DC's Legends Of Tomorrow (2016) s02e08 Episode Script

The Chicago Way

1 Time travel is real, and all of history is vulnerable to attack, which is why we must travel through time to stop the spread of these so-called time aberrations, and to erase their damage to history.
We are a team of outcasts and misfits, so please don't call us heroes.
We're something else.
We're legends.
Previously on "Legends of Tomorrow" You're back! I love you, Dad.
When I last left 2016, that young woman did not exist.
I do not want to lose my daughter.
This amulet looks a lot like the one we recovered off the Nazis.
- There's gotta be a connection.
- And we know that Damien Darhk and the speedster are willing to kill for it.
[dramatic music.]
Capone It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance.
I cancelled tickets to the opera, 'cause I heard there was new players in town.
- No one told me it was Halloween.
- [chuckles.]
Well, it's more like Christmas.
That's I like that, it's very good.
See, my associate and I have come with a proposition.
We've seen how you run your empire, and we're impressed, but there's room for improvement.
We'd like to offer our services.
I got a better idea.
How 'bout I show you how business is done in my town? [sighs.]
You or me? Oh, I've got this.
By now you've probably surmised that my friend and I aren't from around here.
- What do you freaks want? - To help.
I thought I made did I not make that perfectly clear? New enemies are coming to Chicago, and they will endanger your enterprises.
And you're saying you two can help me out? Actually, there's three of us.
Pleasure to meet you.
My name is Malcolm Merlyn.
[exciting music.]
[strained groans.]
New suit's good, but I think it needs those modifications Cisco mentioned.
It's a poor hero to blame a super suit.
Eh, exoskeleton.
Come on, let's do this.
I wanna get the kinks worked out before our next mission.
What's the rush? I think I'm doing a pretty good job picking up your slack.
We scientists have a name for that phenomenon.
- It's called beginner's luck.
- Ooh.
- [grunts.]
- Hey! - What do you think you're doing? - Uh, s sparring.
Yeah, he's helping me calibrate the new suit.
Last time y'all decided to spar, - you wrecked my cargo bay.
- Yeah.
Hey! Don't make me come down here again.
[light music.]
both: Don't you make me come down here again.
I'm gonna come down here again, I'm watching you.
Hey! - What is going on with them? - You don't have any brothers - or sisters, do you? - Nope.
Sibling rivalry.
Nothing to be too worried about.
[loud smash.]
- [sighs.]
- This is why I'm glad - I'm an only child.
- [snickers.]
Oh, Jefferson, I was just, uh, catching up on some reading.
"The Fundamentals of Motorcycle Repair"? It's a fascinating subject.
Of course, I'm also researching the amulet Ms.
Lance last stole from Damien Darhk.
You know, you might be a genius when it comes to nuclear physics, but when it comes to lying, you kinda suck at it, bro.
You were thinking about her again, weren't you? [sighs.]
I can't help it.
Every day, I recover new memories of her, each one a gift.
Then I find myself worrying, "What if there's a car accident, or or a fire? Or she could be struck by lightning.
" Yeah, I'd be more worried about what happens when Sara finds out you have a daughter - that's a time aberration.
- She's not an aberration.
The only reason Lily exists is because you convinced your younger self to pay more attention to your wife, and less attention to putting on a condom.
You changed history, and one of these days, either Nate or Gideon or anybody revealing the historical timeline's - gonna figure that out.
- Not necessarily.
According to my calculations, if Lily's impact on history remains small enough, she may be able to go undetected.
- [scoffs.]
- [Gideon beeping.]
Excuse me, but Dr.
Haywood's seismograph - has detected an aberration.
- You were saying? - Who installed the alarms? - That'd be me.
- We should kill him.
- We got another one? Yeah, and judging by these readings, it's a major one.
Is there really cause for all this alarm? Perhaps the aberration isn't as large as we think.
The temporal tremors originate from Union Station in Chicago, Illinois, October 17th in the year 1927.
