DC's Legends Of Tomorrow (2016) s01e14 Episode Script

River of Time

1 In 2166, an immortal tyrant named Vandal Savage conquered the world and murdered my wife and child.
I have assembled an elite team to hunt him throughout time and stop his rise to power.
Unfortunately, my plan is opposed by the body I'd sworn my allegiance to, the Time Masters.
In the future, my friends may not be heroes, but if we succeed, they will be remembered as legends.
Previously on "Legends of Tomorrow" Hold on to something! [grunting.]
I want to marry you, Ray.
Tragedy or heartbreak that's how it always ends if the man's not Carter.
Agh! It's Carter! He doesn't even remember who he was.
Kendra, what are you waiting for? If I kill Savage, his mind will be lost.
I'm so sorry, Rip.
- [both grunt.]
- Who are you, Gareeb? [thunder crashing.]
[eerie music.]
Ramses's men inform me that you still refuse to speak, to reveal your name or why you tried to kill me.
Who are you? The man who is trying to save the world from you.
And how are your efforts proceeding? You can't even stand for lack of food and water.
I will always rise up against you.
I will never give up.
Soon the sky rocks will lay waste to this kingdom, and you along with it.
This cell will be your tomb.
What do you know of the future that I don't, Gareeb? [grunts.]
Mission almost accomplished.
That bottle of Scotch was given to me by Rob Roy MacGregor in 1689.
It's not half bad.
We should be toasting to Savage's death.
Apart from celebrating murder, Savage still has Carter brainwashed.
I don't know if you've been paying attention, Professor, but murdering Savage was always the plan.
Besides, Carter reincarnates, which is more than I can say about us.
As long as he's on board and breathing, Savage is a threat to everyone on this ship.
So what, we just kill Savage and leave Carter a brainless drone? Yes.
Sorry we're late, but we found something.
We've been running diagnostics on Ray's suit after his battle with Savage's Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robot.
The telemetry data included a comparative scan of the robot's tech.
This neuromorphic profile is astonishingly futuristic.
Yeah, it's from 2166.
Well, that's the thing.
It's not.
This technology's light years more advanced than anything from 2166.
- Who cares? - The Time Masters.
They refused to take action against Savage because he didn't pose a threat to the timeline.
But if he comes into possession of future technology It means he's been engaging in exactly the same manipulation of time that the Time Council were designed to prevent.
So now they'll finally sign off on undoing all the damage Savage has done to the world.
Last time I checked, the Time Council was at the edge of the timeline, and this bucket of bolts can barely hold it together as it is.
Gideon, what's the status of the Time Drive? Stable, Captain.
Plot a course for the Vanishing Point.
Tonight, Vandal Savage faces justice for his crimes.
[exciting music.]
Quite the reversal of fortune, isn't it, Gareeb? 4,000 years ago it was you who was the prisoner.
Ever since I met you again, I've always wondered how you managed to escape.
Another time, perhaps.
For the moment, I'm more interested in this.
The brains to your robot super-weapon.
At least a century more advanced than anything to be found in 2166.
Do you have something to ask me? How did you obtain the ability to travel through time? From you.
When I saw you again in 1975, I realized that time travel was the only explanation.
You showed a caveman fire.
And I had almost 200 years to figure out how to strike the flame.
All this time, I've been wondering why it was so difficult to locate you throughout history.
Because you've been moving through history.
Well, you'll come to learn that this is just one of many things we have in common, Gareeb.
We're both doing what we must to save the world.
Subjugating the world to your rule is not saving it.
You would create a wasteland and call it peace.
Do not misquote Tacitus to me.
I knew him well.
I have lived long enough to watch civilizations rise and fall.
You weep for your son.
I have held dozens of my children as they perished from old age.
You might be a Time Master, but I'm a master of time.
And I play a far deeper game than you could ever hope to comprehend.
Gideon, go to maximum on the Time Drive.
Inadvisable, Captain.
When Dr.
Palmer siphoned power from the auxiliary Time Drive, he reduced the ship Gideon! Take us to maximum.
We need to get to the Vanishing Point as fast as possible.
- Where am I? - Somewhere safe.
Safe as long as those cuffs hold.
Do you know who you are? I'm Scythian Torvil, adjunct to Lord Savage.
And you will release me, or I will kill you where you stand.
Your name is Carter Hall.
You used to be Prince Khufu of the Middle Kingdom.
