DC's Legends Of Tomorrow (2016) s02e06 Episode Script

Outlaw Country

1 Time travel is real, and all of history is vulnerable to attack, which is why we must travel through time to stop the spread of these so-called time Aberrations and to erase their damage to history.
We are a team of outcasts and misfits, so please don't call us heroes.
We're Legends.
Previously on “Legends of tomorrow” - Thank you, Mister - Hex.
Jonah Hex.
Temporal Aberrations cause these things called timequakes.
If there was a way of locating their epicenters, maybe we'll be able to fix the Aberrations before they happen.
[hawk screeches.]
[device beeping.]
[mystical music.]
- [horse neighs.]
- [horses galloping.]
Whoa, there, wanderer.
Don't see many folks around here.
Been a while since this old mine turned up anything worth taking.
Then I guess I'll be on my way.
And let you be on yours.
Oh, ain't you heard? I'm the one that does the lettin' around here.
[tense music.]
- Or do you need a reminder? - Wait.
I know things about these mines.
Things I can't tell you if I'm shot.
Oh, you'll tell me.
Or I'll shoot you, otherwise.
Now lower that iron and start talking.
The ore in there? It's rare.
And powerful.
More powerful than gold.
And how would you be the one to know that? I can show you.
With your permission.
Found it using this.
There's enough in that mine for the both of us.
We're the only ones who know.
We can be like partners.
Give it here.
Nice doing business with you, partner.
What's with bad guys and ancient amulets? Any idea why Darhk wants this? All I know is, it's never a good idea when your nemesis starts accessorizing.
And he's teamed up with a Speedster.
- What's a Speedster? - Someone with super speed.
That's how Darhk escaped.
The energy of the Speed Force grants the Speedster Chronokinesis, temporal manipulation.
English, Professor.
It means that his running real fast, lets him time travel.
I'll be in my room.
Martin, I need you to gather everything you can on Speedsters.
And Nate's right This amulet looks a lot like the one we recovered off the Nazis.
There's got to be a connection.
Let me guess, I'm on library duty.
We're dealing with a Speedster here.
How long we gonna keep this secret from them, Grey? Come on, future Barry's message.
Yes, I know what you're talking about, Jefferson.
And we have been through this.
Barry implored us not to share any info [whimpers and gasps.]
You okay? I'm fine, it's just Just a headache.
You would tell me if something was up, right? 'Cause if we start keeping things from each other I just need to rest.
Saving history can be extremely wearing on the body.
[tense music.]
I'm thinking this amulet dates back to Late Antiquity and is Judeo-Christian in origin.
Is is that great? Well, I can't find a reference of it anywhere.
Like, none.
Historically speaking, this doesn't exist.
Well, this is right in front of us, so I'd say it does exist.
And we know that Damien Darhk and the Speedster are willing to kill for it.
Sounds like you got some more homework to do.
- [clears throat.]
- What? I-I just thought, becoming a superhero, I would spend less time in the library than my old job.
That's all.
Well, research skills are a kind of superpower.
And you can turn to steel.
So you got two.
[device beeping.]
Saved by the Aberration.
Oh, what's the Trouble Alert say? Look, I told you, don't call it that.
The timequake's epicenter is Liberty, Colorado, 1874.
Hah! Back to the Wild West.
You guys were in the Old West? - Yeah, town made me a Sheriff.
- That's cool.
All right, well, I will go tell Jax and Stein.
Who wants to tell Rory? - Not it.
- Not it.
What? [lively music.]
I'll do it.
I don't know how to use 'em, but I'm wearing spurs.
I remember my first time in the Wild West.
I drove a real-life desperado out of town.
- That's cool.
- And that was my hat.
- Thanks.
- Mm-hmm.
[machine whirring.]
- That's cool.
- What's this? Oh, uh, that's nothing.
Don't open that You don't have to open You opened it.
Did you draw your own superhero costume? - No.
Absolutely not.
Yeah, I did.
And I only did, because when I steel up, my clothes stretch out and they fit all weird.
And besides, don't I deserve a suit? I mean, am I just the research guy here? Look, I-I know what it's like to be a rookie.
Just, uh, follow my lead, and you'll be fine out there.
Oh, I know a few things about the Old West.
