DCI Banks Aftermath s06e01 Episode Script

To Burn in Every Drop of Blood (Part 1)

1 Ooh Yeah Yeah Yeah Oh, that's sweet! Oh! No, no, no.
Now they're fighting back.
- Now they're fighting back! - In your dreams.
He's caught the entire midfield, standing still, flatfooted.
What were they thinking? Oh! Ho, ho! Now that was sweet.
Get us a beer? Go on.
Hey, can I borrow your car? Why? Gotta meet someone.
What, now? I thought we were going to go to the pub? Sorry, little bro.
I've got some business.
Keys? Fill her up while you're at it, yeah? In a bit.
Bang on time.
I like it.
Not so sure about this place, though.
- Morning.
- Morning, boss.
Morning, Helen, what are we looking at? Morning.
Unidentified male.
Probably in his twenties.
No wallet, no phone, no nothing, I'm afraid.
Someone bashed his head in.
They really went to town, didn't they? - Ken, murder weapon? - We're doing a fingertip search, boss.
- Nothing yet.
- Who found him? Kyle Finn.
He's 17.
Came here this morning, to pay his respects.
A friend of his killed herself here.
- Sian.
- Yeah.
Sian Haddon.
She hanged herself about six months ago.
Where is he now? Gone back to the station to be swabbed and hand in his clothes.
We can talk to him later.
He's pretty cut up, apparently.
This all smells of petrol.
There's a car in the car park.
From the tyre tracks, it's been there all night.
- Could be the victim's.
- Registered to? Nathan Horsley.
Lives in Holbeck.
What's he doing here? You seen the bank manager? - No.
Why? - You're looking very sharp these days.
Well, nice to make an effort.
Yes? We're looking for a Nathan Horsley.
That's me.
Mr Horsley, do you know where your car is? No.
I leant it to my brother.
Why? Has he done something stupid? Can I help? I'm DI Morton.
This is DC Blackstone.
We're here to see Kyle.
Is it about this morning? Yeah.
You'd better come inside.
I don't understand.
I mean, the woods? What was he doing out there? We were hoping you might be able to tell us.
There was some sort of shrine there to someone named Sian Haddon.
Does that mean anything? - No.
- And you have no idea who Damon was meeting last night? No.
Only that he got a text message and then he said he had to go out.
And did he often go out like that? Without warning? I suppose so.
And what did you do? Erm, just watched the TV and then fell asleep.
And you didn't speak to him again? We're gonna need to take some things away.
Paperwork, bank statements, his computer.
Help yourself.
He didn't have a computer, though.
He just used his phone for everything.
- Where did he work? - He didn't.
He was unemployed.
And you got on well, the two of you? He was my big brother, you know? He always looked out for me.
For the last few months, he let me stay here while I get on my feet.
I don't know what I'm gonna do now.
I wanted to go there first thing.
Lay some flowers.
It's Sian's birthday today, you see.
Her 18th.
A lot of the kids go there.
They leave cards and messages and objects.
It's a comfort.
And when you found the body, what did you do? I mean, at first I thought it was someone sleeping rough.
Some tramp.
I was annoyed because it's Sian's, you know.
It's special to Sian.
So I went over to wake him up, and tell him to .
go somewhere else.
And then I saw his head.
It's OK.
I ran.
I just wanted to get away.
So you touched the body? Yes.
That's great(!) He's just given himself an excuse for having blood on his clothes.
Yes, that's a bit of luck, isn't it? We need to look at Damon Horsley's finances.
Did you see the size of that telly? You don't pay for that just living on benefits.
Oi! That was my coffee.
Sorry about that.
- Sorry about that? - Erm, and I'll get you another one? Sir.
Oh! Sir.
Erm, only can it wait? I'm in a bit of a hurry.
Damon Horsley.
24, unemployed.
Now last night, for reasons we don't yet know, he went to a clearing deep in the Attermore woods.
And that's where he was killed, somewhere between 6 and 10PM.
His wallet, watch and phone were taken.
So, what, this was a robbery? It's not very likely.
It's the middle of nowhere.
There was petrol on the ground.
Maybe the killer was gonna burn the body.
- Why didn't they? - Maybe they got interrupted.
Ran off before they set it alight.
And he died near where a Sian Haddon hanged herself about six months ago.
Is that significant? Maybe he knew her? There could be a connection.
He wasn't there by accident.
You know, it could just be some nutter in the woods.
Could be.
