DC's Legends Of Tomorrow (2016) s01e02 Episode Script

Pilot, Part 2

1 In 2166, an immortal tyrant named Vandal Savage conquered the world and murdered my wife and child.
I have assembled an elite team to hunt him throughout time and stop his rise to power.
Unfortunately, my plan is opposed by the body I'd sworn my allegiance to: the Time Masters.
In the future, my friends may not be heroes, but if we succeed, they will be remembered as legends.
Previously, on "Legends of Tomorrow" Savage has kept his movements hidden throughout history, but professor Aldus Boardman is the world's leading expert.
- Savage was an Egyptian priest.
- Kendra and I reincarnate.
And every time he kills you, it passes to him.
That's what maintains his immortality.
Professor Boardman has sustained severe internal injuries.
100 years from now, your lives have minimal effect on the recorded timeline.
You lied to us.
I don't give a damn about being a legend as long as we end Savage once and for all.
So how do we find this guy? And we've arrived.
Gideon, if you wouldn't mind camouflaging us as an alpine meadow, perhaps? What are you complaining about now? It's not like we time-jumped.
I hate flying, especially in whatever this thing is.
Where exactly are we? - We're still in 1975, right? - Indeed.
October 1975 on the fjords of northern Norway.
Sounds like a vacation.
Which we can take as soon as the threat of Savage has been neutralized, Mr.
That's Aldus's notebook.
Now he theorized that Savage might be here, and if he's right, and if we can capture Savage, then at least Professor Boardman didn't die in vain.
Can't we just go back and save Aldus? He was our son.
Look, I'm sorry.
We can't go back and change events in which we participated.
Time would fold in on itself, creating a temporal vortex.
Which sounds way cooler than it is.
Forgetting physics for a second, shouldn't we figure out what Savage is doing in Norway? According to Gideon, there is a large meeting of terrorists and fringe groups looking to buy illegal arms.
Now that sounds like a vacation.
Arms dealers and terrorists aren't exactly our kind of people, but they're the next best thing.
Well, looks like you and your lapdog get to earn your keep.
I'm no one's lapdog, bird-man.
So what exactly does one wear to a black market arms bazaar, anyway? The Waverider has a fabrication room which can fashion temporally-indigenous, uh, fashion.
You've got a room that makes clothing? Doesn't everyone? All right, first thing we need to do is work up a plan.
Got a lot of experience infiltrating criminal gatherings? Didn't think so.
I'm calling the shots.
Actually, I'm in charge, in case any of you have forgotten.
No, I remember.
I just don't care.
Do I need to remind any of you that I'm a Time Master? Making discreet alterations to the timeline is what I do, so we're not just gonna charge into the past like a bull into a china shop Half of what you've told us about the mission turned out to be lies.
None of you have ever encountered Vandal Savage before.
I have, and I'm telling you now, you are making a big mistake.
Already did that when we trusted you.
Back soon, Captain.
[ominous music.]
Looks like they're checking credentials.
And we don't have any.
We got this.
Trust us.
- [grunts.]
- Excuse you.
You don't look like an Amhad Ahmed Izz-Al-Din.
I'm Arab.
On my mother's side.
Is there a problem? I don't like delays.
Do you know who we are? My associates and I are the operational arm of "Scimitar.
" The Lombardo Square bombing, 1963.
Murder of Henri Tyran, Canada, 1970.
Konig Airport Massacre, 1971.
Bottom line? You don't want to doubt me.
[intense music.]
You're a special kind of crazy.
I like it.
We're in.
So why don't I get to play terrorist? This is just a kidnapping.
No need for your nuclear fireworks.
Savage'll be one of the buyers.
Once we get eyes on, hang back.
We'll boost him once this is all over.
Any sign of him? - No.
- He's not here, boss.
Let's get Ginger and the Professor and move out.
If I could have your attention.
Thank you all for coming.
I promise, it will be well worth your time.
Seems we were wrong about Savage.
He's not one of the buyers.
He's the seller.
This is a variable-yield nuclear warhead, capable of producing a blast equivalent to one megaton of TNT.
Shall we begin our bidding at $100 million? [gunshot.]
$100 million.
Do I hear $105 million? [gunshot.]
$110 million? [gunshot.]
$115 million? Is everything all right, sir? They're here.
[suspenseful music.]
That group.
Where are they from? It appears we've drawn some unwanted attention.
We need to bid.
Fire your gun in the air.
- [gunshot.]
- That's $125 million.
- Um, what's happening? - Going once It's what's not happening that is the concern.
