DCI Banks Aftermath s05e06 Episode Script

Ghosts (Part 2)

~ Josh Tate.
~ Student? ~ Second year at Uni.
I saw him yesterday morning.
He was heading out as I was getting up.
~ And you are? ~ Melanie Thomas, Spence's girlfriend.
It seems he wants something a bit more permanent.
He's asked me to marry him.
I've just seen the next 10 years mapped out for me.
Work and you.
What's he doing at a lap dancing club? He's only ever here for Melanie.
Piperonyl Methyl Ketone.
PMK is used to synthesise ecstasy.
You make it look like Josh had it coming ~ and that way nobody cares that my son died.
~ I care, Mrs Tate.
His name's Martin Hexton.
He was the undercover officer we used back when I was in the crime squad.
I've forgotten how much it meant to me, our time together.
Josh was supplying Fallon with drugs.
Were you helping, Dr Calcutt? Serious head injuries.
Victim is Liam Fallon We picked up Josh on a traffic camera ~ and this guy was following him.
~ That's Martin Hexton.
You're involved with Hexton and he's now a suspect.
~ No, I'm not.
I'm not involved with Hexton.
~ Please.
~ You Banks? ~ DCI Denmoor? Hexton infiltrated drug gangs.
Either he teamed up with one of 'em or decided to go out on his own.
Either way, it was my fault.
You can't blame yourself if one of your officers chooses to go rogue.
Copies of Hexton's recent targets and the case papers from his trial.
Thought they might be useful to you.
Look, corruption's one thing but do you think Hexton would go as far as murder? The thing about undercover is, you get used to crossing the line.
Hexton's been doing it so long he doesn't even know where the line is.
Martin Hexton's case files.
I want you to go through them inch by inch.
~ What are we looking for? ~ I don't know but there's a good chance that Hexton's working for a drug gang he was investigating.
Given that we know that Josh Tate was selling his ecstasy tablets to Liam Fallon and that Hexton was watching the pair of them ~ there could be a connection.
~ You think it's sort of turf war? I don't think anything at the moment.
Go through the file, see if you can find a concrete link between Hexton, Fallon and Josh Tate.
What's the verdict on Fallon? Hospital said he's stable, through the worst of it.
Good, let's go and talk to him.
Tariq, where are we with locating Hexton? ~ Service provider's put a trace on his mobile.
~ And the car? ~ Circulated the index to all units.
~ Why aren't we asking Helen? If she knew Hexton from before then she might have an idea where he is.
DI Morton's taking some time off.
~ BOY: I'm sitting in the front! ~ BOY: No, I am! So come on, Helen Morton doesn't take time off.
What's going on? It's personal.
You're enjoying this too much.
Actually I'm just relieved it's not me in the doghouse for once.
There's still time.
Speaking of time, when are you planning on giving David your answer? ~ When I've made my mind up.
~ Still got some doubts, then? Well, I wouldn't be human if I didn't.
Someone assaults me in my own home yet I'm the one that's being questioned.
You are under caution, remember? Beverly Calcutt's confessed.
She said that you were buying the pills that you and Josh are making in the garage.
You WILL be arrested the moment the doctor gives us the all clear.
So who attacked you last night? Was it him? I don't know.
I didn't see the guy.
What do you mean, you didn't see the guy? I swear.
I came home and I saw that someone had moved by stuff.
I heard a noise behind me and then, bang.
Next thing you know I'm waking up in an ambulance.
It wasn't a burglary, Liam! This man was a professional, he didn't even leave a print.
You were attacked because of your drug operation with Josh Tate.
Look, I don't know what you think we were into, OK? But all we did was pass the stuff on.
Yeah, we made a bit of money but we didn't tread on anybody's toes.
So, do you think Fallon is telling the truth? I think he's got good reason to lie.
But if we doesn't really know Hexton how does Hexton fit into this? ~ Hey, is everything all right? ~ Oh, everything's great.
She said, "Daddy.
" ~ You're a clever girl.
~ Ha ha! Well, sounded more like a 'do do' but we both knew what you meant, didn't we? ~ Alan.
~ Hey, David.
I'll see you upstairs.
So you came all the way here to tell me she said, "Daddy.
