DC's Legends Of Tomorrow (2016) s01e12 Episode Script

Last Refuge

1 In 2166, an immortal tyrant named Vandal Savage conquered the world and murdered my wife and child.
I have assembled an elite team to hunt him throughout time and stop his rise to power.
Unfortunately, my plan is opposed by the body I'd sworn my allegiance to, the Time Masters.
In the future, my friends may not be heroes, but if we succeed, they will be remembered as legends.
Previously on "Legends of Tomorrow" I was her.
Tragedy or heartbreak.
That's how it always ends if the man's not Carter.
- [energy surges.]
- Time Master Druce? You and your band of rogues have run rampant throughout history.
This is why we work alone, Rip.
A team is a liability.
The Time Masters have issued Omega Protocols on all of us.
- They've sent the Pilgrim.
- Who's the Pilgrim? The Pilgrim is the Time Masters' most deadly assassin.
She's hunting our younger selves.
Kaylex Druzan, you have been found guilty of time piracy in the first degree and sentenced to death via Omega Protocol.
The Pilgrim has made contact with your younger self.
This will all be over quickly.
[dramatic music.]
Well done.
Here's your next assignment.
These individuals have manipulated the timeline without authorization on multiple occasions.
You are hereby ordered to hunt down these individuals' younger selves and eliminate them.
[sirens wailing.]
This isn't my element.
It's mine.
Just keep a weather eye open for the Pilgrim.
Gideon calculates a 97% chance that she will attack your younger self in this exact time and place.
Roll it.
Young Rory's not in there.
But we found his parents.
They're dead.
Then where the hell is he? [laser fires.]
Come with me if you want to live.
I always wanted to say that.
[engine roaring.]
- That's younger you? - What'd you tell him? That we work for a secret agency called A.
- I think he bought it.
- Course he did.
He's an idiot.
Hey, no offense, but do you really think it's a good idea to leave him unsupervised? You're right.
- Have fun.
- You seem calm.
What, you mean considering a temporal bounty hunter is trying to murder our younger selves? I was gonna put it a little more delicately than that, but yeah.
I think at some point, you just learn to live with a sword over your head.
[dramatic music.]
[metal clanking.]
Either you're getting better or I'm getting lazy.
So it seems like you decided to ignore the advice from Old West you about not being with Ray.
Ignoring her advice about Ray was your advice, remember? Don't listen to my advice.
So did you tell him what she said? Oh, sure.
"Hey, Ray, by the way, the woman I met in 1871 was me.
And she told me our love was doomed to fail - because you're not Carter.
" - So that was a no? Look, Ray and I are happy together.
We should be able to enjoy that before I have to drop the whole doomed-love-affair thing on his head.
Yeah, I mean, who wants a relationship based on honesty and communication? - Ugh.
- Believe me.
A relationship based on an ancient Egyptian curse doesn't work much better.
How are you feeling? I mean, your younger self.
Jax is watching him.
That young man, you, just lost his family.
You might want a shoulder to cry on.
I don't cry, Professor.
Oh, and, Haircut, thanks for saving me.
You're welcome.
You know what I don't get is why doesn't the Pilgrim just go back a week earlier and kill younger Rory then? 'Cause the Omega Protocol calls for precision.
Multiple attempts from the Pilgrim could do irreparable temporal damage.
Which means she's only got one shot at killing each and every one of us.
And we only have one shot to extract your younger selves from the timeline before she pulls the trigger.
Sir, based on the temporal wake generated by the Pilgrim's time ship, I calculate a 96% likelihood that she is heading to Starling City circa 2007.
Pilgrim is targeting Miss Lance.
[indistinct police radio.]
Name? Lance.
Sara Lance.
- This is ridiculous.
- Come on.
I thought it was Take Your Daughter to Work Day.
Yeah, if I was in grade school.
"Daddy, I'm doing a paper on the criminal justice system.
I want to see what it looks like on the inside".
Well, I didn't mean inside a jail cell.
Too bad, 'cause that's the next stop on our little tour.
I think you're enjoying this a little too much.
Honey, it's the dream of every father to keep their daughters locked up until they're 30.