- Going twice - Nobody else is bidding.
- Sold! - Congratulations, Professor.
You just bought yourself a nuclear weapon.
Well, well.
We seem to have a new player.
But you seem a bit academic.
How did you get in here and who are you? As of a few seconds ago, I'm a nuclear power.
Yet I don't know you or your organization, and I know everyone.
- Hey.
Back off.
- Watch your tone.
Is there some sort of problem here? Yeah, the master race here is starting to bug me.
We're just gonna get our nuclear warhead and be on our way.
Not without paying first.
Once we've validated that the warhead's operational.
Personally, I find it highly unlikely that you were able to accumulate enough fissionable material in this era to fashion a workable nuclear device.
This era? Figure of speech.
I got a feeling you guys might want to get those helmets of yours on.
Change of plans.
I'll provide a 25% discount to the organization which brings me the heads of these men.
Can I burn some stuff now? I wish you would.
[dramatic music.]
[grunting and screaming.]
- Now would be a good time - Yeah.
To kill you.
I wasn't talking to you.
Oh! Aah! [grunting.]
Aah! [relentless bass-heavy drum beat.]
Prince Khufu.
As always, the fashion plate [grunts.]
And your better half.
This ends here and now, Savage.
You're coming with us.
I doubt you can apprehend me and stop a nuclear explosion.
[grunting and screaming.]
You screwed that up pretty good.
I had it handled.
I like how you actually believe that.
[men screaming.]
Aah! Ugh! Um, we got a nuclear bomb here.
Ray! What did you do? I didn't do anything.
It must have a fail-safe.
Professor, Jax, we need you! [dramatic music.]
You have to get to a minimum safe distance.
Okay, what now? We wait for the warhead to go off, at which point you're going to have .
06 seconds to absorb the massive release of atomic energy.
Your plan sucks.
You know that, right? Concentrate, Jefferson.
Aah! [heavy breathing.]
Well, I'm really glad you were the one calling the shots.
I had it under control until the Professor started picking fights with the PLO.
You let your ego endanger our entire mission.
No, Mr.
Rory's temper got completely out of control I thought we were friends, Professor.
At least there's one less nuclear bomb on the planet.
Hear, hear.
Now you all deserve a hearty congratulations.
Not only did you fail to capture Savage, you exposed yourselves and your powers to him, giving away the element of surprise for now and all time.
Well done, team.
We don't need the element of surprise.
We know he's in Norway, so let's find him Unfortunately, we now have larger problems than Savage.
If only you'd have listened to me about the dangers of upsetting the timeline.
What are you talking about? While you were busy saving Norway - from nuclear annihilation - You're welcome, Norway.
Savage sent one of his cronies back to the site of the arms sale.
Anyone care to guess what he found? Whoops.
I am unversed in modern American colloquialisms.
Is "Whoops" slang for "Oh" Yes, Dr.
Palmer seems to have thrown a spanner in the works for the entire timeline.
Come again? Armed with Dr.
Palmer's future technology, Savage's engineers develop a weapon far more destructive than anything here in 1975.
This is Central City in 2016.
At least it was.
I'm not sure what the neo-fascists who took control of it are calling it these days.
There must be a way to correct this somehow.
Fortunately, Gideon is just showing us a forecast of the future you've all created.
Time is like cement.
It takes time to become permanent.
In this case, until Savage's team have worked out the mystery of your future technology and molded it to their own ends.
And when they do, what you see here is no longer just a forecast.
This [sighs.]
This is history.
Where is he? His body, I mean.
There's cryo-storage in the MedBay.
I promise we'll get our son a proper burial once we have a chance.
It's still so weird to hear you call him that.
But even though it was in a past life, it feels like something's missing.
I know.
What's that? I found it in his pocket.
I've seen this knife before.
This is the knife that Savage used to kill us.
In our first life.
So thanks to Raymond leaving a piece of his suit in the past, the rest of us don't have a future to go back to? Unless we do something to change this course of events, the future will become immutable.
Exactly how much time do we have? Until Savage's weapons team reverse-engineer your tech.
We're talking 1970s terrorists with 21st-century weapons.
And since we don't know where Savage went We don't have to find Savage.
We just have to find the other piece of my suit.
Which shrinks because it's made of an alloy which mimics intra-molecular compression of dwarf star, thus emitting Alpha Particles.
So we just need to be able to track them.
Fortunately, Alpha Particles are highly trackable.
Yet unheard of in the 1970s.
