DC's Legends Of Tomorrow (2016) s01e03 Episode Script

Blood Ties

1 In 2166, an immortal tyrant named Vandal Savage conquered the world and murdered my wife and child.
I have assembled an elite team to hunt him throughout time and stop his rise to power.
Unfortunately, my plan is opposed by the body I'd sworn my allegiance to, the Time Masters.
In the future, my friends may not be heroes, but if we succeed, they will be remembered as legends.
Previously on "Legends of Tomorrow" I'm a Time Master, making discrete alterations to the timeline is what I do.
Half of what you told us about the mission turned out to be lies.
Lewis Snart, convicted of larceny, armed robbery.
You and your entire family are criminals.
Things are complicated with family.
The Lazarus Pit brought me back, but it left me with this need to kill.
You're Princess Chay-Ara, I'm Prince Khufu, and we're lovers.
I know you're worth the wait.
Aah! Well, I say we kick Savage's ass - for Carter.
- For Carter.
Ah! Who are you? The man who's here to kill you.
We've arrived in Leipzig, Germany, the most current location for Vandal Savage.
And by the way, Captain, you are are urgently needed in the MedBay.
- I thought she'd stabilized.
- As did I.
Carter! Where's Carter? He's gone, Kendra.
I'm so sorry.
Gideon, turn that bloody noise off! - Yes, Captain.
- What happened? Saunders appears to have had a complication.
Ye I know, what kind of complication? How could you leave him? - Is she - MedBay gave her a sedative, but obviously her condition is worsening.
Pieces of the dagger have apparently broken off and are, as we speak, en route to her heart.
Can't we just time jump into the future where they got the stuff that can fix her? This ship is from that very same future and has, thus far, been unsuccessful in saving her.
Kendra wouldn't survive the time jump anyway.
I pay attention.
To sum up, Carter Hall is dead, the girlfriend's not too far behind, Vandal Savage is sitting pretty in 1975, which we're all stuck in.
That how the plan supposed to work, Rip? Obviously not, but the mission is simple.
We stop Vandal Savage here in the past and we save the future.
Simple don't mean easy, Captain.
Oh, I never said it was.
The benefit of being a Time Master is that the length and breadth of history gives one perspective.
I've seen darker days.
I've seen men of steel die and dark knights fall, and even then I accomplished my mission no matter what.
Gideon, what is our status? When the Waverider was attacked by Chronos, the Jumpship was damaged.
Unless you make repairs, we will be unable to Wait, Jumpship? It's a small expeditionary vessel at the belly of the Waverider you're a mechanic! You have a look at it.
Uh auto mechanic.
Uh spaceship.
Okay, if you've got a set of wrenches, I'll see what I can do.
What about the rest of us? Do we just sit? Capital idea, Mr.
You're not nearly as thick as most people say.
Thick does that mean stupid? Is that your son? He looks like you.
Trained by League of Assassins, sneaking up on people is kind of our thing.
I'd like to be alone for a moment.
You don't actually have a plan, do you? And that speech wasn't about convincing us.
It was about convincing you.
Didn't work, did it? Not particularly, no.
Hence my desire to be alone.
So we can't kill Savage.
Oh, I see you've grasped the concept of immortality, - well done.
- Maybe we could slow him down.
Now, Ra's al Ghul taught me a thing or two about fighting powerful adversaries.
If you can't kill your enemy, weaken him.
If you can't cut off his head, take his heart.
al Ghul was quite the poet.
Back at the weapons auction, Savage was trying to sell his nuke.
Money is power.
Take away Savage's fortune and he's just a regular guy with a really long lifespan.
It certainly would set his plan for world domination back a few decades.
So where does Vandal Savage keep his money in 1975? The broken knife fragments are moving through her circulatory system, and if you'll notice these, they're closing in towards her heart.
So what do we do? The fragments are miniscule.
Even the ship's technology isn't capable of neutralizing them.