And I am Kendra Saunders.
Oh, you seem surprised.
You didn't think Lord Savage would warn me of my enemies? Let me go and I promise you I will show mercy.
I will kill you without making you suffer first.
[ship rumbling.]
Not to sound like a six-year-old, but are we there yet? No, the Waverider was severely damaged in Savage's last attack.
Yeah, I can tell by the way she's flying.
You sure you're not pushing her too hard? The longer Savage is on board the ship, the greater the danger to all of us.
To us, or your family? I checked with Gideon.
Bringing Savage onboard didn't change the timeline, and your family still dies.
The timeline is always in flux.
Once we get to the Vanishing Point, all will be well.
Is that why you're pushing the ship beyond its limits? This has been my ship for the last 13 years.
No one knows its limits better than I do.
Not even Gideon.
The Waverider will hold together.
I promise you.
[dramatic music.]
Gideon! Time Drive failure, Captain.
The mains are offline.
- What happened? - It appears the Time Drive is in need of some repair.
[computer beeping.]
Uh, Miss Lance, if you wouldn't mind going, checking on our guest? On it.
I'm going to need your assistance in fixing the Time Drive.
What if Jefferson can't get the ship moving again? Oh, thanks for the vote of confidence.
No, what I mean is if the ship can't be repaired, we're marooned in the Time Stream.
There really is no need to worry.
The Jumpship is equipped with an auxiliary Time Drive, capable of a one-time jump back to 2016.
Which will not be necessary, considering you are going to fix the Waverider.
- I'll do my best.
- That's the spirit.
You look concerned, Martin.
I'm remembering what Mr.
Snart said about Savage's presence on this ship being a danger to us all.
[door beeps.]
Have you spoken with your sister Laurel lately? How do you know so much about us? Oh, I've only had 191 years to research my enemies.
Well, then you'd know I don't scare that easily.
[keypad beeps.]
You should be scared of Captain Hunter.
His obsession to save his family will be the death of you all.
Thanks for the tip.
Enjoy being incarcerated.
Captain Hunter lied to you so often, and still you persist in believing him.
You do know why he selected all of you for this endeavor, don't you? Great bone structure? He chose people he could manipulate, people that would believe his lies.
Well, the lies I don't believe are yours.
Do you blame him for putting his family's lives first? I'd tell you to go to hell, but you'd probably just feel at home there.
[tense music.]
Okay, I've got eyes on the Time Drive.
There seems to be a large crack in it.
Well, if the housing's intact, we should be all right.
I am going to need you to re-route the power from the secondary manifold.
I'm on it.
Gideon, what is the level of contamination in the engine room? Levels at 3% above maximum, Captain.
We have to get him out of there.
Don't worry.
He should be able to finish before the radiation has any adverse effect.
[Time Drive whirs.]
Jefferson? Mom? What are you doing here? Good question.
I'm supposed to be meeting my son at Jitters.
But clearly he misses his old job more than his mother.
I am so sorry.
I must've lost track of time.
Well, this should help.
I know it's not much, but it belonged to your father.
At least it was going to.
I bought it for him as a birthday present before he passed.
It's awesome.
Maybe you can use it tonight.
Dinner at your Grandma Louise's.
I will be there.
And I won't be late.
I just got to stop by the university first.
- The university? - I got to say good-bye to a friend who's leaving town.
- But I will be there.
- 6:00.
All right, I love you.
I love you too, baby.
[both smooch.]
Jefferson? Jefferson? I did it.
I got it working.
You said he wouldn't be harmed.
It must be the surge when he brought the Time Drive back online.
Gideon? Mr.
Jackson has suffered an extreme amount of temporal radiation exposure.
- That sounds ominous.
- Oh, it is.
And there's nothing I can do to reverse the side effects.
What side effects? Mr.
Jackson's internal organs are aging at an accelerated rate.
The rest of his body will soon follow.
Why are all the snacks in the future sugar-free? So much for progress.
You remember Alexa? Yeah.
From the security deposit job.
What about it? Just had a feeling about that one, a sixth sense things would end badly.
And they would have, if you hadn't have pulled us out of there.
So what? I'm getting the same feeling now.
[somber classical music plays.]
Gideon, how effective were Mr.
Jackson's attempts to bring the Time Drive back online? The drive's functions have been restored, but the entire system will require a master reboot before we can continue on to the Vanishing Point.
Yes, please begin.