Maybe even 40.
What the [overlapping shouts.]
[officers grunting.]
[gunfire, shouting.]
Daddy! [gunfire, shouting.]
Get out of here.
Get out of here! Go, go, go! [glass shattering.]
[blows landing.]
[grunting, blows landing.]
- God, she's - Quite the badass.
[Pilgrim groans.]
I put her in the cargo bay with mini you, told them both to stay put.
The less they know what's going on, the better.
You sure you want to leave daddy's little girl with that punk? Even before the League of Assassins, I knew how to handle guys like you.
Has Gideon figured out the Pilgrim's next target yet? - That's peculiar.
- Peculiar or bad? Gideon, run another scan for the whereabouts of the Pilgrim.
I'm sorry, sir.
The timeline shows no temporal distortions.
I seem to be unable to track the Pilgrim.
That doesn't sound good.
No, it's quite the opposite.
Without a way to track the whereabouts of the Pilgrim, she could target any one of you at any point in time.
Gideon was tracking the Pilgrim's temporal wake.
I didn't think it was possible to conceal one's movements through time.
Well, it is if the Time Masters are on your side.
How does this all work? If she can travel to any place at any time, she could be killing any of us right now.
- And if we die in the past - We die in the present.
So interesting.
How long does it take for what happens in the past to affect the present? Could I be dead right now and not know it? Maybe I am dead right now.
Hello? Can anybody hear me? No.
Look, the important thing is not to panic.
Somebody's playing Russian roulette with our younger selves.
Why would we panic? Well, there are a few exceptions.
Kendra's ability to reincarnate means that it would do the Pilgrim no good to target her.
And as a former Time Master, to remove me from history would be quite dangerous to the timeline.
Well, that's convenient.
And what's that supposed to mean? Nothing.
It just occurs to me you've never told us about your past, Rip.
And I don't trust a man with secrets.
Look, the less information you have to offer on me, the less valuable you are to our now numerous enemies.
Like I said, convenient.
- Are they fighting? - This is not a fight.
It's merely an exchange of ideas.
No, not you.
Ah ha! She slapped me.
The little weirdo said that he liked the way that I smelled.
I'm usually a lot smoother, but I'm sort of freaking out right now.
You, hands to yourself.
The next time, hit with a flat palm.
And you you're not her type.
Now, do I need to separate you two? No.
Hey, when do I get to go home? You're safer here.
Trust me.
Well, where is here? And why do you look like me? Please, will you just tell me what the hell's going on? Look, it's safer for you if I don't.
And we look alike, because because we're like family.
And I need you to trust me.
Look, my dad, he's got to be freaking out.
If he ever lost me He won't lose you.
I promise.
Did you know that Rip has a secret stash of vintage cereals? Fruit Brute was always my favorite.
Are you okay? I'm a little on edge.
You know, we've been through a lot together, and you've never quite resorted to eating sugary cereals.
Look, I've spent a lot of my life thinking about the future.
And now, I have to think about the past, which is sometimes the present.
And the point is, do you know where I go to when things get crazy? Which for us is always.
I go to those two years in Hub City, when it was just you and me, and it felt like we had forever.
That's what kept me grounded.
In fact seconds before Rip and the team came back, I was about [screams.]
Ray! [groaning.]
What's wrong? Oh, my God.
Gideon, we need help! [devices beeping.]
What's happening to him? He is suffering from severe internal injuries.
Who's doing this? A deep scan of Mr.
Palmer's timeline reveals a temporal anomaly on December 19, 2014, in the vicinity of Palmer Technologies.
The Pilgrim.
Gideon, get us to that location now! [crashing.]
- Who are you? - I'm no one.
We have that in common.
[laser fires.]
We need to get you to cover.
What is that thing? Who is she? Who are you? No time to explain.
[laser fires.]
Rip and the team are saving you in the past, and I'm here now.
However long we have, I want to spend it with you.
My suit.
[laser fires.]
It works.
Palmer's vitals are stabilizing.
They did it.
Actually, I think you get most of the credit.
I couldn't miss spending the rest of our lives together.
I meant it, Ray.
