DC's Legends Of Tomorrow (2016) s01e04 Episode Script

White Knights

In 2166, an immortal tyrant named Vandal Savage conquered the world and murdered my wife and child.
I have assembled an elite team to hunt him throughout time and stop his rise to power.
Unfortunately, my plan is opposed by the body I'd sworn my allegiance to, the Time Masters.
In the future, my friends may not be heroes, but if we succeed, they will be remembered as legends.
Previously on "Legends of Tomorrow" His name is Chronos.
He works for the Council of Time Masters.
Chronos was clearly sent to bring me in.
The Lazarus Pit brought me back, but it left me with this need to kill.
Sara! Sara, don't! I'm dangerous.
Up until two months ago, I was a barista, not some damn winged demigoddess.
Be the person, the woman, the warrior you were meant to be.
That wasn't so bad, was it? Walk in the park.
So where are we now? Washington, D.
The year is 1986.
We've landed at the height of the Cold War in a world poised for nuclear annihilation.
We've traveled here because I have a new lead on Vandal Savage's location.
Gideon managed to intercept this telefax concerning Savage's last known whereabouts.
Tele-what? It's like an email on paper.
Wow, that's totally useless.
Dude, this whole thing's crossed out.
Yeah, redacted by the U.
government, which is why we are here to steal the original file on Savage back from those who are tracking him.
Uh, that's the Now, now Don't worry.
We are cloaked.
You want us to break in to the Pentagon? Sounds awesome.
It sounds crazy.
What's the plan? Oh, the Fabricator will fashion you the necessary Pentagon credentials.
Ooh, and don't forget our G-man disguises.
I always wanted to be a spy.
Now, the file we're after is kept in a secure records room.
In order to gain access, we're going to need to, uh, borrow a magnetic key card.
Because this is so much easier than just shrinking down and stealing it.
Let me show you how it's done old school.
You okay, ma'am? I wasn't watching where I was going.
Thank you.
Just doing my job.
That's a nifty little trick.
Really? We're trying to save the world and you're lifting wallets? It's called multitasking.
The records room has closed-circuit cameras.
We need a diversion.
Someone call my name? Yeah! Whoo-hoo! Double or nothing says I put this punk on the pinewood.
Yeah, I'll take a piece of that action.
We got the file.
Okay, now for the tricky part.
All personnel are subject to search upon exiting the Pentagon.
Firestorm will divert the power long enough for you to exit.
Ready when you are.
All clear.
What did you do, Jefferson? I warned you about the electromagnetic pulse.
Now you've touched a neutral wire, causing the power to pass through us.
You mean, "Pass through me.
" If you knew anything about alternating current power - Gray? - Yes, Jefferson? Shut up.
The alarm! This is a restricted exit.
Sorry, we must have gotten lost.
I'm going to need to see your key card, ma'am.
We have a Code Seven violation.
We have a slight problem.
It's been fun, fellas.
Back! Where is that smoke coming from? Ah! We've got the file.
What the hell does Kendra think she's doing? Good question.
All right, wonderful, we've got a demigoddess who's gone completely berserk.
I repeat, abort.
Get back to ship right now.
Roger that.
I meant, "Use the door," but while you're at it, can you help return our winged avenger to her cage? Instead of dwelling on what went wrong, let's focus on the positive.
What are you talking about? It was awesome.
In the same way that tsunamis, earthquakes, and other natural disasters are "awesome.
" We got the file on Savage.
Despite the hiccup with the alarm? Oh, so it's my fault now? You know, maybe if you weren't always yammering away in my head, I could actually focus.
You have access to 60 years of knowledge and experience.
Why not just take advantage of that? Because it's my body on the line out there, not yours.
Hey, it's not your fault.
Everything would have been fine if Big Bird over here hadn't freaked out.
- Excuse me? - Enough.
There is plenty of blame to go around.
Now, fortunately, Gideon was able to generate a low-end EMP, which erased all the Pentagon's magnetic media.
Like security footage? Look, you're just lucky that the Department of Defense likes to keep incidents like this under wraps.
Gideon, any luck with our purloined secret file? - Please say yes.
- Yes, Captain.
According to the Pentagon, Savage has defected to the Soviet Union.
So the most powerful evil the world has ever known has just gone red at the height of the Cold War.