Fortunately, there's a technology onboard that is.
The atom suit.
I can shrink down, slip into her bloodstream, and use the photon canons to vaporize the knife fragments.
You'll be pushing the suit's limits.
We should run some tests, make sure this is the best plan of action.
This isn't the ivory tower, Professor.
- We don't have time - Listen to me, Raymond.
- I'm not your student anymore.
- You were never my student! Just because you don't remember me If you had been my student, I'd have taught you the principles of using scientific analysis, not this bravado.
There isn't time.
I'm going in.
Gideon! Where's Savage's money now? Dr.
Boardman theorized that Savage entrusted it to the Bruemberg Group, the oldest bank in the world.
I'll go tell the rest of the team.
That won't be necessary.
I'm going alone.
I can't have any more blood on my hands.
Except for your own? You can't go in there without backup.
Look, I brought you all with me under false pretenses.
Carter would still be alive if I hadn't have convinced him to come.
No one's on this ship that doesn't want to be here.
But I can't risk the whole team.
Just me.
And if it helps, I'm not giving you a choice.
I'm going with you to that bank.
Somebody say bank? Your services aren't required, Mr.
This is purely reconnaissance.
We know how to case banks.
We're practically bankers.
'Cept we take the money out.
Yes, and when I need someone to steal something, you'll be the first to know, I assure you.
Listen, Englishman.
I'm getting bored being stuck on this tin can.
And when I get bored, I make bad decisions.
Now, now, now, we're all on the same side here.
My hot-headed friend and I just want to be helpful.
- That's all.
- Duly noted.
You should have let me punch him.
Yeah, then we wouldn't have gotten this.
You ready? Yes.
All right, where am I headed? You're exiting the tracheal artery.
You should see the first fragment.
No sign of it.
Did I miss it? It's the size of an iceberg.
It seems highly unlikely that you could miss it.
That's probably what they said on the Titanic.
Think I found it.
Looks like all those years of playing "Asteroids" is about to pay off.
Her vitals are improving.
It seems to be working.
There's still 19 more fragments.
Raymond? Raymond, you're not done! I'm losing core containment.
Plot me a course out of here.
Now! Excuse me.
We'd like to deposit some family heirlooms.
I'm sorry, we're a private bank.
We don't secure valuables worth less than $10 million.
Well, I'm sure this will suffice.
Doubloons from the wreck of the "Esplinade".
They've been appraised at $10 million dollars apiece.
Such a pleasure.
You won't regret your decision.
The Bruemberg Group is known for its discretion.
I'm sure there'll be a fair deal of paperwork to sign.
Not too much.
We like to cut through the red tape here.
Let me get this to one of our safe deposit boxes, and I'll get my secretary to move in on this paperwork.
There are records here referring to something called the "vessel".
We have a problem.
Yes, I know, none of Savage's funds are in this bank.
I'm working on locating this "vessel", but I'm not sure I'll do so before our new friend returns.
To kill us.
The receptionist had a silenced Beretta under her desk.
The guards, South African mercenaries.
You can tell by the initiation burns on their neck.
And our new friend here has calluses on his hight hand consistent with being Kuroda-trained swordsmen.
How do you know? Because I have the same calluses.
Which means they've probably figured out that we are not Rockefellers who just came into their inheritance.
Oh, don't be so alarmist.
Calluses are hardly definitive proof of anything.
Pretty sure they made us.
Well, if this is how you treat your customers, we might just have to take our business elsewhere.
I thought I specifically said no weapons! You can thank me later.
Exactly how many knives do you have? Seems you brought a knife to a swordfight.
Sara! Sara, don't! We didn't get anything from the computer! We need him alive! What the hell happened back there? You know I'm a killer.
That's why you put me in your little group.
I didn't witness just a killer at work, Sara.
What I saw was an animal.
You are the last person on this ship to judge anyone! This is not judgment, Sara.
It is concern.