" Well, we were on our way to swimming but yeah, essentially that's why I'm here.
It's a big day for me.
I know.
Did you say anything else? No pressure but she did ask about her bridesmaids dress earlier.
~ Her speech really is coming on.
~ Ha! She's very advanced.
(PHONE BEEPS) Sorry, I've really got to be somewhere.
I love you.
See you later.
Come on.
~ All right? ~ Thanks for coming.
Sorry about all the cloak and dagger.
It's all right.
It appeals to my inner spy.
~ So what's he saying? ~ The boss? Not much.
~ He's not happy.
~ Mm.
Just tell me what's going on with you and Hexton.
At least not any more.
~ Do you know where he is? ~ No, I thought you would by now.
No, it seem he's involved with various drug gangs.
Oh, I doubt he'd go that far.
We're looking to Hexton's old case files.
Hopefully we'll find a connection between him and Josh Tate.
Sorry, Annie.
Sorry, there's I need to go.
There's something I need to check on.
Clocked at a 24 hour garage two miles north of the centre.
~ Show me.
~ He was there at 11:46 last night.
According to the till receipt he bought petrol, water, crisps, chocolate and two travel blankets.
He's settling down for the night.
He wouldn't check into a hotel, he's not that stupid.
He slept in the car.
Right, get some units out there.
Check everything within a mile radius of that garage.
Service provided just called.
Hexton turned his phone on an hour ago.
~ You got an exact location? ~ Beech Avenue in Alwoodley.
That's where the Fosters live.
Come on.
What's Hexton want with them? Mrs Tate? I have some questions I need to ask you.
~ Is that you in the picture? ~ Where did you find that? That was taken in 1993, wasn't it? When you were a member of a group called Radical Action.
It was a long time ago.
And this man standing here beside you Do you remember him? He was in the group for almost 18 months.
He gave his name as Martin Wells but in fact he was an undercover officer.
He testified against the group and four of your friends were jailed, weren't they? That man betrayed me.
18 months is a long time and it's not unheard of for an undercover officer to form relationships in these situations.
But Mrs Tate, I have to ask the question He's Josh's biological father.
It's no point in keeping it secret any more.
~ Why didn't you tell us this before? ~ Cos it wasn't relevant.
You know, I brought Josh up as my own.
I'm his real dad.
~ What's going on? ~ Mrs Foster, have you seen anyone hanging around the house this morning? ~ No.
~ Any visitors? Any calls? Er Just the detective.
~ What detective? ~ He came to take Melanie to the station for questioning.
Ken, he's taken Melanie.
Circulate it to all units! All units from DC Blackstone.
Suspect is in a black saloon last seen on Beech Avenue in Alwoodley.
Stop the car! I want to get out now! ~ Let me out! Let me out! ~ Not until we talk! Let me out! Melanie, stop! I just want to talk.
Leave me alone! Melanie! I just want to talk to you! Come back! (SCREAMS) Oh, God.
What's happening? Don't worry, come on.
Please help me (WEEPING) (SCREAMING AND CRYING) All units from DC Blackstone, suspect is in a black saloon.
Index, Papa, Yankee, Five, Three, Juliet, Yankee, Lima.
Vehicle was seen heading south on the Leeds Road.
All units respond.
'All received by DI Morton.
I'm on the Leeds Road.
' I thought she was having time off.
(POLICE SIREN) From DI Morton, I'm now following the suspect 'DI Morton, what is your location?' 'Still heading south into the city.
' (DISTANT POLICE SIREN) Need some help here! Come on.
Don't worry, they've got you now.
PARAMEDIC: Here you are, love.
What happened to her? Where's the driver? DCI Banks to DI Morton, come in.
Why didn't you tell me about Josh? I couldn't tell anyone.
Yeah, well, now they think you killed him.
~ I thought Fallon killed him.
~ No.
It's not how it looks.
You used me, didn't you? To get Fallon's name? I needed the information.
DCI BANKS: 'DI Morton, your location.
' Wait.
Just hear me out.
I spent 20 years in the force and got nothing back.
The only good thing I got out of it was Josh and I threw that away.
I walked out on him and his mum and for what? A pat on the back? And now Denmoor and the brass are trying to stitch me up.