And in the meantime, could you check the timeline for any variations in my family's future? I believe Miss Lance already told you the results.
The timeline remains unchanged.
Were you expecting something different? Hope springs eternal, Miss Lance.
If it didn't, I would've surrendered to despair a long time ago.
I assume Mr.
Savage is still secure in his cell? He wasn't exactly short on opinions on you, though.
I'd imagine not.
Among them being that you would sell us out to save your family.
He's not wrong.
[music stops.]
Jackson is currently in the med bay facing death due to temporal radiation exposure.
- Wait, what? - I sent him to fix the Time Drive.
I could have gone myself.
And I'm left to wonder if in some way, I did it because of the risk.
So you sent Jax on a suicide mission so that you could stay alive to save your family? I don't know, Sara.
That's what vexes me.
You know what vexes me? Thinking that we've thrown in with a captain who cares more about himself than he does his crew.
[dramatic music.]
Kendra, are you sure about this? Do you remember him? He was our son.
Do you really expect me to believe that? I expect you to remember your feelings.
We were together.
And we were happy.
We were a family.
Kendra, stay back! [grunts.]
[dramatic music.]
- Oops.
- [grunts.]
Are you okay? - I should've known better.
- But are you okay? - Yeah, I'm fine.
- Stay away from him.
I'll be right back.
- Where are you going? - To end this.
[door beeps.]
To what do I owe the pleasure of this visit? You're gonna tell me how to free Carter's mind.
Oh, well, all you had to do was ask.
Are you sure you want me to? Of course I'm sure.
Because the moment I release him, you will lose her forever.
You don't know Kendra.
I know Chay-Ara.
And I know the man who stands between you and your love has stood between me and mine for millennia.
We're actually quite alike, you and I.
We're nothing alike.
You're insane.
But yet Chay-Ara once loved me as she professes to love you.
Oh, you didn't know that, did you? I don't even think Chay-Ara remembers, but 4,000 years ago I discovered that my Chay-Ara had been reborn but with no memory of what had happened.
Like you murdering her and Carter.
She had no recollection of my my crime of passion.
And she fell in love with me, very deeply.
And I with her.
That is perverse.
No, that is fact.
That is history.
And we were happy, Dr.
Palmer, very happy.
None of us blinded by our cursed past until he came.
He took her away from me.
He poisoned her against me.
He stole the happiness that we shared, Dr.
Carter is a good man.
And you are my only enemy.
Am I? Or am I just a man experiencing the same things as you are right now? We have the same enemy.
If Carter's free, you lose her.
But then she would hardly be the first woman you've lost, now, would she? I am really gonna have to beef up our security around here.
It was pretty easy to bypass the system, considering I designed it.
You like my ride? Those are some pretty hot wheels.
- Yeah.
- Maybe that's your new name.
How you feeling? I'm okay.
What are you doing here? - I came to drop off a note.
- Let me guess.
It says, "Hey, Felicity.
I hope you're well.
I'm off to travel through time and fight an immortal bad guy.
" - Is that me? - Yeah.
- That was pretty good.
- Thank you.
So, obviously, Oliver told you.
Don't let his broodiness fool you.
He can be quite chatty sometimes.
He also happened to mention that you're going on this suicide mission because you think there's nothing for you here.
You think it's a suicide mission? I don't think going after Vandal Savage is a vacation.
But don't change the subject.
You have a life here, Ray.
Actually, everybody thinks I'm dead.
Nothing puts things in perspective more than seeing yourself become a ghost.
You're not a ghost.
You just need to come back to the world.
And I will, after we take out Savage.
I became the Atom to make the world a better place.
And I'm pretty sure that saving it counts.
I'm pretty sure it does too.
[sentimental music.]
See you soon.
You know, I would've stayed for you.
I do.
But who knows? Maybe the future Mrs.
Palmer is out there somewhere in the past, the future, some parallel universe.
Ah, I'm off to save the world, not fall in love.
"And though my soul departs the Earth, "I count the days till my rebirth.
"I will wait across eternity for my love to come back to me.
" Please.
Come back.
[suspenseful music.]
Ray? Ray Ray? Ray, stop! Please.
Just give me a chance to explain.
What you saw back there, it was What? Wasn't what it looked like? You were reciting a love poem to your brainwashed ex-boyfriend.
I am just trying to help Carter remember who he really is.
Your soul mate.
Yeah, that's the part in the conversation where you're supposed to say, "No, Ray, you're my soul mate.