I thought you knew how I was resurrected and and what it did to me.
I know you were restored by something called the Lazarus Pit.
Well, apparently there's a downside to being brought back to life.
My friend Thea calls it a blood lust, and I think that's being too generous, and so is calling me an animal.
I'm a monster.
Ha! Nice ride! Yeah, it can hit a Mach 3 in a walk.
Pretty cool.
How'd you know so much about it? Little thing called an instruction manual.
Did you read the part about how to fly this thing? Maybe Why? We're gonna take a little sojourn to Central City.
There's a priceless jewel that needs to be freed from captivity.
You want me to help you steal something? Nah, man.
I'll pass.
Not exactly asking, Jax.
Carter is dead, Kendra is this close to joining him, and Vandal Savage is still alive and out there doing God knows what, and all you can think about is stealing some diamond? It's an emerald.
Is there anything you think about other than yourself? Yes.
I'm not helping you guys steal anything.
So if you want to shoot me, then shoot me.
- Can I shoot him? - You got a pair on you, kid.
I respect that.
So no shooting Look, you don't actually have to help us steal anything.
We just need to get to Central City.
We'll be there and back before anyone knows we're even gone.
Man, even if I wanted to help, and I'm not saying that I do, this thing's got a security lockout.
We need an access key.
You can't tell me you don't wanna see what this baby can do.
I believe I've determined a way to more efficiently track the fragments still inside Ms.
Saunders body.
Next time you'll be better prepared.
There won't be a next time.
Can't you fix the suit? It's not the suit.
Raymond, you you mustn't be discouraged.
We're scientists.
We learn from failure, and we keep going.
Kendra isn't a lab experiment.
She's a person.
I know.
You need to have confidence this will work.
Well, I don't.
I can't save her.
Based on what evidence? Are we not empirical thinkers, Dr.
Palmer? Exactly how many people have you lost? One.
Who did you lose? Someone close to you? Who was she, Raymond? For someone who doesn't remember me, you sure have a lot of personal observations to offer.
Fine, don't talk to me, but fix the suit.
It's the only chance that poor girl has.
I'm gonna make this very simple for you, Mr.
You tell me where Vandal Savage is hiding his fortune and we will let you leave here unmolested.
Vandal Savage is that the name you know him by? Let's assume so, yes.
And what is your name? Gareeb? - Will you give us a moment? - Gareeb? It's a legend passed down for 4,000 years.
When my master was first bestowed the gift of eternal life, an enemy tried to kill him.
Every myth has its monster, its devil.
For those of our order, it's him, the Gareeb.
I'd stop talking now if I were you, mate.
If I were you, I'd run.
Your friend has already failed to kill my master once.
He won't be able to protect you.
In fact, I highly doubt he's ever been able to protect anyone.
What did he mean you already tried to kill Savage? Leave it be, Sara.
No, if you want us to do this Yes, okay! Yes, I-I had the chance to kill Savage once before.
I had him dead to rights and I hesitated.
Get off me! Aah! I asked you a question.
Who are you, Gareeb? Killing is never easy, especially for a good man.
But the man killed my wife and son and God knows how many other wives and sons, and yet I couldn't Your killing people doesn't make you a monster, Sara, but having the chance to avenge your family and not taking it that does.
Let's try this again.
Back for more.
Where's Savage's fortune? Now, I'm particularly interested in this thing called the "vessel".
The vessel is my master's most treasured possession.
Excellent, and where can we find it? The Greyhill Building.
There's a gathering tonight in celebration of it.
And clearly you want us to go so we can get ourselves killed.
- Clearly.
- What is the vessel? It's the remains of Prince Khufu of the Middle Kingdom.
I believe you know him as Carter Hall.
What is Savage going to do with Carter's body? Well, there's only one way to find out, isn't there? Gideon, locate at Greyhill Building - and set a course.
- Wait.
We have a plan.
- Going after Savage's fortune.