It's like we're trapped in the Stone Age.
I'll have you know that I was researching Alpha Particles when you were eating crayons.
So to track that piece of Raymond's super-suit, we just need to talk to Me.
25-year-old me, rather.
You two are just in time.
Show them, Kendra.
Aldus was carrying this when he was killed.
It's a newspaper article about an Egyptian dagger.
The one Savage used to kill us.
In Central City, we learned that objects associated with the night of our deaths can also be used to kill Savage.
According to Aldus's notes, the dagger needs to be wielded in conjunction with an incantation inscribed on it.
What does this incantation say? I don't know.
I can't read the language.
It's okay.
I'll help you remember.
Now, as for the dagger - You need someone to steal it.
- Okay, fine.
I'll do it.
Article says it was purchased by some rich Russian douche bag named Sasha Mahnovski.
- I'll go with you.
- I already got a partner.
Who I trust even less than you.
Look, you're more than welcome to go with them.
Just don't take along any of your future tech.
Oy! Where do you think you're going? To break into my old lab and bring us back the particle tracker.
Fine, but perhaps, you should take Jefferson and Sara with you to act as your intermediaries.
Look, interacting with yourself in the past can have catastrophic effects upon the future.
Let's go.
Setting a course for the United States, Captain.
["Disco Inferno" by The Trammps.]
I heard somebody say - Burn, baby burn - Disco inferno People actually wore this crap? People smoked a lot of pot in the '70s.
It clearly had a deleterious effect on the fashion of the era.
Let's just hurry up and get that particle tracker so I can get the hell out of these go-go boots.
Remember, when we meet my former self, it is imperative that we don't let on we're from the future, so let's just be cool.
Oh, my God.
I'd forgotten how handsome I was.
My hair, it's so thick and silky.
Do I know you? No.
- I'm Professor Musk.
Elon Musk.
- Mm.
And these are my two lab assistants.
I'm Marty.
Are you sure we haven't met before? Uh, that's a very interesting question.
Um, suffice it to say, I am familiar with your work.
That's actually why we're here.
To see you.
You're a leading expert in Alpha Particles? [chuckles.]
No, I'm the leading expert.
Well, we were hoping to pick your brain about your area of expertise.
- Physics? - Mm-hmm.
Which are you interested in, applied or theoretical? That is just the thing.
I can't decide.
I love them both.
Well, let's go spark a doobie and rap about physics.
Lead the way, Marty.
Uh, are you sure that's actually you? [laughs.]
Oh, man.
Concentrate, Kendra.
You know how to read the inscription.
At least, you used to know.
Yeah, well, my hieroglyphic is a little rusty.
Lapidary hieratic, actually.
An ancient language lost to the ages.
Don't you know how to read it? It was a language known only to the clergy.
If we only had a Rosetta Stone, I might be able to Well, you are our Rosetta Stone.
Just close your eyes.
Think of it as meditation.
I need you to relax and open your mind.
In order for you to remember how to kill Savage, I need you to let your mind float back through your hundreds of previous lives.
Your name is Chay-Ara, and you are a priestess in the temple of Horus.
[stirring music.]
What? What is it? Us.
We were together.
Like, together-together.
Well, I have been telling you that you and I should be destined What are you doing? What part of "destiny" do you not understand? The part where I have to stop thinking for myself.
[tense music.]
The group that disrupted the arms auction.
Any idea who they were? A man in a robotic suit, weapons that shoot ice and fire.
Suffice it to say, they're not from around here.
I would assume the future.
- That's impossible.
- So is immortality.
Besides, how else do you explain technology beyond anything we have seen? What can you tell me about it? It contains a miniaturized missile-guidance system capable of delivering high-explosive ordnance.
You have 24 hours to reverse-engineer it.
It could take weeks, months to figure out the circuitry.
It looks simple enough to me.
You just press this button here.
Aah! Ugh! I said 24 hours.
Suggest you all get to work.
I'm seeing motion detectors on the ground floor.
Hardware on the doors looks standard issue.
- I can't see any smoke alarms.
- Just stay close.
I saw at least three armed guards on the perimeter.
Right, boss.
What the hell are you I recognize the security system.
My parents had the exact one.
I'll have the access code cracked and security disabled before you could say "breaking and entering.
" There.
We're in.
I wouldn't be so sure about that.
Why's that? Because you just tapped into a dummy box, which means those guards are gonna be here Quicker than you can say "rookie mistake.
" Hands up.
[suspenseful music.]
['70s rock music.]