And now he's gonna help them cook up something that kills the future.
Gideon, set a course for the Soviet Union.
Captain, we've just crossed into Soviet airspace.
Don't worry, Jefferson, we are moving far too fast for anyone to track us.
I'm afraid that's not true.
Someone is tracking us.
I thought this ship was cloaked.
It is.
Boba Fett's back.
Chronos must have followed us when we made the jump from the '70s.
Sir, we have a lock on the WaveRider.
Prepare to fire.
He's closing fast.
Captain, what would you like me to do? Slow down, drop our cloak, and make as much noise as possible.
Whoa, that's, like, top three on the list of things we definitely shouldn't do.
Just trust me.
We run out of gas or something? Chronos is still in pursuit.
Weapons systems tracking.
Look, if this is your idea of trying to lose him, then, m Uh-huh.
The Soviet Air Force to the rescue.
Now, let's see how badly Chronos wants to follow us.
Wow, it's a MiG-21.
No one's ever been this close to one before.
Are you quoting "Top Gun"? Maybe.
I've got heat-seeking missiles closing at a distance of less than a mile.
Which is why I need you to cut the engines.
Whoa, wait, don't we need those to land? I said, "Cut them," Gideon.
Missiles are now targeting something else.
I suggest you all strap yourselves in.
It's going to be a bit of a bumpy landing.
Initiating emergency landing protocol.
How's it going, Gideon? There's not much more I can do.
Elevation is 5,000.
When I said, "bumpy," I meant, "Prepare for crash landing.
" Good news, Captain.
Despite our rough landing, the ship is still fully operational.
Welcome to the U.
, gentlemen.
If it were up to me, they would revoke your pilot's license.
"They" are more than welcome to, considering I don't have one.
Did you get anything on Savage from the Pentagon file? It appears our friend has been quite busy since we last saw him.
Svarog? God of fire in Slavic mythology a secret project the Soviets are working on.
Considering Savage's involvement, most likely some sort of weapon.
Valentina Vostok.
Graduated top of her physics program and then just dropped out of academia.
To help develop Savage's new weapon, no doubt.
The Cold War's up for grabs, and Miss Vostok is the linchpin.
I say we put two in the back of her head and call it a day.
We have no idea who this woman is or what her effect may be on history.
She may be the next Madame Curie for all we know.
She's working for Savage.
That's all we need to know.
She probably has no idea who's backing her research.
Just let me approach her as a scientist, and we'll see what she knows about Savage's weapons program.
It's 1986, you're American, and you don't speak Russian.
She'll have you pegged as a spy in a second.
Perhaps I can help with that.
Ingestible translators.
They attach to your larynx via neural interface.
Swallow them you can speak and understand any language spoken to you.
How how do you turn it on? Gideon? Switch them into Russian.
Go on.
Say something.
Wait, I'm still speaking English.
I'm speaking Russian now, aren't I? Now you're annoying in multiple languages.
Gideon, switch him back to English.
Now, according to Vostok's file, she's a big fan of the ballet.
She has box seats at the Bolshoi and attends every performance.
It seems the final performance of "Le Roi Candaule" is today.
Palmer, you will engage Vostok at the ballet, whilst you, Mr.
Snart you're going to be his wingman.
Better go bone up on Vostok's CV.
I guess I'll bone up on the ballet.
Gideon, bone me.
We have a problem.
Right, you're going to have to be a little bit more specific.
It's Kendra.
She's completely unstable.
You saw her at the Pentagon.
That psycho priestess Chay-Ara took over and clawed a guard's eyes out.
Perhaps Kendra just needs a bit of time.
Remember, it was her first time out in the field since Carter's death.
Well, Carter's not going to be the only dead body on our hands if someone doesn't get her under control.
You know, perhaps you're right, and it just so happens I have the perfect candidate for the job.
No, I was not talking about me.
And yet, I can think of no one better suited to the task.
I'm not a fan of feelings.
If Kendra needs someone to talk through her grief with Kendra needs someone to help her get her warrior side under control.
I imagine you, above anyone else, know how to do that.
This is a bad idea.
I got eyes on Vostok.
She's headed straight for you, lover boy.
All right, gentlemen.
Everything's looking good from my end.
Simon Huntsberger, University of Moscow physics department.
I'm not interested in talking to student.
If you want lecture, come by office hours.