- Yeah, well, not anymore! I won't let Carter's remains be desecrated by that monster.
I won't let him win again.
And when Kendra wakes up and she will wake up, she can give her soul mate a proper farewell.
Then let us at least go in with the rest of the team.
Gideon! Sir, Mr.
Snart, Mr.
Rory, and Mr.
Jackson are no longer aboard the ship.
That's what I call a clean heist.
And thanks for not setting the museum on fire, partner.
And you, thanks for being our getaway driver.
Speaking of, let's get the hell back to the ship.
Oh, one more stop.
What're you talking about, boss? 1629 Handley Avenue.
What's on Handley Avenue? It's where we grew up.
That's why you wanted to steal the Maximilian Emerald.
Mick, enough.
You wanted to give it to your old man so he wouldn't go to jail trying to steal it for himself.
Your father was a thief too? And unfortunately, not a very good one.
Didn't Rip say something about not messing with the timeline? You could accidently blink yourself out of existence.
You're screwing with history here, man.
Yeah, well, history screwed with me first.
I know how it feels.
What? To have a crisis of confidence.
As unlikely as that might seem, I know.
It was 2002.
I was teaching quantum mechanics and I had one particularly gifted student.
He was able to solve the Ehrenfest Theorem in less than an hour.
He was, quite frankly, the only student in all my years of teaching who ever made me feel inferior.
That student was you.
You were exceptional.
And suddenly, just like that, you remember having me in your class.
I always remembered.
I just enjoyed taking you down a peg or two.
And why tell me now? Because I cannot for the life of me reconcile that cocksure student I remember with a man who believes he doesn't have what it takes to save Ms.
Saunders' life.
Who did you lose, Raymond? My fiancée, Anna Loring.
She was killed two years ago in a Starling City siege.
Right in front of me.
I couldn't have stopped them.
I couldn't do anything.
My leg had been broken.
I couldn't get to her.
I could only watch as they broke her neck.
I built this suit because I promised myself that night that I would never be powerless to save anyone again.
So when a fragment broke free and damaged my suit, I panicked.
Raymond, you couldn't save Anna, but you can save Kendra.
I believe it.
I believe in that student.
I just need him to believe it too.
Let's do it.
Ah, Mr.
I take it Mrs.
Blake is out of town? That's a very pointed observation.
If you're going to find the vessel, you'll need my help.
No, I think we're quite good without it.
I came down for a glass of water.
I'm Leo.
Are you friends with my daddy? Kind of.
I think my daddy's sleeping.
Can I tell you something, Leo? It's important.
Don't ever let anyone hurt you.
Not here and especially not here.
No matter what, you always have to look out for yourself.
Okay? You understand? I think so.
You get the hell away from my boy, you son of a bitch.
Why don't you go on up to bed? Go on.
Talk fast, or you take a bullet.
What're you doing in my home? A favor for you.
Watch it.
How the hell did you get Two days from now, you try to steal this and you get arrested, and you spend five years - in Iron Heights.
- What are you talking about? Cut the crap.
We both know if I go down to the basement right now, I'll find floor plans for the Central City museum.
Let's just say I've saved you the trouble and from being arrested.
How do you know all this? The same way I'll know if you even think of raising a hand to your wife and son.
I know who you are.
I know the man you become and it's all I can do to keep from ending you right here, right now, but if I do, that means my sister's never born, so you get a pass.
Your sister? Looks like you didn't write yourself out of the timeline.
- Looks like.
- But? I don't know, I just thought maybe things would feel differently.
The Englishman says it takes time for time to change.
What were you trying to change? My dad was never father of the year, but at least he never raised a hand to any of us.
Until he went to prison, which now he won't.
Let's get out of here.
Maybe we should have had Blake show us around.
Perhaps there's a less conspicuous way for us to do reconnaissance.
May I? I'm not much of a dancer.
I'll lead, then.
Well, for a monster, you dance quite gracefully, Ms.
- Don't make fun.