That's fantastic.
I-I mean, I've always wanted to visit the roaring '20s right in the middle of Prohibition.
That means no drinking.
That's not good.
Well, actually under Capone, Chicago was a hot bed of vice.
There was illegal drinking, gambling, prostitution.
Well, then, let's fire up a tub and get there.
Grab your fedoras, we're going to the 1920s.
[swinging jazz music.]
I can't believe we're here.
What are you so happy about? When I was younger, I'd read my mother's magazines, and I'd see photos of Chicago.
I'd never thought I'd see it with my own eyes.
Well, keep those eyes focused on whatever's causing those temporal tremors.
Copy that.
[unintelligible boarding announcement.]
That's Eliot Ness.
He doesn't look like Kevin Costner.
What if somebody tipped off Capone that Ness is a future threat? Then his life's in danger.
Don't worry, I'm on it.
You go.
[dramatic music.]
Oh! [grunts.]
Ness! Mr.
Ness, hi.
Uh, you don't know me.
My name is Ray Palmer.
I have reason to believe that your life may be in danger.
It'd be best if you came with me.
Ness, I'm Sergeant Jones with Chicago PD.
We're your security detail on the way to the bureau.
Thank you for your concern, Mr.
Palmer, but it looks like I'm in good hands.
What just happened? Well, it's the strangest thing.
Uh, two cops just escorted Eliot Ness to the bureau.
They're not escorting him to the bureau.
They're gonna throw him in the river.
- What? - Ray, 1920s Chicago PD was the most corrupt police force in history.
Almost all of them are on Capone's payroll.
- [groans.]
- Did you or did you not see "The Untouchables"? Jax, Stein, I need you to intercept Eliot Ness.
He's being escorted by two police officers.
[baby cooing, laughing.]
Grey! Didn't you hear Sara? - No.
- Oh.
Oh, wait, hey, hey, hey! Hey, hey! [sighs, grunts.]
What the hell happened back there? - How come you didn't stop him? - I'm sorry, I got distracted.
- By what? - Tell her, Grey.
It's not the professor's fault.
Ray let Ness walk right into Capone's hands.
They were police officers, and who's to say they didn't take him to the FBI like they said they would? Gideon, pull up the Chicago Chronicle, - October 24th, 1931.
- Ah, yes, the day Al Capone originally went down for tax evasion, only in this version of history, he becomes something far worse than a criminal, he becomes a politician.
Al Capone becomes mayor? Okay, I take it back.
Ness probably is screwed.
Well, let's find out where they took him, so we can unscrew him before this happens.
Special agent Ness, you're having a hell of a first day.
How do you know who I am? And when I was coming to town? Some new friends of mine, they whispered in my ear, so me and the boys decided we would get you a nice welcome present.
Cement galoshes.
Very popular in Chicago these days, and I have a feeling these will be just your size.
Now, come on, try 'em on.
- Any luck finding Ness? - By the time you find Ness, he'll be swimming with the fishes.
Mick, you beautiful genius, that's it.
About time someone noticed.
Gideon, set the course to shipping harbor dock 39.
What makes you so sure he'll be there? In the '20s, dock 39 was where Capone brought all of his enemies and tied cinderblocks to their feet and tossed them in the harbor.
It became known as Cadaver's Cove.
[tense music.]
This isn't personal.
I'm a businessman, and the Feds, well, they're bad for business.
The Bureau of Investigation will never stop fighting, not until the fight is done.
I hope you wrote that down somewhere.
Welcome to Chicago, Mr.
All this for some booze? I like it.
Nice getups.
Seems our new friends have got some friends of their own.
Get 'em, boys.
- [gunshots.]
- [clanging.]
[dolphin clicks.]
[all grunting.]
I'm going after Capone.
Let 'em go, we got Ness.
- Is he dead? - Unconscious.
He took on a lot of water.
Merlyn was right.