I love you.
I guess you found the ring.
The ring? [instrumental music.]
Kind of a strange way to get engaged, but I'll take it.
What the Pilgrim did, the way she turned our attacks back on us, it was as if she was reversing time.
It's called temporal micro-manipulation.
The ability to control time in one's immediate vicinity.
We are lucky to have saved Dr.
So basically we have no idea who she's going after next.
We know it's not Rip, because he doesn't have a past to go back to.
Gideon, prepare for multiple time jumps.
Plot points here, here and here.
My birthday? Why are we The only way to ensure you're not harmed in your past Is to abduct ourselves as newborns, thus removing ourselves from our future timelines.
It's brilliant.
It's morally questionable.
It's suicidal.
If we take too long in getting them home Then history is altered.
There won't be a home to go back to.
You'll disappear from the minds of everyone who's ever known you.
You mean, my own mom won't even know me? My wife.
Yeah, and my oh, yeah.
I don't have anyone.
Sure as hell beats dying.
How's Ray? Fine.
Um, his younger self is in the hospital, so our Ray is healing rather quickly.
You know, you don't seem too happy about it.
I'm not unhappy.
I'm I'm engaged.
What? Yeah.
Ray proposed to me while he was you know what, it's a long story.
But you said yes.
At the time.
I I never thought about marriage.
I didn't think I was able to think about marriage.
I don't know what to do.
That's hard.
Do you like babies? Yeah, but that sounds like doubling down to me.
I need your help.
And then I'll help you figure out what you should say to Ray.
Let's go.
[dramatic music.]
All right, this is just like any other mission.
The mark may be a newborn, but it might as well be a diamond or a microchip.
You know what? You're starting to sound like Snart.
[babies crying.]
Okay, which one is Snart? Look for the one with horns.
Found him.
Great, grab him.
Let's go.
Well, hello, baby Snart.
Look at you.
Kendra, come on.
We don't have time for this.
[babies crying.]
Oh, look at those little cheeks.
You are the cutest little baby in the world.
[babies crying.]
Poor kid.
He's gonna have a rough life ahead of him.
Good thing we're kidnapping him.
What are you doing? I'm getting us out of here.
We don't even know where here is.
[palm scanner beeps.]
Identity confirmed.
Sara Lance.
Let's go.
Where do you think you're going? Give me that.
Is that a baby? Yes, and you guys are in charge of him.
Wait, I You made five grand last summer babysitting.
You'll be fine.
- No, I don't do babies.
- You do now.
Think of it as a thank you for saving your life.
You better not drop my future criminal partner.
Otherwise you're in trouble, comprende? Hmm.
[baby crying.]
We've got Mr.
Snart's younger self.
Next stop is you, Professor, and you, Mr.
How strange to imagine, holding one's infant self.
Actually, none of you should participate in your own abductions.
Let's call it paradox prevention.
It's almost worth the risk.
To experience how our own fathers must have felt the day we were born.
Yeah, well, not my dad.
He shipped out before my mom went into labor.
Yeah, he died two weeks later in Somalia, so I'm so sorry.
[steam hissing.]
I think I see the head.
Oh! [baby crying.]
Look at that.
[baby crying.]
What do you think of Jeremy as a name? Oh, I think he looks more like a Martin.
You guys asked for a doctor, right? Yeah, how would we? He means that we were on our way to the hospital and we saw your automobile.
Yeah, and this little munchkin needs a checkup.
Prenatal care, it's very important.
He means post-natal.
We'll take him straight to the hospital.
We'll meet you there.
What about my wife? It's somewhat disconcerting that my father would give me up so willingly to two complete strangers.
Well, the 1950s was a much more trusting time.
Trust me, I lived then.
- He's not in Somalia.
- Huh? We need to hold off on taking Baby Jefferson.
I need to find grown Jefferson.
But Rip said that we I doubt very much that giving the boy a moment with his soon-to-be-dead father will do the universe any harm.
What are you doing, Gray? Trust me, Jefferson, there's someone here I really think you should meet.
Go talk to him.
And say what? Speak from your heart.
You were supposed to be shipping out.