- I know, I'm not.
Nor do I consider you a monster.
All I see is someone who is tortured by an appetite that she cannot control.
There's no magical cure for what's wrong with me.
Of course there is.
It's called being better.
When my family was killed, I thought there was no way I could go on, but I did.
The truth of our existence is that we're all blessed and cursed with the drive to move forward.
Live the next day.
To get better.
And you will too, Sara.
Well, maybe I can start by managing not to kill these guys.
They're scarred up like our friends at the bank.
South African mercenaries.
Why didn't you say so? Ladies first.
This area's restricted, folks.
I'm just looking for the ladies' room.
Oh! Hope you have a plan to get him out of here.
Yup, there's a maintenance elevator leads to a loading bay.
I'll have Gideon fly the Waverider down.
I just wish we knew what Savage was gonna do with Carter's body.
Why not stay and find out? Ah, the Gareeb.
Blake has told us so much about you.
I've located three fragments.
Okay, I see them.
Damn, they're big.
Remember, the initial blast will create smaller pieces.
You'll need to How does Jax put up with having you in his head? I believe he finds my presence rather comforting.
I doubt that very much.
Targeting system's overloaded.
Focus, Raymond.
Remember, you can do this.
It's not the suit, it's you that Kendra needs right now.
Well done, just one more fragment to go.
I see it.
It's the biggest one yet.
You did it! Well done.
I couldn't possibly be more proud.
Well, maybe if you actually remembered me being your student.
Right around the subclavian artery, I remembered something.
How I figured the solve to the Ehrenfest theorem two years after I was in your class.
Why did you tell me you remembered me when you didn't? Because you needed a push.
So all that stuff about me being exceptional? Was probably true.
The fact of the matter is, I had many exceptional students over the years, I couldn't possibly remember them all.
I was pretty amazing.
If that were true, I suspect I'd have given you a higher grade.
I meant tonight.
Oh, yes.
On that score, I cannot disagree.
What're you planning on doing with Carter's body? Oh, you'll see.
Blake informs us that you were hoping to steal our master's fortune, but while money has its uses, it is not the source of his power.
Then what is? Let us show you.
Hym nu setta, rash mun setta.
Our numbers are legion.
All drawn to the man who is immune to death.
Wealth is not power belief is.
Hym nu setta, rash mun setta.
Hello, Gareeb.
How long has it been? 4,000 years? You look well.
When you and your friends attacked my estate in St.
I was afraid I wouldn't get the chance to meet you once again.
Well, if there's something that I've learned in 4,000 years it's patience.
And this time I only had to wait one short day.
You're probably wondering what my plans are with your friend's body.
I already have his life's essence, but his blood still has its uses.
Hym nu setta, rash mun setta.
Jack the Ripper showed me the virtues of severing the carotid artery.
Hym nu setta.
- Ok, what's this now? - Rash mun setta.
Hym nu setta, rash mun setta.
Hym nu setta, rash mun setta.
Hym nu setta, rash mun setta.
Hym nu setta, rash mun setta.
Centuries ago, I discovered that although immortality is mine alone, I can share a taste with my faithful.
Help them live an extra hundred years or so.
Hym nu setta, rash mun setta.
Hym nu setta, rash mun setta.
Hym nu setta, rash mun setta.
- Hym nu setta - Hum nu setta, rash mun They're in trouble.
She appears to be hallucinating.
Rip Sara You have to save them! Vandal! And Carter! The Greyhill Building! Carter! Rip! Sara! Gideon, search "Greyhill Building.
" I've already searched for it on behalf of the Captain, who's there now with Ms.
What? They left without us? It's a mansion several miles away.
Apparently, there's some sort of private event.
How the hell could Kendra know that they're there? You have to save them! - What's going on? - I don't know! When we first met, I asked you who you were.
Remember? That was the wrong question.
I should have asked you "Why?" Why did you seek to kill me? What could I have possibly done to deserve that hatred I see burning in your eyes.