- So, who wants a hit? - Yeah, man I believe you told me you were trying to quit.
Oh, none for you, silver top? I I don't partake in cannabis.
Anymore, that is.
In fact, perhaps you should take it easy.
Ah, it helps me think better.
- Dad.
- [chuckles.]
Yes, but what about the long-term health consequences? Speaking of which, you might want to lay off the saturated fats.
So, uh Alpha Particles.
Exciting stuff.
Too bad detection is at least a decade away.
Mm, more like two decades.
But I've worked up a little something.
Science is all about the future, right? I've developed a prototype particle tracker.
Cutting edge.
Probably gonna mint me $1,000,000.
A whole million.
Mm, be right back.
I think I've got some chocolate chip cookie dough in the fridge.
I cannot believe that that is you.
Seriously, I had no idea you were ever cool.
I wasn't cool.
I was an arrogant little snot.
Was? What are you doing? Looking for my younger self's particle tracker.
Keep an eye on the door, and when I get back, stop flirting with me.
You were the one flirting with me.
Look, what's the big deal? I mean, younger you isn't married yet, so technically it's not cheating.
October 1975.
This is right when I meet my future wife, Clarissa.
So obviously, we wouldn't want my former self tempted by a sexy assassin from the future.
Aw, you think I'm sex Do not finish that sentence.
[tense music.]
Found it.
Is there a trick to opening the case? - Ah.
- What are you doing? Let's grab the dagger and let's go.
Raymond, you don't break into a candy store and steal one gumball.
You guys grab the goodies.
I'll find the safe.
What do you think you're doing? This is what we came here for.
No, it's what you came here for.
Take your hand off me.
I'm not gonna let you jeopardize another mission.
I'm done asking politely.
This is my mission.
And I'm gonna listen to a guy who's spent half of his life in prison? Oh! [alarm blaring.]
Now we're both going to prison.
I remember building this.
It's it's like déjà vu all over again.
Put that down.
Excellent job watching the door.
What are you doing? Oh, just, uh what is this? Something you shouldn't be fooling around with.
It's very interesting-looking.
How about you cut the crap? To which crap are you referring? I hold two PhDs, and I'm working on a third.
I'm a five-time winner of the Carlin Award.
My point being, is I don't believe either of those kids you're hanging around with can even spell "physics.
" You know, I'm beginning to like the younger gray less and less.
Either you tell me what the hell is going on, or I'm calling campus police.
I'm not supposed to tell you.
It could cause well, trouble.
We're here to interview you for a profile in next month's "Wells Journal.
" The "Wells" only profiles Nobel candidates.
An exception is being made in light of your obvious brilliance.
I know a photograph of this device would make a spectacular cover if we could just borrow it for a few hours.
Thanks, but that's two years of my life.
I'm not letting you walk away with it.
Stay back! That was taking too long.
You just knocked me out.
That beautiful brain, struck unconscious.
The only way to shut you up.
What are you doing? We have to go.
I have to make sure I wake up in time to go to this faculty mixer tonight.
One of the professors is bringing his niece, AKA my future wife.
Let's go! [alarm blaring.]
What the hell happened? - It was this idiot's fault.
- Your partner's fault.
I told you we shouldn't have brought him.
Agreed, but we got bigger problems.
I need you to find the fuse box and Trigger a system default.
This ain't over.
[hollow tapping.]
[solid knocking.]
How did you know how to do that? When I was a kid, my dad brought me along on jobs.
I had little hands.
I could get into tiny spaces, do whatever he needed me to do, like rewiring a security system.
In another life, you could've been an electrical engineer.
Guess I dodged a bullet.
You think I want to be like you? You make being a tech billionaire sound like a bad thing.
You spend all your time and money inventing a super-suit, and what do you do with it? Fly around like some incredible shrinking schmuck trying to save the world.
Robbing banks for a living I suppose that's more important? It's sure as hell more satisfying.
Thinking like that is what makes you a criminal.
No, it makes me a survivor.
And there's gonna come a day when you wish you were too.
You flip the solenoid, saves you the trouble of rewiring it.
I take it back, Raymond.
You're not completely useless after all.
I wanted to apologize.
I'm not afraid of my past.
I'm just unwilling to believe that you're my future.
And the more you keep repeating that we're destined to be together, the more I want to prove you wrong.
And maybe that makes me childish, and I'm No.
It doesn't.
Not at all.
Look, 4,000 years is a long time, and maybe I've been taking us for granted, expecting you to fall in love with me because that's what you've done the last 206 lifetimes, but you're right.
