DC's Legends Of Tomorrow (2016) s02e09 Episode Script

Raiders of the Lost Art

1 Time travel is real, and all of history is vulnerable to attack, which is why we must travel through time to stop the spread of these so-called time aberrations and to erase their damage to history.
We are a team of outcasts and misfits, so, please, don't call us heroes.
We're legends.
Previously, on “Legends of Tomorrow” - Mick has elected to stay.
- Why? Someone needs to be present to destroy the Oculus.
Get him out of here.
He traded his life for ours.
He was a hero.
I must be losing my mind.
You're not riding ahead, Mick.
That's why I'm here To set you straight.
The amulet.
Why is it so important? Hand over the box.
I swiped it off Darhk.
You have something we need.
I would like to - broker a deal with you.
- How did you manage - to defeat him? - I gave him the amulet.
It's a compass.
Compasses generally find things.
Have either of you gentlemen heard of the Spear of Destiny? It can be used to rewrite reality itself.
- How do we find it? - You remember - Captain Rip Hunter? - Cut! [sighs.]
[machinery whirring.]
[alarm blaring.]
Gideon! What's our status? The Waverider is surprisingly not destroyed, Captain.
Though that condition may not be permanent.
[alarm blaring.]
[dramatic music.]
How long will it take to effect repairs? 15 years.
Well, that won't do.
What is that, Captain? There are some things, Gideon, I can't even tell you.
Initiate repair procedures.
Auto-repair engaged.
Shogun Ballistic.
Captain, that is the shut down code for my primary syst [Gideon powers down.]
[electricity zaps.]
Angels and ministers of grace defend us [whirring.]
[liquid trickling.]
You're my best friend.
I love you, man.
What did you hear? Nothing, absolutely nothing.
Though Though if I did, I suppose I - I might be flattered.
- I wasn't talking to you.
Perhaps you've had enough to drink for for one night.
That's the point.
I haven't had enough.
So if you weren't talking to me, then - Snart.
- Snart what? I've been talking to Snart.
I've been seeing him lately.
You You've been having hallucinations of Leonard Snart? If you tell anyone, I'll kill you I believe you.
- You can fix me.
- Me? - You're a doctor.
- Of nuclear physics.
- Same thing.
- Mr.
Rory, I can't You can fix me, but you can't tell anybody about it.
- You got that? - Yes.
- [shouts.]
You got that? - [mumbles.]
- [”Ante Up” by M.
- Ante up! - Yap, that fool! - Ante up! Kidnap that fool! - Get him, get him - Get him, get him Nate.
- Nate.
- Nate! I'm a street regulator Sorry, guys.
It helps me concentrate.
It's 3:00 in the morning.
Amaya and I were trying to sleep.
Not together.
- What are you doing up so late? - Just trying to figure out what the Legion of Doom wants with those two amulets.
The “Legion of Doom”? Darhk, Merlyn, and the Speedster.
It's from a Hanna-Barbera cartoon I liked when I was a kid.
Sorry I woke you guys up.
- We We weren't together.
- He knows, Ray.
Well, have you figured anything out? Well, I carbon dated the amulet that Sara - took from Darhk in 1987.
- Before she gave it back to the Legion of Doom, I'm guessing.
Yeah, and Gideon puts the amulet's date of origin around 30 A.
Huh, high concentrations of manganese, copper, and zinc, - which would make bronze.
- Correct.
Now, Roman Centurions put bronze in all their metalwork circa 30 A.
I also sketched the two amulets the best I could from memory, but they don't match any artifacts on record.
What if they're not two artifacts? [suspenseful music.]
What if they're one? Shut up.
The Longinus Medallion.
Longinus is the name generally associated with the Roman Centurion who pierced the side of Christ during the Crucifixion.
Yeah, he was blind and got the blood of Jesus in his eyes, and then he could see again.
- Look at you.
- What? I went to Sunday school.
Now that blood allegedly got on the medallion and empowered it and the spear with magical powers.