Did I take something from you? Someone? Get your hands off that.
Ah, your wife, I take it.
Oh, she is lovely.
The boy has your eyes.
I'll be sure to keep their picture close.
I don't remember killing them yet.
It seems like I have a lot to look forward to.
Gideon, get me Jefferson.
Jackson is not aboard.
Oh, don't tell me He's with Mr.
Snart and Mr.
Rory on the Jumpship.
I'm patching you through.
Jefferson? Jefferson, where are you? Well, it's not a short story.
There's no time! Gideon will upload you coordinates to the Greyhill Building.
Rip and Sara are in danger.
We're on our way, Professor.
This is a perversion.
No, this is the power you have no hope of defeating.
Everyone here is sworn to live and die at my command.
Why? 'Cause to them, I am a God! I pity you.
You have no idea what it's like to have people willing to follow you up to the gates of Hell! Actually, I have a little bit of an idea.
Let's get this party started! Here's our invitation! Aah! Well, this is different.
I didn't have him pegged as the "Eyes Wide Shut" type.
Go! Here! - You came! - We're a team! Next time, remember that.
Enough! Get Carter's body out of here.
- Sara! - I got this.
- Go! I'll deal with Savage.
- Good luck with that.
Ah! This is for Miranda and Jonas.
Aah! At least I know their names now.
Miranda and Jo Jonas.
I will heal and then I will rise and I'll simply wait.
I am looking forward to meeting them.
Sara! Gideon, I need a check of the timeline.
Vandal Savage.
The timeline is unchanged, Captain.
You know better than anyone that Savage is immortal.
He cannot be killed through conventional means.
Which is why I need you to work on finding out where history records seeing him next.
How is she? Better.
Thank you for what you did for Carter.
Believe me, it was a team effort.
As was, apparently, your recovery.
Well, actually, I did most of the physical work and Professor was there for emotional support.
You're welcome.
Now, if we could just figure out a way to wrest the Amon Dagger out of Savage's hand into yours.
I don't think I'm exactly up to taking him on right now.
No, but you will be and we'll help you get ready.
Maybe you didn't understand me, I asked for the new timeline, Gideon.
This is the new timeline.
Two days from now, your father will be arrested trying to sell the Maximilian Emerald to an undercover police officer.
Stupid son of a bitch.
He'll be sentenced to five years in Iron Heights.
Despite your intervention, his future remains unchanged.
Hey, you tried to save him.
That's got to count for something.
Turns out it doesn't.
- Come on.
- Where are we going now? To say good-bye.
The other day, I tried to find some words of inspiration.
Words that would restore hope to us in the wake of our losses, but it is all of you who have inspired me.
Beginning with Professor Boardman and then with Carter, their heroism is an inspiration to us all.
And a reminder that one person acting alone can't save the world.
Come back to me.
Thank you.
Both of you.
We're sorry for your loss, Kendra.
I believe Anna would be proud.
As am I.
Gideon, ready us for take off.
Whoa, are we being chased or something? No, but I imagine that right about now, the museum has realized that their prized emerald is missing.
You want me to say I'm sorry? Sorry, I don't do sorry.
Which is fine, Mr.
Rory, because you are owed the apology.
I should have told you all before that this wasn't my first attempt to vanquish Vandal Savage, but the reason I failed before Was because you didn't have all of us.
Obviously Dr.
Palmer and I had our hands full tending to Ms.
Saunders, but now that she's back on her feet We're back to full strength.
Or as strong as we can be without Carter.
Quite true, but there is no point in us continuing any further.
Unless we are all and myself included, committed to working in concert.
You don't ditch us, we won't ditch you.
Deal? Sir, I've completed my review of the timeline.
I calculate a 98% likelihood that Savage reappears in 1986.
Chart a course, Gideon.
Guess we're headed to the '80s.
Better break out your parachute pants.
What the hell are parachute pants?
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