DC's Legends Of Tomorrow (2016) s01e15 Episode Script


1 In 2166, an immortal tyrant named Vandal Savage conquered the world and murdered my wife and child.
I have assembled an elite team to hunt him throughout time and stop his rise to power.
Unfortunately, my plan is opposed by the body I'd sworn my allegiance to, the Time Masters.
In the future, my friends may not be heroes, but if we succeed, they will be remembered as legends.
Previously on "Legends of Tomorrow" Time Masters.
They took me to a place called the Vanishing Point.
I've spent lifetimes training by them - [grunts.]
- Mr.
Jackson's internal organs are aging at an accelerated rate.
The res of his body will soon follow.
The trip through the Time Stream should reverse you condition.
If we're separated, you'll die.
This man you've brought before us is needed back in 2166.
- Take him away.
- What? Search their ship for the others.
- You're under arrest.
- Mick, what's going on? We need to find somewhere to hide.
I need to be getting back to 2166.
I've been waiting to meet your family.
And because if you don't follow me, this is what is in store for your world 150 years from now.
[dramatic music.]
I could have chosen any time and any place.
Of all the people who ever lived, I chose you eight.
I certainly hope that you won't let me, and the world, down.
If your answer is yes, meet me at this address in 36 hours.
So what do you think? I think that's five minutes of my life I'm not getting back.
He just showed us the entire world in flames.
You can't turn your back on that.
Well, I think we can all agree that the mission will go a whole lot better without those two.
I haven't signed on yet.
And I'm not signing on at all.
- Jefferson - No.
I'm not going off to die in some apocalyptic future.
I'm staying right here in the present.
Let me talk to him.
Jefferson, can we at least discuss this? Oh, that's a first.
And it was always you trying to tell me what to do.
It's not happening this time.
But if the fate of the world is at stake Then the world can find somebody more capable than me.
I have confidence in us as Firestorm.
All right, look, just sleep on it.
Come to my office tomorrow, and if your answer's still no It will be.
Grey, we need to talk.
We were just talking.
How did you change your clothes so fast? Something called time travel.
I need your help.
The team's in trouble.
[exciting music.]
Martin, are you okay? I'm required to merge with Jefferson periodically in order to maintain nuclear cohesion.
Then sending him away on the Jumpship probably wasn't the greatest idea.
Given the circumstances we're under, I'm surprised any of us are alive.
Oh, you'll be dead soon.
You're getting off easy.
What gives you the free pass? - They have other plans for me.
- As Chronos.
They're gonna try and put me through the induction process again.
- Brainwashing? - Kills most men, Professor.
And those that don't die, end up like mindless goats.
But Snart said you weren't mindless when you were Chronos.
Not any more that usual, anyway.
The whole time, I stayed focused on one thing.
The one thing that kept me sane vengeance.
I focused on how much I hated all of you.
Ah, gentlemen, I missed you.
Come on in.
Ah, that's it.
Oh, yeah, break my arm.
Hey, what are you doing? Why are you taking her? Hey! [grunting.]
Hey! Kendra! Kendra! [dramatic music.]
Leave us.
I have a query.
Why haven't we killed you yet? That's what you've been trying to do all this time.
Fortunately for you, two of your crew are still at large.
Tell me where to find them, and I'll spare the others.
If it is anything like the offer you gave me in the USSR, I'm sorely tempted.
You were a fugitive from justice.
You're helping Vandal Savage take over the world.
I have a feeling that our definition of the word "justice" may differ somewhat.
The only difference between us is my view of the timeline reaches further and wider than yours.
Am I supposed to be impressed? [beeps.]
In 2175, less than ten years from when Savage conquers the world, the Earth is attacked by a warlike race of extraterrestrials from the planet Thanagar.
Without Savage to unite the world under a singular rule, this is what becomes of the world.
This is the work of Savage.
This is what will happen to Earth if Savage is not there to lead it.