Well, why does the Legion of Doom - want the medallion? - “Legion of Doom”? - Yeah.
- Don't ask.
Well, according to legend, the medallion calls for the spear and basically takes you right to it.
The spear is also known as the Holy Lance or the Spear of Destiny.
Hey, hold on, this all just sounds like an Indiana Jones movie.
“Raiders of the Lost Ark” is the reason I became a historian.
- Did you know that? - Okay, so the Legion wanted the medallion so they could get the spear.
But what do they want with the spear? Well, the spear allegedly has the power to rewrite reality.
But how's that different from us traveling through time and making changes to history? Changes to history cause timequakes and aberrations, which we can undo.
Changes to reality, however, those are permanent.
- [sighs.]
- Great.
And I just handed them over the medallion.
Whoa, in exchange for Grey's life.
Any one of us would have made that call.
Would Rip? [funky music.]
So much for sunny California.
Wh-we're done here, we need to go to the 1600 block of Vine Street.
- Why, pray tell? - It's where Frank Sinatra's star is on the Walk of Fame.
I have always wanted to see it.
I'm not sure if that's part of our little trinket's itinerary.
I said “when we're done.
” As far as magical artifacts go, this one is frustratingly unspecific.
Actually, like most magical artifacts, its ways are nuanced.
That's just a fancy word for vague, and I'm getting tired of walking.
True, we could use some transportation.
- Oh, wow.
- Afternoon, fellas.
Not so fast, buddy.
- Just give us your motorcycles.
- Excuse me? Give us the bikes, and we'll let you live.
What are you, some sort of comedians or something? [laughs.]
Or something.
That charming-looking fellow is Cal DeVito.
Instead of being killed, he's supposed to go on to invent a new carburetor for shovelhead motorcycles.
As far as aberrations go, don't you think that's a bit Puny? Yeah.
Well, Gideon was going over autopsy reports, and, well, I'll just let her tell you.
Gideon? Both gentlemen were killed in close quarters with sezuki strikes to the xiphoid processes of their sternums.
A League of Assassins technique.
Weren't Darhk and Merlyn former LOA? They must be getting closer to the Holy Lance.
I'm leaning toward Spear of Destiny.
- I prefer Holy Lance.
- Can't imagine why.
Gideon, plot a course for the point of origin of the aberration.
I already have, Captain.
Hollywood, 1967.
Is the professor all right? Uh, depends on what you mean by “all right.
” He's helping Mick with something.
I don't know.
He's being kind of quiet about it.
Well, I hope he figures it out soon, 'cause if the Legion of Doom is here Really like how the name's catching on.
We're gonna need Mick and Firestorm.
Let's figure out what's going on first.
Look, all I know is Gideon said the motorcycles Darhk and Merlyn stole are here.
What, so we're just supposed to walk around until we see a sign that says, “this way”? Good idea.
Subjugating the world to your rule isn't saving it.
You would create a wasteland, and call it peace.
Do not misquote Tacitus to me.
I knew him well.
I lived long enough to watch civilizations rise and fall Cut, just stop.
Cut, please.
All right, cut.
And everyone take five.
I just need to think.
What do I do? - I mean, it wasn't that bad.
- What? You saw him.
I just can't seem to get Peter to bring any menace to the part.
- I may need to recast.
- No, no, no.
You don't have time to recast, okay? Your thesis film is due in less than a month.
I know, I know, but a film is only as good as its villain, and I have an antagonist who is as threatening as a wiener dog.
Rip Hunter.
No, I'm the director.
Rip's being played by Adam Glassman.
He's probably at craft services.
It's nice to see your reputation for dry humor is well-earned.
You see, this is what I am talking about.
You guys are good.
Yeah, these are These are great props.
Did you make these yourself? Hey, we are on something of a clock here.
Oh, my God.
It's Rip.
Don't worry.
We got you, Rip.
Who the hell are you guys? We don't have time for this.
[lasers blasting.]
[dramatic music.]
Get out of here.
Save yourself.
- No, what about you? - I can't leave my film in there.