Which is why I want you to look into any unsolved crimes.
Murders, assaults, complaints.
See if there are any similarities.
Maybe this is part of a pattern.
We know what time he left his flat.
We can make an educated guess at what time he arrived at the woods.
Did he stop anywhere? Pick anyone up? OK, that's it.
Everyone? I'd like to introduce you to the newest member of our team.
This is DC Vince Grady, comes to us with glowing references and .
an impressive conviction rate, which is the hallmark of good, solid coppering.
And I know from personal experience you'll all make him feel very welcome.
- Right.
- Welcome.
Shall I get you that coffee now, guv? Oh, I think there's gonna be plenty of time for that.
DC Blackstone here will take you under his wing.
And I prefer 'boss'.
You, erm, ready for the heady delights of Records? Just wind me up and point me in the right direction.
Multiple wounds, leading to massive head trauma.
Any idea of the weapon? From the size of the wounds and the nature of the fractures, I'd say something like a hammer.
The first blow was here, on the side, just above the temporal bone.
No defensive wounds, interestingly.
Nothing to the arms and the hands.
He was attacked from behind? Wasn't enough to kill, though.
It will have incapacitated him.
This one here's the killer.
- And what about the others? - Delivered postmortem.
They just kept battering away, even after he was dead? This was a frenzied attack.
I assume the killer, they'd have blood on them too? Almost certainly.
Up close and personal like that.
Hard to avoid.
I've traced Sian Haddon's father.
He's got a farm out near Potterton.
Well, let's see what he has to say.
Something else? Erm, well, it's It's just I'm thinking of putting in for DCI.
Really? Yeah.
I thought I'd apply.
Well, that's certainly .
an option.
Annie? Horsley's bank statements.
A monthly payment to Lassiter Moorings Limited.
They have sites all up at the Leeds Liverpool Canal.
Damon Horsley was paying a mooring fee? Because Damon Horsley had a barge.
This one.
Oh, gross! So he didn't do everything on his phone.
How does someone on the dole afford a shiny new computer? What's that rope attached to? Pills, lots of them! I reckon that's how he afforded his shiny new computer.
There's tonnes of the stuff.
Let's see if his brother knows anything about this.
Nathan? Nathan? Nath Nathan! Put it down! Nathan! Put it down! He just started pulling the place apart.
It's all right.
Take your time, have a little drink of water.
He just steamed in and he was yelling.
You know, where's Damon and what did he do with the money.
What money? He said that Damon owed him 30K.
Damon owed £30,000? - That's what he said.
- Had you ever seen him before? Never.
I was telling him I didn't have it, it wasn't here.
And then what happened? He went into the toilet.
And he came out and he had this bag.
It was filled with money.
It turns out Damon had a hiding place in the bathroom.
Do you mind if I have a quick look? Well done.
You'll probably end up coming to the station with us.
What are you doing? Erm, Mr Haddon? Yeah.
I'm DI Morton.
I'm here to talk to you about Sian.
Boss, what was Horsley dealing? Weed, mostly.
A few other bits and pieces.
E's, prescription drugs, things like that.
And his brother Nathan, did he know about the money? Says not.
But he could be lying.
Maybe he faked the whole thing.
Killed his brother, took the money and staged the break-in.
Why would he do that? Yeah, and if no-one knew about the money why draw attention to it? No, I think Nathan was telling the truth.
Which means Damon Horsley owed someone £30,000.
Sounds like motive to me.
Did Sian ever mention a Damon Horsley to you? No.
Why? He was murdered last night.
What's it to do with Sian? He was found at her shrine.
That bloody place.
Could he have been a friend or a boyfriend maybe? It's possible.
We didn't talk about things like that.
After her mum died, Sian just went into herself.
The school helped a bit.
They arranged for her to see someone.
You know, to talk.
Like a therapist? Counsellor.
For a while I thought it was doing Sian some good.
On the last day, she .
she kissed me and said she loved me, which she didn't do usually.
That should have I was away most of the day.
When I got back, she'd left a note on the kitchen table.
'I'm sorry, but it's too hard'.
We used to go to those woods to walk the dog, all of us.
Sian loved it.
Running around, climbing trees.
Aye, she were always good at that.
You know your operating system is about four years out of date? Is that bad? In computer years it is.
Don't you automatically update? Only the important things.
Will I see you later? Can I call you? I don't know how late I'm gonna be here.
Any time.
I'll come over and cook.
Update, OK? Not everything new is bad.