" Ray, you know that I love you.
Ah, I know.
It's just not enough.
I can't believe I'm saying it, but Savage was right.
Loving you is like a curse.
Oh, Ray.
You have to know, whatever he said, he's just trying to get inside your head.
I know that.
But he's right.
Kendra, I-I don't think I can do this anymore.
What are you saying? Oh, what? You want to end things? Unless you can tell me that I'll ever be anything more than just Carter's placeholder.
[somber music.]
Are you certain these results are accurate? Jefferson's blood chemistry is akin to that of a A 63-year-old man.
Actually, I don't feel a day over 60.
- This isn't funny.
- No, and it's all Rip's fault.
I'm afraid he's also suffering from early-stage osteoarthritis.
The exposure to the temporal radiation has led to an accelerated rate of intracellular degeneration.
This is what happens when Rip goes with Plan B.
Plan A being taking Savage's head in with that mace.
We're endeavoring to resolve this without bloodshed.
And how's that working out for you, Gandhi? Look, there's nothing we can do about it now.
We can talk to Hunter.
Even if Kendra was to kill Savage, my situation's still the same.
We're talking about our situation, Pops.
We're not waiting around for the other shoe to drop.
You deserve better.
Alexa? Snart: You bet your ass.
We need to talk.
We saw what you did to Jax.
And we're worried it's just the beginning.
- The beginning of what? - It's like I said, Rip.
As long as Savage is alive and on this ship, he is dangerous.
The Time Drive is rebooting.
We will soon be on our way.
I'm asking for a little faith, gentlemen.
Sorry, fresh out.
I take it you and Mr.
Snart are of the same mind? Yes.
And what of you, Miss Lance? You're the one who said you'd sell us out for your family.
Well, if that's how you all feel, none of you is obliged to continue on this voyage with me.
As I told Martin, the Jumpship can make a one-time voyage back to 2016.
Are you saying it's ours? I'm saying that this mission has always been a voluntary enterprise.
And the mission was to kill Savage.
Which doesn't seem to be on the table anymore.
Very well.
Leave, if that's what you It's been a blast, Rip.
Good luck getting to the Vanishing Point.
Tell your pals Chronos says, "Kiss my ass.
" [tense music.]
What about you, Sara? Never been one to run from a fight.
[gate clanks closed.]
[sentimental music.]
When I saw you last I know.
A miracle when I thought there were none left to be had.
I needed to see you.
Look, I don't know how, but I'm gonna get you out of here.
This isn't your fight anymore, Ta-er Al-Sahfer.
I'm not gonna let you rot here.
Not when you're in here because of me.
I am in here because of my choices, beloved.
I made them ready to accept my punishment.
I won't leave you in here.
If you love me, you will.
If you love me, you will leave this place far behind, and live a life unburdened by your past.
It's easier said than done.
Anything worth doing always is.
[door beeps.]
Well, finally an intellect approximate to my own.
My imprisonment was starting to get dreary, Professor.
I'm not here to play mind games with you.
I'm here to ask you if you remember a night in October, 1975, a place called the Greyhill Building.
That night, you and your acolytes Were celebrating the acquisition of your friend Carter Hall's body.
It's my understanding this ritual involved you sharing your immortality with your followers.
And you wish for me to do the same for someone else.
Someone dear to you.
Your nuclear counterpart, perhaps? Yes.
And as impertinent as this may sound, I need your help.
Well, clearly, your friends didn't give you the full account of the ritual.
You see, it was Carter's blood that worked the magic.
Perhaps you should talk to him.
Or better yet, Dr.
I'm sure that he would be more than happy to help you spill some.
And I'm certain you would enjoy that.
Pitting me and Raymond against Carter, against Kendra.
Having all of us at each other's throats while being stranded in the Time Stream.
But we're not stranded.
Not entirely.
Thank you, Mr.
As I'd hoped, you've provided me with a solution to my problem.
I don't get it, Grey.
What's in here that's gonna fix me? Well, nothing inside the Jumpship, Jefferson, but rather the craft itself.
You see, this ship is pre-programmed to return to 2016.
I've made some additional adjustments according to the theory of quantum-retro causality, and if my math is correct, the trip through the Time Stream should reverse your condition.
I'm not leaving you or the team.
Which is why I'm not giving you a choice.
[gasps and grunts.]
What did you do? I've administered a mild sedative.