How do you know that? Oh, right.
My transport got delayed.
I told my CO my wife's giving birth.
He got me a pass and a Jeep.
And I made it.
I saw him.
My boy.
Which one's yours? Oh, oh, no, I'm I'm I'm not a dad.
I just I'm here for my family.
Well, I hope you get to experience this for yourself one day.
Imagining all the things my boy's gonna be when he grows up.
How do you know? 'Cause he's my son.
Jefferson Jackson, remember that name.
He's destined for great things.
I've got to go.
Will you give the nurse a message for my wife? You're leaving already? Be AWOL if I don't.
I just want her to know that I saw my son, and that I couldn't be more proud and happy.
And tell her I'll be home as soon as I can.
Can you do that? Wait.
I got to tell you something.
Appreciate that.
[babies crying.]
[foreboding music.]
[babies crying.]
[engine roaring.]
[dramatic music.]
We're here.
Where is here? Come, I'll show you.
Again, where is here? We need a safe harbor to keep your younger selves.
I've been waiting.
It's good to see you.
It is good to see you too, Mother.
[dramatic music.]
Don't forget to take your boots off - before you come back in.
- [door slams.]
Oi! Off you go.
So, this is where Rip plans on keeping our baby selves.
If all goes according to plan, we'll only be here for a few minutes, then presumably never remember.
When's the last thing anything went according to plan? I don't think there was a last time.
I really would sit up if I were you.
She'll kill you if she catches you slouching.
Don't be fooled by appearances.
That woman is as tough as nails.
Funny how you never mentioned having a mother.
Adoptive mother.
Now, can I interest any of you in some more tea? Thank you.
So, Michael - Michael? - That's me.
My birth name.
The Time Masters insist on the adoption of new identities for their protection.
How do you know so much about the Time Masters? I work for them.
Oh, don't worry.
My true loyalty is to my children.
Thank you.
The Time Masters fill their ranks with children, orphans pulled from throughout the course of history.
When Michael arrived at the Refuge, he had nothing but the clothes on his back.
There's a reason it's called the Refuge, and a reason that it exists in a secret location in history.
The Time Masters will never think to look for you here.
Thank you for your assistance.
Look, I know I make a gorgeous baby, but I should warn you.
You've got your hands full with me.
I assure you, you're not the first tough case to arrive at my door.
Where'd you find the match? You can always find them.
Beautiful, isn't it? Not as beautiful as a whole house going up in flames, though.
- It was an accident.
- Sure it was.
You don't know me.
You think I wanted to kill my family? I think you fell in love with your dad's lighter fluid.
I think you fell in love with the flames dancing around.
But then you realized you couldn't control them, and you ran without waking your family.
The only thing you were concerned about was your own skin.
Now, while I'm gone, there better not be any accidents.
If there is, I'm gonna come looking for you.
I'm gonna kill you.
You sound just like my dad.
[children laughing.]
I couldn't quite bring myself to leave this place just yet.
I've made you something for your travels.
Some mince pies for your friends.
My friends.
They're the people whose relationships with their friends and family I've put at risk to save my family.
You think you've been selfish? - I do, yes.
- What a load of old codswallop.
I've always known that you were brought to me for a reason, Michael.
That you were ready for great things, but you won't accomplish anything by wallowing.
So for goodness' sake, pull yourself out of it - and get the job done.
- And what about you? I have put you in terrible danger.
You don't honestly think I'd let you go away with my best serving dish if I didn't think I'd see you again, do you? I can manage quite happily with a house full of 10-year-old Time Masters, so I think I can perfectly deal with the adult version.
Go on! Yes, yes.
Thank you.
[engine roaring.]
Jefferson? Hey.
What's up, man, we good? Oh, please.
We share a psychic connection.
I know how you're feeling, and I'm sorry.
I thought affording you time with your father would lift your spirits.
I I thought so too.
I just I should have said something.
I should've told him about what happens to him in Mogadishu.
I could've saved him.
You don't know that.
It's highly unlikely you could've said anything that would've changed his fate.
My whole life, everything good I ever did, every report card, every touchdown, in the back of my mind, I always wondered, what would my dad think about this? Hey.