Without him, all human life is extinguished.
Even this realm falls to the Thanagarians.
Are you impressed now? No.
You are as mad as your friend Vandal if you think that he is the world's only hope.
We've examined the timeline.
There is no other hope.
I don't expect you to take my word for it.
That's why there's something else I have to show you.
[dramatic music.]
How did you even know that was down there? When Rip first recruited us, I made it my business to case every square inch of this tub in the event there was something worth stealing.
There wasn't.
Let's get out of here.
Wait, what about the team? There's nothing more we can do for them.
You're just gonna leave Mick? If the Time Masters are half as twisted as Mick said, there's an excellent chance Mick is no longer Mick.
Now why aren't we flying yet? Because I'm not going anywhere.
And even if we wanted to, we're in a hangar surrounded by an entire armada of timeships.
It's the Waverider.
We've got guns.
We can blast our way out.
This isn't "Bonnie and Clyde.
" And I'm not going anywhere without the rest of the team.
[electronic humming.]
Maybe I didn't make myself clear.
Don't do that.
Don't act like you're that same cold-hearted bastard that I first met.
I remember Russia.
And you were the one who told me not to kill Stein.
Yeah, because you seem to have a problem with being a killer.
I, however, don't.
Prove it.
Shoot me.
[tense music.]
[phone ringing.]
- Hello? - Hello, Ms.
Gideon, you're alive.
If be being "alive" you mean that my operating system is intact, yes, I was able to upload into the latency core to avoid being wiped out when the Time Masters We can share war stories later.
Where the rest of the team? They're in cell block 4587, and they, too, are alive for the moment.
What do you mean "for the moment"? [futuristic humming.]
Oh, you're awake.
Oh, I wouldn't bother.
Those straps are forged from Tiberian steel.
This is a timeship.
A little gift from my friends.
Oh, Prince Khufu is with us as well.
He's being held in stasis down at the cargo hold.
And where are you taking us? To an appointment that I have.
With destiny.
You should be familiar with this procedure, Chronos.
The name's Mick.
Though we've made some refinements.
Clearly, your conditioning was not as thorough as it should have been.
For a Time Master, you sure waste a lot of it.
Even with only a partial induction, you were the greatest of our hunters, Chronos.
After we're finished, temporal criminals and time pirates alike will quake at the sound of your bootsteps.
Mm, well, for your sake, you better hope that plan works.
'Cause if it doesn't, that boot's gonna crush your skull.
[electricity crackling.]
- What is this place? - Our Holy of Holies.
The Oculus viewing chamber, our most powerful window into past, present, and future.
The source of all our information on the timeline.
Why did I now know about this? No captain does.
The Oculus' existence is known only to the High Council, including its greatest secret: the Oculus not only gives us a window into time, but the ability to shape it as we see fit.
We've been helping Vandal Savage consolidate his power by giving him access to time travel.
But you've been helping him too.
From the moment we realized only Savage could save the world, we've been using the Oculus to manipulate you.
- That's impossible.
- Think about it.
Thanks to your efforts, Vandal Savage was not in prison for the sale of a nuclear weapon in 1975.
You prevented the Soviet Union from winning the Cold War in 1986.
Carter Hall's death provided Savage's closest lieutenants preternaturally long lives.
You and your team have been moving through the course of time.
We've merely redirected it, and you, to the outcomes history requires.
Look, see for yourself.
[dramatic music.]
You're looking into the past.
You see that everything I've told you is true.
This isn't only the past.
You will also see the future.
Not possible future.
Not a prediction.
You are looking at events as they will happen.
What about choice? What about free will? Illusions.
The only place in the universe free will exists is here at the Vanishing Point.
[dramatic music.]
No! No matter what you do, it will happen.
And there is nothing you can do to stop it.
No, I acted without your consent.
In in defiance of your orders.
Everything I've done has been to save my family.
No one controls me! We counted on that, your anger, on you going rogue.
