DC's Legends Of Tomorrow (2016) s01e13 Episode Script


1 In 2166, an immortal tyrant named Vandal Savage conquered the world and murdered my wife and child.
I have assembled an elite team to hunt him throughout time and stop his rise to power.
Unfortunately, my plan is opposed by the body I'd sworn my allegiance to, the Time Masters.
In the future, my friends may not be heroes, but if we succeed, they will be remembered as legends.
Previously on "Legends of Tomorrow" The flashes I've been having they're of Carter.
It must be really weird feeling like you're cheating on me with him.
No, Ray, I feel like I'm cheating on him with you.
We need to move swiftly to locate Vandal Savage.
There is one place in time that we know Savage to be.
We have, quite literally, run out of time.
Oh! We're gonna need to find a safe place to set down, Gideon.
I don't believe there are any safe places, Captain.
Are we over London yet? - What's left of it.
- Why's London shooting at us? It's Savage's forces that are doing the shooting.
Here in 2166, they've subjugated most of the globe.
Maybe picking up here wasn't the brightest idea.
Unfortunately, we no longer have the luxury of blindly searching for Savage throughout history.
Indeed; we have to target Savage at the time and place that we're certain he will be, which is Right before he wastes your family.
What? Yes, Mr.
Rory, Savage will kill my wife and son in three days' time, but we can save them and the world by stopping Savage now.
Captain, I've managed to slip beneath their artillery fire.
Set us down on the outskirts of the city, Gideon, near the encampment of the remaining resistance forces.
We are going to need to proceed swiftly.
I realize your family is in jeopardy, but perhaps some deliberation We really don't have the time, Martin.
According to Gideon, Savage is going to be out in the open tonight vulnerable.
Now, in order to capture him, I require the services of A killer, klepto, and pyro? Bingo.
Here we stand at the edge of history.
But as tempting as it might be to celebrate our previous victories, it is only for the next and final battle that you will be remembered.
There's no way we can grab him here.
Not with an army standing between us.
Shh, I'm trying to listen to this guy.
He gives a hell of a speech.
Onward to victory! Onward to immortality! Present arms! Quick time.
Move! All set on our end.
Jax is in the Jumpship, ready to extract you guys.
Especially if and by if, I mean when this thing goes south.
Savage's lady friend just made us.
Have faith, Mr.
Gideon, push in on the woman.
That bracelet she's wearing can you get a clearer image? Oh, my God.
If we don't move real soon, we could get ourselves killed.
How about we play this like Chicago? Could work.
Ugh! What the hell did you do that for? We'll take Savage.
You tie up the guards.
Sara, the woman you're fighting you need to take her bracelet.
Are you seriously jewelry shopping right now? We're outnumbered.
Fall back! Mr.
Jackson, now would be a good time to pick us up.
What exactly do you think you were doing back there? Distracting Savage's pals, which worked, by the way.
Yes, well, I could've been killed.
Never said it worked perfectly.
At least it wasn't a complete bust.
We found out about Kendra's bracelet.
What bracelet? My bracelet I was wearing it the night of my first death.
That's great.
Not the death part.
That's terrible.
But you told us that objects present on the night of your death can be used to kill Savage.
You're my fiancée.
I listen to you.
And that's sweet, but there's still one small problem.
It's a bracelet; how are you supposed to kill Savage with it? A question we will answer the moment we have obtained it.
We need our resident kleptomaniacs to steal that bracelet.
Captain, I've detected movement 300 meters southwest of our position and closing.
- Savage's army? - Negative.
I believe they are all that remains of the resistance forces.
I'm going to make contact with them.
They might have information on Savage that we can use to our advantage.
In the meantime, Ms.
Lance, get Ms.
Saunders ready.
How am I supposed to teach someone to fight with a piece of jewelry? Good question.
It wasn't rhetorical.
Thank you, gentlemen, for accompanying me on this excursion.
Oh, no problem.
I just love hiking through the woods in the middle of World War III.
What if, instead of encountering these resistance fighters, we meet up with more of Savage's forces? Why else do you think I brought along Firestorm and The Atom? Give me one good reason why we shouldn't blow you straight to hell.
Better yet, give her several good reasons.