I was just on my way to the bridge.
No, wait.
Wait, please.
I didn't mean to be a lurker, but I heard you and Sara talking.
And I get it.
You thought I was dying.
You told me what I needed to hear.
And it worked.
So if you need a reason, a way to let me down easy Ray, no.
I want to be with you.
It's just that I know that we can't last.
Says who? Me.
The woman I met in 1871 was me.
And she warned me that it would end in heartbreak if I ever tried to be with someone Other than Carter.
God, this is just too complicated.
No, it isn't, really.
I mean, if I make you happy, if being with me makes you happy, then you can be happy.
Or you can choose to listen to some former version of yourself who believes in curses.
When you decide, let me know.
Everyone please report to the main deck immediately.
What's going on? Gideon has intercepted a trans-chronal beacon.
Gideon, show them.
This message is for Rip Hunter.
I'm going to make this very quick and very simple.
If I can't find you, I can find those you love.
Anna? Dad! All of them will suffer and die because of you.
Your family, friends, anyone you've ever cared about.
Unless you surrender your younger selves to me.
So she can erase you all from history.
If it's of any comfort, you won't feel a thing.
As for your loved ones, I cannot promise the same thing.
[pounds fist on table.]
[engine roaring.]
Gideon, I take it that the Pilgrim's transmission included a carrier frequency through which she can be contacted? Yes, Captain.
Hail her, please.
What are you planning to do? Captain Hunter.
Look, I'm gonna make this easy.
I already have.
The lives of your team's nearest and dearest for their younger selves.
And I'm gonna counter that demand with an offer of my own.
I will surrender myself if you spare the lives of my crew and their loved ones.
A noble gesture.
But worthless.
My directive is to eliminate your entire team, not just you.
Yes, well, I'm not talking about me now.
I'm offering you me in the past.
[dramatic music.]
Rip Hunter before he became a Time Master.
Eliminate him, and this team will never have been.
If this is some kind of trick It's no trick.
Enough people have died at my expense.
Gideon will send you the location.
And, Mr.
Snart, your wish is about to come true.
You're going to meet my younger self.
- What is this place? - Neutral ground.
It's a defunct Time Masters outpost.
I thought we were supposed to be picking up your younger self.
He's being brought to us, actually.
That little boy was at the Refuge.
He's you.
You got my message? I don't approve of what you're planning.
Not that it ever stopped you before.
Your younger selves are all still safe and sound.
Thank you.
You're a naughty one.
That's right.
I think it's probably about time that you left.
Give her hell.
Where's my dad? On board my ship, along with the rest.
All in perfect condition as long as your captain honors his end of our bargain.
You'd murder a child? I'd murder as many children as is necessary to accomplish my mission.
Do you know what this will do to the timeline, killing a Time Master? In case you've forgotten, I am sanctioned by the Time Masters to do what my former colleague Chronos here failed to do.
Enough of that.
Let's get down to business.
Where's the rest of your group? They're around.
I'll be taking the boy.
Before you do that, we don't believe for a second their loved ones are on your ship.
A show of good faith, then.
A prisoner exchange.
Send the boy, and I'll send the father.
Once I have the future Captain Hunter in my possession, then I'll release the rest.
- What the hell's going on? - You don't need to understand.
Only walk.
You are gonna be absolutely fine.
I promise.
As soon as my dad's in the clear, let's light this up.
Remember, we wait for Ray's cue.
I'm in position.
You wanted to see me? Have I done something wrong, miss? Not yet.
Now! Fool me once.
[laser fires.]
[weapons firing.]
Now, Kendra! I was willing to proceed in good faith.
Now you'll watch those closest to you die.
Thought you could snuff me out? You don't know me at all, miss.
[weapons firing.]
Hey, are you okay? Not really.
Yeah, let me explain.
You poor boy.
I'll take you.
Are you all right? That's you.
I was a cutpurse from the age of five.
Starved more than I ate.
I knew what I'd do if she tried to harm me.
Lucky for us, you didn't forget your roots.
Believe me, Mr.
Snart, I've tried.
There you are.