- [laser blast.]
- [moans.]
Get out of here, man! No film is worth losing your life! [grunting.]
Get Rip out of here.
Hey, come on, we gotta go.
Get away from me.
What the hell, man? [sirens blaring.]
Fall back.
- Stay right there! - Hands! Hands! Freeze! Don't move! - Hey.
- Whoa, where do you think - you're going? - Uh, my movie's inside.
- These lunatics just showed up.
- Do you know these people? - No, no, no, I - Against the wall, long hair.
What? No, but my movie Can wait.
You're under arrest.
What? Oh, my God, oh, my God.
Well, that went apocalyptically awful.
I got Nate and Amaya researching where the police took Rip.
We'll spring him, and then We'll find out what the hell is going on with him.
Dude tried to bludgeon me with this non-lethal weapon.
Look, we don't know how long he was in 1967.
He could be suffering from time drift, which is why he doesn't remember us.
The question is how? Well, he could have time-scattered himself like he did with us.
Nah, he sent us his final message after scattering us.
He wouldn't have been able to use it for a second time.
Well, he got here somehow and so did Darhk and Merlyn.
- The Legion of Doom.
- I'm not calling them that.
- Okay.
- But if they came to 1967 looking for Rip, that means The medallion must have led them there.
Rip has the Spear of Destiny.
We gotta bust him out of jail before they get to him first.
And ever since, I've had the fear of giant toads.
Rory, while I appreciate the thoroughness of insights, perhaps we could focus on the issue at hand.
I thought shrinks liked mommy talk.
I'm not a shr You know, I think I've heard enough on that subject.
Now, when did you first encounter the apparition? The ghost of Mr.
Snart, when did he first appear? Back in Chicago.
Can you remember anything specific? Something that might have triggered the vision? He said something about setting me straight.
Why do you think he'd say that? I don't know.
Maybe he's [footsteps approaching.]
Captain, hello.
How [stammers.]
What can we do for you? It's Rip.
Here's here in 1967.
That's astonishing.
How? We don't know, but Damien Darhk and Malcolm Merlyn are after him, which means you two cannot sit this one out.
Of course, my apologies.
I was just helping Mr.
Rory with his migraine.
Yes, I I have a very bad headache.
Well, you're gonna have to suck it up, 'cause I need your help breaking Rip out of jail.
What's he doing in prison? And how do you plan on breaking him out? It involves you playing a shrink.
Do you think you can do it? - If I must.
- Great.
[overlapping chatter.]
Good day.
Can I help you? Yes, I believe you have one of my patients in custody.
Name? His name Gideon, a little help? According to his mug shot, he was booked as “Phil Gasmer”" Phillip Gasmer.
It's imperative that he be released into my custody immediately.
He suffers from delusions of being pursued by futuristic spacemen.
Oh, yeah.
That guy.
This way.
It's really you.
Yeah, it's me.
Who are you? I'm your doctor, Mr.
I'm here to take care of you.
I have never laid eyes on you before in my life.
Memory problems are a part of the delusion.
I'll have to admit him.
He can't be treated here.
No, don't leave! This man is not my doctor.
I am not crazy! Hey, I know, I know.
It's okay.
Look, my name is Sara Lance.
This is Mick Rory and Martin Stein.
We're your friends.
- Two of them are.
- You're one of them.
Help! - Hey, okay, hey, hey, hey.
- Help! Help! Listen to me, all right? Calm down.
We're here to help you.
You gotta trust me.
- Your name is Rip Hunter.
- Rip Hunter is a figment of my imagination.
Help! Mick.
[funky dramatic music.]
We've got Rip.
We're headed for the extraction point.
- Oh, no.
- What is it? Oh.
Can I help you? [chuckles.]
Sara, you got incoming.
Darhk and Merlyn just entered the precinct.
Yeah, I see them.
They're blocking our escape.
There must be another way out.
Ray, how well can you fly the Waverider? Thought you'd never ask.
Wait, you know how to fly the ship? Sure do.
I just have to channel my inner Han Solo.
