DC's Legends Of Tomorrow (2016) s01e16 Episode Script


1 This season on "Legends of Tomorrow" I've assembled you all because I need your help.
The future of the world is in peril because of Vandal Savage.
You've turned your back on the very institution you were meant to serve.
The Time Masters, they refuse to take action against Savage because he didn't pose a threat to the timeline.
The Oculus not only gives us a window into time, - but the ability to shape it.
- If the Oculus is what they're using to control us, then we need to destroy it.
Shut it down! There are no strings on me.
He traded his life for ours.
He was a hero.
Unfortunately, Vandal Savage has already succeeded in murdering Miranda and Jonas.
Savage still has Carter and Kendra.
This is a timeship.
A little gift from our friends.
I no longer need to rule the world.
I now have the ability to change it.
[electronic booming.]
[engine winding down.]
What are we doing back here? Savage has a timeship, courtesy of the Time Masters.
The timeline is unclear, due to our destruction of the Oculus, meaning Savage is lost to history.
Which is why I brought you all home.
- Mission's not over, man.
- Jax is right.
We've lost Savage before.
We'll find him again.
And then what? We have no way of killing Savage, particularly now that Kendra and Carter are in his possession, assuming that they're still alive, - which is highly unlikely.
- So that's it? - We're we're just giving up? - I'm on my way to the refuge to retrieve our younger selves and return them to the timeline.
It will be as if you never left.
What, you think that we can just return to our old lives, and then pretend like none of this ever happened? Mm, that might be a tad difficult.
So I had to bring you back to May 2016, not January 2016.
Great, so what you're saying is for the last five months, my mom probably thinks that I'm dead.
- Thanks a lot, man.
- Okay, wait, why? Why the change of plans, Rip? If you're getting back on that ship, we get back on that ship.
[digital transmission glitching.]
In truth, I never left it.
[ship takes off.]
I'm sorry for all that I've asked of you, and that it all came to nothing.
I wish you all well.
[ship ascends, engine roars.]
I never liked that guy.
[exciting music.]
Hello? Hello? Dad.
- Hi, Daddy.
- Baby.
- When'd you get back? - I just got back.
I tried calling, but nobody was answering.
I was at Laurel's, but she wasn't there.
Where is everyone? [deep breath.]
This, uh, Damien Darhk, - he's causing problems.
- Well, good to know nothing's changed in five months.
Dad? What's wrong? Is everything okay? No, baby.
You're starting to scare me.
Damien Darhk was in prison, and he escaped, and everyone tried to stop him.
But your sister, honey, she, um No, Dad.
- I'm sorry, baby.
- No, Dad.
I got you.
[siren wailing.]
[alarm blaring.]
[blasting, grunting.]
You idiot.
We're in the clear.
He was going after us.
On foot.
You shot him, - and wasted ammo.
- Cops are coming.
You want to yell at me some more, or should we both get out of here? Neither.
[flamethrower fires.]
Hey, Mick.
Oh, it it's me.
[clears throat.]
It's Ray.
I-I thought we should talk.
[tires screech.]
Well you didn't waste any time getting back to your old habits.
I like stealing stuff.
It makes me feel good.
Did you ever think that maybe you weren't meant to do this anymore? What do you want, haircut? To apologize, sort of.
For Snart.
I was the one who was supposed to die, - and I can't help feeling that - It wasn't your fault.
It was his.
Son of a bitch never did anything without a plan.
Maybe you're right.
Maybe he wanted this.
What are you doing with your hand? Maybe he wanted us to, you know, be partners.
Think I'm going to be sick.
I think Snart knew.
He knew that I'd keep an eye out for you, and you'd keep an eye out for me.
While doing what? What we haven't finished doing.
What was H.
Wells' childhood nickname? - Bertie.
- [sighs.]
You've gotten every answer correct tonight.
Since when did you become such a history buff? I guess I developed a passion for it recently.
During your sabbatical? You hardly ever talk about it.
Martin? I know, I'm sorry.
My sabbatical was, um I left some very important work unfinished.
Ship's not going to be here, Gray.
We saw it take off, remember? Yes, and in doing so, it would have left Quantum signature.
That's what I've been trying to tell Mick.
- Radio beacon.
- Quantum entangler.
When do we get in contact with Hunter? Ms.
Lance, are you all right? How do we get the Waverider back here? - Hi, Daddy, we miss you.
- And love you.
- And love you.
- Captain, I'm sorry to interrupt.