Please! I lost Josh before I'd even got to know him properly and I wasn't there for him when he needed me but I CAN find out who killed him.
That's not your job.
No but it gives me a connection.
And that's all I've got left.
Please, Helen.
Just let me walk through the door.
I thought I told you to go home.
But you knew I wouldn't.
Meet me back at the station.
Hexton was undercover with a radical action group for 18 months.
Plenty of time for him to form a relationship with Sarah Tate.
Josh was six months old when Hexton testified at the court case.
And he just walked out on Sarah and Josh? I get the impression that Sarah Tate didn't want any more to do with him.
~ Why didn't she make a complaint? ~ Maybe she was protecting her son.
You know, I want to sit in on this interview.
That's That's not a good idea.
Well, even so, it was me who brought him in.
I lead, you listen.
Agreed? Agreed.
Josh Tate's call records.
He received 23 calls from you in the two weeks leading up to his death.
What was so important? I wanted to meet up with my son.
So why did it take 23 calls to arrange a meeting? He refused for the first 22.
What happened with you and Josh at the cafe? He said he didn't want me to contact him any more.
He didn't want to be my son and he didn't need another dad.
That must have upset you.
It did.
What did you do after the cafe? I went back to the B&B and got drunk.
Did you try and contact Josh again? I didn't kill my son.
Liam Fallon was seriously assaulted at his home last night.
You had surveillance pictures of Fallon at the B&B.
Where did you get them? An old friend in the crime squad.
This old friend got a name? Where were you last night between 8 PM and midnight? ~ Do you want to answer this? ~ Yeah.
I was with DS Hexton in his room at his guest house until 10 o'clock.
Well, that still gives us two hours.
Well, let's not kid ourselves.
If you'd any evidence linking me to Fallon's assault you'd have disclosed it.
What about Melanie Thomas? What did you want with her? How is she? Look ~ I only wanted to talk to her.
~ So why lie to her? Why did you say you had to bring her to the station? Because it was the easiest way to get her out of that house.
I needed to see her alone, but then she collapsed.
So I drove straight to the hospital.
What made her collapse? Oh, I don't know.
Maybe something to do with the baby.
In the cafe Josh told me Melanie was having his baby.
He was gonna be a dad.
And he wanted me to know he was gonna do a better job than I did.
I went to see Melanie because I wanted to meet the mother of my grandchild.
~ Are you gonna release him? ~ Not if I can help it.
Well, do you have enough to keep him? Boss, Annie's just spoken to the doctor.
Melanie Thomas is suffering from a post termination infection.
She got rid of the baby.
I better keep Annie up to speed on Hexton.
Spencer, I need a word with Melanie.
Oh, er erm No worries.
I should be getting home.
~ Are you coming back later? ~ Yeah, course.
You just take it easy, yeah? ~ Thanks.
~ Thanks.
Just wasn't the right time.
Spencer's got University.
We've got all these plans, see.
I need you to make a statement about the man who brought you in here.
His name is Martin Hexton, he's Josh's father.
His real father.
~ What did he want with me? ~ He wanted to meet you.
Josh told him the baby was his.
It wasn't Josh's baby.
He believed it was.
I don't want to make a statement.
Such a bloody stupid thing to do.
It was Spencer's fault.
He brought all his old private schoolmates to the club.
All of them were pissed and loud.
He said he was showing me off to the lads.
I was embarrassed and I was angry and I wanted to hurt Spence.
And Josh was there.
He was always bloody there.
And he was there for the baby? It wasn't his baby.
I told him it was Spencer's baby but he didn't listen.
He said he knew it was his.
Like Like it was fate or something.
Did Spencer know about you and Josh? Of course not.
And he can't ever find out.
It didn't matter what she said, Josh was convinced the baby was his.
It does explain a lot, though.
Josh thought he was about to become a dad.
That's huge.
He felt it was time to step up.
He speaks to Calcutt and then to Fallon.
He tells them he's getting out of the drugs game.
Then he meets his dad, for the first time.
He gives HIM some home truths.
Josh Tate was taking responsibility.
So presumably Josh didn't know that Melanie was planning to terminate this pregnancy.
No, I don't think so.
Melanie's termination was carried out on the night Josh was killed at The Channing Clinic.