- Gideon does most of the work.
- She does? - I do.
- Huh.
Where to, Cap? All right, we're here.
Get to the cargo bay.
Ray, do not crash my ship.
You break it, you buy it.
[menacing music.]
- Get away from me.
- Captain Hunter, - you must listen to us.
- Why do you keep calling me that? Is this some kind of joke? Rip, just calm down, okay? We need you to remember.
Your name is Rip Hunter.
You are a Time Master.
You fly the Waverider.
It's a timeship.
Rip! Rip, just wait.
[elevator dings.]
[light instrumental music.]
[dramatic music.]
This cannot be happening.
You're Am I dreaming? - Rip? - Ooh, God.
Did I drop some really bad acid? - Rip, be careful.
- Why? I'm hallucinating.
There is no such thing as Rip Hunter, and there's no such thing as a timeship.
There's a [laser blasts.]
Get to the ship.
Go! [laser blasts.]
- Let's go! - Guys, come on! - Quick! Get on! - Let's go! [laser blasts.]
[dramatic music.]
Well, Gideon? I'm afraid the news isn't good, Captain.
A deep scan reveals that Captain Hunter's neural architecture has been completely restructured.
His limbic system reprogrammed with a new identity.
So it isn't time drift.
Rip didn't forget who he was.
He changed.
Reprogrammed? The technology to alter the brain at that level doesn't even exist.
Unless Rip's brain was somehow altered by impulses from the uh From the - From the ship's time drive? - Uh, yeah.
You're talking temporal electrocution.
As a method of time travel, it's practically suicidal.
Does that track? Uh, I'm not sure.
Excuse me.
- What's his problem? - I don't know.
Captain Hunter must have shut down my systems because he knew I would never permit him to make physical contact with the time drive.
For good reason.
He could have ended up anywhere and in any period in time.
But before he deactivated me, he recovered something from his parlor.
A piece of wood approximately 0.
6 meters long.
A piece of wood? - The Spear of Destiny? - Could be.
I'm gonna go tell the others.
I got an idea.
So this would be a new milestone for you then.
What's your idea? Why don't we use that thing to see what's up with my brain? I doubt you'd find the results you're hoping for.
These tests are meant to find neurological changes, while my theory is that your visions are the result of emotion.
You saying I'm crazy? I'm saying you're feeling something, and in the wake of your partner's demise, that's perfectly normal.
I don't do feelings.
Run the test, fix my brain.
Hey, what's up? Sara asked us to find any physical descriptions of the spear that might help us find it.
She thinks Rip had it with him when he traveled to 1967.
And she, um, also wants you to work on figuring out, um, a way to reverse the effects, uh, on Rip since he came in contact with the, um [snapping fingers.]
Time drive.
I've brought up the time drive's schematics - for you, Dr.
- [laughs.]
Well, how do you expect me to understand any of that? Uh, maybe using one of your four PhDs? - I don't have four - What's wrong? It's like I should have memories that aren't there, and I should understand what this is, but I don't.
Yeah, I feel it, too, it's happening right now.
I'm reading this book about “Santarion Long-inises,” and it's just a bunch of words.
How long have the two of you been feeling like this? [inhales sharply, exhales slowly.]
both: Since, uh Film set.
- Mr.
Hunter's film.
- Mm-hmm.
Sara had Jax go and recover what he could find.
” Wait, isn't that what you pretend you're allergic to, Ray? What? First of all, my gluten allergy is very real and challenging.
Secondly, it's G.
Lucas, as in George Lucas.
George Lucas.
How do I know that name? Gideon, pull up George Lucas on the historical record.
George Lucas, born in Modesto, California on May 14th, 1944.
Named Modesto Hartman's “Insurance Salesman of the Year” in 1977, 1980, and 1983.
- Three years, hmm.
- That doesn't seem right.
Gideon, is there a version of history where Mr.
Lucas did something else with his life? Apparently this Mr.
Lucas is an aberration.
He's not the aberration.
The Legion of Doom scaring him is the aberration.