The Pilgrim may have been dealt with, but the Omega Protocol is still in effect.
I'll look after your friends, don't worry.
Oh, I know you will, Mum.
You did the same for me.
It must be strange for you to see yourself as you were.
Do you remember the first day you were here? Yes, I think I tried to steal your purse.
God, I was a mean little bastard.
- You were tough.
- I was selfish.
Well, you were surviving.
I was home.
Which is why I know you'll be back.
Here to give me another "don't burn down the house" speech? You think by hurting yourself, it's gonna make you feel better about the fire? You don't know anything about me, man.
Guess again, kid.
I'm you.
What? That's right.
You're too young to understand.
But understand this.
It wasn't your fault.
I let that flame get out of control, like you said.
I ran out without waking anybody, like you said.
I was just so afraid.
You were just a kid.
I spent my whole life blaming you, hating you for something you didn't mean to do.
Why are you telling me this? You can't change the things you did.
But you can change what you become.
Don't be like me.
Be better.
Clarissa, it's me, Martin.
I'm sorry, you look so familiar, but I just can't place you.
Spaceship? What next, Martians? No, actually, amnesia pill.
Oh, yeah.
This will just wipe your short-term memory.
Of course, it's up to you, but we don't want to mess with time too much.
I always knew that you'd end up caring for people, protecting people.
Well, I learned it from my dad.
Proud of you, honey.
Is everything all right? My wife doesn't seem to remember me.
Because until we return your younger selves to the timeline, you none of you will have ever existed.
But we will return you.
When we left 2016, I just assumed I would return to the exact moment I left, that Clarissa wouldn't even know I was gone.
So I didn't say good-bye.
And now I fear I will never have that chance.
You will.
Look, I've told you before that I am not going to risk your marriage in order to save my wife.
I promise you that.
Thank you.
Not even gonna pretend to understand any of this.
It's pretty crazy, huh? That was you in the hospital, on the day you were born.
And earlier, on fire.
Where'd you learn those moves? From my dad.
You know, the day you were born in the hospital, I'd never been so scared.
I mean, even in combat.
But now, I know for you to be the man I see standing here, I must do something right.
I can't wait to be there to watch it happen.
Dad, listen.
On September 26th, you're gonna be deployed along the K4 circle.
Keep your head on a swivel for an IED.
You know this beca you're from the future.
Promise me you'll be careful.
I'll be back soon, okay? Hey.
Hope you don't mind, my fiancée my other fiancée is in our quarters, resting.
Yeah, no, that's that's fine.
Hey, I'm sorry.
No, really, it's fine.
- No, I - I mean, being at death's door is not the right time to pop the question.
Look, when you proposed, I was so afraid of losing you.
And then facing the Pilgrim, I realized there is never going to be a right time for this.
So we should stop waiting for the right time.
I don't understand.
I want to marry you, Ray.
I mean it.
How's your sister? She's a tough kid.
How's your dad? Sleeping off that amnesia pill from Rip.
I might have just stopped my dad from getting killed in Mogadishu.
I just thought I should tell you in case there's a time paradox or whatever.
Well, as I've been saying, Mr.
Jackson, time wants to happen.
Yeah, I know.
But I had to try.
And perhaps what time wants is to see you and your father back together.
Just pulled younger me's head from out of his ass.
I'm not sure it stuck.
Me either.
Then I saw younger Rip change, and I thought, why not give it a shot? Surprised you didn't advise your teenage self to not get on a certain boat.
- Yeah, me too.
- Yak, yak, yak.
I thought we were on a clock here.
Indeed we are.
Time, the history from which your younger selves were removed, is beginning to set as is evidenced by the change - in Clarissa's memory.
- Okay.
So how long do we have till these changes stick? No one knows.
Which is why we need to move swiftly to locate Vandal Savage if any of your lives are to be restored to normal.
So how long will it take to determine a new location for Savage? Longer than we have.
Fortunately, there is one place in time that we know Savage to be.
You said he conquered the world in 2166.
You also said it was too dangerous to strike at Savage while he was at the height of his powers.
That it is.
But with your younger selves removed from history, we have quite literally run out of time.

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