Channing? That's a private hospital.
TARIQ: Where did she get the money for that? ~ From boyfriend's mother, apparently.
~ What? Not only did she pay for it, she drove Melanie to the clinic.
What, to abort her son's baby? I suppose it's one way to bond with your future mother-in-law.
Hold on, if Melanie was at the clinic what about Spencer's alibi? He wasn't with her that night.
Let's bring him in.
I don't understand.
Did she lose it? No.
But she was bleeding.
Well, Melanie had had a termination so the bleeding was due to complications.
She's not pressing charges against you.
~ So we'll be releasing you tomorrow? ~ Why not now? Look, I need to know that you're not gonna do anything that's gonna compromise this case further.
Cos if you are we'll have the assign officers to watch you.
That's gonna be a drain on our resources and that's gonna make it even harder for us to find Josh's killer.
And we will find out who did it.
You have to stop now.
You have to trust us.
Let us get on with our job.
OK what? It's over.
~ Is my solicitor here yet? ~ We'll let you know when he arrives.
This is Spencer Foster.
He's been arrested in connection with the murder of Josh Tate.
~ Which is ridiculous.
~ We need to take a DNA sample and your fingerprints.
Why? He was my friend.
Spencer, on the morning that Josh's body was found ~ DS Cabott and DC Blackstone spoke to you.
Do you remember that? ~ Yes.
When they asked you where you were the night before what did you say? I said I was in the flat all night with my girlfriend, Melanie Thomas, but I'd like to state for the record that I made a mistake about that.
~ You made a mistake? ~ Yes, on account of my recent shock.
~ Shock? ~ Yeah.
My best friend had been killed and my girlfriend had just aborted my baby.
Mr Foster has seen a counsellor who has provided a letter explaining that his confusion was due to recent grief.
(SIGHS) Yeah, all right, Spencer.
Where were you really that night? I was at home with Gerald Foster.
You were at home with you dad.
Yes, I arrived at the house at 6:30 and left at 2 AM.
A local minicab took me back to the flat in Leeds.
~ We have the driver's details.
~ We can check that for ourselves, thank you.
Mm Why didn't you tell us about your mistake earlier? Yeah, you know what? I I absolutely should have done.
~ So why didn't you? ~ Because I was in shock.
~ Did you see Josh the night he died? ~ No.
~ Did he contact you that night? ~ No.
Did you know that he thought that the baby your girlfriend was carrying was his? No, I didn't know that.
Must be a shock for you.
Interview suspended, 19:26.
You ever seen a 19-year-old give a performance like that in an interview? ~ He was certainly prepared for us.
~ Not prepared, he'd been coached.
Someone's sat him down and gone through every inch of his story.
No doubt Gerald Foster, given he's providing him with an alibi.
Do you want to release him? ~ Forensics find anything about house? ~ Nothing yet.
Keep him in overnight.
We'll speak to the parents first thing tomorrow.
~ I shouldn't be too late tonight.
~ Annie, you don't have to decide.
About marriage.
It's fine.
I'm happy for us to keep going as we are.
You taking back your proposal? No, I want to marry you but erm ~ I don't want you to feel forced into it.
~ David, it's just that - You don't have to explain.
I know.
I didn't mean to put any pressure on you.
So I'll keep in touch and let you know what progress we're making with the case.
Thank you.
Are you interviewing the flat mate? Like I said, if there's any news I'll be in contact.
Why did you go back to him? I mean, back then.
I thought we had a future.
I thought we were gonna stay together.
But you went back to Michael.
Why? I didn't go back for Michael.
I went back for the boys.
I did it for them.
It's funny, if you'd said that back then I I wouldn't have understood.
But I do now.
He kept Spencer in all night.
When will he be released? Just as soon as we've spoken to you and your wife, Mr Foster.
I just don't understand why you're keeping him in.
The night that boy was killed Spencer was here with Gerald.
~ How can you be sure? ~ Sorry? You were at The Channing Clinic.
Must have been hard, taking Melanie for the termination.
And why would it be hard? Well, because it was your son's baby and your first grandchild, potentially.
Spencer has plenty of time to start a family.
And when he does I have no doubt it will be was someone he loves.