Like, for instance, nobody says, "howdy.
" - Uh-huh.
- And, uh you know how to ride a horse, right? Yeah, I can figure it out.
- This loaded? - Yes.
It is? Oh.
[bombastic music.]
Whoa, whoa, whoa! Guys, I think my, uh, horse is broken! [horse whinnying.]
Where's the Professor? Uh, he's feeling a little off.
More whiskey for me.
- Yee-haw! - Whoo-whoo-whoo! Sounds like a commotion of some kind.
Hold back, let's get a better look.
Yee-ha! [tense music.]
Yeah-hoo! Look at him up there, boy! Ah, it's a hanging.
Is that Hex? You know that man? [men shouting.]
We got to help him.
Well, we got to take his crew out first.
- They look armed.
- Don't worry, guys.
- I got this! - What? Well, well, well, you look a lot less mean with that noose around your neck, don't you, Hex? You think this is finished? Lookin' pretty finished to me.
Don't you think, boys? [laughs.]
Ah! You son of a bitch! You might want to slow down there.
Because these here parts ain't big enough for the five of us.
- And who the hell are you? - What he said.
On second thought, I don't give a damn! [gunshot.]
[exciting music.]
- [horse whinnying.]
- [grunts.]
Hold still, Hex.
Nice shot.
Now you get on that horse and you ride till you feel like you can't ride any further, then you ride some more.
Now go on, get! Go on! - Whoo! - [gunshot.]
Hyah! Whoo! - Hyah! - [gunshot.]
Woo-ah! Face.
- What? - Nothing.
- [sighs.]
[tense music.]
Oh, hell.
They're back.
Saved by a filly.
Ain'Aithat the damnedest? A simple “thank you” would suffice.
How'd you know I needed saving? Because we got an alert that history was being changed, and the coordinates led us to your hanging.
Well, I guess it's nice to know that I matter.
Leaving already? I didn't get to shoot anyone.
I need a drink.
Where's Rip? He's MIA.
How the hell did you miscreants manage to not get yourselves killed without him? Miss Lance has been serving as Captain.
But she's a lady.
You are a lady, right? You know I could take your life just as easily as I saved it.
Oh, fiery.
Whoever breaks her's in for a wild ride.
Too bad this filly's into other fillies.
You don't say.
So how did you end up in the noose? Well, I was collecting the bounty on a pissant by the name of Quentin Turnbull.
- As in “Turnbull Country”? - Never heard of it.
That's because it's not supposed to exist.
This book has changed since the last time I saw it.
- Check this out Gideon.
- Right away.
That's a map of the United States from 1876.
All right, who is Turnbull? Two-bit, yellow-bellied cattle rustler.
Who controls all of the land west of the Rocky Mountains.
Looks like we found our Aberration.
Am I supposed to have the faintest idea what the hell this means? It's means that we need to stop Turnbull from taking over the West.
Looks like you got yourself a posse, partner.
Where is everybody? Ever since Turnbull set up shop 'bout six months ago, everyone's been run out of town or made to work in the mine.
Mine? What kind of mine? - Gold? - Hell if I know.
Nobody's been mining for gold through these parts for half a century.
Listen to me, "these parts" I sound like I'm a cowboy.
Well, he's pulling something out of the ground that's making him rich Turnbull also owns the saloon.
The hotel, the laundry and the whorehouse.
The answer's no, Mick.
Turnbull's got an office above the saloon.
It's also got about a dozen men making sure nobody gets close to him.
I think I know how we can.
Why don't you mosey on in there? - Have yourself a good time.
- If you insist.
I'm not sure I understand your plan.
You just set a match to a powder keg.
And if Turnbull doesn't want his saloon to burn down, then he's gonna have to come out of his office and deal with it.
Better yet, get your boy to get in a fight with Turnbull and bring him out here on the street.
Amaya, your job is to make sure Rory keeps his pistol in his pants until he's outside the saloon.
Clearly, I drew the short straw.
So what you want us to do? Reckon I can post up nearby with a long gun.
- Are you chewing tobacco? - Mm, Tootsie Roll.
Get rid of your hats and your guns.