We needed something to spur you on, to give you purpose.
That's why we ordered Savage to kill your family.
[dramatic music.]
Rip? Oh, my God, they've tortured him.
What did they do to you? They showed me the truth.
Druce showed me something called the Oculus.
They've been controlling us all.
Nothing we've done so far has been of our own accord.
We've been following a script laid out by the Time Masters.
No, that's that's not possible.
I-I refuse to believe that.
Well, you should, Raymond because they showed me your death.
I'm sorry.
You said the team was in trouble.
What sort of trouble, exactly? I'm not sure exactly, but I'm getting something from our psychic connection.
Which means I'm in trouble.
What happens? Come on, Grey, you know I can't tell you that.
- Says who? - Says you - in the future.
- Oh.
And even if I didn't have to worry about the dangers of giving you future knowledge, we got bigger things to worry about.
Hey, you're drawing too much power from the sequestrian manifold.
That's nonsense, Jefferson.
Need I remind you who invented the sequestrian manifold? [sputtering, sizzling.]
Oh, dear God.
- Yeah.
- Well, you were right.
Oh, don't sound so surprised.
Well, it's not often that an auto mechanic knows more than a nuclear physicist.
You know, I forgot how arrogant you were.
"Were"? Why are you referring to me in the past tense? Do you witness my death? Relax, you don't die.
Horribly maimed.
Why won't you tell me what happens? Instead of pestering me about the future and being an insufferable know-it-all, why don't you help me reroute the temporal flow off the secondary buffer instead of just worrying about yourself? - Hmm? - All right.
[electricity crackles.]
I apologize for how painful the induction process was.
Many of your memories were rooted deep.
It took effort to pull them out.
Tell me what is your name? [electricity crackles.]
- [grunts.]
- Your name! [electricity crackles.]
- [grunts.]
- Your name? [electricity crackles.]
[exhales sharply.]
- Your - Chronos.
Release him.
[dramatic music.]
There is much hunting to be done.
Let us begin with Sara Lance and Leonard Snart.
- This is a bad plan.
- It's Gideon's.
You're not helping your argument.
We need to finish putting these on the ships, and get back to the Waverider.
I can't just stand around here and wait to die.
Well, if it's any consolation, you're not alone.
Oh, you're giving up too? Well, let's just review our situation, shall we, Raymond? They're turning Mr.
Rory back into Chronos, I I'm about to have a nuclear meltdown and our captain thinks our future is already written for us.
You know what I think? I think you're both a couple of quitters.
There's no escape from either these cells - or from the future.
- Face the facts, Raymond.
We're completely out of allies.
You're forgetting Sarah and Snart.
As long as they're on the loose, we still have a chance.
Just another moment.
I'm almost through.
Even if this works, we're never gonna be able to fly out off here.
Well, that's the beauty of having a timeship.
We don't have to fly anywhere.
Can you stop doing that? Why did you start wearing that thing, anyways? It's from the first job I ever pulled off with Mick.
A Freeport warehouse.
Oh, you do have a sentimental side.
It's not a keepsake.
It's a reminder.
Of what? That even the best laid plans can go sideways.
Spent a lot of time prepping for that heist.
Casing the target.
Memorizing shift changes and delivery schedules, and then surprise! Turns out they'd upgraded their security system.
We had to bolt.
Three weeks of planning and all I have to show for it Was a lousy pinky ring.
So sad.
Considering I'm about to trade my life for nothing, I think I came out ahead.
The Time Drive is back online.
Strap in.
Sir, the Waverider just time-jumped.
Order all available timeships to pursue.
Sir, the captains aren't prepared for All of them! [dramatic music.]
- Godfrey, what's happening? - I'm sorry, Captain.
Critical systems are being overridden by an external Singing a song Don't mess around, you just got to be strong - Just stop - Godfrey? 'Cause I really love you Stop! I'll be thinking of you - Godfrey, reboot.