They took the bait.
Special agent Ness has suffered severe hypoxia.
It will take some time to reverse his brain damage.
You can undo brain damage? Why haven't you helped Rory out? Who says I haven't? All right, let's get serious.
Obviously, Capone somehow knew that Ness would be the one - to take him down.
- When we were at the docks, Capone said something about having new friends.
But we have a bigger problem.
I mean, another problem.
This week, Ness and his team are supposed to obtain Capone's ledger from his bookkeeper.
Now the IRS's case against Capone for tax evasion is completely dependent on that ledger.
Which Ness can't grab while he's lying here with brain damage.
Exactly, which means one of us has to take his place.
- That's a stupid idea.
- It's pre-Internet.
Nobody knows what Ness looks like.
Nate's right, I got this.
Actually, I was thinking I got this.
Well, yeah, I mean, if the mission was impersonating Brad Pitt, you'd be the man, but I think we can all agree if anyone here looks like a G-man here, it's me.
Well, we're in this situation, because you learned history - from a movie.
- All right, enough.
Ray, I'm sorry, but Nate knows more about this area - than any of us.
- [sighs.]
- What's the plan? - Okay.
So if Capone's ledger is anywhere, it's probably at his primary speakeasy, the Chelsea Club, so Ray and I will go to the Bureau, assemble Ness's team, lead him to bust the place up, - grab the ledger.
- Great, take Rory with you.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Does this face look like a cop to you? If this were a JSA mission, we'd probably also send someone undercover at the club.
Well, I'm not doing that either.
I'm done playing dress-up.
I'll go the club with Jax and Stein, and you can stay here, drink your beers, and watch over Ness.
What about me? - You can watch over him.
- What? Sorry.
[tense music.]
- There he is.
- Ah.
- Special agent Cole Bennett.
- Yes, and you are? Special agent Eliot Ness.
This is my associate, - Bob De Niro.
- Well, I've assembled the team your telegram specified, Mr.
Well, hope they're ready for some action, 'cause they're gonna get it.
Tonight we're gonna take down the Chelsea club.
Our files say Capone's got nothing to do with that place.
Well, your files are embarrassingly outdated.
We've learned Capone has a stake in the club, and furthermore, he hides a sizeable amount of Canadian whiskey in there.
You fellas sure do know an impressive amount about Capone's organization.
Well, let's just say we have people on the inside.
[upbeat jazz music.]
This place is quite lively, considering we haven't seen a single bottle of alcohol.
Well, Nate said it was a speakeasy.
Yeah, that's why it's called a speakeasy.
You gotta know how to do ask for the good stuff.
[clears throat.]
Excuse me, I'd like a club soda, please.
One club soda coming up.
Here's what I wanna know.
Why would somebody from the future be interested in helping Al Capone? Well, we're here to find out.
This is just a club soda.
- You feeling all right? - Fine.
I guess I'm just surprised you'd rather stay here on the ship than be out there.
1920 Chicago seemed like your kinda town.
You know, when I was younger, I always wanted to be a police officer.
I didn't care that I was a girl.
I just really wanted - to wear a badge.
- Cute.
The bad guys have all the fun, you know.
It doesn't look like you're having much fun right now.
Oh, how the mighty have fallen.
[foreboding music.]
- I must be losing my mind.
- Of course you are.
Why else would you still be here taking orders like a well-trained puppy? You're not right in the head, Mick.
That's why I'm here, to set you straight.
Ray, Nate, what's your status? Be careful, we're coming in.
Don't get caught in our net.
[dramatic music.]
What are squares like you doing in a place like this? - You.
- Jefferson.
[scattered grunts.]
What the hell? Jefferson, the speedster is here, run! - Nobody move! - [gunshots, screaming.]
- Federal officers.
- You're all under arrest for violations of the Volstead Act.
Man! Hey, take it easy, that's our inside guy.
