bloody Helen.
Excuse me, sir.
~ I'm DCI Banks.
~ DS Cabbot.
We're looking for Melanie Thomas.
Gerald Foster.
I'm Spencer's dad.
Melanie and Spence are through here.
Police need to talk to you.
~ How are you feeling, Melanie? ~ She's very poorly.
This is Elaine, my wife.
DCI Banks, DS Cabbot.
~ Mrs Foster.
~ Hello.
Look, I don't really think Melanie's up for talking.
~ She should be in her bed.
~ No, it's OK.
~ I'm fine.
~ Really? We need to speak to Melanie alone.
We'll give you some privacy.
Thank you.
Was Josh involved in drugs? No.
I mean, he never said anything.
Did he ever talk to you about Liam Fallon? What do you mean? Did you ever see him talking to Fallon? Sometimes, I suppose.
~ Do you know what they were talking about? ~ I dunno.
Melanie, did you ever see anything like pills or money exchange between them? No.
But Josh did meet Fallon in his office sometimes.
Did Josh say what those meetings were about? No.
The gravel they found in Josh's hair, generic building product.
Sold in most DIY shops up and down the country.
~ So not much help, then? ~ Not much, no.
What about Calcutt's lab? Forensics found plenty of chemicals, but none used in processing Ecstasy.
I've been going through Josh Tate's bank records.
Found a debit card payment the day he died.
What was the payment for? It was for £6.
40, made to the campus cafe at 1:35.
~ OK, go and check it out.
~ I'll go.
~ (PHONE RINGS) ~ DI Morton? SPEAKERPHONE: "Yeah, this is DCI Denmoor, SCD-11.
~ Got a message saying to ring you.
" ~ Yes.
I was calling about a UCO who's working a case here in Eastvale.
"We don't have anyone from Undercover up there.
" What about a DS Martin Hexton? Helen! You wanna sit in on this? No, there's something I need to check on.
The place is mobbed with students every day.
Every face is just a blur.
Just take a look at the photo.
~ This guy was in at 1:35.
~ Yeah, middle of the lunch rush.
12 hours later, he was dead.
Hold on, I remember this lad.
He was in here with some other guy.
~ Can you describe him? ~ Didn't look like a student.
Just like your average, middle-aged white guy.
Don't know what was going on.
Some sort of argument.
Anyway, this lad stormed out and the older bloke went after him.
Did you see where they went? Now what? Do you fancy a rocky road? ~ How well did you know Josh Tate? ~ I didn't.
He was just some kid who spent too much time mooning over Melanie.
~ Ever have any discussions with him? ~ What would I discuss with him? How about manufacturing Ecstasy? And why would that interest me? Come on, Liam.
You've got history.
OK, I admit it.
I have had some trouble with drugs, a few years back.
But look at me now, eh? I'm a changed man.
~ I'm a model citizen now.
~ You run a lapdancing club.
That's right, and I'm always on the lookout for new dancers.
You spoke to Josh in your office.
~ Did I? ~ Several times, so we heard.
I don't remember him being in there.
See, I'm quite picky with who I let in.
My office is like my sanctuary.
A place where I can think - Josh last visited Exotica two nights ago.
~ That's right.
~ What happened? He wanted to know where Melanie was.
I said she wasn't working, so he left.
~ What time? ~ About 9:00, 9:30.
And what did you do after that? I ran my very profitable business.
I was in the club till about four.
The girls will back me up on that.
~ He's lying through his teeth.
~ We just need to prove it.
Josh Tate met with an older male at the campus cafe on the day he died.
~ Any chance it was Fallon? ~ This bloke was white.
~ (SIGHS) ~ Anyway, he followed Josh out the cafe, so we pulled all the CCTV from within a half-mile radius of it.
~ So we're off to watch some telly.
~ Enjoy.
Older man, meeting in a cafe.
Could be part of Josh's operation.
If Fallon was dealing Josh's Ecstasy, then Josh dying's a big problem.