Does not make us destiny.
More like probability.
Look, Kendra.
You don't have to love me in this lifetime.
As many lifetimes as it takes.
I know you're worth the wait.
All right, well, uh, let's try this again.
You know what to do.
[exhales deeply.]
Your name is Chay-Ara, and you're a priestess in the temple of Horus.
You're giving me a knife as a present? Your conceptions of romance require some adjustment, I think.
It's sacred.
I was told that only a high priestess could read the inscription.
- It's a - A poem.
"And though my soul departs the Earth, "I count my days till my rebirth.
"I will wait across eternity for my love to come back to me.
" [stirring music.]
The knife.
You gave it to me, and the inscription, it was a poem a love poem which promises Promises what? That we'd be together forever.
Perhaps I really am a genius.
My younger self's tracker led us straight to Savage's lab.
Reading's at 96.
It's definitely down there.
- Be right back.
- Whoa wait, wait, wait.
Shouldn't we handle this? I mean, you're pretty stoned.
I could be unconscious and still be able to kick the ass of a few rent-a-thugs from 1975.
Hey! [dramatic music.]
I do see why I found her so attractive.
Lookin' for this.
And y'all have a lovely evening.
Looks like Rory found the fuse box.
We got a slight problem.
The owner just came home.
You're not gonna believe who it is.
We meet again.
Oh, I'm grateful for another opportunity to kill you.
I've never saved the world before.
Feels good.
We should've picked up some donuts on the way back.
Oh, my God.
My ring.
When you knocked me out, I must not have woken up, or did, and decided not to go to the mixer.
Holy crap.
Now, do you want to tell me who you are and where you're from? Stop struggling.
I've had 4,000 years of training in every hold and pressure point known.
But you already know that, don't you? That I'm immortal.
I'm gonna kill you anyway.
That's a promise.
Oh, what have I done to deserve such enmity? No, let me rephrase that.
What have I done to you? Perhaps you have targeted me for something I've yet to do.
You traveled here from some point in the future.
Catches on fast, this guy.
Visitors from another time.
Oh! [groans.]
You won't be so happy when the rest of the team shows up and knocks that smug grin off your face.
Oh, why wait? A communications device of some sort, I imagine.
Contact your friends.
I'm looking forward to seeing at least two of them again.
Un-believable! Is that a tachyon manifold? Hey, how did you find us, man? You think I couldn't build something to track my own tracker? Do you have any idea what you have done? What I've done? You guys knocked me out.
Which we wouldn't have had to do in the first place if you weren't such a monumental jerk! Okay, uh, can I just yeah.
Watch him, Sara.
Yo, you need to calm down and you need to stop yelling at yourself.
- His arrogant curiosity - Yeah.
He's curious and too smart for his own good, but I'm sure you can relate.
You're just pissed you didn't see it coming sooner, and That's not it.
Although you are correct in observing my ire is self-directed.
It's a rude awakening when one realizes that despite decades of what one thought was maturation and experience, you haven't really changed at all.
That same arrogance I derided in my younger self was on full display at the weapons bazaar.
Over 60 years on this planet, and I have learned nothing.
I think you're being a little too hard on yourself.
Which makes a nice change from you always being hard on me, but yeah, you're arrogant.
But you're also smart, and kind, and selfless.
I mean, you want to make the world a better place and you're willing to risk everything to make that happen.
That? That is not a bad guy.
And neither is this one.
Meeting Clarissa was one of the great moments of my life, and meeting you was another.
You are a fine young man, Mr.
Come on.
Can someone please tell me what's going on? You didn't say anything to him? I figured we screwed up the '70s enough.
Hey, w what are you talking about? A are you saying that you're Don't say another word.
Don't even think it.
You are to get off this ship, post-haste.
Oh, wonderful.
Another unauthorized passenger.
That worked out so splendidly last time.
It's all right.
He was just leaving.
I'll show you out.
So, have we met before? In a manner of speaking.
Ha have a wonderful life, Martin.
I mean that sincerely.
I'm not even going to ask.
Captain Hunter, we're getting an incoming communiqué.
Snart on Mr.
Rory's comm unit.
On speaker.
I'll make this short.
The owner of the mansion we burgled is Vandal Savage.
He's really interested in meeting you guys, especially our feathered friends.
They have the dagger.
And Savage has them.
Doesn't matter.
Just get me close enough, and I'll do what needs to be done.
I have the coordinates.
Let's do this.
Your friends are cowards.
They'll be here.
They're taking too long.