Considering this club's as dry as the Sahara, I'd say you need a new inside guy, special agent Ness.
What the hell's happening in here? Damien Darhk showed up with the speedster.
They took Grey and Sara.
This whole Capone aberration was a distraction.
Darhk and his speedster pal knew it'd attract our attention.
But why kidnap Sara and Stein? I mean, what could he want with them? Still trying to work that one out.
- You all right, Jax? - I'm pissed.
Let it go, kid.
There's nothing you can do about the speedsters.
We'll see about that.
Long story short, Rip had a secret armory.
Me and Grey found it alongside future Barry's message about the oncoming war.
This speedster killed Rex and kidnapped our friends.
We need him in the brig before dawn.
Yeah, if this weapon does what I think it does, we'll stop him dead in his tracks.
Yeah, well, at's all well and good, but we still need to get Capone's ledger back, otherwise history's screwed.
Since your last plan was a total bust, I suggest somebody else do the strategic thinking.
Let me guess, that's you? All right, so let's hear your brilliant idea.
Well, I don't have one, but it's gonna be better than yours.
If you wanna nail Capone and Rex's killer, you can't do it by playing a boy scout or an historian or a policeman.
We do this my way, like a criminal.
Yes, the Ritz-Carleton it is definitely not.
How did we get here? It appears our speedster friend got the better of us.
- And he wasn't working alone.
- Yes.
Damien Darhk, a rather predictable bedfellow for Al Capone.
And don't forget about me.
It's been a long time, Sara.
You look good for someone who's come back from the dead.
Why am I not surprised that you and Damien Darhk would find each other? What do you want with us? You have something we need, and while my partners think I'm a fool for trying, I would like to broker a deal with you.
You have in your possession an amulet.
Give it to me, and I will give you nine years of your life back.
What are you talking about? Oh, maybe Oliver didn't tell you, but I was the one who arranged to blow up the Queen's Gambit.
- [lightning striking.]
- [screams.]
That was the day everything changed for you, Sara, hundreds of dominos toppling.
Ivo, Slade Wilson, the League of Assassins, losing your sister.
And you losing your son.
We both get clean slates.
Why don't you just ask your speedster friend to take you back in time? Because Malcolm's just his errand boy, sent to retrieve the amulet.
Why is it so important? What does it matter? I'm giving you and your sister a chance to live normal lives.
To go back, maybe go to college, meet a nice boy, or a girl, and settle down.
No thank you.
I was never meant for those things, and I know that now.
And besides, you can't just go back and change things like that.
Why not? Because time is sacred, and it can't be changed to suit any one person's desire without harming the lives of countless others.
But you wouldn't remember any of this, would you? You would be blissfully unaware of time travel, of loss, of heartbreak.
You'd be happy, and isn't that what matters most in the end? Hey, Malcolm.
I'll take a nightmare that's real over a dream that's a lie.
That was remarkably selfless.
Well, I had a good teacher.
Yes, Captain Hunter.
I was talking about you.
[rousing music.]
[dramatic music.]
What the hell? [gun cocks.]
Shoot her! [screams.]
Come on! Get out of here! Get out of here! Hi, I'm Clyde.
That's Bonnie.
Get out of the truck.
Do you have any idea who you're stealing from? Yes, now where's the truck headed? Uh, 31st and Fort Dearborn Drive.
- Much obliged.
- [groans.]
Hold that.
Aren't you forgetting something? Nate and Ray? Those idiots have done nothing but get in the way.
Uh, guys, we're We're standing right here.
Well get in the back.
I can't believe Malcolm thought I would actually take that deal.
You really weren't tempted? Of course, but we can't let a man like that change history.
Imagine the havoc that it would cause.
Oh, yes, when it comes to time travel, even the best of us can wreak havoc.
What do you mean? Martin? You have been acting weird ever since we fought the Dominators.
What's going on? It was an innocent mistake I was just trying to give myself a bit of marital advice.
