DC's Legends Of Tomorrow (2016) s02e05 Episode Script


1 Time travel is real, and all of history is vulnerable to attack which is why we must travel through time to stop the spread of these so-called time aberrations and to erase their damage to history.
We are a team of outcasts and misfits, so please don't call us heroes.
We're something else, we're legends.
Previously, on “Legends of Tomorrow” I'd forgotten how handsome I was.
- Hi, I'm Marty.
- Have a wonderful life, Martin.
This belonged to the greatest outsider I ever knew.
I'm looking for a partner.
- Hello, Rex.
- [screams.]
With his last words, he told me his killer was a time traveler.
Damien Darhk murdered my sister.
If I take him out here You save her.
We gotta let him go.
[intense music.]
So it's all here, then? Every sweet-smelling speck of it.
As for my compensation? Strange form of payment.
[dramatic music.]
Why this and not cash? Everyone has a hobby.
Some men collect stamps.
I collect relics.
This "thing" is called a fasces, a ceremonial axe carried by the bodyguard of Emperor Nero from which a term "fascism" derived.
No? A form of rule, which, in my opinion, is getting a bit of a bad rap lately.
DEA! Get your hands in the air, now! [electric crackling.]
You know, I had this under control.
My way's faster.
Speed isn't everything, Mr.
You should've learned that lesson by now.
What's it been 45 years since you hired me to nuke New York? Well, 45 years for you, maybe, but for me? Huh.
Good seeing you again, old friend.
Old? That's fair.
Friend? Now that's something that has to be earned.
Lovely piece.
What is this? First century AD, if I'm not mistaken? What is it that you want? A partner.
Pass I prefer to work alone.
Oh, yeah, gathering your hive of followers, building your empire, designing your ark.
Yeah, I know what you're planning.
And how it works out.
You want to reshape the world? Try reshaping history.
Try rewriting destiny Try putting our partnership into concrete terms, as in, what's in it for me? Well, perhaps content collecting symbols of power, but I can give you actual power.
We have the tools to make a difference.
We can make history better.
Even if we act with the best of intentions, these changes can ripple throughout time A temporal domino effect with disastrous consequences.
So we start small.
Make changes we can control.
What you're talking about can't be done.
It's it's like playing God, and it goes against everything we're trying to do.
I thought we were trying to help people.
We're helping by fixing aberrations, not creating them.
You're not thinking fourth dimensionally.
Did you really just use Doc Brown on me? Who the hell is that? Sarah, come on, you can't be Switzerland on this one.
In my heart, I agree with you but that's not what Rip entrusted us to do.
Our job is to protect history.
You mean clean it up after somebody else makes a mess of it.
Time janitors That's all we are.
[electric crackling.]
Easy, point and shoot.
You're up.
All right, point and shoot.
[electronic whirring.]
[glass shattering.]
- [sighs.]
- You killed my beers.
Come on, the trigger's really sensitive, and these goggles make everything look blue.
You know, it'd be really easy for me to improve this whole setup by just iterating the power source.
There's nothing wrong with the gun.
You've just gotta be cool.
Like Snart.
Yeah, I can be cool.
- What are you doing? - Trying to be cool.
Maybe this was a bad idea.
You know, this may shock you, but I was considered extremely cool when I left my cushy six-figure Silicon Valley job and started my own tech company.
Ladies were lining up.
Listen, Haircut, if you want to fit into Snart's shoes, you gotta find the pain, the darkness, the anger.
You got it in you? Call me Haircut again and I'll ice you.
Not bad.
Hey, what are you doing? A little side project I've been working on with Ray and the professor.
It said that temporal aberrations cause these things called timequakes.
So I started thinking, if there was a way of locating their epicenters, maybe we'll be able to fix the aberrations before they happen.
- Like a time seismograph.
- That's an awesome name, and I'm totally gonna steal that.
If the JSA could get even a glimpse of all this, - they would - They'd what? Never mind.
Hey, wait.
We've barely had half a conversation since you came on board, and you were friends with my grandfather.
Talk to me.
What was he like as a person? Your grandfather was a great man.
That's it? He's a great man? Is it because your missions were classified, or is it because you really didn't know him - well as a person? - It's because the JSA didn't encourage its members to fraternize.
Something you and your team should consider.
It worked? Oh, it worked all right.
Where's it coming from? Washington D.
, December 7, 1987.
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
- So? - Dude, that's the White House.