What? I thought we were supposed to be some badass cowboys? You guys want to know how Turnbull went from being a cattle rustler to running his own country? I'm gonna need you to infiltrate his base of operations.
As what? [bell tolls.]
Y'all are tax collectors? We're here to go over your books and make sure everything's in order.
And we're in a bit of a hurry, so, uh Yes, we're on the next train back to Washington D.
Well, there ain't no train to Washington.
Pass won't be open till spring.
He means mule train.
- Mm-hmm.
This guy.
How'd I go from desperado to accountant? At least Mick's having fun.
Stuck here doing research while everyone else is out drinking.
It's like high school all over again.
[old-timey piano melody.]
A shot.
Make it two.
You're with him? Unfortunately.
[ominous music.]
Guys, I think I found something.
According to this ledger, Turnbull's stockpiling some kind of ore in a nearby mining camp.
And you are? I work for Mr.
- Who are you? - [clears throat.]
My friends and I are with the Internal Revenue Ser Ah, Mr.
Turnbull don't like no taxmen.
Well, nobody likes paying taxes, but they are an essential part of the Federal Government Mr.
Turnbull don't like the Federal Government, neither.
Is that why he's trying to start his own country? Oh, now see, why'd you have to go and say something like that? Now I got to pump some lead into you so you don't go blabbing to the wrong person.
Hey, hey, would you shoot an unarmed man? [laughs.]
I think that's a yes.
So what's your history with Turnbull? Come again? Well, you said that you had dealings over the years.
I can tell a vendetta when I see one.
I'm kind of an expert when it comes to revenge.
This is what it's like working with a woman? You just sit around and talk about your feelings? Well, if your "feelings" are what almost got you hung, then, yeah, I'd say they're worth talking about.
Not in my century.
Now that we've got outlaw outfits, it's time to find out what Turnbull's stockpiling at his mining camp.
Or we could do the responsible thing and head back to the ship with the rest of the team.
You're joking, right? Time to cowboy up.
[old-timey piano melody.]
Oh! Another blackjack.
Must be my lucky day.
- You're cheating.
- I'm winning.
Sweetheart, that's for you.
I'll see you around.
Piano man.
Play something else.
I've had more fun at a funeral.
[lively piano melody.]
Bartender! And who might you be? - Name's Turnbull.
- Never heard of him.
That's my name on the sign in front of the saloon.
Or can't you read? [laughs.]
So it's your money I'm winning? Well, that's interesting.
[tense music.]
I'd say your luck has run out, partner.
You just gonna stand there and make threats? Or you gonna back it up? Amaya, what's going on in there? You wanted Rory to start a fight.
I'd say your plan's working.
Man, these clothes smell like ass.
People didn't wash in the Wild, Wild West? Well, we're criminals, remember? It's important to smell the part.
Game faces, boys.
We got company.
[tense music.]
I don't recognize you three.
That's probably 'cause of our new bandanas.
This one off his rocker? You could blow his brains out, only he doesn't got any.
Nice work.
Gideon, let's run the neural imaging scan again.
There must be something you missed.
The odds that I misdiagnosed your condition are infinitesimally thin.
The algorithm programmed into my medical diagnostic systems Please just do it.
As you wish, Professor.
Biometric scan reveals all brain functions are within normal parameters.
Physiologically, there's nothing wrong with you.
Are you implying that my symptoms are psychosomatic? Because [groans.]
Please I need you to run the test again.
Oh, my God.
What is it? It's dwarf star.
One of the rarest minerals in the universe.
How does this help Turnbull take over the West? I used dwarf star to power the ATOM suit.
The piece I had was the size of your little finger.
There's enough potential energy here to power the entire Wild West.
Or blow it up.
Question is, how does Turnbull even know what it is? Bet ya this has something to do with it.
[device chimes.]
It's some sort of tracker, definitely not from the 1800s.
Probably stole it from the time pirate.
We got to get this out of here.
Oh, I should've mentioned, it's also the densest material in the universe.
Let's get the rest of the team.
Amaya, it's been forever, what the hell is going on in there? Your plan's caught something of a snag.
Well, it's hard to but Mr.
Rory and Mr.
Turnbull [men laughing.]
Like each other.
What? What happened to Rory starting a fight? I think it's more likely that him and Turnbull get matching tattoos.