- Look in my heart - And let love - Keep us together Whatever Ba-ba-ba-ba-ba, whatever Your friends have time-jumped away.
We've lost them.
And I've lost any reason to keep you alive.
Hold on, let's just talk about this a moment.
Time Master Druce.
Kill them all.
- Starting with him.
- Yes, sir.
But we've calculated when the Waverider is headed.
Past or future? The present.
[dramatic music.]
Somebody order up a rescue? Mr.
Snart, your timing is impeccable.
Or not.
[dramatic music.]
Put the gun down, Mick.
Chronos, fire.
Sure thing.
[laser fire.]
If I recall, I made you a certain promise.
No, I beg of you.
No! [crack.]
Where's everyone else? Uh, Mr.
Snart is helping the Professor get situated in the MedBay.
He's not doing so how without his nuclear super-half.
Get me out of this stupid robot suit.
First get us the hell out of here Gideon? I'm here, Captain, and if I could take a moment to add how wonderful it feels to be back together.
I have missed you too.
Now that we've had our reunion, I should mention we have a slight problem.
Uh, the Time Masters are locking onto us with a tractor beam.
Punch it, Gideon.
Sorry, your job.
Lance, stay right where you are.
You've proven yourself quite adept at piloting this ship.
About the tractor beam Dr.
Palmer is going to help me remotely disable it.
I've already established an uplink to the omnimatrix mainframe, Captain.
The Time Masters are evil, but they're not dumb.
There's no way they're gonna let Gideon override the tractor beam remotely.
Whatever you're gonna do, you better do it now.
- They've locked on.
- Wait.
What if we convince the system that the override command - is coming from somewhere else? - Or someone else.
Someone they trust.
Just need to borrow [grunts.]
Chronos' operating system.
I'm "hotswapping" Mr.
Rory's hard drive as we speak.
Whatever you're doing, do it faster.
And done.
Now, Sara! Well, I suppose it's time to say good-bye.
At least for now.
Oh, one more thing, don't forget to initiate the The quantum attenuator once I lock on to the Vanishing Point.
I suppose it's also time to apologize for being an "insufferable know-it-all"" [chuckles.]
You know, it used to drive me crazy, but I understand it's just your way of trying to look out for me.
Oh, by the way, I'm going to be real pissed about this whole roofie thing, - but I do get over it.
- Roofie thing? - I-I would never dream - Yeah, you do [chuckles.]
But it's okay.
It's actually the best decision I never made.
The future you want to know what happens? No, no, it's it's all right.
I-I know enough.
The young man in front of me is proof that something must have gone right on this adventure.
- So long, Martin.
- So long, Jefferson.
Professor's in the MedBay.
Promises not to blow up while he's on board, which I thought was considerate.
Yeah, the Professor's condition is the least of our worries, I'm afraid.
Yeah, much to my chagrin, it turns out everything we've done, maybe even our whole lives, has been determined by the Time Masters.
- What? - The Time Masters have this thing called the Oculus, which allows them not only to gaze into the future, but to engineer it.
A future where I'm dead, apparently.
And why would they want you dead? Have you ever listened to what comes out of his mouth? Now, in my opinion, Dr.
Palmer's death is not part of their plan.
No, that's not reassuring.
Ow! You saying the Time Masters wanted me to do that? What I'm saying is that they've been engineering our lives to move in very specific directions.
And we are playing out that script even now.
So we can go to 2016, but that might be what the Time Masters want.
Or we can go get Kendra and Carter Which could also be what they want.
Then we need to do what they don't want.
If the Oculus is what they're using to control us, then we need to destroy it.
But how do we do that if the Time Bastards are pulling our strings? Well, Druce told me that the Oculus' ability to control our actions doesn't work in the Vanishing Point, most likely because the Vanishing Point itself exists outside of time.
Explains why we were able to escape.
And why we might actually have a shot at destroying this thing.
- I'm with Ray.
- Ow.