I'm actually a fellow scientist.
I read your paper on applied physics and nuclear fusion.
Perhaps, if you allow me to take you to dinner, we can discuss in detail.
Damn, that was cold, even by Russian standards.
What the hell is this? Warriors train every day.
Sorry, but I'm not in the mood.
"Sorry" is not gonna help that guard that you defaced at the Pentagon.
Two months ago, I was a barista.
I had no idea I had some psycho hawk goddess inside of me, and then I meet Carter, and he convinces me to let her out, and now that he's gone I can't control it, so thanks for the offer, but I won't risk letting that monster out again.
That monster inside you is not gonna go away.
You have to learn how to control her.
And how, exactly, do you expect me to do that? Let's find out.
Temporal anomaly detected.
The Russian jet damaged his ship.
He's still alive? He went down just outside Moscow city limits.
Rory, how would you like to accompany me on a little mission? Will I get to use my gun? A near-certain likelihood.
Lead the way, Captain.
You struck out, Raymond.
Maybe I should take a crack at her.
I think we may have gotten off on the wrong foot.
- I don't mean to bother you - Too late.
But, as an investor, I'm in a position to fund your research.
That is why I wanted us to meet.
Easy, Raymond, you're gonna spook her.
I think it's important to know who's funding your research, don't you think? For instance Project Svarog.
Sorry, is this man bothering you? Don't trouble yourself.
I'm not a damsel in distress.
Good, because I'm not a white knight.
Seems intermission is over.
You wouldn't want to miss Queen Nisia dancing naked with the nymphs.
My favorite part of the ballet, but I've seen it so many times.
Perhaps, you wouldn't mind walking me home instead.
- I hate nature.
- Shh, shh, shh, shh.
Thirty meters.
Chronos must be hiding out in the trees.
Is that any way to treat an old friend? Time Master Druce, how on earth did you find me? You haven't exactly been subtle.
Can I waste this guy? Could you give us a moment? You said I'd get to use my gun.
What a colorful team you've assembled for yourself.
I thought that you were Chronos? He was killed in the crash, I'm afraid.
I was sent to scuttle his time ship, lest it be discovered by the Soviets.
And you left a temporal anomaly.
To lure you out of the cold, as it were.
You've turned your back on the very institution you were meant to serve.
Our job is to protect time, thereby protecting all life.
I am trying to save the world from complete destruction.
You and your band of rogues have run rampant throughout history.
This is why we work alone, Rip.
A team is a liability you've proven that.
They keep you from making the tough choices.
I am here because the council refused to make that tough choice.
Well, they can sometimes be slow to realize the obvious, but I've been authorized to offer you a deal.
End this foolish crusade return with me to the vanishing point.
You'll be acquitted of all charges, and in a few hundred years, we may even be able to fix the damage you've caused.
And what about my team? They will be returned to their own timelines unharmed, which is more than I can say for Carter Hall.
You were one of my brightest pupils and by far my favorite.
Will you at least consider my offer? I'll consult with my comrades.
Please do, Rip, and then meet me here in an hour.
And if I don't? Then you're beyond my help.
That's a pretty sweet deal "Time Cop" offered you back there.
Well, I see we can add "eavesdropping" to your criminal resume.
Maybe you should start thinking more like a crook.
Your friend's planning on killing you.
Time Master Druce is one of my most trusted friends besides, if he wanted to do me any harm, why didn't he do it just now when he had the chance? Because he wants you to bring the whole team with you, and that's not gonna happen, because I'm taking a pass.
Are we done here yet? If you want to harness your power, you need to learn to control your fear.
Yeah, well, you've been training for half your life to be some cold-blooded assassin, so I really don't think you understand what it's like.
Before you can control it, you have to accept that it's part of you.
Ease up, will you? You've got to channel your anger.
Sara, stop.
Push down your emotions.
Focus on your opponent.
Kendra? Sara! Sara, I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry Sara, what are you doing? It's me! Are you sure you don't want your coat back? I can't believe how you're not freezing.
Oh, I love the cold.
And ballet.
So what is it about the ballet that you love, Valentina? The combination of grace and strength, pushing the body to its breaking point.
It's a thing of beauty.
My apartment.
You know, this time of night, it's colder than a Siberian winter.
It sounds perfect.
You know, I'm sure we could heat it up.