Never did I imagine it would ever have an effect.
You caused an aberration? I have a daughter.
A what? A full-grown human progeny who I never even knew I had.
- This beautiful, brilliant - And not real.
At first, no, but then I remembered.
I remembered the The countless nights I spent pacing the neighborhood with her stroller, trying to get her to sleep.
The the The way my heart melted the first time she smiled at me.
The the distress she caused her kindergarten teacher when she insisted on singing the periodic table instead of the alphabet.
I-I I remembered all of it.
But none of that happened to you.
But the memories are real.
They are a part of me now.
She is a part of me now.
[solemn music.]
And I love her.
Martin, you were the one who talked me into not killing Damien Darhk, into not bringing my sister back, because of the damage that it would do to history.
Ugh, I'm sorry, but my ears were burning.
I understand Malcolm tried to play nice and offer you a deal.
Since you didn't bite, we're gonna have to be a little rougher.
Do your worst.
Oh, you didn't think that I meant you? [laughs.]
Oh, I fear with your league-training torture, while fun, would be a waste of time.
[suspenseful music.]
Sara? Whatever you do, don't give them anything.
No! Martin! Martin! [gasps.]
Ah! [grunts.]
Professor Stein, am I right? - Do I know you? - Let's just say [laughs.]
It's complicated.
I'm not gonna lie to ya.
This, um, little toy usually leaves the subject well dead, but I've adjusted it so that you should only feel a little pain [whirring.]
In theory.
[screaming continues.]
You're not the regular driver.
What happened to Vinny? Vinny, he, uh, he's hanging out with your mother.
- What? - What? [grunts and wallops.]
- So here's the plan.
- Is for us to rescue the people - that got caught because of you.
- She's talking about you.
Nah, I think she was talking about you.
Shut up! You're supposed to be partners.
Partners have each other's backs.
All right, Mick's right.
We can all agree that we need to get Capone's ledger.
- Fair? - Agreed.
[dramatic jazz music.]
[door opens.]
Sara? - Are you okay? - I'm fine.
We need to find Stein.
You know, for a homicidal gangster, Capone was very organized, and had exquisite penmanship.
Check it out.
Is that it? Bingo.
Let's go.
[dark music.]
Watch where you point that thing.
- Snart.
- You shouldn't be here, Mick.
Capone's men might be from 1927, but their bullets work just fine.
Do you really wanna risk your life for a skirt and a geezer? - Any sign of the professor? - Not yet.
Aw, sounds like a sweet little angel whispering in your ear.
Problem is, angels always want you do the right thing, and doing the right thing gets you killed.
I should know.
You wanna stay alive, best listen to the devil.
- Get out now.
- [alarm ringing.]
Too late.
Hey, you found them.
- Are you guys okay? - Yes, I'm fine.
- Let's get out of here.
- Oh, good, yeah.
- [guns cocking.]
- Oh, whoa.
Oh, my God, you're Al Capone.
- That's Scarface.
- Yeah, I-I don't think - he likes that nickname.
- No? I don't like when people try and steal what's mine.
How do you think it makes me feel seeing all you thieves on my property? I'm gonna go out on a limb and say not good.
See, the doctor used to give me these pills, said they would help calm me down.
Then one day, I realized the only thing that makes me feel any better is killing.
Time for some therapy.
[bullets clanging.]
Aah! [grunting.]
[grunts and wallops.]
Thanks, buddy.
- Yeah.
- Let's go.
[engine turns over.]
How'd I do? You totally sold it, Al.
Thought so.
You sure Mr.
Thawne ain't gonna be mad 'cause we let 'em go? Oh, quite the opposite.
Hey, Grey, Grey, you're safe now, it's okay.
- Grey.
- What? - Grey? - Oh, uh, I'm sorry, I-I-I didn't hear you.
I'm I'm I'm little A little discombobulated.
Whoo! Well, that was close, but a win's a win, and we got the team back together.