My wife and son live in Whitechapel.
- It was hit hard.
- I know.
The same fate will befall you if you don't accept our help.
How do we know you're not with Savage? Because if we were, you'd be dead right now.
Look, feel free to shoot us, but from the looks of it, you could use all the allies you can get.
Whitechapel fell 11 days ago.
We have a lot of refugees.
You think your wife and son are among them? Sadly, I'm confident that they're not.
Still, we would like to help in whatever way we can.
Very well; get yourselves acclimated, and I'll rejoin you shortly.
Uh, I would've brought more, but Jefferson.
Jefferson, let's let's return to the ship, and we'll bring back those additional provisions.
Don't worry.
There's plenty more where that came from.
We'll be back.
So what did you mean back there, about your family? I'd rather not discuss it.
Yeah, I picked up on that.
I also picked up on the fact that we're in London just a few days before Savage tries to kill your wife and son, and you're not trying to get them to safety.
After my first attempt on Savage in Ancient Egypt, my very next stop was here in 2166.
I found Miranda and Jonas exactly where I'd left them, and we we raced towards the Waverider, but we had a run-in with Savage's shocktroopers.
Miranda and Jonas were cut down.
So I jumped even further back, and the outcome was exactly the same.
I watched my family die countless times at the hands of Savage and his forces before I realized that Time wants to happen.
Funny feeling knowing that the universe itself doesn't want you to save your family.
All right, what are you all playing at? I retina-scanned the four of you.
There's no record of you anywhere, and you and your friends disappeared 150 years ago.
Believe me when I tell you it would take about that much time for us to tell the whole story.
But the most important thing is that we get as close to Vandal Savage as possible.
No one gets close to Savage, especially not now.
Some idiots made an attempt on his life earlier tonight.
He's gone to ground in the citadel's bunker and he's holed up good and tight.
Delta Camp is under attack.
Taking heavy fire.
We need air support.
Where's Delta Camp? Establish a perimeter! Once it's secure, we'll search for survivors.
Last week, Savage's forces laid waste to Tokyo.
London is the last patch of free ground on the planet.
Savage's armies have cut down the most formidable militaries in the world.
What do you men think you can do against an evil like this? There were no survivors from the attack.
No, whatever weapon Savage used against the rebels was quite effective.
Maybe Professor Stein and I should survey the wreckage, analyze some soil samples, determine what kind of weaponry Savage is using.
Until we figure out a way to thwart his firepower, the rebels are as good as dead.
But remember why we're here: to stop Savage, not to slow him down.
Do we have a plan for stealing this bracelet? We're on it.
Please don't tell me the plan is to walk into Savage's citadel and steal it off her wrist.
All right, I won't tell you that.
All right, well, we still have the issue of how to turn a piece of jewelry into a lethal weapon.
Perhaps there is reference to the bracelet in Professor Boardman's diary.
I doubt it.
I've read through my son's research a thousand times.
Savage has devastating weapon at his command, and here now, at the eleventh hour, we could sorely use a weapon of our own.
I'll look into it.
This is such a waste of time.
I've already looked through every single page of Aldus' notebooks.
If he had written something specific about the bracelet and killing Savage, I would have known it already.
Here it is.
You ever think about him? Carter? I try not to.
It's not like I'll ever see him again.
Not in this lifetime, anyway.
Besides, Carter is my past.
Ray is my future.
Still, 4,000-year-long relationship seems like it'd be hard to get over.
Maybe once Savage is gone, I can finally start to.
What's the occasion? - I'll give you one guess.
- Our anniversary? Look, I'm sorry, but in my defense, there's quite a few of them to remember.
We were only married in eight lifetimes.
That's a lot.
But I do remember your Victorian England incarnation being particularly tough to be pinned down.
Why are you handing this to me? Well, it's an anniversary gift.
You have got to stop giving me weapons as presents.
I think it's time you learn how to use it.
But it's your weapon.
Savage has murdered us countless times, and we aren't always lucky enough to die together.
This is awfully depressing talk for our anniversary, don't you think? Kendra, this is important.
I need to know that if I go first, you have everything you need to face him.
I don't want to think about facing Savage or life without you.
You'll never be without me, no matter what.