So what? December 7th was the day before Reagan and Gorbachev signed the INF Treaty, reducing both countries' nuclear arsenals and paving the way for the end - of the Cold War.
- How do you know all that? Because I was in the capital for that very summit.
The Reagan Administration would call upon the top nuclear physicists to act as technical advisors.
You think someone might have traveled back in time to stop the treaty from being signed? That, or worse.
Think about it, Reagan and Gorbachev under the same roof at one of the most volatile moments in history? The JSA has a training academy in D.
I could reach out to the current membership, see if they have any intel or resources we could use.
Good idea, but you shouldn't go alone.
1987 is a long way from 1942, and it's dangerous to know too much about the future.
- I can handle myself.
- I'll go with her.
Great, you two reach out to the JSA while the rest of us break into the most secure residence in the country.
And how exactly do we do that? Welcome to the White House.
This is Cross Hall, a magnificent space that connects the State Dining Room with the East Room.
All right, fan out, stay on the coms, and report if anything seems out of place.
[dramatic music.]
Women actually wore these things in the '80s? Shoulder pads? Yeah, they were supposed to make women more imposing, more, I don't know - Manly? - Yeah.
I'd hoped that by this decade, women wouldn't need to use clothing to compensate for their status.
Surely by now men and women are considered equals.
Never lose that optimism.
This is it.
This is the JSA Academy? Inside a crummy warehouse? The JSA Academy is hidden inside a crummy warehouse.
Prepare to see the most elite training facility in all of history.
[patriotic music.]
Maybe "elite" means something different in 1987.
[somber music.]
When I was recruited, this is where I was brought to train.
What happened to the JSA? No clue but a lot can change in 45 years.
I thought you said you were a historian.
How can you not know? Hey, every memo, every executive action relating to the JSA is top secret.
I only pieced together their World War II activities from my father's bedtime stories, witness testimonies, and government leaks.
I never should have left 1942.
Look, Amaya, whatever happened to them, that's That's not your fault.
You don't know that.
Like you said, you don't know what happened to them.
1987 the halcyon days of Whitney Houston and "Star Trek: The Next Generation.
" I can remember this year as if it were yesterday.
Well, it looks like there's something you forgot about.
Stein, so nice to meet you.
Uh-oh That's me.
Go, go.
I thought you said you were stuck in meetings - on the Hill all day.
- I was.
I never stepped foot inside the White House.
The aberration must've caused infinitesimal ripples that affected the movements of my younger self.
The temporal domino effect This is why we should never interfere with history.
Well, we'll agree to disagree.
But one thing's for sure, we cannot let him see you.
Indeed, the last time he and I interacted nearly erased our marriage from existence.
Those are jelly beans.
I can see that.
President Reagan's jelly beans.
So what? Eat 'em.
What? I'm pretty sure that's against the rules.
We don't follow rules, remember? Oh, right.
[mysterious music.]
Reagan wasn't even one of my top three favorite presidents.
- Want some? - Yeah.
Oh, it'll take some massaging, but I believe we can get the Soviets to agree to eliminating all nuclear ground-launched, ballistic, and cruise missiles.
I'll even make them believe it was their idea.
I don't know what we'd do without you, Mr.
Oh, you'd manage, but winning is always better.
[dramatic music.]
I think we found our aberration.
Our next stop is the Damien Darhk is here.
Sara, don't do anything rash.
Sara? Sara, are you lis Here's another diplomatic cable from 1956 fromfrhe British ambassador warning the JSA about Soviet spies in their midst.
I thought fighting Hitler would unite the U.
and the Soviet Union.
Oh, we have so much Cold War history to catch you up on.
[metallic crashes.]
Okay, what's this? [intense music.]
[bird shrieks.]
Aah! Todd? Why? Why did you abandon us? [grunts.]
Who is that? It's Obsidian.
From the JSA? Ohh.
- Soviets to agree to - [inaudible speech.]
[dramatic music.]
Ma'am, I'm gonna need you to drop the weapon.
Drop the knife and place your hands behind your head.
We've got a situation in the East Wing.
I know you want vengeance for Laura, but it's not that simple.
Get out of the way.
- Don't move! - Stay where you are! - Damn it.
- We gonna fight or leave? Fight.
[lasers blasting.]
All right, get out of here.
I got this.
No, you go.
I got this.
I said go! [lasers blasting.]
What did I say about crossing streams? You said we don't follow the rules.
That's the one rule One rule we follow! [grunts.]
Go! [grunts.]