If I'm gonna be someone's puppet, I'm gonna be the one who cuts his own bloody strings.
And I like blowing stuff up.
We set out on this mission to stop Savage and save the world.
To become legends and change our fates.
That mission hasn't changed.
This is madness.
I like it.
Gideon, plot a course to the Oculus Wellspring.
Team I think it's about time we seized our destinies back.
If I'm gonna die, no sense watching my diet.
The Time Masters have been known to make mistakes, you know? But what if those mistakes were all part of their plan? Actually, I gotta stop thinking about it.
The temporal implications are infinite.
That's why I don't think.
- Not bad, right? - Good.
- So how'd you do it? - Do what? How did you not get turned into Chronos? You said the only way you held onto yourself the first time was by focusing on your hate.
What did I focus on this time? The team.
And how much you cared for us? I thought about how royally screwed you'd be without me.
My point being, if I can survive not being turned into Chronos, you can survive anything they throw at you.
I'll keep it in mind.
Well, you better because if you tell the team I actually care, I'll shave your head.
Man, this is good.
Not in the mood.
I was gonna apologize for pulling a gun on you, but apparently I was just following a script.
Doesn't make you any less of a jerk.
So what do we think of Rip's plan? Does it matter? Apparently everything we're going to do has already been predetermined by Rip's former bosses.
It's funny, I've always prided myself on being the guy who doesn't play by the rules.
Come to find out, I'm the one being played.
I don't know.
I still feel responsible for everything I've done.
And it still keeps me up at night.
It's the things I didn't do that keep me up at night.
- What's that? - Oh, I don't know.
Maybe it's being on this ship traveling through time I started to wonder what the future might hold for me and you and me and you.
You want to steal a kiss from me, Leonard? You better be one hell of a thief.
How you feeling, Martin? Well, I'm dying.
I'm also sure that you're dying and so are all the others.
I'm just a little ahead of you.
Normally I'd be quite concerned, but the truth is discovering one's life has already been predetermined is ironically liberating.
I I've already run through everything we know about the Oculus, and with the help of a few "back of the envelope" physics calculations, I'm determined that we have a chance.
Infinitesimal as that may be.
Captain, we've arrived at the Oculus Wellspring on the far side of the Vanishing Point.
[dramatic music.]
Based on Captain Hunter's description, the Oculus is a massive temporal computer, most likely powered by a scaled-down supernova contained at the bottom of the Wellspring.
Why aren't any of you more excited by this? We're excited to blow it up.
Palmer will deactivate the core contained supernova, which should create an anomalistic event.
A very big explosion.
Sounds like a plan.
[suspenseful music.]
Hello again, Rip.
Right on schedule.
[dramatic music.]
Uh, I think we've walked into a trap.
No, it's destiny.
I must say you've all played your parts well.
As with everything else you've done, I'm afraid it was all for nothing.
All your posturing.
All your claims about doing what's best for the timeline, about protecting history, and it all comes down to cold blooded murder.
The difference between murder and execution is only a matter of authority.
I have it.
You don't.
Kill them.
[weapons arming.]
[laser fire.]
[dramatic music.]
Returning the Jumpship to the Waverider.
- Good luck, Mr.
- Hope I'm not too late.
No, Jefferson, you're right on time.
- How did you - What? You thought you were the only one who knew a thing or two about time travel? Good work.
We need to get to the Oculus before reinforcements arrive.
[dramatic music.]
Take about two minutes to figure out how to self-destruct this thing.
We'll buy you some time.
You lot guard the entrance.
Rory, you're with me.
Now if you'd excuse me, I won't be long.
Savage Hath-Set! Please.
Don't do this.
Don't kill Rip's family.
In a cosmic sense, it's already done.
No! Savage! [dramatic music.]
- Hurry up, haircut.
- How much longer? Well, just about to reverse the polarity matrix.
Once I do that, I say we have about two minutes before this whole place goes boom.