You roofied me again? When I tricked you onto this ship the first time, I was only thinking of myself.
Now I'm thinking of you.
[dramatic music.]
You can't do this! If we're separated, you'll die! I've already lived my life, Jefferson.
Now you must live yours.
Give my love to Clarissa.
Tell her I'm sorry.
She deserved a proper good-bye.
Grey! Grey, no! No! - Knock, knock.
- Oh, hello.
I hope you don't mind, but I thought I'd see if I could interest you in a lunch date.
Oh, my darling.
I'm right in the middle of some research that simply cannot wait.
What's the topic? As a matter of fact, time itself.
The irony.
Oh! Damn, I completely forgot.
I promised I'd meet with some fellow academics to help resolve an experiment of theirs.
Does this experiment have anything to do with time travel? Almost certainly.
But it won't take long.
In fact, I'll be home before you even know it.
[sentimental music.]
Clarissa? You you know that I love you.
There's nothing I do that isn't driven by that very thought.
Now let's get the hell out of here.
[tense music.]
- What'd you do, Poindexter? - What do you mean? The Jumpship.
Where is it? Well, it's really more a question of when.
But, oh, yes.
You both wanted to return to 2016.
Got it in one.
I did what I had to do to save Jefferson's life.
Now we must do whatever's necessary to repair the Waverider and deliver Savage to the Vanishing Point.
Oh, back so soon with the stench of defeat written all over you.
Can't say I didn't warn you.
Trying to get under my skin? Is that it? Got your little game figured out.
For all your intelligence, you still didn't manage to make Chay-Ara yours.
I wouldn't expect a psychopath like you to understand.
Kendra is free to do what she wants.
You know what I see when I look at you? I see weakness masquerading as goodness.
I'm not the one trapped in a cage.
Well, if it weren't for this cage, you wouldn't have that arrogant look on your face.
You think I'm afraid of you? No.
I know you are.
At least Carter had the courage to face me like a man.
No wonder she didn't choose you.
Oh [grunts.]
You feel better now, Dr.
Palmer? Not even close.
[both grunting.]
[both grunt.]
And I thought you were nothing like me.
[straining and gasping.]
[lock beeps.]
[dramatic music.]
I'll leave you to contemplate on that.
[device squealing.]
Time Drive reinitialization complete, Captain.
The primary systems are back online and stable.
Begin ignition sequence and resume our route to the Vanishing Point.
You're a fool, Professor.
I'm trying to save Jefferson's life.
Savage has escaped.
- What? - I'm sorry.
Pull up all the surveillance monitors, now! I'm afraid Vandal Savage has already freed Carter Hall, and is preparing to disengage [Gideon's voice garbles and stops.]
That can't be good.
Gideon's entire operational matrix is offline.
And without her help We'll have to make our approach the old-fashioned way.
Shouldn't we be more worried about Savage and his brainwashed crony? Yes.
Which is why I need you and Dr.
Palmer to go and recapture him.
In the meantime, if the rest of us can't figure out how to pilot the ship without Gideon, we're never gonna be able to leave the Time Stream.
If we live through this, you bumbling idiot, I might just kill you.
Exactly how old-fashioned are you talking? So, if the Time Stream is like this vast river, these maps plot the safest course along that river's path.
I keep these here just in case of emergency.
Well, this certainly qualifies.
What's Jurgens Ridge? Pray you need never find out.
Martin, you're gonna be our engineer.
I need you to adjust our energy output to avoid over-taxing the Waverider.
And you, Miss Lance, you're gonna be our navigator.
I was League of Assassins, not NASA.
I need someone who can make tough calls under extreme pressure.
No one fits that description better than you.
[lasers blast.]
Come to join the party? You should've left me back in 2166! Yeah, yeah, we know that, mullethead.
Who are you to stand up against me, Vandal Savage, destroyer of empires? Leonard Snart, robber of ATMs! We need more power to the Time Drive, Martin.
How much further can we push it? 25%, and only for a brief burst.
But it might be all we need.
[dramatic music.]
- [weapon charging.]
- It's still two against four.
Come on! Aah! What's our trajectory looking like, Miss Lance? Just give me a second here.
Well, oddly enough, as the Vanishing Point is at the very end of time.
Yeah, and we're never gonna make it there if you don't lower the ship negative 12 degrees on my mark.
Three, two, one, now! [engine straining.]
[ship rumbling.]
- Did it work? - Well, we're not dead.