An aberration that directly affects our lives.
Okay, calm down.
Take it back.
Gideon thinks that the Legion's attack on Mr.
Hunter's film set caused this George Lucas guy to quit movie making.
As a result, he never made some movie about space battles or another one about an improbably handsome archaeologist.
And we care about this because? In the unaltered timeline, Dr.
Palmer sees “Star Wars” as a child, and is inspired to become an inventor.
Likewise, Dr.
Heywood chooses to be a historian after seeing “Indiana Jones” instead of becoming a yoga instructor.
- Oh, man.
- Wait, so you're telling me that because some film geek drops out of school, my inventor and my historian are now essentially useless? - Yes.
- Hey! If the aberration is not corrected, yes.
We need to fix this now.
I fear you may already be too late.
As of today, George Lucas is no longer enrolled in film school.
[dramatic music.]
There he is.
George Lucas, the man who inspires both of our careers, supposedly.
- Well, let's go inspire him.
- Guys, maybe I should do the Hey, George.
Remember us? - Hey! - I had metallic skin.
- No, no.
- Hey - No, no, no, no.
- Look, time takes time to harden, and sooner or later, we're gonna lose our superpowers the same way we're losing our memories.
If you don't make the movies that you make, I don't become a brilliant inventor.
And I don't become an incredibly handsome historian.
I haven't made any movies yet, okay? I'm still in film school.
Or I was.
That's the point.
If you don't go back to school, you screw up both of our lives.
We don't live up to our full potential.
And I do not want to be a heart surgeon.
And I don't want to be a yoga instructor.
Okay, guys, like I said, why don't I talk to - our time aberration? - Yeah, but - Shh.
- Stay in school.
I'm sorry about my friends, they're just - Completely insane? - Yeah.
But what they say is true.
Oh, okay, what What that you guys are from the future, that you've somehow seen a bunch of movies that I haven't even made yet? Well, actually, I'm from the past, but that's beside the point.
Look, George, I don't care about movies, but guys like them? They do.
So before you get in that car and drive back to Modesto, just think about them, okay? Them, and all the millions of other people that your stories will someday inspire.
The future of the entire world is at stake.
And you're our only hope.
I've never actually seen your quarters, Mr.
They're charming.
- Oh, my God.
- What is it? Something unusual, some sort of receiver.
Judging by its design, one sensitive to gravitation-wave transmissions.
You're telling me I have an antenna in my head.
Well, the good news is you're not crazy.
Oh, really? So, seeing and talking to Snart's real? Well, in a sense, yes.
Your former partner was killed when the Oculus exploded in a blast of temporal energy.
Now, if Mr.
Snart was able to bond with that blast, the version of him you're now seeing could be Um, how will I put this? - Like a time-ghost? - Precisely.
But what I want to know is how did someone manage to put a device inside your brain without you knowing it? You are Chronos.
The Time Masters.
They did some sick things to me when I was Chronos.
I'm sorry, I forgot.
So what you're saying is Snart's stuck out there, blasted into a billion pieces, floating around in time and space? A rather simplistic way of looking at it, but yes.
- You're an idiot.
- Excuse me? It didn't have to end like this.
- Mr.
Snart, is he here? - “Why am I here”? Why are you here? You're dead.
What's he saying? He's telling me I've gone soft because I'm still on the ship.
Doc, Doc you gotta get this thing out of my head.
As I explained, I'm not a medical doctor [growls.]
But I'm sure Gideon and I can figure something out.
- That could work? - In theory, yes.
Groovy office.
It used to be yours.
Come on, none of this is bringing back - any memories for you? - Listen, lady, I-I wish that I could be the guy you want me to be.
“Rip,” but I am not.
I take it you two were pretty tight? - Yeah, he saved my life.
- Cool.
You saved my life.
I was lost.
You came, you recruited me, you gave me purpose.
Oh, it sounds like Sandra.
She's the hero of my my movie.
- That's weird that - What? A female hero? Get with the times, lady.
Yo, we're all in this movie.