Oh, you don't think he loves Melanie? She's a sweet girl, she's clearly very fond of Spencer but sadly he's only using her to provoke us.
Provoke you how? Spencer's at that age, looking for ways to rebel, kick against his comfortable upbringing.
What better way to spook the folks than to bring home a stripper? So you were more than happy to take her for the determination.
My son made a mistake.
It was my job, as a parent, to help him rectify it.
Spencer was upset, it's only natural, so I told him to come home for the night.
And then what you did you do? Made dinner, watched TV and then I gave him a bit of a lecture.
About what? Contraception, mostly, but also about growing up.
Taking responsibility.
Did Spencer leave at any time? You mean, did you pop out and kill his best friend when I turned my back? I was with him the whole night.
(PHONE RINGS) Would you excuse me a moment? Speaking.
Yeah, he's here now.
Spencer's solicitor doesn't think you have any reason to hold him further.
So I'll come and get him, if that's all right with you? ANNIE: I can't believe we're letting him go.
DCI BANKS: No choice, his lawyers are all over us.
So what's the next move? Talk to Melanie again, find out why she backed Spencer's alibi.
You, Ken and Tariq go over everything you can find on the Fosters.
What's our next move? We keep going till we get them.
Why did you arrest Spencer? Because we had questions to ask him.
What questions? Spencer and Josh were friends, why would Spencer kill him? Spencer lied about his alibi and you backed him up.
I need to know why.
~ Melanie? ~ They want to do some tests.
I'll be here when you get back.
(CAR HORN BEEPS) (TYRES SCREECHING) SPENCER: What is he doing? ~ What is he doing?! ~ ELAINE: Idiot! Listen, are you Argh! (SCREAMS) Gerry! ~ Argh! ~ No no no no no! ~ No! ~ Get off! You killed Josh, you bastard! Get off! Get off! Dad! (SCREAMS) Dad! Spencer! Spencer! Thank you.
~ Helen? ~ Hexton ran them off the road.
He took Spencer.
Why are you here? Why aren't you looking for him? We're gonna find him, Mrs Foster.
I assure you.
(MUFFLED) Let me out! Stop driving! Let me out! Please, don't worry.
We're doing all we can.
Boss, traffic saw his car 20 minutes ago.
They tried to pursue him but lost him.
~ Well, where was this? ~ Heading north on the Harrogate Road.
He's going to the ravine.
You better come with me, Helen.
Tariq, I need you to do a number trace for me.
Requesting four units, an armed response team and an ambulance.
Don't! Let me go! Please! Time to tell the truth! I haven't done anything wrong! Don't do this! Don't! Let me go, please! No, don't.
Don't! Do you see down there? That's where Josh ended up, down there on those rocks.
I don't know anything! I don't believe you.
I'm telling the truth.
Well, here's the thing, Spencer.
All my life I've lied.
It was my job, it kept me alive.
I'm an expert in that field.
See, I can spot a lie.
I can feel when someone's lying to me.
I can hear it in your voice right now.
~ Argh! ~ Martin! ~ Martin! ~ You're just in time! Spencer's about to confess.
Martin, it doesn't have to end like this.
You had your chance, you didn't get him.
This where we find out the truth.
Ah! ~ Martin ~ OK, Spencer.
No ~ Start talking.
~ It was an accident! I didn't mean to kill him.
He was waiting outside the house for me.
He told me it was his baby, he said he was gonna take Melanie away.
I was angry.
I don't even know how I did it.
I just went too far.
I hit him, I didn't mean it.
Well, there you go.
There's your confession.
And now we have to arrest him.
This ends here.
Right now.
You're still a police officer, Martin! No! Not any more! That's all gone.
I'm doing this because I'm a dad.
~ Da! ~ You're not! You're not a dad.
You're not Josh's dad.
All right? Biologically, maybe, but that doesn't make you a dad.
Matthew Tate is Josh's dad.
Now, you throw Spencer over and you deny Matthew Tate a father's justice.
~ Josh was my son.
~ No.
No, you walked out 20 years ago.
You wanted NOTHING to do with Josh.
You DON'T get to have this revenge.
You haven't earned it, Martin.
This is not about Josh, it's not about justice.
This is about trying to make up for the years and years you weren't there.