How big of a boom? On a scale from one to ten a googolplex.
- What are you doing? - I can't work - with all this gear on.
- You can't.
- A programmer needs his hands.
- Ray - I got this, don't worry.
- No, you don't.
This is what I saw.
This is what Druce showed me.
This is how you die.
It's okay.
All my life I've wanted to make a difference.
Creating a future for you guys without the Time Masters influence, that counts.
[indistinct chatter.]
[laser fire.]
That said, I'm in no rush to die, so keep 'em off me, okay? We got you.
[laser fire.]
Keep firing! [dramatic music.]
[laser firing.]
Ahh! [grunts.]
I'm not doing this 'cause I like you.
- [grunts.]
- Yes, I know.
[laser fire.]
All right.
Almost done.
- Uh-oh.
- both: Uh-oh? There seems to be a failsafe to prevent tampering, which probably includes trying to blow this thing up.
English, haircut.
I have to maintain contact with the failsafe it order to destroy the Oculus.
Not that much English.
Ahh! Get back to the ship.
We are not leaving without you.
You've already seen the future: I'm dead already.
You're right.
- [grunts.]
- [groans.]
- Mick - I got this.
I want revenge on those bastards.
Now get outta here.
[dramatic music.]
Your mother was brave just as your father was foolish.
Which are you? We're leaving.
Where's Raymond and Mick? Ray is in my pocket and Mick has elected to stay.
- Why? - Someone needs to be present to destroy the Oculus.
Mick has elected himself.
No, no, no, no, no, you can't.
There isn't ti We gotta go! - Mick.
- Get outta here.
Not without you, Mick.
Pretty boy said I gotta hold this stick for the ship to blow.
So I'm holding this stick.
Now leave! My old friend, please forgive me.
- For what? - [grunts.]
- Get him outta here.
- No.
Just do it.
[dramatic music.]
[romantic music.]
[dramatic music.]
You take after your mother, huh? Or not.
No, shut it down.
[weapons arming.]
Shut it down! There are no strings on me.
[high-pitched whining.]
[soft music.]
He traded his life for ours.
He was a hero.
Which I'm pretty sure is the last thing he wanted to be remembered as.
But that's what he was.
- Gideon? - Yes, Captain? Would you please review the timeline for me? There is no timeline data due to the destruction of the Oculus.
We're sailing without a map.
Uh, would you please review news accounts from 2166 then.
You know what I need to find out.
I'm sorry, Captain.
News accounts from 2166 confirm that Vandal Savage has already succeeded in murdering Miranda and Jonas.
Get out.
I want to be alone.
Gideon has confirmed that the Oculus has been destroyed.
From here on out, it's tabula rasa.
Pretend for a minute that I don't speak Greek.
From this point forward, our actions are our own.
We have free will.
That supposed to make me feel better? Yes.
It means that Leonard didn't die for nothing.
He planted that on me before it happened.
I'm sorry, Mick.
I killed Declan, Druce is dead.
The Time Masters have nothing now that their ship was completely destroyed.
Yet I still feel a need to kill someone for Snart.
Savage still has Carter and Kendra.
He'll do nicely.
[dramatic music.]
Oh, don't weep for the dead, Chay-Ara.
They're mortal.
They're beneath us.
I want to speak with Time Master Druce.
- Mr.
- I wish to speak with Druce.
Time Master Druce is dead.
We've lost the ability to manipulate time.
And how is that of concern to me? You are beyond our aid, Mr.
We cannot help you any longer.
And what of the threat of the Thanagarians? Without the Oculus, time is unmoored.
Events will no longer unfold as we've foreseen.
Or as we've engineered.
Terminate transmission.
It looks like your friends have cut you loose.
How long do you think you can hold onto power with out the Time Masters backing you? Not long, I'm afraid, but they have provided me with a timeship.
I no longer need to rule the world, Chay-Ara.
I now have the ability to change it.
[dramatic music.]

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