~ What's Fallon gonna do now? ~ Find a new source.
~ Contact whoever Josh worked with.
~ So we put him under surveillance.
There's not time to organise a team.
But there's no reason why we can't do it.
I'll sort it.
(APPROACHING CAR) (DOOR SLAMS) Apparently, you're no longer police.
Managed to find me, then? ~ What's going on, Martin? ~ Even booked our old room.
It's not our old room, it's your room.
Fancy a drink? I'm on duty.
Fancy watching me drink, then? (SIGHS) What are you doing here, Martin? I've got good memories of this room.
(POURS DRINK) I told you.
I'm working a case.
Really? Well, according to your boss, you were retired on medical grounds about three months ago.
~ Not a problem.
~ It's not a problem? Are you kidding? This is our murder victim.
And this is our main suspect.
What do you mean, it's not a problem? What is going on? You failed your psych evaluation, didn't you? Because there was no evaluation.
And I haven't been retired, all right? I was seconded to Bradford.
I'm working with DCI Rachel Prentice.
~ But Prentice is Anti-Corruption.
~ That's why I can't talk about it.
OK So you're investigating police officers, fine.
But how does that connect to Fallon? I can't tell you anything.
Martin Is it one of our team? Look, this this burnt-out cop story, ~ it's a cover.
~ What do you mean? Nobody from my old unit even knows I'm working here.
I think maybe I will have that drink.
This is my life now.
Turn up places, do my job.
Can't tell a soul about it.
'Least this time, I get to see you.
I'd forgotten how much you meant to me.
Our time together.
It was a mistake.
Well, not to me, it wasn't.
Well, you weren't married, were you? I was.
You still married? Michael wants a divorce.
It's my fault.
I spend so much time at work and - You're still doing that? Blaming yourself? Just like us.
You took all the guilt.
It was always your fault.
So, what are you gonna do? Fight for my marriage.
Why? (MUMBLES) (SIGHS) Sorry, I can't.
I'm just telling David I'm gonna be late.
It means he's got to pick up Isla again.
(SIGHS) He'll have to get used to that, now he wants to make it permanent.
You must've seen this coming, Alan.
You can be angry, fine.
Disappointed, all right.
But you can't be surprised.
Look, David's asked me to marry him.
He wants us to be a family.
Right now, I need to think about Isla, so don't make this any harder than it is.
How am I making it harder? By being your usual passive-aggressive self.
If you've got something to say just say it.
(SIGHS) (DOOR OPENS) Fallon's on the move.
That's Calcutt.
Josh's tutor.
(CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKS) (MUFFLED ARGUING) ~ What we gonna do now? ~ We stick with Fallon.
~ (PHONE RINGS) ~ What about Calcutt? ~ We can deal with her later.
Annie! (CAR DOOR SLAMS) (SIGHS) We don't have the authority.
(TYRES SQUEAL) (HORN BLARES) (FRONT DOOR SHUTS) (RUSTLING) (SCREAMS) What the hell do you think you're doing? ~ Why are you breaking into my garage? ~ Why were you meeting Liam Fallon? Josh was supplying Fallon with drugs.
Were you helping Dr Calcutt? Now, you listen to me.
You can't just break in to peoples' property.
I know it's against the law.
Do you hear me? I want you to leave me and my mother alone.
Now, go! I will.
Just wanna find out what this is.
~ (FOOTBALL ON TV) ~ Dad? ~ (TURNS TV OFF) ~ Dad? Dad What are you doing here? I had three missed calls from you.
Oh, right.
Of course.
Er Sunday.
I'm going on a day trip to Bridlington and I wondered if you wanted to come.
Your mother always liked Braid and I just thought, well might be a bit of fun.
But that was it? That's why you called? Yes, why? There a problem? Is this how it's gonna be, then? How what's gonna be? This! Us.
Me having to run round every day just to make sure you're all right.
I don't need looking after.