Then they told me to put my hands up and my pants fell down.
Because of all the loot I was carrying! [both laugh.]
You see, that's what them damn fools in government back in Washington don't understand, that men like you and me, we wasn't meant to live in cages.
Hell, that's why our forbearers busted away from England to begin with, so we could be free! And that's what "Turnbull Country" is all about.
It's about keeping the Wild West wild.
- I'll drink to that.
- [laughs.]
Will you have some of that? [chuckles.]
Are you gonna sit around while those two bend elbows? What are you doing? I'm gonna collect my bounty, whether you like it or not.
Stick to the plan, Jonah.
Your guy on the inside ain't sticking to no plan, why the hell should I? Sara? What do you want me to do? [sighs.]
Brace yourself.
[both men laughing.]
Turnbull! [piano stops.]
Well, if it ain't the great Jonah Hex, himself.
Whoo, you got quite a pair to walk into my establishment like this.
You're like a cockroach.
Hard to kill.
I'm taking you in.
Alive or dead.
Your choice.
I choose dead! Actually, Jonah I'm glad you decided to pay me this little visit.
You see, I've been working on a little something.
It seems that ore that I discovered Well, it's got special qualities.
[shouting and screaming.]
[dramatic music.]
Let's party! [glass shattering.]
Come on! [gunfire.]
Why do you guys get to have all the fun? We just got back from Turnbull's mine.
The reason for the Aberration? He's digging up dwarf star.
Get back to the ship.
[gunshot, explosion.]
That's right, run, you yellow-bellied cowards! [gunshot, explosion.]
Finally! Some excitement.
Mick, no! And here I thought you and me was gonna be friends! I don't have friends.
[shotgun clicks.]
- Ugh! - Nate? - Nate? Are you okay? - Yeah.
I'm the Man of Steel, remember? Oh, my gosh.
Gideon, prepare to run diagnostics.
What's to run? I've been shot! [groans.]
The bullet has lodged itself between several of Dr.
Haywood's internal organs.
How's that possible? He's made of steel.
Because it wasn't a normal bullet.
It was dwarf star.
I estimate his chance of survival at 51%.
Ugh, would it kill you to say "better than average," Gideon? [dramatic music.]
We had a plan.
You went off book, now you're gonna cut the crap, and tell me what the hell is going on between you and Turnbull.
I don't answer to you, Miss Lance.
It's Captain Lance.
And if you did answer to me, Nate wouldn't have gotten shot.
Now, I know you don't like taking orders from a woman but you're gonna like getting your ass kicked by one even less.
[ominous music.]
I've been after Turnbull for eight years now.
I almost got him twice.
He wants to see me pushing up daisies just as bad as I want to see him do the same.
Because why? Little town in Oklahoma.
Goes by the name of Calvert.
Turnbull and his men were harassing it.
And they hired me to fight back.
Calvert, that's the town that Rip left in the lurch.
My little rebellion made other towns think they didn't need to pay protection money to Turnbull and his gang.
So one night Turnbull gathered every man, woman, and child in Calvert.
Locked us in the church.
Set it on fire.
Somehow, I escaped.
The good Lord saw fit to leave me with a souvenir.
Oh, what the hell am I telling a woman this for? You'd never understand.
Like I said, vendetta's kind of my thing.
I've got a Turnbull.
And he's still out there.
Well, here you are with a timeship.
Been there, tried that.
Killing Darhk would create ripples in history that I can't control.
But there are things that I can control.
I can help you capture Turnbull.
Even though I screwed up? Been there, too.
I'm starting to think that screwing up is just an essential part of surviving.
So how's your headache? Oh, it's fine.
Nothing a little aspirin couldn't help.
Funny, that's not what Gideon told me.
What's going on? And don't lie, because you know I can always tell.
All right, while you were away, I I had a vision.
A vision? Like a hallucination? It's possible it could merely be a side effect from multiple time jumps.
- Ah! - Whoa, Grey! Grey! [laughs.]
Grey? [groans.]
That is not a reaction to time travel.
What did you just see? A woman.
Someone I've never met, but her face, it keeps flashing in my mind.
It's like I'm having memories of a stranger, but she's not Not really a stranger.
But I I haven't the slightest notion why.