I'll always be near.
Just give it a try.
Who's to say I'll ever be strong enough to kill Savage by myself? Just trust me.
You have everything you need.
What is it? I think I know what we can use to kill Savage.
Savage has warned you all about the radicals who oppose us.
They will not show you the mercy I just did.
I said you're dismissed.
Oh, we thought you said "missed.
" Whoever you are, you're certainly persistent.
Not really.
We just like bright, sparkly objects, like that bracelet.
You'd risk dying for a bauble? It works with my outfit.
What now, Mr.
Snart? How do you know my name? There I was, thinking we could go a whole week without kidnapping anyone.
I think you'll find it would have been better to simply kill me.
I agree.
It's a little more complicated than that.
She knew who I was.
I know who all of you are.
It's a pleasure to meet you, Gareeb.
I see Savage has been rather chatty with his lieutenants.
If you think I am merely Savage's soldier, you're more idiotic than he claimed.
I'm not his lieutenant.
I'm his daughter.
Vandal Savage has a daughter? Apparently it's true.
There's a lid for every pot.
And this lid is gonna be very upset when he finds out that we took his pot.
You know what I mean.
So what's the problem? It's not like we're on Savage's Christmas card list.
And we snagged the bracelet.
You're welcome, by the way.
We need to weaponize that thing before Savage knows that it and his daughter are missing.
Actually, I think I've got that figured out.
But I'm gonna need you to burn something for me.
About time.
We also need to figure out what we're going to do with our new guest.
She's seen us and the ship.
If she runs back to Savage, we're giving him a huge advantage.
So we make her our advantage.
We send Papa Savage a finger.
And we keep sending them till he puts his own head on the chopping block.
That is a positively lurid idea.
I know we're in the midst of a war, but can't we maintain our honor? I'd rather maintain my life, Professor.
If she is Savage's daughter, then she would know the details of his defenses.
Yes, well, how exactly are we going to get those details out of her? I'm on it.
Hello, Cassie.
May I call you Cassie? Here's the deal.
You have information.
I want it.
The question is, how am I gonna get it? I'm the daughter of Vandal Savage, the immortal ruler of the world.
Do you think he hasn't prepared me for this? Do you think I haven't already been taught to endure the most extreme suffering? You know, your father sounds a lot like mine.
Could never really say, "I love you," except with his fists.
Our fathers are nothing alike, Mr.
14 years ago, the world was ruled by a madman, Per Degaton.
He unleashed the Armageddon Virus in order to conquer the globe.
It tore through the world like a fire.
Millions died, including my mother.
There wee riots, wars.
Hell on Earth.
No one dared to stand up to Degaton, except for my father.
He may not be a kind man, but he is the only one capable of putting this world back together.
So you can torture me if you like.
My suffering's a small price to pay.
Who said anything about torture? You sure you can do this? Bash Savage's skull with Carter's mace? You got a better plan? It's not the weapon I'm worried about.
Thousands of years of reincarnation, and I'm guessing you've killed a grand total of nobody.
Yet here you are, entering into the Olympics of murder.
What's your point? You sure you can look Savage in the eye and kill him? - I'm sure.
- Well, you better be.
Otherwise, you're gonna end up like the last guy who swung that thing.
Savage's superweapon isn't an explosive.
The exact conclusion I've just come to after examining soil samples from the attack site.
How did you determine it? Gideon she found a defunct spy satellite.
Look at the photos here.
This is the camp.
And here is the camp, destroyed.
Look at the impact craters.
Sort of squint your eyes.
What do they look like? What am I supposed to be seeing? Oh, my God.
Those are not impact craters.
They're footprints.
Sir, we've located the rebels responsible for your daughter's abduction.
The Leviathan is two clicks from their encampment.
Find my daughter.
And burn them all.
He's coming for me.
Yeah, you and a bunch of innocent refugees.
If they were innocent, they wouldn't have rebelled against my father.
Whatever it is, it's getting closer.
Well, we're a little short on weapons.
Look, if we can't outrun it, we'll just have to fight it.
Well, I mean, we can But what about them? This way.
Move along.
Everything's all right.
Move along.
Everything's fine.