Tell me you've located Savage.
No, but we have received a transmission from 2016 Star City.
I don't understand.
This should have worked.
Did you account for subspace interference? It's the first thing I thought of.
Did you adjust for temporal polarity? Oh, Raymond, you insult me.
Can you reach the Waverider or not? both: We're working on it.
Actually, guys, I think it just worked.
[engine roaring.]
I thought I made my intentions perfectly clear.
And we wish to be equally clear about ours.
- Do you mind? - Just checking to see if you're real this time.
You're not ditching us again.
When the mission's over, then we can all go - our separate ways.
- And this mission is not over.
Yeah, just curious how much headway you've had tracking Savage without all of us.
But neither have I got myself into bar fights in 1975 and the Old West, put dwarf star technology into the hands of terrorists, or got myself turned into a scary bird monster.
We get your point.
Now get ours.
That ship's not taking off without us.
You got that? [exhales.]
[distant shouting.]
- Halt! - Oh, please don't shoot! - Don't shoot.
- What the hell are you doing - out here, lady? - I was being held captive.
By Nazis? No, worse.
- Your helmet.
- What about it? I've seen it before.
Paper, do you have paper? Something to write with.
Lady, I think you're in shock.
Please! Yeah.
[tense music.]
So if it wasn't Nazis, who were you running from? I need your helmet.
Now! [whooshing.]
- [gasps.]
- [screams.]
[both grunting.]
I'm sorry, my love, but this game is not over yet.
Despite my wishes to pursue Savage alone, it seems that you're all intent on seeing this thing through till the bitter Oh! Speaking of bitter.
You knew.
You dropped us off five months later - because you knew.
- Knew what? You knew that Laurel was going to die, and now you're going to take me back, and I'm going to save my sister.
- I'm afraid that that - You should be afraid.
[tense music.]
I can't allow you I don't care about the timeline.
You're taking me back now.
Look, Sara, I'm sure there's a valid reason why Rip didn't Stay out of this! [electronic blast.]
What the hell, Rip? Mr.
Rory, take Ms.
Lance to sleep it off.
Not to dismiss what just happened, but we do have to find Savage, assuming that Kendra and Carter are still on his timeship.
- He could - Be anywhere in time and space.
Oh, well that narrows it down a lot.
Was this always over here? No, it lives over - Did you put it there? - Nah, man.
- Did you? - Dude, it's just a helmet.
- Chronometric repositioning.
- What? Temporal changes can, on occasion, reverberate through the timeline, physically moving an object from one place to another.
- Gideon? - Yes, Captain.
Plot a course for Saint-Lô, France, 1944.
Why then? Because that's where Kendra is.
How is that possible? She sent us a message through time.
Go ahead, say it.
I brought you some company.
Oh, he might be a little disoriented, after the way he came out of stasis.
- I know you.
- Oh, you remember her? Well, his mind isn't fully gone.
Hey! Stay away from him! I'm going to kill you.
You've had 4,000 years to do so, with no success.
What are you doing? Your blood is the key to unlocking the Thanagarian technology.
- Thanagarian? - The alien species which gave the three of us our powers.
They sent three meteorites containing technology beyond human understanding.
When they are activated by your blood, I will be able to erase time itself, and travel us back to 1700 B.
- No.
No! - I will begin my immortal life anew, only this time I won't be content to whisper in the ears of powerful men.
This time I will be the one with the power.
I will be a god.
[dramatic music.]
[electronic keypad beeping.]
Please try very hard not to kill me.
Please take me back.
I need your help.
I need to save my sister.
And you know that I would do this for you, Sara, but I just can't.
I've not asked you for anything.
And you of all people should understand.
You have tried everything.
We we have tried everything - to save your family.
- And I would not wish the pain of that failure upon anyone.
I would rather live with that pain than this.
And that's just the thing, Sara.
Look, if you were able to try to save Laurel, then you wouldn't be alive at all.
Then fine.
I don't care.
When we left, when I recruited you, we we we altered the timeline.
Now had it remained the same, then Damien Darhk would have [deep breath.]
He would have killed not only you and and your sister, but your father as well.
But, Rip, if if we go back, and we take the team The outcome would be exactly the same.
You don't know that.
- I'm afraid that I do.
- No.
I There's got to be a way.
Rip, I have to be able to do something.
I'm so sorry.
[solemn music.]
Look, I can't.
Can't do this without my sister.
- I can't.