I mean, it's different versions of us, but this is definitely the team.
Like on, uh, page 89, my character, Max, - he saves everybody - Hold on.
You're telling me that this burnout used repressed memories - to write a screenplay? - That's not all.
He's writing about the Spear of Destiny.
Which you had with you when you time-jumped - off the Waverider.
- I don't know - what you are talking about.
- Yes, you do.
- Come on, now.
- What? I just made it all up.
The spear is the MacGuffin.
Both: The what? The thing in the movie that everyone's trying to get.
- Well, where is it? - In the movie? It It's in pieces.
Rip just has a fragment of it.
What inspired you to write it that way? I don't know.
I just had this old piece of wood.
I thought it'd be a cool movie prop.
- Where is it? - Uh, I gave it - to my prop master, George.
- Oh, great.
George Lucas has the Spear of Destiny.
[dramatic music.]
Glad you changed your mind, George Lucas.
Going back to film school? Definitely the right call.
We agree.
Neat trinket.
One of the lost totems of Zambesi, right? Ah, Mr.
Lucas, you have something that we have traveled a very long way to find.
A piece of the Spear of Destiny.
Where is it? [thuds.]
Lady and gentlemen, if you don't mind, - hands up.
- And if you do mind, we'd be happy to kill you.
- I'll cover George Lucas.
- And I've got - What? - It's not here.
My suit's not here.
I can't steel up.
Maybe I didn't make myself clear.
Put 'em up! - He was talking.
- Up.
- Shut up.
- They're up.
Thank God.
I don't think it's here.
All right, Spec-y four-eyes.
I'm starting to lose my patience with you.
Where is the spear? What spear? We had a little chat with the members of your film crew, and they all claimed the Spear of Destiny was a prop, and that you, Mr.
Lucas, were its master.
But the movie was done.
I tossed all the props down the garbage chute.
They were just trash.
But, but, but Shh.
I have one question for you, Mr.
Lucas, and your life depends on answering me honestly.
Where's the city dump? Gideon, set us down as close to the location as you can get.
Yes, Captain Lance.
And, while you're at it, find Mick and Grey? What the hell are you doing? Brain surgery, what does it look like? - It's down there somewhere.
- Good.
'Cause you'll never find it.
You're right.
You're going to.
- [grunting.]
- [thuds.]
I could be in Modesto by now.
Shut up and dig, George Lucas.
What kind of superheroes are you guys anyway, huh? I mean, sure, they have laser guns, but aren't you guys - supposed to have superpowers? - Well, we had superpowers, but, because you don't make “Star Wars,” I don't become a scientist, and I don't make the atom suit.
Or the serum that turns me into steel.
I can't believe we're all going to die because of a stupid movie.
Perhaps they need a little incentive.
Oh, agreed.
- [rumbling.]
- Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa.
- Oh, no.
- [chuckles.]
What was that? Don't just stand there.
- Try and brace it with something.
- Oh, no.
- Oh, guys, I found it.
- Don't show him.
What? We are in a trash compactor.
- We're going to die.
- No, Ray's right.
If we give them what they want, they're gonna kill us anyway.
-Okay, well, then, what do we do? They're going too slow.
Shoot one of them - to move things along.
- Which one? Dealer's choice.
[electricity zaps.]
What was that? [dramatic music.]
[laser blasts.]
This rescue mission is not going very well, is it? I'm afraid not, Captain.
Would you stop calling me that, please? I am not a captain.
I'm just a regular guy.
So was Captain Hunter.
He had no superpowers, unless you count his courage, intellect, and honor.
Well, what would he do, huh? Your Captain, if he were here? [suspenseful music.]
You guys, we we have to give it them.
- There's no other way.
- There is.
You have to become a filmmaker.
You have to make movies, and you, George Lucas, have to believe that.
- What? - You have to make your movies so that we can become who we're supposed to become so we can save you.
Your movies go on to change the world.
All you have to do is believe in yourself.
You have to believe you're gonna make amazing movies.