[glass shattering.]
[electric crackling.]
[intense music.]
[upbeat music.]
We interrupt this broadcast with breaking news: Chaos in the capital.
Just a day before President Reagan is set to welcome General Secretary Gorbachev to the White House to sign the INF Treaty, a White House tour ends in violence and what witnesses describe as "a rocket man.
" Was this an act of terrorism Please, turn it off, Gideon.
I can't bear it.
So your thirst for vengeance nearly landed the entire team in prison.
I guess it's only okay to change history if it's with your personal vendetta.
Wasn't all Blondie's fault.
Haircut screwed up as well.
Wha If you would just let me tinker with the cold gun, I told you I could figure out the whole crossing the streams problem.
There's nothing wrong with the cold gun.
It's you, you goof.
The bigger question is: Why did Damien Darhk become an advisor to Reagan's White House on the eve of a nuclear treaty with the USSR? If his involvement with the Nazis in 1942 is any indication, he's working with our time traveling nemesis.
It's the same person who killed Hourman.
Amaya needs to hear about this.
So she can also lose focus, risking everything in a selfish pursuit of revenge? Do you have something you'd like to say to me, Martin? Yes, that killing Damien Darhk almost 30 years before his actual death will have countless unforeseeable effects on the history that we are charged with protecting.
Well, what about protecting my sister? She brought me back from the dead.
She risked everything for me.
How could I not do the same for her? Because you answer to a higher calling, Sara.
I'm sorry, but we cannot stray from our guiding principle.
Well, I'm sorry, too.
It sounds like you've never really cared about anyone.
Do you think I killed him? I hope I didn't kill him.
He's gotta be in his late 70s at leasle Maybe he couldn't take the hit.
Oh, my God, I just killed a member of the Justice Society.
Why are you whispering? In case he's not dead, he could probably use the nap.
- I'm not an invalid - [sighs.]
Just old.
And you, you haven't aged a day.
It's one of the few benefits of time travel.
So you left us to join the loveable losers.
I was trying to find Rex's killer.
And you never thought to tell me? I found Rex dying.
His last words were "time traveler.
" I didn't think.
I just acted.
What happened to them, Todd? After the war, our friendship with the Soviet Union ended, and we continued fighting as what was known as the "Iron Curtain" descended over central and eastern Europe.
Does "we" include my grandfather? Right to the end.
In 1956, President Eisenhower sent a team on a mission to Leipzig.
They never made it back.
Why didn't you go? '56 was a charged time.
They were concerned that I couldn't be trusted.
- Why not? - Leave it be, Nathaniel.
Nate, Amaya, report back to the Waverider.
I promise you, Todd, I will fix this.
What's done is done, Amaya.
Not when you have a time machine.
I'm sorry for leaving, Todd.
I truly am.
Rex's killer is here? In 1987? Potentially, if Damien Darhk is still working with him.
No way, Damien Darhk joined the Reagan Administration as an advisor at the Reykjavík Summit? And after the collapse of the summit, Darhk was credited with reviving the disarmament talks? Darhk prefers stockpiling nukes, not getting rid of them.
The nuclear treaty must be a cover.
For what purpose? That's what we need to find out.
Gideon, where is Damien Darhk now? I'm accessing the calendar on his secretary's IBM personal computer.
Darhk has a meeting in Georgetown Park at 8:00 p.
Late night meeting in the park, that's not suspicious.
Ray, take Mick.
Find out who Darhk is meeting with and why.
Wait, just us? [sighs.]
Look, it's not a good idea for me to be anywhere near Damien Darhk right now.
I I agree.
Okay, we're a go on audio.
Cutting it close, haircut.
That's Snart's jacket.
I thought it would help me get into character.
- I'm Colonel Cold.
- The hell you are.
You're not gonna give yourself a promotion.
What are you doing? Well, we're on a stake-out.
Brought snacks.
Apple slice? Guess you're still upset about the White House.
Look, I can be more careful.
I can be more meticulous, more like Snart.
I don't want you to be like Snart.
What? You gave me his gun.
You told me I had to try to fill his shoes.
I was wrong.
You keep reminding me of my my dead friend.
It's bringing up It's bringing up f - Feelings? - Yes.
So just stop and be you.
Well, that's a little difficult, considering I lost my suit, my company, my powers.
Is this what an existential crisis feels like? Shut up.
Just shut up.
Oh, I, I just died in your arms tonight I hate the '80s! [smash.]