We've got a positive ID on the print from Horsley's flat.
A Charles Franklin.
He's got an ABH conviction, but as a juvenile.
Nothing recent.
Charlie Franklin.
I know him.
He bangs heads for Steve Richards.
- Who's Steve Richards? - Officially, a property developer.
A friend of judges, councillors and MPs.
Unofficially, he's involved in prostitution, drugs, protection rackets, money laundering, the works.
So you think Charlie Franklin was collecting money Horsley owed Richards? Let's go and find out.
I haven't been able to link Sian Haddon to Horsley yet but her school recommended she see a counsellor to help her deal with her mum's death.
- Do we have a name? - Yeah.
Alice Finn.
Kyle's mother.
I'm gonna find out what she knows.
I think Kyle and Sian had a lot in common.
They both lost a parent.
Oh, Kyle's father died? As good as.
He left us.
Divorced me and started a new family in Dubai.
We never see him.
- That must have been hard for you.
- Well, men do that.
Not always.
Not always.
Still, you get over it.
But Kyle? Well, I dunno.
He really feels things.
Losing Sian was hard.
And she was a patient for how long? Three months-ish.
Wasn't it difficult that she was Kyle's friend? No, she was happy to see me.
I'd never ask anyone to do something they weren't comfortable with.
Did she ever mention the murder victim, Damon Horsley? I'm sorry.
Patient confidentiality, I can't really.
But in circumstances like this, it is discretionary.
Sian's issues were mostly at home, to be honest.
With her father? Look, she smoked a bit of marijuana, like a lot of teenagers.
She did mention Damon Horsley.
I think he got her the drugs sometimes.
Did her father know that? Yeah, and he didn't approve.
Sian said he, erm, had problems.
But you can't always trust what a teenager says, can you? Do you know what sort of problems? With his temper.
That's Franklin's car.
That's him! Annie! With me! Aggh! Once more, round the park? Look what we found in the boot of your car, Charlie.
That's the money you stole from Damon Horsley.
I didn't steal it.
He owed it.
30,000 quid.
That's a lot.
Who did he owe it to? Steven Richards? - No comment.
- Someone killed Damon Horsley last night.
Where were you? - I was playing snooker.
- All night? Until about one.
Look, if someone owes you money, you scare 'em.
You make sure they pay.
You don't kill 'em.
We can't hold him.
Check his alibi for last night, charge him with criminal damage and get him bailed.
He's got a point.
Why would Richards kill or have him killed before he got his money back? It doesn't make sense.
Let's go and ask him.
Damon Horsley? I wish I could help you but I've never heard of this guy.
Even though he owed you money? Who says he owed me money? You sent Charlie Franklin to collect it.
I don't believe I did.
Did Charlie say that? No, I didn't think so.
Look, Charlie does jobs for all sorts of people.
Perhaps you should question him again.
Were you Horsley's supplier? Is that how he came to owe you £30,000? Of course not.
That would be illegal.
And I'm not a criminal.
You got all this through hard graft.
I'm a businessman.
I made some smart investments.
You know you can do just about anything with hard work and a little bit of luck.
Can I ask you where you were last night? If you like.
I was home.
With my wife Tamsin.
So, erm, yep! So if you want corroboration for my whereabouts last night, now's your chance.
My wife Tamsin, daughter Kat.
- DCI Banks.
- DS Cabot.
Your husband tells us he was here with you last night.
- That's right.
- Kat, I saw you today.
Near Damon Horsley's barge.
I dunno who you're talking about.
On the towpath, near the canal? Yeah.
I like it down there.
If that's everything For now.
You really want it to be him, don't you? Why? Years ago I was working on a case.
It was a double murder.
Two blokes shotgunned in a Range Rover parked up on the moors.
Had all the hallmarks of a hit.
We made the case against Richards, and it was solid.
And it went to court and a jury decided he was not guilty.
- You think he got to them? - We couldn't prove anything.
Since then, we haven't been able to get Richards anywhere near a courtroom.
So, yes, I want Steven Richards behind bars.
And I want it to be me who puts him there.
Forensic results are back on Kyle Finn's clothing.
The blood matches Damon Horsley's.
Any pointers to how it got there? It's inconclusive.
It might be from moving the body.
It might be consistent with an attack.
- No-one's prepared to commit either way.
- Thanks Helen.
- Good night.
- Night.
- Straight home? - Yeah.