What the hell do you think you're doing? Saving a township, by the looks of it.
Since when did my vessel become a life raft? Since I decided we can't leave these people here to be slaughtered.
You recruited us to save the world.
That includes everyone here.
Gideon, power the engines and get us into the air the moment the last refugee is aboard.
And get the weapons system online.
What's happening? It would seem Savage has come back for his baby girl.
The last of the refugees are aboard, Captain.
Strap yourself in.
Gideon, external floodlights to maximum.
- That's - Incredible.
Ugh! Fire! Now! Hold on to something! Fire, Gideon! Fire everything! Now might be a good time to start praying.
- Gideon, what's our status? - I'm gonna go with "lousy.
" Shut down all essential systems so Savage's robot Too late, Captain; apparently, it has determined you are still alive, because it is closing in on our location.
What happened? We seem to have encountered Savage's megaweapon.
And he kicked our ass.
Gideon, how much time do we have? I estimate the robot should reach our location within the hour.
Our propulsion engine was severely damaged in the crash and is no longer functioning.
So where does that leave us? All right, our only option is to take the Jumpship and try and outrun it.
The Jumpship seats seven.
The cargo bay's filled with refugees.
I'm well aware.
Well, we can't just leave them there; we Martin! Professor, you are gonna be just fine.
I promise you.
Grey, what happened? You have to take care of them.
Don't worry.
We got the team's back.
The people.
Those children.
You can't leave them here.
You can't you can't I've administered a mild sedative.
He should be comfortable.
Which is more than can be said for the rest of us.
I was wrong.
Your dad's a gem.
He's just doing what he must to save his daughter.
Whatever you say.
Now, where was I? Oh, right.
Convincing you to help us.
What a charming euphemism for interrogation.
I know what you're thinking: "My dad may not be perfect, but deep down, he's not a bad guy.
" What are you doing? Showing you that when it comes to crap fathers, there is no "deep down.
" After you.
These are the ones we could save.
The rest are ash, much like Delta Camp.
You don't know my father at all if you think his daughter could be so easily manipulated.
Just trying to show you the truth.
The truth is, my father was trying to save me.
From what, untrained civilians with barely any weapons? Your father sent a 200-foot robot to level a bunch of tents.
The people in that camp were rebels, dangerous radicals.
Do these people look like radicals to you? They're nobodies everyday folk hoping to survive your father's reign of terror.
Look, took me a long time to accept my old man was a monster.
I'm betting you're smarter than I am.
At last, something we agree on.
Oh, Per Degaton didn't release the Armageddon Virus.
That was your father.
He was only Per Degaton's tutor.
One, Per Degaton was only a teenager at the time.
Two, he was hardly a criminal mastermind.
Your father, however What makes you think I'd believe anything you tell me? Because seeing is believing.
Gideon, show her the footage.
Kasnia, November 3, 2147.
The world's population is unsustainable at current levels.
The herd must be thinned.
This isn't true.
You're a liar.
But not about this.
And you know it deep down.
How are repairs coming? Are repairs coming? Not in 30 minutes, which is about as much time as we have.
We brought all those people on board, and all we've bought them is an extra few minutes to live in fear.
Well, I guess the question is, what do we do with those minutes? The ship is crippled! Everyone aboard is as dead as my Family? Look, I know that you think the universe wants them dead, but I don't; I don't believe in fate.
I believe in choices.
And we can choose we can choose to fight, even if the fight may be futile.
We can save your family, Rip.
It's not impossible.
All we have to do Is kill Vandal Savage the chances of which appear to be fading.
Not anymore.
I figured out how to do it.
And my new bestie and I can get us in.
And I think I've got a way to stop the giant robot that's coming to kill us.
Now, you may not believe in fate, Raymond, but I certainly do.
And perhaps it was fate that compelled me to bring you seven together so we can change this future once and for all.
- Hey.
- Hey.
So I'm going to take on an immortal madman, and you are fighting a giant robot.
I can't believe this is our life.
Well, take him out, and it won't be.
You can do this.
- Ray, if anything - No, no.
Save it for after you destroy Savage.
Sounds like it's getting closer.
How's it going back there? You tell me.
This is your nutso idea.