I've just seen the next ten years mapped out for me.
Work and you.
I think you'd better leave.
Dad, I didn't mean any - ~ I'm nobody's burden.
~ No.
Do do you understand that? Yes.
(SIGHS) Sorry.
~ Close the door.
~ Yes.
~ Did you find any equipment? ~ Not exactly.
Calcutt had had a clear-out, no doubt in the last few days.
But the good news is, forensics say there's enough material in there to confirm that it was being used to make the drugs.
Calcutt's mum.
She's got dementia.
I had to call Social Services.
~ There's no other family? ~ Her daughter's all she's got.
~ I really need to speak to Mum.
~ Your mum's being taken care of.
She's not good around strangers.
Beverley, you can talk to your mum after you've spoken with us, OK? Isosafrole, MDMA.
Can you explain why these chemicals were in your garage? I don't know anything about that.
Beverley we know that Josh was involved in making Ecstasy.
Which may well be the reason he was killed.
You need to tell us the truth.
~ I needed the money.
~ What for? Mum needs constant care.
I couldn't be there for her and be at work.
The only solution was a nurse, and they cost.
The man you were meeting at the car park, Liam Fallon.
Was he buying the pills? It was only supposed to be a one-off.
We made the first batch in the lab at work, and I made sure they were safe.
And then Josh sold them on to Fallon.
But it wasn't just the one-off? Fallon wanted more.
He threatened to turn us in if we said no.
We couldn't use work any more, so we set up in my garage and worked from there.
Where's the equipment now? Josh told me to dismantle it.
He said he was going to tell Fallon it was over.
When was he telling Fallon? The day he died.
Did Fallon kill Josh? Well, what do you think? The man's a gangster, isn't he? Just business for him.
I told him today.
I told him, "I know what you did.
" And he just laughed.
(SOBS) ~ What do you want to do? ~ Let's bring Fallon in again.
Boss? I need to talk to you.
It'll have to wait.
(Go, go.
) ~ (CRASH) ~ Police! (OFFICERS SHOUTING) Boss! Christ.
Is he all right? ~ He's breathing.
~ Annie, get him an ambulance.
DS Cabbot.
Ambulance required.
Serious head injuries.
Victim is Liam Fallon.
(DISTANT SIRENS) There's something you need to know.
~ Boss! We think we might have him.
~ Josh's mystery man.
We went through all the CCTV.
We picked up Josh on a traffic camera a half mile away from the cafe.
~ This guy was following him.
~ Any idea who it is? ~ That's Martin Hexton.
~ What? (GRIM) Good work.
Helen? A word.
I'm I can explain.
All right.
Thanks, Rachel.
What did she say? Well, Bradford have never heard of Hexton.
What? But he told me he'd been working with them! What else has he been telling you? Nothing.
DCI Denmoor told me that he'd been medically retired, and Hexton said that that was just his cover story.
It sounds like the only person getting a cover story was you! ~ If he's retired, why's he following Fallon? ~ Don't know.
~ Is he responsible for this? ~ Look, I don't know.
Why is he arguing with our victim on the day he died? ~ I don't know! ~ Well, what do you know, DI Morton? I know where he is.
~ Reckon she's getting a bollocking? ~ Definitely.
Boss had his face on.
~ What face? ~ The one that he does when's angry.
You know, when it all goes still and all you can see is his eyes.
~ I know that face.
~ Let's move.
Tariq, you're with me.
(TYRES SQUEAL) (SIRENS) He's cleared out.
He was here.
He was here a couple of hours ago.
What? I-I told you I talked to him.
So, what do we do now? ~ I want you to go home.
~ What? Why? I won't allow you to compromise this case further.
~ Compromise it? How? ~ You're involved with Hexton, he's now a suspect - No, I am not.
I am not involved with Hexton.
Please, Helen.
(SIGHS) It was a drink.
It was just It was just a drink! (Oh, Christ.
) Oh, it's too cold to be out there.