Sadly, I have business elsewhere this evening.
Well if this is good-bye You enjoy the show, Raymond? I think I've got frostbite in some not-so-fun places from waiting out here.
Did she tell you what kind of weapon Savage is building? Didn't come up.
Such a romantic evening I didn't want to spoil the mood.
So other a steamy good night kiss and a possible case of hypothermia, we've got nothing.
I wouldn't say that.
It's Valentina's security badge for a place called Luskavic Labs.
Whatever weapon she's building for Savage, we'll find it there.
I guess I should just be happy you didn't swipe her wallet.
So, uh, what happens? You hand over the ship and turn yourself in to the Time Masters, and the rest of us just Will be returned to your former lives in January 2016.
It will be as if you never left.
Aside from the fact that Starling City might be part of the U.
, thanks to our efforts.
All the more reason to consider the offer.
The Time Council will do everything within their power to correct the mistakes that we've made.
But they still haven't changed their mind about stopping Savage? Well, according to them, he's part of the natural course of history, terrible as that course may be.
Look, I'm not saying that this offer is without its downsides.
If we abandon our plan now, then I still lose my wife and son.
So why throw in the towel? I thought you said this mission was bigger than any one of us.
Yes, but if you'll remember, when I first recruited you, I wasn't entirely forthright about my motivations or about how dangerous this mission would be.
Carter Hall knew the risks before he signed on.
Well, for the rest of you, it's now time to decide whether the future is worth fighting for.
I cannot tell you how pleased I am to see you, Hunter.
I finally came to my senses.
You were right, as always.
I've risked the lives of my team I've endangered the very fabric of time itself.
I only hope you can forgive me.
All will soon be made right again.
Hello, old friend.
I'm so sorry it had to turn out this way, but the council cannot risk keeping you alive.
Such a shame.
I won't be able to tell Mick he was right.
Mick? My colorful friend, who was convinced you were planning on killing me.
Your friends seem to have abandoned you, but no matter.
Chronos will track them down.
Can't believe you brought this stooge to do your dirty work.
I never had you pegged as a coward, Druce.
In that case, I promise to stay here to ensure that your punishment is carried out properly.
I wouldn't want you to die alone.
Who says I'm alone? What a wuss.
This is not the time to show off.
It's best if we attack from a covered position.
I'm through playing it safe.
This time, we do things my way.
Run, punk! Run! Jefferson! Where is he? Chronos' blast forced us to separate I I didn't see where he landed.
Jax! Jefferson! All right, no need to shout I'm right here.
There you are, thank God you're okay.
Why didn't you answer when I called you? Did it not occur to you that I'd be worried? Look, I just got a little lost.
We need to get him to the med bay now.
Oh, gentlemen, I trust everything went according to plan at the Bolshoi? Piece of cake.
Made contact with Vostok and swiped her badge.
Thanks to me.
Pretty boy just froze his ass off.
What happened to him? Chronos.
- Jax here was - Almost got himself killed.
And we need to get you to the med bay.
Ah, the med bay, where a morphine drip awaits me.
Now just try and take it slowly.
Don't bother telling him what to do he'll just do the opposite.
Oh, yeah, it would be my fault that I got hurt, because I didn't listen to you in your infinite wisdom.
I am sorry, Professor.
It seems this partnership of ours has become untenable.
Partnership? No, this is a dictatorship, one in which you get to call all the shots and I get to take all the shots.
Do you think I like seeing you hurt? Don't act like you actually care about me, man.
I'm just a life-support system.
I didn't even want to come on this stupid trip.
- You kidnapped me.
- Oh, this old tune.
Did you ever stop to think that I actually had a life back in 2016? I almost forgot a promising career as an auto mechanic.
I had a mom, a widow.
What happens to her if something happens to me in 1986? Huh? She's just gonna think that I left her without even saying good-bye.
Man, do you have any idea what that does to her? We've all made sacrifices.
But can't you see that this mission, stopping Savage, is bigger than any one of us? I am so sick of you using that tone.
When are you gonna learn you are not my father? I'm sorry you lost him at such a tender age, but if your father were here, right now, he'd be saying what I'm saying.
Just grow up, Jefferson.
The future of the world is at stake, and if you insist on getting yourself killed, as terrible as that might be for your mother, or me, who, incidentally, would also die, I am more concerned with the billions of people who will die because of your arrogant adolescent ego! Okay.