I got this.
Handle Savage.
[laser blasts.]
Haircut! Move your fat head so I can get a clean shot! [shouts.]
They seem to be getting closer.
- I'll go help them.
- No! I'm not gonna place another one of you in jeopardy I'll go.
But who's gonna pilot the ship? [engine zooms.]
[all grunting.]
Gareeb, I was wondering where you were hiding.
Aah! [grunts.]
Bring her to me.
Chay-Ara, my love.
I'm sorry that it has to end like this again.
[high-pitched tone squeals.]
- Carter.
- Aah! I will wait for eternity.
Come back to me.
- [shouts.]
- [grunts.]
[both grunting.]
Aah! Kendra Aah! [grunting.]
He's alive.
You saved him.
You saved us all.
Is that? Welcome to the Vanishing Point.
I can't believe we made it.
[dramatic music.]
And what did you do to your shoulder? Hmm? Oh, I might have jumped in front of a laser blast intended for Miss Saunders.
What? I couldn't have my team thinking I cared more about myself than them, now, could I? Really? [ship rumbles.]
Uh, I think I just lost control of the ship.
Yeah, that might have something to do with us being the most wanted time criminals in all of history.
Timeship Waverider, we've taken control of your guidance systems.
Disable your weapons and prepare to be boarded.
Oh, it's good to be home.
Captain Hunter.
This is unexpected.
Well, I have a reputation to maintain, don't I? And I hereby request an immediate assembly of the Time Council in accordance with General Order 52.
So you've returned to answer for your crimes? No.
I'm here to justify them.
If this truly is good-bye, would you mind answering just one final question? Well, it seems only sporting.
How did you manage to escape my prison all those years ago? There were no signs of damage, no clues to your tricks.
It left me puzzled for centuries.
The best magic tricks have the simplest solutions.
I bribed your guard with a novelty pen.
Had a picture of a woman on it.
Turn it upside down, her top comes off.
I won it from a drunk GI in a Philippines bar in 1944.
It's a tacky souvenir, but in this case, a lifesaver.
Now, unfortunate for you, the guards at the Vanishing Point won't be quite so easily swayed.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Uh, I was making sure that he was okay.
I think most guys would be more inclined to smother him with a pillow.
Just because he stole my girl and tried to take over the ship? But seriously, Carter saved your life.
He's a part of this team.
Always has been.
I wish things could be different.
Yeah, me too.
I need you to know that what we had was real.
In a way, a broken heart is just what the doctor ordered.
- It is? - Yeah.
When I lost Anna, I thought that I could never find anybody who I could spend the rest of my life with.
You proved me wrong.
Thank you for showing me that it's possible.
[sentimental music.]
Rip Hunter, on behalf of the Time Council, you are hereby ordered Yeah, before you do that, there's someone I'd like you to meet.
[suspenseful music.]
You remember Mr.
Savage? [overlapping whispers.]
Of course.
And we remember how you pled for us to remove him from the timeline once before.
Well, as the first Time Master was so fond of saying, that was then, this is now.
Incontrovertible proof that Vandal Savage has been engaged in the manipulation of time! Including a confession.
When I saw you again in 1975, I realized that time travel was the only explanation.
You showed a caveman fire, and I had almost 200 years to figure out how to strike the flame.
Impressive, Captain Hunter.
You and your team have accomplished what none of us here in the Time Council believed you would.
If the prisoner would step forward Vandal Savage, by the power of this chamber, it is my duty to return you to Earth immediately.
[ominous music.]
What? This man you've brought before us is needed back in 2166.
You're in league with him.
I wouldn't expect you to understand our reasons.
For all your wisdom, you were never able to take the long view of history.
Take him away.
Search their ship for the others.
[dramatic music.]
[loud thuds in distance.]
- Did you hear that? - Don't try to distract me.
We need to find somewhere to hide.
Why do we need to find somewhere to hide? Alexa.
Ah, if you're here for Savage, you're too late.
- Mick, what's going on? - You're under arrest.
[laser guns charge.]
If I had a nickel for every time I heard that.
Druce's men have taken your ship.
Your friends are under arrest.
And you are once again my prisoner.
This time, I don't plan to lose you.
Oh, and yes, I do remember the guard very well.
He died.
Now, if you would excuse me, I'd better be getting back to 2166.
I've been waiting so very long to meet your family.
Wouldn't miss it for the world.
No! No! No!
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