You have to believe it like there's no tomorrow.
Say it, George.
Say it out loud.
George Lucas, what do you really want? What I really want What I really want [shouts.]
What I really want is to direct! Ahh! Ah! [clangs.]
[dramatic music.]
Ahh! [grunting.]
[electric crackling.]
- About time you showed.
- Where were you? Always busy, gentleman.
And yet, never late.
So who do we kill first? That would be me.
Captain Rip Hunter.
It's been ages.
I was beginning to think you were dead.
On the contrary, for the first time in recent memory, I am finally, truly alive.
Oh, crap.
Hey, does this thing work? [laughter.]
Oh, screw it.
Gideon! Fire! Fire everything! [whirring.]
Go! Hey, come on! Rip! Rip! - Hey, Sara! - Rip! We gotta go.
He's gone.
- Gideon, get - Rip! [laser blasts.]
You couldn't have got him.
You know that, right? Yeah.
Look, Sara, you can't beat yourself up about this.
It is my responsibility as Captain to make sure that everyone gets back on this ship.
And I failed.
You call getting a piece of the Spear of Destiny and the Medallion a failure? The Legion have nothing.
They have Rip.
We lost him, Jax.
But they won't have him for long.
If I know one thing about you, it's that you don't give up.
When you really want something, you are unstoppable, and God help anybody that tries to get in your way.
We are gonna find him, and we're gonna bring him home.
Is that a promise? That's a prophecy.
How are you feeling? Have you seen our mutual friend around lately? No.
That's because you took the chip out.
Well, actually You did take the chip out.
Yes, I did, but after further inspection, I discovered that the device hasn't functioned in months.
It seems you've taken one too many blows to the head.
So I am going crazy.
I'm seeing a ghost.
There is no ghost.
Leonard Snart truly is no more.
Then why do I keep hearing his voice? That voice inside your head is your own.
If Leonard Snart is second-guessing your moral obligation to this team But that's what I feel.
We all hear contradictory voices inside our heads, Mr.
Rory, creating, what is known in psychology, as cognitive dissonance.
- My brains hurts.
- Well, I'm sure it does.
The complexities of human emotion can at times be mind-boggling.
- What's this? - [groans.]
I thought you got your smarts back.
- It's movie night.
- Gideon checked the timeline.
It seems all of George's movies are now part of history again.
Hah, I've almost forgotten how to perform a median sternotomy.
Well, I guess I'll just go back to being a billionaire inventor with four PhDs.
So what are we gonna watch first? I mean, after we watch “Raiders.
” - Clearly his best film.
- Which he never would've made if he hadn't made “Star Wars” first.
Oh, wait, this one sounds cute.
It's called “Howard the Duck”" both: No! Okay, maybe movie night wasn't such a good idea.
Maybe you're right.
After all, we did just lose Rip.
I know Nate and I never really got to know Rip, but we know how much he means to the rest of you.
- Yeah.
- Might I offer my opinion? Fire away.
I believe Captain Hunter would want you to enjoy yourselves tonight.
All right, then.
Dim the lights.
Gideon, pick the movie.
We'll watch “Raiders” after.
- Then “Empire.
” - Then “Last Crusade.
” Get comfy.
It's gonna be a long night.
Uh hello? Hello? Is anybody there? [electric crackling.]
Hey, man.
Welcome, Captain Hunter.
[laughs nervously.]
You know I was bluffing, right? I am not actually Rip Hunter.
My name is Phil.
I am a full-time film student and part-time recreational drug user.
Seriously regretting the latter.
Oh, I know exactly who you are.
I know that you're one of the protectors of the Spear of Destiny, and I know that you know where the other pieces are hidden.
I-I don't know anything.
I-I-I-I swear.
I am not Rip Hunter! I am nobody.
I I can't believe this is happening to me.
You're gonna torture me, aren't you? Oh, I'm not gonna torture you, Mr.
No? No.
They are.
[suspenseful music.]
No, please, please.
Please, please.
Please, let me go! [screaming.]
Let me go!
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