Please don't don't Don't say it.
I was cruel and unjustified, and I I said those things just for the sake of hurting him.
Why aren't you telling that to Jax? I had to hurt him, Raymond it's the only way I can get through to him.
I've tried everything else.
Well, he's just a kid.
So was Ronald, and look what happened to him.
Your former half of Firestorm.
I can't I I can't go through this again.
I can't lose another.
The reason I'm constantly lecturing Jefferson is because I'm the one who brought him along, and if something happens, I'm the one who has to go back to 2016 and tell his mother that her little boy is never coming home, and I would rather die than do that.
That looks sore.
What happened? Maybe you should ask the lunatic you put in charge of training me.
I actually, I was hoping that the arrangement between you and Sara might be, uh mutually beneficial.
You mean you knew about this bloodlust thing? It's the captain's job to know everything on his ship.
Look, Sara went through hell when she was resurrected, and I was hoping that you'd be able to coax out her human side from the darkness of the Lazarus Pit.
Why me? Well, after 4,000 years of reincarnation, surely you know a thing or two about rebirth.
Heads up! Let's go.
"A warrior trains every day," remember? I'm not a warrior, and I tried to kill you the last time we did this, remember? "Tried" being the operative word.
Look, you want to know my theory? No.
I think your problem is the opposite of mine.
I need to learn to embrace my inner hawk goddess, but you you need to learn to embrace your human side.
And what if that side of me is gone? What if she doesn't exist anymore? Well, only one way to find out.
What, are you baiting me? No, I'm training you.
Come on.
Are you scared? Here we are, Luskavic Labs, the secret facility where Vostok works.
- So what's the plan? - Simple.
We use Vostok's credentials to enter the lab and find out what she's building on behalf of Savage.
Reconnaissance in a laboratory.
Finally, my kind of mission.
No, no, no, hang on a minute Jefferson's still recovering from his injuries.
This is hardly a job for Firestorm let him rest.
I'm Dr.
Gregor Gavrilov of the State Council of Science, and I'm here to inspect the facility.
I'm in and heading to the basement.
Here's hoping the key that Mr.
Snart stole off Valentina works.
Oh, my God.
I know what Vostok is working on.
She's trying to build me.
What do you mean? I mean, Savage has spent the last decade trying to level the arms race against our team.
Operation Svarog.
Slavic God of fire, of course.
He and Vostok are building a Soviet Firestorm.
They've already built a thermal core.
Professor, need I remind you, this is a reconnaissance mission.
It's only a matter of time before Vostok figures out how to stabilize a Soviet Firestorm.
I'm not leaving without it.
It's the key to building others just like me.
Yes, but perhaps you should wait for the rest of the team.
They're on their way.
Are you familiar with ultra-high-energy cosmic rays, Captain? The radiation released inside this chamber will kill anyone other than me.
Look, despite your impermeability to nuclear energy, you're still quite vulnerable to bullets.
I just need someone to take the core offline, so I can remove it safely and shield it.
I'm all over it, Professor.
We're all over it.
Remember, Dr.
Palmer, that shutting down the core incorrectly can lead to the creation of Strangeness, black holes, and uncontrolled fusion reactions that consume the universe? See? I was listening during class, Professor.
How we doing, Boy Scout? Uh, point of fact, I completed all 21 merit badges, including nuclear science, so I'm an Eagle Scout.
We got a problem.
Valentina's headed toward the core containment unit.
The radiation Stein's about to unleash I if she opens the door We're here to stop Savage from building a nuclear-powered superhero.
Saving some commie broad ain't on the agenda.
Even if the radiation doesn't kill her, Savage will, the second he finds out the lab's been sabotaged.
Look, we gotta get her out of here.
Well, who's gonna shut down the core, Raymond? I skipped that merit badge.
Raymond, why is the thermal core still running at full power? I'll handle the core.
You handle Valentina.
You're willing to risk the mission for a woman you barely know? Be helpful to others.
It's the Scout motto.
30 seconds.
I'll get Vostok, you kill the power for Stein, and, Raymond, promise me.
Bad idea.
What are you doing here? Believe me, I've been asking myself the same question.
That night at the Bolshoi.
It was you who stole my keys.