They need an incentive Oh.
The burning man.
I don't just burn, pal.
Aah! [heroic music.]
I blast things too.
Hey, you okay? I'm pissed.
Stand back.
It's all good.
Savage is down.
Savage is not defeated by earthly means.
Well, I hit him with a nuclear blast, so, you know, not that earthly.
Go get that son of a bitch.
Are you ready to end this? We've only been waiting 4,000 years.
We got company.
Friends of Savage.
You'll be needing this.
Don't leave any pieces of it behind this time.
[tense music.]
[speaking Egyptian.]
The Aman Dagger.
Of all the knives I've collected across the centuries, that one is my favorite.
[dramatic music.]
And though my soul departs the Earth Aah! Aah! [choking.]
Such a beautiful poem.
I remember it well.
Though, as you can see, I can make the dagger do its work without it.
Aah! Carter! [gasping for air.]
Aah! This was your lover's blade.
It must be her hand that wields it.
[dramatic music.]
Something to consider in your next life.
Aah! [heavy breathing.]
It's okay.
You're gonna be okay.
I will wait through eternity.
Please, just save your strength.
Come back to me.
No [cries.]
[dark music.]
Aah! [grunting.]
I am not a murderer.
I'm a force of nature.
A servant of fate.
I enable destiny.
Aah! I love you, Chay-Ara.
I always will.
But we are both tortured by this circle of death we are imprisoned by.
[dramatic music.]
He's lost.
Get Kendra before Savage recovers.
Come on, we can still kill this bastard.
Kendra is the only one who can.
We gotta go.
Kendra needs medical attention.
[men shouting.]
Gideon, get us underway as soon as Firestorm and the Atom are onboard.
Get her to the MedBay now.
I assure you, Dr.
Palmer, there's nothing more you can do for her.
You can't let her die.
I don't intend to.
Sharp force injury resulting in rupture of several major blood vessels.
Her pressure is currently 82 over 30 and stable.
I will begin by irrigating the wound and cauterizing it to prevent any further hemorrhaging.
Thank you, Gideon.
Carter Carter Carter Gideon, if you wouldn't mind administering a mild sedative.
No! Carter! I didn't get to tell him.
I didn't get to tell him it came back to me.
I finally remembered how I felt about him in our past lives and I didn't get to tell him! - Shh - I didn't get to tell him - It's okay.
- I felt the same way.
Shh, shh [whimpers.]
[somber music.]
How is she? Stable, I think.
Sara told me about what's happening with your wife.
I'm sorry.
I was so seduced by the prospect of time travel, of adventure, I never stopped to consider the consequences of what we were undertaking.
Gideon has managed to stabilize Miss Saunders's condition, but another time jump could aggravate her injuries.
So we're stuck in'75? For the time being, yes.
Given that, can I have a moment of your time, Martin? There's something that I would like to show you.
Of course.
Apparently it's true that the guilty return to the scene of the crime.
Oh, don't be so maudlin.
Look at your hand.
How I contacted your younger self and encouraged him to attend the faculty mixer.
Turns out one of the professors brought along his niece.
You risked the timeline for me.
Hardly seemed fair for you to sacrifice your wife in order to save mine from Savage's future.
One thing that time travel teaches you is that time changes, people don't.
A painful realization I've recently come to.
I have traveled countless ages into the future.
We're still asking ourselves the same question: Why are we here? I believe that we're here to learn, Martin.
Be glad that you still can.
Thank you, Mr.
[stirring music.]
How's Kendra? The same.
So what now? Now? Now it's up to you.
To do what, Rip? Last I checked, every time we try to do anything, it all goes to crap.
Oh, once again I must disagree with you.
Thanks to Miss Lance, Dr.
Palmer's future technology is no longer in the hands of Vandal Savage's black market weapons designers.
But it didn't do anything to change the fate of your world.
Vandal Savage will still rise to power in the year 2166.
And your family will still die? So what you're really asking is, do we want to fish or cut bait? Return to 2016 and live out the rest of our lives as insignificant losers or Make another play at becoming legends.
Figure out how to end Savage and save the world.
Preferably, without causing any more nuclear explosions.
Savage has my attention.
Look, we didn't know Carter from Adam, but if you take out one of my crew, you better pay the price.
Surely Captain Hunter has a sound plan.
What about you? You're asking me? I didn't give you much of a choice the first time, did I? Well, I say we kick Savage's ass.
For Carter.
All: For Carter.
So, Captain.
Where are we going next? [stirring music.]

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