I was thinking, you and Jess? Why don't we get together, the four of us? - Go somewhere nice for dinner.
- Think so? Yeah, it would be silly not to.
You're with her.
I'm with David.
We're all grown-ups, we've all moved on.
Yeah, all right.
Well, you and David come over to mine.
I'll cook.
- Please don't.
- It's no trouble.
That's not what I meant.
Erm, well, still come over.
Jess can cook.
The day after tomorrow but the night.
I'd like that.
Night, Annie.
Charlie Franklin was in here.
- All night? - As far as I know.
Ask around.
Most of the guys were here last night.
Between them, they'll vouch for Charlie.
What about CCTV? One.
Pointing at the till.
- What? Is that it? - It's not the punters I'm worried about.
It's the poxy staff taking a dip.
Prefer a pub.
A bit of noise, game of pool.
Yeah, I can see that.
The tables are smaller, for a start.
So? I reckon you'd run out of puff around a bigger one.
I'm sorry to put all this on you but Annie hinted rather heavily that she wouldn't come round here again if I was cooking.
Yeah, fine.
Are you all right? Yeah.
Ah, hey, if you're worried about Annie coming over this week there's no need.
I've had a job offer.
It's more responsibility and better money.
What's not to like? It's in Glasgow.
So? When do you have to let them know? By the end of the week ideally.
Something to think about, eh? Yeah.
We found it this morning on Damon Horsley's laptop.
He'd deleted it, but we were able to retrieve it from his hard drive.
That's Kat Richards.
So she was sleeping with Horsley.
Bring her in.
And this proves what, exactly? That your client was having a relationship with Damon Horsley.
Hardly a crime.
No, but lying to the police is.
So why did you say you didn't know Horsley? Kat? Kat? It's pretty.
Is it pierced? Erm, yeah.
I was never brave enough to get the cartilage pierced.
- Strictly lobes, me.
- It's fine.
It doesn't hurt.
Much as I'm enjoying this This situation, Kat.
You have to see it from our point of view.
You weren't straight with us.
When that happens, when we're investigating a murder, it makes us suspicious.
Just tell the truth.
Why did you tell us you didn't know him? I didn't want Dad to know.
Where were you the night Damon Horsley was killed? - What? - Oh, come on.
My client Your client was involved with the victim.
Then she denied knowing him.
And she's explained why.
And at the very least needs to be eliminated from our inquiries.
So where were you? - I was out.
- Where? - Just wandering around town.
- Did you meet up with anyone? - No-one.
- So no-one can corroborate this? No.
I'm sorry.
DCI Banks.
- I'd say that was a new low.
- This from Steven Richards' lawyer.
- She's a vulnerable child.
- Then you'd better take her home.
You know, maybe just owing Richards money wasn't enough motive.
- But if Richards found out Horsley was sleeping with his daughter? - Yeah.
Is there much more? We know Charlie Franklin was there.
We've got six punters with eyes on him at some point all evening.
- What, and that makes it kosher? - Yeah, I'm just saying.
What's the matter? Getting bored with good, solid coppering? I thought that's what you were good at.
Yeah, I just don't think it's the best use of our time.
I wanna be out there, on the streets.
That's where the answers are.
Look at this.
Charlie Franklin's finished his pint.
Big deal.
Look where he's going.
Brendon Haddon, Sian's dad, was arrested 18 months ago.
- For what? - Assault.
He took a swing at some lad who worked in a coffee shop.
Reckoned he was selling weed to the kids as a sideline.
It's something, I suppose.
And forensics are back on the soil samples we took at the scene.
And they found recent traces of poultry Coccidia.
It's a parasite found in the faeces of chickens.
So you think Brendon was at the scene? Tramping chicken shit all over the site.
How recently? Well, after it last rained.
So no more than 24 hours ago.
We can put him at the scene the same day Damon Horsley was murdered.
We'd better go and speak to him, then.
Yeah, I went after him.
Sian was getting that stuff from someone.
Just not the man you attacked.
As it turned out.
Did you know Damon Horsley sold to Sian? No, I We know you were at the shrine the night Horsley died.
So? Well last time I was here, you said you hated it.
So what were you doing there? Did you blame Horsley for Sian's death? Is that why you met him at her shrine? - I didn't.
- Then why were you there? That place, it's where Sian's life ended.
Hers and mine.
But what happened, happened to us.
It's ours.
And they've turned it into .
a funfair.
Cheap flowers, stupid messages.
It's all about them.
It's nothing to do with her.