Is there any sign of who Darhk's meeting with? Not yet! Clandestine meeting in a D.
It feels like the beginning of a John le Carré spy novel.
I'm more of an Ian Fleming guy.
Mm, more explosions, less clothing.
What if Darhk is meeting with Rex's killer? Then we don't let either of them leave.
We've got movement.
A man just entered the park.
Ray, we need audio.
Yep, way ahead of you, Cap.
Thankfully, there was a Tech Village nearby.
You wouldn't believe what you can hack together with a few household items.
Dobriy Vecher, Mr.
Sounds like he's meeting with a member of the Soviet delegation, not Rex's killer.
The package is procured.
Excellent news, Boris.
That is your name, isn't it? Boris? Or is it Igor? I find it's always one or the other with you KGB agents.
Anywho, once the treaty is signed, during the State Dinner, you'll deliver the package.
And you will uphold your half of the bargain? As agreed.
But first, a toast.
To peace between our two nations.
Darhk was never interested in the nuclear treaty.
He's working a side deal with the KGB.
Mayday! My My name is Martin Stein.
You must have heard of me.
You may have heard of me.
Marty, younger you just entered the park.
What? But that that's impossible.
Today is December 7th, Clarissa's birthday.
I distinctly remember we had a dinner reservation for this evening which took me months to procure.
Well, you must have blown her off.
- This ought to be good.
- Should we stop him? Stop what? What am I doing? Mr.
Darhk, uh, allow me to introduce myself.
My name is Martin Stein.
You may have heard of me.
I'm on the negotiating team and was recently nominated for my sixth Carlin Award in physics.
Thank you.
Did you follow me here? I did.
You see, I'm I'm working on a a transmutation project that is vital to national security.
I was hoping you might pass the proposal on to the President.
Excuse me, I can't help but notice you're wearing a Komandirskie watch, typically supplied to the Soviet Ministry of Defense.
Meeting with a Soviet outside of the official negotiation schedule? That is highly irregular.
[speaking Russian.]
Ray, Mick, get in there, now.
Clearly, uh, there's been some kind of misunderstanding.
I'll just leave and pretend these last five minutes didn't happen.
Unfortunately, my imagination isn't quite that vivid.
- [grunts.]
- [gasps.]
- Gray! - Martin! [grunts.]
Ray, what happened? Darhk just stabbed Marty's younger self.
Where's Darhk? We lost him.
It's gonna be okay.
I'm gonna get you back.
- Where is he? - He's on his way now.
Don't worry, you're gonna be fine.
You again? I mean, me again.
Guess you figured it out.
How did this happen? I'm too young to die.
Too brilliant to die.
Will one of you please shut me up? - Gladly.
- Gideon? I'm cauterizing the younger Martin's wound.
I'm afraid it will leave both patients with a rather nasty scar.
You should've let me punch him.
This is about time travel, isn't it? That's why Special Advisor Darhk stabbed me.
He wouldn't have stabbed you if you had been having dinner with Clarissa at L'Auberge as previously planned.
Good God, Clarissa.
She's waiting for me at the hotel.
How could you have left her alone on her birthday? She ordered room service.
You are a careless, self-centered idiot.
Gray, Gray, look, I'll go to the hotel, and I'll tell Clarissa that her husband's working late.
Okay? Just relax.
Oh, oh, Martin, what on Earth were you thinking? Hubba-hubba, who's that? Professor Stein's wife.
Jax is at her hotel explaining why she has to spend her birthday alone.
Wait a minute, if he used everyone's favorite talking computer to find her Gideon, do you have the location on Damien Darhk? Unfortunately, I have no intel on his current whereabouts.
But we know where he's gonna be.
His little side deal with the Soviets is going down at the State Dinner tomorrow night.
Which is probably the most heavily guarded dinner in history.
I think we know someone who may be able to help.
Is that so? One of Amaya's old JSA buddies, and, by old, I mean old.
He may still have some government contacts - we can exploit.
- Absolutely not.
Whatever Darhk is planning to exchange with the Soviets, it can't be good.
Well, I'll contact the FBI.
You don't have to worry about it.
Except we do.
Darhk's working with a time traveler.
That's way out of the Bureau's league.
I believe this time traveler killed Rex.
All the more reason to stay clear of that State Dinner.
You can't remain professional.
Are you kidding me? She's nothing but professional.
She's all about being professional.
The only reason I could ever see her not being Oh, my God, you and Rex Tyler were together.
- No.