Trying to work out your frustration? Something like that.
What happened out there today? You lost control.
Says you.
That man back in town, the drinker, the gambler, the animal that wants to watch the whole world burn that's the real me.
I happen to know a thing or two about animals.
They're not vicious by nature.
Unless they're attacked.
If you're trying to tell me to to tell you some sob story about how horrible and painful my life is, forget it.
I'm no victim.
Sara's told me all the things that you've done for this team.
And you don't sound like an animal who just wants to watch the world burn.
They like to pretend I'm part of the team, that they have me on a leash.
Now if you'll excuse me.
[blows landing.]
Some superhero.
Maybe I am better suited for the library.
Don't be so hard on yourself.
You had no idea that Turnbull laced the bullets with dwarf star, or that you were even vulnerable to it.
When I was a kid, there was this bully, Shane Blocklin.
And one day, I decided, "I'm gonna stand up to old Shane".
Long story short, he breaks my nose in two places.
But from that point on, I was, uh I was different.
I was afraid.
And then I meet you guys, and I get these superpowers.
And I said to myself, "Nate, you don't have to feel afraid again".
Well, maybe now you know how I felt after you destroyed my ATOM suit.
When we were out fighting with the Shogun, without my suit, I was afraid.
Well, you hid it well.
That's because I realized that weakness, or not being invulnerable, is what makes me a hero.
There's no bravery without fear.
That was a really good inspirational speech.
- Really? - Yeah.
Well, I have a few other aphorisms in my back pocket.
Like, uh "courage is the mastery of fear, not the absence of fear.
" "Strength is" You know what, buddy? You nailed it.
Sorry, got a little carried away with my train of That's it.
I think I know how Turnbull's gonna make his own country.
When I saw how much dwarf star ore he had in that mine, I started to wonder, how could he transport such a heavy shipment? - He'd have to use - The railroad.
The railroad.
Okay, get to the part where we care, Ray.
I think he's gonna use the railroad and the dwarf star to wait for it.
I don't want to wait for it.
Close Summit Pass.
- Oh, my God, Ray's right.
- Thank you.
Summit Pass connects East/West via railroad.
Not if Turnbull uses this - the magic - Dwarf star? Yeah, to blow the thing up.
Well, if he destroys the pass, there's no way of transporting soldiers and supplies from the East coast.
The U.
Army is effectively locked out of the West.
So it's simple We just stop Turnbull from blowing up the pass.
Yeah, simple.
You don't have a suit, you just had invasive surgery, Stein's out of commission.
We'll think of something.
"Courage is the mastery of fear, not the absence of it".
Yeah, what about Turnbull? If that train goes boom he's not gonna be on it.
I overheard one of his people saying Turnbull just called for a meeting at his mine.
You, Jax, and Ray, stop the train.
The rest of us, we'll deal with Turnbull.
You sure about this? Of course.
This isn't my first rodeo.
I wanted to say that.
[train whistle blows.]
There's our train.
Loaded with enough dwarf star to punch a hole in a mountain and cut off the pass to the East.
How do we stop a moving locomotive? We don't.
I do.
I think.
Yah! [exciting Old West music.]
- So what do you think? - I think I liked him.
That's three of them for every one of us.
Hex and I will draw their attention while you two go make sure Turnbull can't pull anymore dwarf star out of the ground.
We'll need about five minutes to plant enough dynamite to seal the mine.
It's about time we got to light something up.
Just light the fuse and run, don't stick around for the fireworks.
Yeah, yeah.
All right, I've got a plan to get us close to Turnbull.
Are you ready to follow my orders this time? - Aye, aye, Captain.
- Good, now put these on.
[tense music.]
Quentin Turnbull! Who's asking? I heard you're looking for someone.
Jonah Hex! [laughs.]
Well, hell, looks like I'm gonna have to kill you for the third time.
I'm impressed, boy.
Jonah, Jonah, Jonah.
Back in the belly of the whale.
A lily-livered whale who killed women and children.
Whoa, no, that was before.
I've changed.
I got purpose now.
Matter of fact, why don't I show you what I'm working on so you know why you died? You come along too, boy.
Anyone who can bring in Hex always got a place on my crew.
[exciting music.]