Well, technically you and Rory got the team back together.
And we got the ledger.
Bro hug? Do it.
Okay, I think this is all a little premature.
We still don't have an ID on the speedster.
Who's now added Malcolm Merlyn to his team of time travelling psychos.
And he wanted the amulet that I took off of Darhk in 1987.
What would someone with the speedster's power - want with ancient artifacts? - Perhaps Perhaps I should take a look at the amulet.
I may be able to unlock some of its mysteries.
All right.
[tense music.]
Ah, so you didn't get a chance to kill your boyfriend's killer, huh? It's not vengeance I'm after, Mick.
It's justice.
Right, right.
Well, for what it's worth, you looked good tonight.
Being a bad guy suits you.
[solemn music.]
Thank you.
Um, I'm hungry.
What's next, Mick? Long walks on the beach, just the two of you? For a figment of my imagination, you're really beginning to be a pain in my ass.
Look, I get it, she's easy on the eyes, tough in the fight.
She's just a friend, the one friend I have, since my last friend blew himself up.
Care for a little advice? From a dead guy? No.
Don't let the new girl rope you into her death wish.
This whole sacrificing yourself for your friends thing isn't as fun as it sounds.
Trust me.
[tense music.]
What the hell? Sara, stay out of the library.
How you feeling? I'm all right.
Look, I know you've been through a lot, but we really need to talk about the aberration that you caused.
Perhaps some other time.
-What were you doing in here, anyways? - Righty-tighty, lefty-loosey.
- I speak six languages, why Stein's about to kill Sara in the library.
With the rope or the candlestick? Guys, I'm serious.
Somehow, the speedster's disguised himself as Stein, and he's turning over the whole ship.
- I'll suit up.
- I know how to get Sara away from fake Stein.
What about that speedster gun? Yeah, I'm already on it.
Martin, you've been acting pretty different ever since Darhk tortured you.
Did they offer you a deal like they did me? Help us, and we won't hurt your daughter? My daughter? Sara, uh, Jackson and I were just on the bridge, and, um [clears throat.]
He wanted to talk to you about ship stuff.
Ship stuff? Yeah.
I'm sure there's no need to rush off.
Jax can wait.
Since when do you call him Jax? Actually, it's, uh, it's pretty urgent.
We should go now.
[laser blast.]
[grunting, groaning.]
My speedster weapon.
Unfortunately for you, the effects are only temporary.
What did you do with Stein? Oh, I wouldn't waste my energy worrying about him right now.
Whatever you're gonna do, do it now.
In a rush to die, are we? I wasn't talking to you.
He's headed towards the bridge, come on.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no! [panting.]
What the hell is he doing in there? Cloaking shield disengaged.
That's not good.
Cargo bay door now opening.
That is definitely not good.
Tear the ship apart.
Kill anyone you find.
The speedster just locked himself inside the bridge.
- Great, so we got him trapped.
- [scoffs.]
Call me an optimist.
And by the sound of it, he's letting his buddies onto the ship.
[men shouting.]
[suspenseful music.]
Guys, could use a little help here.
Okay, Nate and I will help Sara hold them off.
- I'll guard Ness.
- What about the speedster? Well, he's after to amulet, so all we have to do is just keep him in the bridge What are you doing? Capone's men are taking over the ship.
We got bigger fish to fry, honey.
Rex's killer? He's tossing the ship.
He's looking for the amulet.
It's only gonna be a matter of time before he finds it.
Then how do we stop him? What would a criminal do? Run.
[bullets clanging.]
Isn't that just like a thug? Brings a Tommy gun to an ion blaster fight? [beeping, whirring.]
Ah, yeah.
Hey, I stole that fair and square.
This belongs to me.
[laser blast.]
Eliot taught you well, but unless you hand over the amulet, I'm gonna have to teach you a few new lessons.
Those who cannot do teach.
[grunts and wallops.]
[grunts and wallops.]