- They were together, weren't they? This makes total sense.
We weren't together.
Like I said before, fraternization among teammates is unprofessional.
Rex and I were going to leave the JSA after the war, try and start a new life with each other.
And then he was cut down.
That's why I left the team, and that's why I wouldn't talk to you about them.
It's too hard.
And this is why I'm reluctant to help you.
Because your emotions are clouding your judgment.
She won't be facing Darhk alone.
We need your help.
I know you feel like I abandoned you, but, please, don't abandon me.
Hey, how you doing? I'm all right.
You know, the truth is, this young man is like a stranger to me.
Every time I encounter him, I can't imagine I was ever that person.
I think anyone would feel that way about meeting their younger self.
I don't recognize my current self.
Mick told me I need to be more like me.
And he's right, which is rare.
Hmm, indeed.
The problem is I don't know what being me means right now.
I don't know if that makes any sense.
Of course it does.
I think everyone struggles at least on occasion with who they are and then what their place is in the world.
So what's the answer? I have no idea.
But, I suppose it's just to live.
It's all any of us can really do.
And then, hopefully, through the act of living we discover who we truly are and learn to grow from that.
Amaya got us invites to the State Dinner.
Are you feeling up to it? Yes, I'm feeling much better.
You feeling up to it? I think what he means is: are you gonna create a diplomatic crisis and risk unknown damage to history by killing Damien Darhk? I know what he means, Ray.
Earlier, you accused me of not ever caring for anyone, but you know that's not true.
I care very much about you.
And I'm less concerned about history than I am about your conscience.
You're no longer an assassin, Sara.
You're our Captain.
Well, let's hope I remember that when the time comes.
Now let's do this.
[Kenny Loggins' “Danger Zone” playing.]
Revvin' up your engine Thank you for helping us get in.
Feels good to be back in the game.
I don't see Damien Darhk anywhere.
He'll be here.
Oh, my God, what is she doing here? Probably looking for her husband, no doubt.
She's she's coming this way, what what should I do? Just Just talk to her.
Jackson, I expected to meet my husband here.
Have you seen him yet? I'm sorry, no.
I haven't.
I'd be worried, but it's just like Martin - to lose track of time.
- [all chuckle.]
Well, I'm sure, wherever he is, you are foremost in his mind.
Who are you? I'm I'm a colleague of his.
My name is also Martin.
He never mentioned you.
Well, I'm sure he has more important things to talk about.
[jazzy piano music.]
Oh, uh, would you Would you care to dance? I never seem to take the time to enjoy these State Dinners.
You all right? You seem tense.
When you find Rex's killer, what are you gonna do to him? Arrest him.
What else is there? You could kill him.
I'm a member of the Justice Society, or at least I was when it existed, I'm not some vigilante.
I'm sorry, I don't mean to pry, but you don't seem too happy to be here.
It's just Martin invited me on this trip for my birthday, and I've spent the better part of it alone.
Perhaps you should talk to him.
I've tried, but Martin's love for nuclear science It's irrepressible.
Sometimes my husband has tunnel vision.
Well, Martin is a fool, but, believe me, he loves you.
You're far more important to him than any of his scientific achievements.
I have the strangest feeling, like we've danced before.
[dramatic music.]
Sara, Darhk's in the hallway.
Mick, Ray, guard the exits.
And everybody else, get ready to move.
Now that our governments are waging peace upstairs, what do you say we get down to the real business? You have brought us the codes? It's called a CD-ROM, the latest in Defense Department technology.
As for my half of the exchange? [dramatic music.]
Hand over the box.
And the kick-ass CD-ROM.
What is this? [speaking Russian.]
He thinks we're working with Darhk.
No one has to get hurt.
That's not really my style.
Now, we can waste time chit-chatting, or you can deal with the explosive my people have secreted inside the State Dining Room.
See, in about six minutes, Reagan, Gorbachev, and every hope of peace goes kaboom.
- Ray? - We're on it.
I am sorry inconvenient, I know, but try being me.
[all grunting.]
[all grunting.]
Todd? We're on the move to find the bomb.
The bomb We must save Clarissa.
[all grunting.]
I got this, Sara.
Go stop Darhk.
Ooh! [grunting.]
That's cool, man.
Mary Todd's hope chest.
Ooh, you have gone too far! Everyone.
Get the hell out of here, right now.
[confused murmurs.]
Now that we have your attention, would you all please leave the dining room immediately? We believe there's a bomb on the premises.
[screaming and yelling.]