It's not that nutso when you consider the theoretical possibility that siphoning power from the auxiliary time drive should provide enough power to reverse the polarity of the dwarf star matrix.
Sorry, Ray, I'm falling asleep back here, man.
I think we're done.
All right.
You know, if this doesn't work I'll turn every cell in my body inside out? I was gonna go with "die," but yeah.
You know, we could've escaped on the Jumpship, but we're doing this to save everybody that we brought on the Waverider.
You're the real hero here, Ray.
All right.
Stand back.
Like, way back.
All right.
Here we go.
It worked.
I'm not dead.
Okay, let's do this.
Come on.
Ray, you got this.
The Leviathan is encountering resistance.
Sir? What? I've been so worried.
How did you I am your daughter.
Did you really think some rabble could hold me captive? Rabble? These are the time travelers I warned you of.
Father? Your bracelet.
It's gone.
I-I must have lost it in my escape.
As the person who tutored you in the art of deceit, you cannot fool me, Cassandra.
Like you fooled me? You told me my mother died from the Armageddon Virus.
But you were the one who released it.
Tell me it isn't true.
I might even pretend to believe you.
Let me go.
Call them.
Call the ones that you no doubt helped gain access to my bunker.
No need to trouble yourself, Miss Savage.
We're already here.
Oh, I admire your command of irony, Gareeb Using my own child against me.
Sorry to say it didn't take much.
None at all, you ass.
They showed me the truth of what you've done.
The innocent Do not speak as if you know anything about ruling a people.
Do you really want to align your fate with these pretenders? They're nothing but grains of sand in the desert of time.
You are a monster.
Don't just wrestle with him.
Remember, you got laser blasters.
Actually, they're compressed light beams.
Well, whatever they're called, just hit him with them.
Oh, come on! Yeah! She's here.
I can sense her.
You do realize that she can do me no harm? Clearly, you didn't get the memo.
Aah! Aah! Agh! Ha! I could really get used to this.
Stay on him, Ray.
Stay on him.
Agh! I had it covered.
Sure, you did.
Get up, Ray! Ray, get up! This is for Carter.
Unh! Your love Reincarnated.
He doesn't even remember who he was and he never will.
What? When I first discovered him, when I found out that he had no idea about his real identity, I took my precautions and I locked his mind away.
You brainwashed him! Come on! Strike me down.
Kill me.
But do so knowing that I am the only one holding the key to his mind.
Get up, Ray.
Get up.
Rip said you told him you don't believe in fate just choices.
Well, you got a choice to make right now.
You got to choose to get up and fight.
You got to choose to live.
Whoo! Come on! That's what I'm talking about, baby! Ha-ha! Kendra, what are you waiting for? Finish him! Destroy me, and you doom him.
It's Carter.
The reinforcements are coming! Whatever you plan on doing, Kendra, do it! If I kill Savage, his mind will be lost.
And if you don't, I will lose my wife and son.
Well, my love, what's it gonna be, huh? Come on! Ugh! I can't.
I'm so sorry, Rip.
I can't.
We need to get them back to the ship.
Both of them.
You! What's to keep me from killing you where you stand? Because she's an asset to the cause.
My father may be incapacitated, but his forces are still strong.
I know their tactics, their weaknesses.
Why the change of heart? Ask him.
I saw Sara.
She said you brought Savage back onto the ship, but she was a little stingy on the details.
Is everything okay? Ray, we need to talk.
Welcome back.
Well, the team managed to capture Savage, battle his army and a giant robot and you managed to sleep through all of it.
The refugees They're safe.
Every one of them is alive and well.
But for how long? Apparently, time wants to happen.
Oh, I think you'll find that time for once is on our side.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to pay a visit to an old friend.
Well, you seem quite happy for a man behind bars.
Why shouldn't I be happy? It seems that you once again have failed to kill me.
A momentary setback, I assure you.
Assure yourself.
Providence has allowed me to place Chay-Ara in an impossible situation: a choice between her own soul mate, Carter and yours.
You know, a friend recently suggested to me that there is no such thing as fate.
Destiny is nothing more than the sum of our own choices.
I see.
So you still think there's hope, then for your family.
Time will tell, Captain.
Time will tell.

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