But it's too late.
You had your chance and you blew it.
Josh didn't want you.
Martin, he wouldn't have wanted this.
~ Why didn't he want me? ~ I don't know.
I only wanted to be part of his life.
I know.
But your kids .
they break your heart.
You shouldn't be looking at that.
Melanie, why didn't you tell someone you were raped? You think anyone would have believed me? They'd just say I was asking for it.
I've read the texts.
You don't think that, you know what it was.
You can't tell Spencer.
He has to know.
If he finds out he'll dump me and then I'll be alone.
It's my family.
Family doesn't treat you like that.
Family should be there for you and make you feel safe.
Things just went a bit far.
Melanie, look where you are.
Josh is dead, you've lost a child.
You're better off on your own, trust me.
~ How was it with Melanie? ~ Informative.
Two young lads get into a fight, one of them lashes out in the heat of the moment, no murderous intent.
A tragic accident, rush of blood.
Spencer's committed a crime but it's a crime I can understand.
What I can't comprehend .
is what you two did next.
You covered it up, didn't you? Spencer told us.
You drove Josh Tate's body out to the ravine and you tossed him away like he was a piece of rubbish.
We were protecting Spencer.
It's the arrogance that gets me.
You two decided that your son's life was so much more important than Josh Tate's.
Well, of course we did.
We're his parents, for God sake.
We only did what every other parent would do.
This was gonna ruin Spencer's life.
And what about Josh Tate's life?! There was nothing we could do, he was already dead.
And there was no point in destroying Spencer's future for something that couldn't be helped.
Couldn't be helped? Spencer made a mistake.
And we did what parents do when their children make mistakes.
You rectified it.
That wasn't the only thing you covered up, was it? Mr Foster? I don't understand.
The party you had for your anniversary.
Spencer brought Melanie.
Spencer stayed but your husband drove Melanie home.
Do you remember? ~ You don't have to listen to this.
~ Oh, yes, she does.
What's she talking about? I'm talking about your husband raping Melanie in his car and after she got pregnant with his baby you helped to get rid of it.
You see, you ended up covering up two crimes.
Gerald? Gerald Foster, Elaine Foster, I'm placing you both under arrest.
You do not have to say anything but it may harm your defence if you do not mention when questioned something which you later rely on in court.
Will we see you for drinks tonight? I have to go and see dad.
~ Helen? ~ I was just passing.
I wanted to tell you that I'll sign the divorce papers but please, let's not fight over the boys.
We're about to start a film.
There's plenty of pizza.
The boys would love to see you.
I'd love some pizza.
I've got yours in.
Thank you.
Two nil down before half time.
Hm! Dad, I'm sorry about the other night.
I was tired, I was angry and I took it out on you.
The truth is Annie's getting married.
Or at least she might be, I don't know.
What do you mean, you don't know? She hasn't made her mind up yet.
It makes sense.
David's Isla's father.
Annie's practically living with him anyway.
It's just the next step.
So, how come she hasn't said yes? She's thinking it over.
Oh, so, there's still hope, then? I don't know about that.
I don't think there's much more I can do.
(CHUCKLES) That's the spirit, Alan.
Look, she knows that I love her.
~ Told her that, did you? ~ Course.
What else did you tell her? Isn't that enough? Not for her, where she is, in her life.
This guy's putting marriage on the table, he's playing the big cards and what are you doing? Pfft, pretty words.
This is it, son.
It's half-time and you're two nil down.
So stop pissing about.
Start playing.
I thought you weren't coming.
I had my mind changed.
Before we go in You can't marry David.
Don't get me wrong, he's a decent enough bloke for a solicitor and he loves you.
Obviously, he's Isla's dad.
It It's difficult.
But he doesn't get you.
He's not the one you need.
And who do I NEED exactly? Me.
I'm the one who gets you.
I'm the one you should be with.
You're unbelievable.
You turn up here saying - I love you, Annie.
You know that.
And I want to be with you and Isla.
Be a family.
Marry me.
Oh Alan.
Your timing is really shitty.
There you are! Ken, boss is here.
Seen the size of the ring? ~ I'll be in in a minute.
~ Ken's getting 'em in.
You said yes? An hour ago.