Oof! [crashing.]
- You okay? - Who are you? A friend of your husband's.
[suspenseful music.]
Good news, I found the bomb.
Bad news, this type of firing system is obsolete.
I have no idea how to disarm such a crude weapon.
Figure it out, Ray.
I'm a little busy.
Rah! [choking.]
There's nothing I can do.
Yes, there is.
I was wrong trying to make you like Snart.
You're Ray Palmer You can science your way out of anything.
I'm Ray Palmer.
I'm Ray Palmer.
I can science my way out of anything.
I If I can send an electrical pulse from an outside power source, I might be able to overload the bomb's incendiary trigger, but I-I'd have to dismantle to cold gun.
Less talking, more doing.
[exciting music.]
- [gunshots.]
- [grunts.]
No! [laughs.]
Ahh! - [grunts.]
- Ray? Tell me the bomb's disarmed.
That would be a lie.
Well, ten seconds to live.
There are worse ways of dying.
I did it.
I did it.
Hold on, Todd.
Okay? Just hold on.
You and I have met before.
New York City, 1942.
You haven't aged a bit.
Lazarus Pit? Oh, woman of mystery.
I know that look in your eye, though.
That's the look of someone that I've taken everything from.
Not everything.
You haven't taken my soul, which I've already lost, and I'm not eager to do again.
And that's why I'm sparing your life.
How merciful of you.
I'm sparing you to prolong your suffering.
'Cause I'm from the future, Damien, and I know how this all ends.
Your ark, your grand vision.
Just as you're about to accomplish everything you desire, your wife is murdered, the love of your life.
And in total despair, you even try to kill your own daughter.
An entire city rises up against you, and then you die defeated and alone.
[electric crackling.]
What happened? Where's Darhk? He took him.
The time traveler working against us He's a speedster.
- Like the Flash? - Faster.
So the speedster and Darhk, they have whatever the KGB gave Darhk? Unless Unless? I swiped it off Darhk.
- Shut up.
- [snorts.]
Can I hug you? Do we hug? - Okay, just this once.
- There's gonna be more.
Yeah! You took a bullet for me.
For a fellow member of the JSA, it was nothing.
Astonishing to be back here again.
A ship that can travel through time and heal any wound.
- Think of the possibilities - Let me remind you, it's imperative that you carry on as if you never so, me or anything else from the future.
That you would pass up the chance to show me even the barest glimpse of that future, catapulting our transmutation research into the 21st century, I had no idea I could ever be so selfish.
Interesting, considering that's exactly how you've been to Clarissa.
She nearly died last night because of your blind devotion to your work.
You of all people understand the importance of our research.
I understand the importance of one thing and one thing only: After everything I've accomplished, all - All of the awards I've won - Did we win the sixth Carlin? The only thing that brings meaning to my life is Clarissa.
Yes, Martin, our wife, who you spent the last two days ignoring.
But I love Clarissa.
Then cherish her, Martin, because I promise you, she is the only thing you will care to remember.
And I promise you I'll make sure she knows I love her.
I pray that you do.
Are you sure you won't come with us? Rex's killer is still out there.
We could find him together.
I think last night proved my fighting days are over.
You were amazing out there.
It felt like old times.
But there's something keeping you here in 1987, isn't there? After the JSA disbanded, I spent a lot of lonely years until I finally met someone, Amaya.
And he's waiting for me at home.
I have ameliorated Mr.
Rice's injuries.
That's incredible.
A word of advice from an old man who's lived long enough to see the world change, and mostly for the better: If you are lucky enough to find love again Embrace it.
Are you leaving already? I was hoping we'd have a beer.
Oh, unlike you, my time is limited, and I don't need the carbs.
Good-bye, Todd.
Well, I guess I just, uh He loved to sing.
Henry, your grandfather.
He had a A beautiful voice.
During long convoys or stake-outs, he would serenade the team.
He made it his personal mission to get me to sing along, but he never succeeded.
But when the chips were down and all hope seemed lost, we could always count on Henry to lift our spirits.
That's the kind of man your grandfather was.
[bottles clink.]
Then take me back there now.
I will get your item back for you.
The Legends have left 1987.
The item is beyond your reach.
That blonde woman She's a time traveler like you.
She knows what happens to me in the future.
- I'm sure she does.
- Then take me with you.
I need to change my destiny.
Tell you what, why don't we work together to change both of our destinies? Step inside.
[electric crackling.]
[electric crackling.]

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