I remember you.
You're here because I killed that moronic leader of the JSA.
Rex Tyler was it? - [whooshes.]
- Aah! [grunts and wallops.]
Don't worry, you'll be joining Mr.
Tyler soon enough.
Lucky girl.
I gave you an out.
Not just a chance to survive, but to live a better life.
I already found a better life.
One without you in it.
[grunts and wallops.]
But what about your friend, Martin Stein? Where is he? Aah! My dear, that information comes at a cost.
Don't look so glum, professor.
You'll be in good company at the bottom of this here river.
Thieves, snitches, do-gooder cops, they've all run afoul in my organization, but you I've never had to whack a professor before.
Guess I'm moving up in the world, hey, boys? [chuckles.]
[dramatic music.]
- [wallops.]
- [sighs.]
The speedster, how did you manage to defeat him? I didn't.
I made him a counter-offer.
I gave him the amulet.
I still don't understand.
The last thing I remember was getting off the train.
Everything else is a blur.
I wouldn't worry about that, Mr.
After our investigation, we concluded you were kidnapped by an imposter, some idiot posing as you trying to bring down Capone.
The gentleman who was impersonating you was trying to do the right thing.
Luckily, he found some useful information.
- What's this? - Everything you need to know to take down Capone.
If you look closely, you'll find some discrepancies in his bookkeeping.
You expect me to believe that Al Capone is gonna be taken down by tax evasion? Sounds screwy.
Actually, it'd make a pretty good movie one day.
[slow jazz music.]
You know, if this is the week the Feds get Capone's ledger, why does it take four more years for them to take him down? Because it's the federal government.
Now that's the Mick Rory I remember, always thinking with his stomach.
Shut up.
Who are you talking to? Nobody.
Anyway, I thought I'd find you in here.
That speedster hit you pretty hard, huh? I got gothick head.
What's that? [clears throat.]
A little present for keeping me alive, and for helping me almost get Rex's killer.
Open it.
I lifted it back at Capone's warehouse.
You stole it.
You were right.
The bad guys really do have more fun.
Not that you're a bad guy.
I hope it was worth it.
All this for a kiss on the cheek and a cheap bottle of booze.
That speedster could've killed you, Mick.
What then? I'll be dead like you.
[tense music.]
My evil doppelganger left quite a mess.
It'll take me weeks to reorganize my notes.
Well, it's good to have you back, - the real you.
- Well, thanks to your efforts.
Though, I have to say I'm a bit puzzled.
Predicting history is our team's raison d'être, yet you traded the amulet to our enemies, a choice which will no doubt have countless repercussions on history.
I'm starting to think that maybe some things are more important than history.
You know, you, me, and this team We're a family, a messed up one, but still a family.
I might not be able to save Laurel, but I can protect this family, and that includes yours.
What's her name? Lily.
It's a beautiful name.
We should leave soon.
You're certainly in a hurry to get out of 1927.
Not your concern, Malcolm, particularly now that we have what we came for.
Well, now that we have the matching set, do you care to tell us why we went through so much trouble? Well, they are not a matching set.
In fact, they are not a they.
They are an it.
It's an amulet in two pieces.
I knew that you were more than just a pretty face, Malcolm.
[panning buzzes.]
Wow, it's a portable planetarium.
It's a compass.
Compasses generally find things.
Have either of you gentlemen heard of the Spear of Destiny? Yes, it was a spear that was reportedly used to penetrate the sight of Christ after he died on the cross.
And now it can be used to rewrite reality itself.
So, how do we find it? Well, it's complicated, but the first step is with the person that Mr.
Darhk met briefly in New York.
You remember Captain Rip Hunter? [dramatic music.]
Rip Hunter, stop where you are! Cut! [bell rings.]
Yeah, I told you idiots to move these garbage cans.
Can we try to To get this right, people? I don't wanna be here all night.
Am I talking to myself? Today! [sighs.]

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