It was my baby girl's birthday.
I decided to wipe that thing out once and for all.
I went there to burn it.
I poured petrol over it.
But when it came to it, I couldn't do it.
He knew about the petrol.
We didn't make that public so how could he have known? Unless he killed Horsley and was planning to burn the body like we originally thought.
What, and burning the shrine was just a story? What, do you think he's that clever? I don't know.
Where now? There.
I think Brendon Haddon's telling the truth.
Some of the cards on the shrine were covered in plastic.
- Yes.
- So I've just spoken to forensics.
Here's Horsley's blood, where it dried, yeah? But underneath it? Petrol? Poured over the shrine before the murder.
So if Haddon was the killer and wanted to burn the body the blood would have been there first.
- So you know what this means.
- Yeah, Haddon's lucky I'm paying attention.
And we're back to square one.
- Mmm.
- It's nice work, though, Helen.
Well done.
Boss, Richards wasn't at home the night Horsley was killed.
He lied.
I found this.
CCTV footage of Charlie Franklin on the night of Horsley's murder.
And look who he's going to meet.
Steven Richards.
And that's his alibi blown.
- Thanks for coming, Rob.
- Good to see you.
Are you all right for drinks, guys? - Hi, how are you? - Cheers.
- Good to see you again.
- And good to see you too.
How much longer? My smile muscles are aching.
As long as it takes.
So make nice.
We're this close.
That's my invite.
- Are you kidding me? - Steven Richards! I'm arresting you on suspicion of the murder of Damon Horsley.
You do not have to say anything.
But it may harm your defence if you do not mention when questioned something which you later rely on in court.
Anything you do say may be given in evidence.
Do you really wanna do this? For a very long time.
Take a good look at the time and the date.
You told me you were at home all that evening.
This proves otherwise.
So it does.
- Where did you go? - I had some business to attend to.
Mr Nadir, would you please instruct your client that it's in his best interests to answer all our questions fully.
You do know I can hear you, right? You're so angry.
You've got this great lump of of anger, right here.
It can't do you any good.
Damon Horsley owed you a lot of money and he was sleeping with your daughter.
And you lied about your whereabouts the night of his murder.
Even if this were the case, since you have no physical evidence and are, in fact, unable to actually put my client anywhere near the unfortunate Mr Horsley, all of this is just conjecture.
Which does not a case make.
That's quite an impressive development you're trying to get off the ground.
- Thank you.
- You must have a lot riding on it.
The whole expensive, time-consuming enterprise would probably come crashing down if you were to be charged with murder.
In fact, I bet all your backers would just melt away.
You can't charge him.
You haven't got anything.
Of course the charges could subsequently be dropped but by then the damage would've been done, wouldn't it? So where were you? Who were you meeting? All right.
Erm, what we're gonna do now is put you in a cell while we investigate further.
Decide whether or not we're gonna charge you.
And now, this big lump of anger is telling you this interview's over.
Sssh! Still got it.
Can I see him? Fine.
They're keeping him locked up.
Do you understand what you've done? It's not my fault.
If you hadn't lied to the police about Horsley.
Oh, my God! They wouldn't be going after your dad now.
Oh, nothing else they could get on him, is there? - Don't be clever with me, Kat.
- You're as bad as each other.
- Where are you going? - Out.
Kat! Kat! - Kat! - I'm going into town.
Is that from Horsley's barge? Yeah.
I wondered if we missed something.
Something to link him to Richards.
Ken, when was that video of Kat Richards taken? Created on the 24th.
Helen, I just wanted to say, if you wanna go for DCI then, hell, yes, you should.
You know I don't need your permission, don't you? I'm aware of that.
Because, erm, I put my application in about half an hour ago.
- Great.
- So I'll be needing you to write me a reference.
Of course.
We need to speak to Kat again.
Why? That video of her was shot on the 24th.
- And? - This is from a boarding pass.
Horsley tore it up to use as a roach.
Look at the date.
Damon Horsley was in Amsterdam on the 24th.
Whoever took that video of Kat Richards, it wasn't him.
I need your help.
Hey, mate, have you any weed? - You must be able to sort us a bag.
- Just get lost, will you? Chill out, man.
We need to speak to your daughter, please, Mrs Richards.
She's not in.
- Do you know where she is? - No.
Can you try calling her, please? We really need to speak to her.
Why? What's she done? Banks.
Thank you.
Has something happened? We may have found your daughter, Mrs Richards.