- Yes, you can.
You are one of the strongest people I have ever met, Sara.
Laurel Laurel may be beyond your saving, but Kendra and Carter, they might not be.
Captain, we are prepared to make the time jump to 1944.
We're on our way, Gideon.
[exciting music.]
We've arrived in Saint-Lô.
No sign of Kendra yet, but I have located Vandal Savage, and he does not seem to be alone.
[speaking German.]
[gunfire, blades slicing.]
- [flamethrower fires.]
- Aah! - [projectile blast.]
- Get them! Aah! Keep Savage and our Nazi friends occupied.
Gideon has detected a temporal signature consistent with a timeship.
If Kendra and Carter are alive, that is where they're going to be.
Yeah, I see it.
[all grunting.]
- Jax.
- You miss me? [both grunting.]
Is he still nuts? No, he's okay.
Take this to the ship.
[explosions and screaming.]
What the hell was that? You transmuted the molecular properties of the rifle.
What does that even mean? Okay, let's get out of here.
[lasers firing.]
Kendra's down.
Rip, we're kind of outnumbered here.
Fall back.
Staying here to fight Nazis is exacerbating the damage that we have already done to the timeline.
- But Kendra - Is alive, thankfully, and we will rescue her in due course.
I hope.
- So this is a spaceship? - It's a timeship, but yes, it does also travel through space.
You you've seen it before, Mr.
That used to be my name.
Carter Hall.
There really is rather a lot to fill you in on, and we really do not have the time.
- What about - Kendra, yes, we need your assistance in locating her and Savage.
Perhaps we can start with what Savage was doing in 1944.
He said something about, um Thanagarian technology.
- Thanagarian - The Thanagarians were race of extraterrestrials.
He also said that this technology was actually three meteors.
Captain, I have surveillance footage which might be relevant.
Thank you, Gideon.
I've seen that rock before.
Savage had one of those in 1958.
He took our blood.
He said he would use it in a ritual to erase time, take the blood back to 1700 B.
[suspenseful music.]
- What are you doing? - Come on, man.
We got to try it again.
That thing that we did in World War II.
- It's called transmutation.
- Yeah.
It's a similar process by which our uniform materializes when we merge, but at the moment, we need to focus on figuring out what Savage is planning.
Come on, just the once.
Is that Raymond and Kendra's lucky vase? I don't know, I just found this junk lying around.
Oh, come on.
Don't you think that turning something into something else might come in handy? [sighs.]
All right, one time only.
Okay, just the once.
All right.
You need to focus, Jefferson.
Why do you always say it like I'm not focusing? Just do what you did before.
Ah, before we had a Nazi trying to kill us.
This is just a vase.
[huffs, sighs.]
Come on.
[both sigh.]
I never thought I'd utter these words, but I think we need a Nazi.
- Not funny.
- Look, the reason I keep telling you to focus is because transmutation is a literal function of mind over matter.
Dude, this sucks.
Why do I always got to - be in the driver's seat? - Oh, don't despair, Jefferson.
This is only our second attempt at transmutation, and, you know, they always say, "The third time's a charm.
" What? Third time.
Three rituals.
I-I think I know what Savage is planning to do.
[laughs softly.]
I figured out how Savage plans to erase time.
I believe he intends to detonate each of these meteors in a different time period.
How can you destroy the world three times in three different times? You can't, it would create a temporal paradox.
Which would result in a timequake that would return the Earth to the point of the first chronothermic reaction, - Ancient Egypt.
- Okay, it's official.
This is the craziest bad guy plan in the history of bad guy plans.
I don't think that sanity is a yardstick by which Vandal Savage can be measured.
Okay, so which time periods are we talking here? You said Savage was in possession of one of these meteorites in 1958.
That was a year of a rare alignment, with the Earth and Thanagar.
Evidently he got hold of a second meteorite in 1944.
Which would be useless to him in a year where Earth and Thanagar weren't in alignment.
Now, if my math is correct, and trust me, it is, the next two years that Earth and Thanagar are in sync are 1975 and 2021.
But Savage still has to do this in three different time periods.
That's the beauty of immortality, Jefferson: he can.
He can literally be in three places at once.
[dark music.]
[engine stops.]
- Can't be.
- Can.
Thanks to time travel, and it's because of time travel that I know you're here.
You're out here tonight, because you have felt an immanent presence of something.
- A a meteorite? - And I'm going to give you a use for it which will give us the power to rewrite destiny itself.