And your wallet, but it was nothing personal.
What the hell is that man doing? He has no idea what the core is capable of.
He's the one who invented it.
I'm the first person to have ever seen cosmic radiation with his own eyes.
You know, let's keep it that way.
Snart, you better keep Valentina out of the core containment unit.
You used me.
You work for American government.
I'm wanted by the American government.
Does that count? Look, I may be your white knight just this once, but that weapon Savage has you building? He's creating a nuclear-powered monster.
I know.
It was sweet of you to think of me as a damsel in distress, but I'm not the one who needs rescuing.
Don't flatter yourself, sweetheart.
I'm not the sentimental type.
No, but your partner, the physicist with the big brown eyes, is.
Turn the core back online.
You will turn it back on, or I will put a bullet in your friend's head.
Don't you dare.
She's gonna shoot me whether you do it or not.
That may be true, and you can take that gamble if you like.
It's only his life you wager.
Almost there.
I'm not joking, Raymond.
Don't you dare push that button.
Raymond, what's going on? The core just went back online.
Sorry, Professor, I had to do it.
You idiot.
I I can still remove it.
I just hope I can absorb the excess power.
Do you have any idea the kind of energy that Should have listened to your friend.
What the hell are you doing, Gray? Jefferson? You are not Firestorm, you're just a stubborn old man who's about to make a really stupid decision.
Wait, I is this what it's like when I'm in your head? I I apologize, dear boy, because it's rather distracting.
Your body cannot handle this alone.
Appreciate your concern.
You were right.
I've risked your life enough times.
Now, it's my turn.
No! He's too weak.
He'll never get out of there alone.
Professor Stein, your comrade here tells me you know quite a bit about this project of mine.
Very good.
You and I have much to discuss.
What are you waiting for? You forget how to use that thing? My employer, Mr.
Savage, would very much like to meet you and the rest of your friends.
Careful what you wish for.
This where the party's at? Aah! Mr.
Snart, can you hear me? Do not let Vostok leave with that thermal core.
Get the hell out of here! What are you waiting for? Go, go! Now might be a good time to send in reinforcements.
Mick and Stein just got pinched by the Russkies.
You're gonna have to get out of there right now.
They're hanging us out to dry, Rip I need backup.
I'm afraid our only option is retreat.
What about my partner? Well, until we devise our next move, Mr.
Rory will have to fend for himself.
Remember the mission.
If the Soviets get that thermal core back, your partner will not be the only one who dies.
You better kill me now.
If I ever get my hands on you, I'm gonna get all "Rocky IV" on your ass.
I'm gonna remember that, comrade.
We must leave now, Colonel.
There's still one more intruder, and he has the thermal core.
We don't need it now.
We have something far better.
Ugh, thank God you managed to grab it.
Where was my backup, Captain? Half the team is gone Because of you.
Only if I'd have sent the other half in to save them, they'd be captured too, and where would we be, hmm? Savage would have both halves of Firestorm, a dead Kendra on top of a dead Carter, everything he wants.
It would be the end to our little crusade, and, most likely, the world.
So before you pull that trigger, ask yourself what would you have done? That is a pretty cold calculation, Rip.
Almost criminal, except we criminals have a code "You never leave one of your own behind.
" We will get them back.
Now, if Savage even hopes to create a Firestorm, first, he's going to need a new one of these.
A thermal core? Let me get this straight.
You had Kendra and I training for the next mission, when we should have been out there helping them.
We will help them, and our next mission is to get our compatriots back from Vostok.
Who is to say they're not already dead? Vostok needs the professor alive in order to rebuild the thermal core.
And Ray and Rory? Savage will keep them alive too.
As leverage.
He'll torture them if Stein tries to hold out.
Well, we'll have to pray that he does.
If Savage's goal is to create his own Firestorm, then Stein himself is the key, the missing piece of the puzzle.
And if Vostok figures out how to turn Stein's powers against us, then I'm afraid the world is beyond saving.
Stein's a lot tougher than he looks.
I mean, it will take a lot to break him.
That's the good news.
The bad news is that our compatriots are being held in an impenetrable Soviet gulag.
Get a good night's sleep.
You and Dr.
Vostok have much work to do in the morning.
My companions from the lab what did you do with them? Don't worry.
They're alive.
Whether they remain that way is entirely up to you, Professor.

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