Nate, what are you doing, man? - Hold on! - Keep your distance! - What're you gonna do? I'm gonna cut 'em off at the pass.
I've always wanted to say that.
You can't get in front of a moving train! You said it yourself there is no bravery without fear! Which is good, because I am scared as hell right now.
Yah! Colt Single Action Army.
"The gun that won the West.
" [laughs.]
Some folks like to call it "the peacemaker.
" Only, I don't much care for peace.
Yeah, thanks to what I pulled out of this mine, I got my own weapon now.
Something that's gonna tip the scales.
Win the West back for the folks it belongs to.
The outlaws! [suspenseful music.]
[train horn blaring.]
Hyah! - Okay.
I'm in position.
- And out of your mind! You couldn't even stop a bullet made with that stuff.
[train whistle blows.]
That train is loaded with dwarf star, man! You guys aren't helping.
You got a whole minute to get out of here.
You mean we have a minute.
That's what I meant.
Should we tell them about the minute? - No.
- Good.
I was hoping you were gonna say that.
[rhino roaring.]
- Who's next? - Mick, we got to go! Mick, now! Put the animal away.
Oh, yeah, those bullets ain't nothing.
Wait till you see what I got now.
Now get on in there! You ain't no man! [grunts.]
[both struggling and grunting.]
You burned down Calvert! You murdered all those people! [growling.]
For what? For power? Oh, get it over with! Alive or dead? [grunts.]
Alive! [growling.]
You lucky son of a bitch.
I got this.
I got this.
I got this.
I got this, I got this, I got this, I got this.
[train whistle blows.]
[triumphant music.]
Did you see that? Did you see that? Tell me you saw that.
Yo, that was badass, dude.
Totally badass.
- You all right? - No.
- But I stopped a train.
- [laughs.]
- I think he's good.
- Whoo! I stopped a train! That's a mighty fine job you did back there.
I'll drink to that.
[soft dramatic music.]
So now that you have your man, what're you gonna do with him? Turnbull? If I had my way, he'd be in for a long, painful demise.
I'd let him bleed out from the gut.
But I'm gonna turn him over to the authorities.
So you don't have to worry about your "Aberration.
" Only territory Turnbull's gonna be claiming is a cold, dark prison cell.
Then our work here is done.
You do a mighty fine job bearing a burden few men could deal with.
Good thing I'm a woman then.
Yes, ma'am.
I best get Turnbull.
Collect my bounty.
Now, you try to stay out of trouble.
Not likely.
Wouldn't imagine so.
It really is beautiful.
It's no wonder that human beings have worshipped fire for millennia.
Fire gives us life, but also has the power to destroy everything in its path.
Your point? Or are you gonna keep talking in metaphors? Yeah, I know what a metaphor is.
But don't tell them.
You were right.
The animal who wants to watch the world burn that is who you are.
But it's not all that you are.
Your point? Don't deny the animal.
But don't let it control you either.
I can help you.
Believe me, I know a thing or two about controlling wild beasts.
[bottle cap clangs on floor.]
Oh, there you are.
So I've been thinking about your memory flashes.
"Manopause" moments, or whatever it is you want to call 'em.
I got a theory.
What if when you interacted with your younger self in 1987, you Inadvertently changed my past so so that my memories from my new life are supplanting the memories from my old life, thus creating temporal dissonance.
Yeah, that's exactly what I was thinking.
Oh, it's a brilliant theory, which I happen to share with you, but it doesn't explain Who the mystery lady is.
[tense music.]
Or that I'm fairly certain I love her.
Man, Clarissa is gonna kill you when you get home.
Assuming there even is a Clarissa to go home to.
Hey, heard you were looking for me.
Oh, yeah, uh, I just wanted to thank you for saving all that dwarf star ore.
I have enough to power 20 ATOM suits now.
That's cool, man, so we all get one? Uh, actually, there's something I've been working on before I start building a new exo-suit.
It's, uh, not exactly what was in your drawing.
I made a few improvements.
[exciting music.]
Shut the front door.
I figure you earned it.
Cool name.
Hey, are you guys done bro-ing out? - I mean - Uh, well, not really, but - We can.
- Good.
Because our friends back in 2016, they need our help.

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