Change the course of the entire world.
So if Savage plans on blowing up the world three times, - how do we stop him? - We don't.
- We kill him.
- How? We've always known that only you or Kendra could kill Savage using items exposed, as you were, to the meteor's radiation.
Now, the radiation works both ways.
It gave Savage his immortality, but It also makes him vulnerable.
And Savage is about to unleash the radiation from three meteorites in three different time periods.
- Triple the exposure.
- Yes.
Which should be sufficient to render Savage mortal.
And then all we got to do is kill Savage three times.
Gideon can navigate the Waverider, and we can split into teams of two.
One in 1958, one in 1975, and one in 2021.
Open it.
Did you know that this is one of the original meteorites which fell upon the Middle Kingdom? Drawn from the ground after a millennia, straight into Nazi hands.
The object that has bound the two of us together for 4,000 years has the power to take us back to where it all began.
But this time, I will be the pharaoh, - and you - Will hate you, - like I've always hated you.
- [laughs.]
[tense music.]
Patience, Mr.
All our teams need to act simultaneously.
I think that's a comet or something.
It's a meteorite, in point of fact.
I was drawn to it as well.
- When can I kill him? - We have to wait - for the meteor to go critical.
- When's that? When he starts the ritual in all three time periods.
- [metal clanging.]
- [grunts.]
Um, we got a nuclear bomb, here.
Professor, Jax, we need you.
[dramatic music.]
Oh, man, I forgot how much of a badass I was.
- [laughs.]
- Look.
What do you mean you don't have the money? I was going to sell a nuclear warhead and pay you out of the profit.
- Things changed.
- You expect me to just hand the meteor over for free? [explosion.]
No, I expected to take it from you by force.
[speaking foreign language.]
Well I think that's our cue.
Really? These guys again? Now.
[laser blasts, explosion.]
Keep them occupied.
You ready to show these fools what's really good? You have no idea.
Glad we're past the point of worrying about the timeline.
[both grunting.]
[laser blast.]
Carter! Aah! [yells.]
[sighs, grunts.]
[metal clanking.]
Oh, you're too late.
Time Master's never late.
[both grunting.]
[both grunting.]
Rip! - [laser blast.]
- Aah! [laser blasts, explosions.]
[all grunting.]
[all grunting.]
[both grunting.]
[all grunting.]
[all grunting.]
You can't kill me.
I'm immortal.
Guess you haven't heard the news.
Good-bye, my love.
Aah! [cracking.]
Aah! Oh! Ah, you can feel it, can't you? Things are different this time.
- You're mortal.
- But yet, my death does not save the lives of your family.
I may die, but you'll live knowing that you failed to save the lives of Aah! [electricity sparking.]
Never speak their names again.
[electricity zapping.]
[somber music.]
[meteorite whirring.]
Do something, RoboCop.
I'm on it.
Got a little trick I've been working on.
[electronic charging.]
It's up to you now, Jefferson.
Gray, listen.
If we're going to do this, we got to do it together.
It's going to take the two of us, all right? - You're right.
- Okay.
[dramatic music.]
Come on, Gray! [struggles, grunts.]
Oh, man.
You got my boots wet.
Jefferson, you did it! We did it, man.
Gideon, take us back to Rip.
[engine roars.]
Damn it! I wanted to be the one to kill him.
Again, I mean.
[meteorite whirring.]
Um I don't think our problems are over yet.
[meteorite smoldering.]
I'm on it.
On what? It's not working.
The radiation buildup is too progressive.
I got this.
[electronic charging, laser beam blasting.]
I don't understand.
I must be all out of power.
What happens if only one of these goes off? Uh time will remain intact.
The world? Not so much.
Okay, guys, let's fly this thing out of here.
To where? We would never get it far enough away.
Maybe the Waverider can.
Rip, we need Rip? Rip! What are you doing? I'm flying the Waverider into the sun, - with the meteor on board.
- And you on it.
I guess this is good-bye.
[solemn music.]
It's been a pleasure, Captain.
Likewise, Dr.
But you brought us all into this, man.
Which is why I'm doing this alone, Mr.
I'll have no one else die for my choices.
This isn't going to bring Snart back.
I don't want to lose another friend.
I appreciate that, Mr.
[electricity sparking.]
I must say, it's been an honor to serve as your cap [radio static.]
[metal crashing, steam hissing.]
Daddy? [melancholy music.]
[heart beating.]
[heartbeat continues.]
[joyous music.]
[rumbling, explosions.]
I Where I'm still here, Captain.
I know you are, Gideon.
May I share something with you? I'm not ready to die.
Me neither.
Which reminds me Is our solar ray still functional? In fact, it's operating at an efficiency rate of 12,000%.
Transfer all available power to the time drive.
Get ready to eject the meteor, and pray that we have enough power for one last jump.
[dramatic music.]
What happens if only one of these goes off? Our time will remain intact.
The world, not so much.
Okay, guys, let's fly this thing out of here.
To where? We'd never get it - far enough away.
- Maybe the Waverider can.
Rip, we need where's Rip? And the meteorite? [electronic booming, engine roaring.]
Will somebody please tell me what just happened? Rip? Sorry if I gave you all a fright.
What happened to the meteor? Uh, I flew it into the heart of the sun.
Well, I angled the ship to eject the meteorite before impact, and then, uh time jumped away.
- You could have been killed.
- Should have been.
- You're a moron.
- [laughs.]
Now, who fancies a return trip to 2016? - I can't believe it's over.
- Well, for some of you, yes.
My journey, it seems, is only just beginning.
How does that work? Savage is three times dead.
The Time Masters are no longer of growing concern, due to our destruction of the Oculus.
Someone needs to be responsible for protecting the timeline.
Who better than a former Time Master? And any of you who'd like to join me.
[somber music.]
I should stay and help you with Darhk.
And get justice for Laurel.
That's happening, honey, with or with out you.
I promise.
Uh, listen, I-I can't pretend to understand this time travel thing, but it sounds important.
So is family.
I wasn't going to go the first time.
Then Laurel convinced me.
And now I'm going to do this for her.
Well, she'd be proud of you.
How do you know? 'Cause I am.
What German lone word literally means - "the desire to hike"? - Wanderlust.
A word which could also be used to describe that look in your eye.
- What look in my eye? - Martin, we've been married for 28 years, and you're still - a lousy liar.
- [chuckles.]
Now about this new sabbatical.
I decided to decline the invitation.
But I think you should.
I-I think I think it's important Clarissa, I'm not leaving you.
That's final.
[door opens.]
- Hey, Gray.
- What are you I'm so glad that you could make it, Jax.
What are you up to? Well, we had a nice, long talk - this afternoon, didn't we? - Yeah.
Oh, my God, this is an intervention! Yeah, you could kind of call it that.
Listen, Gray, you're meant for more than sitting around answering trivia questions about history.
Me, you, Firestorm.
We're made for changing history.
- This is my life.
- And your life will be waiting for you when you get back.
You really want me to do this? I could never forgive myself if I kept you from it, my husband the superhero.
[rock music.]
Why are you looking at me like that? Wasn't sure you'd make it.
You left me a message, I came.
What of it? I just wanted to talk.
You and I, we've done a lot of thieving, a lot of cool stuff, a lot of fun.
[clears throat.]
Anyway, I, uh I just wanted to make sure I said something important that wasn't left unsaid.
Mick, I don't do touchy-feely.
If you got something to say, say it.
This wasn't a good idea.
[poignant music.]
You're the best guy I ever knew.
You may not think you're a hero, but you're a hero to me.
You got that? Yeah, I got it.
See you around.
You okay? Fine.
- So did you tell him? - That he killed himself to save our destinies? If it's any consolation, I can always bring you back to this particular time and place.
I'm fine.
Just let it be.
[exciting music.]
A full compliment.
To be honest, I had my doubts that all of you would be willing to throw in with me for a second go.
- Well, actually - We're not coming with you.
With Savage gone, we want to start fresh, see what happens.
I give it three months, tops.
Look, I just I want to say thank you.
To all of you.
- Ray, I - No.
This is it's meant to be.
I wish both of you nothing but the best.
Be safe.
See you guys around.
Every time they do that, I get hungry for chicken.
So, shall we? [booming, engine roaring.]
- Is that - The Waverider.
Another Waverider? Whatever it is, it's not slowing down.
Get down! [crashing.]
What the hell's going on? To be honest, Mr.
Jackson, I have absolutely no idea.
Is this 2016? Is this May, 2016? Yeah.
You're exactly where you said you'd be.
Do not get on that ship.
If you do, you're all dead.
Says who? Says you, Mr.
You sent me.
I'm sorry.
Who exactly are you? My name is Rex Tyler.
I'm a member of the Justice Society of America.

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